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Title: France's new leader
Post by: Dihannah1 on May 10, 2007, 11:22:58 PM
I believe this will become extremely important in one way or another for our future, no matter what aisle you stand on.   I found something about the new leader of France and thought I'd post it. What are your thoughts?

Newly Elected French President Sarkozy says, "Washington can count on our friendship"

"The people of France have chosen change." —Nicolas Sarkozy

Angela Doland/AH (May 7th, 2007)

French citizens turned out in droves to vote in France's presidential election this weekend, and with almost 70 percent of ballots counted Sunday evening, Nicolas Sarkozy had already garnered more than 53 percent of the vote. (Photo: CBN News)

The America-friendly candidate told a huge crowd that "Washington can count on our friendship," but that sometimes "friendship means accepting that friends can have different opinions."

The crowd of supporters, although said to be nearly 100,000 strong in the Place de la Concorde in central Paris, was reported to be "vibrant, yet calm and peaceful" and was filled with young people.

A report on Sunday night, from Messianic churchplanters David and Leslye Schneier—currently in Paris to minister to the Jews of France—states:

We saw fathers with their children perched on their shoulders waving the flag of France and all joined in singing the French national anthem. Finally Mr. Sarkozy arrived and the crowd called for him by his first name, "Nicolas!" There was a sense that Mr. Sarkozy was someone they knew personally. Amazingly, some 85.5% of the French voters showed up to vote. What a testimony to the French sense of public responsibility! We should all keep this in mind as we face crucial elections throughout the world. France is at a crossroads, and is the nation positioned to influence all of Europe and much of the Islamic world.

Please pray for President Sarkozy. He is the son of a Hungarian immigrant to France and is partly Jewish. He will surely bring a more even hand to French foreign policy as to Israel and he will be responsible to protect the world's 3rd largest Jewish population here in France.

To find out more from the Schneiers, CLICK HERE to email them.

Source: CBN News

Title: France's new leader
Post by: mrs. red on May 11, 2007, 10:23:28 PM
Thanking GOD that France got a clue... I just hope it's a real clue////

Title: France's new leader
Post by: Dihannah1 on May 11, 2007, 11:29:10 PM
Yes, I hope so too.  I am really anxcious to see how this all plays out, especially after our new elected President soon enough!  In which I pray to God is the right and best one for our country!

It's also interesting how there will be a new Leader in the UK.  The world is a changin'  and will begin a new chapter soon.

Title: France's new leader
Post by: sb on May 24, 2007, 01:04:04 AM
France has been staring into the abyss for several years now. They see the Moslem threat for what it is and they see also the failures of socialism. Their people, fortunately, reacted and chose the right man. Maybe that's what it takes... to be so scared by what you see yourself heading for that you get turned around.  

I hope our poor country will learn from them and choose our next leader with the same threats in mind. Islamofascism and socialism are the 2 greatest evils in the world today.

Title: France's new leader
Post by: Anna on May 26, 2007, 10:32:32 AM

I agree with you and see our own country slipping more into socialism each and every day and I just hate it!

We need to find time to post and support blogs that are fighting this creeping socialism, too.

As for France, well, better late than never but I am so cynical when it comes to the French I have to wonder.  Now that we are saying we will pull troops OUT of Iraq, they want to be friends again.  Is this because they now have no fear of being asked to help out in Iraq?

Are they looking at who saved them from the Nazis, and yes we had help, and thinking maybe we will do the same for them with the Muslims?  They are the ones who let them into their own country in exchange for cheaper oil and now they will pay a greater price than the price for high oil costs.  To add to their misery, Putin has the natural gas supply for much of Europe all sewn up.

A friend in NEED is a friend indeed was never more true than today.  I think they are definitely looking to the future.  


Title: France's new leader
Post by: mrs. red on May 26, 2007, 10:38:31 AM
great post anna....