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Title: Main St--> Your Vote Doesn't Count
Post by: WhiskeyGirl on July 03, 2012, 08:52:26 AM
Your vote doesn't count.  You may go to the polls on voting day, but your vote doesn't count.  Why?  Vote fraud in big cities and urban areas.

In smaller towns and cities, I imagine everyone knows your name.  Likely folks would notice a bus load of people with out of state plates and know they really don't live in town and haven't moved in in the last 28 days.

What about the urban areas?  Anyone know you at the polls?  No likely.

In Wisconsin, no ID is necessary to vote or register.  Everyone should take the opportunity to be a poll watcher in an urban area.  What might you conclude?  The votes of most Americans don't count and aren't necessary.  Our political head wind is decided by anonymous voters in urban areas.

Jimmy Carter was often on TV as a political ******* in third world countries.  Stories often showed fingers dipped in ink to ensure the concept of 'one man one vote'.

We have nothing like this in the US.  The motto out of Chicago has always been "vote early and often".

In Wisconsin, in theoiry, people can no longer register to vote with a piece of mail and another anonymous person to verbally vouch for them.  What can they use?  A piece of unopened mail, an insurance paper...the list is seemingly endless.  Everyone should take the opportunity to be an election ******* in a big town or big urban area where nobody knows your REAL name and how often you vote.

"Racine Voter Fraud Exposed"

First, we have election day reports from poll observers. These include voters being allowed to register at the poll with identification that did not have a name on it. In some cases, they were allowed by poll workers to use things like a receipt from Jiffy Lube that had no name on it. Others used coupon mailers or other mail simply addressed to "occupant." These things could easily be taken from another person's garbage or a local dumpster.

At the State St. Transit Center in Racine, a jammed voting machine was opened, the ballots were removed and shuffled around by poll workers (video here). According to witness, the replacement machine was started at ballot 671 instead of number 1 as it should have been.

Also from MacIver, more than 4000 people used same day registration in the City of Racine. This adds credence to the poll watchers accounts of higher than usual turnout for these type voters. Upwards of half of these voters did not sign the poll list as required by law. The Democrat controlled Government Accountability Board has chalked this up to clerical errors.

 Many media sources have reported that it has been discovered that 9 of the 36 ballot bag's seals in Racine used to deliver the ballots from the wards to the city clerk, who then is to deliver them to the county clerk had been tampered with. The purpose of sealing these bags is to keep the integrity of the ballots and establish a chain of custody of these ballots.

read more and watch videos here - (

more here - (

more stories here - ( (

Does your vote really count?  Or, are elections a fraud, decided by large urban political machines? 

just my humble opinions

Title: Re: Main St--> Your Vote Doesn't Count
Post by: WhiskeyGirl on July 03, 2012, 09:00:08 AM
"Outrageous! Sheriff Investigating Voter Fraud In Wisconsin Recall" ( ( ( (

Does your vote really count?