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Title: Nationwide program called Project Alert
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Investigators Solve 38-Year-Old Cold Case


ORLANDO, Fla. —In 1977, the skeletal remains of two young women were found by Lake Mann in the Parramore area.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement lists 74 unsolved homicides on its website. Can you help solve these crimes?

But nobody knew who they were until last month. One half of this double cold case has been solved, but law enforcement officials want the public's help identifying the other half.

Images: Florida's unsolved homicides

At a news conference Thursday, a family told a sad story that has been 37 years in the making.

It started in 1976, when 14-year-old Nancy Daniel disappeared. Her family thought she might have run away

"To tell you the truth, I thought she left to start a new life. Met someone and started a new life," said her sister, Eugenia Oliver.

But just last month, Daniel's family learned she didn't run away. Her skeletal remains had been identified.

The family was shocked, but they now have closure.

"I really wanted to know where she was, how she was doing, then I learned when I heard from the detective, and they knew it was her by DNA," said her brother, Willie Daniel.

Daniel's case was solved when two retired investigators from Arizona took an interest.

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They started digging, got Daniel's name from the files and used technology not available in the 1970s to identify that set of remains.

It's a nationwide program called Project Alert.

The other remains are still a mystery. A 3-D composite picture of what they think she looked like has been released.

Investigators also don't know what happened to the young women. If they were killed, who is responsible?

Daniel liked to frequent an arcade called the Wooden Nickel back in the '70s.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS
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