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Title: CARLOS RAMOS (gardener witness) Statements 7/26 - 8/16/2005
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CARLOS RAMOS - PART 1 of 5 7/26/2005


I, Shaniro Baldrik KELLY, sergeant at the Korps Police force Aruba and at the investigative district classified 2, explain the following.

On Tuesday, July 26, 2005 around 17:30, I, KELLY showed, at the police force guard North, to the witness C.A. PENATA RAMOS, the seized gray Honda Civic belonging to the suspect D.S. KALPOE.

The car became of interest in the search of the missing girl Natalee Holloway and was intentionally seized.
C.A. PENATA RAMOS explained thereby this:

I recognize the car which you now show me as the car in which I had seen the three boys on the night of Monday. It is the car in which I had spoken in my declaration.


After I, KELLY, read the declaration of the witness to him in Spanish, he explained that he would not sign it.

He explained that he will grant no further collaboration to the police force.

Of which by me, KELLY, on oath of office made up this warrant which has been closed and has been signed at Bubali on 26 July 2005.




Title: CARLOS RAMOS - part 2 of 5 8/03/2005 statement by police
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I Luigi Angelo Giovanni CROES, agent first class at the Korps Police force Aruba and at the investigative district classified II explain the following:

On August 3, 2005, at around 17.30, I, CROES, had called the witness C.A. PENATA RAMOS on its mobile tel., number xxx-xxxx. I had shared with the witness that we need him the next day at around 09.30 that it was necessary concerning further settlement of the procedure in this matter. The witness had told me, CROES, to call him around 20.00 because he had to ask for permission from his employer. According to the witness he had to work the next day in the morning hours. Around 20.30 the under inspector first class R.R. TROMP, called the witness C.A. PENATA RAMOS on its mobile telephone. The witness did not take the call.

Of which has been closed by me, CROES, on oath of office made up and this warrant and has been signed at North on August 3, 2005.




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Part 3 of 5 - Court Order to Appear 08/09/2005


The judge-commissar charged with the judicial preliminary analysis at the First Court of Aruba:

The judge-commissar, given the warrants dated August 3, 2005 in the criminal matter against Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot, Deepak Sharma Kalpoe and Satish Sharma Kalpoe.

Carlos Alberto Penata Ramos,

born in Columbia on February 25, 1979 and residing at L.G.Smith boulevard xxxxxx in Aruba,

if witness under and in presence of the council man wants hearing on Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 10.00;

Considering the fact that the witness has not been found at home and that the house owner resident refused take the rebelling on behalf of him in reception: (?)

Considering the fact that witness on aforementioned date has not appeared;


ordered that the witness Carlos Alberto Penata Ramos, born in Columbia on February 25, 1979 and residing at L.G. Smith xxxxxxxxxx in Aruba, must appear Thursday, August 11, 2005 summoned at 09.30 to be present in the Courthouse at Aruba and ordered in addition that he will be brought for the judge by the bailiff or servant of the public power.

This arrangement has been thus given on August 9, 2005, by Mr. H.A.C. Smid, judge-commissar and on behalf of these by Mr. J.S. Kulperdal, signed, in the presence of the clerk.

for duplicate,

the clerk.


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Part 4 of 5 Court Hearing 8/15/2005

Witness during judicial preliminary analysis - INCL/J. van der Sloot: D. Kalpoe and S. Kalpoe

Present, August 15, 2005 Mr. J.S. Kuiperdal appeared for the judge-commissar, assisted by the clerk m.w. R.I. Koolman.

First Name: Carlos Alberto
Age: 26 years
Living at: Aruba - L.G. Smith boulevard XXX

as witness for being heard in the matter, of which him will be given knowledge. The judge-commissar acknowledges Ms J. Driessen as an interpreter.

Additionally, is present:
the officer of justice Mr. K.P.J. Janssen
the lawyers mrs. A. Carlo and Bie, counsel of suspect J. van der Sloot:
the lawyers mrs. R. Ooomen and R. Offringa, counsel of suspect D. Kalpoe
the lawyer Mr. E. Zeppenfeldt, counsel of suspect S. Kalpoe, suspect J. van der Sloot, D. Kalpoe and S. Kalpoe.

The witness explains he is not related to the suspects and he has not been employed by them.. The witness will tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and subsequently gave the oath in accordance with the statute book of sentence progress of Aruba.

On questions of the judge-commissar, the witness explains as follows:

I do not know Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe.
1.   Can you remind yourself the declaration, which you have taken off 22 July 2005 on around 19.25 compared with the police force? Yes
2.   Have you then spoken the truth? I have explained what I have seen.
3.   The witness is asked to make a situation drawing (make production 1). The witness gives to where the car of suspect stood and the route he took.
4.   Did you see the face of the driver when you went past? Yes.
5.   Did you recognize him with a photograph confrontation? Yes, on the day that I gave a declaration at the police force they left me a photograph see from an illustrated magazine. That is the only photograph that they showed me.
6.   Did you recognize the faces of the other persons in the car? Yes, the face of the person who sat beside the driver.  When I came past I saw, in the light of my car, that the person beside the driver had his head and face covered with his hands. I have recognized that person from his illustration (photo). You ask me how I recognized the driver who sat beside the man who screened its face? I have seen him in the light of my "in the light of" (van). He moved himself a bit to the back.

7. You have also recognized Deepak Kalpoe? yes, on the same photograph which the police force showed me.

The witness is shown 3 photos (productions no 2., 3, and 4).
He is asked to designate the persons, who are involved in this matter.
Production no.2 on this wise the witness photograph no 6 to, the driver of the car.
Production no.3. The witness designates to photograph no 6 and tells that this person in the back of seat. After the witness shows no doubt left that this is the person in the seat.
Production no.4. The witness recognizes nobody from the photograph. On the questions of Mr. De Bie, Council man of the suspect J. van der Sloot, the witness answers as follows:

I looked and saw that on my watch it was at 02:30. For 03.00 I was at my work. Im not sure exactly how precise it is. When I encountered the car in question, it was on that dirt road. I had slowed down to drive past there. The lights of my car "from" shining on that car. The person beside the driver, kept its hand for its head and face. I saw that the driver slid a bit to the back. You asks me how I interrogate myself on this have prepared. I have been nervous. I have "stress" of the matter. This is the first time that something like this has happened to me. I was on holiday. You ask me why I did not appear the previous time. There are persons, who put pressure on me to talk. I have discussed the matter with my boss. I had discussed my holiday and knew of the rebellion. I have been placed under pressure by someone from Bubali, two inspectors and another man. They wanted that I come and give a statement. The second time I wasnt here. When I drove along the car, it was dark that evening. By the lights of my "of" the car it was entirely lighted. The lights did not reflect in the car. You ask me why I have waited with giving my statement. Two guards have been apprehended firstly, who were innocent. The person who worked on the tattoo also knew of nothing. Days after the photograph appeared in Diario, I told some of it to my boss.

Because of the attention that the matter got, my boss said that I should wait as I have almost lost my job.

D. Kalpoe suspect on the questions of Mr. R. Oomen, Council man of, asked the witness as follows:

I look after the maintenance to the house, the hunting and ranch of Eric Mansur. I do this already 6 years. I deserve the minimum wage of afl. 1.250. live = I reside at L.G. Smith boulevard xxxxxx. The house is of Eric Mansur. In the time then the police force looked for me I was fishing. I was with my boss. There were also still 5 others with us. We have fished in Bonaire and Curacao. Up to and including yesterday I was on the boat. By having to come here my holiday has been spoiled. You ask me if I knew that the police force wanted me.  After I returned I learned they wanted me. It was Saturday and a week had passed.  I had left around August 6th.  Nobody had told me that I had come as a witness.  YOU ask me how long for my departure I was called.  I think that that was Thursday.  The first questions took place in Bubali.  Present was one Luis and 2 police constables.  The night

when I saw the car, it was very dark. You indicate to me that I have not come because I was frightened of the FBI and the DEA.  Not for them but because of the publicity. I do not want for the TV to appear. You ask me if I would rather come into contact with the police force. No, I have, however, experienced something small on the street. With Eric and Carlo in my declaration I mean Eric Mansur and Carlo Mansur. You ask me with which they me has persuaded to give a statement. I it was approached by the son of Carlo. There was also a family member of the little girl at. They said that the detective talked with me savage. I have given a statement and have signed. You ask me or that Americans were. No, the inspector of Diario was.

You ask me who called me. That was Eduardo Mansur, family of my boss. I have heard that it the son of Jossy Mansur.  I do not know him.

On the questions of the public prosecutor the witness answers as next:

I have seen the car in the morning of 30 May of Sunday on Monday. I went to Lorena on Monday night, then I went to work, told that I saw a car standing along the way when I drove along there. I cannot remember on which day I saw the photograph of the persons in the newspaper. The photograph, which the police force showed me, is the same photograph as the photograph that appeared in the Diario. You ask me how can I know or recognize the persons from the photograph in the newspaper or that I had seen that night. The first time then I saw the photograph in the Diario I had been astonished and I said that to colleagues. You represent me that I have explained that I have recognized the persons from their construction and mail hour. You ask me if I could see from my position in the car. My position was a bit is higher, in the turning I had drive concerning a sand hill as a result of which my position was a bit slanted. As a result, I could look at in the car. I have recognized the car from the rims. Also to the color and the transparent squares. You ask me if I can designate the persons, which sat in the car. Yes.

Observation: the indication of these persons in the Council chamber does not take place. The councel Oomen and Zeppenfeldt make to objection against this since three the some in the Council chamber are which qualify to are designated, suspect.

On closer questions of Mr. De Bie, the witness answers as follows: I have not heard from   Eric Mansur nor from anyone else anything concerning the father of Joran van der Sloot.

On closer questions of Mr. Oomen, the witness answers: The police force has shown only a gray car to me.

Read persisted in Spanish, and signed.


The public prosecutor requests once again the suspect designate persons. That request is rejected.

The lawyer Mr. E. Zeppenfeldt, Council man of suspected S. Kalpoe was asked if he had any questions for the witness. He had no questions.

Suspected of Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe was asked if he had any questions for the witness.  He had no questions.

From what made up this proces-verbaal, which has been determined by the judge-commissar and clerk and has been signed,

R. KOOLMAN                       J.S. KUIPERDAL



Title: CARLOS RAMOS - PART 5 OF 5 8/16/2005 Statement
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Carlos Ramos - part 5 of 5


We, Dennis Dominico JACOBS and Eric Louis SOEMERS, head agent and under inspector at the Korps Police force Aruba, former classified at the team particular projects and last at the section criminal organizations classified, explain the following.

On Monday, August 16, 2005, around 14:15, the man named:

Carlos Alberto PENATA RAMOS,

Also known as "Compa", born at Cartagena in Colombia on February 25, 1979, of profession gardener (family MANSUR) and living L.G. Smith boulevard xxxxxxxxxx on Aruba, by the judge-commissar Mr. J.S. KUIPERDAL at the Court bldg. at J.G. Emanstraat number 51 on Aruba, as witness in the matter of the missing American girl named "Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY".

After this interrogation, in the guard chamber at the Court, C.A. PENATA RAMOS gave this statement:

-    that the judge-commissar, during the interrogation, he authorized him to go to the w.c.:

-   that he saw two (2) young persons sitting (in car?) on a bank:

-   that he recognized those two young persons as those of which, with the Dutch boy who were in the photograph in the newspapers (with the Dutch boy he meant JVDS):

-   that he also recognized the gray car the boys were the Salinja in and:

-   that the two young persons appearance had changed but that he still nevertheless recognized them:

Of what our, statement, on oath of office made up this warrant, and has been signed at Oranjestad on August 16, 2005 has been closed.


DD JACOBS             E.L. SOEMERS