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Title: Gratefulness Candles - Please Read 6/22/15
Post by: klaasend on July 14, 2009, 01:17:38 PM
NOTE:  Looks like the old site below ( has closed down.  I found a link to a new site.

May need to start all new groups/candles.

Above is the link to the candle site.  Feel free to start a new thread for anyone you wish to light a candle for.  Just create the group in Gratefulness then post the link here in the forum in the thread you have created.

These candle threads can be for current missing persons or personal friends.  


From the main Gratefulness Candle page:  click on NEW TOPIC

In the SUBJECT LINE put:

First Name, Last Name, Reason for Candle

or if it's for a pet

Klaas's dog Rover, needs surgery

You get the idea.  Just something to identify who the candle group is for.  Then if you want in the body of the message you can give us a bit more info.  Then the link to the candle group!

Also please note - we will lock each thread as these are not meant to be discussion threads, they are meant to be a permanent place to link to the candles for each person/case.