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Author Topic: KJ NOVA INTERVIEW - translated by DUGO at RU  (Read 1958 times)
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Karen Janssen/NOVA interview - translated by DUGO at RU (thanks):
Interview was done around 6/30/2005

Jeroen Pauw: Twan Huys, good evening, yesterday you spoke with the parents of Joran van der Sloot, suspect in the disappearance case of Natalee Holloway, she is now exactly a month gone, there are only releases, is there any progress in the case?

Twan Huys: It looks like the case is stuck Jeroen, like you said one of the main suspects, Paul, Jorans father has been released last Sunday, another boy has been released and now only Joran and his two friends are stuck in prison. That pretrial detention has to be extended next Monday, from the outside we do not hear that the investigation team has discovered new facts that can lead to finding Natalee Holloway and everybody is very frustrated about that, of course in the first place the parents, but also the investigation team here on Aruba.

Jeroen Pauw: Does the prosecutor have enough means to do the investigation?

Twan Huys: A small correction Jeroen, it is the chief prosecutor in this case Karin Janssen, she has enough means she said in a conversation we had earlier. She has the Aruban police corps available who have 20 police man on the case, on top of that there is assistance from the USA, four FBI agents are here and there is assistance from the Netherlands from the technical detective squad, she says she has enough manpower to do the investigations she wants and has to do.

Jeroen Pauw: Yesterday you did the interview with the father .. or with the parents of Joran, it was possible to se that in Aruba, how were the reactions?

Twan Huys: Here in Aruba the Wereldomroep (world service) BVN (Best of the Netherlands) is active and, so the people here on the island can watch NOVA, a lot of people saw the interview yesterday evening and there were a lot of reactions. The speculation is permanently about, how did she disappear, who did it, are Joran and his dad involved yes or no. Most interestingly I got a reaction from chief prosecutor Karin de Wit .. or Karin Janssen, sorry, she spoke with us yesterday, because of the interview she said this morning she would like to react on some things said in that interview and that conversation has been recorded this morning.

Jeroen Pauw: This case is now a month old, she is gone for a month, there seam to be plenty means to investigate the case, what is the stumbling block here?

Twan Huys: I spoke about that in depth with the chief prosecutor here, and the point is, that is a new element for everybody who is not in the investigation, but like us is watching to the case from the outside, she told that the investigation is being frustrated by Jorans father, as you know he is a judge, Karin Janssen, the chief prosecutor told us that earlier in the investigation, in the first week of the disapearance of Natalee Holloway the father had conversations with the three boys, with his son and the two friends in which he has given warnings about what to say and what not to say. According to the chief prosecutor that is the reason the suspects are now not saying anything. Listen to a conversation we had yesterday and today with the chief prosecutor here on Aruba Karin Janssen.

Voice over: It is by far the toughest nut she ever had to crack, the disappearance of Natalee Holloway is the biggest case chief prosecutor Karin Janssen has ever been confronted with. Earlyer she worked at the prosecutors office of Roermond and dealt with the case of the gang of Venlo, but then she was not being bothered by American TV stations.

Karin: Well, if I walk out of the police station after the morning briefing or have a procedure at the court I am indeed being surrounded by journalists.

VO: Yesterday Karin watched the NOVA interview with the parents of main suspect Joran. SHe listened with special attention to this remark of father Paul.

Paul: the fact that I allegedly instructed the boys, Deepak, Satish and Joran what they should do, say or do, in case of a possible apprehension. And indeed, I have, when I foresaw that they could go from witness to suspect, explained them the procedure, with the intention that they will not panic.

Karin: The father has pointed out, as I could have seen on the NOVA interview yesterday evening, that some rules of procedures have been explained. The investigation established as fact that these hints from father went further than just explaining what the procedure looks like. It has been established as fact that already a few days after the disappearance the father speaks with the boys about the notion that without a body there won't be a case, and that is a notion that possibly, and that can't be excluded, for the boys, is an important element in the way they are declaring. The second point, which is not unimportant in that respect, that a few days after the apprehension of Joran the parents have approached a friend of him with the question to come over to their home to tell them what he declared at the police. And that same evening the contents of that declaration has been told to Joran by his lawyer. I can tell you, and I am putting it mildly, that that is rather disturbing in an investigation.

VO: According to the chief prosecutor Paul van der Sloot with his remark, no body no murder, has severely frustrated the investigation. Back to the interview yesterday with Paul and Anita van der Sloot about the police interrogations of their son Joran in prison.

Anita: That the interrogations are very long, hours and hours on end, that he has been put in a dark room, pitch dark, where it was freezing cold for several hours with nasty remarks from interrogators on that. He has been interrogated with the pictures of the girl around him, he got these pictures pressed in his face as well, he has been cursed at, murderer, psychopath, there were threaths about hitting about which was sayd, we can't do this, but if you don't cooperate we can pretend you fell against something.

Karin: I can assure you, daily I inform myself about how the interrogations go, and they are within the borders of what is lawful. The interrogations are all recorded, so later it is for a judge testable how these interrogations went. Of course the boys are not handled with velvet gloves, there are figurative hits with the fist on the table and concerning that, there are interrogations and a picture of the girl is shown to these boys, but these interrogations are within the borders of what is lawful and there is strict supervision on that.

VO: For the prosecutors office the release of Paul is a big setback.

Karin: It is always a drawback if the prosecutors office tries to present to the judge of instruction that there are facts and circumstances on the basis of which someone should be marked as a suspect and the judge of instruction is of the judgment that it is found too light. That is possible, these things happen in investigations, that is how things work and we have to make do with it. I don't want to say it was an obvious decision but I also don't consider it completely incomprehensible.

Twan Huys: Were you disappointed when that happened?

Karin: I deal with that professionally, it is a negative development for the investigation but not in such a way that the investigation has become impossible.

VO: Till today the three boys are lying about the events.

Karin: THere have been put forward out so many scenarios by the suspects that it is important to find out what has happened that night.

VO: Today exactly a month ago Natalee Holloway disappeared. Her mother and stepfather are desperate.

Beth: Please, we need help, a month, it has been a month, it has been a month, that is too long, that is too long when Jug and I were here on May 30th at 11PM, it is too long.

VO: Next monday the judge of instruction decides about the extention of the preliminary detention of the three boys. Karin Janssen is stil optimistic.

Karin: The investigation is in a crucial phase in my opinion, at this moment the suspects have been interrogated, I don't want to say they have been offinterrogated, but the investigation is directed..

Twan Huys: What is that? Offinterrogated?

Karin: Well, that we are ready, that we have no further questions, that is not the case but the emphasis is now on investigating around these suspects. Mainly what happened in the night from Sunday to Monday and the days after. We get more and more information about the communication traffic between suspects as a result of which we get a clearer picture about where they have been, with who they have been and what has been communicated between them. This way we try to get the picture clearer and also try to get new material for interrogations.
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