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Author Topic: Chapter 1 of Joran's book: Island boy  (Read 17336 times)
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« on: May 04, 2007, 10:14:58 AM »

Translation of Joran's book by Rammstein at BFN in outline form:

Chapter 1 of Joran's book: Island boy

some facts/statements from the first chapter titled "Island boy"

page 1

1. his parents had Joran when she was 30, something they choose to do because they first wanted to see something from the world before having their first child

2. he was conceived in Ecuador and his pregnant mother even traveled to Egypt while carrying him

3. she even went ice skating on a frozen lake while carrying him. She fell on the ice.

4. his dad at the time worked at the social legal aid office in Arnhem

5. his mother studied at the art academy and taught at the local Lorentz College

6. she is a painter and makes art/objects of art

7. they moved to Aruba when Joran was 2 years old

8. in 1990 Paul van der Sloot was offered a job at the "Central Bureau of Legal and General Affairs on Aruba.

9. they married at that time, not having done so because they so no need for a piece of paper stating they were wed. They did it to get easier visas to the island

page 2

1. it was a simple wedding, civil only, no religious ceremony

2. she married in normal clothes, no wedding dress

3. when they arrived they lived at a hotel called "the mill"

4. housing was expensive on Aruba at the time

5. after three months they bought their current house in Montana, then only a small dwelling. Later a garage, 2 sleeping rooms, one apartment with bathroom and toilet and one pool were added to the large plot they bought

6. Joran likes Aruba a lot because of the good neighborhood feeling, very close, unlike the Netherlands, very stiff there

page 3

1. Aruba lives by the manana manana principle, if you cannot get something done today, there is always tomorrow

2. at first they mingled with the dutch, Joran later with the Arubans

3. Joran speaks good papiamento, his parents not good

4. there is always somewhat tension between the Arubans and the dutch because of colonial times

5. speak dutch only and you will not fit in, learn papiamentu and they will be more accepted but not always seen as an equal

6. some Arubans still smart over the colonial times and will pretend not to understand people speaking dutch

7. Arubans don't like that dutch people hold high positions on the island (comment from me, the translator will be in blue: "well, most smart Arubans go to work in the Netherlands after having studied there, few return to Aruba to have a career there as there are loads more career opportunities in the Netherlands/Europe)

8. Aruba is very proud of their autonomous status (explains why they refuse to accept help and bungled this case, too dumb and proud to ask for help in a timely manner)

9. there are no provinces, towns or street names with zip codes on Aruba. There are neighborhoods and every house has a number, nothing more is needed

page 4

1. a lot of waffling about the hotels being on the northside of the island, white beaches, casinos, golf course, American fast food joints, the touristy commercial areas

2. south side of Aruba, oil refinery, jail, most coloreds live there. A lot of smoke issues and bad smell from the refinery, but also best beaches on the island

3. aged three, Joran to pre-school (papiaments only) but taken out soon for pre-school where dutch and english were also spoken

4. aged 4, Santa Anna Kindergarten, local school with Aruban kids. Close to home in Montanja. Lessons in dutch but all spoke papiaments

page 5

1. he started making friends even though he spoke no papiaments. According to his mom he was a "happy child"

2. first years difficult, father dived into new job, mom stayed home looking after kids. Yearning for the Netherlands was prevalent in the first few years but not a "down" atmosphere in the house

3. they always were a close family. his parents love each other. Father is rational, quiet and keeps a lot to himself. Mother is emotional and spiritual (not church spiritual but inner peace spiritual). Strange combination, a legal scholar and an artist

4. after seeing other kids going to confirmation, also wanted that but did not speak papiaments and in the end did not get confirmed. His parents were very liberal with regards to religion so that they would be allowed to choose for themselves later on. He did have a children bible but only liked the "old testament"

page 6

1. mother liked keeping dutch traditions alive like "Sinterklaas" but in the end it was canceled due to American staff at the school and American parents feeling it was racist. Joran feels that is stupid because the black Aruban kids and parents have no problem with "Sinterklaas" at all. They even have a boat arrive every year on which Sinterklaas and his black helpers (Zwarte Pieten) are on

2. then some babble about Easter. hiding eggs, not chocolate though, they would meld. More babbling about big easter egg hunt on the island organized by the radio for big prizes

3. some Christmas stories of little or no interest

page 7

1. more stories about halloween, thanksgiving

2. birthday party stories, one big memorable one on the Ayo Rock foundation where they played hide and seek

3. Aruba is a paradise not only for tourists but also for growing up children. Lot of sun, not being allowed to play more than 1 hour a day on the computer/watching TV, playing outside. No traffic, very safe, playing on the derelict lots behind their house

page 8

1. stories about him growing up, swimming, getting lessons.

2. Joran often went to swim on the beach but always came back without his shoes/flip flops and then his mom had to go back to the beach to try and find them. He once forget a pair of really expensive sandals and his mom vowed only to buy him cheap shoes/flip flops

3. no cycling on the island, not cycling paths, very dangerous on the main roads. No asphalt roads so always getting flat tiers on the bike

4. they were always driven to school and everywhere else. His brother Valentijn once wanted to cycle to Racquetclub but as soon as he mentions it she drives him there. Once he went on his bike and she followed in the car to make sure he got there safely

5. Valentijn and Joran always played in the Cunucu, the barren and derelict pieces of land with a lot of cacti and shrubs around. There was a "car graveyard" in the area where all kinds of old cars and junk got dumped. They played with fireworks there and built tree huts

6. one day Valentijn, a friend and Joran threw in all the windows of the cars that were on the "car graveyard" and were caught by the owner doing it

page 9

1. they fled, being chased by the man in his car. Valentijn was hit by the car but had no injuries. The friend fled home and Joran and Valentijn also made their way home. They lost the guy and quickly decided what story to tell their parents (geeh, doesn't that sound familiar   , a liar from early on)

2. they got home breathless and lied to their parents that other kids had thrown in the car windows and that the man thought they had done it

3. the man and a woman came to their house. Valentijn and Joran kept insisting they were innocent. After a few days the police came to their friends house. He confessed it had been the three of them throwing in the windows. Busted, parents were livid/very very angry for lying to them

4. parents had to pay a lot of money because the man sold usable parts from the cars, including the windows. They got a big time lecture for this

5. having no other family on Aruba there was no growing up with family feasts. That is why every 2 years they went to the Netherlands and the other year to America or Canada.

page 10

1. every year after 11, when in the Netherlands he went to summer camp. Then a lot of babbling about going on vacations (survival, rock climbing canoeing). Visiting Arnhem and his family.

2. Joran has birthday in August, when in the Netherlands big party and he was spoiled a lot and a lot more babbling about how he got used to visiting his family only once every 2 years and how his grandmother came to stay with them on Aruba every year

3. non-dutch vacation years were spent mostly in North America (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, camper vanning, disney world, camper vanning through Canada, favorite town Vancouver)

page 11 (last page of chapter 1)

1. Joran does not feel his roots are in the Netherlands (good, we don't feel you are dutch either)

2. always felt the odd one out while vacationing there, dutch are less open, he likes Aruba and Arubans better

3. he didn't always like going to vacation in the Netherlands, too cold, he much rather stay on Aruba with his friends

4. he wanted to go to school in Florida (or somewhere with a good climate). Liked being taught in English

5. his dutch is underdeveloped, he is best in papiaments and English

6. felt trapped during dutch vacations, a lot of time spent indoors, no friends, no kite surfing, swimming, etc. etc. etc.

7. Arubans are like me, relaxed, "don't worry, be happy", always late for appointments etc. A real island boy according to his mother

8. Aruba is where I belong and feel at home, there I am Happy!

End of chapter 1
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« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2007, 10:18:41 AM »

Chapter 2 of Joran's book: An american school on Aruba

page 1

1. says his mom started teaching there in 1991, gives arty lesses and art history

2. ISA is American school with about 200 students, private school, expensive (8,000 $ a year per student but as child of a teacher they got on cheaply)

3. US grading system (A, B, C, essays and SATS)

4. because he followed his education in English his dutch is not that good

5. speaks of his youngest brothers that was born in 1995 and a true Aruban. He is a sweetheart according to Joran

page 2:

1. calls his little brother cute small teddybear. Very sensitive, hates fights. When a small family arguments looms he shouts "stop" to prevent the argument or starts crying. Very caring towards his family (the smallest van der Sloot that is). Very social, a lot of friends, less athletic than his brothers.

2. Brother Valentijn is very different to Joran. Is very much into school and basketball. Hangs out with younger kids. Joran says he and his brother have little in common, hopes that will change when adulthood sets in. He loves him but they often argued over things like the computer, time spent behind the computer and other silly things.

3. Oh sorry, the expensive part is talked about here, jumped the gun there. But it is 8,000$ a year per student. Joran got in second grade, his brothers from first grade.

4. being at the school were your mom works had it's upsides and it's downsides:

- good: on the three days she works short commute, 1/2 hour with mom
- bad: other 2 days schoolbus 1 hour
- bad: always found out every bit of mischief by Joran and brothers (cut class, fight at school, bad grade, mom knew)
- bad: being taught by her. Kids accused me when getting good grades of favoritism and when asking he did not say "miss" to his mom but "mam".

page 3:

- high school and a lot changed in the VDS household. Dad was asked in 2002 whether he wanted to try and become a judge. He agreed and PVDS spent a lot of time away from home due to training for judgeship took place on Curacao and the Netherlands (period of 2 years). Was almost never home

- mum ruled the roost with tight hold of the reigns.

- Joran says that he and Valentijn did not want to begrudge their father his chance to become a judge (a dream of PVDS it seems)

- both parents working, took on a jamaican housekeeper to live on-site (in appartment) as babysitter and housekeeper, name Lisa. She was a sweet babysitter and good cook but crappy cleaner so Anita did a lot of the cleaning as she thought the good babysitter function was more important

- when they got older, no need for live in housekeeper/babysitter so apartment rented out to mostly interns. One guy lived there, ran up a big rent debt and was kicked out. Still needs to pay, PVDS believes one day he will pay out of the "goodness of his heart", JVDS and brother ridicule his dad for that belief. Then it stood empty for some time

- in the house Dutch was the language. At school it was English and with most friends it was Papi.

page 4:

- Joran was called names by local arubans at first for not knowing Papi/being dutch.

- due to lot's of soccer with local boys he learned papiaments

- had dinner with his family every day. Only time when they were all home together. Dad asked a lot of things (how was school, what did you do, etc.). Being the git he is (comment of me, the translator) he said "I don't really have to say what I did, do I?". Then condescending to his dad he writes "But he meant well".

- he goes on calling his dad an very sweet and quiet man. Sometimes you can see him thinking. He always tries to find out how you really think about a subject and how you feel about things. If I ask him something he says: "Ask your mom". Mom is home more than dad and knows what kids are up too, dad does not.

page 5:

- mother was much more strict and believed in structure (compared to PVDS). Mom knows what kids need

- did OK at school for long time. Paid attention in class etc. did homework in hours off and breaks.

- spent a lot of time at the raquet club, was hangout place for his friends. Spent almost every day there.

- usually then home by 7, dinner and then some time at the computer

- calls himself a night person. Has more energy at night than during the day

- talks about some of his classmates being very rich, he was not that rich. Parents were well to do but by no means "rich".

- talks about disliking people with loads of money. Felt better at place with is dutch and local friends

page 6:

- talks about him not being rich

- last year as senior was great. You are the king of the school. Because he did good in his year before becoming a senior he only needed a few more points to graduate.

- talks about what he had wanted to become and about having 1 hour of school a week about future schooling (wanted to be a pilot, soldier or possibly cop when he was young)

- because he was good at math and wanted own business, he decided to become "sports management" because he was good at sports/liked sports

- took advanced program courses English and Math in order to get extra college credits. Passed Math but failed English. Also took a dutch HAVO states-exam and passed with a 7. Also did SAT, got above 1000

page 7:

- talks about the process of getting into US college. That is was difficult. Look at SAT, grades, extra curricular activities etc. During interview he was asked what he wanted to be in 20 years and Joran said "president of Barcelona soccer club".

- applied to 7 colleges, was accepted to all 7, 1 giving him a 40,000$ scholarship

- was often on honor roll for getting good grades

- worked in the Honor society. Did out of school projects (good deed kind of things) for extra credits at school

page 8 and 9 (only half a page):

- got presidential award in 8th grade for being best pupil

- award hangs on parents wall, including fake President Bush signature from school. They were very proud but less proud when Joran kicked out of Honor society in 9th grade

- to be in honor society to you to be of unspoken behavior and act responsibly. During that year Joran was late for school several times, copied his homework of the internet (plagiarized). He also cheated on an exam.

- during history exam he found too difficult, he copied entire answers word for word from textbook he had taken out of schoolbag. Got an A for his test, teacher called him to the front, asked him to read out his answers because he had the best grade and then humiliated him by saying the answers at the same time Joran did but then from the textbook.

- had to go to principal, got an F and had to stay late at school 2 days for punishment

- being responsible for your own actions was very important to the VDS parents. Did not often punish their kids. Sometimes not allowed to go out, but never sent to bed without dinner. The kids got a lot of freedom to do as they wanted. Now his mother says that maybe she should have punished a bit more often when he was growing up.

end of chapter 2
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« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2007, 10:24:49 AM »

Chapter 3 of Joran's book: Going at out Carlos & Charlies

page 1:

- most friends of Joran do not go to ISA but are local boys from local schools

- most friends of Joran are older than him. He gives as a reason for this is big posture

- they mostly went out to chat up girls

- Joran met Freddy Zedan Arambatzis when Freddy was 19, they met during a tournament at the racquetball club.

- Freddy is a light colored latino from Venezuela that only spoke papi. Joran thinks he is a nice guy

- he invited Joran to go with him and his friends sometime and Joran accepted that invitation (first time out ever for Joran that was)

- Freddy lives close to Joran. He is doing hotel management. A course given in dutch. Because Freddy was new to dutch the education was difficult. Joran helped him with school work

- through Freddy Joran met Jaime Carrasquilla Caceres from Colombia who did the same course. He picked Joran and Freddy up to go out once and since then they are doing a lot of things with the three of them

- Jaime's father is almost never around. When Jaimes mom died they were the only ones who were there for him

page 2:

- Jaime's mother died due to an operation for which she needed medications and as a result a blood clot formed and she died

- Joran liked Jaime's mom, always he could eat there, died before turning 50

- Joran says this was the first death he had ever experienced from close around him

- he even went to say goodbye with Anita in the intensive care and all three went to the funeral

- Jaime was 20 when it happened and lived with his mom, his life started to slip, poor grades, quit school, worked in a restaurant but failed there too. Now he lives with his married sister and has started school again

- Koen and Sander Gottenbos Joran also knows from the raquetclub.

- once a week the gang of friends played tennis at the club, it was their hang-out

- Koen is as old as Joran but did not finish his "havo" after doing the "mavo" (note from translator: havo = school to prepare you for higher schools, mavo is to prepare you for midlevel schools)

- Koen is a shy boy who does not talk a lot to girls and he is a very quiet boy

- Sander is 2 years younger and the opposite of his borther

- they used to live on Malmokdrive but after the father sold the insurance company they moved to the US

- Joran says his parents educated them about the dangers of drugs, smoking and alcohol. They hate drugs but don't mind the occasional pint.

page 3:

- Koen, Freddy and Joran made a pact, if one smoked, the others could slap/hit the smoker in the face

- Joran says they were not at all concerned with that stuff. He says that the aruban youth don't use nearly as much drugs and alcohol as some think. Joran never used hard-drugs according to himself

- though Koen and Sander Joran met the hindu Kalpoe brothers Deepak and Satish. Deepak had been living on Aruba for 5 years, Satish for 3 years

- at first Deepak was very quiet but he opened up later (making jokes etc.)

- Joran did not hang out with Satish in reality it is only that Deepak took his brother with him everywhere almost that he went and because of that Satish often was around. Deepak is very protective of his younger brother.

- Joran admits that the gang of friends used Deepak to some extend because he owned a cool pimped car (silver grey Honda civic, big rims, body kit and 2 tv screens to watch films or musicvideo's). According to Joran Deepak bought the car second hand and pimped the car himself (note from translator, tells us Deepak knows he way around a car IMHO) Joran calls it a unique car on the island

- Deepak's car was very noisy from the exhaust and the music played very hard on the radio in the car. Joran and his friends used Deepak to get driven to clubs. Deepak was also only one with full time job, paid for a lot of drinks for the gang

- Deepak has never had a proper girlfriend even though he is 20. Joran says he found that strange. Joran says Deepak reads in on other peoples chat when girls chat with their boyfriends. Once he got the hots for a girl that was cyber sexing with her boyfriend at home. Joran says that was a bit like stalking from Deepak's side.

page 4:

- Joran says that Deepak said about this girl that she was talking so horny with her boyfriend that when she would leave he would follow her. He wanted to "f*ck" her. He made screen shots of their chat sessions so that he could read what was said later. Joran says that made him angry at Deepak and he walked out of the internet cafe.

- whether Deepak was serious Joran says he is not sure, but he felt it creepy. He could not understand why he didn't get a real girlfriend. Deepak said he has a girlfriend in Suriname but he has not been there for years. Freddy also thinks it is strange that Deepak and Satish have no girlfriends

- when Deepak visited with Joran the first time he was asked by Joran's parents as to how come he had such an expensive car and Deepak explained that he worked on the car himself, he got to buy certain parts at a discount, he was very careful with his car, would not drive it on the unpaved roads, only he or his brother could drive it and he cleaned it every week. He treated his car like his girlfriend is what Joran writes here

- For some time a dutch boy Marco was part of the gang. For a while when both Joran and Marco where the only ones in the group who had girlfriends then hung out a lot, double dated and stuff. Marco did not go to school but was a very good tennis player, much better than Joran. Marco left the gang and their friendship ended slowly but surely. Marco works at the casino of the Holiday Inn, the Excelsior. Joran sometimes talked to him there.

page 5:

- Joran and Freddy often went to the beach. He got him in touch with the pretty girls. He said "look there go a few pretty American girls, let's go and talk to them". Joran says Freddy introduced in to the paradise that had always been in front of him. Freddy's English sucked so it was mostly Joran who did the chatting with the girls. Freddy had no inhibitions/hang ups. He did not care if he made an ass of himself. He would be blown for 20 times but then he was lucky the 21st time

- David Fisiitalia also became a friend of Joran's, he met him at ISA. He came from Seattle in 2003 and moved to Aruba because his mom started working with the US customs office on the island. They hung around a lot in each other's houses and played soccer with friends at a field near Joran's house.

- aged 16 Joran was allowed out for the first time by his parents but he had to be home by 1am. Freddy, Jaime, Koen and Joran went to C&C's. Before 10 it is a restaurant for tourists and heavily caters to that crowd. The waiters present the pretty girls with roses folded from napkins. The waiters walk around with big sombrero's and every customer gets it on their head and then have to drink a shot from a cocktail concoction. After 10 the chairs and tables get shoved to the side and it is a dance club. There are 2 bars

page 6:

- two bars on the ground floor and one on the second floor. On the second floor there is a table football game. Then he talks a lot about how it looks (where the DJ´s is, about words on the wall, about yard drink etc.'

- Joran was afraid he would not be let in because he was not 18 yet. But he was big and no-one asked for his ID.

- From day 1 he drank whiskey-coke as his favorite drink, he does not like beer. The price difference on Aruba between beer and strong spirits is not so big on Aruba so he did not mind that it was more expensive than beer

- first time out was cool, there were body builders giving a show, sexy dancing girls who did shows on the stage. He says the dancing on Aruba is wild and sexy compared to the Netherlands. On Aruba all guys want to be "players". Joran too aspired somewhat to become a player, there was a lot of competition from other players. Joran wanted to show that he could get a lot of girls around him and that he could have them too. He says it may sound stupid but he thought that was " cool"

page 7:

- youths start going out at a young age on Aruba. Girls start going out at 14 or 15 and they were next to nothing (short skirt and barely present tops)

- during the dancing the waiters blow air under the skirts to lift them, some wore strings beneath, others wore nothing.

- Joran was home at 1am exactly because he wanted to be allowed out the next week again

- the second time Joran and the bouncers talked like he had been a guest there for years and very soon they became VIP. It does not mean a lot but it means we could get in for free: according to Joran everybody went and got a VIP

- he started going out during the week, something he did not tell his parents. To them he said he went to the movies and as long as Joran did good in school then he reasoned to himself that he was allowed to go out on school nights. His parents disagreed. He was allowed out once or twice as long as there was no school. And he had to be home at 1am. If he had lived in the Netherlands it would have been different. He and his parents fought about this. They felt he went out too much and Joran was of the opinion that they were being unfair for making such a big deal out of it. He knew kids who bombed at school and did nothing (even not attend school) and they were allowed out. Why did he have to stay home when he did his best at school and did get good grades.

- "But" Joran writes, "they cannot watch me 24/7" because at age 15 he moved to the apartment.

page 8:

- the apartment has it's own shower, toilet and kitchen. He liked being given a bit of privacy by his parents. He says he needed that too because he started going through puberty pretty early.

- if his parents forbade him to go out, he went without them knowing. It was easy, the apartment is 10 metres from the house and just a few metres from the fence/wall of their property. He could sneak in and out without his parents knowing at all.

- if he had to be home at 1am, he came home just before 1am. Went to his parents bedroom, said goodnight I am home, see you tomorrow. Then went to his apartment, waited a little while, then got out to the road where his friends would be waiting in a car to go out again

- Joran and his gang made C&C's their regular hangout during the week and the weekend. They got to know all the locals and it was a great place to pick up tourists. But Joran thought going out in "Bahia"  and "Tantra"  was truly dope.

- during that period of heavy drinking (yards) and being a "player", getting with loads of girls, it sometimes got rough.

- once Joran was confronted by an angry boy accusing him of him getting it on with that guys girlfriend. Joran says he did not know because he had been dancing and kissing with her all night and she never mentioned a boyfriend.

- there are also a lot of wanna-be gangsters who stick their legs in between you and a girl to get in between. Someone did that do Joran and when Joran confronted him and asked him what he was doing the guy gave Joran a big push.

page 9 and 10 (half a page):

- the guy who pushed Joran was hit across the floor by Joran when Joran knocked him to the floor. It is a small island so this dude called his cousin and his friends and then his problem becomes a lot of people's problem.

- sometimes the conflicts are solved easily, sometimes it takes a fight and then you are outside of the disco in a fist fight before the cops show up. Usually you know someone in their group and then it gets solved without too much hassle anyway. Joran says that happened countless times to him

- he even once had to pull a drunk Deepak from a guy. Deepak had lost his gold chain and thought this guy had taken it. Deepak was so waisted that the police wanted to arrest him/bring him in but we convinced the cops that we would take him home to sleep it off.

- Carnival is the best time. Girls dancing in bikini's or short outfits, everyone watching the parade. People dancing in the streets drinking, happy and talking to each other. Joran was standing with Deepak, Satish, some friends checking out the girls in their skimpy outfits. They had the perfect spot, Deepaks car at the ready pumping out music. It was good fun when a choller started bothering the girls and they looked around for some help. Joran shouted that the man should leave them be and he offered him a beer. The man took the beer but did not want to budge. The police came and took him away

half an hour later he was back, this time not that friendly anymore. He again started bother the girls again and tried to kiss one.

Satish said "piss off"

the choller made the slit throat gesture at Satish and said "I am going to kill you".

I saw him swing back ready to hit Satish and then Joran lifted him up in the air and threw him off the bridge. Suddenly Joran thought "maybe the guy cannot swim"  and they pulled him out of the water. Some people that did not see his obnoxious behavior were angry with me for throwing him in the water. They thought I did it for fun. The same cop walked by again and said I did the right thing because the man was really bothersome and it would have lead to a big fight. The police then took him in, he only was somewhat wet.

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« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2007, 10:16:50 PM »

actual title "de pimps"

Page 1:

- aged 16 I had already understood that to chat up girls on had to be "ballsy"

- together with Freddy and Jaime Joran would trawl the beaches and swimming pools to chat up tourists

- Joran knows exactly what to do, confidently walk up to a girl, chat her up a bit, hang around a bit and ask her out. Flirting and all smiles helps a lot. I you walk up to a group of girls with a few boys it is even easier

- dutch boys hang around the bar drinking beer, they aren't up to "smooth talking" the girls. On Aruba there are a lot of hot tourist girls ready for a 1 night stand or holiday romance. If a girl doesn't take to you you will realize this pretty soon and move on. It is a lot easier than in the Netherlands.

- American girls are the loosest/wildest of the lot, Joran thinks it is due to the fact that you can buy a drink here when you are under 21 (American drinking age). Joran says in Aruba you can order a drink if you barely are taller than the bar itself

- tourists strip on the bar and join drinking shows. While girls squat, boys hold bottles of beer in front of their privates and girls drink from it. Everybody loves those things.

page 2:

- American girls are the easiest to get with from all the girls, then come local girls and after that dutch girls

- he likes chatting up best in English

- on the island girls too make the first moves on guys or show how they feel about guys by bumping and grooving into them at clubs. Also giving shows by kissing other girls in front of you.

- the best way to make a girl trust you (and not think you are a local beach bum) is to tell them you are a tourist also. This way they do not think you are just trying to get them into the sack. The more often you try this "lie" the easier it gets to score from it. He would say however that he used to live on Aruba, that they still owned a place there and that this is the reason he knew all the good places to hang at

- Freddy and a few of his friends called themselves "the pimpology crew". As a joke we used to call each other "pimp" when we were chatting up girls.

- Joran also met a lot of girls through sites like: Tickle, MSN, Zorpia, Myspace, Hi5. On these sites Joran had his own page with pictures and some girls from the US and the Netherlands made contact with him through these sites and them agreed to meet him on the island.

- He talks about visiting a girl from the US that he had met on Aruba. They had become friends. He had stayed there for a few weeks while going to a soccer camp in New Jersey

page 3:

- I have always respected girls. I h ave net hit a girl or been with a girl who did not want me to be with her. If I would see a guy hit a girl, then I would smack/hit him. A girl is sacred to me, just like my mom and just like my girlfriend. And it someone would hurt them than I would not what I would do.

- with almost all my ex-girlfriends I still have a good friendship en during this entire police-investigation the police have questioned everybody I have ever been in contact with and most "went to bat for me/defended me".

- "if you really love you girl, you would not cheat" is what most people would say. I have truly loved a girl but that did not stop me from cheating. My friends would say that this proved I did not really love her. But I did, she meant  a lot to me. And one of the biggest life-lessons that I have had is that if I care a lot about someone, I have to stop doing certain things. I cannot have my cake and eat it too, I have to make choices.

- Why Joran would still need a girl on the side if he already was going steady/had a girlfriend? For his friends is Joran's answer, to act tough. "Joran can get with any girl" is what they would say then. I used to think that was "dope", now I know better. It was very immature behavior.

- that I have been with so many girls means nothing. I didn't appreciate it at the time ; I even sometimes regret it. In the end I only wanted a girl that was mine alone and that I truly loved.

- Joran started being sexually active young, at aged 14. On Aruba the age on which people start doing it is lower according to Joran then in other countries. His parents did not have an issue with a girl staying over. I did not talk to my dad however about the fact that I was already sexually active.

page 4 (and a bit part 5 as it is the last page of this chapter):

- Joran's parents did suspect something and often remarked on it but at those occasions Joran tried to change the subject ASAP. His parents were among others preaching "if you do it, at least do it safely", that was a message they felt strongly about. And I always practiced that. If buddies needed protection, they could always come to me because they knew I always carried a condom in my wallet, just in case.

- it is always up to the girl how far we go and how quickly. Sometimes I meet a girl that I hang around with all vacation, some just for a night. Sometimes a girl just want to go see a movie together. If she is really nice then that too is no problem. Anything was possible, it was soo easy to let it all hang out on the island. Girls occupied a lot of my time.

- On Aruba girls give it up (sex) much more easily. The weather is nice, everybody is a lot nicer. If it gets hot here (weather) than the hormones also start acting up. There are girls here who are just here for the sex, nothing more and nothing less. They are not stupid. I don't have the illusion that they were all smitten/infatuated with me.

- On Aruba you must also expect that your girlfriend might be getting it on with someone else too. It is a small island. You all go to the same schools, know the same crowd, go to the same clubs to go out and pick up girls. You have to be really good in order to be a player. Joran personally knows a few guys who have 2 or 3 phones for that reason. Joran only had 1 and that was private. I did not like it when girls were looking in my phone who I had been phoning/text messaging with. "If you would trust me, you would not check up on my through my phone" is what Joran would say to them. But he did not deserve that trust because he was no angel.

- sometimes we would rent a hotel room. I happened that three guys were in the same room having sex with girls. I was given a blow job on a balcony once by an American girl while Deepak was in the bathroom with a girl and Freddy was in the room proper with a girl too. But we did never share a girl or did threesomes. That was going way too far for me. We did however make topless pictures of a girl in a hotel room once.

- I don't really enjoy telling you about all these things. I think my private life is my own business. But I have no choice and have to tell these things because I want to be honest. Everyone I know has been questioned and every secret I have ever had has come out. Because I am a so-called "public figure" people can say anything they want about me, so I no longer have a private life.
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page 1:

- first serious relation with girl came when Joran was aged 14 with new girl at ISA (American girl named Jillian). She was blond, pretty, liked riding horse and surfing. Did nothing but hang with her all the time, neglected his friends. Her father worked for the Marriot hotel. She could get anything she wanted from her daddy when it came to material goods. Joran and her dated for a year but started experimenting after a few months (slowly but surely).

- when she had gone away on a 2 month vacation, things never got back to the "old ways" again. Spending every minute of the day almost together and then 2 months not seeing one another had made them drift apart (she felt). She had changed and later admitted she met someone while on vacation. Joran adds "so it was not my fault the relationship ended".

- his second girlfriend was Melody.

page 2:

- Joran met Melody together with her friend Abi in a hotel during Easter break.Koen, Sander, Jaime, Freddy and myself had rented a room there. A lot of locals do this during this vacation. Then you can party without interruption from your parents. Play a lot of loud music, booze up, chill and go out and relax. Nobody would bother looking at how late you got in.

- in the lobby they met Melody and Abi, Abi had been at the same school Joran had gone to. For some reason Joran walked up to her and said hi. When he saw Melody for the first time he knew it was good. She was perfect, not that she was super pretty, but there was something about her. It was love at first sight. Joran wanted to talk to her because of the way she talked and the way she moved. Melody smiled sweetly at me and he was very interested in her. Koen and David also liked her and we were talking amongst ourselves as to who would get her.

- Joran was sitting next to Melody on the couch and when he had gotten up and returned he saw David and Koen sitting on his place with Melody. Joran thought "whatever" and moved off. He said to Sander that he was not going to argue about a girl and said they should settle it amongst them, that he found the whole thing +++++++ and that he was out of there.

- David later asked if he could help him with Melody. Say a few nice things about him. Joran did this even though he had the hots for Melody himself. But in the end Koen and David were left standing as I got with her.

- One chat on MSN he can still clearly remember. Joran had asked her who she liked best, David or Koen, because she couldn't be with both. Melody answered that she did not like either, she liked him and from then on it was "on".

page 3:

- Joran was of the opinion one should never fight with friends about girls, you just can't do that. It was Melody's birthday and he was the only one with an invite, he went and some other time they went to the movies together and hooked up with each other while David and Koen were oblivious to that fact. But as Joran did not like the secrecy he owned up, David handled it well, Koen got a bit pissed off at Joran.

- what made Melody special was her smile and her aura. She was easy to talk to and she is also very sweet and would do anything for her friends. She has an outgoing personality and he had her own opinions (something Joran says he likes in a girl).

- she was also the only one he could not lie to. He did not know how that was possible. Joran tried to lie but she would see through him in a second and then he would own up. Joran would lie to her when he would go out with the gang and if one of her girlfriends had seen Joran kissing another girl then he would first deny it to her but she could see right through him.

- during that time Joran also met Karen. Koen and he went to watch the baseball world series at this girls house, they made a bet and Karen won that bet and wanted to go with Joran to the movies.

page 4:

- nothing happened during the movie. Karen knew he was going steady. He also knew that but it did not stop him kissing her at the end of the movie. The text messaged for a long time, they emailed for a long time and then she started writing him love-letters. She fell in love with him, he did not fall in love with her but they did have sex together and decided to not tell Melody about this. In this manner Joran could do them both.

- during a trip with a party bus (decorated bus with drinks and loud music that drives around the island) the whole mess came to a head. Both Melody and Karen were on the bus and when Joran saw David and Karen heavily kissing he confronted his friend and after some words had fallen it ended up in a fight. Joran thought David had done it to get back at him for stealing Melody from David and that Karen did it to make Joran jealous. Melody had been told by Karen that she and Joran were getting it on but Melody did not believe it. Most of Joran's friends however knew about his affair with Karen.

- In hindsight Joran says he should have let things go before it got into a fight, that he should have shut the hell up and he would have been free of Karen.

page 5:

- Melody did not understand the fight, Karen cried and walked over to me after the fight and not to David, that was the worst of it all.

- Karen demanded that Joran would dump Melody but Joran was in love, he did not want to. Karen threatened she would take action otherwise.

- then Karen flipped. She and Melody went to the same school. Karen got into Melody's face and confronted her. When Joran picked Melody up from school that day and she told him that Karen had said they had been sleeping together.

- Joran took Melody to see Karen and acted all innocent and said "why the shit would you say something like that" to Karen. Karen and I swore not to tell and she broke that promise. Joran kept denying denying denying.

- Melody believed Karen however, as Joran said, Melody knew when he was lying always.

- they stayed boyfriend and girlfriend for some time more but the writing was on the wall and when Joran was on vacation in the Netherlands she dumped him on the phone. She was crying on the phone, said that she loved him but that she felt she could not stay with him anymore. I had betrayed her trust before by kissing a girl and this was the straw that broke the camels back. The trust was gone and he was to blame.

- he felt terrible about this, wanted to go back to Aruba immediately to patch things up but Joran knew she was right, it was beyond fixing. He was made enough to hit himself in the head because he did not feel anything for the other girls.

page 6:

Joran was angry at Karen even though he was to blame too. He wanted nothing to do with her anymore and he made that clear to her. But somehow they still kept meeting each other. She would come to his door with "gifts" and still wanted to be with him, well, what is a boy to do then if that is the situation.

- Soon after splitting with Melody I got a new girlfriend and dumped Karen proper, she then went on to be David's girlfriend

- David remained a good friend and later we laughed loudly at what had happened

- After that Joran didn't want serious girlfriends anymore, he justed wanted to have fun. He also did not want to hurt anyone any more.

- when Joran went to school in the Netherlands he had hoped that Melody would also come and live in the Netherlands but she has another relationship now so they are just good friends.

- not long after that I met Susana. She is a very sweet girl with whom Joran was for 6 months. Joran went to a boat party one night with loads of cheap booze, he got very drunk and vomited. He was very sleepy but had no transport home so he called his mom to come and pick him up. In the middle of the night she drove down there to pick him up. It took 10 minutes for her to get there and Joran was sitting outside, sleepily, propped up by Susan who took care of him till his mom got there. His mom was happy that he had called but also angry and disappointed. It was the first time she saw Joran drunk.

page 7 and a small piece of 8 (last page):

- They dropped of Susana and his mom threatened she would kick him out of the car if he would throw up in there.

- after Susana came a short sting with Carmen, it only lasted 3 months and she became Freddy's honey after that. Freddy was my best friend so people wondered why he would hook up with someone who had been with Joran at first but Joran was OK with that because he felt nothing for Carmen.

- Elaine he met during a concert of Intwine, he was on a boat on a catamaran during the show that was done on the water by the band. He noticed her during the show and he went over to her and they saw the rest of the show together. Freddy had taken a fancy to some other girl and had started talking to that girl. Elaine and Joran hit it off and went out for dinner and a movie. They went steady for a while.

- one time in the fitness area of the Raquet club Koen and Sander came up to him and said that there were three hot chicks in the hall there. I walked over to the water cooler to get me a drink and I saw them immediately. I said hi and they said hi back. Their names were Flor, Amanda and Gylaila and they were super nice. After that they sometimes went with us when we went out. Flor is seventeen now and her sister Amanda is fifteen. They are part argentinian, part dutch. Gylaila was a friend of Amanda and Flor and lived in with them. The four of us hung around a lot.

- Joran liked Flor from day 1. She is very beautiful although I did not say that to her at the start. We hung around a lot and after a while I told her that I liked her and she also liked me. But he was still going out with Elaine. She was also very beautiful but not as easy to talk to as Flor, Joran decided that he would rather be with Flor.

- He should have then ended it with Elaine, before hooking up with Flor, but he wanted them both. Joran says he had learned nothing from the Karen/Melody fiasco.

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page 1:

- during their cruising for hot girl in the hotels and swimming pools Joran and his friends on occasion also walked through the many casinos who were in a lot of the hotels. Joran liked the atmosphere there, especially the free drinks one can use to tank up on alcohol before going out to a club.

- as a minor Joran was not allowed in the casinos but due to his posture he was seldom asked for his ID and after a while he had become a regular at the casinos so he was not asked to produce his ID because most employees at the casino assumed that he had been found to be 18 or older by some other member of staff.

- Joran watched a lot of poker and quickly caught on. His best subjects at school were math and statistics. Poker is less of a gambling game than black jack and you can control the game much more with poker. You can bluff, you can throw your cards away immediately or fold later on.

- Joran observed the poker game for 2 weeks. One Sunday evening at a free tournament he entered for fun and was pretty good at it. He was a good bluffer because he had a system with which I played with the 2 cards open on the table and not always the ones in my hands.

page 2:

- if I saw a weakness in somebody I would visualize that I had the best possible hand and that I would play it a certain way. Usually that worked for me especially if you can read a person's weaknesses. I do not know if I am also easy to read but I try to remain as cool as possible. Up to a point I can guesstimate what kind of cards someone has, but then again, that person could also just be good at bluffing.

- by watching body language and the way someone looks at their cards or looks out of their eyes, I can read whether that person has a good or a bad hand. For example, if someone looks 4 times at their cards even before flop and is very quiet, then I am going to assume he has a strong hand. If someone hits the table to quickly get the possibility to play then that person usually has a bad hand. When you have a good hand, you are mostly a lot more patient. Sometimes I make great plays/calls or raises and sometimes I make very poor plays.

- someones eyes are the most telling. The more often I play the same person, the better I can learn their game. I will know who the bluffers are and who are not. There are people who leave a table after 3 hours but there are also people who will play you all night long.

- at some tournaments I played for 8pm to 3am. The casinos are open till 6am and they will order pizzas for you and give you drinks all nigh.

- the poker tournaments on TV and the Super Hype give off a certain image of poker players. They were dark sunglasses, earphones at the table. That is bullshit. There are those who wear big sunglasses and sit there with their i-pods but most are just regular people. Old or young, man or woman. Poker is a social game, in between hands there is a lot of chatter.

page 3:

- but you need to stay focussed, poker is a tactical game where it is important to keep your cool. The best feeling is winning when you have nothing in your hands.

- in the past I never bought back into a tournament after I had been eliminated because I thought it was a waste of money. Now if often buy myself back into the tournament or play in 10 dollar tournaments.

- with poker Joran has won 5,000 USD (according to Joran that is. It may not sound a lot but for a 17 year old that is a lot of money. Nowadays people win hundreds of thousands of dollars at poker tournaments, but Joran says because he is only in it for a few years. Joran saved part of the one to his savings account. That way he was able to buy a I-river.

- Joran had no job, he liked hanging out. He got 100 aruban florins. If he needed clothes or books his parents would buy it for them, etc.

- Joran says he had no time for jobs anyway, between all the things he had to do during the day.

- whenever his money was gone, he would just ask his parents for more.

= his father once offered him a deal, he would get 160 USD a month if  agreed to buy his new clothes and mom or dad would no longer pay for that.  

page 4 (and a bit page 5, last page of chapter):

- the deal with his parents cost him because it was a bad deal for him. Now he had to pay for his clothes and that meant spending a lot more than before and one pair of good pants could cost him a months budget.

- his parents thought he was not good with money. Joran at first disagreed. Maybe he did spend too much money when he went out, but what teen doesn't?

- participating in the poker tournaments on Sundays at the Holiday Inn cost no money but could bring Joran money. And that money could be used to boost his "going out fund".

- Joran's parents dislike/hate casinos. They thing gambling is a waste of money and they are afraid of addiction. They did not forbid me to go but they also did not like me going to the casinos to play in the tournaments. I had told them that i was participating in free poker tournaments. That I also played tournaments for money is something that I did not tell them. I can understand my parents not jumping for joy at the prospect of me doing this but I thought as long as my schoolwork does not suffer, what is the problem with me going out and gambling?

- at the time I was under the guidance/treatment of a psychiatrist. According to statements in the media I had to go there because I supposedly had a violent temper problem, that I was beating up my mother and my brothers, but nothing could be further from the truth. I was undergoing treatment at the psychiatrist, once every 5 weeks I had to go there, because I had stolen money from my mother and father and had lied about that. I used to lie about a lot of things in those days and I talked to the psychiatrist about that too.

- after 5 sessions, I was supposed to have the last session with him and my parents on June 14th 2005. The psychiatrist told my parents that I had finished the treatment and she was of the opinion that I have moved forward. She did say that she thought I am the kind of person that needs a clear structure. Joran says that he does not like psychiatrists and that he thinks it is a lot of nonsense, but hey, he had no choice but to go.

- it was one of the reasons my parents, when looking for a next school for me, opted for a small school with a lot of structure and guidance for me. After I had visited several universities with my mother in the US, they chose St. Leo's in Tampa Florida, also though partly because of the scholarship.

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page 1:

- most of this page is about where Natalee was born, where she grew up (Clinton Miss.), the fact that she has a brother, when her parents split up (1993), when Dave gets re-married (1995), it mentions Robin as his current wife and the fact that they have 2 kids (names are mentioned in the book but there are not of interest so I am going to forgo them), talks about the custody (when Natalee goes to stay with her father because they live with Beth).

- then there is a part of an interview published in the Clinton View News on the 16th of June 2005 in which youth friend Mary Elizabeth Davis comments on her 15 year friendship with Natalee in which she says that Natalee was very sweet but also a bit gullible/naive/stupid and that she was an avid shopper

- then more about Natalee's childhood, about them playing boardgames, painting nails, childlike mischief (messing with her brothers toy cars), her love of barbie dolls and especially barbie clothes, her later love of Lipgloss Lip Smackers, her getting to befriend Brooke Thomas (with whom Natalee shares the passion for dance).
page 2 + 3:

- Brooke mentions that Natalee often visited her house and that Natalee thought her big brother was cool

- Mary Reeves (former babysitter) describes Natalee as vibrant and lively, it tells about Natalee's rich fantasy and about a button on a chest that would produce Kool aid when pressed

- then it talks about Natalee joining a prayer group with some friends, it talks about Natalee always being the girl who had the most things to pray about (like boys she liked, boys she did not like, for the junior-high school dance performances, etc.).

- then J. Reeves, principle of her former Junior High and a neighbor describes Natalee as bright with a good set of brains. She was always quiet at school and did not want the rest of the kids to know that she knew the headmaster.

- it also mentions that Natalee's friends noticed the close bond of friendship that Beth and Natalee shared.

- then comes the marriage of Beth and Jug and Natalee's move to Mountain Brook where Beth goes to teach. Natalee starts in the 8th grade of Junior High in MB and becomes friends with Madison (real name is mentioned but not important here for the summary), Madison and Natalee become inseparable and go on to MB high school together.

- according to Beth Natalee is the typical American Teen: dancing in the MB dance team and with dancing lessons she achieves that goal, it also mentions Natalee and Madison are in advanced classes.

- then an anecdote straight from Dave's book about Natalee when young breaking her arm while dancing (this to illustrate the passion for dance from a young age)

- mentions Natalee's membership of the math club and spanish club, part-time job and volunteer work, mentions her joining the bible club at her new school and mentions her hobbies as dancing, swimming and shopping.

- favorite movie = Wizard of Oz, talks about statuettes of the movie in her room and the Wizard of Oz cake given by her mom for her 18th. Natalee also likes Lynyrd Skynyrd

- it mentions that Natalee was popular, has lot's of friends and is well respected by her peers. She is an intelligent and driven girl who wants to make something of her future. Also mentions the grant for after the summer.
page 4 and 5:

- talks about Natalee wanting to study medicine at the Uni of Alabama

- talks about Beth having no problem with Natalee's trip to Aruba and then printed are some excerpts of the Vanity fair article in which it is written that Natalee had had a sheltered upbringing, that Natalee NEVER drank, never had a boyfriend and had never had sex. Beth wrote that Natalee was smart but also very naive.

- then talks about Jug's son being on Aruba 2 years earlier, about the 2 stepnephews that were also going to be on the trip (mentions that Natalee was not close to them)

- says that Dave was not happy with the planned trip. Talks about the fact that Dave wrote in his book that he tried to dissuade Natalee from going. It is written that Dave did not like the idea of so many students and so little supervision. He also thinks 985$ for that short a trip is a bit pricey but in the end relents and agrees to pay half the trip (even though he and Robin still had serious reservations about it) as a present for her graduation.

- then comes the story about her graduation and the ceremony that comes 2 days before they leave. Talks about the extra effort Natalee made to find extra tickets so that her 2 sisters could also come (as there weren't enough tickets allocated to her to make that possible).

- Dave, Robin, the kids and 3,000 other people go to this ceremony and it writes that Dave was unable to locate Natalee due to the excess amount of white robed graduates but that Natalee calls him on his cell and they meet up, Dave takes some pics and give her the cheque for 500$. Natalee thanks him and they said their goodbye's.

- the day before departing for Aruba Natalee calls and speaks to Robin, she is very exited about the trip and Robin reminds her to be careful.

- then on the 26th of May 2005 Beth drops her 18 year old daughter off at a friends house from where they will leave for the trip to Aruba.

page 6 and 7:

- talks about the number of students going (124) and the number of adults who will accompany them (7) and that Beth said she will pick Natalee up from the airport on the 30th

- then it talks about an event that took place 5 days before the students arrived when a well groomed black guy tries to drag an American tourists into the bushes for what she expects will be an attempted rape. The man later is featured in Opsporing Verzocht (word of translator: we are talking about the guy of whom we got to see a composite drawing on Opsporing Verzocht). The man is described and it also mentions that when he failed he threatened the tourist by saying that he know in which hotel she was staying. The tourist goes to the police to file a report but she is refused by the police when she asks for a copy of her statement to the police.

- then comes the trip proper, the FBI files show that Natalee and her friends said to the FBI that they did not do much more than swim, catch some rays and go out. It talks about the students being free to pair up and that Natalee shared with Ruth, Lee and Madison in room 7114 of the HI. They arrived Thursday afternoon. And although they were there with 4, only 3 slept there as Madison stayed in her boyfriends room (Trey) for all of the vacation.

- then the story mentions the location of the room, the things in the room, the fact that Ruth and Natalee shared 1 twin bed.

- it then mentions on interview with Ruth from the NY Post of the 17th of July in which it is said that the girls stayed up all night talking about the future and their dreams, about Natalee going to the Uni of Alabama with a scholarship and wanting to become a doctor.
 page 8 and 9:

- Natalee said even though they would go to different Uni's they would remain friends.

- the room they shared looked out on the Moomba bar, a popular place with locals. Next to the Moomba is an alleyway in which drugs are dealt, it talks about coke being cheap there

- talks about Natalee hooking up with a dutch marine with blue eyes but it says that he shipped out prior to her going missing making him no suspect

- talks about Dompig saying that Natalee called her mom from Aruba saying she had fallen in love with a blue eyed dutch boy. Beth supposedly also said this to a reporter from the island and to a HI employee. Something Beth strongly denies ever having said, she denies having talked with Natalee while she was on the island

- talks about Dompig also stating that Natalee used and possessed drugs on the island and there there were witnesses claiming she had been using them (also mentioned in Peter R. de Vries's show). She is also said to have offered it twice to a fellow student.

- Lee talks about their daily routine which consisted of starting to drink at ten in the morning, lying on the beach beds for some rays and swimming. Natalee's drink of choice was red fires (mix of bacardi 151 and cola light). Also mentions that bacardi 151 is very strong stuff. Lee says that her and Natalee drank pretty much throughout the day, they would return to their rooms at 5 for some rest, at approx. 6 they would get ready for dinner and after that going out

- then Dompig is quoted from Vanity Fair that the students were very wild, they often swapped rooms and that their school would not be allowed back to the HI next year

- goes on with witness statements. Dompig says Natalee drank so heavily she did not go to breakfast twice during the trip.

- croupiers at the HI Excelsior have testified about Natalee's drinking habits. One of them (Sandy Dirks) called Natalee an alcoholic because Natalee asked for almost full glasses of rum with a bit of coca cola but this Sandy said she was only allowed double rum's in a glass and not full up rum in a glass with a sip of coca cola. The whole group drank a lot, but Natalee drank the most.

- croupier Elzeline Tromp saw that on the 28th of May Natalee had been in the casino drinking heavily, she look drunk and her co-workers also noticed that
page 10 and 11:

- goes on with testimony of witness croupier Michael Cornes noting that Natalee drank full up rum with barely any coca cola and that she drank this all the nite while there. He also says that he had been told she would drink rum all day long

- director of Housekeeping Milarca Wedervoort said to the police about the behavior of the MB kids: they swapped room all the time, men and women mixed, had more people to 1 room than allowed, rooms were a mess, Yard cups everywhere and 2 blocked toilets

- goes on with the story that Madison and her friends teased Natalee with her unusually short skirt, Madison saying Natalee was a virgin and that she would not allow guys to touch her. To contradict this testimony of Madison it is then mentioned that family members of Natalee later testified that Natalee's former boyfriend Jeremy Brown was also there. Madison however is the short shirt wearing kind of person and it also mentions Madison saying that Natalee was not the ultimate party animal on the island, she partied just like all other students.

- it says that at home Natalee was a social drinker in the weekend, although never more than 3 or 4 drinks. Natalee always got up early, she did not smoke and if she ever "blowed" then it would not have been more than once or twice.

- Ruth never saw Natalee do drugs, Ruth says Natalee is the most responsible girl she knows and that Natalee has a strict daily routine and often goes to bed at nine PM

- Friday the 28th: talks about Madison and Natalee chilling at the pool at the HI, chatting, sunning and swimming, going over to the next hotel when they hear music but coming back quickly. More of the daily routine, going for a nap in the afternoon, getting ready to party.

- then the security guard trying to get into their room is mentioned (described as a light skinned man with dark security uniform). More talk about Lee having heard stuff was stolen off rooms of fellow MB students and one instance were a security guard was caught in the middle of a room when the occupants went into the room.

- that night the girls went to C&C's, Madison got back in a cab, does not know how late Natalee returned.

page 12 and 13:

- Saturday 28th, goes on about the diving cruise (snorkling), there is some alcohol, some music and Natalee did not feel that well (maybe sea-sickness according to Madison). Natalee did not drink alcohol on the boat and Madison stayed in that night and can not tell about what Natalee did that night. Lee does know, Natalee got plastered that night and Kevin Broday had to escort her to her room

- Sunday 29th: Natalee hits the red fires from an early hour. She is drunk soon after. Her friends tell her to take it back a notch but Lee and Natalee keep up their drinking routine while relaxing at the pool of the hotel.

- between 6 and 7 getting ready for dinner, Natalee downed yet more red fires according to Madison but she did not consider Natalee to be drunk at that time. Natalee and her girlfriends talked during dinner as to whom they were going to hook up with. Madison believed Natalee would end up in the sack with Kevin Broday but Natalee was also said to be flirting seriously with Jack Noble.

- After dinner Natalee, Madison, Lee, Ruth, Trey and a fellow student named Thorton go to the casino in the excelsior.

- then talks about Ruth having lost money and wanting to win it back at the black jack table. Natalee did not play black jack, she was walking between her friends and talking constantly on a cellphone. At 20.40 hours Natalee starts drinking a vodka Mixer.

- at the black jack table there are 2 men. One is white male, approx. 45 with dark hairs whom Madison had seen 2 days earlier at the HI casino. People later thought this guy resembled Paul van der Sloot, Joran's dad but he had already left at that time. The other is a quiet, white young man who said he was 19 and came from the Netherlands.

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Posted and translated by Ramm at BFN - Freddy's PV statement as written in Joran's book - Thanks Ramm!:

My translation then from Freddy's PV only:

Statement Freddy Zedan, June 12th 2005

I am the best friend and neighbor of Joran. We got to know each other about two years ago. Joran and myself are both really into sports and that is how we became good friends. Monday afternoon on the 30th, Joran came to my house. He told met that the previous day, Sunday, he had befriended a girl in the Holiday Inn casino and that she had invited him to come to Carlos and Charlies that evening. He went and they danced and drank together. After that he, Deepak Satish and the girl drove off. Her friends saw that. The drove in the direction of the Lighthouse; a white car was behind them and most likely wanted to race Deepak. But that is something Deepak would never do. Joran told me that he fingered and had french kissed the girl while they were driving. He did not say that he had had sex with her. They drove to the Lighthouse, she wanted to see sharks. But Deepak only drove up to the Lighthouse because his car is very low to the ground and cannot drive up to the North side of Aruba. The girl had said to Joran that if Deepak and Satish would have lived in her town, they would be slaves. After that they drove to the hotel. When the girl had pushed open the door of the car, she fell to the ground. Joran wanted to help her but she shoved him away. (....)
The next day, Tuesday May 31st 2005 in the afternoon, I was with Joran at the raquetclub. Joran looked worried. He asked me if I could remember what he had said the previous day about the girl. I told him yes. The girl had gone missing. The FBI had been to his house during the night but he had not been home. His father had called him to find out where he was, Joran said that he was in the Raddison Casino. He told he that after that phone call he was called on the phone by Deepak and that Deepak picked him up a few minutes later. They drove to Joran's house. The FBI and the girls family were at his house. After that Joran told me that Deepak, Satish and himself did not drop off the girl at the Holiday Inn Hotel, but that the four of them drove to the beach at the north side of the Marriot Hotel. The girl had fallen several times on the way to the beach. Joran told me that at some point she "no longer came around/no longer regained consciousness" and that they had left her on the beach. He also told me that he had left his gym/sporting shoes on the beach. After Joran had told me this, I asked him why he had left her there. He answered me that at that moment he had not known what to do. Joran told me that after this he was dropped off at home by Deepak and Satish. On the evening of June the third, I met Joran at his house. (....) He told met that during this period, he could not remember if they had bought something to eat or did anything else.
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Chapter 8 - Joran meets Natalee

page 1 + 2

Joran talks about being in the excelsior on the 29th of Mai and writes that this has been his habit for several months.

He is there at 4pm and writes that this week his father joined him, his father loathes gambling but because Joran is so into poker he has come to see what attracts Joran to it.

Joran writes that he thinks he is quite good at it and he has won some reasonably big tournaments. He writes then about these wins (1400$ for 1st place, 1200$ for shared first place, 400$ for second etc. etc. He writes that he has been in approx. 30 tournaments.

He writes that they were playing in a Texas Hold Em tournament and then explains the rules. After about 2 hours Joran is out but his dad is still in. He writes that this was his dad's first and from what he understands last visit to a casino. Joran spends the rest of the time hanging around.

During recess Paul decides to go home because Jorans 10 year old brother is about to be dropped off at home. Anita he writes is in the Netherlands for his grannies 90th birthday.

Joran takes over Paul's seat and in the end he ends up 4th place winner and wins 200$. He plans to play some black jack with that money.

Then Joran writes about the Soul Beach Music festival, he writes about the fact that it was memorial day weekend and who is performing, the price of the tickets and the fact that many people from around Aruba (Venezuela, other islands) have sailed/boated over the for the festivities.

At approx. 9.30pm he goes to the black jack table, a group of girls walks over to him and asks if he speaks English and whether he is any good at black jack, Joran says that he his "allright".

The group of 4 to 5 mountain brook students introduces themselves to him and they join him at the table. One girl asks how old he is and he lies that he is 19.

page 3 + 4

Joran thinks one of the girls (Ruth) has taken a fancy to him and sits to the left of him asking Joran for his help in the game (win back the 360$ she lost). Joran writes that he tries to help them all in the game etc. etc.

Joran says that Ruth liked him because he was not flirting with her.

Joran advises Ruth to quit even though she only recuperated 260$. Her friends agree and Ruth cashes out. She starts talking to Joran, asking him where he is from and what he is doing on Aruba.

Joran tells her he is dutch but lives on Aruba, son of a judge and an art school teaching mother and that he is about to sit his final exams.

Ruth asks him what he is planning to do tonight and she introduces Joran to her friends, one of them is a blond blue eyed girl. She was sitting at the opposite side of the table and Joran had hardly noticed her.

The girls invite Joran to go to C&C's and he says he can't due to the fact that he has exams in the morning. But they insist and Joran says that he will see what he can do but that he is not promising to come.

Joran writes that Natalee and Ruth ate some nachos and went to the soul beach concert of Boyz 2 men and Lauren Hill.

Joran writes that he knows his dad will not allow him to go because he has a mock exam in the morning to prepare him for Wednesday's real thing. They walk to the sports bar and there he meets Luis and Joshua. They greet, Luis and Joshua are also C&C veterans, they pick up girls there. Joran swings by the girls and they say to him that he must not forget to come to C&C's that night. He again says he will do his best.

Joran walks out of the casino and calls Jaime to ask him to come to C&C's with him because he needs a ride to get there. Jaime says no go, he has to work the next day. Joran says to Jaime that he will ask Deepak to come.

At approx. 11pm he calls Paul for a ride home and he is picked up at McD's which is a couple of hundred yards from the casino.

page 5 + 6

Joran says he lost on the phone to his dad because he wants to surprise him with the winnings. He goes into MacD and calls Deepak to ask him to come to C&C's and Deepak agrees. Deepak says he doesn't have to work the next day and that he will just finish closing up Cyberzone and then go home, have a bath and come to his place.

Then comes part of a Deepak statement from June 11th 05:

I was picked up from work by my brother Satish. On the way home we were bit by ants in the car. I had told my brother to
clean the car when we got back home because if girls would be joining us they would also get bitten. We had not agreed
that girls would come with us in the car but just in case that would happen my brother and me cleaned the car.

Joran writes he bought a McFlurry and got picked up by his dad. Joran hit the shower, got dressed (white blue shirt, jeans and a pair of white K-swiss sneakers) and waits for Deepak to arrive. He has not said a word to his dad because he would say no. Around midnight Deepak still is a no show and Joran calls him and hears that Deepak is on the way to him.

Joran talks about his 2 girls at that time. He calls Flor to ask her to come to C&C's but she says she is not allowed. Joran prints a school assignment and lays out his school stuff and school clothes for next day.

At 12.05am Deepak appears with a not expected ride-along (Satish).

Around 12.30 they arrive at the parking lot of C&C's, as usual they turn heads with Deepaks pimped up ride. It has a body kit, 2 screens in the cars, a wonderful sound system and non-stop videoclips.

A little after 10pm the biggest group of MB kids goes to Oranjestad. Madison leaves at 10.30pm with some other students. Natalee, Ruth, Tracy and John take a cab. When the bus arrives at C&C's an unknown black men leaves the bus together with the students. He stares at Lee and follows the group into the bar. Then Joran uses information from the 302's to piece together the events in the bar (DJ playing sweet home Alabama, the girls go dancing wildly on the dance floor, the man tries to dance with the girls, Natalee sitting at the bar).

From a police statement we learn that the bartender Carlos Medina has stated serving the girls cocktails like Arubariba etc.

page 7 + 8

at approx. 10.45am they switch to body shots. Natalee is the first one to get onto the bar and get "body shot" by fellow MB pupil Beau Barron. The bartender pulls up the top of Natalee to put the body shot on her belly but he pulls it up so high her breasts are almost exposed and Natalee covers them with her hands and says "No, stop".

the man from the bus and another unknown white guy with brown hair are watching Natalee give bodyshots. Natalee has spoken to neither of them. Ruth and Natalee talk to an Amsterdam man called "G". He says that he is on Aruba for the summer and has an apartment.

Lee and Natalee dance on the stage until midnight. Madison is also on the podium and sees the dutch man from the casino enter, she is surprised because he earlier said that C&C's sucks on a Sunday night. Jeremy Brown, Natalee's ex is on the stage and dances shortly with Natalee. Although she has had alcohol, he describes her as not drunk. Bartender Medina agrees, he also adds she looked very happy.

At 12.20am Joran shows his VP card at the door and they get in free. Before he knows it Ruth hugs him for winning back the money. Joran thinks she is attractive and asks her how she is doing.

Ruth then says he needs to go and dance with her friend. Joran is surprised. Ruth points out Natalee with whom Joran so far has barely spoken too.

Natalee and Lee go to the bathroom and after that Natalee goes back on the podium. Joran stands and watches near the steps to the podium and watches Natalee.

The blond girl sees him, makes and hand gesture to come up and calls to Joran asking him to come up and dance with her.

Joran refuses, saying he wants first to have a drink with his mates. He again mentions not having noticed Natalee and expressing his interest for Ruth.

He buys the drinks, they walk back to the bar, Natalee is still doing a sexy dance. She jumps off the podium, grabs Joran's hand and says "Hi, how are you?".

Then she pulls him over to the bar to have Joran do a body shot off of her. She jumps on the bar, lies down and yells "Jelloshot". The bartender knows the drill and does what was asked, Joran licks it up and Natalee pays for the shot.

page 9 + 10

Joran thinks Natalee is drunk and smells alcohol on her breath. After that Natalee held Joran's hand.

Lee does a few more bodyshots at the bar, Madison leaves C&C's at about 12.30am because fellow MB student Jolly is really really drunk and needs to be escorted back to the hotel. Madison leaves with Ruth, Trey, Holly and Mary.

While Ruth departs she sees Joran and Nat talking and waves. Ruth says she did not think Natalee looked that drunk.

Natalee had wanted another bodyshot but the bar had closed by that time and they walked over to another one that was still open. Joran asked her what she wanted to drink and she said she did not mind as long as it had lots of alcohol in it, so Joran ordered 2 bacardi 151's.

Natalee asks if she should drink it in one, Joran says yes but she says she will do it in 2. She drinks it and after that she says she needs a chaser and Joran gives her some of his Yard.

By that time it is 1am and C&C is closing. Lee looks for Natalee. Lee leaves with the masses from C&C to a bar a little down the road that is still open but unfortunately cannot find her and heads to the hotel by cab at about 1.30am.

Natalee, Joran and Satish go outside, they are walking with a group of MB students. Natalee tells them she will go with me and that she will meet up with them at the HI. Hand in hand they walk to the car. Deepak asks in papiaments what they are going to do.

Deepak drives, Satish is in the front, Natalee sits behind Satish and Joran is sitting behind Deepak. Natalee wants to know if they have a big house and Joran responds that it is a rather big house. Joran asks her where to go now.

Natalee says to Joran's place. He says "OK, lets go".

Natalee is coming on to Joran real strong and Joran says he had sex on his mind. She it tipsy but knows exactly what she is doing.

"Am I allowed to come home with you?" Natalee asks Joran again.

"Sure" was his response and he writes that it is her intention to go and have sex together when they arrive there. She may not have asked him outright but her body language betrays her intentions.

She tells him he has beautiful eyes and that she likes tall guys. Natalee has not spoken to the kalpoes. She asks if they are rich because of the nice car. Joran says that they are kinda rich.

On the way to his house they drive past a group of MB kids who are at the bus stop near Royal Plaza Mall. Deepak pulls over, Natalee shouts something out of the window. She is really happy at that moment and Joran thinks she is really sexy at that moment in time. She is still holding hands with him.

page 11 + 12

a guy shouts for her to get out of the car, and asks her what she is doing/is she crazy.

Natalee shouts out the window "Whoohaa! I love Aruba! No, I want to stay with him".

Deepak asks her that if her friends want her to get out, it might be better to do so, and whether she is sure she wants to be coming with them. Deepak doesn't want trouble with her friends.

Natalee says that she wants to leave with them. She wants to see sharks.

Joran laughs and says there aren't sharks on Aruba and you cannot see anything at night to begin with.

"You are lying" Natalee said because she insists she saw them they day before.

Then Natalee tells where she is from and that her family is rich, her father owns a plantation. She asks Joran if he too is rich. Joran says that they are not poor. His dad is a judge, his mom a teacher at ISA.

She is sitting with one of her legs against Joran. She has on a short skirt and has her hand in front of her crotch. Joran thinks that she is doing it to prevent them seeing her underpants. Even with the hand it was still easy to see it was dark blue and had flowers embroidered on them.

She tells of her good time on Aruba and about her friends hooking up with boys (Louis and Joshua).

On the way she blurts out that he mother is the sister of Hitler. I thought that meant that she did not like her mother that much. When Joran laughs at that statement she says "Sorry, I know you are German that is why I had to tell you". Joran laughed even harder because he is no German, he asks her if she is kidding and she says she is not.

Deepak had put on a DVD with music video's. One of them was Benny Benassi's video for Satisfaction. It was an x-rated version and had explicit sex-scenes in it.

Natalee says "Oh my God, what's that?".

Deepak replies "Now she must think we are perverts".

Joran tells Satish in dutch to find another song because Joran does not think it is such a good song.

A little later, at 01.40 they are in front of the gate of the van der Sloot home. Joran intends to have sex with her there and then put her on a cab to the hotel.

Natalee asks where they are. Joran says they are at his place but she says she does not want to go to his house, she wants to go to the beach.

Joran thought to himself, well, OK then, we will drive to the beach. The headed into the direction of the beach next to the Marriot, close to Natalee's hotel.

Joran then writes about how that was best, in order for her to walk to her room and that it was best because in hindsight he did not want to risk waking his brothers or father, and that he had this exam and that he had no way of bringing her to the HI.

On the way to the beach Joran asked her if she did not want to go to her hotel room instead of the beach. This was because Joran knew that Deepak did not like driving round in circles on the island (even though he had not said a thing).

page 13 + 14

It would also be nicer for the 2 Kalpoes because her friends would be there but she said "No, no, no, no, not to my hotel".

Deepak says maybe we should drive by the lighthouse. Joran receives a text message from Flor but cannot remember what it said, but he did not respond.

Then it writes about the route they drove (certified supercenter, Kong hing supermarket) etc. etc.

That at about Hooters Natalee and he started kissing. They kissed for a long time until they reach McD's, they drive past there and her hotel because she does not want to go there.

Joran asks Deepak if they are going to the lighthouse, he says they are but never make it there.

When the drive past the Marriot Natalee half way falls asleep on his leg. Joran thinks to himself that he is drunk too, but not so drunk that he would fall asleep. She startles awake.

"Are you OK", Joran asks and she confirms that she is and starts kissing him again. Natalee places one hand on Joran's crotch. I take my hand and put it between her legs, with the other hand I start fondling her breasts. When we drive past the Marriot towards Tierra del Sol, Joran pushes Natalee's panties to one side and starts masturbating/fingering her with 2 fingers. Joran thinks Natalee has had a shave in the pubic area and is hairless. During this time the kissing still continues. It is starting to get very hot in the car and he stops fingering her, in part due to the fact that it is a bit embarrassing with the 2 Kalpoes in the same car.

They start kissing again and Natalee asks if the 2 Kalpoes are his slaves. No Joran laughs and asks her why?

Natalee responds that her parents have a plantation and the people who work there are black guys. To her all blacks are slaves.

Joran does not know if the Kalpoes heard this or not.

Then Natalee and Joran are dropped off at the side of the Marriot and they walk to the beach. Deepak says that he should call if he needs a ride home. This he asks because he knows what is going to happen now, due to all the kissing in the back seat, they drive home.

Natalee and Joran walk kissing to the beach, him helping her walk due to her inebriation. Joran takes off his K-swiss because he does not want sand in them and they walk towards her hotel.

when she realizes this, she heads into the other direction.

Joran thinks the spot is fine, they lay down on the sand and start kissing again. He puts his shoes on the beach.

After a while Natalee gets up and says "let's go to the jacuzzi, or better yet, lets go this way". They head into the direction where it is much more quiet because there are no hotels on the beach there, they walk away from the HI towards the fishermans huts.

Hand in hand they walk through the water and talk about all kind of things.

They get to the beach and get down in the sand again. She on the bottom and he on top of her. They start kissing and fondling each other, heavy petting/dry f***ing so to speak. I am looking for my wallet and think/realize, no condom and curses to himself knowing that this means no intercourse

page 15 + 16

Joran says that he has no condom on him and that they will not have sex. He did not want to risk getting anything and Joran says he did not think she was a virgin at all.

She turned him on his back and touched him. He opened his zipper and she jerked him off. She told him to warn her when he is going to come and lets him come on his hands.

Then Joran walks to the water and washes his hands. When he got back, he got back on top of her and starting fingering her again, fonding her breasts, kissing her.

After having done that for a while he says it is time to go back to her hotel room

she refuses

Joran says he needs to go to school the next day

Natalee asks him to stay the night and talks about watching the stars, even though they are much brighter in Alabama.

Joran writes that if he had been serious about her he would have stayed there with her but as she was just a one night only thing he wanted to go home. He hardly knew her, at that moment he could not even remember her name. She fell asleep.

Some time later he says he again that he really has to go home, she says she wants him to sleep here with her. Joran picks Natalee up to bring her to the hotel put she orders him to put her down, this he does.

He tries luring her back to the HI by telling her he needs to order a cab there but she is will not budge, she refuses to go the HI.

At that moment Joran no longer was thinking about sex but about wanting to get home because of school.

Leave her be is what Joran thought, I am dissing her and I am out of here. She only has 10 minutes to walk to the HI.

Joran got under the roof of one of them huts to shelter from the wind and called Deepak at 2.26am. He talked to him in papi and dutch so that Natalee would not understand. Deepak asks what happened and Joran boasted that she had given him a blow job.

Deepak said that he was a lucky guy.

The call lasted 8 minutes and Deepak said he would come and pick him up. He was chatting with some surinam girl. After about 15 minutes Joran heard Deepaks car coming from a far.

He told Natalee that it was her last chance to be driven to the HI but she still did not want to come. Joran leaves Natalee alone on the beach and did not even say a proper goodbye or told her he was being picked up. He walks to the car and sees it is Satish coming to pick him up.

He asks what Joran is doing, Joran responds that he wants to get Natalee to the HI but that she refuses to go. Satish said "Fok the bitch" which means something like who cares, let her be.

Joran gets in without telling Natalee anything and is off.

Then he realizes he left his shoes on the beach at the Marriot. Satish says that he should leave them, they will pick them up tomorrow.

page 17 + 18

He tell Satish what had happened on the beach and Satish repeats "fok that bitch".

Joran tells Satish that he will go to school in the morning and that he will go and look for his shoes after being at the raquet club.

Joran writes that people think it is suspicious that he left his shoes on the beach but why would he say it to the police if it had not happened. He writes that he must have found dozens of pairs of shoes on the beach and that he took slippers he had found on the beach one time. Maybe someone found them and threw them away, took them to the hotel and left them at the lobby or just took them for himself.

At 2.46am Joran receives a text message from Deepaks computer in which he asks him to misscall him (call, let the phone ring once and hang up again) when he gets home.

They drive home and when they get there Satish says not to worry, he will go and pick up his shoes. He asks Joran where he left them, Joran explains this, gets out and Satish drives off.

Joran goes to his apartment. He text messages Flor at 3.11 something sweet and messages Deepak at 3.13 saying that he is home and whether he is online.

Joran switches on his computer and goes online. Then comes the already known chat between the Deepak and Joran.

Joran then visits the three soccer sites we know off.

Then the the 2 porn sites where the downloads to hard porn flicks

He looks for the last time at his hotmail and MSN at 4.30

Joran then writes that these were findings also of the forensic search of the computer and thus fact.

He also writes that these facts exonerate him, reasoning that it would take a professional killer to kill someone within 1 hour and make them disappear from the face of the earth.

He also reasons that it would be pretty sick to murder someone and then go and watch porn flicks, go to bed, go to school and do a mock exam

Then he writes that Nancy Watson was also in C&C that night and when they went to the HI at 1.30am they sat out near the pool area with Bruce and David Thorpe till 5am and that if Natalee had gone back on foot through the lobby, then they would have spotted her and that is not the case.

The Haitian guard Reneska who was working that the HI that night testified that around midnight he saw a group of American students skinny dipping/swimming nude. The are having fun nude in the water to about 2.30am

pages 19 and 20

a few of them then head to the bubble bath, others head for Curaçao tower or the Bonaire tower of the HI.

According to his statement, at approx. 2.30am he sees the dangerous thief Marlon walk across the beach with a light colored dominican man. They are coming from the direction of the Marriot. At that same moment the skinny dipping Americans get out of the water. Reneska remembers that this was on the day that Natalee disappeared and that since that night he has never seen the thief Marlon or his companion on the beach of the HI again.

Lee goes to bed between 3 and 4.

She wakes up at 8am, Ruth also wakes up and Natalee is not there. Ruth testifies that they thought she might be in another room because she did not want to risk waking them up that night.

When the hours nears that they are going to leave and Natalee's stuff and passport are still untouched, the group of girls panics. The look for Natalee in other student rooms (Lee and Ruth that is) but they find no sign of Natalee. Then they tell one of the chaperone's that Natalee has gone missing.

People tell Ruth that Natalee had left with three boys, they they had tried to stop her but that she had still gone.

According to the friend it is not like Natalee to go away with strange boys. "Of course she had a nice smile and people wanted to be her friend. But she was also mature and very smart. She was the most responsible friend she had ever had".

Holly Brown who slept in the adjacent room that night helps Madison clean up their room for departure and they clear/pack away Natalee's stuff. Her passport and suitcase they leave in her room.

That afternoon the cleaning lady finds a very messy room 7114: "In the room there were a lot of empty bottles of alcoholic beverages. There were about 6 yard cups. Her passport and suitcase they had left in the room".

Ruth: "When it was time to get on the plane we called Natalee's mom Beth. We were flipping/freaking during the flight and tried to think what could have happened with her".

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