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Author Topic: BIRMINGHAM MEETING - FROM BFN  (Read 5218 times)
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« on: May 07, 2007, 11:33:54 AM »

Meeting:  Questions & Answers

There was a meeting with friends of the Holloway/Twitty Families to discuss the case and the answers some questions.  The meeting was held on Saturday, October 28, 2006 in Pelham, Al (Just south of Birmingham, AL).

The meeting consisted of presentations of various aspects of the case and a question and answer session.

The clarify internet rumors... Dave & Robin were are the day & night meeting, Beth was at the night meeting.  Beth had a previous engagement and did not get back in town in time for the day meeting.  Jug was unable to attend due to Homecoming at his sons college, he attended the game since his son is a football player.  

(Picture taken in the Hotel Lobby after the meeting)

There were many people there representing all aspects of the case, those that discussed the boycott, the blogs and the forums, among other things.  Also members of Dave's family were present.

There were some things discussed at the meeting that the attendees are not allowed to discuss at this time, but I was given permission to post for all of us at BFN the general questions & answers.  Answers were provided by Beth, Dave and Art Wood.

1.  Did Natalee have any chronic illnesses, asthma, allergies?   NO

2.  Has Natalee ever been out of the US before her trip to Aruba?  YES, She traveled to Austria when she was 16, she went with Beth.

3.  Had Natalee ever ran away or threatened to?  NO

4.  Did Natalee have a tickle site, etc...?  NO, she did IM on AOL with friends when she was younger, but had pretty much outgrown that by her Senior year.

5.  Did she have a prepaid phone in Aruba?  NO

6.  Honors from high school?  To name a few...fluent in Spanish, National Honor Society, Who's Who Among America's High School Student's, Dorians, many school clubs, and a Scholarship to the University of Alabama.

7.  When did she meet Joran?  On May 29th at the Casino.

8.  Is that PVDS in the Casino video?  Cannot be confirmed, the croupier does not recall PVDS being there.

9.  Is there a Blue Eyed Dutch Boy?  NO, there is no blue eyed Dutch boy.  

10.  Association with GVC?  NO association with him except on the 27th at C & C's he slapped her on the rear.

11.  Did Security Guard attempt to break into their room?  YES, this was reported but do not know who it was.

12.  Did Natalee attend the Soul Beach Festival?  NO

13.  What is the closing time for C & C's on Sunday night?  12:30 am  (has been stated over and over that it is 1:30 am)  Edit to add the 1:30 was off the top of my head, the 12:30 time stated is what we were told.

14.  What did Natalee have with her when she went missing?  $50.00 and drivers license (proof of age)

15.  Did Natalee make any phone calls that night?  There was a strange call to a friend of hers (William) but there is no evidence that it was from Natalee.  The message was on his Cell phone and he retreived it on the airplane on the way home.

16.  Something bad happened, who said that?  Do not know which suspect made that comment.

17.  DEA Agent in Aruba at the time Natalee disappeared?  He was there on vacation,  he was not there officially.

18.  Are there missing sneakers or just sneaker?  No one knows for sure.

19.  What is Automotive Enterprise?  A car wash in Aruba.  Edit to add that I may not have heard the complete answer here.

20.  The "Call me Hootie" poster... what is the explanation of that?  This poster is the first that was distributed in Aruba.  The Kidnapped posters that were made up to be put up were not allowed to be used.  The Call me Hootie poster idea came from Julia Renfro.  

I am sure that others that attended the meeting can add to what I have told you all, these were the ones that I wrote down.

Note to all that attended:  we have been given permission to post the Q & A information but the other information does not need to be discussed at this time.

Personal note:  It was very nice to meet all the people that attended.  It was nice to put a real person with the people that we have come to know here.  I really enjoyed the time that I spent with everyone I just wish that the circumstances had been different... I wish that Natalee was home and at school where she belongs.


Edit in red to clarify or correct... all errors are mine.

Additional questions and answers:  (Questions asked to Beth)

21.  Beth, you made a statement that Joran's clothing the first night at the VDS residence was not in keeping with someone being in a Casino. What was Joran wearing? Joran was wearing light-weight short-short pants and a tee shirt.

22.  Was Joran's clothes dirty? No

23.  Beth did Joran have a black eye? I do not remember.

24.  Was Deepak's car seen inside the VDS compound? Yes, Alberto Groeneveld and Claudio Eldridge told me they had to climb the wall in order to write down the license number.

25.  Where were Joran and Deepak when Paulus called on the cell phone? I really do not know.

26.  Were the Sloots tipped-off that the family group had landed in Aruba?  Beth -- not at first.  Art Wood -- the Sloots were probably tipped-off when the family group stopped at the Noord Police Station to wait for Charles Croes, Alberto Groeneveld and Claudio Eldridge to return from the VDS residence.

27.  Was a medjet ever in Aruba and if so what were the reasons for it being there?  They did have a medjet available due to the possibility that Natalee was being held in a crack house and would not know her condition when they found her.  

Personal note: the family was told over and over by the ALE to check the crackhouses in the first few days of the investigation.
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