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Author Topic: Casey and Anthony Family Reunion - Chapter 1  (Read 5693 times)
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God watch over our children and keep them safe.

« on: July 05, 2011, 07:15:09 PM »

Dihannah's version of my book - Chapter 1.  Please continue to add and change.  (this is supposed to be therauputic to us and Today's Country and FL's injustice and sadness of of an innocent baby, in no way diminish Caylee's memory as you will see my sarcastic comments, but to show how disgusting the Anthony's are and my vision of them!)  I do not wish to offend anybody.  Because we've already been offended by our Justice System!
I thought of this through my infuriating, painful unspeakable thoughts of todays events while driving home from work.

Casey walks in door from jail (door slam)

Casey: Hi everybody! I'm Home! Did you miss me?


Casey:  Oh come on now, you all wanted me to get a job and now were going to rich and famous from books and movie deals!  Baez is working on the hightest bidders right now!

Casey: Ok, Dad and Lee, I'm sorry, I threw you under the bus.  Baez made me do it AND look, it worked!  Baez is our hero and my main man!  I just left his office after several hours!

Cindy:  Welcome home sweety.  Dad and Lee will forgive you.  I've told them not to be negative!  So no worries.

George:  Well, beautiful,  I forgive you.  We have almost 5 fingers back!  I forgive you, you did what you had to do, like your mom says.

Cindy: Well now that  your back and going to be rich, we need to begin planning what were going to do with all this money.  It's been 3 yrs since anybody worked, well more for you Casey, so I guess you owe us.

Caylee: You know since my jailhouse discussion with Robin in jail, I have some other thoughts of getting and using that bus to spread God's word, I thought we could buy one to travel the world and use for book sales  (whispering,  I can't use it to spread the word truthfully, I already have to face That man upstairs, where Caylee is to pass judgement on us some day)

But we'll have so much fun together.  I have men all over the world who's given me money and want to marry me, so I can have another baby soon, to fill our hand back up to 5 again.

George :  Well then, we need to begin on the books and movie.  Casey, you should portray yourself, your so gorgeous as it is!  Once we get the money, you pick from one of those (ignorant suitors) and have another baby granddaughter.

Cindy:  I will be keeping an eye out on you, knowing what your capable of, but I sure hope you've learned you lesson missy!

Lee: (still in question in my mind here, can go one of two ways)

1. Screw all of you sickos, me and Mallory are going on our own and never want to see any of you again!  or
2. Well, I guess Mallory and I could use the money, since we are going to be married and could use the extra money, maybe have our own baby, if Mom gives us permission.  You do owe me at least that much.

  To be continued.....

God has FINAL Judgement!<br />
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