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Author Topic: Transcripts  (Read 5773 times)
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« on: May 18, 2012, 06:54:13 PM »

Please post transcripts pertaining to Susan Powell's case in the thread.

  " Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."  - Daniel Moynihan
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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 07:03:02 PM »
Utah Cops and Volunteers Search Abandoned Mine Shaft for Susan Powell
Aired October 7, 2010 - 20:00:00   ET


  " Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."  - Daniel Moynihan
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Susan Powell`s Father-in-Law`s Graphic Diaries

Aired August 15, 2012 - 20:00:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Salt Lake City. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young stockbroker, a mother of two, 28-year-old Susan Cox Powell, last seen when Daddy suddenly announces at midnight on a Sunday night he`s taking the boys, ages 4 and 2 camping -- in the snow. They get back home, Daddy says Mommy`s gone, and she`s never seen again.

Then more tragedy for Susan`s family. Husband Josh Powell`s home explodes in a towering burst of flames. Inside, Josh Powell, and in a bitter twist, Susan`s beloved little boys, Josh Powell inflicting the greatest pain ever on Susan and her family in a suicide-double homicide of the two little boys, just 5 and 7.

Bombshell tonight. After outrageous claims from the father-in-law -- Josh Powell`s father -- that he was having an affair with Susan Powell, we obtain the father-in-law`s private journals, revealing his twisted sex obsession with his own daughter-in-law, Susan, the diaries complete with undercover photos of Susan, some of them so graphic, we can`t even repeat them in their entirety on the air tonight.

But tonight, did the sex-obsessed father-in-law mastermind Susan`s death and the murders of her two little boys?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I have never felt such lust for a woman, even for the one I ended up marrying."

STEVEN POWELL, FATHER-IN-LAW: Susan was very, very sexual with me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Steven Powell even wrote love songs about her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I have never lusted for a woman as I do Susan."

POWELL: She was very flirtatious. I mean, I`m her father-in-law.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I would love to clean her entire body with my tongue."

POWELL: She pressed her breasts against my hands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I was so in lust with her that I began going to her laundry and retrieving her panties to check out her scent."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you think a part of you started falling in love with Susan?

POWELL: That`s pretty likely, yes. I mean, I -- yes, I would say so. And I -- and there`s no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I could see well up her thigh, covered as it was with the silky white garments. I let my eyes slowly move down her body and drink her in."


GRACE: Susan is dead. Her two boys were murdered. And this is her pervy father-in-law. That was Susan`s father-in-law on ABC`s "GMA" talking about how there was a mutual flirtation. There was not. Before I go to the first guest or take the first call, let me just say that is not true.

Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

Bombshell tonight. Live to Salt Lake City, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young stockbroker, a mother of two, Susan Cox Powell. After bizarre and outrageous claims by her father-in-law he was having a torrid affair with her, we get our mitts on his private journals that reveal his twisted and sick sex obsession, a sex obsession with his own daughter-in-law, Susan Powell.

These diaries -- they`re complete with undercover photos. And what I mean by that is this guy -- let me just start off with saying he`s been busted taking long-shot photos of an 8 and 9-year-old little girl in the bathroom across the way, like across the street, going to the bathroom. He takes pictures of these children, these little girls, as they`re tee-teeing in their own bathroom.

These graphic photos he takes of her -- she didn`t pose for them. He would slip mirrors under doors, take long-shot lens photos of her. But the big question tonight -- forget about his creepy sex obsession with his own daughter-in-law. My question tonight is did this perv mastermind Susan`s disappearance and death and the murder of her two little boys in what I can only describe as a towering inferno in the home of their addled-brained father, Josh Powell.

Her parents are torn in half at the loss of their two grandchildren, the loss of their daughter, who we all know we`ll never see again. Now, Josh Powell`s family, including the stepfather, still contends that she ran off with another man. That did not happen, OK?

When you hear his diaries, you too may come to question whether he, in fact, was the mastermind behind her death and the deaths of her children.

We are taking your calls. I want to go straight out to Jim Kirkwood, joining me there in Salt Lake City, the host at KTKK. Jim, I am disgusted with these journals.

Before I throw you the first question, I want the viewers to get a tiny taste of what we have all been really forced to read in a search for the truth. Roll it, Dana.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "In many ways, my life has seemed out of control. My biggest problem, as well as my greatest pleasure, lies in the fact that for over a year, I have been madly in love with my daughter-in-law, Susan. I want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) her, but I also want to marry her. I wonder if she would consider that? I have never lusted for a woman as I do Susan."

"Driving on the freeway today, I wanted Susan so much that it was squeezing tears out of my eyes. The pressure was coming from my genitals in the form of desire that seemed to actually fill my head with some sort of love-induced pressure."


GRACE: You`re seeing a shot there that was included in his diaries. He would take these long-shot angles. Look, he would -- let me see that in full, please, Dana.

He would actually go to where she worked and video her going in and out of her workplace, and then fantasize in his journals that she knew that he was videoing her from -- there`s a shot of her leg. Man, this poor lady didn`t have a chance.

All right, Kirkwood, KTKK, joining me out of Salt Lake City. I have - - I am just consumed with the thought that this guy was part and parcel in her disappearance and death. What do we know, Jim Kirkwood? What do these journals reveal?

JIM KIRKWOOD, KTKK (via telephone): After you get past the disgusting perversion and look at a couple of statements he made, Nancy -- for example, where he said several times he hopes nothing happens to her. That kind of remark is not something a person would say unless he knew Josh was planning something. At least, that`s my opinion of it.

GRACE: You know, he is refusing to talk to police. He`s not talking to anybody. His obsession goes to the point, Clark Goldband -- well, you know what? I`ll let you explain it, Clark. I want to hear about how he would go into their dirty laundry and how he would buy her pantyhose.

CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Yes, Nancy. This is in over 2,300 pages of these diaries. We`ve gone through every single page. And there are a few occasions -- more than a few occasions where Powell writes of going through Susan Powell`s underwear drawer, taking pairs of underwear and using it later to masturbate.

He also talks about trying to find Susan Powell`s hair and making a hair collection out of Susan Powell`s hair that he also, it would appear, assists him in masturbation.

The stockings you just brought up a few moments ago -- Steven Powell writes that he apparently purchases multiple copies of the same type of stockings. And that`s because he gave a pair to Susan and kept a spare for himself. Then after Susan would wear the stockings, Steve Powell apparently would swap those stockings out, take those stockings back to his home and use those stockings also to assist him in gratifying himself.

GRACE: OK, let me get this straight. So -- put Goldband up there. So the father-in-law, who`s sitting behind bars right now, refusing to talk, would go to the store, buy her hose, her pantyhose, go home, take her worn -- her pantyhose she wore the day before that she hadn`t washed yet and take them home to masturbate with them and then replace them with the newly purchased hose. And she never knew about it, right?

GOLDBAND: That`s what Steve Powell writes in these diaries.

GRACE: All right. Clark, explain to me about these photos, the photos he has of her. He acts -- and I`ve read these journals. He really believes, or says he believes, that she knows he`s taking these -- there`s her leg, for Pete`s sake.

Explain. There`s one in here that I just love. It`s of her and she`s holding her pet bird. Tell me about that photo, please.

GOLDBAND: Yes, Nancy. There are over 100 photos throughout these 2,300 pages. A lot of them are actually cut out from other places and pasted inside the journal. And next to virtually all of these pictures are handwritten captions that Steve Powell writes underneath the pictures.

And as you were just alluding to a few moments ago, Steve Powell seems to take her non-action towards him, or just not even being aware of his feelings towards her -- Steve Powell takes that as, Perhaps she`s playing hard to get, perhaps she doesn`t want to upset her husband...

GRACE: OK, wait a minute! Hold on!

GOLDBAND: I know she wants me...

GRACE: I`m missing a page here. He says -- this is the one with the parakeet. Let me see that shot because you`ve got the other page, Clark. "On Sunday afternoon I taped Susan as she" -- she probably didn`t know she was being taped, by the way. He was probably hanging upside-down out the window.

"Afternoon -- I taped her as she played with a parakeet, Verde (ph). It was sweet to watch her bring Verde to her lips to kiss him. I`m reviewing the tape" -- freak! "I`m reviewing the tape. I get the impression she starts out self-conscious. She kisses him in such a way" -- what? What`s the rest of that? She kisses him in such a way that what?

GOLDBAND: Nancy, I`m going to have to just take a moment to track that down in my notes. There are 2,300 pages.

GRACE: OK, because...

GOLDBAND: And I will find that for you.

GRACE: ... he goes on to say the picture of her with the parakeet, kissing the pet bird, "brought me to such a strong orgasm. The night before this video was taken, Susan and I were in bodily contact for nearly two hours."


GRACE: Clark...


GRACE: ... he sat on the sofa next to her.

GOLDBAND: Yes, Nancy. I have found that in my notes. Yes, that`s correct.

GRACE: Go ahead. Explain.

GOLDBAND: And Steve Powell, as you were saying, just sitting next to her on the sofa, or something like that. Susan Powell also apparently cut Steven Powell`s hair from time to time. In fact, by the looks of what`s in these journals, he was excited each time she would cut his hair.

And he would stress and write over and over about what he should wear during the haircut, that -- there was one time I read he took off his top shirt and was just sitting in a white undershirt, and was wondering if Susan noticed, you know, how strong and how he looked and how special it was.

And any incidental contact that may have been made during these haircuts was just analyzed over and over, over scores of these pages, Nancy. Every little movement was painstakingly analyzed by Steven Powell in his own mind.

GRACE: How did the journals surface, Jim Kirkwood?

KIRKWOOD: When the search warrant was executed on the home where Steve -- where -- Steven Powell`s home -- Josh Powell had moved there, from Utah to Washington. The police got a search warrant looking for information about Josh and Susan Powell and her disappearance. And in the process, they discovered all this information about his pedophilia, voyeurism stuff. And that`s where it all came from.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I would like female companionship, but I am still madly in love with Susan. I would rather look at a video or picture of her than have a social life. I spread out my collection of pictures of Susan, and I could not fit them all on the king-size bed in this room -- compose them in such a way as to make it appear that she was kissing, licking or biting me."

POWELL: When Josh actually became aware of it, I said, Well, Josh, it really was Susan who came on to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I was so in lust with her that I began going to her laundry and retrieving her panties to check out her scent. The fox is in the henhouse, as they say. I know some people would think I am strange or even sick for collecting articles of Susan`s lingerie, but try this one on for size. I just went to my Susan drawer and sniffed a small wad of her hair I took from her hairbrush. I also found some of her hair in a trash bucket in the bathroom. I have been collecting her hair to create a growing and beautiful piece of her actual person."


GRACE: I`m voting unanimously for creepy, all right? But creepy doesn`t carry the day. Is this sex-obsessed father-in-law obsessed with Susan Cox Powell, who many of us believe to be dead at the hands of his son and possibly him...

We are taking your calls. Is he involved in her death and disappearance and the murders of her two little boys?

Joining me right now, a special, Anne Bremner. She is the attorney for Chuck and Judy Cox, parents of Susan Cox Powell. Anne, you have handled so many, many high-profile cases. This one has completely broken my heart. I can hardly even prepare for the...


GRACE: ... discussion of this case because of those two little boys` murder. I find it entirely possible that he is involved, the father-in-law is involved in Susan`s murder.

BREMNER: Let me start here, Nancy -- and thank you and your show for how supportive you`ve been of the family, my clients, because they`ve been through just -- I mean, we just feel like the hits keep coming. It`s so horrific (ph). Susan`s missing, and of course, the little boys with the hatchet and fire and the inferno. And now this. I mean, it`s just one thing after another in this case.

But I think Chuck and Judy have always thought that Steven could be involved in Susan`s disappearance. And the fact is, these journals underscore creepy, I mean, massively creepy, also potential involvement.

And I can talk to you about a couple of other factors, if you have time on this right now, or we can come back to it.

GRACE: Yes, tell me.

BREMNER: But there are -- there are accounts that he was in Utah around the time of this, quote, unquote, "camping trip" at midnight with the 2 and 4-year-old. And also that he called in sick after that. And he came, you know, all the way from Washington to Utah, and then, basically, was on the phone a number of those days with Josh.

And so Chuck has always maintained -- and Chuck is ex-law enforcement -- that Steven knows a lot and/or was involved in Susan`s disappearance.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "My erotic experiences with my beautiful daughter- in-law. I couldn`t wait to see her in the buff. I wanted to make love to her right then, but she was just a tease and I her clown. She`d put her makeup on and dress to kill. I`d stare at her and never get my fill. I think I have supplied all of her pantyhose in the last year. She said she runs out before she can launder them."

"My personal motivations are, one, I like knowing what she has under her skirts. Two, I have exact duplicates of her pantyhose, which enables me to pull ones she has worn from her laundry and replace them with no trace. And three, I love doing anything for her, and this is all the more pleasant to give her because it is so personal and intimate. I don`t know if I dare buy pantyhose for her birthday now, ever since I told her I was in love with her.


GRACE: We are taking your calls. These personal diaries have emerged in the search of Steven Powell`s home. This is the father-in-law of missing woman Susan Cox Powell, the mother of two little boys, ages 4 and 2. Is the father-in-law and his creepy sex obsession with his own daughter-in-law part and parcel of her death and disappearance?

To Aaron Brehove, body language expert. You have observed him, especially when he was speaking on "GMA." What do you make of him, Aaron Brehove?

AARON BREHOVE, BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: What we see a lot when we`re looking at the journals and when we also listen to him in the video, he`s consistently -- he makes statements and then goes back and (ph) something else.

Like, he said that he -- Susan said that he was a pedophile and didn`t want him around his (SIC) kids. And then a few pages later, says that he wants to be with her and thinks that she wants to be with him. He does this a lot with the video, as well. He`s kind of going forward and saying something else. And I think he understands that he doesn`t love her, but he tries to run over it and tries to really push forward.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "As soon as she would go into that bathroom to pee, I would grab my mirror and dive for the floor. But what I`ve written about Susan represents the first time I`ve mentioned fetishes and what might be considered sociopathic. I mean, who looks under a bathroom door with a mirror? I tend to think a lot of guys do.

"I won`t give up on her, unless fate somehow separates us by geographic or other means. It has been a year since I saw her. I despair that I may never see her again.

"I would like female companionship, but I am still madly in love with Susan. I would rather look at a video or picture of her than have a social life. It amazes me that I have not seen her or spoken to her for a year- and-a-half, and yet I am still totally captivated by her.

"Susan was my fantasy come true. She was the yin to my yang, she was the exhibitionist, and I the voyeur. She was the female answer to my sexual proclivities.

"God, I miss her. "


NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: That is total B.S. When the father-in-law finally confronts Susan Powell, Susan Cox-Powell now missing and believed to be dead, her two little boys also dead, she becomes angry, cuts off all contact with him for well over a year, won`t have anything to do with him. Reports what he says to her husband, Powell`s son. She wanted nothing to do with him.

She complained to her parents, to her sister, to many others that the father-in-law was creepy when it came to her.

Unleash the lawyers, Kelly Saindon, Alex Sanchez, Peter Odom.

Peter, you do know why the father-in-law, Steve Powell, is currently in jail, right?

PETER ODOM, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Nancy, apparently it`s for a voyeur episode with the young girl across the street from where he lived. Yes. So I mean this is not something new.

GRACE: Two little girls ages 8 and 9.

ODOM: Yes.

GRACE: He used a long lens to capture the two little girls urinating in their family bathroom.

ODOM: So this is --

GRACE: OK. This is who we`re talking about.

ODOM: Right.

GRACE: OK, weigh in, Alex Sanchez. Right now he has not been named a person of interest in the murder of Susan Powell. There`s no body, but you heard what was just laid out by Anne Bremner that he travels all the way to Utah at the time Susan Powell goes missing.

ALEX SANCHEZ, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Listen, this guy`s a repulsive character, I`m not even going to try to defend his character. But I want to ask a simple question, I think the viewers would agree with me on this. If this guy was so obsessed with this woman, and was so much in love with her, wouldn`t he be the one person that would want to keep her safe and alive? So that he could continue to satiate his sexual gratifications?

GRACE: You know what? It`s interesting that you`re saying that, but I`m going to give you an unexpected answer, and let me point out that all of his sex gratification was achieved without her being there in person, but your question is, isn`t he the one person that would want her alive, that`s not always necessarily true, is it, Dr. Bethany?

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR OF "DEALBREAKERS": No, you`re right, Nancy, because he`s the one person who would want her dead, because she had moved away and he no longer had knowledge of her whereabouts, so if he kills her and he stores the body somewhere then she is constantly, consistently available to her -- to him. So of course he would want her in that state of repose so that he can fantasize about her and make of her what he wants.

You know, Nancy, he has four of the five perversions -- pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, which is looking at somebody who doesn`t know you`re looking at them, frauderism, is rubbing up against an unsuspecting partner in public. He did that through the lingerie, taking pieces of her hair. She was the air he breathed. He`s very primitive. People this disturbed are primitive. They have the mental operations of an infant.

Infants -- for infants, mommy and baby are one. Mommy is the air I breathe, I want to merge with her and be one with her, and then he`s obsessed with her with erotic overtones. So if he had her in the freezer, in the basement, under the bed, that would be the perfect scenario for someone like them because -- him because he could then fantasize and have sexual activity with her all the time. And she`s dead, she wouldn`t even know about it.

GRACE: Everybody, we are taking your calls. To Joanie in Massachusetts. Hi, Joanie, what`s your question, dear?

JOANIE, CALLER FROM MASSACHUSETTS: Hi, Nancy. I so admire you. Thank you for taking my calls. I was wondering, do you know if the parents are still in touch with the social workers that was taking care of the boys?

GRACE: Man, Joanie in Massachusetts. That`s a whole another can of worms.

To you, Anne Bremner, a lot of discussion that the social workers or DFACS, Department of Family and Children Services, could have prevented the murders of the two little boys.


GRACE: I know there was a social worker that brought them to the home and then the moment they got in, the son, Josh Powell, hacked the boys to death with a hatchet and set the place on fire.

And another thing, before I lose this thought, Alex Sanchez, you were saying, isn`t he, the father-in-law, obsessed with her, the one person to would protect her? He didn`t protect her from his own son, Josh Powell. Just hold that thought.

All right. Back to you, Anne Bremner. What`s the status of the social worker, DFACS?

BREMNER: Well, right now, the social worker is just acting on, you know, what she was told to do in the case. There`s a claim for damages that we filed right now alleging that this should not have been unsupervised visitation between Josh and those kids. And they need to -- they really need to change the focus in Washington state from reuniting families at any cost to the safety and welfare of the kids.

GRACE: You know you`re so right. I want to go to Mary Ellen O`Toole, PhD, former senior FBI profiler, author of "Dangerous Instincts."

Mary Ellen, thank you for being with us. I can`t wait to hear your thoughts, Mary Ellen O`Toole.

MARY ELLEN O`TOOLE, PHD, RETIRED SENIOR FBI PROFILER, AUTHOR OF "DANGEROUS INSTINCTS": You`re welcome. After reading all of this and following this case pretty closely, I think there`s certainly every possibility that the father, if not directly involved, was aware of what happened to his daughter-in-law. But when I look at what Josh did in terms of those little boys and himself, the way he coped with his particular situation was to act out with extreme violence.

Extremely inappropriate but that`s what he chose to do. So it makes sense to me behaviorally that the murder of his wife would certainly be something that he would resort to, that`s part of his repertoire of behavior is if -- to treat people like objects, and if you`re not going along with me, or if I can`t have you nobody will have you.

GRACE: Alexis Weed, I find it very compelling that the father-in-law obsessed with his own daughter-in-law, now missing, her children dead, traveled all the way to Utah at the very time she goes missing.

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Right, Nancy, we also have to look at the fact that Steven Powell took off those two days of work, the 8th and 9th of December after Susan went missing. Why was he gone? Why did he call in and have a family emergency, so he told work? That`s why he was not there.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think she is very aware that I have taken secret video clips of her both at home and at the mall where I would occasionally wait for her to arrive at work just to see her and film her.

I am 90 percent certain that even when I was filming her secretly, she was aware. Many things suggest to me that she was very much aware, as I used a mirror under the bathroom door to admire her most private moments. In the meantime, I was looking at some pictures of her this evening and printed a couple of frames from the last few of video I took of her.

I have even told her I was in love with her. I have now doubt that bothers Josh, but I can`t take those words back and maybe they affect her at times, but maybe someday she will come back to me because she knows I love her. I know Susan was in love with me, but when I told her I loved her, she came unglued, told Josh and wouldn`t speak to me for months.

She was commenting that she did not want her boys over here with me because I am a pedophile. I would be devastated or I`d to find out Susan was dead from any cause. I am still so in love with her, and I can barely function. I wish I could tell her that. I wish I knew she was as much in love with me.

I spread out my collection of pictures of Susan and I could not fit them all on the king sized bed in this room, composed them in such a way as to make it appear that she was kissing, licking or biting me.


GRACE: We are taking your calls. For those of you just joining us now, under scrutiny, Steven Powell, the father-in-law of Susan Cox-Powell, a stock broker, a 28-year-old young mother of two little boys ages 2 and 4.

That night, the dad, Josh Powell, says he`s taking the children camping, in the middle of the night on a Sunday night in sub-zero temperatures. It`s snowing outside. When they get home, Susan is gone, never seen again. The children later tell authorities that mommy is in the mines, that mommy is in the trunk of the car and they draw pictures to depict those two scenarios.

Later Josh Powell, still not charged with the murder of his wife, hacks his children to death and sets the home on fire. After the Department of Family and Children Services wants to keep the family together.

We are faking your calls, to Greg Kading, former LAPD detective, author of "Murder Rap."

Greg, after reading his diaries and his obsession with this woman, you, after working the streets for so long in L.A. as a cop, know how quickly sex obsession can turn to hatred when -- when the person is rejected, Greg?

GREG KADING, FORMER LAPD DETECTIVE, AUTHOR, "MURDER RAP": Yes, and it is very interesting that he had a conversation about his obsession with her with his son. And his son in turn kind of excuses the father and says, well, we`re just a crazy family. Well, it`s very clear that the son probably turned his rage then against the wife for the actions that the dad was responsible for.

So it`s very interesting. But what`s most disturbing about this, Nancy, is that he gets out next year. And this is not a man that`s fit for society.

GRACE: Kelly Saindon, right now the police are not naming him a person of interest in the murder or the death of Susan Powell. In fact murder charges have never been brought, there is no body, but Kelly, isn`t it true murder can be prosecuted even without a body?

KELLY SAINDON, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: Absolutely. You don`t always have to have a body. The fact that she was gone, the testimony of the children alone should be enough to presume something nefarious happened, that she`s not going to resurface. And this whole idea that she ran away with someone, there`s nothing credible behind that.

As creepy as the dad is, what Josh Powell did to his kids in the house, I would think authorities would presume she`s dead and they would have a case. The issue is, are they only focusing on Josh and not on the crazy dad?

GRACE: Well, you know, Anne Bremner, Kelly is making a great point. What was his excuse for being in the area at the time Susan Cox-Powell goes missing?

BREMNER: Well, this came from a co-worker actually, Nancy, and he really hasn`t commented on what he was doing there. But he had a van that belonged to the Department of Corrections of all institutions, that he`d worked for. And this is a person that has reported about his whereabouts when he said. One other thing is, he didn`t act in any way surprised that she was missing when it hit the news reports. And he`d never mentioned it before it hit the news.

GRACE: I want to go to Dr. Bill Manion, medical examiner, joining us out of Philadelphia this evening.

Dr. Manion, thanks for being with us.


GRACE: Dr. Manion, if Susan Cox-Powell`s body was found, now, would we still be able to get DNA off of the body if it`s there, of course? Could it still be identified as Steven Powell`s?

MANION: Yes, we would be able to get DNA from the skeleton, the marrow, but the body`s probably been completely skeletonized now. The only thing left would be bones and hair. And I -- if there were clothing there, there -- you may be able to get the DNA off the clothing, if somebody had cut themselves or had left a stain there or something like that.

The other thing we checked, of course, if we found the skeleton is the jaw -- lower jaw and upper jaw for the teeth and fillings that could also be used to identify her. But I don`t -- there`s no tissue left now, the skin`s gone and her body is just a skeleton right now.

GRACE: Unless of course the body were frozen.

Everyone, we are taking your calls. After the extensive diaries, thousands of pages, written by father-in-law, Steve Powell, many court watchers believe he is in some way responsible for the murder of his daughter-in- law, Susan Powell.

So, Jim Kirkwood, KTKK, what more needs to be done? Let`s just assume we`re never going to find her body.

JIM KIRKWOOD, NEWS SHOW HOST, KTKK: Well, there`s a lot of criticism of the prosecutor and the police over here because there has been no charges filed. And Tim Gill, the county attorney, basically said that a defense attorney could just tear the case apart, which I`m not certain is true, but that`s his position and that`s why it was never filed.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Susan did not take well to my revelation that I had been in love with her for months. She told Josh and when I called him, he began with, "I guess insanity runs in our family."

I acknowledge that this thing for Susan is like alcoholism. It stops me in my tracks at all hours of the day. I frequently want nothing more than to lay in bed with my eyes closed and think about her.


GRACE: OK. To Dr. Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst and author of "Dealbreakers."

Of course, again, Josh Powell is the only named person of interest in the disappearance of Susan Powell, although these diaries certainly, certainly in my mind are probative. What does it mean to you, Bethany?

MARSHALL: Well, it means to me that you have a man who`s perverse, primitive, has a fixation on her. Wants to know where she is at every hour of the day. I really think we have to think about at some point where -- what are his activities going to be when he gets out of prison? Is he going to fixate on somebody else or is he going to continue to fixate on her and is that going to give us some clues about where she might be?

GRACE: Dr. Bethany, the reality is he says in his own words he`d rather lay in bed and fantasize about her. You know, she`s not there. Than anything else. So what about her dead body? What would he do with that, Dr. Bethany?

MARSHALL: Well, I mean he seems to feel that whatever is in his mind is in her mind. If he wants her, she wants him back. So he seems to be well able to imbue her with characteristics that are not true of her. So if she was dead, that wouldn`t really very much matter to him. For instance, when he puts the mirror under the bathroom door so he can see her urinate, he`s not thinking about what she`s thinking, he`s thinking about the perverse act of watching her.

So watching her in repose like necrophilia is going to be more important than whether she`s alive.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I spent some time Saturday night reading Susan`s journal. I scanned all of the journals I could get my hands on from her first entries as a preteen to her entries just before I met her.

Funny, I don`t feel guilty in the least about reading her journals.


GRACE: I`m reading more of the journals or so much of it I can even read on air. In the middle of this graphic entry he says, I have contemplated the thought of being invited into the delivery room when she has her child. It would be an incredible turn-on. I`d love to be the cameraman.

All right, Peter Odom, weigh in.

ODOM: Nancy, you`ve got 2,334 pages of expressions of lust, adulation, love. I don`t know how anybody could suggest that there`s anything violent there. There`s not. Certainly, though, once Josh found out this connection --

GRACE: He was stalking her. He was stalking her.

ODOM: Well, you -- that`s your -- that your word. That`s your word. That`s not his.

GRACE: He admits he puts a mirror under the bathroom door to watch her urinate. You don`t think that`s stalking?

ODOM: Again. Not a word of violence in there, Nancy. This is adulation and lust.

GRACE: That`s stalking. That`s not adulation. That is a crime.

ODOM: Nancy --

GRACE: She is a sex victim.

ODOM: But it`s not violence. There`s one person that has shown a tendency for violence. That`s Josh. And all your talk about how he must be responsible, that`s rank speculation and it`s purely based on nothing.

GRACE: That`s not what I said.

OK. Agree or disagree, Anne Bremner?

BREMNER: Well, the apple doesn`t fall very far from the tree. And when looking at this stalking behavior about her, even his obssessiveness, you know, who knows, he didn`t even have journal entries during the time that she went missing. They`ve stopped before she went missing and then they picked up again many months later.

And the fact of the matter is, this is a guy who was creepy with a capital K. And he was creepy toward her. And he was obsessed throughout all of this. And I have all kinds of records about Steven Powell in terms of the way he raised his own kids and the way he reacted to her.

We had to sue him over the journals. And we`ve seen all kinds of things with him. But the fact of the matter is, like Josh said, maybe insanity does run in the family. That`s what he said to his dad.

GRACE: Anne Bremner, high-profile lawyer out of Seattle, representing Susan`s parents.


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Part 2 of Steven Powell`s Sex Diaries

Aired August 21, 2012 - 20:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Salt Lake City. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young stockbroker, a mother of two, 28-year-old Susan Cox Powell, last seen when Daddy suddenly announces at midnight on a Sunday night he`s taking the boys, ages 4 and 2, camping in the snow. They get back home, Daddy says Mommy`s gone. She`s never seen again.

Then more tragedy for Susan`s family. Husband Josh Powell`s home explodes in a towering burst of flames. Inside, Josh Powell, and in a bitter twist, Susan`s beloved little boys, Josh Powell inflicting the greatest pain ever on Susan and her family in a suicide-double homicide of the two little boys, just 5 and 7.

Bombshell tonight. After outrageous claims from the father-in-law -- Josh Powell`s father -- that he was having an affair with Susan Powell, we obtain the father-in-law`s private journals. Tonight, police release part two, revealing his twisted sex obsession with his own daughter-in-law, Susan, the diaries complete with undercover photos of Susan, some of them so graphic, we can`t repeat them in their entirety on the air.

Tonight: Did the sex-obsessed father-in-law mastermind Susan`s death and the murders of her two little boys? He`s only behind bars for a few more months before he`s released, on another charge. Are police on the move? Will there be charges against Josh Powell`s father-in-law?

As I said, police just releasing another round of the father-in-law`s sex diaries. And tonight, with us live, Susan`s father taking your calls.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "It`s been almost two years since I`ve seen her."

"Fantasies keep me going every day. I`m not exaggerating. I fantasize about her every day."

"I would love to dress and undress her."

"I would love to play peek-a-boo games with her."

STEVEN POWELL, SUSAN POWELL`S FATHER-IN-LAW: Susan was very, very sexual with me.

There`s no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I masturbated in her presence twice, while we were alone at the kitchen sitting at the counter."

"The first time, she actually watched me in the reflection in the sliding door."

POWELL: That`s kind of the way she interacts with the opposite sex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Did she tell Josh about which of our body parts rubbed against each other on the couch a few weeks ago?"

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you think a part of you started falling in love with Susan?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I thought Susan was dead."

"I now believe she is alive."

"I am 99 percent certain Susan absconded."

"And she was alive when she (INAUDIBLE) She could have been killed by now, given her risk-taking behavior. But I doubt that. And I seriously doubt she is in this country."

"This girl is unbelievably beautiful to me!"


GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

Bombshell tonight. Live to Salt Lake City, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young stockbroker, a mother of two, Susan Cox Powell. After bizarre and outrageous claims by her father-in-law that he was having a torrid affair with her, we get our mitts on his private journals. This is really round two released by police, these private journals that reveal his twisted and sick obsession with his own daughter- in-law, Susan Powell, now missing.

Tonight, with us live, Susan`s father taking your calls. Also with us, the family`s lawyer, Anne Bremner, also taking your calls.

Another round of the journals. We`ve now picked through them relentlessly. Take a listen to part of what Susan Cox Powell`s father-in- law had to say about Susan, now missing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "One time, she came in after taking an evening shower, and I asked if I could smell her hair. She came over to my chair and bent over my lap, her face looking directly down my huge (EXPLETIVE DELETED) that was just inches from her face. It seemed funny that nothing I do seems to bother her."


GRACE: All right, this is her father-in-law. And did you hear at the beginning of our program his other entry into his diary that said that he had masturbated in her presence twice, one of those times being in the kitchen? And he was sure -- he was sitting at the kitchen bar, which means she could not see him from the waist down, and that he`s convinced she saw him in the reflection of the window, which means -- think about it, reason this through -- her back was turned to him. She had no idea what he`s doing right there in her own kitchen.

Now she`s missing. And isn`t it true -- to Jim Kirkwood, joining me out of Salt Lake City, KTKK -- that the father-in-law is absolutely in town from another state the weekend Susan Cox Powell goes missing?

JIM KIRKWOOD, KTKK (via telephone): There is evidence from cell phone records, his disappearance from work. There seems to be strong evidence he may have been in town, Nancy.

GRACE: Joining me right now exclusively this evening, Chuck Cox. He is Susan Cox Powell`s father, his family dealt the greatest blow, not only losing their daughter, but then in a horrible, horrible turn of events, DFACS -- family services -- takes the boys over for a visit with the dad, Josh Powell.

They`re only in the home a few moments before an inferno -- an inferno -- explodes inside the home. The two little boys were killed by their own father but not by burning. They were actually chopped in the neck with a hatchet by their own father, a homicide-suicide, stealing the last piece of Susan Cox Powell.

Chuck Cox, having been a tangential victim of murder myself, it`s hard enough to deal with that. Now that I have children, I don`t know how you bear the pain of losing those two little boys in that fire. And now these ridiculous and offensive diaries comes to light. What is your response?

CHUCK COX, SUSAN POWELL`S FATHER: The diaries are strictly Steve`s own twisted view of reality and clearly have no credence whatsoever. He clearly is just -- he`s sick.

GRACE: You know, she made it very clear to you during her life -- and I say that because I`ve got no doubt in my mind that Susan is, in fact -- she`s dead. She`s in heaven now. There`s no way she ever would have left these children with Josh. There`s no way she would have run off with some other guy. She was deeply religious. That would never have happened.

Didn`t she communicate to you how creepy the father-in-law was, how she didn`t want to be alone with him?

COX: She did. She did communicate that to us.

GRACE: So Chuck Cox, if she were having some surreptitious affair with the father-in-law, why would she bring attention to him and her feelings about him to you?

COX: Absolutely, she wouldn`t. And that -- there was never anything. It was all in his mind.

GRACE: You know what I`m really worried about? I`m going to go to Anne Bremner, high-profile lawyer out of Seattle, who is there in the studio with Susan`s father, Chuck. Anne, the father-in-law, Steven Powell, is behind bars right now. And he`s behind bars on what charge?

ANNE BREMNER, COX FAMILY ATTORNEY: Voyeurism, Nancy. He was convicted by a jury of 14 counts of voyeurism. And then the judge dismissed a few counts at sentencing. It was involving two little girls that lived next door that he was surreptitiously photographing, filming for about a year. And he`ll be out -- get this -- in May of 2013.

GRACE: Well, let`s get right down to it. Let`s not mince any words, Anne Bremner. He`s behind bars because he was taking photos and possibly more with a long-angle lens of an 8 and 9-year-old little girl...


GRACE: ... urinating in their bathroom in their home, all right? So when all of us go to the bathroom, we can worry about people like...


GRACE: ... Steve Powell taking a long shot of us tee-teeing, all right, in our own home.


GRACE: An 8-year-old and 9-year-old little girl. So he`s behind bars on that. And what`s so significant is unless police finally do the right thing and investigate him as part of the homicide of Susan Cox Powell and of the two little boys, he`s going to get out and walk free. And yet another tragedy will have taken place. Another case will have slipped through the cracks there in Salt Lake City.

We`re taking calls. To Marlene in South Carolina. Hi, dear. what`s your question?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I want to know why they`re not digging more into the father-in-law`s whole thing with Susan Powell. I mean, I really think he`s the one that killed her.

GRACE: You know, back out to you, Chuck Cox. Have you spoken with police about investigating this pervy father-in-law? Right now, he`s not named a person of interest or a suspect.

COX: We have. We talked to the police about Steve Powell early on in the investigation. And we still feel he knows where my daughter is. And you know, although -- we can`t give up on our daughter until we find her.

GRACE: For those of you that don`t understand the depth and the magnitude of Steve Powell`s obsession with his daughter-in-law, take a listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I was hugging a pillow and saying her name over and over, hoping she would think of me and feel something, even though she is hundreds of miles away. In the last few days, I have laundered a lot of clothing that belonged to my mom. She will not be using it. And some I would love to see on Susan. Maybe when she comes, I will be able to talk her into trying some things on."

"I sent the Valentine to Susan. I sent her two pair of pantyhose. I would dearly love to see them on her body, not just her legs. I gave her a different kind than usual. I have always given her nude-colored with regular panty. This time, I gave her off-black with high-cut panty. I`ve wondered what she thinks about my giving her something so intimate, but I love to do it and she doesn`t seem to mind. I`m pretty sure she likes it."

"What I really hope is that putting them on makes her think of me and arouses her sexually as she recalls our close encounter on the couch. If this non-affair we are having affects her even half as much as it affects me, she will be thinking of me every time she sits or lays on that couch where we were feeling each other in intimate places. She will think of me when she slips on pantyhose since she only seems to be wearing the ones I have bought her lately. And she will think of me when she puts the "Friends" DVDs in to watch her favorite program."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "That hamper had some nicely soiled panties. The bottom line is that it`s nice to have her scent to enhance my fantasies about her. I have over a dozen articles of her underwear soiled with her bodily fluids and odors. I have stacks of pictures of her, early age to present. For the record, I have 12 pairs of Susan`s panties, four of her tops, two pantyhose and one pair of socks. Although Susan is definitely at fault for starting me lusting for her, I am clearly carrying the ball now."


GRACE: For those of you that have just joined us, these are portions of just-released diaries, sex diaries by Susan Powell`s father-in-law. He`s behind bars now for only a few more months. Right now, he`s behind bars for taking long-angle lens shots of an 8 and 9-year-old little girl tee-teeing in the bathroom in their own home. He`s in jail for voyeurism.

But many court watchers believe he had something to do, if not the mastermind, to Susan Cox Powell`s death and disappearance, as well as the death of her two little boys, ages 5 and 7.

Clark Goldband on the story -- Clark, these diaries -- it`s another round of diaries that we have just gotten our mitts on and are sifting through. What do we learn?

CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Nancy, we learn more of this sexual pleasure that Steve Powell gets from writing about his daughter-in- law. He speaks many times of masturbating in front of her. He speaks about hugging a pillow as tight as he can, hoping she feels it a few hours away.

And also, Nancy, there`s a time that Steve Powell writes about that he is taking footage of Susan, and Susan sees him and tells him to stop and put the camera away. Now, you can contrast this with other times that we`re read about where Steve Powell would drive to the parking lot inside of the mall and shoot Susan entering and exiting her car. He would then watch those films later and write about the activities he would do after watching those films.

GRACE: To Dana. Do you have the shot that Steve Powell took of himself? It`s on page 696 out of his -- his diary. And wait until you hear what he writes underneath a photo of himself.

With me tonight is Susan`s father, Chuck Cox. Chuck, is there any way to put a fire under the police to get them to investigate the father-in-law as it relates to Susan`s murder?

COX: Well, I don`t know. I think that`s what they have to be doing. They`re still continuing the investigation. Who are they investigating? Josh is gone.

GRACE: What about it, Anne? What can we do? What do we have to do?

BREMNER: Well, I`m flying to Utah after this, Nancy. I`m going to go to West Valley city council. I`m trying to get all the records so we can see what they`ve been doing. This is my third part of an appeal.

And we`ve also given more information (INAUDIBLE) Pierce (ph) County authorities here relating to Steven Powell. Yes, we got to light -- light a fire under them. And something`s got to happen before May because Chuck just said to me, it`s, like, this guy just can`t be out there. And there sure are a lot of, you know, fingers, arrows pointing at someone like Steven Powell at least having something to do or having knowledge about Susan`s disappearance.

GRACE: Let`s take a look at that shot, Dana, you found for me. Thank you. Here`s Steven Powell, and as he writes in his diary, Steven Powell demonstrating a massage position. "Here I am demonstrating the position I was in directly from behind her as I held her. My calf was under the thigh. My foot was under her" -- I`m just going to say behind. "I took this clip of myself getting ready for bed and recounting my exotic experience on the couch with Susan."

Bottom line -- to Dr. Leslie Seppinni, clinical psychologist -- he had his foot on her thigh, sitting on the sofa, and he`s turned it into an "exotic experience"?

LESLIE SEPPINNI, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, clearly, this is a person who`s escalating and escalating. And oftentimes, sexual predators like to keep sexual trophies. And as they escalate, those trophies turn them on so much and arouse them so much that, yes, it wouldn`t be uncommon for him to ultimately kill the person of his affection or his obsession. He can`t have her, then nobody else can.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "If she didn`t see my (EXPLETIVE DELETED), she`s blind. I made efforts to make it so she could see it. Assuming she saw it, it must be clear to her that I liked being with her. Usually, I go limp fairly quickly. I couldn`t get rid of this one. It was somewhat embarrassed, (SIC) except that I was glad to have something demonstrable for Susan. I know from various experiences that she likes turning me on. And for my part, it felt"...


GRACE: For those of you just joining us, we`re not playing portions of Steven Powell`s sex diaries for the fun of it. We want tonight for him to be investigated in the death and disappearance of his daughter-in-law Susan Cox Powell, with whom he had an insane obsession. Reading his sex diaries all about her, they`re sickening. She`s dead. Her body has never been found. Her children are dead. Nothing was ever done!

Isn`t it true, Chuck Cox -- with me, her father -- police kept telling you a move was going to be made. A move was going to be made. Somebody was going to be arrested. And then the next thing you know, the boys are dead.

COX: Yes. I -- we lived with this for the whole time our daughter is missing, and she`s still missing now. We still don`t know where she is. And we`ve been promised, encouraged every step of the way that, you know, just a little bit longer. Don`t worry. It`s coming. We`re going to arrest Josh. We`re going to do this.

And now we`re being encouraged, Well, our investigation isn`t over. We`re still working on it. We`re going to -- we`re going to find your daughter. And that`s what we`ve lived with forever.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I know Susan is watching the hubbub surrounding her disappearance and must be wondering what is going on with us, since we have avoided contact with the media. Her parents are constantly in contact with the media, and we ignore all the stupid things they say, including accusations against Josh and veiled accusations against me."


GRACE: She never had a chance. This was written by her father-in- law, who she completely tried to avoid. She was afraid of him. He was sexually obsessed with her. She`s married to Josh Powell, who then later kills his own two boys, ages 5 and 7, her children, the only thing she had left in life of that marriage. They are dead. Her body has never been found.

Do you think you`re disgusted by these sex diaries? We are, too. But let me tell you something. The portions that you are hearing, State`s exhibit number 1 of her father-in-law`s sick obsession with her. State`s exhibit number 1. And his involvement in her death and disappearance.

Why aren`t police moving on this?

Right now Steve Powell, behind bars on voyeurism. He was taking long lens shots of a little 8-year-old girl and her 9-year-old sister urinating in their own home through the window. He mysteriously shows up from out of state the weekend she goes missing? You don`t think he knows where her body is buried?

Right now a call for justice. With me tonight, her father, Chuck Cox and the family lawyer, Ann Bremner.

We`re taking your calls. Lori in North Carolina. Hi, Lori. What`s your question, dear?

LORI, CALLER FROM NORTH CAROLINA: I have quite a few. The first thing I want to ask is, how come they cannot charge him with voyeurism or whatever they call it for videotaping her without her knowledge?

And I also think that the days that he disappeared after, you know, while she first disappeared, that I think he has her body somewhere. Because you know how he liked to collect her hair and stuff. You know, it would be like a trophy. We don`t know what he has hidden on her. I think he is so guilty. And I think he is in on this.

GRACE: Lori in North Carolina, a lot of crime analysts agree with you.

OK. Dana, do not show the photo I`m describing on page 1672.

In that photo -- unleash the lawyers, Jennifer Smetters, Kirby Clements, Steve Perkel.

Jennifer, family law attorney out of Chicago, in this photo, I`m sure you`ve seen it. He says -- and I`m reading. He`s got these photos pasted into his diary.

Repeat, do not show the photo, Dana.

He`s got a photo of her getting ready, getting dressed and getting ready in her bathroom. Now, we know he took long lens shots of this 8- year-old and 9-year-old little girl in their home, I guess across the street. Here he is, he`s getting her, changing clothes in the bathroom. And he writes, "She was so beautiful, that day was particularly memorable for me because it was the only time I watched her inserting a tampon."

And he`s got these shots of her getting ready in the bathroom. Then it shows a shot of her in her underwear and bra. And he is saying -- he writes, there is an actual photo of Susan in her white panties that allows for a good idea -- I can`t read the rest on the air. It says shots of her face and, yes, her eyes with no makeup.

This is all clearly being taken without her knowledge. So what about Lori in North Carolina`s question regarding at least a charge on voyeurism?

Let the state put it up as a charge. And let a jury decide whether she knew she was being watched or not. Because the defense is going to claim, oh, you can`t prove it because she`s dead now, thanks to her husband and probably her father-in-law. She`s dead now. She can`t claim she didn`t see him taking the photos. But let a jury decide that.

What about that, Jennifer?

JENNIFER SMETTERS, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: He preserved the evidence. This man is so twisted in his head that he was bragging about these vile and vulgar thoughts and actions he took against the mother of his grandchildren. I hope those prosecutors go after him and quick.

GRACE: To Kirby Clements and Steve Perkel. Steve, defense attorney out of New York. Why not just charge as Lori in North Carolina suggests of voyeurism on Susan Cox-Powell?

STEVE PERKEL, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Because right now, Nancy, we have nothing to prove that there was any voyeurism.

GRACE: You haven`t seen this diary? We sent it to you.

PERKEL: That`s his --

GRACE: You haven`t seen these photos?

PERKEL: Nancy, that`s his personal notes.


PERKEL: We don`t know if that`s his fantasy or if that`s actually what occurred.

GRACE: Steve, Kirby, there are photos of her that I just described to you in detail. All right? Why can`t we go forward with a charge of voyeurism on her?

KIRBY CLEMENTS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, when did the statute of limitations run on that particular charge, number one? Number two, you`re just mad at him because the police didn`t do their job and arrest Josh for murdering the daughter. That`s about --


GRACE: Yes, I am mad. I am mad. But that doesn`t preclude a voyeurism charge.

CLEMENTS: Well, no, there`s nothing to charge him with. The statute of limitations, we don`t know when it ran, and you know what, we don`t know whether she knew about it. Unfortunately she is --

GRACE: Please stop.

CLEMENTS: -- we believe she`s dead.

GRACE: To Anne Bremner, what`s the possibility of at least a voyeurism charge so Steve Powell who has not been named a suspect, not been named a person of interest in this case, in the death and disappearance of his daughter-in-law, what about at least a charge on voyeurism based on these photos alone?

ANNE BREMNER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Nancy, we`re mad, too. But we`ve been told that they -- and the police in Pierce County and in Utah had these journals from the search warrant that was executed through Utah. We`ve been told statute of limitations has run. They think they can`t go four of those charges because they can`t show that Susan knew what she knew --


GRACE: What about calling the statute from the time of discovery of the diary? Could the statute be told to start running at the time of the discovery of the diary?

BREMNER: Exactly. Exactly. And we`ve actually argued that, both Chuck and I have done -- argued this with authorities from Pierce County saying, you know, bring it, go do it. And they said that that wouldn`t be sufficient for them to show enough under the discovery rule to go forward or get past the statute of limitations. I disagree, of course. I have said that to them.

GRACE: You know what? I want to hear from Chuck Cox. How many more excuses is the police department and the D.A.`s office going to make in bringing a charge?

CHUCK COX, FATHER OF SUSAN COX POWELL: And that`s why we have to find out what they really knew. That`s why -- enough is enough. It`s been long enough they`ve had all the chances they need to get something done and they are not doing it. That`s why we have to know what they know so we can take action on our own, if possible. To a private investigator, whatever. We have to do something here.

GRACE: Everybody, our family album back show casing your photos. Here are North Carolina friends, the Harris, Phyllis and Maberry (ph), 49 years, about to celebrate their 50th with daughter Bobbi, grandchildren Trip and Meredith.

Share your photos through iReport family album at then click on "Nancy`s Family Album."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All I want to do is think and write about Susan. I think I will go lay down and fantasize about her a while longer. She is the most wonderful, beautiful, and feminine image that has ever come into my mind. I would even have enjoyed it if she had called me Satan incarnate for trying to lead her into sexual sin.

It is hard and painful emotionally to want Susan so bad. But she continues to make my creative juices as well as my sexual juices flow. My whole body still cries out for her.


GRACE: We are taking your calls right now. Susan Cox-Powell missing, believed to be dead. The husband, Josh Powell announces he`s taking the boys camping on a cold night, subzero temperatures in the snow. It`s a Sunday night at midnight. He says they come back home the next morning and Susan is gone. After that, he blows up his own home in a towering inferno. With their little boys, ages 5 and 7 inside.

Tonight, we want justice. The father-in-law, the author of these repulsive sex diaries, these fantasies about his own daughter-in-law, investigated in the disappearance of Susan Cox-Powell. Police say he`s neither a suspect nor a person of interest.

There is one shot of her -- well, there`s many, there`s hundreds of shots. To my understanding that we`ve just gotten a whole new round of diary entries. It says, "The above shot turns me on mainly because when I look at the image I imagine Susan is giving the camera a mischievous smile because she`s not wearing underwear. The dress buttons down the front. So I would like to slip my fingers in between buttons."

And it goes on and on. There is another shot of just her knee. There are shots where she`s trying to go into work. She obviously doesn`t know he is stalking her, taking shots of her going into her office.

We are taking your calls. Out to Aaron Brehove, body language expert.

Aaron, you have observed video of the father-in-law, Steve Powell, speaking. What is your observation, Aaron?

AARON BREHOVE, VOICE ANALYSIS AND BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Well, when we see him on "Good Morning America" we see that it`s a very unusual exuberance, excitement of him when he`s talking about his daughter-in-law being missing. And he says that he`s in love with her. And it`s so low. And it`s so odd to see this excitement, this genuine happiness during this period where she`s missing and he`s talking about his grandchildren`s mother.

And then also we look at when he`s not really truthful with himself in his diaries when he talks about her calling him a pedophile and then saying that she probably loves him. We see that he`s not even truthful with himself much less do I expect him to be truthful with anybody in the public.

GRACE: To you, Dr. Michelle Dupre, medical examiner, forensic pathologist, joining us out of Columbia.

Dr. Dupre, the little boys, her children, before their death, before their murders at the hands of their father, stated that mommy was in the car trunk, that mommy was in the mines, all right, looking for crystals. If her body had been placed in a mine shaft what would the condition of the body be now and could DNA be found on it such as Steven Powell`s DNA, the father-in-law?

DR. MICHELLE DUPRE, M.D., MEDICAL EXAMINER AND FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST: Well, there is a good chance that the DNA could be found. It really just depends on the actual condition of the body. If this is a warm environment, the body may have actually mummified preserving some of the DNA and -- as well as perhaps other trace evidence. But if it`s not, if the body is mostly skeletonized, DNA would be very difficult to find.

GRACE: Back to Chuck Cox, this is Susan`s father joining us tonight. And taking your calls. What was it that the boys said or drew regarding mommy being in a car trunk or that mommy being in a mine shaft?

COX: Well, Braden drew a picture of the family on an outing and he drew a van with three people inside. And he told the people -- he was at day care. And that he told the people there that that`s -- that`s me, that`s daddy and that`s Charlie. And he said, mommy`s in the trunk. And then he`d later volunteered that they stopped and mommy and daddy got out but mommy didn`t come back.

GRACE: And Anne Bremner, police have that statement. Police have that drawing, correct?

BREMNER: Absolutely. And it did nothing.

GRACE: To Steve Moore, former fed with the FBI, author of "Special Agent Man." Steve Moore, look, I`m guilty, I`m always on the side of the police as a former prosecutor. As a crime victim myself. But I really believe they have dropped the ball on this case.

STEVE MOORE, FORMER FBI AGENT, INVESTIGATOR, AUTHOR OF "SPECIAL AGENT MAN": Well, it would seem that they have. They should be a little bit more aggressive. They should be a little bit more imaginative. That`s my guess.

GRACE: A little bit more aggressive, Steve Moore? The two little boys are dead because the father was never arrested.

MOORE: Right. And they had this diary which, frankly, is so gross I wish it hadn`t been aired, especially with dramatic reading. But they really, really have to ask themselves why they didn`t go forward with it.

GRACE: Well, you know, cops are the ones that release these diaries.

Out to the lines, Sandra in Ohio. Hi, Sandra, what`s your question?

SANDRA, CALLER FROM OHIO: Yes, Nancy. Don`t you think that Josh knew all along that his father was writing these things down and maybe he was helping him along?

GRACE: Good question. To Alexis Weed, our producer on the story. As a matter of fact, Susan Cox-Powell brought her father-in-law`s unwanted advances to the attention of her husband Josh Powell. We know that for a fact.

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: She did, Nancy. That`s one of the things that she complains about according to these diaries, according to Steven Powell`s diaries. She complains to Josh Powell that he`s making these advances. They`re unwanted. And Nancy, they moved hundreds of miles away specifically to get away from Steven Powell.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would give anything to see her, touch her, feel her, look up her skirt. Even just look at her legs, massage her feet, rub her shoulders and most of all (EXPLETIVE DELETED) her.

As soon as Susan and I left the dining room, I started getting an erection. It annoys me that just being near her or thinking of her can do that to me. Being alone with her didn`t hurt either. I didn`t try to hide it from Susan, but did make efforts to stand behind her or put my hands in my pockets and poof out my pants when we met people in the halls or when Josh caught up with us. This girl is unbelievably beautiful to me.


GRACE: Out to Jim Kirkwood, host at KTKK, joining us tonight in Salt Lake City. I`m looking at other photo diary -- photos in his diary. They are of her in her car, they are of her petting a little parakeet. He is obviously taking all these photos and masturbating to them without her knowledge. When were these diary entries as opposed to -- compared to the investigation and her disappearance, Jim Kirkwood?

JIM KIRKWOOD, NEWS SHOW HOST, KTKK: Well, it`s our understanding that they were made all through when she was living there and then after she left. He has a complete record of his obsession with her. It`s disgusting but it certainly should give the police a lot of information.

GRACE: And this goes on right up until the time she goes missing?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am burning with desire for her. I feel like a wounded animal, crazed with the pain.


GRACE: Even with the release of these diaries by police still no charges against the man that wrote them. Sex-obsessed father-in-law, Steven Powell.

With us tonight, Susan Cox Powell`s father and the family lawyer.

Jim Kirkwood joining us from KTKK there in Salt Lake City, he keeps up these entries up until the time she goes missing. My question is, where was he just before she goes missing? How far did he travel and do we have any idea why he suddenly showed up from out of state the very weekend she goes missing, never seen again?

KIRKWOOD: That is the really interesting question, because he takes off work, apparently he is in the state van on his travels and there are cell phone records that he was at least in a city north of Salt Lake, Brigham City, so this is very damning and again, why didn`t the police work on him, why didn`t they call him a person or interest, these are the questions that no one over here can answer.

GRACE: You know, to you, Anne Bremner, lawyer for Chuck and Judy Cox, also with us tonight, Chuck Cox, he was there suddenly unannounced from out of state when she goes missing. What`s the theory about his out-of-state trip? Coincidentally, when she -- when she`s never seen again?

BREMNER: Well, I think a lot -- I have had witnesses contact me that went to the police, and said they had more information than that that would connect them to the disappearance. And the only theory that he was involved, he had no other reason to be there, he said he went on that camping trip, quote-unquote camping trip at midnight in the snow. Called in sick after this appearance and then of course -- the records show he had phone contact with Josh during all of this so there`s a lot more to be investigated involving Steven Powell.

GRACE: Chuck Cox, please tell what do we have to do, what can we do to start an investigation regarding the father-in-law, Steve Powell, and your dear`s disappearance and death?

COX: I think we`re doing it. I think Anne is taking the action that needs to be done. And my biggest concern is, not to keep Steve prosecuted for the voyeurism against my daughter is, how would you like this guy out to be your neighbor? He gets out in May. He`s going to be a neighbor. He`s going to be blend -- be put back on that face and trying to blend in but he is still the sick, sick person. He can`t be let out.

GRACE: Tonight, we are airing portions, the portions that are not so graphic we cannot air them, in a call to justice regarding Susan Cox and her children.

  " Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."  - Daniel Moynihan
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