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Author Topic: 'The White School' - What happened to community responsibility?  (Read 863 times)
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« on: August 30, 2011, 05:56:27 PM »

Wisconsin has been adjusting to financial reality for the past few months.  Lots of interesting conversations and discussions.

Where is 'the white school'?  Does anyone know?  Address?  City?

For some reason, liberals bring up a media report of crumbling schools (in black communities) and 'the white school' that is modern and current. 

Apparently, an eight year old boy is being interviewed by someone on tv and I cannot find this story.  The eight year old boy (black) is asked how he feels about playing sports in 'the white school' and going back to his crumbling school with leaky class room ceilings.

I have a few questions.  Where is 'the white school'?  Does it have a 'whites only' policy and signage?  Didn't anyone ever tell this boy's parents that segregation is a thing of the past?  Maybe liberal media is stuck in the 50's?  60's?  Stuck in the past? 

Why didn't the interviewer ask the boy some other questions?  (Maybe they did, but I can't find the story.)

Why don't you ask your parents to move?   Why aren't these parents insisting that the community provide better schools?  Well maintained schools?  I wonder how much these 'crumbling/leaky' school districts/cities spend per pupil when compared to 'the white school' of the report?

Are they picking out one 'white school' that is an exception?  Leaving a faulty impression that all schools with white people are state of the art and well maintained?  Isn't it possible that there are crumbling schools being attended by white students? 

Why does race matter?  Why isn't the interviewer holding the community accountable?  Holding the parents accountable?

I have known many immigrants.  They never seem to move to failed communities, perpetually failing school districts...they often work several jobs to afford to move to communities with a culture of success, communities that value education. 

Where does the money go in these communities with failing, crumbling schools?
  Why not give those people a voucher, help finding a new home in a better community, and a U-Haul?

Why demonize and characterize the gleaming school as 'the white school'?  Is that the new racism?

Why aren't that boy's parents insisting that community organizers 'follow the money', claw it back, and rebuild the community?  How hard could that be?


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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