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Author Topic: Soldier Held in Afghan Massacre Had Brain Injury, Marital Problems  (Read 1270 times)
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« on: March 12, 2012, 04:25:12 PM »

Soldier Held in Afghan Massacre Had Brain Injury, Marital Problems

 Good Morning America 13 hours ago

 an angelic monkey

What has trickled about the suspect is that he was 38, on his fourth combat deployment in 10 years, the first three in Iraq. He was on his first tour in Afghanistan, where he'd been since December.


I hope it is OK Whiskey Girl to post this article. The military is a branch of the political system, I believe.  Thanks.

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« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 09:01:52 AM »

No one needs my permission to post here.  I would love to have more article to comment on, that others post.

I feel very sorry for all our military.  Politicians seem to send them for police actions that have nothing to do with protecting American interests or the American people, in undeclared wars, and without the consent of Congress.  Some even think the United States needs international permission instead of the permission of Congress...for some reason, foreigners need to tell us what to do.  A sad state of affairs for our nation.

Why use and abuse the American military when local interests could grow their own military or hire mercenaries?  Why not let other nations closer to the troubled zones send in their military to go after a few war lords?   What war are we winning?  Why not send the military to protect the border with Mexico?  Go after Mexican and other drug lords and gangs?  Why aren't we using the American military to protect Americans?

How many politicians in Washington ever served time in the military?  How many have children in the military?  (I can only think of Biden's son)

Why are the children of everyday people at risk?  None of the Bush daughters went into the military.  Are either of the Obama daughters planning on a military career?  Maybe political children are too good for military service?

The Obama admin has made so much political hay with all their touch-feely improvements to the military, their computer courses for improved mental health...I wonder if this man would have been deemed ok 10 years ago? 

Have the tests or standards changed since Obama took office?  They IGNORED Major Nadal's many problems, did they dismiss this man's problems?  Maybe he went through some new counseling program?  The same kinds that some want to judge criminals in our court system and jails?

"The price of a life? In Afghanistan, it's as little as $265 "

KABUL (REUTERS) - In Afghanistan, if Nato forces kill a member of your family, it is better in terms of money if he or she comes from from Germany or Italy than the United States or Britain.

In the cold calculation of how much to pay for victims of the decade-old war, British forces have doled out as little as US$210 (S$265), while German forces have paid as much as US$25,000, according to a study by the human rights NGO CIVIC.


How many occupiers has Afghanistan had over the past two-three hundred years?  Oil and gas pipeline go through their land (and surrounding countries) and no prosperity ever seems to take root for the locals.

Does the world seem safer going forward? 


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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