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Author Topic: Who's really getting deported?  (Read 831 times)
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« on: April 04, 2012, 08:00:42 AM »

I keep reading about back door amnesty for illegal aliens.  Prove you have an American citizen relative (like an 'anchor' baby) and you get to stay.  Does it matter if you didn't come legally?  Does it matter if you work with a stolen/fraud identity?  TIN?  Live on welfare and contribute nothing?
Who's really getting deported?  Criminal illegal aliens?  Legal immigrants?

I keep hearing about illegal aliens who have long records never getting deported despite many encounters with the legal and criminal justice system.

Who is really getting deported?  Legal immigrants?  I've heard of a few stories, word of mouth, that don't make the news of legal immigrants getting deported.  Why?  Apparently, the story being put out is that they have a few parking tickets and OWIs.

Hmmm...would deporting legal immigrants make the news? 

Illegals kill people, can't be bothered to fill out a form before coming and waiting in line, and they seem to stay forever, living on welfare and fraud/stolen identities.

Legal immigrants?  Seems they send you home for a ticket.  Just a ploy to get votes?

If you're Hispanic and illegal you can stay and we'll shovel money at you...doesn't matter how many crimes you commit.

If you're legal and black, we'll deport you for a few tickets....

Not understanding this at all.


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