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Author Topic: Obama's New Gun Tools...  (Read 680 times)
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« on: January 16, 2013, 01:35:02 PM »

Obama wants new tools for guns.

He said something today like 40% of gun purchases are done without a background check.  How many of those are purchases by criminals?  Terrorists?  Illegal aliens? 

How many are purchases by people who are already following the rules?

Need Tools?  Tools for law enforcement?  Doctors?

Why does the doctor care if you have guns?  I imagine the vast majority of guns haven't killed anyone.  The vast majority of gun owners and users have never killed anyone?  A gun is no different than a knife, fork, or spoon....

Why exactly does your doctor or insurance provider or Obamacare need to know?

Perhaps you will end up in a national database.  A database of folks linked to guns.  Maybe when your personal vehicle is stopped and police run your plates a warning will appear that suggests you might be dangerous because you own a gun, applied for a CC permit, or to buy a gun.  Might they treat the occupants of your car differently?

Why aren't they focusing like a laser on the illegals in our criminal justice system?  The illegals that fill up our prisons?  The people that commit crimes?

Perhaps the end goal is to charge gun owners with crimes?  Knowingly or unknowingly someone in your family checks the 'no guns' box on an application.  With the new Obama tools, the machine will know you lied, or suspect you lied.  Fine?  Loss of guns?  Criminal charges?  The possibilities are endless.

What of the real criminal?  The ones killing people?  The illegal alien?  The terrorist?  Are they likely to be in the system for anything?    I don't think so.

The Obama tool database will likely be filled with the names of law abiding citizens.  Those that try to obey the law, but can't memorizes thousands of new laws and regulations and Executive Orders that come out daily.

What is the end game for Obama's 'tools for law enforcement' and allowing doctors to ask about guns?

just my humble questions and opinions


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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