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Author Topic: Illegal and government dependent?  (Read 513 times)
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« on: January 27, 2013, 02:51:13 PM »

Why is it that Americans get stuck paying for millions on welfare, disability (because they can't find a job and unemployment ran out), the truly disabled, and illegal aliens?  All the while, the border is not secured and keeps adding millions to the welfare programs?  Illegals taking jobs from citizens?  Why can't the welfare recipient find those jobs and fill them?

"Amnesty still amnesty, even if it's from GOP"

He said if Republicans support Rubio’s plan, it will do four things.

“Firstly, it will split the party between the more conservative elements and the more establishment elements. Secondly, it will alienate the working class away from the Republican Party. Thirdly, the Republican Party will never get any credit for granting amnesty, and it will not endear Hispanics to them. The Democrats will steal the credit, claim victory and it will be a victory for them and the Republicans will look like they caved to the Democrats.”

And finally, he said, the Republicans will be “importing” themselves out of office, because “the overwhelming majority of illegals are government-dependent,” hence, according to Dane, they have no connection with the message or platform of the Republican Party and will vote for the Democrats all the time to keep their government benefits coming.

Dane said it appears April is when the debate over amnesty will start, and he hopes Republicans and Democrats will move away from supporting amnesty.

He said it’s possbile the plan “could ironically be that the bill gets loaded down with so much enforcement that the Democrats vote against it.”

Additionally, Dane said, “With this high unemployment it is going to be difficult to convince the working class why they should support candidates that favor the importation of cheap labor” that will displace their jobs.”


What's wrong with the system that worked for decades?  Fill out a form.  Wait for approval.  Come legally?

Why not make good on Reagans promise of securing the border and NO MORE AMNESTY?

More investments that go to illegals?  Bypass ordinary Americans on Main Street?

More spending on welfare tourists, welfare lottery winners?


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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