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Author Topic: Legal Terms in Regard to the Case  (Read 1728 times)
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« on: June 14, 2013, 08:13:13 AM »
What do those legal terms mean in relation to George Zimmerman's trial?
Common terms include voir dire, objection

June 13, 2013

WESH 2 legal analyst Alisia Adamson breaks down some common terms that are being used or will be used in court:

Voir Dire - Jury selection; questioning of prospective jurors. The case will have six jurors and four alternate jurors.
Cause Challenge - Request that a prospective juror be dismissed because there is a reason to believe the person cannot be fair, unbiased or capable of serving as a juror. There can be an unlimited amount of these.
Peremptory Challenge - Allows attorneys to remove a potential juror without giving a reason, unless the opposing attorney asks for a race/gender neutral reason. There is a limited amount of these, with the Zimmerman case allowing 10 for each side.
Opening Statements - Attorneys have the chance to tell the jury what evidence they believe will be presented.  This is not evidence to be used in consideration of verdict.
Direct Examination – Primary questioning of a witness during a trial that is conducted by the side for which that person is acting as a witness.
Cross Examination – After direct examination, it is an opportunity for the attorney to ask questions of a witness who has testified on behalf of opposing party.
Re-direct – Further questioning after the cross examination.
Re-cross – Further questioning after re-direct.
Objection – Statement presented in opposition based on a legal defect.

Overruled – Judge rejects an objection.
Sustained– Judge agrees that the attorney’s objection is valid.


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