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Author Topic: "Krokodil Hype: Is Toxic 'Flesh-Eating' Street Drug In Canada?"  (Read 1654 times)
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« on: December 01, 2013, 07:42:02 AM »

While krokodil has been on the centre's radar screen, Young said in an interview before the bulletin was issued that he was skeptical of reports it had surfaced in Niagara.

"I don't see the motivation there for opioid users to go towards a dirtier, even less safe alternative to what they currently have."

More reports

In Niagara, word of krokodil surfaced about a year ago at AIDS Niagara, through its StreetWorks outreach and harm reduction program that works with drug users.

StreetWorks co-ordinator Rhonda Thompson says a woman came into their offices and "was very adamant" that she had seen krokodil in Niagara.

"You kind of have to take these things with a grain of salt. It was only report from one client."

Then about three weeks ago, another person came into their office and said two people were in a Niagara Health System hospital because of the effects of injecting krokodil.

Another person also turned up at the StreetWorks' Niagara Falls office and, Thompson says, showed their nurse wounds on his arm that weren't abscesses "like we're used to seeing.

"It's more like they're ulcers that go deep into the soft tissue," says Thompson.

"He said it felt like burning, and his symptoms started to develop a week after he started using this particular purchase of heroin. He thought he was buying heroin and he's never had any experience ... in the past where these sorts of ulcers and lesions were happening."

In a separate interview with CBC Radio's As it Happens on Friday, Thompson said there have been about a dozen cases of unusual wounds and "pretty significant" soft tissue damage among drug users in the region in the past two months.

read more here - http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/11/25/krokodil-canada_n_4336240.html

Why do they go after a company producing DNA testing for individuals and not someone selling a drug that seems to cause ulcers and lesions in users?  Perhaps the last batch this person used came from an unclean production facility? 

Government goes after the producers of raw milk (not based on consumer complaints) and not after illegal drug manufacturing facilities?  Hear and abroad?

What is wrong with this picture?

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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