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Author Topic: Odd Youtube Video Uploaded 8/14/2010 re Kyron - TRANSCRIPTION  (Read 13682 times)
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« on: August 14, 2010, 10:40:58 PM »

For anyone researching or examining that wicked awful video I transcribed the words from it as they appeared on the screen so they could be looked out without having to watch the video over and over.  They are disturbing so I don't know if I should post them here.  What should i do and is anyone interested in having a copy of this?

I think it would be very helpful to have that here. Let's face it, working on missing persons cases is disturbing. Many horrible details we would like to pretend do not exist, but I do this to help in the best way I can, and I think most are here for the same reason.

Klaas if this is too disturbing or shouldn't be posted here please delete.
These are the words from that youtube vid -

NOTE:  The words below are the words of a video and not the opinion of any members of this site.  Just to make it clear.  

The Porno Queen & Dr Death
Porn Queen Terri Horman Commits Murder of young children
Missing Child Kyron Horman suffered abuse from his stepmother.
Terri Horman strangled Kyron Horman on Brooks Rd near the school
Google images catches Horman red handed
a pre-arranged gravesite appeared ready for her young victim
accomplices stand ready to help transport the victim
a bicyclist comes upon some gruesome discoveries
Portland police & the FBI search for leads on NW Newberry Rd
Blood evidence, cell phones, detinators and snipers loom amongst the scene
The pornographers are preparing for a film shoot
Camera's and cars are converted to use in the deadly executions
Nearby neighbors are not victims they are part of this occult ring of child traffickers
In plain site a young boys body lies beneath a tree
while other children are near by
What goes on in the heart of NW Newberry Rd
Aerial photographers access the area
a haunting cry comes from the ground while participants ignore the sound
Commando prepare to storm the area
batching grids with take no man alive attitudes
As some prepare to flee US Marshalls will be standing by
No bars hold the saga is going to come to an end
Human trafficking is against the law
Selling body parts is against the law
Dr Death prepares his escort of his latest victim
Bodies seen hanging from trees
It's been their playground for about 20 years drug trafficking and selling children
It's in their schools, their churches, and their places of business
The black Suv seen in the mirror places you at the location of NWNewberry Cell phone ping
I didn't have to even be there to figure this one out
While each vehicle remained occupied all they did was give theirselves away
Kids just don't vanish and there are no such thing as flying saucers Unless your on a ball

Simple as that Terri Horman your evil and you've hurt alot of peoples lives
And I'll be the first to pull the electric switch ON YOU
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« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2010, 12:14:49 PM »

This woman came on True Crimes under the handle
grandmaswhocare (note the "s" there)

Basically what she is saying is she had her theories, has her own missing child (grandchild?) , and looked at Google maps and saw these children hiding. We asked some specific questions, but don't know if she will answer them. She is there just a bit ago. She wanted to hear others' theories too.
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