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Author Topic: George Zimmerman proves that hes an angry man who got away with murder  (Read 4989 times)
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« on: May 08, 2018, 07:47:57 PM »

George Zimmerman proves that hes an angry man who got away with murder

The brief news item about an unarmed 17-year-old from Miami Gardens shot dead while visiting his father in Sanford, Florida, caught my critics eye from Day 1. As details unfolded Trayvon Martin was walking back home from a convenience store with nothing but a can of Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles in his pockets on a rainy night when he encountered the neighborhood watchman I knew something sinister had occurred. You see, not long before that, I had driven into my neighborhood well past midnight and seen my young son-in-law jogging carefree. I should say here, my young, white son-in-law. He had been doing this every night, he told me, to exercise and let off steam after his long cooks shift. ...

Five years after his acquittal, Zimmerman has eluded justice but not his killing of Trayvon and certainly not who he is. All of these years, Zimmerman has been showing us that hes an angry, prejudiced man who got away with murder.

He has been involved in road rage and domestic violence acts against the women in his life, who, scared to death, later fail to follow through and charges are dropped. He flaunts his Confederate flag paintings and associations with white nationalist types who donated money to his defense and personal upkeep.

He stalked Trayvon, and now, he has been charged with stalking and harassing private investigator Dennis Warren, hired by the company Cinemart Productions to track down people to participate in a documentary about Trayvons death.

After Zimmerman learned his family had been contacted, Warren says, he received 21 phone calls, 38 text messages, and seven voicemails in just over two hours from Zimmerman, most of them threatening and belligerent.

Behind Every Lie is a Clue to the Truth
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