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Author Topic: Humanitarian Crisis in Mainstreet Families  (Read 609 times)
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« on: January 09, 2019, 03:06:03 PM »

Listening to the comments of wealthy politicians?  Some are really RICH, comments jaw dropping!

House payments?  Car payments?  Non government working families have these bills too.  Many working (and unemployed) families also pay RICHLY for inferior health care and overpriced education.  Before Obamacare, an expensive family policy might be $1,000 per month with a high deductible of say $2,000.  Since Obamacare premiums may be $24,000 - more than $30,000.  Why aren't these people listening to working AMERICAN families that struggle to pay the bills every month.  Employer plans, with an Obamacare marketplace may cost employees more than $40,000 a year in premiums, not including deductibles.  Once affordable deductibles of $1,000 a year for individuals, $3,000 for families may be more than $12,000 a year or incident.  Where are the tears and outrage for working AMERICAN families??? 

Every day in the news there are more and more freebies given to illegal aliens.  Raise taxes on non-government working families, tax cuts are 'crumbs' to Nancy Pelosi and her crowd.  How are American families going to pay their mortgage and other bills after the coming Democrat wave of tax increases? 

Working families on Mainstreet may not have a mommy or daddy as rich as a member of Congress.   Maybe members should get everyday benefits like the Obamacare marketplace.  Everyday security like families on Mainstreet.

The first human right should be freedom and free markets.

The second human right should be the right to keep the fruit of one's labor.

With regard to Mainstreet and non-government employed families - Why aren't American citizens first in line for the good life?  Why don't politicians value the life of American citizens?  Why don't politicians value Americans regardless of where they live?  Why don't politicians want everyday American citizens to live in neighborhoods free from crime, drugs, and poverty?  Why don't politicians want American citizens to have good paying jobs with rich benefits?

Do government employees buy their healthcare on an Obamacare marketplace? 

All Americans need a reliable job, paycheck, and unlimited opportunity. 

just my humble opinions.

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

It doesn't do any good to hate anyone,
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