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Author Topic: Just Blame Christians...Again  (Read 798 times)
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« on: February 03, 2019, 06:31:54 PM »

"Middle East Christians suffer genocide, the world just finger-wags"

So many stories in the media about Christian genocide, and finger pointing blaming Christians for just about everything!

Where will the systematic and unchallenged persecution of Christian communities in the Middle East by the Islamic State stop? Will it be at the dismantlement of every church, and the slaughter of every churchgoer? Or will it be at the exodus of all members of those communities, forced to flee certain death and torment?

How many Christians are left in the Middle East?  How many are left in Israel?

As I listen to the media each day I am surprised at how many Muslims blame Christians for atrocities against Muslims hundreds of years ago.  What about the atrocities committed in the name of Islam?  The prophet?

I keep hearing and reading that Christians could have done more in post civil war days to eliminate the KKK and prevent discrimination against freed slaves and their offspring.  How many alive today walked in the shoes of the good people of the South?  How many in the Southern justice system were honest ?  I hear famous stories about the miscarriage of justice.  Surely there were honest prosecutors?  Sheriffs?  Lawyers?  Tax Collectors? 

I'v never heard any suggest what these people should have done.  Hindsight is 20/20.

What more could slaves have done to free themselves and their families?  Work harder?  For their own profit?  Run away in large numbers?  I recall reading that the number of slaves far outnumbered the number of free born of all races.  What more could Southern Democrats have done to reform the post civil war injustices?
 Why didn't the many free themselves?  What more could they have done to free their families? 

Slavery has been with humanity for thousands of years.  I've heard it was the norm worldwide for most of human history.  Who ran the big slave markets in Africa?
 I've read it wasn't the animists or Christians.  I've read that they were run by religious locals to eliminate family for profit, selling family and others. Want to keep the family farm/land for yourself?  Disappear your brothers and sisters and other family members.  Why didn't African governments do more to stop the vile slave markets?  Human suffering for profit and exploitation?

Today, I hear this kind of story from countries in Central and South America.  Want to save yourself and start a new life away from the cartel?  Sell you family, farm, take the money and run North to the USA.  Sell your children for passage.  Where to all the young people and women who are trafficked for sex slavery come from?  Do they sell themselves?  Who profits from their misery?  Where are the fathers and mothers of all those children travelling alone? 

Some media don't want the USA/UN  to get involved in South America and the coups and corrupt elections.  On the other hand, there was great disappointment that 'Trump' didn't do more to intervene in the murder of a journalist in Saudi Arabia.  Are thousands fleeing Saudi Arabia?  How many are killed on the road to the US border?

What more could Christians have done to allow Jews to flee into the USA?  Most of the people making the decisions are dead.  Were the decision makers identified by religion or political party?  What more could Christians have done?  Party member?  Who profited from killing Jews?  Who kept their property?  Socialists promising desperate people prosperity and a 'New Deal' for Germans?  German National Socialists?  Hitler promised free stuff for Germans, a new deal and prosperity.  What free stuff did those countries Germany invaded get?  Prosperity? 

Why are all the injustices of the world seemingly blamed on Christians?  Do Christians run the government in the US?  Middle East?  South and Central America?  I don't think so.

The big urban cities in the USA have been run by politicians for generations.  What more could politicians have done to eliminate poverty?  Raise the education level for all students?  Reform the criminal justice systems?  Prevent crime and killings?  Do Christians run the big urban cities?  Or do political parties run government?  What more could government have done to promote real jobs at real businesses?  Grow the economy by making big cities attractive places to start and keep businesses and families?  Why haven't citizens in urban area demanded more of politicians?  What more could the justice systems and politicians in Urban areas have done to target criminals?  Protect innocent children and law abiding residents?  Yesterday is gone.  Why didn't politicians do more these past few decades to make large urban neighborhood safer and welcoming for families that have lived in cities for generations?  Create a good business climate?

It seems odd that some want to blame Christians for all of the worlds ills.  If not Americans getting the blame, it's Christians.  It seems like it is easier and more popular to blame Christians and others for the problems.  What could urban politicians have done differently?  Offer more free stuff? 

I saw specials about Detroit and the politicians that promised more and more free stuff every year.  People could not afford taxes and many moved.  High crime - shooting, arson, violence.  Have any politician reflected on the problem of offering free stuff that someone else has to pay for?  The misery that comes to those that have to make good on all the promises of free stuff?

Who is responsible for pulling the trigger and killing in Urban cities?  Killing children and innocents in the USA?  Law abiding people? 

Who is responsible for human trafficking?  The victims?  Christians?   People who ignore suffering?  Encourage criminal behavior?

When do political parties reflect on the bad decisions that have been made?  Corruption?  Profiteering and greed that is enabled year after year? 

Slavery has been part of the human condition for thousands of years.  For some reason, people think they have a 'right' to steal the fruit of other people's labor.  Politicians have to get things done (raise taxes).  Human trafficking, high taxes, multi-generational loans, where does it end?  What more could politicians do to keep people free in the USA?  Let free people decide how to spend or waste their money?  Does free stuff and higher taxes make people free and prosperous?  I don't think so.

Jesus, who was never a Christian, spoke against the tax collectors and law makers who made the lives of everyday people miserable.  Where is the savior for today's people?  Slaves and free people?  How do today's family buy their way out of slavery and poverty?  Live as free people in a free land?

I think it's time to stop blaming Christians.  I can't think of a single organized Christian group that promotes slavery and free stuff by force.  Politicians need to reflect on their contribution to human suffering and slavery.    Collectivism can be done through voluntary association.  Politicians and their supporters can set an example for everyone by giving up all their worldly goods to a voluntary collective, taking down the fences around their homes, dismissing their security details, live collectively, and set an example for others.  Surely, others will be standing in long lines to join up and contribute voluntarily.

Less blame for Christians, more self reflection for politicians and greedy globalists.  Historical truth first.

just my humble opinions


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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