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Author Topic: Need More Workers. Really?  (Read 980 times)
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« on: March 08, 2019, 04:16:02 PM »

What fuels the housing market in the US?  College graduates with good jobs?

Illegal immigration.  If 1-2 million people legal and illegal come to this country every year, I'm guessing they need to live somewhere.  How many have a baby and qualify for welfare for the new American citizen?  What is the welfare value of a new citizen each month?  Do they get like $50 a month for everything?  Or, do they get a full market basket/boat of welfare benefits?  Is the whole family deemed eligible if one member qualifies?   If people in the country illegally are not allowed to work, who pays the bills?  How does government income verify the family of an anchor baby?  No Social Security Number, so do they have an income record with the IRS?  Maybe they provide the SS number (fake identity) they may use to gain employment?  Use the SS number and ID of the new citizen?  Do they file a tax return?  How many exemptions do they claim using a TIN number?

What is the value of welfare benefits consumed by welfare users annually?  Over time, I've seen number ranging from a low $35,000 to over $100,000 each, annually.

Housing?  $2,000 a month?  Food for everyone,  $800 a month?  Free phones, cash benefits, Medical care, utilities, schooling, other? 

Some states give Drivers licenses to those here illegally.  In theory, they are able to get car insurance.  The state knows they are driving, so they might as well get insurance.  Who are the companies that sell car or health insurance to those here illegally?

If they have a drivers license because the state knows they are working, is anyone checking to see if these individuals are receiving welfare benefits?  Are they given the opportunity to disqualify themselves for welfare due to their working status?  Pay back past over payments?

It seems like there are many data points that could be used to verify welfare eligibility.  Are they being used? 

If someone is working and has private health insurance and a Medicaid card, is anyone mining the data to ensure that everyone on Medicaid is really eligible?

If taxpayers are having to pay for 1-2 million more welfare recipients each year, fueling the demand for housing and raising prices for everyone, when does it end for American citizens? 

What if the welfare housing pipeline ended?  Perhaps housing would become affordable for everyday people?  American citizens?  The homeless in California?

Does the nation really need more workers?  Why not rehabilitate the millions on welfare?  The under and unemployed?   When do American citizens and their children get a break?  A good paying job?

Rents and housing costs have been rising for decades at a high rate.  By comparison, wages have not gone up.  What is fueling the rising welfare usage and rising cost of housing for every day people? 

just my humble opinions and questions.

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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