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Author Topic: Longevity and Ghoul Greed  (Read 2566 times)
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« on: June 04, 2019, 08:01:23 AM »

"TO INFINITY & BEYOND From ‘young blood’ transfusions to apocalypse insurance – weird ways tech billionaires are trying to live forever"

IT'S simply not enough for billionaires to have everything they've ever wanted – they need eternity to enjoy it, too.

At least a dozen of the world's richest men have ploughed millions into bizarre ways to live forever. Here are five of the weirdest.

How much taxpayer money has found its way to these 'research' companies?  How much have the billionaires paid?  Are they living in poverty?

Traditional insurance did not pay for research or untested miracle cures, it had a results based approach.  How much Obamacare money is appropriated to research? 

Why give money at all?  So someone 'might' find a cure for cancer, stroke, heart attack, any number of orphan ailments, genetic disease, or death?

There have been many results oriented programs to combat all these ailments - 'clean eating', veganism, stop smoking/drinking/doping, maintain a less dangerous lifestyle, eat less, and many more ideas to numerous to list.  The problem with these good ideas?  I believe most everyone can do them, most will save money, and there will be overall healthcare savings.  Why?  Eat less food, pay less for your food, and engage in fewer risky behaviors.  Why take expensive drugs when it is easy to prevent or treat through lifestyle change? 

Should the masses pay for research that benefits only the most elite and wealthy?

"Everything wrong with the young blood injection craze"

"That didn’t stop companies like Ambrosia Health from promising that a couple liters of blood (at $8,000 a pop) would reverse aging, even though the procedure was more likely to put people in danger.


How much are they paying the donors?  $7,000 'a pop'?  10% 'a pop'?  Is some blood more desirable than others?  A premium supply?

Periodically I read articles that tell about the promise of using "fetal tissue" for transplants and curing disease like Parkinson's.  Where does the fetal tissue come from?  How many fetal organs have been transplanted into humans?   Who is paying the bill?  Where is the research money coming from?  The fetal body parts?  Is older fetal tissue better for research than just a few cells a month or two old?

Organ failure and Parkinson's are terrible.  If fetal organs work, who should be on the priority list?  The masses?  A 'fair' lottery?  Who should be responsible for growing the fetal tissue?  What is the end game for all this research?

Should anti-aging research bankrupt a nation?  A family?  Should people be free to choose from healthcare models?  Choose a plan that best meets their needs?  Have a choice between never-ending research that is likely to yield little improvements to their life?  Research based on a 'might cure XYZ' model?  Or choose a plan that focuses on basics without bankrupting a nation or family?  Affordable healthcare or promises?

How much taxpayer (government) money and debt has been spent on research?  How much of the profits have been returned to the taxpayer (government)?  Where is the tax relief and  lower healthcare cost?

Where does the buck stop for ghouls?  Are they funding their own immortality?  Or, are they creating a never ending supply of therapies/treatments/drugs to treat anything and bankrupting and nation and families at the same time?

Why aren't the American people free to choose their healthcare model?  Choose the most affordable way forward based on their wants and needs and NOT the need of some to live forever and acquire more wealth?  If they never die, will they pay death taxes.  I am reminded of 'let them eat cake', and 'only the little people pay taxes'.

How much money is too much?  How much greed is acceptable?  With the supply of 'fetal tissue' threatened by pro-life legislation, are toddlers the next target? 

The stuff of horror movies...

Just my humble opinions, observations, and musings.

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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