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Author Topic: 2020 Candidates, What have you accomplished in your community?  (Read 2486 times)
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« on: July 01, 2019, 06:56:21 AM »

2020 Candidates, What have you accomplished in your community?   Education?

What have you done to improve education for American children?  Children failing in urban districts?  Suburban districts?  Rural areas?  (For some reason, there does not seem to be an epidemic of failing home schoolers.)

There seems to be an overwhelming desire to import large numbers of foreign students for colleges and universities in the USA.  From years of reading, they are smarter, have better test scores, study habits, have financial backing, and for some reason, are highly desirable by big business and politicians.  

For some reason, American students fall short.  They are behind their peers, many require financial aid and resort like living conditions.  For some reason they are not as highly desirable as workers when they graduate.

What have the candidates done to help American students get a better education for the 12+ years they are in local public education system?  

It is amazing that American and other western 'High School' Graduates cannot compete with foreign sixth graders in basic skills.  Lots of video documentaries showing the failure.

In the USA, the answer to problems in education seem to be about 'fairness'.    No more homework for everybody because some parents don't help and it isn't 'fair' for those students to compete with students that have parents monitoring and help with homework.

What about those foreign students?  Documentaries show foreign parents send their kids to special after school libraries and study centers, they work extra jobs to pay for this help, the home may not have a tv or video games for the children. What do the failing American kids do after school?  Hangout on the street?  Watch TV?  Play games?

If a child is lucky enough to have a parent that cares about their academic success, it seems like all students need to be punished and handicapped academically due to concerns about fairness?  Handicapped for the future, and requiring years of remedial education in college to do basic college level work?  Foreign peers starts years ahead and achieve greatness for a lifetime?  American workers promised more and more free stuff?  How's that free education working out?  Free grade school?  High school?  Does a free college education get you a good job?  Make you a sought after worker?

Why aren't foreign students punished?  Excluded from the best schools and programs due to fairness issues?  It's not fair that they compete with American students in progressive communities with progressive ideas about education and fairness.  

Why aren't communities holding their elected official accountable for the failures in education?  Holding school councils and teachers accountable?  Holding parents accountable?  Changing culture to reward academic achievement? 

How many good teachers leave the profession due to spending more time with disciple, food service (3 meals and day and snacks), basic hygiene?  Why are teachers and schools doing work that should be done by parents?

Why are a parents responsibility to their children?   What have politicians / candidates done to promote better life/education outcomes for all children?

What have candidates done to promote a better education culture in their community?  There are many global success stories and they involve hard work, study, homework, and long hours.  Why does the US system always seem to choose lowering the standards and outcomes?  Why isn't the US system outputting the best educated students?  Students that are in high demand at universities and employers?

Promote business development in the community?

I hear a lot about taking from working people and giving away more free stuff.  Who is going to pay for all the free stuff tomorrow?  Who is going to pay off all the debt?

Have any of the candidates done anything to improve the educational outcomes of USA students?  Increase their chances of a good education with excellent employment prospects?

'Fairness' solutions in education don't seem to be increasing outcomes for USA students.  'Fairness' solutions promoted by politicians seem to be increasing poverty and lowering living standards in the US.  

Have any of the candidates helped families make better education choices, promoted better study habits, increased academic achievements, or made American student as highly desirable as their global peers?

just my humble opinions, musings, and questions.
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All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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