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Author Topic: JORAN 06/10/2005 STATEMENT - FROM BFN  (Read 9554 times)
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« on: August 07, 2006, 08:50:31 PM »


PROCES VERBAAL (second interview witt Joran van der Sloot)

We, Dennis Dominico Jacobs and Luigi Angelo Giovanni Croes, head-officer and officer first class with the Korps Politie Aruba, first mentioned is attached to the Robbery Project Team (Atraco Team) and the latter with the section Often Occurring Crimes District 2, declare following.

On June 10th 2005, at approximately 14.30 hours, we, the reporting officers, interviewed the suspect J.A.P. van der SLOOT for further information.

His statement that he made in dutch was transcribed by me, Jacobs, and goes as follows.

Before we, the reporting officers, started with the interview, I, Jacobs, informed the suspect that he was not obliged to make a statement. I also informed him that this interview was being taped.

"Although I have been informed by you that I am not obliged to answer any questions, I am prepared to make a truthful statement.

To your question since when the brothers Deepak and Satish are friends with me, I answer to you the following. About two or three months ago I got acquainted with Deepak and Satish KALPOE. Through a friend of mine named "Koen GOTTENBOS" I got acquainted with Deepak and Satish. I have known Koen for more than ten (10) years. Koen's nickname is "Cul". Another friend named "Jaime CARRASQUILLO" nicknamed "Betto" had given Koen that nickname.

To your question as to where I met Deepak and Satish, my answer to you is that if I am not mistaken I met them their workplace.

To your question whether I went out with Deepak and Satish, my answer to you is that I did not go out with them immediately when I met them. After that Deepak, Satish and myself went out once a week. We usually went to "Carlos & Charlies", "Tantra" and "Bahia". We usually went to these places to dance and to drink. Sometimes "Freddy" and "Koen" went with us to those nite-clubs. When we went out we drove in Deepak's car. Deepak and Satish were the ones that drove Deepak's car. Sometimes we also went with "Jaime CARRASQUILLO" nicknamed "Betto". Betto also drives a Honda.

To your question as to what kind of car Deepak has, I answer you the following. Deepak has a silver, four door car of the make Honda Civic. The windows of the car are not tinted. Betto drives a green coloured four door car of the make Honda Civic.

To your question as to how Deepak's car looked when Deepak, Satish and myself went out on May 29th 2005, I answer you that the car looked clean. Deepak's car is always clean. Deepak and Satish clean that car all the time. On the Friday night before they go out they clean the car. Deepak is the owner of the car. I have never helped to clean their car. Deepak and Satish drive with the car and they clean it themselves.
To your question as to when Deepak bought his car and from whom he had bought it, I answer you that I do not know this. I haven't known Deepak and Satish long enough to know this.

To your question as to whether Deepak's car isn't too cramped for me to sit in, I answer you that is it. If Deepak, Satish and myself go out I usually sit next to the driver on the front seat because my legs are long.

To your question as to whether on May 30th in the nightly hours, I found it too cramped on the backseat to finger the missing girl "Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY", I answer you that Deepak and Satish put forward their seats because they are not tall. With the seats moved forward I get more room to sit properly. I myself am 1.96 meters tall.

To your question how much alcoholic beverages I can drink before I get drunk, I answer you the following. I can handle my alcohol. Since my 15th year I have been drinking alcohol. I am a social drinker. I think that before I start feeling tipsy I have to drink a crate of beer. I cannot answer you how many rum and whisky's I have to drink before I get drunk. If I drink normal glasses of alcoholic beverages I would have to drink twenty (20) to thirty (30) glasses before I get drunk. If I get drunk I feel tired and want to sleep. I do not get irritated when I get drunk.

To your question as to how much alcoholic drinks Deepak and Satish must drink before they get drunk, I answer you the following. I have seen that after drinking five (5) glasses of whisky coke Deepak and Satish got tipsy. After ten (10) glasses of whisky coke they are pretty much drunk. I have seen Deepak drunk twice (2). Both times this was at "Carlos & Charlies". If Deepak gets drunk he becomes aggressive and irritated. Sometimes Deepak wants to go home and sometimes he wants to fight. Deepak once in front of "Carlos & Charlies". I am sure that this was the only time he wanted to fight with others. Deepak cannot fight. He gets aggressive but he cannot fight. When Deepak in front of Carlos & Charlies wanted to fight with the man in front of Carlos & Charlies wanted to fight.
If Deepak drinks he gets quickly irritated.

To your question whether I saw Deepak fight, I answer you the following. I have seen him box at home in my place. I have two pairs of boxing gloves at home and I have seen Deepak box with Satish and Koen. Deepak is to weak to box. Satish wins at boxing with Deepak and Koen beats both Deepak and Satish at boxing. I box with Betto and with Koen. Usually we are equally matched between the three of us. Sometimes I let/allow my girlfriend "Flor" and her sister Amanda Metz to box. An Aruban girl named "Jilaila" lives with Flor and Amanda and she watched some of those fights.

To your question whether I have a friend who has a boat, I answer you that the father of Koen has a boat. The father of Koen has a speedboat. I do not know the name of this boat but it is at Koen's house. I have never gone out on the speedboat owned by Koen's father. I get seasick and that is why I don't often go on boats. Koen has no boat-permit/license but I assume he is able to drive the boat.
To your question as to how many girlfriends I have, I answer you the following. I only have one girlfriend and her name is "Florencia METZ". Before I had "Elaine" and before that "Carmen JACAPOUCHI" And she works in the Hospital and at the moment if Freddy's girlfriend. I have been having girlfriends since I was 14 and her name was "Jillian JOHNSON" and she now lives in the States. Her father had built the "Marriot Hotel" and she and I were both enrolled at the "International school". I also had a girlfriend named "Melody GRANADILLO". I have had five (5) serious girlfriends in total since I was 14.

To you question whether Deepak and Satish have girlfriends, I answer you that they haven't got girlfriends. Satish told me that he had a girlfriend in Surinam. I have thought about them not having girlfriends but not everybody has a need to have a girlfriend.

To your question has to how many years Deepak and Satish have been living on Aruba, I answer you that Deepak has been living on Aruba for five (5) years and Satish three (3) years.

To you question as to why Deepak and Satish don't pick up girls with their nice car, I answer you that I do not know why. You have to ask them. I have never seen Deepak or Satish in the company of a girl. I have never seen Deepak dance but I once saw Satish dance with "Carmen JACCOPUCHI".

To you question as to whether I am under treatment from a doctor, I answer you that I am not. I am being treated by a dentist because I have toothache. I am also under treatment of a psychologist. This because I felt bad about the fact that the girl had gone missing. Before the girl went missing I was also under treatment of a psychologist. This was because I had taken 50 euro's from my dad and also took money from my mother and I used my brothers mobile phone without asking for permission and after that I had broken the chip from his mobile phone. I also once fought with my brother in Miami but we are good friends now. My brother is fifteen (15) years old and his name is "Valentijn". He is the one I would like to talk to.

To your question as how I get along/the contact is with my brothers and parents, I answer you that I have a good contact with them. Usually I discuss the time I have to get home with my mother because she is the one who decides this and I always want to come home later than she says.

To your question whether I had contacts the day before I got arrested by the police, I answer you that I did. A day before Deepak, Satish and myself were arrested by you they both were at my house. We had been on internet and we went on the website on which my picture stood. We closed down my e-mail address and closed down a tickle account. My tickle is My username on the tickle account also was loverboy362. This is an account where you can leave pictures and you can meet with other people. I then opened another e-mail account and sent an e-mail to rhealworld with the request to respect my privacy and remove my picture from their website. The man e-mailed me back and wrote that he would respect my privacy and would remove my picture. My new e-mail address is My e-mail adress that I use to talk to my friends is

I you have further questions, I am willing to answer them.

This is my statement that I made truthfully.

J.A.P. van der SLOOT

After the suspect J.A.P. van der SLOOT had read his statement, he said that he would persist in his statement and signed it.

Of this, we the reporting officers, on our oath as officers have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 10th 2005.

The reporting officers


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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2006, 11:22:28 PM »


I'm going to qualify this by saying I see the subject being
"JORAN/DEEPAK/SATISH STATEMENTS JUNE 10TH 2005 - ENG FROM BFN  "  but can we have a post that at least somewhat gives a questionable source for these statements?  Are they part of the documents that Greta and Jossy supposedly obtained and were going to publish?

After Reading these  ~~~ If these are anywhere close to being true and factual I've got a lot better insight on Aruban Law Enforcement interview techniques.  
My kids used to ask me more intelligent and thought provoking questions when I told them they could not go to the Mall.

But at the same time if anywhere close to being true... does give some insight of meeting of the families early on.

Without going into a full blown discussion here...
It does seem that Deepak and Satish thought that their prior statements made were made as Witnesses and not Suspects... What is that law Aruba has about false statements made by witnesses  Ummmm Uhhhhh Ohhh Urrrrr   (do they have any) ?

I need to get back on my quest to publish stuff in the want add / classified section of Aruban News papers and ask for feedback.

JMO of course


It is NOT over !!! If you believe good prevails and that the truth comes forward then justice will be handed out.  I want answers!
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