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Author Topic: DEEPAK 6/11/2005 STATEMENT and ADDENDUM  (Read 7424 times)
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« on: August 08, 2006, 03:24:23 PM »

District: Noord
Dienst : Justitiële
Sectie : Veelvoorkomende Criminaliteit
Mutatie No.:
Parket No.:
Adm. No.

Verklaring verdachte D.S. KALPOE
We, Clyde Anthony BURKE and Shaniro Baldrik KELLY, respectively sergeant first class and sergeant with the Korps Politie Aruba and both detached to the section Often occurring crimes District II, declare the following.

On June 11th 2005 at about 12:10 hours, we, the reporting officers, interviewed the suspect D.S. KALPOE, for further information.

Before the interview/interrogation started the suspect D.S. KALPOE was informed that he was not obliged to answer the questions. and that his statement would be recorded on videotape.

The statement he made in dutch was transcribed and went as follows.
"I am now willing to make a statement that is in accordance with the truth. Several details were missing from my last statement. I am going to tell you exactly what happened that night. On Sunday May 29th 2005 at approximately 21:50 hours, I was called by my friend Joran. He said that he was in the vicinity of the Mc. Donalds on Palm Beach and that he was waiting for his father. He further told me that he had met girls in the casino and that these girls would be going to "Carlos & Charlie's" and whether I wanted to go with him. I said that it was OK/fine and that I would pick him up after I went home at his place. I was picked up by my brother Satïsh at the place where I work. We then went to the "Taco Bell" situated in Santa Cruz. There we bought something to eat and then we drove home. On the way home I was bitten by ants in my car. I had told my brother that when we got back home, we should clean the car because if there were going to be girls in the car they would be bitten by ants too.

On your question whether we had agreed that there were going to be girls in the car, I can say the following. We had not agreed anything, but I just thought like just in case that would happen.

After we ate me and my brother cleaned the car. I was called by Joran again at approximately 23:10 hours. He asked if we were still coming. I told him that we would be there shortly, I took a bath and then me and my brother went towards Joran's place I was sitting behind the wheel. . Arriving at Joran's we had to wait for him. We arrived at Joran's at approximately 24:00 hours. Joran was still busy printing a school assignment..

To your question as to whether Joran, while we were sitting there,  commented or made any remarks about the girls he met in the casino, I can say the following. Joran had said he met a few girls in the casino, that they were pretty and that we would meet them inside "Carlos & Chariies".

To your question whether he named the names of the girls, I can say the following. He named no names.

We left Joran's place between 00:15 and 00:20 hours for "Carlos & Charlies". At that time my brother was driving. I was in the front seat and Joran was in the back. We arrived at "Carlos Si Charlie's” at approximately  00:30. My brother had parked the car on the parking lot behind "Carlos & Charlie's. We then walked in the direction of "Carlos & Charlies". In front of  "Carlos & Charlie's there was a group of girls. Joran had noticed that these girls were also part of the group he met at the casino. Joran had greeted the girls and then we walked into "Carlos & Charlie's. When we got inside we walked to the bar. At the bar Joran talked to a boy I know by face only. He had bought a drink for him and the boy. The drink is called "Carribean  Motherfxxxxx".

To your question as to what kind of drink that is, I can say the following. This drink is beer with a shot of "151" vodka in a small glass inside the glass of beer. Joran had asked us if we wanted one too, we hadn't taken him up on his offer. Then he had bought us three "Yards" with whisky coke. He payed for the drinks. We then walked towards the stage/podium. We stood in front of the podium. On the podium there was a group of girls that were dancing. One of the girls made a hand gesture towards Joran, inviting him to come and dance with her. Joran gestured back no. After about three minutes the girl walked off the podium towards Joran. I heard her ask him why he hadn't come up and dance with her. Joran answered something but I hadn't heard what he had said. The girl took him by the hands to get him onto the dance floor. But Joran pulled his hands back. Then they stayed and talked to each other. I didn't hear the conversation, because at that moment a friend of mine came over to talk to me. I had turned around and talked to my friend. After a while I turned around and noticed that Satish, Joran and the girl Natalee were not there any more where I had last seen them stand. I then searched for them in the club but without result. Then I went to look near the bathrooms. I also didn't find them there, I then used the bathroom myself. . After I walked out of the bathroom, I called Joran on his mobile phone. He did not answer. I walked to the parking lot where my car was parked. When I arrived at my car I sat on the ground next to my car, because my brother had the keys. I then called my brother on his mobile phone. I had almot no more minutes on my pre-paid phone so I called him in a way that produces what in English is called a “miss call”. After that my brother phoned me back, I asked him where they were and he said they were still inside and that he would come. After a while Satish came walking, I asked him where Joran was and he said that Joran was still inside. I told Satish to give me the keys and to go find Joran. Satish left again and I got into my car. I stayed inside of the car with the door open. I had one leg outside the car and I was playing music and adjusting my radio set-up. After a while I heard the door on the passenger side open. I saw Satish getting into the car. Joran opened the door behind Satish and also got into the car. I cannot remember if the girl got into the same car door. I do know that she sat down behind me. I turned around somewhat and introduced myself to the girl. She had told me that her name was Natalee.

To your question whether Satish was introduced to the girl or whether he introduced himself, I can say the following. He did not introduce himself to the girl and also wasn't introduced to her. I had turned back and switched the lights on of my car. After that I turned around again and asked Joran in Papiamentu: "k&o nos ta hasi" (loosely translated by reporting officer to the “what are we going to do now”) I had driven twice around “Carlos and Charlies”. When we came to the end of our second drive around I saw the people of the “Visibility Team” stand on the corner of the road that lead in front of the afore mentioned establishment. I decided to turn left into the Weststraat in the direction of “Choose a Name”. On the corner of L.G. SMITH and the Weststraat I saw a group of people standing there. The girl stuck her head out of the window and yelled something. I had not heard what she had yelled.

As to your question if I recognised anyone from this group, I can say the following. It was the same group I saw outside of “Carlos & Charlie”. I also remember a boy that walked up to the car and said to Natalee in English “Get out of the car. What are you doing there. Are you crazy” (loosely translated by reporting officer: Get out of the car. What are you doing there. Are you crazy). I properly drove on and stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of the “Royal Plaza”. I had then said to the girl that if your friends think it is better that you go with them, then that would be the better thing to do. The girl had said to me that no I am staying with you guys. I then called Joran by his name. He dit not  answer. He was talking to the girl. I called Joran again but now a bit louder. He then said, keep on driving. I then drove in the direction of "Caya G.F. Betico CROES". After that I drove in the direction of the “Renaissance Hotel". There I turned onto L.G. SMITH Boulevard. I proceeded to drive in Westerly direction. I drove on until we got to the intersection where I had last seen her friends. When we arrived there I saw that they were no longer there. I asked Joran what were were going to do now. The girl said at some point something about “Sharks” and “Lighthouse”. That is what I had heard. Joran then said “Lighthouse”. I knew at that moment that I had to drive to the “Lighthouse”. I rolled up the windows and put the airconditioning on and drove in the direction of the “Lighthouse”.

On the way to the "Lighthouse" me and my brother sat in front and talked and Joran and the girl were in the back and talked. I could not hear what they were talking about. At approximately where the “La Cabana Hotel” was, Satish popped in a DVD that had nude scenes in it. The girl said in English “Oh my God, whats that” (loosely translated by reporting officer: Oh my God, What is that). I then said to Joran in English: “Now she is going to think that we're perverts (loosely translated by reporting officer: Now the girls is going to think we are perverts). After a while Joran said to Satish in Dutch. “Switch off the DVD, she has had enough of it. Satish complied with the request. I had been driving on, in the direction of Arashi. When I arrived at Arashi I stopped the car on the asphalted section. I got out because I had to take a pee. Then I got back in again and we drove in the direction of the “Lighthouse”. Arriving at the "Lighthouse" I drove into the road and drove past the front of the restaurant. When we drove past the front I said, here we are this is the “Lighthouse”. Nobody answered me. At some point I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that Joran and the girl were French kissing. I had not seen that Joran had his hand up the girls skirt. I only saw him kissing. I looked at my brother Satish. He said keep on driving. After that I continued in the direction from which we just came. I saw a little farther up at about where the Lighthouse was a green jeep and a four door, white car. After that I drove down the road towards Arashi. Arriving at the Smith Boulevard on the section of road that has no lighting, I asked Joran if I should head back to town. Joran said no, no, let me out here. That was in the vicinity of the “Marriot Hotel”. I asked, where is here. He said here. I turned into a side street. To your question as to what kind of a road it was, I can say the following. I am not sure if it was a sand/dirt road or a paved road. I am willing to show you where the street is that I just mentioned.

As to your question how far I drove into the afore mentioned street, I can say the following, I think I drove about 55 yards into that street. Joran said that I should let him out there. After that I brought my car to a full stop. Joran got out first and then the girl. He said: Fine, I will see you tomorrow. I asked him how he would get home. He said that he would find a way to get home. I said, and the girl. He answered, I will drop her off at the “Holiday Inn Hotel”, we will walk along the beach and it is very close by. I had asked him, sure. He answered yes, I will see you tomorrow. I do remember that I saw them walking off hand in hand. I drove out of the street to get back onto the road and proceeded driving into the direction of my house. I do remember that in front of the “Marriot Hotel” Satish asked me to stop momentarily. I did what he asked me, Satish rolled down his window and threw out the two “Yards”. After that we drove until we got to the roundabout near “Texaco Sasakr”. At the roundabout I headed due east in the direction of my house at Hooiberg.
To your question as to how late we got home, I can say the following. We arrived home approximately 02.20 hours.

When we got home Satish immediately went to bed. I had switched on the television. I had also turned on the computer in my room. I went and chatted with a friend of mine on “MSN”. His name is John Chartes Croes. I had told the afore mentioned CROES during the chat that we had gone out and that I was waiting for a friend of mine because I had dropped him off on the street together with a girl.

To your question as to why I was waiting for Joran, I can say the following. We always do that if one of us has stayed on the street we wait. To your question as to what does that waiting comprises of, I can say the following. Waiting means that we call each other and say everything is fine.

After having chatted with John I went into the living room and watched TV. Between 02.45 and 03.15 hours, I cannot remember the exact time it was, Joran phoned me. He asked me what I was doing. I answered that I was watching television. I asked him, and you? He answered that he was at that moment in time walking home. I then said to him, you see if you had stayed with me, you could have gotten a ride home. I then asked him, and how did it go. He said to me, no man, we just went into the water. After that according to Joran the girl had fallen asleep on the beach. He said he had left her there. He did not say to me where this took place. At that point I got angry at Joran and asked him, why he left that girl on the beach. After that he said that he was walking home barefoot. I then said, what do you mean, you are walking home barefoot and I asked him where his sneakers/sport shoes were. He answered that he had left his sneakers/sport shoes at the beach. I had told him that at that moment I didn't understand what he was talking about, but that if he got home he should call me. After that I sent him a message via the M.A.S. System of SETAR. The message said: when you get home you should come online. I am waiting for you and then I am going to sleep.

To your question whether Joran had told me if they had gone into the water or just walked past the water's edge I can say the following. He did not tell me.

To you question as to how long me and Joran talked when he phoned, I can say the following. I estimate that we talked about 4 to 5 minutes. We also talked about whether I would go to work the next day and other stuff.
After this I went back to "chatting" on the computer with my friend John. I had told John that I needed to wait up for Joran and that he was walking home.. John had noted that it was good for Joran because if he had driven with me, he wouldn't have to walk home now.

I went to the bathroom for a while. When I got back I could see that Joran had been “online”. He had sent me several messages. The messages were, I am already here and thanks for waiting, I will see you tomorrow..After a while I went to sleep.

To your question whether I had been in contact with Joran that day, I can state the following. On that day, after I woke up, I had called Joran at approximately 18.00 hours. I just asked him how he was. Joran was at that moment in time together with a friend of us named Guido in the casino at “Wyndham”. I said that was OK and that I would talk to him later. Before I finished working, I had called him again. He said that at that time he was in the casino of the “Radisson Hotel”. I said that I would come to where he was.

Satish came and picked me up from work at approximately 23:10 hours at my place of work. I had brought Satish home because he had school the following day and also because my mother had been angry because we had stayed out late that day and that Satish hadn't gone to school. I then went to the “Radisson Hotel”. When I arrived there I met up with Joran, Guido and Andre. Joran was playing a poker tournament. I zat and watched. Joran was pretty inebriated that evening. We stayed there and played for about 2 hours after I arrived. I had arrived there at approximately 00;00 hours. At some point there was an altercation between a tourist and Joran. The tourist was of the opinion that we were helping Joran. We said to Joran that it was better if we would leave. We then left. Guido went away to take Andre home and me and Joran went to the “Wyndham” hotel11. I wanted to play blackjack. When we arrived at the “Wyndham” during parking Joran received a telephone call on his mobile. He spoke to a person. I heard him speak the name Paul. I assumed he was talking to his father. Because I know his father's name is Paul. After the conversation Joran said to me that it had been his father calling and that he told him that there was police at their house and that it was about the girl that we had been out with the previous night. Paul also said to Joran that we should stay put and that he would come and pick us up. Joran had misunderstood him and we drove to his house. At that moment I heard Joran say “What the f*** is up with/wrong with this bitch”. Then he said to me that if the police should ask anything that we should say the following: That we left together with the girl when we left from "Carlos & Charlie's", that we drove around, that Joran kissed and fingered her, that she fell asleep in the car and that we had taken her to the hotel.

When we arrived at Joran's house nobody was there. I at that time used Joran's mobile phone to call my brother. I had told my brother Satish what he should tell the police if they came over there. The story that is that Joran had just told me.

When got home I told Satish about the security guard. With that I meant that he had to add that piece to his story.

To your question as to where the story with the security guard came into the picture, I can say the following. I had made-up that part of the story.
To your question whether I had thought about telling the truth that night, I can say the following. I had not told the truth because in the first place Joran had asked me not to, he is my friend and I was afraid of the police because I thought that I would get into trouble with the police.

To your question as to how Joran was on the day that we went to “Carlos & Charlies”, I can say the following. He was sociable, not aggressive. In one word sociable. I do not know how much he had drank.
To your question how Natalee was that night in “Carlos & Charlies”, I can say the following. She danced beautifully, I had lied in my previous statement about her being unsteady on her feet when she stepped off the podium/stage. That was beside the truth. She had a steady walk. According to my opinion she was reasonably with it.

11(footnote reporting officer: at approximately 13:25 hours the interview was halted because the suspect had to be arraigned with the District Attorney and this had to be validated/checked by the Judge Commissioner)

I just remembered something. If Joran says that we took him home, then that is not based on the truth. Because he had sent me a message that said that he would get online as soon as he got home. You should check my mobile phone to see if the message is still in there.

I also have to tell you that Joran was wearing white sneakers/sport shoes that night. If you search/investigate his home then you will see that the shoes aren't there. He had told me that he had theft them on the beach.
To your question whether I of if Joran told the story to someone else,   than I can say the following. I know Joran told his story to his friend named Freddy ZEDAN. Freddy lives behind Joran. His mobile phone number is inside my mobile phone.

To your question whether Joran told me what he had told Freddy, I can say the following. Joran told me that he had told Freddy the truth and the story that was made up. I know that he trusts Freddy more because they have known each other for a long time. If you go and talk to Freddy, he will tell you the made up story and maybe also the truth.

To your question as to what I think the part of Joran's fathers was in this case, I can say the following. Truth be told I think he believed the story we had told him. He had then found a lawyer for me and my brother.
To your question as to what Joran's father had advised us, I can say the following. He told us that if we were to be arrested that we should remain calm and not come up with a different story.

I am also prepared to drive with you the route we drove that particular night. I am also prepared to show you the spot where we dropped off Joran and the girl.

To your question whether I can make detailed statements about the conversations that were happening while we were driving this route, I can say the following. I did hear some things. I heard the girl say something about sharks and “Lighthouse”. The comment she made about the videoclip. Joran had told me two days later that the girl had asked him whether me and my brother had been his slaves. The girl had told Joran that she was from Alabama, and that she didn't like people of dark colour and that they owned a farm and that the people working on their farm were all of dark colour.

To your question whether the girl had made racist comment to us, I can say the following. The girl made no comment like that to us.

To your question as to how I think about Joran making statements against me and my brother, I can say the following. I think he that he did this to blame the whole thing on us.

To your question as to what I think happened to the girl or what Joran did to her, I can say the following, I think that he raped her and is afraid to state that. I don't think he murdered her.

To your question as to why I think he has raped her, I can say the following. I think that because he doesn't want to tell the truth. That is the only reason I can think of.

To your question whether Joran could have been involved with a rape some time before, I can say the following. I do not know. My brother told me once that a girl had said that she had been impregnated by Joran. I do not know what happened after that.

To your question whether the statement I have just made is entirely in accordance with the truth, I can say the following. My statement is in accordance with the truth. I swear to you that this is the truth.

My wish is that before I sign my statement, I am allowed to read through it with my lawyer.

After the suspect D.S. KALPOE read the above transcribed statement, he said he would persist in that statement and signed the statement.

Of which, we, the reporting officers on our oat as officers have made his proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 11 2005.



Signed by all:


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« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2006, 11:52:47 AM »



We, Roland Ramiro TROMP and Shaniro Baldrick KELLY, respectively inspector and officer first class with the Korps Politie Aruba and both assigned to the Section Often Occurring Crimes district 2, state/declare the following.
   On June 11th 2005 approximately 23.00 hours, we, the reporting officers, were on our way to Sint Nicolaas to bring suspect Deepak Sharma KALPOE to the police station situated there, in order for him to be locked up.
   While we, the reporting officers, were driving towards Sint Nicolaas, we had an open conversation with the D.S. KALPOE mentioned afore. Of him among others was asked whether the statement he had made was the whole truth or if there had been a plan “B”, just in case that which they had agreed to say went wrong and if it indeed was said that if there was no body, the police had no case.
   The suspect D.S. KALPOE had said to us that he had nothing to add to his latest statement, that there had been no plan “B” and that the father of Joran, during one of the times that he and his brother had been at Joran's, had come with a book and had explained to them what they needed to know if they were arrested by the police. (with the father of Joran, Joran and his brother the following people are indicated, witness P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT, the suspect J.A.P. van der SLOOT and the suspect S.S. KALPOE; comment TROMP). The father of Joran had explained to them that they had to be informed of their rights, that they were at first going to be held for six hours, that they could be locked up after that, that they would have to be brought in front of a district attorney within two days, that the district attorney could decide to hold them for eight further days, that after this the judge commissioner could hold them another eight days more, that in total they could be held for 116 days and that after this they could go home because the police does not have a case without a body.
   Me, TROMP, asked him again if Joran's father did indeed give some explanations and he this he confirmed.

Of this I have, on my oath as an officer have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed at Bubali on June 14th 2005.

The reporting officer:




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