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Author Topic: SATISH - 6/11/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 4818 times)
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« on: August 10, 2006, 01:14:21 AM »


We, Johny Melvis ERASMUS and Juan Enrique BOEZEM, respectively officer first class and head officer, with the Korps Politie Aruba and attached to the Section Often Occurring Crimes District II, declare the following.

On June 11th 2005, at approximately 17:30 hours, we interviewed the suspect S.S. KALPOE for further information.

Before we started to interview he was informed by me, ERASMUS, that he was not obliged to make a statement and that is interview will be taped.

He then gave a statement in dutch, which I have transcribed and goes as follows.

"Before the interview started I was informed by you that I was obliged to make a statement. Although I know that I am willing to make a statement.

The statements I gave before were not entirely based on the truth.

I am now willing to make a statement in accordance with the truth.

On Sunday May 29th 2005, at approximately 21.45 hours I went to pick up my brother Deepak where he works. I went to pick up Deepak in Deepak's car. Deepak has a grey coloured car of the make Honda Civic. When I arrived at his place of work I waited for him. At approximately 22.10 Deepak got into the car. We drove from the Seaport Market Place to Taco Bell in Santa Cruz to buy something to eat. After we had bought something to eat at Taco Bell we drove home to eat. When we were sitting at home eating, my brother Deepak said to me that Joran had asked him if he could go to Carlos & Charlies. My brother told me that Joran had told him that he had on that day in the hours of the afternoon met a few girls in the casino, My brother did not tell me in which casino Joran had met these girls. I decided to go with my brother and Joran to Carlos & Charlies. Before we left home, we vacuumed the car because there were a lot of ants in the car. I think that ants come into the car because the car is parked on our land it stands on grass. After we had cleaned the car, I had gotten dressed to go out. My brother had gone to take a bath and also changed in order to go to Carlos & Charlies. On May 29th 2005 at approximately 23.15 we had left our house. We drove from our house directly to Joran's house in Montanja. When we arrived at Joran's house my brother parked his car in front of the house. With my mobile phone number 568xxxx I had called Joran on his mobile phone. Joran did not answer his mobile phone. My brother and I decided then to walk to his room. Joran lives in a kind of an appartement on the courtyard of the house. When we arrived at his appartement we found that Joran was not in his appartement. The appartement of Joran never gets locked. When we arrived at his appartement we had opened the door and went inside. I then saw that his mobile phone was in the appartement and I understood why he hadn't answered his phone. We had been standing in the appartement for about 3 to 4 minutes before Joran came into the appartement. I had then asked Joran where he had been. He had told me that he had been printing school material and that he had thought that we weren't going to show up anymore. Joran at that time had several pages of English lessons in his had. We then said to Joran that he should get changed so that we could go out. Joran then went to get changed in order to go out with us. I cannot remember what kind of clothes Joran had put on that day. Usually Joran wears shorts. Joran had to go to school the next day. The father of Joran at that moment was sleeping inside the house. The mother of Joran was during that period still in the Netherlands. Joran said that his father did not know that he would be going out. On the way to Carlos and Charlies Joran told us that during that day in the afternoon hours he had met a few girls in the casino. Joran told us that he had helped a girl win back some of her father's money that she had lost. Joran had told us that she had lost three hundred something dollars of her father's money in the casino and that he had helped the girl win back a little over 100 dollars. Joran said that after the girl had won more than 100 dollars, he had told her that she should stop gambling. Joran said the girl had invited him to come to Carlos & Charlies. Joran did not mention the name of the girl. My brother Deepak parked the car behind the former Ritsz building. After my brother had parked the car, the three of us walked to Carlos & Charlies. I saw that on the right side, when you walk into Carlos & Charlies, a group of Americans. I knew that they were Americans because they were talking in English. This group consisted of approximately 60 to 70 people. We kept on walking and stood and watched near the podium. On the podium was a girl. When the girl saw us, she made it clear with hand gestures that she wanted Joran to come and dance with her. I saw that Joran made it clear with a hand gesture that he would not go and dance with her. We started walking again until we got to the bar. Joran had bought three Yard Whisky coke for us. After that we returned to the podium to stand and watch. While we were standing there watching the girl, who had wanted Joran to come and dance with her, came over to Joran. Joran and the girl started talking. I saw that my brother was talking to a boy. The boy with whom my brother was talking I know by face only, I do not know his name. I had seen him in Carlos & Charlies before. I saw that the girl took Joran by the hand and lead him to another bar. I followed them. My brother stayed behind because he was talking to this boy. I saw that the girl laid down on top of the bar. I had never seen this before. I asked Joran "What is she going to do." Joran told me that the girl wanted him to drink a bodyshot off of her. I saw that the girl poured a drink on her belly, after which Joran drank it (sucked it up). The girl had paid for the bodyshot (drink). According to me I had stood alone for a while. Joran came over to me with the girl and told me that the bar had closed. I started to get busier at Carlos & Charlies. I assumed that this had to do with the fact that the activity called "Soul Beach" had just ended.

We, Joran, the girl and myself, had walked over to another bar where we had earlier bought the Yard's.

I had not seen my brother anymore. I saw that Joran and the girl were about to drink a shot. At that point I received a "missed call". I did not hear the phone but felt that I was being called, this was because I had set my mobile phone to vibrate.

I saw that my brother had called me. I know that my brother didn't have any more credit on his mobile phone and had called him back. My brother answered his phone and asked where we were. I told him that we were still inside Carlos & Charlies. He had told me that he was already at his car. I told him that we would come to where he was. I said to Joran that my brother was already at the car and if we were leaving, because Carlos & Charlies was about to close. Joran said that it was OK that we would be leaving and that the girl would be coming with us. We, Joran, the girl and myself, then walked outside. I was still holding my "Yard" in my hand. Outside the girl talked to a group of people. There were approximately 30 people in that group. I did not hear what they were talking about. We then walked over to the car. My brother was standing near the back of the car on the right. I said to my brother we are leaving, because Carlos & Charlies was about to close. My brother had gotten into the car and started the car. I sat down next to my brother. The girl got in through the back door on the right hand side of the car and sat down behind my brother. Joran was behind me in the car. The girl had at no point gotten acquainted with us, me and my brother. I cannot remember exactly how it went, but one this is certain, we made another round passing in front of Carlos & Charles. When we came to the intersection on that street, the girl saw that her friends were standing on the intersection west of Royal Plaza. I estimate that at that point there were approximately 60 people on that intersection. These people stood on both sides of the road. At the intersection Joran had said to my brother to turn right because the girl wanted to greet her friends. My brother Deepak then turned right with his car and then turned left with the car. When my brother had turned left on the intersection west of Royal Plaza, the girl had opened her window. The girl shouted to her friends "hey". While my brother was turning left, a boy shouted at the girl really loud "get out of the car" (get out of the car. Translated by reporting officers). My brother had also heard that the boy had shouted at the girl to get out of the car. My brother brought the car to a full stop to see if the girl would get out of the car. I heard the girl say to this boy that she would hook up with them later at the hotel and that she would go with us. Just to be on the safe side my brother asked Joran if the girl would get out there. Joran answered that the girl would come with us. The girl had not said a word to us. I don't know why that was. The boy who had said to the girl to get out of the car was dressed in a white T-shirt and was caucasian. I hadn't paid attention to what he looked like. Joran had also asked the girl if she would come with us, the girl then answered that she would be going with us. My brother then drove on. We then drove by way of the city center towards the boulevard near where the Sonesta Hotel is. When we got close to the Sonesta Hotel he turned right and drove towards the hotels. When we got to the intersection west of Royal Plaza, we saw that the people where no longer standing at the intersection. We drove on in a westerly direction. We were driving on the boulevard where the gas station is when the girl said she wanted to go see the sharks in the vicinity of the "lighthouse". Joran told the girl that there were no shark in the vicinity of the "lighthouse". Then the girl said that the "lighthouse" was the only place on Aruba that she had not yet seen. The girl said that she wanted to see the "lighthouse". Joran then told my brother to drive to the "lighthouse" if the girl wanted to go and see the "lighthouse". My brother then drove towards the "lighthouse". While my brother was driving towards the "lighthouse" Joran and the girl were talking in the back of the car. I could not hear what Joran and the girl were talking about. The music in the car was on so loud that we could not hear what the people in the back of the car were saying. During the drive I had at one point heard that the girl had said the word "hitler". I had turned down the music a little. I then heard the girl saying that she was related to "hitler" and that her mother was the sister of "hitler". I also heard the girl saying that she was from Alabama and that her parents owned a plantation there that had slaves working on the plantation. Joran had told me later that the girl had asked him if we were his slaves. But I had not heard that. My brother continued to drive into the direction of the "lighthouse". When we had passed the traffic lights at Wendy's, I saw that Joran and the girl were kissing. Whilst my brother was driving in a northerly direction, I saw a car pull up aside of us and procede left in the direction of the Holiday Inn Hotel. We were still driving in a northerly direction. My brother kept on driving till we reached the "lighthouse". When we had arrived at the "lighthouse" my brother asked Joran if the girl wanted to see the "lighthouse". Joran then said that he didn't think she would want to see it because she had fallen asleep. At that moment I turned around and saw that the girl was lying on Joran's lap and that she was sleeping. Joran had awakened the girl. Joran then told my brother that he didn't think that the girl would want to see the "lighthouse". The girl had been awake then. Joran then asked the girl if she was staying in the Holiday Inn hotel. The girl answered that she was staying at the Holiday Inn hotel. Joran then said to my brother that he should drive to the Holiday Inn hotel to drop off the girl. My brother then drove in the direction of the Holiday Inn hotel. To your question whether the girl had said something after she had woken up I have to tell you that I did not pay attention. On the way to the Holiday Inn Hotel Joran told my brother to turn right at some point. At Joran's request my brother turned right and drove into the street just north of the Marriot Hotel. My brother continued driving up the street until Joran said that he should stop the car. My brother then brought the car to a full stop. My brother asked Joran how he was going to get home. Joran answered that he would find a way to get home. My brother asked Joran if he was sure he would find another way to get home. Joran said that he was sure that he would find a way to get home. At that moment it was approximately 01.45 hours on May 30th 2005. The girl and Joran then got out of the car. Joran and the girl walked towards the beach. Joran and the girl had put their arms around each other while they walked. To your question whether the girl had been drunk and how the girl was walking I can say the following. The girl was at that time well with it and was walking fine too. After we had driven out of this street I asked my brother to slow down and I had thrown the "Yard' cup out of the car on the right side of the road. After that we drove towards our house. To your question as to what direction we had taken when we drove home I have the answer you the following. I cannot remember for sure, but I think we took the road through Tanki Leendert to get home.

After we got home I immediately went to sleep. My brother had gone into his room. I do not know if he immediately went to sleep. On May 30th 2005 I had awoken between 11.00 hours and 12.00 hours. When I woke up I asked my brother if he knew how Joran had made it to his house. My brother told me that he had been called during the night hours by Joran. My brother told me that when he was talking to Joran, he could hear that Joran was breathing heavily. My brother told me that had asked Joran what he was doing at the time. Joran had told my brother that he was at that time walking home towards his house. My brother told me that he had asked Joran about the girl and that Joran had told him that he had left the girl at the beach. According to my brother Joran had told him that he had taken off his shoes and that he and the girl had gone into the water. Joran had then told my brother that after that he and the girl had gotten out of the water and that the girl had fallen asleep on the beach. Joran told my brother that he had then tried to wake up the girl but that she had not awakened. Joran told my brother that he had looked to find his shoes but that he couldn't find them. Joran told my brother that he had left the girl on the beach and that he had walked home barefoot. On May 30th at approximately 16.00 hours I had taken my brother to his workplace and at 23.00 hours I had picked him up from work. After I had picked him up from work, we drove home. When we had arrived at home my brother told me that Joran was waiting for him at the casino. My brother had not told me which casino. My brother then went to Joran in the casino. On Tuesday May 31st 2005 at approximately 02.45 hours I was sleeping in bed. At that moment I was awakened by my brother Deepak. Deepak had called me on my mobile phone 568xxxx. Deepak had called me with his mobile phone 568xxxx. Deepak said to me that the girl that had been with us on Sunday had gone missing. Deepak then told me that we should not say that we dropped Joran and the girl off near the Marriot Hotel but that we left her at the Holiday Inn Hotel. My brother had also told me that we should say that we had dropped off Joran at his place. When Deepak called me he was together with Joran. I heard Joran instruct my brother what we had to say. My brother had told me that the father of Joran had told Joran that the police had come to their house. Before the police could come and pick me up I was called by my brother to tell me what I had to say if the police came to my house. The police did not come to my house that night. After I had heard that message I could not sleep. I was picked up by the police that day during the afternoon hours. I had told the police that we had dropped off the girl at the Holiday Inn Hotel and that the girl had been walking towards a security guard. That was not true. That was a made up story. I had asked Joran what had happened with the girl. Joran told me the same story every time. Joran must tell where the girl is because he had stayed with the girl last.

Two weeks ago my brother came home from work in the afternoon it was approximately 16.00 hours. My brother came to my room. He told me that during the day, while he was working, a boy had come up to him named Steve and that he had told him that he had seen us dropping off the girl at the Holiday Inn. My brother had told me that Steve could tell in detail how he had seen us leave Carlos & Charlies and had seen us later at the Holiday Inn. Steve supposedly also saw how the girl had fallen down and how our long friend had helped the girl get back to her feet. My brother had told me that this guy Steve had given him his phone-number, just in case he had to go to the police and give a statement as a witness.

According to my brother this guy Steve told him that he was supposed to go to work that day, but that he didn't go to work.

My brother had told me that he had seen Steve before, but that he hadn't known his name.

I asked my brother how that was possible because we didn't drop off the girl at the Holiday Inn.

To your question as to what I think the story of this Steve is all about, I can state the following. My brother and me both thought it was strange. I cannot give any explanation for it.

To your question whether I believe what Joran had told us, I can state the following. I do not believe everything that Joran had told us.

I think that Joran did not tell the truth to us.


After the suspect S.S. KALPOE had read through his statement, he said that he would persist in it. He refused to sign it though before his lawyer had read it.

Of this we, ERASMUS and BOEZEM, on our oath as officers have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 11th 2005.

The reporting officers,

J.M. ERASMUS           J.E. BOEZEM



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