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Author Topic: Murder and Crime Rate In Aruba  (Read 4110851 times)
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« Reply #580 on: October 19, 2007, 09:57:33 AM »

Thanks for the above post klaas.

http://www.amigoe.com/english/   10/19/2007

Supervision on gambling shockingly bad

ORANJESTAD – In Aruba, there is hardly any supervision on the local population’s gambling.  Even though the law permits supervision, it appears that in practice, hardly anything is being checked.  The Social Economic Council (SER) came to that conclusion after they did an inquiry analysis on gambling on the island.

The Council listed the gambling possibilities in Aruba and they appeared innumerable.  There are currently 11 legal casinos, where people can go gambling seven days a week.  Several casinos organize daily bingo games in the amusement arcade, in the midst of slot machines.  “Many bingo players try their luck on the slot machines during intermission and after the bingo game is over”, writes the SER.

In addition to the 11 legal casinos, there are also illegal ones.  Considering the illegal character of these activities, other information on them is difficult to get. 

And then there is the phenomenon e-gaming or casino-on-line.  How much of this is being practiced in Aruba, we don’t know, but because it is being promoted in the local newspapers, we establish that e-gaming is also popular among the Aruban population. 

There is also cock-fighting, which is indeed illegal.  But it is an open secret that this is taking place on a regular basis.  The Veterinary Service indicated being concerned about the relatively new phenomenon of dog fights.

There are also gambling on domino- and pool competitions.  People also love to gamble on soccer tournaments and boxing.   There are of course the lotteries: Lotto pa Deporte, the National Lottery, the legal lotteries, and the illegal ones; in short, sufficient possibilities to gamble in Aruba.


The law dictates that residents are allowed to visit a casino only eight times a month.  If and when they exceed this number of visits, the Internal Department of the government will sent them a letter at home with the warning that the maximum standard for casino-visits has been reached.  If this warning gets ignored, the resident is banned from casino-visits for one year.  When this year has expired, the person has to submit a request to remove the casino ban.

From a study in 1982, it turned out that this supervision has never worked.  ‘In practice, this letter is dead”, said SER in her report.

The Department of Casino-system has 92 casino inspectors and 8 clerks, together 100 persons that ought to conduct the checking at the entrance of each casino.  However it is known that local visitors are almost never checked.  “The Casino-system department indicated that it is impossible to check the people that are going to play bingo, so they don’t.  But they almost never check either when there is no bingo game.”   

In order to protect residents it is also determined that “a resident of Aruba is not allowed to gamble more than 200 dollars each time and a non-resident, 1000 dollars”.  This ought to be supervised in the casino.  SER doesn’t mention in her report whether this is also taking place.  Probably, because there is no information on this, so it cannot be verified.


SER also noticed a lack of supervision on the technical aspects of the slot machines.  A draft national ordinance was presented to parliament in 2004-2005, requiring more attention for the protection of Aruba’s good reputation against slot machines that pay too little.  The Technical Inspection Service (DTI) was supposed to be appointed as the controlling instance for this.  Supposedly this department has experience with this matter.

Inquiry with DTI revealed though that DTI has no experience at all with this matter.  They have proposed a bill in the past to make these inspections legal, and so set up and implement a system.  Parliament has never considered this bill.  Also the payment percentages of the slot machines in the casinos are never checked.  Casinos indicated that all the slot machines imported from the United States are programmed and approved by the Gaming Licence International in the United States.  The Casino-system department is responsible for further checking, when necessary.  Inquiry with this department learns that DTI does the checking and DTI indicated on her turn that they do not exercise controls.  With this, the supervision on casinos fails on all fronts.

* * *
I don't see any mention of under-age gambling.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #581 on: October 19, 2007, 10:38:42 AM »


 A ORANJESTAD(AAN): Diahuebs Eric F.D.M a presenta dilanti di huez, despues cu el a wordo acusa di a maltrata un persona severamente.Den rapport di polis tin para cu E. riba15 di Juli 2007 a dal un persona cu botter riba cabez, causando un posibel hersenschudding y dunando e persona un cicatriz na su cabez.

Segun declaracion die victima, E.M tabata busca problema cune den Carlos & Charlie’s y na dado momento e acusado a pushe y dal e cu botter di cerbez riba su cabez.El a dal abao y e persona a sigui riba dje.

E mester a wordo hiba cu ambulance y na hospital nan a cose su cabez cu a ricibi un cap. Ora el a bay cas, nan a bise pa e wordo lanta cada par di ora, pasobra e por tin un hersenschudding. Abogado di e acusado a ricibi e documentonan die  caso hopi laat y a pidi pa e caso wordo posponi, pero e acusado mes a bisa huez cu e lo defende su mes, pa e caso keda cla.

Den su declaracion na polis el a bisa cu e victima tin un relacion cu su ex y ora el a pasa cerca di nan, e homber a pushe. El a reacciona y dal e homber cu e botter. Fiscal a pidi e acusado si e problema tin di haber cu su ex y el a bisa cu no.El a bisa cu e tin un otro chick caba y cu e no tabata kier problema.

E mucha muher tambe a duna un declaracion, cu ta confirma loke e victima a bisa. Tanto e victima y su pareha a bisa si den nan declaracion na polis, cu nan kier pa e haya castigo, pero no pa e perde su trabao na Mariniers Kazerne.

E victima tabata presente den corte y el a entrega un demanda.El a splica cu e mester a paga 367 florin pa e tratamento na eerste hulp, pasobra e no tabata tin un asina yama “zorgpas”.Ademas di esaki el a exigi 108 florin cu el a perde door di no por bay traha.E victima a entrega un demanda tambe di 2000 florin, pa daño inmaterial.

El a splica cu e tin problema di drumi, ta pensa hopi biaha riba e momento traumatico y cu el a keda cu un cicatriz na su cabez. Fiscal a exigi un castigo di 1 luna condicional, cu e condicion cu e mester paga 2000 florin na e victima.

Ademas di esaki e mester paga un multa di 500 florin, como tambe e gastonan di 367 di hospital. Huez den su sentencia a bisa cu e no por determina facilmente cuanto por wordo exigi den dañonan inmaterial.Pesey el a duna como castigo si cu E.M mester paga 500 florin di multa, 367 pa e tratamento na eerste hulp, mientras cu un castigo condicional di 1 luna ta keda colga riba su cabez.

Online Pap translation:

one boter of cervez owing to costa acusado 867 guilder owing to

oranjestad(aan): diahuebs eric f.d.m owing to present fast of huez, after cu past owing to wordo acusa of owing to maltrata one person severamente.den rapport of police have stop cu the. riba15 of july 2007 owing to strike one person cu botter on cabez, causando one possible hersenschudding y dunando the person one cicatriz at his cabez.

according declaracion die victima, e.m was busca problem cune in carlos & charlie’s y at dado instant the acusado owing to pushe y strike the cu botter of cerbez on his cabez.el owing to strike abao y the person owing to follow on dje.

the have to owing to wordo take away cu ambulance y at hospital they owing to cose his cabez cu owing to ricibi one cap. hour past owing to bay cas, they owing to bise for her wordo arise cada pair of hour, because the can have one hersenschudding. advocate of the acusado owing to ricibi the documentonan die caso much late y owing to ask for her caso wordo posponi, but the acusado self owing to tell huez cu the will defende his self, for her caso stay cla.

in his declaracion at police past owing to tell cu the victima have one relacion cu his ex y hour past owing to happen close of they, he owing to pushe. past owing to reacciona y strike he cu the botter. fiscal owing to ask the acusado if the problem have of haber cu his ex y past owing to tell cu not.el owing to tell cu the have one another chick end y cu the not was wanted problem.

the child muher also owing to give one declaracion, cu is confirma thing the victima owing to tell. tanto the victima y his pareha owing to tell if in they declaracion at police, cu they wanted for her achieve castigo, but not for her lose his trabao at mariniers kazerne.

the victima was present in corte y past owing to entrega one demanda.el owing to splica cu the have to owing to pay 367 guilder for her tratamento at eerste hulp, because the not was have one so calling “zorgpas”.ademas of this past owing to exigi 108 guilder cu past owing to lose door of not can bay work.e victima owing to entrega one demanda also of 2000 guilder, for damage inmaterial.

past owing to splica cu the have problem of sleep, is think much trip on the instant traumatico y cu past owing to stay cu one cicatriz at his cabez. fiscal owing to exigi one castigo of 1 month condicional, cu the condicion cu the have to pay 2000 guilder at the victima.

apart from this the have to pay one multa of 500 guilder, because; also the gastonan of 367 of hospital. huez in his sentencia owing to tell cu the not can determina facilmente cuanto can wordo exigi in dañonan inmaterial.pesey past owing to give because; castigo if cu e.m have to pay 500 guilder of multa, 367 for her tratamento at eerste hulp, while cu one castigo condicional of 1 month is stay colga on his cabez.

* * *

Again not sure what the story is, but something happened at C&Cs (always worth mentioning! 07/15/2007); the accused apparently has to pay at least the medical/hospital cost incurred, maybe other $$, and/or some detention time. Don't know off hand whether this already has been posted here on M&C thread ...

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #582 on: October 22, 2007, 10:46:02 AM »


Another C&C fight ...


ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Central di Polis pa banda di 1:30 marduga ta worde notifica cu dilanti di Carlos ‘n Charlie’s lo tin un situacion andando caminda dos hende homber ta purbando di hinca un mucha muher den auto contra su boluntad.

Mesora un patruya ta worde despacha pa e lugar ya menciona y akinan nan ta bin topa cu dos hende homber di nacionalidad Colombiano ta luchando cu un mucha muher di mes un nacionalidad pa drenta auto.

   Polis a papia cu e hende homber di inicial C.V.B DI 28 aña y su ruman muher LV.B di 21 aña. E ruman homber ta splica su ruman muher ta pata pata burachi y cu e kier hiba esaki cas, pero e ruman muher no kier tende.

Polis na su turno a papia cu e ruman muher y a mustre ariba e peligernan cu tin rond y cu ya cu e no kier bay cu e ruman homber, cu nan mes lo hibe su cas.

   Akinan ora cu Polis a bay pa hiba e mucha muher na e patruya, e ruman homber a cuminza ta discuti cu Polis y ta insulta e Polis te cu cos a cuminza bay for di man. Te hasta e tira sla riba e Polis nan.

   Akinan Polis a dicidi pa detene e ruman homber cu no a bay facil anto pa caba di completa e obra, ata e ruman muher a bula ariba e Polis muhe y cuminza bringa cu esaki. Un otro lucha a tuma lugar pa logra di detene e ruman muher y asina Polis a hiba tur dos pa warda di Polis playa.

   Na warda e ruman muher un biaha mas ta ataca e Polis muhe y ta logra di dal esaki den su stoma cu scop y ta kibra su camisa. Cada un di e rumannan aki a haya cuarto gratis, mientras cu e Polis lo bay entrega keho contra nan.

Online Pap Translation:

police in confrontacion cu two brother colombiano
is stay cu lip clip y sla in abdomen

oranjestad (aan) – central of police for near of 1:30 marduga is worde notifica cu fast of carlos ‘n charlie’s will have one situation andando caminda two person man is purbando of hinca one child muher in car contra his boluntad.

at once one patrol is worde despacha for her lugar already menciona y akinan they're come come across cu two person man of nacionalidad colombiano is luchando cu one child muher of self one nacionalidad for enter car.

police owing to talk cu the person man of inicial c.v.b of 28 year y his brother muher lv.b of 21 year. the brother man is splica his brother muher is hoof claw sober y cu the wanted take away this cas, but the brother muher does not hear.

police at his file owing to talk cu the brother muher y owing to mustre upstairs the peligernan cu have rond y cu already cu the does not bay cu the brother man, cu they self will hibe his cas.

akinan hour cu police owing to bay for take away the child muher at the patrol, the brother man owing to cuminza is discuti cu police y is insulta the police till cu cos owing to cuminza bay for of hand. till even the throw sla on the police they.

akinan police owing to dicidi for detene the brother man cu not owing to bay facil then for end of completa the work, behold the brother muher owing to fly upstairs the police muhe y cuminza fight cu this. one another struggle did take lugar for succeed of detene the brother muher y so police owing to take away all two for keep of police beach.

at keep the brother muher once more is ataca the police muhe y is succeed of strike this in his stomach cu scop y is break his camisa. cada one of the rumannan here owing to achieve cuarto free, while cu the police will bay entrega complaint contra they.


Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #583 on: October 22, 2007, 08:15:14 PM »

Brand Dak Riba Cabez mogelijk veroorzaakt door molotovcocktail
22 Okt, 2007, 18:15 (GMT -04:00)

De voordeur met rookschade van het door brand beschadigde onderkomen voor daklozen Dak riba Cabez.

ORANJESTAD — De brand die in de nacht van zaterdag op zondag in het opvangtehuis Dak riba Cabez woedde, ontstond mogelijk door het ontsteken van een molotovcocktail. Dat heeft de politie bekendgemaakt. De brandweer meldt dat er tot nu toe nog geen asbestdeeltjes zijn vrijgekomen.

Vrijwilligers van het Rode Kruis, bijgestaan door de Brandweer, plaatsten zondag twee grote tenten als tijdelijk onderkomen voor de gebruikers van Dak riba Cabez.

Het vuur, dat rond half drie ’s nachts ontstond, heeft de eerste verdieping van het voormalige Hotel Central fors beschadigd. Ook de tweede verdieping liep schade op door de rookontwikkeling en door bluswater. De shelter is daardoor tijdelijk onbruikbaar voor de opvang van daklozen. Bij de brand raakten verder drie mensen gewond. Een van hen is ’s nachts door ambulancepersoneel naar het hospitaal vervoerd. De twee andere gewonden zijn de volgende ochtend rond elf uur door het Rode Kruis naar het hospitaal vervoerd.

Volgens omwonenden moesten enkele bewoners door de brand de nacht op straat doorbrengen. Het Rode Kruis is daarom zondagochtend in alle vroegte op zoek gegaan naar opvangmogelijkheden voor de daklozen. De bemiddeling van de hulporganisatie leverde twee grote tenten en stretchers op die beschikbaar zijn gesteld door de Marinierskazerne in Savaneta. De tenten zijn op verzoek van de daklozen neergezet op het plein voor Dak riba Cabez en daar kunnen de daklozen voorlopig de komende 72 uur blijven. In die periode worden zij bijgestaan door vrijwilligers van het Rode Kruis.

Het opvanghuis is al weken in het nieuws door de slechte staat van onderhoud van het pand. Dit leidde tot een staking van het personeel. De medewerkers maakten zich vooral zorgen over het asbest dat was geconstateerd in de leidingen in het plafond. Brandweerofficier Jair Tromp zegt tijdens de brand geen asbestdeeltjes buiten het pand te hebben gevonden. “Ik ga nu weer kijken of er iets op de auto’s en straat ligt.” Of er gevaar is voor de volksgezondheid kan hij niet zeggen. De omgeving bij Dak Riba Cabez is niet afgezet.

“Onze mensen dragen binnen in het pand wel maskers. Verder bestaat er geen asbestprocedure op Aruba zoals bijvoorbeeld in Nederland wel het geval is. Indien nodig kunnen we wel gebruik maken van de Nederlandse procedure”, aldus Tromp.

Het ontbreken van deze procedure is het gevolg van onvoldoende wetgeving. Ook beschikt de overheid niet over apparatuur om asbestdeeltjes in de lucht te meten\

Through translator:

Fire roof Riba Cabez possibly causes  molotovcocktail

 ORANJESTAD - the fire which raged in the night of Saturday on Sunday in the opvangtehuis roof riba Cabez, arose possibly by lighting a molotovcocktail. That has announced the police force. The brandweer communicates that so far still none has been released asbestdeeltjes. Volunteers of the red cross, assisted by the brandweer, placed Sunday two large tents as temporary onderkomen for the users of roof riba Cabez. Fire, which arose round half three at night, the first deepening of the former hotel has strongly damaged Central. Also second deepening passed through damage by the smoke development and bluswater. The shelter is as a result, temporarily unusable for the relief of daklozen. At the fire further three people touched wounded. Of them by ambulance staff to the hospitaal it has been at night transported. The two other gewonden have been transported the next morning around eleven hours by the red cross to the hospitaal. According to omwonenden some occupants had spend the night by the fire on the street. For this reason the red cross have gone Sunday morning in all vroegte in search to care systems for the daklozen. The conciliation of the aid organisation produced two large tents and stretchers which have been put available by the Marinierskazerne in Savaneta. The tents have been put down at the request of the daklozen on the square for roof riba Cabez and there can the daklozen provisionally the coming 72 hours remain. In that period they are assisted volunteers of the red cross. The relief house is already weeks in the news by the bad state of maintenance of the pand. This led to a strike of the staff. The employees made themselves especially look concerning asbestos which had been observed in the piping in the ceiling. fire officer Jair tromp says have found during the fire none asbestdeeltjes outside the pand. "I now weerga to look at if there something lies on the cars and street." Or there danger is for the public health cannot he say. The surroundings at roof Riba Cabez have not been turned off. Our people carry in in the pand, however, masks. Furthermore there no asbestos procedure on Aruba exists like for example in the Netherlands, however, the case is. If necessary we can use, however, of the Dutch procedure, thus tromp. Being lacking this procedure is the consequence of insufficient legislation. Also the government does not have equipment to measure asbestdeeltjes in air.

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« Reply #584 on: October 23, 2007, 09:02:55 AM »

Thanks klaas. Here is the Amigoe English version.

http://www.amigoe.com/english/   10/22/2007

Interesting that this Amigoe article doesn't mention "chollers" - it's termed a relief center for the homeless.

Fire Dak riba Cabez is possibly caused by Molotov cocktail

ORANJESTAD – The police announced that the fire that raged in the relief center Dak riba Cabez in the night of Sunday to Monday, was possibly ignited by a Molotov cocktail.  The fire department says that no asbestos particles have been released up till now.

The fire that started around 02:30, has damaged the first floor of the former Hotel Central considerably.  Also the second floor had smoke and water damage.  For the time being, the shelter cannot be used to relief the homeless.  Three people got injured during the fire, and one of them had to be taken that same night to the hospital by ambulance.  The Red Cross took the other two to the hospital around 11:00 the next morning. 

Volunteers of the Red Cross, assisted by the Fire Brigade, put up two big tents as temporary accommodation for the users of Dak riba Cabez.

Some of the homeless had to spend the night in the streets due to the fire.  The Red Cross has therefore started to look for relief possibilities for the homeless very early in the morning on Sunday.  The barracks in Savaneta made two big tents and stretchers available to the Red Cross for the homeless.  Upon request of the homeless people, the Red Cross put up the tents on the plaza in front of the Dak riba Cabez, where they can temporarily stay for the next 72 hours, during which volunteers of the Red Cross will attend to them.

The relief center was for weeks in the news due to the building’s bad maintenance state.  The personnel even went on strike due to this.  They were particularly concerned about the asbestos that was concentrated in the ceiling pipes.  Fire Brigade officer Jair Tromp said that he has not noticed asbestos particles outside the building.  He said that he’s going to check if there is any on the cars and in the street.  He doesn’t know whether the public health is in danger.  The area around Dak riba Cabez is not blocked.

“Our people wear masks when they are inside the building.  There is no asbestos procedure in Aruba, like for example in the Netherlands.  If necessary, we can always use the procedure of the Netherlands.”  The Aruban government does not even have equipment to measure asbestos particles in the air.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #585 on: October 23, 2007, 09:34:52 AM »

A hit and run; no fatality.


ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Dialuna atardi a sosode un accidente ariba e caminda di Morgenster net dilanti di Belin Garage y caminda un señora a keda herida y cu hopi spanto.

  E auto cu a causa e accidente mes a core bay, pero su number y tur otro detaye a worde entrega na Polis y por spera cu pronto lo yama e persona aki aden.

  Tur indicacion ta mustra cu e auto di e señora tabata prepara pa bay bira na man robez, ora cu e auto di hit & run tabata pasando. Door di esaki, el a alcanza e auto di e señora cu a keda draai te bay para bou di un mata di kwihi.

  Un otro auto cu tabata tras di e señora mas uno cu tabata biniendo direccion pariba, a haya nan mes ta maniobra pa scapa un otro dalmento. Ambulance mester a atende e señora cu tabata keha di hopi dolor di nek, cabez y pecho.

Online Pap translation:

hit and run at morgenster owing to let one madam injury y spanta

oranjestad (aan) – monday nightfall owing to sosode one accidente upstairs the caminda of morgenster just fast of belin garage y caminda one madam owing to stay injury y cu much spanto.

the car cu owing to cause the accidente self owing to core bay, but his number y all another detaye owing to worde entrega at police y can wait for cu soon will calling the person here inside.

all indicacion is show cu the car of the madam was prepara for bay become at hand robez, hour cu the car of hit & run was pasando. door of this, past owing to alcanza the car of the madam cu owing to stay draai till bay stop below ; one kill of kwihi.

one another car cu was behind the madam more uno cu was biniendo direccion east, owing to achieve they self is maniobra for scapa one another dalmento. ambulance have to owing to atende the madam cu was complain of much dolor of nek, cabez y pecho.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #586 on: October 24, 2007, 09:47:10 AM »

http://www.amigoe.com/english/   10/23/2007

More arrests criminal drug gangs

ORANJESTAD – We just learned now that the police have arrested two new suspects as part of the large-scale judicial investigation into drug dealings and money laundering.  One of the two suspects was arrested yesterday on the basis of National ordinance Admission and Deportation.  The other person was arrested for taking part in a criminal organization, money laundering, and drug dealing. 

Since September 24th, the OM has arrested a total of ten persons that are involved in drug operations.  Of the first eight, only one was released up till now.  The examining magistrate has decided to extend the custody of the other seven with another 60 days.  This means that the OM has hard evidence in hands.

Last month’s action resulted from an investigation of the Detective Cooperative Team (RST) in Aruba, which investigation has been going for a long time and was started under the direction of the Public Prosecutor.  Also six persons were arrested under suspicion of staying illegally on the island.

The RST was assisted by a great number of colleagues of the Police Corps Aruba (KPA) and of the Customs Department.  Financial- and digital experts from the Netherlands have supported the action.

The special squad was called in to assist in the arrest of some dangerous armed suspects.  Because the operation was so big, also the special squad from Curacao was called in to help their colleagues in Aruba.  Also special sniffer dogs of the Corps National Police Service (KLPD) from the Netherlands were put in to search for hidden drugs and money.  One of the suspects is the well-known businessman Luis Mansur (63), who fired his gun when the police entered his home.

His permanent pilot, E.T. was also arrested recently.  His house was search and weapons were found.  He is in custody for further interrogation by the RST.

* * *

Two traffic casualties
The fire department had to extricate three of the five victims from the wreck.

ORANJESTAD – Two women died yesterday evening in a serious traffic accident near the intersection across the Frans Figaroa stadium in Noord.  The victims are the 25-year old Juritsa Trimon and the 76-year old Theresita Brete-Kelly. 

The accident took place around 23:00 on the major road near Shaba.  According to the police, the car in which the victims were was going too fast on this road, when suddenly a pick up truck drove up the road at the intersection to Boegoeroei.   The car with the victims swerved, it hit some posts and then collided with a tree.  Three of the passengers, including the two women were wedged in such way that the fire department had to come and extricate them. 

It took them more than one hour to do this.  All the passengers had to be taken to the hospital.  The two women succumbed to their injuries a little after midnight.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #587 on: October 24, 2007, 11:01:19 AM »


I really don't know what's going on here. Have to admit that "Washington" caught my eye. This guy apparently is up to no good, there's another suspect (or several), and a fire arm. "Succeed descend at water?" SANDY?


Dos di cuater atracadornan den man di husticia….

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Informacion cu a yega na DIARIO ta bisa cu diamars anochi den careda di 7’or un atraco a tuma lugar caminda a pone man riba dos atracador mientras cu otro dos a logra baha na awa.

   Dos auto a keda confisca cual uno sigur ta di e atracadornan.E atracador Cristian Alejandro Florez Hernandez naci na Colombia dia 31 Maart 1986 sigur ta un di esnan cu atraco team ta buscando.

   Polis a yega haya nan net na momento cu nan tabata trahando riba e auto Daewoo Lanos pa logra huy despues cu nan a confronta problema cune.

   E atracadornan aki a ser interoga diamars anochi mes mientras cu a sigui cu e investigacion pa asina purba pone man riba un di e atracadornan cu lo tabata ser mira cerca di Bubali buscando manera di sali for di vecindario di Noord unda el a logra sconde despues cu el a baha na awa.

   E atracadornan aki a drenta un cas na Washington y asina atraca e persona den cas y dale tambe cu arma di candela den cabez.

   Polis a haya yamada y mesora patruya di Noord ta yega y busca un posibel  Daewoo y ta haya esaki tambe cu dos sospechoso. Un Tercel shinishi tambe a keda confisca, pero no ta sigur cu e ta envolvi den e caso.

   E ciudadano doño di e cas na Washington a keda lucha cu e atracadornan arma y logra kita arma for di un di nan tambe E arma a ser entrega na polis despues cu nan a yega na e cas.

   DIARIO a ser facilita cu foto di e sospechoso Cristian Alejandro Florez Hernandez di 21 aña pa asina esnan cu mire yama polis mesora.

  Atraco Team ta investigando y ta spera cu pronto lo pone man riba dje.E ta ser considera peligroso y diamars anochi mes a sali cu carabina pa busca su drechi den Bubali, pero no a logra haye pasobra el a logra baha na awa.

Online Pap translation:

autoridad buscando atracador cristian alejandro florez hernandez

two of cuater atracadornan in hand of husticia….

oranjestad(aan): informacion cu owing to arrive at daily paper is tell cu tuesday night {10/23/2007} in careda of 7’or one atraco did take lugar caminda owing to place hand on two atracador while cu another two owing to succeed descend at water.

two car owing to stay confisca cual uno assure is of the atracadornan.e atracador cristian alejandro florez hernandez naci at colombia day 31 march 1986 assure is one of esnan cu atraco team is buscando.

police owing to arrive achieve they just at instant cu they was trahando on the car daewoo lanos for succeed huy after cu they owing to confronta problem cune.

the atracadornan here owing to being interoga tuesday night self while cu owing to follow cu the investigacion for so try place hand on one of the atracadornan cu will was being see close of bubali buscando as of leave for of vecindario of north where past owing to succeed sconde after cu past owing to descend at water.

the atracadornan here owing to enter one cas at washington y so atraca the person in cas y dale also cu arm of candela in cabez.

police owing to achieve call y at once patrol of north is arrive y busca one possible daewoo y is achieve this also cu two sospechoso. one tercel grey also owing to stay confisca, but do not assure cu the is envolvi in the caso.

the ciudadano owner of the cas at washington owing to stay struggle cu the atracadornan arm y succeed less arm for of one of they also the arm owing to being entrega at police after cu they owing to arrive at the cas.

daily paper owing to being facilita cu photograph of the sospechoso cristian alejandro florez hernandez of 21 year for so esnan cu mire calling police at once. {klaas – there is a photo of him if we want it.}

atraco team is investigando y is wait for cu soon will place hand on dje.e is being considera dangerous y tuesday night self owing to leave cu carabina for busca his right in bubali, but not owing to succeed haye because past owing to succeed descend at water.

* * *
Lots of luck to "A" on this one - but he leverages the Natalee story.

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Diamars mainta un turista Mericano a tuma contacto cu DIARIO, relaciona cu algo cu e ta haya ta un problema tanto pa local, como tambe pa turista.E turista aki di fam A., a splica cu e y su casa tin mas cu 15 aña ta bin Aruba y cu poco poco el a cumpra Time Share, pa  por bishita nos isla despues cu e bay cu pensioen.

Awor e tin 9 siman di Time Share y tur aña nan ta bin Aruba na October pa 9 siman.Segun señor A., semper el a haya cu e Jet Ski-nan ta un problema, pero te algun tempo pasa nunca el a haya su mes den un situacion di peliger.

El a splica cu aña pasa si ora e tabata landa na Eagle Beach cerca di La Quinta, rond di bahada di solo, un Jet Ski a pasa hopi cerca di dje y e casi dal e.El a spanta y a yama polis. Casadi señor A. a conta DIARIO cu e Jet Ski a pasa asina cerca, cu el a kere cu su casa por a wordo gravemente herida.

Segun señor A., el a nota number di e Jet Ski y el a papia cu e persona coriendo e aparato. E homber aki a bise pa e no worry.Ora cu A. a papia cu e agente policial cu a yega, e polis aki a bise cu no tin echt un ley pa actua contra esaki.

Ademas di esaki e polis lo a bise cu e no mester landa riba Diadomingo, pasobra esey ta e dia riba cual e localnan ta bay beach y cu nan lo ta core pariba y pabao cu Jet Ski.Segun A., no ta importa si ta turista of local ta landa, pasobra pa tur hende e Jet Ski por ta peligroso, specialmente si nan ta core cerca di canto.

El a bisa cu na Merca tin borchi grandi ta bisa “Bishita Aruba”, pero e borchinan no ta bisa “Bin Aruba pa nan dal bo cu Jet Ski”. A. a splica tambe cu e actitud di e polis no tabata nada di gaba. El a splica cu ora nan a bay bek Merca, el a hasta cuminza duda si e mester bin bek Aruba of no.

E aña aki nan a bin y e tabata hopi contento ora cu el a wak cu den laman di e hotel unda e ta kedando, nan a pone boei special, pa e jet ski of botonan no yega mucho cerca.Sinembargo Diadomingo anochi el a wak un jet ski color scur, ta pasa hopi cerca di e laman, paden di e boeinan.

A. a bay papia cu e compania cu ta huur jet ski, pero nan tabata tin miedo di bisa algo of papia cu autoridadnan pa bisa ta ken e huur e jet ski.

El a bisa tambe cu algun hende trahando na e lugar di jet ski a menaze, bisando cu e localnan mag di hasi loke nan kier. Segun A. ora nan bay hunga bingo, tin tanto hende local cu ta asina bon hende.

El a sigui bisa cu e ta kere cu 99% di hende riba nos isla ta bon hende cu ta hopi cariñoso, pero cu tin 1% cu ta daña cos y mester wordo atendi cune debidamente.Segun A., via via el a haya number di warda costa cu sa patruya laman y a papia cune.

El a bisa cu e persona a bise cu e no por ta tur caminda na mes momento. El a splica si cu ora algo sosode, hende mester yama polis y polis e ora ey mester yame inmediatamente, pa e por hasi algo.

A. a bisa cu e ta ripara cu e homber aki ta serio, pero cu tin falta di bon comunicacion.

Durante e entrevista, casa di señor A. a lesa algun declaracion cu su casa a pone riba papel.Ta lo siguiente: “Mi lo gusta papia cu e persona encarga cu Cuerpo Policial, pa puntre cone lo sinti si un mucha local wordo mata pa e idiotanan aki cu ta core jet ski, cu e por a evita”.

“Tambe ta asina cu si bo mata un turista, esaki lo sali den prensa Mericano atrobe, cu lo pone cu nan lo cuminza papia di e caso di Natalee Holloway atrobe, cu a costa Gobierno y ciudadanonan di Aruba hopi placa”.

“Mi mensahe na e persona cu ta core e jet ski ta: “ki sorto di persona bo ta, cu ta purba spanta hende den awa.

“Si bo ta asina orguyoso di bo mes, dicon bo no ta pone un articulo den corant”. “Mi ta spera cu un dia e hendenan local mes lo para pa nan mes y entregabo na polis”. E señora a splica cu hopi cos a cambia na Aruba, desde cu e tabata bin mas di 15 aña pasa. El a bisa cu antes si un turista perde su cartera riba beach, ora e bin bek e lo a haya un persona local ta cuide pe.

Awendia esey no ta pasa mas. Señor A. a splica cu el a purba papia cu polis, pero nan no ta lage yega leu. E ta purbando di haya contacto cu Alto Comisario di Polis, pero e no sa con. El a bisa cu e ta spera cu si e Comisario lesa e articulo, e por acepta papia tocante di e asunto aki.

Online Pap translation:

tourist much preocupa for menaza of jet ski

oranjestad(aan): tuesday morning one tourist mericano did take contacto cu daily paper, relaciona cu algo cu the is achieve is one problem tanto for local, because; also for tourist. e tourist here of surname A., owing to splica cu the y his casa have more cu 15 year is come aruba y cu some poco past owing to cumpra time share, for can visit we island after cu the bay cu pensioen.

now the have 9 week of time share y all year they're come aruba at october for 9 week.segun sir A., always past owing to achieve cu the jet ski-nan is one problem, but till some time happen never past owing to achieve his self in one situation of danger.

past owing to splica cu year happen if hour the was swim at eagle beach close of la fifth, rond of bahada of sun, one jet ski owing to happen much close of dje y the casi strike e. el owing to spanta y owing to calling police. casadi sir A. owing to count daily paper cu the jet ski owing to happen so close, cu past owing to believe cu his casa can owing to wordo gravemente injury.

according sir A., past owing to notice number of the jet ski y past owing to talk cu the person coriendo the apparatus. he here owing to bise for her not worry. ora cu A. owing to talk cu the agent policial cu owing to arrive, the police here owing to bise cu not have echt one ley for actua contra this.

apart from this the police will owing to bise cu the not have to swim on diadomingo, because esey is the day on cual the localnan is bay beach y cu they will is core east y pabao cu jet ski. segun A., do not importa if is tourist or local is swim, because for everybody the jet ski can is dangerous, specialmente if they're core close of canto.

past owing to tell cu at merca have blackboard big is tell “bishita aruba”, but the borchinan do not tell “bin aruba for they strike do you cu jet ski”. A. owing to splica also cu the actitud of the police not was nothing of commend. past owing to splica cu hour they owing to bay bek merca, past owing to even cuminza doubt if the have to come bek aruba or not.

the year here they owing to come y the was much contento hour cu past owing to look at cu in sea of the hotel where the is kedando, they owing to place boei special, for her jet ski or botonan not arrive mucho close.sinembargo diadomingo night past owing to look at one jet ski color dark, is happen much close of the sea, inside of the boeinan.

A. owing to bay talk cu the compania cu is huur jet ski, but they was have fright of tell algo or talk cu autoridadnan for tell is that the huur the jet ski.

past owing to tell also cu some person trahando at the lugar of jet ski owing to menaze, saying cu the localnan mag of make thing they wanted. according A. hour they bay play bingo, have tanto person local cu is so good person.

past owing to follow tell cu the is believe cu 99% of person on we island is good person cu is much cariñoso, but cu have 1% cu is spite cos y have to wordo atendi cune debidamente.segun A., via via past owing to achieve number of keep costa cu know patrol sea y owing to talk cune.

past owing to tell cu the person owing to bise cu the not can is all caminda at self instant. past owing to splica if cu hour algo sosode, person have to calling police y police the hour ey have to yame at once, for her can make algo.

A. owing to tell cu the is ripara cu he here is earnest, but cu have miss of good comunicacion.

during the interview, casa of sir A. owing to read some declaracion cu his casa owing to place on paper.ta will siguiente: “mi would like talk cu the person encarga cu cuerpo policial, for puntre cone will feel if one child local wordo kill for her idiotanan here cu is core jet ski, cu the can owing to evita”.

“tambe is so cu if do you kill one tourist, this will leave in prensa mericano again, cu will place cu they will cuminza talk of the caso of natalee holloway again, cu owing to costa gobierno y ciudadanonan of aruba much placa”.

“mi message at the person cu is core the jet ski ta: “ki sort of person are you, cu is try spanta person in water.

“si are you so proud of you self, dicon do you do not place one articulo in corant”.

“mi is wait for cu one day the hendenan local self will stop for they self y entregabo at polis”. the madam owing to splica cu much cos owing to change at aruba, by cu the was come more of 15 year happen. past owing to tell cu formerly if one tourist lose his cartera on beach, hour the come bek the will owing to achieve one person local is cuide pe.

awendia esey do not happen more. sir A. owing to splica cu past owing to try talk cu police, but they do not lage arrive far. the is purbando of achieve contacto cu alto comisario of police, but the not know con. past owing to tell cu the is wait for cu if the comisario read the articulo, the can acepta talk tocante of the asunto here.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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Nan a mire ta bula bentana di cas!

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diahuebs mainta bisiñanan atento den Tarabanaweg, a mira con un ladron a djis subi tereno di un cas, y e ta tratando di kibra porta pa bay paden.  Mesora nan a yama Polis y avisa kico ta pasando.

   Mientras tanto, e ladron a logra drenta y a cuminza ta coba den e cas.Un unidad di Polis cu tabata yegando na e area, di leu a mira con e ladron tabata saliendo back anto via bentana.Mesora e agentenan a para nan vehiculo, y sali su tras na pia.  E ladron tambe a core bay parti patras di e cas, bula cura, bay den tereno di otro hende, pa sigui posteriormente den un tereno habri, core bay den pida mondi, pa despues atrobe bula y bay den otro cura di cas.

   Ta parce cu ningun di e casnan eybanda tin cacho den cura, pasobra e ladron a pasa facilmente.Pero Polis a sigui su tras y a keda vigila e ladron.E cerebro di e ladron a traha un tiki si, pasobra na caminda el a cuminza kita su paña, y tambe su tas, pa por haya ‘mas velocidad’.

   Pa un rato, agente a perde for di bista.  Sinembargo nan a regresa na e cas, y aki a haya algun pertenencia mas di e ladron benta den cura, y den cercania. Tambe a haya un bicicleta y par di slof cu ta di e ladron.  Tur esaki a worde confisca.

   Pero prome cu nan a dirigi nan mes pa Warda di Polis, a bay tira un vistazo den e Chollerhouse cu tin patras di ex-Arugas.  Di leu nan a mire, y mesora Polis a baha na pia, ranca careda, y a captura e ladron.

   El a worde poni den patruya, y transporta mesora pa Warda di Polis.  Awor e lo worde interoga.  Pero manera ta custumber, conociendo e mentalidad di Fiscalnan, kizas awe ya caba e lo ta afo riba caya ta busca mas maldad pa haci.

Online Pap translation:

they owing to mire is fly window of cas!
police owing to captura thief in dakota

oranjestad (aan): diahuebs morning bisiñanan attentive in tarabanaweg, owing to see con one thief owing to immidiately lever territory of one cas, y the is tratando of break door for bay inside. at once they owing to calling police y avisa kico is pasando.

all the time, the thief owing to succeed enter y owing to cuminza is coba in the cas.un unidad of police cu was yegando at the area, of far owing to see con the thief was saliendo back then via window.mesora the agentenan owing to stop they vehiculo, y leave his slow at leg. the thief also owing to core bay part behind the cas, fly cura, bay in territory of another person, for follow posteriormente in one territory open, core bay in piece forest, for after again fly y bay in another cura of cas.

is seems cu none of the casnan eybanda have cacho in cura, because the thief owing to happen facilmente.pero police owing to follow his slow y owing to stay vigila the thief.e cerebro of the thief owing to work one bit if, because at caminda past owing to cuminza less his cloths, y also his bag, for can achieve ‘mas velocidad’.

for one rato, agent owing to lose for of view. sinembargo they owing to return at the cas, y here owing to achieve some pertenencia more of the thief throw in cura, y in cercania. also owing to achieve one bicycle y pair of slof cu is of the thief. all this owing to worde confisca.

but first cu they owing to dirigi they self for keep of police, owing to bay throw one vistazo in the chollerhouse cu have behind ex-arugas. of far they owing to mire, y at once police owing to descend at leg, ranca careda, y owing to captura the thief.

past owing to worde poni in patrol, y transporta at once for keep of police. now the will worde interoga. but as is custumber, conociendo the mentalidad of fiscalnan, kizas today already end the will is afo on caya is busca more maldad for haci.

* * *
Di con Polis no ta duna nada di esaki na prensa?

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Basta famia den vecindario di  Simeon Antonio, Bucutiweg ta furioso pa ladronnan cu ta terorizando e bario. Hasta ladron ta bay asina leu ta horta canaster. DIARIO a ricibi varios reaccion relaciona cu e situacion reinante. Ta un secreto publico cu den e bario tin ladron ta circula cu bon contacto cu exterior. Na Bucutiweg entre otro a perde un boto di aluminio segun informe lo ta mara na cadena hopi diki riba un pier y tambe a somenta bicicleta y stereo set, computer  herment y dos aparato pa welding.

   Tambe segun e reclamo, cu anochi ladron a purba di horta un motor di boto na Bucuti yacht club. Fuera segun e disgusto di habitantenan cu un anochi ladron a kibra drenta den un cas den Bucutiweg pa asalta un señora, e ultimo a logra core cu e ladronnan.

    Aki por keda constata cu habitantenan tin di haber cu cobardenan di marca mayo, pasobra hasta for di persona di edad ta horta tubonan di koper. E antisocialnan aki  den dia bo ta mira nan den bario ta cana saluda tur hende, ta hunga social y pa anochi nan  horta bo.

   Ta bon pa tur e yatenan mara pa zuid di Bucuti yacht club, pone alerto como cu tin un aliado di Sero Blanco a bin join ladronnan aki pa sambuya den Lagoen pa horta tur cos cu ta pertenece na e piernan y yate.

   Esaki tur cos cu tin riba of  bao di e pier nan ta horta. E aliado ladron aki ta bini for di vecindario di Sero Blanco riba un brommer blauw, sin number. E tab aha laman y ta horta bo canister y pone otro caminda.

   For di algun siman pasa, a catch e ladron aki cu su man den mansa. Y pa motibo cu tabata tin testigo e a scapa. Awor e sambuyador ladron aki ta haya ayudo  for di su coleganan ladron di e baro, cu ta facilite cu boto pa nan horta e canasternan  y lo demas pa hiba esakinan ten a e rif enfrente Bucutiweg.

   E boto aki ta uno chikito color blanco y motor. Den e boto nan ta haci sifuera ta pisca nan ta pisca pero ta vigila nan ta vigila bo paso nan. Finalmente habitantenan ta haci un suplica na tur sernan keri di e ladronnan (cu tur hende sa kende  nan ta) Pa nan  papia seriamente cu nan pasobra nan ta kere cu tur hende cu ta biba riba e pida baranca aki ta carne. Y no haci manera bo no sa di nada, pasobra boso tambe ta come cumpra y bende pisca y mas cos horta.

Online Pap translation:

of con police do not give nothing of this
 at prensa?
habitantenan of simeon antonio is fada cu ladronicia

oranjestad (aan): enough family in vecindario of simeon antonio, bucutiweg is furious for ladronnan cu is terorizando the district. even thief is bay so far is steal canaster. daily paper owing to ricibi several reaccion relaciona cu the situation reinante. is one secreto publico cu in the district have thief is circula cu good contacto cu exterior. at bucutiweg among another owing to lose one boat of aluminium according informe will is mara at cadena much thick on one pier y also owing to somenta bicycle y stereo thirst, computer herment y two apparatus for welding.

also according the reclamo, cu night thief owing to try of steal one engine of boat at bucuti yacht club. fuera according the disgust of habitantenan cu one night thief owing to break enter in one cas in bucutiweg for asalta one madam, the ultimo owing to succeed core cu the ladronnan.

here can stay constata cu habitantenan have of haber cu cobardenan of mark parent, because even for of person of edad is steal tubonan of copper. the antisocialnan here in day are you see they in district is march saluda everybody, is play social y for night they steal do you.

is good for all the yatenan mara for south of bucuti yacht club, place alerto because; cu have one aliado of hill blanco owing to come join ladronnan here for diving in lagoen for steal all cos cu is pertenece at the piernan y yacht.

this all cos cu have on or bao of the pier they're steal. the aliado thief here is come for of vecindario of hill blanco on one brommer blauw, without number. the tab aha sea y is steal do you canister y place another caminda.

for of some week happen, owing to catch the thief here cu his hand in mansa. y for motibo cu was have witness the owing to scapa. now the sambuyador thief here is achieve aid for of his coleganan thief of the baro, cu is facilite cu boat for they steal the canasternan y will other for take away esakinan ten owing to the rif across bucutiweg.

the boat here is uno diminutive color blanco y engine. in the boat they're haci sifuera is pisca they're pisca but is vigila they're vigila do you pace they. finalmente habitantenan is haci one suplica at all sernan keri of the ladronnan (cu everybody know that they ta) for they talk seriamente cu they because they're believe cu everybody cu live on the piece baranca here is carne. y not haci as do you not know of nothing, because you also is come cumpra y sell pisca y more cos steal.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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Court day (Friday) in Aruba ... a verdict/sentence in one of the marijuana "plantation" cases - one also involving firearms.

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Ramon J.J.V a presenta dilanti di mesa berde Diabierna, pa scucha veredicto di huez den su caso.

R.V a wordo acusa di ta cultiva matanan di Marihuana, posesion di marihuana y posesion di armanan di candela, sin permiso di Minister di Husticia.

Huez a cuminza na bisa cu el a rechaza defensa di e abogado, cu polis lo a drenta y listra ilegalmente den cas den cual R.V a wordo haya cu matanan di marihuana.

Segun huez, e hecho cu e orden pa drenta e cas tabata pa detene ruman di R.V, no ta nifica cu R.V no por a wordo deteni na momento cu nan a haye cu e matanan.

Ademas di esaki, huez a splica cu den rapport di polis mes, cu R.V a firma, tin poni cu R.V a duna polis permiso di drenta, apesar cu durante tratamento di e caso, el a nenga esaki.

Huez a bisa tambe cu e hecho cu R.V a wordo haya cu diferente arma, incluyendo un pistol automatico (tipo metrailleur), ta algo hopi serio.

Huez a bisa tambe cu pa loke ta e castigo, el a tene cuenta cu e hecho cu R.V dos biaha den pasado a yega di bay cera pa mesun sorto di crimen.

Tambe huez a bisa cu e castigo mester ta un señal na otro criminalnan, pa nan pensa dos biaha prome cu nan pone nan mes den mesun situacion.

Huez a dicidi di dune un castigo di 2 aña. Pa loke ta e pickup den cual un di e armanan a wordo haya, huez a dicta cu esaki mester keda confisca.E placa si cu a wordo haya riba R.V, mester wordo duna bek, hunto cu renchi y holoshi.

Online Pap translation:

two year for plantacion of marihuana y arm of candela

oranjestad(aan): ramon j.j.v owing to present fast of table berde diabierna, for listen veredicto of huez in his caso.

r.v owing to wordo acusa of is cultiva matanan of marihuana, posesion of marihuana y posesion of armanan of candela, without permission of minister of husticia.

huez owing to cuminza at tell cu past owing to rechaza defence of the advocate, cu police will owing to enter y listra ilegalmente in cas in cual r.v owing to wordo achieve cu matanan of marihuana.

according huez, the mature cu the orden for enter the cas was for detene brother of r.v, do not nifica cu r.v not can owing to wordo deteni at instant cu they owing to haye cu the matanan.

apart from this, huez owing to splica cu in rapport of police self, cu r.v owing to company, have poni cu r.v owing to give police permission of enter, despite cu during tratamento of the caso, past owing to deny this.

huez owing to tell also cu the mature cu r.v owing to wordo achieve cu various arm, incluyendo one pistol automatico (tipo metrailleur), is algo much earnest.

huez owing to tell also cu for thing is the castigo, past owing to as cuenta cu the mature cu r.v two trip in pasado owing to arrive of bay close for same sort of crimen.

also huez owing to tell cu the castigo have to is one sign at another criminalnan, for they think two trip first cu they place they self in same situation.

huez owing to dicidi of dune one castigo of 2 year. for thing is the pickup in cual one of the armanan owing to wordo achieve, huez owing to dicta cu this have to stay confisca.e coin if cu owing to wordo achieve on r.v, have to wordo give bek, together cu ring y holoshi.

* * *
Court day for the guy who stole and burned a police car. (What was he smoking?)

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Diabierna na corte huez a duna veredicto den e caso den cual Raymond A.M a wordo acusa di a horta y kima auto di polis.

Huez a bisa cu el a haya e acusacion suficientemente comproba. Sinembargo e parti di e acusacion den cual ta wordo bisa cu kimamento di e auto lo a trece peliger na hende y propiedad di hende, huez a haya no comproba.

Esaki debi na e hecho cu e auto a wordo kima den mondi y no tabata ningun hende of edificio cerca.
Huez a bisa si cu el a tene cuenta cu e hecho cu hortamento di e auto a stroba polis cu nan trabao, na momento cu nan tabata atende cu un incidente dilanti di Bahia.

Comunidad a haya un shock pa loke a sosode.Esaki segun huez, kende a sigui bisa cu un castigo debido mester wordo duna no solamente pa siña e acusado un les, sino tambe pa manda un mensahe na esnan cu por pensa di hasi mescos, pensa dos biaha.

Huez a dicidi di duna un castigo igual na loke fiscal a exigi, pues 10 luna incondicional, kitando tempo sinta caba.

Online Pap translation:

10 month for kimamento of car of police

oranjestad(aan): diabierna at corte huez owing to give veredicto in the caso in cual raymond a.m owing to wordo acusa of owing to steal y burn car of police.

huez owing to tell cu past owing to achieve the acusacion suficientemente comproba. sinembargo the part of the acusacion in cual is wordo tell cu kimamento of the car will owing to trece danger at person y property of person, huez owing to achieve not comproba.

this debi at the mature cu the car owing to wordo burn in forest y not was none person or edificio close. huez owing to tell if cu past owing to as cuenta cu the mature cu hortamento of the car owing to stroba police cu they trabao, at instant cu they was atende cu one incidente fast of bahia.

comunidad owing to achieve one shock for thing owing to sosode.esaki according huez, that owing to follow tell cu one castigo debido have to wordo give not only for learn the acusado one lesson, but also for send one message at esnan cu can think of make same, think two trip.

huez owing to dicidi of give one castigo equal at thing fiscal owing to exigi, then 10 month incondicional, kitando time sit end.

* * *
Diario is on a tear lately about ambulance service. In this one, I think the ambulance broke a wheel? en route to an emergency at the airport. Another ambulance had to be called. The emergency involved an American tourist.

Atrobe ambulans ta den noticia…..

ORANJESTAD(AAN):E ambulans D-22 cu practicamente ta hopi cansa despues di siete aña di servicio moviendo ariba y abao tur dia a bisa ta basta diabierna atardi.Loke cu a pasa danki Dios no a laga ningun hende herida of morto.

Tur cos a cuminsa den careda di 3’or ora cu a drenta informacion di un emergencia na aeropuerto. Paramediconan na aeropuerto a pidi pa un ambulans cu maximo urgencia mirando cu tin un persona aparentemente turista den e parti Mericano cu a bira malo.

E ambulans cu tabata bayendo riba su maximo na altura di Camacuri a kibra.E wiel di e ambulans a kibra cu consecuencia cu e ambulans bayendo direccion pariba a hala na man robez y hera dal den e trafico di direccion contrario.

Asina mes e chofer di e ambulans a domina e ambulans y trece bek na su man drechi.Aki el a baha caminda na man drechi e biaha aki bayendo liña recta riba un palo di luz.Dios tabata cu nan pasobra a logra desvia e palo di luz tambe pa finalmente logra para totalmente.

Mester a pidi pa manda un otro ambulans mesora pa aeropuerto pa asina bay busca e paciente cu tabata wardando riba ambulans.

Un situacion hopi serio pasobra e ambulansnan na Aruba mirando nan añanan di servicio practicamente a bira un peliger riba caminda y mescos pa esnan cu ta traha den nan tur dia.

Algun tempo pasa caba e personal di ambulans a tuma un curashi y sali expresa nan malcontento cu e situacion deplorable di e ambulansnan.Awor cos a yega asina leu cu ambulans a kibra riba caminda.

Online Pap translation:

again ambulance is in noticia…..
ambulansnan bieuw birando one danger on caminda

oranjestad(aan):e ambulance d-22 cu practicamente is much cansa after of seven year of servicio moviendo upstairs y abao all day owing to tell is enough diabierna nightfall.loke cu owing to happen thanks god not owing to let none person injury or dead.

all cos owing to cuminsa in careda of 3’or hour cu owing to enter informacion of one emergencia at aeropuerto.

paramediconan at aeropuerto owing to ask for one ambulance cu maximo urgencia mirando cu have one person apparently tourist in the part mericano cu owing to become bad.

the ambulance cu was bayendo on his maximo at height of camacuri owing to break.e wiel of the ambulance owing to break cu consecuencia cu the ambulance bayendo direccion east owing to wing at hand robez y hera strike in the trafico of direccion contrario.

so self the chofer of the ambulance owing to domina the ambulance y trece bek at his hand right.aki past owing to descend caminda at hand right the trip here bayendo cord recta on one tree of luz.dios was cu they because owing to succeed desvia the tree of luz also for finalmente succeed stop totalmente.

have to owing to ask for send one another ambulance at once for aeropuerto for so bay busca the paciente cu was wardando on ambulance.

one situation much earnest because the ambulansnan at aruba mirando they añanan of servicio practicamente owing to become one danger on caminda y same for esnan cu is work in they all day.

some time happen end the personal of ambulance did take one curashi y leave expresa they malcontento cu the situation deplorable of the ambulansnan.awor cos owing to arrive so far cu ambulance owing to break on caminda.

* * *
This is a case Diario previously reported about. Ambulance problem may have been cause of death. Also refers to a person left paralized.

Bomberonan a confirma informacionnan di DIARIO

*Por tene Gobierno responsabel pa falta di ekipo di reskate

ORANJESTAD(AAN)— Manera ta e caso cu tur caso den cual interes di Pueblo ta directamente envolvi,  e team di investigacion di DIARIO ta bini hunto pa cada persona duna su aporte pa comunidad worde bon informa. Den e caso di e accidente na Noord, DIARIO a yega na e conclusion cu tabata tin fayonan cu mester worde investiga. Bomberonan ayera a confirma e informenan di DIARIO y a mustra cu ta falta di ekipo ta pone cu nan no por haci nan trabau. Expertonan legal cu DIARIO a consulta ta bisa, cu casonan di accidentenan fatal mester worde revisa.  Mescos ta e caso cu accidentenan cu hendenan ta keda invalido pa resto di nan bida. Den cierto casonan lo por pone Gobierno responsabel!

“E ta sona duro. E unico forma pa garantiza cu Gobierno ta cuminza haci su trabau y gasta placa na loke e mester gasta placa cune ta, si pueblo cuminza haci loke nan mester haci y demanda loke nan por demanda. Tur accidente ta worde investiga. Familiarnan tin e derecho di haya conclusion di e rapportnan di accidentenan fatal, mescos cu tur cu ta envolvi den un accidente tin derecho di ricibi e rapport. Si resulta cu ta pa falta di maneho di Gobierno, mester tene Gobierno responsabel. Si ta na un pais manera Merca, no solamente Huez lo exigi Gobierno pa percura pa e ekiponan necesario y mehora e servicio immediatamente, pero tambe lo exigi Gobierno di paga tur gasto cu e accidente a trece cune.”

Esey ta palabranan di expertonan cu DIARIO a acerca. Diferente accidente, cu tabata tin desenlace fatal, a yega di worde presenta na Gobierno door di familiarnan cu kier sa kico a pasa. Nan no ta ricibi ningun informacion, despues di e accidente.

Hopi vez duda ta keda atras y den e caso di e accidente na Noord tabata tin un ehempel bibo di dolor inmenso di un victima, cu a bay den shock den situacionnan hororoso.“Cuanto vez falta di ekipo pa saca hende for di un vehiculo acidenta tabata motibo di morto?” expertonan ta puntra.

E hecho cu bomberonan a papia y a keda demostra tambe cu e ekipo cu nan tin no por worde usa pa por scapa bida di hende den un accidente, ta mas cu suficiente prueba pa tene Gobierno responsabel pa loke ta pasa.

“Tin asunto cu no por bisa cu no tin placa pa gasta. Esaki ta uno di nan. Si bisa cu no tin placa mester informa comunidad cu si e haya un accidente, kico e resultadonan lo ta. Asina mes, Gobierno no a scapa di su responsabilidad pasobra e mester percura pa e ekiponan tey, e expertonan a bisa.

“Te awor Gobierno no tin ningun responsabilidad cu ciudadanonan, manera ta parce. Ni placa pa yuda paga entiero di esnan cu no tin, Gobierno no por duna. Mester bini un fin. Ora di accidente un rapport ta worde traha.

A base di e rapport, victimanan cu a sufri lesion of familiarnan di esnan cu  fayece, por actua. Nan por tene esun cu a causa e accidente responsabel como causante. Si despues di e accidente, resulta cu no tabata tin ekipo of ambulance por ehempel, ta tene Gobierno tambe responsabel,” manera a worde splica.

DIARIO lo sigui traha riba e asuntonan aki cu ta di gran importancia pa comunidad, pasobra continuamente tin hende cu ta victima di trafico y ta mira nan bida y di nan familia bira un tragedia, mientras nan ta pensa cu nan no tin caminda pa cana.

Online Pap translation:

bomberonan owing to confirma informacionnan
of daily paper
casonan of accidente fateful have to worde revisa

*por as gobierno responsible for miss of equipment of reskate

oranjestad(aan)— as is the caso cu all caso in cual interest of people is directamente envolvi, the team of investigacion of daily paper is come together for cada person give his aporte for comunidad worde good informa. in the caso of the accidente at north, daily paper owing to arrive at the conclusion cu was have fayonan cu have to worde investiga. bomberonan yesterday owing to confirma the informenan of daily paper y owing to show cu is miss of equipment is place cu they not can haci they trabau. expertonan legal cu daily paper owing to consulta is tell, cu casonan of accidentenan fateful have to worde revisa. same is the caso cu accidentenan cu hendenan is stay invalido for remainder of they life. in cierto casonan will can place gobierno responsible!

“e is sona duro. the unique form for garantiza cu gobierno is cuminza haci his trabau y spend coin at thing the have to spend coin cune is, if people cuminza haci thing they have to haci y demanda thing they can demanda. all accidente is worde investiga. familiarnan have the derecho of achieve conclusion of the rapportnan of accidentenan fateful, same cu all cu is envolvi in one accidente have derecho of ricibi the rapport. if resulta cu is for miss of maneho of gobierno, have to as gobierno responsible. if is at one country as merca, not only huez will exigi gobierno for percura for her ekiponan necesario y mehora the servicio immediatamente, but also will exigi gobierno of pay all gasto cu the accidente owing to trece cune.”

esey is words of expertonan cu daily paper owing to acerca. various accidente, cu was have desenlace fateful, owing to arrive of worde present at gobierno door of familiarnan cu wanted know kico owing to happen. they do not ricibi none informacion, after of the accidente.

much vez doubt is stay behind y in the caso of the accidente at north was have one ehempel bibo of dolor inmenso of one victima, cu owing to bay in shock in situacionnan hororoso.“cuanto vez miss of equipment for saca person for of one vehiculo acidenta was motibo of dead?” expertonan is ask about.

the mature cu bomberonan owing to talk y owing to stay demostra also cu the equipment cu they have not can worde using for can scapa life of person in one accidente, is more cu sufficient proof for as gobierno responsible for thing is happen.

“tin asunto cu not can tell cu not have coin for spend. this is uno of they. if tell cu not have coin have to informa comunidad cu if the achieve one accidente, kico the resultadonan will is. so self, gobierno not owing to scapa of his responsabilidad because the have to percura for her ekiponan tey, the expertonan owing to tell.

“te now gobierno not have none responsabilidad cu ciudadanonan, as is seems. neither coin for help pay burial of esnan cu not have, gobierno not can give. have to come one end. hour of accidente one rapport is worde work.

owing to base of the rapport, victimanan cu owing to abide lesion or familiarnan of esnan cu fayece, can actua. they can as esun cu owing to cause the accidente responsible because; causante. if after of the accidente, resulta cu not was have equipment or ambulance for example, is as gobierno also responsible,” as owing to worde splica.

daily paper will follow work on the asuntonan here cu is of great importancia for comunidad, because continuamente have person cu is victima of trafico y is see they life y of they familia become one tragedy, while they're think cu they not have caminda for march.

* * *
This seems to involve a grenade - and another attack by the same person with a harpoon. I believe this is the first incident I've seen on Aruba involving a harpoon. Case has been postponed.

*fiscal a pidi pa rapport psiquiatrico wordo traha

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Diabierna Harold S.L a presenta dilanti di huez, despues cu el a wordo acusa di a tira un granada cerca di cas di hende, cu intencion di kita bida di e persona.Esaki lo a sosode dia 2 di Juli, unda cu H.L lo a tira e granada  cerca di muraya di cas di un persona cu fam E.

E granada a explota y causa daño na cas di E., unda cu glas a kibra y fragmentonan a keda pega den plafond.Un auto den cura tambe a haya daño.Den corte H.L a declara cu e no a hasi esaki.Huez a trece dilanti cu tin diferente habitante di e bario, kendenan a declara cu algun dia prome, nan a wak H. ta cana cu un granada.

Ademas di esaki tin hende den e vecindario a declara cu e homber lo a comete e acto aki, debi na e echo cu el a haya problema cu su famia.H. a declara tambe cu na  momento di e explosion, e tabata hunto cu su omo y primo.

Huez a splica cu ruman muher di e acusado a nenga di declara algo, mientras cu su mama a bisa cu ultimamente H.L tabata basta trankil.E mama a splica cu ora e bebe y uza droga, e por bira problematico.

H. a bisa cu e ta adicto na alcohol y no na droga, sinembargo fiscal a trece dilanti cu algun aña atras H. a admiti di tin un problema cu uso di cocaina.Huez a trece dilanti tambe cu H.L a yega di haya castigo debi na maltrato y violencia, na diferente ocasion.

Fiscal a añadi cu den un di e casonan ey, H.L lo a uza un harpoon riba hende.Pesey el a pidi huez si ta posibel pa e acusado wordo evalua pa un psiquiatra.Huez a bay di acuerdo cu esaki y a dicidi di pospone e caso.

Online Pap translation:

person acusa of employ granada, in pasado
owing to ataca person cu harpoon

*fiscal owing to ask for rapport psiquiatrico wordo work

oranjestad(aan): diabierna harold s.l owing to present fast of huez, after cu past owing to wordo acusa of owing to throw one granada close of cas of person, cu intencion of less life of the person.esaki will owing to sosode day 2 of july, where cu h.l will owing to throw the granada close of wall of cas of one person cu surname e.

the granada owing to explota y cause damage at home of e., where cu glass owing to break y fragmentonan owing to stay stick in plafond.un car in cura also owing to achieve damage.den corte h.l owing to declara cu the not owing to make this.huez owing to trece fast cu have various inhabitant of the district, kendenan owing to declara cu some day first, they owing to look at h. is march cu one granada.

apart from this have person in the vecindario owing to declara cu he will owing to comete the acto here, debi at the achievement cu past owing to achieve problem cu his family.h. owing to declara also cu at instant of the explosion, the was together cu his uncle y primo.

huez owing to splica cu brother muher of the acusado owing to deny of declara algo, while cu his mother owing to tell cu ultimamente h.l was enough trankil.e mother owing to splica cu hour the drink y employ drugs, the maybe problematico.

h. owing to tell cu the is adicto at alcohol y not at drugs, sinembargo fiscal owing to trece fast cu some year behind h. owing to admiti of have one problem cu usage of cocaina.huez owing to trece fast also cu h.l owing to arrive of achieve castigo debi at maltrato y violencia, at various ocasion.

fiscal owing to añadi cu in one of the casonan ey, h.l will owing to employ one harpoon on person.pesey past owing to ask huez if is possible for her acusado wordo evalua for one psiquiatra.huez owing to bay of acuerdo cu this y owing to dicidi of pospone the caso.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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http://www.amigoe.com/english/   10/29/2007

Note: Willemstad is on Curacao. Interesting nonetheless.

Eight suspects of surprise attacks arrested

WILLEMSTAD – The police arrested eight men during an action today.  The police suspect these men of participating in the commission of armed attacks, and of attempted murder and/or manslaughter.  The police action took place in Seru Papaya/Seru Fortuna and Kura Piedra in the early morning hours.   He authorities mobilized a police force of at least 160 men, made up of the Arrest-team assisted by the unit in Aruba, community police, the Detective Cooperative Team (RST), examining judges, public prosecutors, and members of the Voluntary Corpse Curacao.  These were still busy settling the action in the afternoon hours.  They could therefore not give enough details on the action.  The police and public prosecutor planned a press conference for this afternoon at 16:00.  The police raided several houses and confiscated firearms.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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I don't see initials in this first one, But there are pictures of the detainee(s).

Caso serio di extorsion a produci detencion na Tanki Flip

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Dialuna atardi, oficialnan di Polis combina cu Recherché a tene un accion pa detene algun persona sospechoso.

   Segun informe cu a drenta denuncia serio na autoridad . lo ta trata di un asina yama caso di extorsion, “afpersing”, pues cu ta trata na saca placa for di e denunciante bao di menaza. Hasta segun informe cu bida di esun cu ta worde menaza si e no cumpli su bida lo por core peligro. E caso a worde tuma hopi na serio pa autoridad hudicial, y Recherche a start cu nan investigacion.  Asina tabata sigui e sospechosonan envolvi y ta vigila su movimentonan, tambe no ta exclui cu a ricibi permiso pa  nan yamadanan cu nan lo ta haci worde scucha.

   E investigacion a bay di tal extremo cu Fiscal a ordena, despues cu a compila suficiente evidencia pa detene esnan responsible.

   Pesey Dialuna, polis uniforma y tambe na civil a tene un razia  na unda detencionnan di sorpresa riba caminda publico a cay. A pone nan drumi na suela pa asina listra nan si por ta posee arma y pone den boei mesora. Mientras awor mes e interogacion di detenidonan ta sigui.

   DIARIO mes a purba di ricibi informe oficial di e sucedido y den transcurso di awe pa medio di vocero policial posiblemente lo e ta dispone di mas informacion di e detencionnan cu a tuma lugar pazuid di e dam na Tanki Flip.

Online Pap translation:

caso earnest of extorsion owing to produci
detencion at tanki flip
accion of police y recherche for detene
two sospechoso

oranjestad (aan): monday nightfall {10/29/07}, oficialnan of police combina cu recherché owing to as one accion for detene some person sospechoso.

according informe cu owing to enter denuncia earnest at autoridad. will is deal of one so calling caso of extorsion, “afpersing”, then cu is deal at saca coin for of the denunciante bao of menaza. even according informe cu life of esun cu is worde menaza if the not accomplish his life will can core danger. the caso owing to worde take much at earnest for autoridad hudicial, y recherche owing to start cu they investigacion. so was follow the sospechosonan envolvi y is vigila his movimentonan, also do not exclui cu owing to ricibi permission for they yamadanan cu they will is haci worde listen.

the investigacion owing to bay of such extremo cu fiscal owing to ordena, after cu owing to compila sufficient evidencia for detene esnan responsible.

pesey monday, police uniforma y also at civil owing to as one razia at where detencionnan of surprise on caminda publico owing to cay. owing to place they sleep at floor for so listra they if can is posee arm y place in boei at once. while now self the interogacion of detenidonan is follow.

daily paper self owing to try of ricibi informe oficial of the sucedido y in transcurso of today by vocero policial posiblemente will the is dispone of more informacion of the detencionnan cu did take lugar pazuid of the dam at tanki flip.

* * *
... and an unhappy local. Apparently a signed Letter to the Editor? Interesting to see this (IMO).

Esaki ta locual bo ta haya bo ta puntra bo mes ora bo mira kico ta pasando riba e isla aki; ora cu hende ta conta di nan problemanan, y ora bo ta mira con malo cos ta birando a pesar cu hopi ta menciona cu “cos ta bon.”

Conversando cu un persona cu bon salario ayera mainta, e tabata conta di su situacion. Esaki ta un di e tantonan, cu bon salario y cu ta pasa den preta. No ta solamente esnan cu pension, cu onderstand, cu minimum loon so, manera hopi lo kere.

Tata di dos yiu, ganando entre 2 y 4 mil florin, y ayera a prepara aroz cu sardin y webo pa por a come pasobra no por come otro cos. Mi a bise cu mi conoce hendenan cu ta gana mas ainda, y cu no por biba di esey tampoco y cu mi por skirbi un buki di e cuminda cu ta haya den hopi cas awendia, cu nos lo yama “cuminda di pober” y cu hende no ta menciona pa motibo di “nos orguyo camufla”. Kende por a pensa 20 aña pasa cu e situacion lo bira asina riba “e perla di Caribe, one happy island?”


Mi a conversa cu un persona cu a traha tanto aña na Aruba; mas di 20 aña na Hulanda pa diferente gemeente, cu tur clase di diploma y certificado y di grado halto.
Na Aruba awe e no por haya un trabao ningun caminda.
El a solicita na delaster tipo di empresa y compania, y pa tende di un compania di security recientemente cu e no por traha pa nan “pasobra bo ta mucho gordo”.
Gordo e no ta. E ta poco yena pero no pa bisa cu e ta gordo. Te riba esaki ta discrimina riba nos isla, y no tin caminda pa bo bay contra e tipo di discriminacion aki tampoco.
Un persona di “Kader” cu a traha na Aruba, bay Hulanda, bolbe Aruba pa sigui traha aki, y no por haya un trabao.
Y nos ta keha cu nos ”kader” ta bandonando Aruba?
Si scucha e arubanonan cu ta busca trabao, bo ta yora.
Ningun caminda cu bo ta solicita, nan ta informabo cu bo ta rechaza, cu bo solicitud ta bao di tratamento, etc.
Bo ta keda warda y warda te dia bo mes bay averigua y ripara cu e lugar a ser yena cu hende cu menos calificacion cu bo.
Ni pa esaki no ta gaña bo cu bo ta califica di mas pa e trabao. Bo ta arubano y esaki kiermeen cu na Aruba no tin trabao pa bo.
Si bo a pasa 35 aña peor ainda, pasobra bo “ta bieu!”
Nos ta yen di hende fuerte di 50 – 55 y hasta 60 aña cu ta loco pa traha y haya un trabao, pero no ta wordo acepta, ni pa salario minimo pa nan por tin un entrada, cu ta locual nan ta buscando debi na necesidad.


E perdicion cu tin pa placernan nos ta lesa casi diariamente den corant, of scucha na radio.
Pero e otro tipo cu nos ta mira riba caya awor?
Lagami tuma djis un lugar.
E skina cu ta keda na Koningstraat – Emmastraat, pabao di caminda, unda tin un tereno habri ainda na e skina aki.
Pabao di e lote aki tin un coredor cu ta bay zuid entre casnan. E coredor ta di mas o menos 1 meter y mey hancho.
Esaki habitantenan den bario ta yama e “Hanchi di Placer y perdicion”.
Mi ta cana bai abao mainta y ta mira eyden, un homber y muher (aparentemente choller) den nan actuacion di placer di bida y den dia cla y sin preocupa cu hende ta mira nan.
Bisiña a contami cu ta varios biaha pa siman ta mira e show aki.
Den e mes hanchi, hendenan ta yega y baha tur peso di nan curpa, tanto den liquido of di sushedad di color.
Bo ta pasa mira nan, y nan no tin cunez.
Den e mes skina ta mira e drogadictonan ta cende nan marihuana y keinta nan otro tipo di droga, y bon scondi pasobra no tin polis.


E mes lugar aki a bira tambe un hotspot pa turistanan.
E busnan di “placer” cu ta core te den madruga haciendo bochincha riba caya yena cu turistanan (-y tambe de vez en cuando cu hende local-) ta yega aki den oranan laat anochi, para na e lugar habri pa e turistanan drenta “hanchi di placer y perdicion” pa bay baha peso di curpa, sea na liquido of material mas pisa perfuma.
E mes busnan ta baha turistanan aki, “PA NAN BAY HACI COMPRAS” di droga patras di e hanchi aki, na lugar conoci pa esaki.
Pesey kizas pa e turistanan aki nan ta riba “one happy island” of riba “e perla di Caribe”.
E chollernan tabata tin nan “hotspot” riba tereno di Wit Gele Kruis, te cu algun dia pasa diripiente mi a mira Security eynan.
Despues mi a tende cu nan no por a wanta mas di e sushedad di e chollernan y nan bagamunderia aki y WGK a busca security.
Pero diadomingo anochi, mi a ripara guardia di seguridad parti pariba, pero na e lugar parti pabao varios choller cu nan fiestamento.
Esaki ta loke por yama “e skina di perdicion” den cercania di “e hanchi”.


Pero ora papia di e perdicion aki, tin cu menciona tambe loke ta pasando na scolnan.
Ora tende e storianan di falta di respet; moral cu a dal abao te suela na scolnan, bo tin gana di haya biramento di cabez y cay flauw.
Ta algun dia pasa scuchando un persona conversando cu un dama, pafo di mi oficina, mi a yama e persona aki un banda despues.
Mi a bise cu mi no por a keda sin scucha, pasobra ta net dilanti mi porta di oficina e conversacion a tuma lugar  y tur cos a drenta.
El a contami cu e dama ta docente na un scol popular y loke a bin dilanti tabata di e armanan cu tin tur dia na school, pero tambe e uso di droga.
E uso di droga ta conoci cerca alumnonan, y cerca docentenan, y nada ta wordo haci, pasobra…………, segun e conversacion….., hasta docentenan ta meti den e uso di droga aki y tanto bal bo bay keha y net cerca un di e docentenan aki. Nada no ta sali afo..
E muchanan asina no por ta mihor, y pesey tambe ta tende keto bay di e tantisimo badabada cu sa tin  y docentenan mes ta “mas santo cu santo”.
Si mira bon y sinta pensa, bo ta ripara cu tur e cosnan malo cu ta pasando riba nos isla, tur e cosnan negativo, no tin forma di combati mas.
Ta peor tur cos ta birando riba tur tereno y lo yega asina leu cu nos tin cu cambia e platchi number di auto cu lo promove Aruba cu e slogan nobo. “Aruba, lost paradise !”

Juby Naar

Online Pap translation:

aruba the pearl of caribe, one happy island or island perdida?

this is locual are you achieve are you ask about do you self hour do you see kico is pasando on the island aki; hour cu person is count ; of they problemanan, y hour are you see con bad cos is birando owing to pesar cu much is menciona cu “cos is good.”

conversando cu one person cu good salary yesterday morning, the was count ; of his situation. this is one of the tantonan, cu good salary y cu is happen in preta. do not only esnan cu pension, cu onderstand, cu minimum loon only, as much will believe.

father of two child, ganando among 2 y 4 thousand guilder, y yesterday owing to prepara aroz cu sardin y egg for can owing to come because not can come another cos. i have bise cu my conoce hendenan cu is earn more still, y cu not can live of esey niether y cu my can write one book of the cuminda cu is achieve in much cas awendia, cu we will calling “cuminda of pober” y cu person do not menciona for motibo of “nos proud camufla”. that can owing to think 20 year happen cu the situation will become so on “e pearl of caribe, one happy island?”

not can achieve trabao

i have conversa cu one person cu owing to work tanto year at aruba; more of 20 year at the netherlands for various gemeente, cu all clase of diploma y certificado y of degree high.

at aruba today the not can achieve one trabao none caminda.

past owing to solicita at last type of empresa y compania, y for hear of one compania of security recientemente cu the not can work for they “pasobra are you mucho gordo”.

bold the do not. the is some fill but not for tell cu the is bold. till on this is discrimina on we island, y not have caminda for do you bay contra the type of discriminacion here niether.

one person of “kader” cu owing to work at aruba, bay the netherlands, go back aruba for follow work here, y not can achieve one trabao.

y we is complain cu we ”kader” is bandonando aruba?

if listen the arubanonan cu is busca trabao, are you cry.

none caminda cu are you solicita, they're informabo cu are you rechaza, cu do you solicitud is bao of tratamento, etc. are you stay keep y keep till day do you self bay averigua y ripara cu the lugar owing to being fill cu person cu less calificacion cu do you.

neither for this do not lie do you cu are you califica of more for her trabao. are you aruban y this kiermeen cu at aruba not have trabao for do you.

if you have happen 35 year worse still, because do you “ta old!”

we is complete of person strong of 50 – 55 y even 60 year cu is loco for work y achieve one trabao, but do not wordo acepta, neither for salary minimo for they can have one entrance, cu is locual they're buscando debi at necesidad.

angle of placer y perdicion

the perdicion cu have for placernan we is read casi daily in corant, or listen at radio.

but the another type cu we is see on caya now?

lagami take immidiately one lugar.

the angle cu is stay at koningstraat – emmastraat, pabao of caminda, where have one territory open still at the angle here. pabao of the lote here have one coredor cu is bay south among casnan. the coredor is of more or less 1 metre y mey hancho. this habitantenan in district is calling the “hanchi of placer y perdicion”. i am march go abao morning y is see eyden, one man y muher (aparentemente choller) in they actuacion of placer of life y in day cla y without preocupa cu person is see they.

neighbour owing to contami cu is several trip for week is see the show here.

in the self alley, hendenan is arrive y descend all weight of they curpa, tanto in liquido or of sushedad of color. are you happen see they, y they not have cunez.

in the self angle is see the drogadictonan is light they marihuana y keinta they another type of drugs, y good scondi because not have police.

hot spot for turistanan

the self lugar here owing to become also one hotspot for turistanan. the busnan of “placer” cu is core till in madruga haciendo ado on caya fill cu turistanan (-y also de vez provided that cuando cu person local-) is arrive here in oranan late night, stop at the lugar open for her turistanan enter “hanchi of placer y perdicion” for bay descend weight of curpa, as at liquido or material more pisa perfuma.

the self busnan is descend turistanan here, “pa they bay haci compras” of drugs behind the alley here, at lugar conoci for this.

pesey kizas for her turistanan here they're on “one happy island” or on “e pearl of caribe”.

the chollernan was have they “hotspot” on territory of wit gele kruis, till cu some day happen diripiente i have see security eynan.

after i have hear cu they not can owing to wanta more of the sushedad of the chollernan y they ado here y wgk owing to busca security.

but diadomingo night, i have ripara guardia of seguridad part east, but at the lugar part pabao several choller cu they fiestamento. this is thing can calling “e angle of perdicion” in cercania of “e hanchi”.

the perdicion at scol

but hour talk of the perdicion here, have cu menciona also thing is pasando at scolnan.

hour hear the storianan of miss of respet; moral cu owing to strike abao till floor at scolnan, do you have earn of achieve biramento of cabez y cay flauw.

is some day happen scuchando one person conversando cu one lady, pafo of my office, i have calling the person here one near after.

i have bise cu my not can owing to stay without listen, because is just fast my door of office the conversacion did take lugar y all cos owing to enter.

past owing to contami cu the lady is docente at one scol popular y thing owing to come fast was of the armanan cu have all day at school, but also the usage of drugs. the usage of drugs is conoci close alumnonan, y close docentenan, y nothing is wordo haci, pasobra…………, according the conversacion….., even docentenan is meti in the usage of drugs here y tanto be worth do you bay complain y just close one of the docentenan here. nothing do not leave afo.. the children so not can is mihor, y pesey also is hear keto bay of the tantisimo badabada cu know have y docentenan self is “mas sand cu santo”. if see good y sit think, are you ripara cu all the cosnan bad cu is pasando on we island, all the cosnan negative, not have form of combati more. is worse all cos is birando on all territory y will arrive so far cu we have cu change the platchi number of car cu will promove aruba cu the slogan new. “aruba, lost paradise come across!”

juby naar

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #592 on: October 31, 2007, 10:16:42 AM »

http://www.amigoe.com/english/   10/30/2007

Hummm. Curacao the other day; now Bonaire. Reminder that this is NOT Aruba - but interesting anyway.

Huge police action in Bonaire
De weapons that the police confiscated in five homes in Tera Korá and Antriol this morning.

KRALENDIJK – In a raid in Bonaire this morning, 48 police officers together with members of VKB, directed by the Public Prosecutor and police leaders arrested 10 suspects and confiscated stolen objects and firearms, among others 4 air pressure pistols, 1 shotgun, and a shotgun.  The action took place in connection with the many break-ins of lately in homes, hotels, apartments, and cars at diving locations.   

The corps leaders decided to set up a special team under direction of Melvin St. Jago and immediately started to investigate all the break-ins.  The team gave the leaders of the OM a presentation on their investigation yesterday and this morning they arrested the in Bonaire born R.R.P. (29), F.C.W. (34), R.F.E. (24), R.P.S.E. (22), I.P.S. (27), J.F.B. (20), E.A.W. (17), and R.I.N.C. (24) from Colombia, I.J.P.P. (28) from Curacao, and the woman from the Dominican Republic A.L.C-S. (40). Public Prosecutor David van Delft’s top priority is getting the persons arrested today in jail, because there are not many police cells in Bonaire.  Nevertheless, the suspects of the break-ins remain detained. 

According to Van Delft, all the cells in the House of Detention and the police cells in Kralendijk and Rincon are full.  He is currently negotiating with colleagues in Curacao to see whether he can use cells in the Bon Futuro jail in Curacao.  According to chief of police Jan van Straten, what took place in the past two months is unacceptable.  “With the support of Minister Elvis Tjin Asjoe, the Lt. Governor, and the Governing Body, the police could do his job this time.  The police corpse could use all technical means to investigate the break-ins”, said Van der Straten.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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JGS attacked by PAR and RRH at "Kong Fui" (formerly "Formosa"), apparently a restaurant/bar. I believe JGS was stabbed ("clip"?) in the back; a serious injury however inflicted.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Un otro caso tambe cu a keda registra relaciona cu maltrato a tuma lugar den oranan di marduga na Savaneta.Patruya di San Nicolas a worde dirigi pa atende e bringamento. Na e establecimento “Kong Fui”, cu ta ex-Formosa, polis a papia cu un homber Venezolano  di inicialnan J.G.S. di 43 aña.

   E homber Venezolano ta declara cu el a wak un homber ta maltrata un hende muher y el a bay purba pa stop e homber pa sigui comete e acto. Pero e homber ta zwaai cu un cuchio y consecuentemente denunciante a ricibi un corta formal den su lomba.

   Despues di e acto aki e homber cu a corta e victima a drenta den un vehiculo numera A-51672 y a move for di e lugar.

   Mientras ambulans su presencia a worde rekeri pa transporta e homber Venezolano rumbo pa Hospital. Consecuentemente e corta cu e victima a ricibi ta uno serio ya cu un total di 41 gancho encorto e marca na lomba a keda manera lisinbein.

   For di e recorte policial tambe ta worde menciona cu otro partidonan a presenta na warda di Santa Cruz pa entrega keho y segun informe ta trata di e homber di inicialnan P.A.R. di 35 aña y tambe e muher di inicialnan R.R.H.

   Segun version e homber esta e victima a destrui bentana di auto. Tanto e homber P.A.R. y e muher R.R.H. a worde recomenda pa mihor nan pasa den transcurso di dia na despacho di Recherché pa entrega denuncia oficial.

   Pero e marduga ey tambe Central di Polis a dirigi patruya na establecimento na Santa Cruz, pa asina polis atende e señora di inicialnan R.R.H. di 28 aña. Segun e señora cu e tabata na “Kong Fui” ex “Formosa”. Y el a yama su casa PAR pa bin buske.

   Ora cu R.R.H. a sali pafor un homber a bin despedi di dje y a dune un sushi na su cara.  E homber PAR. a bira di remate y a dal denunciante (R.R.H.) wanta.

   Dos hende homber segun  version di R.R.H. a bin pafor pa defende denunciante. A start un pelea entre e hombernan di ambos banda diferente obheto (arma) tabata worde usa.

   Durante cu polis ta atende señora R.R.H.  ta presenta e homber PAR y el a exigi pa e agentenan detene e muher R.R.H.

   E recorte policial ta menciona cu PAR tabata den compania di algun persona y e ta  comporta su mes fastioso. Polis a worde recomenda e homber pa mihor e bandona e lugar. Finalmente e polisnan a avisa partidonan envolvi pa pasa na despacho di Recherche pa entrega denuncia.

Online Pap translation:

good samaritano owing to achieve one clip serious in back

oranjestad (aan): one another caso also cu owing to stay registra relaciona cu maltrato did take lugar in oranan of marduga at savaneta.patruya of san nicolas owing to worde dirigi for atende the bringamento. at the establecimento “kong fui”, cu is ex-formosa, police owing to talk cu one man venezolano of inicialnan j.g.s. of 43 year.

he venezolano is declara cu past owing to look at one man is maltrata a muher y past owing to bay try for stop he for follow comete the acto. but he is zwaai cu one cuchio y consecuentemente denunciante owing to ricibi one clip serious in his back.

after of the acto here he cu owing to clip the victima owing to enter in one vehiculo numera a-51672 y owing to actuate for of the lugar.

while ambulance his presencia owing to worde rekeri for transporta he venezolano direction for hospital.

consecuentemente the clip cu the victima owing to ricibi is uno earnest already cu one overall of 41 gancho encorto the mark at back owing to stay as centipede.

for of the recorte policial also is worde menciona cu another partidonan owing to present at keep of santa cruz for entrega complaint y according informe is deal of he of inicialnan p.a.r. of 35 year y also the muher of inicialnan r.r.h.

according version he esta the victima owing to destrui window of car. tanto he p.a.r. y the muher r.r.h. owing to worde recomenda for mihor they happen in transcurso of day at despacho of recherché for entrega denuncia oficial.

but the marduga ey also central of police owing to dirigi patrol at establecimento at santa cruz, for so police atende the madam of inicialnan r.r.h. of 28 year. according the madam cu the was at “kong fui” ex “formosa”. y past owing to calling his casa  PAR come buske.

hour cu r.r.h. owing to leave abroad one man owing to come despedi of dje y owing to dune one dirt at his cara. PAR owing to become of remate y owing to strike denunciante (r.r.h.) wanta.

two person man according version of r.r.h. owing to come abroad for defende denunciante. owing to start one action among the hombernan of both near various obheto (arma) was worde using.

during cu police is atende madam r.r.h. is present PAR y past owing to exigi for her agentenan detene the muher r.r.h.

the recorte policial is menciona cu pair was in compania of some person y the is comporta his self fastioso. police owing to worde recomenda he for mihor the bandona the lugar. finalmente the polisnan owing to avisa partidonan envolvi for happen at despacho of recherche for entrega denuncia.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #594 on: October 31, 2007, 01:59:09 PM »

Wow!  Surprised

If Aruba is such a mecca for crime, why did the Mountain Brook seniors go there for their trip?

Why did Beth allow Natalee to go?  Shocked

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« Reply #595 on: October 31, 2007, 02:06:02 PM »

Wow!  Surprised

If Aruba is such a mecca for crime, why did the Mountain Brook seniors go there for their trip?

Why did Beth allow Natalee to go?  Shocked

If you go back and read the first page of this thread, you will see.  Aruba was being touted as crime free.  See the article claiming "one murder in the last twenty years" for example.  We knew from what we were seeing in the papers this couldn't possibly be true and we did succeed in getting a retraction, of sorts, on that claim.

But that is the kind of publicity that was being promoted at the time, that Aruba had no crime.  Originally we were told there were not even any crime stats because there was so little crime.  Turns out neither are true and even by their own stats, the crime rate is as high or higher than in the U.S. with many crimes not reported or things that are crimes in this country not counted as such there.

But the first of this thread addresses that pretty well.



All posts reflect my opinion only and are not shared by all forum members nor intended as statement of facts.  I am doing the best I can with the information available.

Murder & Crime on Aruba Summary http://tinyurl.com/2nus7c
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« Reply #596 on: October 31, 2007, 03:45:26 PM »

Anna - Good Answer.

Actually, I am honored, after a fashion, that a troll posted on our little thread.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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RIP Grumpy Cat :( I will miss you.

« Reply #597 on: October 31, 2007, 04:01:09 PM »

Anna - Good Answer.

Actually, I am honored, after a fashion, that a troll posted on our little thread.

Plus....if you do not get drugged, kidnapped, raped and/or murdered, you will most certainly die in a car accident! I have never seen so many accidents in a population of 100,000...unreal.

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« Reply #598 on: November 02, 2007, 11:58:19 PM »


Don't know what this was all about. Street brawl apparently because someone implied that a female was a lesbian?? Four people involved ...

Homber a entrega keho pa evita nan bula su cabez afor

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Central di polis a dirigi patruya di Playa na parkinglot den Schotlandstraat. Probablemente segun prome informa un homber ta maltrata un muher. Na yegada di e unidad di Oranjestad e homber sospechoso di inicialnan F.W. no ta tey mas.

   Si tabata presenta e señora di inicialnan R.I.R.M. naci na Colombia  di 41 aña, y el a bisa cu e muher di inicialnan A de C. tambe naci na Colombia di 45 aña a yama su casa, e homber F.W. y bise cu su casa R.I.R.M. ta lesbiana.

   Loke a worde bisa a pone e homber F.W. presenta na e lugar, na unda el a ranca e muher R.I.R.M. na su cabey.

   Mas despues e hombr F.W. a regresa na e lugar y puntra e homber di inicialnan B.W. unda e muher RIRM ta.   Aki B.W.a contesta cu e no sa. E homber F.W. e ora ey a bisa B.W. cu elo kap su cabez afor.

   Polisnan durante cu ta atende esnan envolvi a sali na claridad cu e muher Colombiano cu e ta ilegal pa cual  agentenan a detene mesora  mientras tanto e testigo a keda di entrega denuncia di menaza na Recherché contra di e homber F.W. pa evita asina cu su cabez worde bula afor.

Online Pap translation:

hacidor of redashi owing to resulta of is ilegal
man owing to entrega complaint for evita they fly his cabez afor

oranjestad (aan): central of police owing to dirigi patrol of beach at parkinglot in schotlandstraat. probably according first informa one man is maltrata one muher. at arrival of the unidad of oranjestad he sospechoso of inicialnan f.w. do not tey more.

if was present the madam of inicialnan r.i.r.m. naci at colombia of 41 year, y past owing to tell cu the muher of inicialnan A de C. also naci at colombia of 45 year owing to calling his casa, he f.w. y bise cu his casa r.i.r.m. is lesbiana.

thing owing to worde tell owing to place he f.w. present at the lugar, at where past owing to ranca the muher r.i.r.m. at his cabey.

more after the hombr f.w. owing to return at the lugar y ask about he of inicialnan b.w. where the muher rirm is. here b.w.a contesta cu the not know. he f.w. the hour ey owing to tell b.w. cu elo chop his cabez afor.

polisnan during cu is atende esnan envolvi owing to leave at claridad cu the muher colombiano cu the is ilegal for cual agentenan owing to detene at once all the time the witness owing to stay of entrega denuncia of menaza at recherché contra of he f.w. for evita so cu his cabez worde fly afor.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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« Reply #599 on: November 03, 2007, 11:30:03 AM »

klaas posted this on the NH thread 11/03/2007 (Reply #35).


Bringamento formal den Carlos n Charlies         
Saturday, 03 November 2007

Diasabra marduga nos a bin topa un gran cantidad di patruya policial den west traat dilanti Carlos N Charlies. Un bringamento lo mester a start parti paden di e club nocturno y a sigi expande ora cu varios hende a join e bringamento. Den e bringamento tatin algun mariniers envolvi cu a wordo deteni. En total 3 detencion a cay. Click read more pa mas imagen.

Through translator:

bringamento serious in carlos n charlies

saturday marduga we owing to come come across one great cantidad of patrol policial in west traat fast carlos n charlies. one bringamento will have to owing to start part inside of the club nocturno y owing to sigi expande hour cu several person owing to join the bringamento. in the bringamento tatin some mariniers envolvi cu owing to wordo deteni. provided that overall 3 detencion owing to cay. click read more for more imagen.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary - http://tinyurl.com/2lhukn

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