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Author Topic: Murder and Crime Rate In Aruba  (Read 4033391 times)
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« Reply #620 on: December 17, 2007, 08:35:01 PM »

Do we know who was shot this time?  And where on the premises this happened?  No crime, indeed. 

Come across on that one!


Anthony Gomes 19 yrs old died in the parking lot outside of a nightclub. Not sure which one but they mention gang activity outside of Dakotas.

Picture of the dead guy??  Shocked

This is the Anthony Gomez incident, per that Bondia link  --

Polis herida a tira su agresor mata 
Monday, 17 December 2007 
ORANJESTAD –  Ayera  a sosode un caso lamentable caminda un agente policial mester a usa cu arma reglamentario pa defende su  bida, despues cu e agresor a tira riba dje. Ta asina aki cu diadomingo marduga alrededor di 2’or lo a surgi un discusion fuerte entre dos grupo na e trapi di Conga, segun testigonan.

Na dado dado momento den e discusion aki un Tercel cora ta dal para dilanti e edificio ya menciona caminda dos individuo ta baha, y ta saca un persona for di e grupo. E mesun persona aki ta bai bek den un di e gruponan caminda e discusion a sigui escala. Na dado momento e individuo ta los un tiro, ta pone capuchon di su flanel riba su cabes y a cana bai den direccion di e parkinglot di e bushalte. Mientrastanto polis a yega na e sitio y a haya un bon discripcion y den ki direccion e agresor a cana bai.
Na momento cu e agresor a ripara cu polis tabata su tras a dicidi di los tres tiro den direccion di un di e agente policial, di cua un bala ta alcanse den su man y un otro den su pecho. No ta conoci si e di tres a logra alcanse of no. Segun testigo na e sitio despues cu polis a ricibi e tres tironan aki den su direccion polis a los un tiro den direccion di e sopechoso y a alcansa e sospechoso den su cabes mortalmente. Esaki a sosode net panort di parkinglot di e busnan di Arubus.

A surgi un consternashon na e sitio, caminda tabata teme pa e polis su bida. Ya cu a sospecha cu el’o ricibi tres tiro. Practicamente tur polis riba warda na e momento ei ariba Aruba a wordo manda na e sitio, pa asina sigura e sitio di incidente.
Den un situacion serio y delicado e agente policial a wordo hiba hospital. Na hospital segun informacion no oficial e agente policial a ricibi un bala den su man y un otro bala ta perfora un di su pulmonan. No por a logra confirma si e di tres bala a alcanse of no. E situacion di e polis ta serio pero stabil.

Mientrastanto pa mas o menos 02.45 dr. Jagua Fingal a costata morto di e hoben Franklin Anthony Gomez, na bida biba na Jan Flemming 12-A, Santa Cruz.
Na e sitio a presenta varios funcionario policial halto, fiscal, y tambe Lands Recherche.
Investigacion na e sitio a termina pa mas o menos 5.30.

Por a observa tambe na e sitio di e incidente, cu un vehiculo a ricibi dos perforacion di bala. Esaki ta crucial den e investigacion, ya cu esaki lo determina for di ki angulo a wordo dispara.

A compronde cu e surveillance di polis cu tabata envolvi den e caso aki tabata consisti di dos agente policial, cu ambos nan man a wordo getest pa asina determina ta cua di nan dos a tira, of sita tur dos a tira of no.

Mirando e seriedad di e caso aki, un total di tres miembro di Lands Recherche a presenta na e sitio di incidente, pa asina haci un investigacion preliminar den e caso serio aki. E investigacion aki mester determina si e agente policial (nan) a haci uso di nan arma di candela reglamentario corectamente, of cu otro palabra si e (nan) tabata tin derecho of no di usele.

Hecho ta si, cu e polis encuestion tabata bon entrena ya cu den e situacion cu e tabata aden toch a logra tira e sopechoso den cabes. Por a compronde na e sitio cu e dos gruponan aki ta dos grupo conoci pa polis, y cu tin basta tempo caba cu nan tin problema cu otro, y cu lo ta e mes un grupo cu tabata envolvi den e hortamento y destruccion di un vehiculo di polis un par di luna atras. Investigacion lo mester bai determina si e difunto a bai pa regla cuenta, of si e dos individuonan cu a baha for di e Tercel lo a dune un arma pa defende su mes for di otro grupo.
E incidente aki a pasa serca di e “Hot Corner” cu por tabata tin consecuencianan fatal pa nos industria turistico cu apenas a cuminsa recupera, si un di e proyectilnan aki a alcansa un turista.

Online Pap translation:

police injury owing to throw his aggressor kill
monday, 17 december 2007

oranjestad – yesterday owing to sosode one caso lamentable caminda one agent policial have to owing to using cu arm reglamentario for defende his life, after cu the aggressor owing to throw on dje. is so here cu diadomingo marduga alrededor of 2’or will owing to surgi one discusion strong among two are at the stair of conga, according testigonan.

at dado dado instant in the discusion here one tercel cora is strike stop fast the edificio already menciona caminda two individual is descend, y is saca one person for of the are. the same person here is go bek in one of the gruponan caminda the discusion owing to follow escala. at dado instant the individual is los one tiro, is place capuchon of his flanel on his cabes y owing to march go in direccion of the parkinglot of the bushalte. all the time police owing to arrive at the sitio y owing to achieve one good discripcion y in what direccion the aggressor owing to march go.

at instant cu the aggressor owing to ripara cu police was his slow owing to dicidi of los three tiro in direccion of one of the agent policial, of cua one ball is alcanse in his hand y one another in his pecho. do not conoci if the of three owing to succeed alcanse or not. according witness at the sitio after cu police owing to ricibi the three tironan here in his direccion police owing to los one tiro in direccion of the sopechoso y owing to alcansa the sospechoso in his cabes mortalmente. this owing to sosode just panort of parkinglot of the busnan of arubus.

owing to surgi one consternashon at the sitio, caminda was teme for her police his life. already cu owing to sospecha cu el’o ricibi three tiro. practicamente all police on keep at the instant there upstairs aruba owing to wordo send at the sitio, for so sigura the sitio of incidente.

in one situation earnest y delicado the agent policial owing to wordo take away hospital. at hospital according informacion not oficial the agent policial owing to ricibi one ball in his hand y one another ball is perfora one of his pulmonan. not can owing to succeed confirma if the of three ball owing to alcanse or not. the situation of the police is earnest but stable.

all the time for more or less 02.45 dr. jagua fingal owing to costata dead of the young franklin anthony gomez, at life live at jan flemming 12-a, santa cruz. at the sitio owing to present several funcionario policial high, fiscal, y also lands recherche. {?}

investigacion at the sitio owing to termina for more or less 5.30.

can owing to observa also at the sitio of the incidente, cu one vehiculo owing to ricibi two perforacion of ball. this is crucial in the investigacion, already cu this will determina for of what angulo owing to wordo dispara.

owing to compronde cu the surveillance of police cu was envolvi in the caso here was consisti of two agent policial, cu both they hand owing to wordo getest for so determina is cua of they two owing to throw, or sita all two owing to throw or not.

mirando the seriedad of the caso here, one overall of three acolyte of lands recherche owing to present at the sitio of incidente, for so haci one investigacion preliminar in the caso earnest here. the investigacion here have to determina if the agent policial (nan) owing to haci usage of they arm of candela reglamentario corectamente, or cu another word if the (nan) was have derecho or not of usele.

mature is if, cu the police encuestion was good entrena already cu in the situation cu the was inside yet owing to succeed throw the sopechoso in cabes. can owing to compronde at the sitio cu the two gruponan here is two are conoci for police, y cu have enough time end cu they have problem cu another, y cu will is the self one are cu was envolvi in the hortamento y destruccion of one vehiculo of police one pair of month behind. investigacion will have to go determina if the difunto owing to go for regulation cuenta, or if the two individuonan cu owing to descend for of the tercel will owing to dune one arm for defende his self for of another are. the incidente here owing to happen serca of the “hot corner” cu can was have consecuencianan fateful for we industry turistico cu barely owing to cuminsa recupera, if one of the proyectilnan here owing to alcansa one tourist.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #621 on: December 17, 2007, 08:39:23 PM »

klaas posted this on the Natalee discussion thread 12/17/2007 --

Atraco arma riba dos persona         
Monday, 17 December 2007 

Dialuna merdia un atraco arma lo mester a pasa riba dos persona. Atracadornan lo mester a horta $ 6000 y bay cu e auto di e persona nan. Lo mester trata di persona cu arma di candela y arma blanco di apariencia scur. Informacion no confirma ta indica cu e atraco a pasa serca di un banco unda cu e hendenan a drenta den e auto di e personanan aki y a laganan pafor di e auto na Matividiri. Ora nos tin mas informacion concreto lo nos trece esaki.

Through translator:

atraco arm on two person monday,
17 december 2007

monday afternoon one atraco arm will have to owing to happen on two person. atracadornan will have to owing to steal $ 6000 y bay cu the car of the person they. will have to deal of person cu arm of candela y arm blanco of apariencia dark. informacion not confirma is indica cu the atraco owing to happen serca of one banco where cu the hendenan owing to enter in the car of the personanan here y owing to laganan abroad of the car at matividiri. hour we have more informacion concreto will we trece this.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #622 on: December 17, 2007, 09:06:17 PM »

The above post, quoting klaas, was from 24ora.

Man arrested for drunkeness found dead in his cell at Nort. (Noord?)

Detenido pa buracheria a ser haya morto den cel na warda di Nort 
Monday, 17 December 2007 

NORT—Diadomingo mainta pa 7.30, polisnan a bai controla e arestantnan den cel na warda di Nort, y ta topa  cu un homber, cu no ta reacciona. A resulta cu el homber tabata morto. Dr. Mungra a constata morto poa 8.15. E detenido a wordo sera pa buracheria. E  morto  a keda confisca pa autopsia pa mira consecuencia di su morto

No tin mucho informacion riba identificacion di e persona haya morto den cel.

Online Pap translation:

detenido for drunkenness owing to being achieve
dead in cel at keep of north

monday, 17 december 2007

nort—diadomingo morning for 7.30, polisnan owing to go controla the arestantnan in cel at keep of north, y is come across cu one man, cu do not reacciona. owing to resulta cu past man was dead. dr. mungra owing to constata dead poa 8.15. the detenido owing to wordo close for drunkenness. the dead owing to stay confisca for autopsia for see consecuencia of his dead

not have mucho informacion on identificacion of the person achieve dead in cel.

* * *

The dead man found drifting "at height of Pincho's" ...

Curpa sin bida di Elvis Giovanny Lugo
a ser haya drif den laman na haltura di Pincho’s
Monday, 17 December 2007 
ORANJESTAD—Diadomingo mainta polisnan ta bai na haltura di Pincho’s, naunda lo a haya un hende den lama cu no ta duna señal di bida. Polisnan ta bai y ta topa e boto di polis ta trece e curpa ta canto. El a wordo haya ta drief den laman. Pa 11’or, Dr. Mungra kende a bin na e sitio a constata morto di Elvis Giovanny Lugo, naci dia 2 di januari 1977

y na bida tabata biba na Pindastraat 45. Paz na su resto y forsa na su famianan.

Online Pap translator:

curpa without life of elvis giovanny lugo
owing to being achieve float in sea at height of pincho’s

monday, 17 december 2007

oranjestad—diadomingo morning polisnan is go at height of pincho’s, naunda will owing to achieve a in lama cu do not give sign of life. polisnan is go y is come across the boat of police is trece the curpa is canto. past owing to wordo achieve is drief in sea. for 11’or, dr. mungra that owing to come at the sitio owing to constata dead of elvis giovanny lugo, naci day 2 of january 1977

y at life was live at pindastraat 45. paz at his remainder y compel at his famianan.

* * *
And Nut44x4 posted this on the Natalee discussion thread 12/17/2007, re. the incident at "Mr. Conga" place (death of Anthony Gomez).

Heli Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:21 pm  RU 

I have this account of the incident from a source that I consider impeccable.

It was a fight on the street in front of the Mr Conga place (second floor of Busstation). One guy fired shots in the air and ran away. The police came and went after him, behind the busstation. He shot a young police officer 3 times, which two bullets hit him and the third one bruised his neck. He is in intensive care, but stable and will undergo surgery today. After he was hit by the guy, the officer shot the guy dead.

This police officer (Alexander) was the one that played one of the Kalpoe brothers in the reenactment while he was still in police school. It was no way related to Carlos 'n Charlie's or even near that place.

The young guy who was shot dead, was known to police and had been
in trouble before.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #623 on: December 18, 2007, 11:28:58 AM »

Still no identity for the man who died in his jail cell.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Cu e poco recurso cu Recherche y Polis ta dispone, pueblo tin di gradici cu tog hopi caso ta worde resolvi.  Lamentablemente nan mes no ta menciona hopi di esaki den publicidad.

   Pueblo no ta mira casonan worde resolvi den prensa, y ta kere cu Polis ta drumi di dia y anochi.  Tog tin biaha via di DIARIO, pueblo ta mira cu tog Polisnan ta trahando!

   Durante weekend patruya di Oranjestad a detene un homber hibe warda pa sosega curpa. Debi cu warda di Oranjestad no ta apto pa encarcela ningun detenido, a dicidi di transporte pa warda di Noord situa na Shaba. Segun informe e homber tabata bebi y probablemente curpa no ta duna.

   Control cu a worde haci rutinario na tur warda a bin constata cu e detenido cual ta ser den e cel no ta move ni responde. Mesora a manda notifica lo demas autoridad y a bin constata cu e detenido a fayece.

   Fiscal a laga confisca e curpa di e homber pa asina practica autopsia.Mientras tanto polis y Recherché a busca informe pa determina kende e persona aki ta. Te cu asina leu no a determina e identidad di e homber en cuestion.

Parce cu tin sospecho cu aki lo por ta trata di persona aparentemente ilegal, pero no por a confirma e informacion mas ainda ningun persona local ni famia no a  reporta cu nan ta sinta falta di un miembro di famia.

  E curpa sin bida segun informe ta den mortuario keto bay sin autoridad sa exactamente su identidad. Manera esaki ta conoci esaki lo worde anuncia.

Online Pap translation:

police still not know name of the detenido
achieve dead in cel

oranjestad (aan): cu the some recurso cu recherche y police is dispone, people have of gradici cu tog much caso is worde resolvi. alas they self do not menciona much of this in publicidad.

people do not see casonan worde resolvi in prensa, y is believe cu police is sleep of day y night. {?!?} tog have trip via of daily paper, people is see cu tog polisnan is trahando!

during weekend patrol of oranjestad owing to detene one man hibe keep for sosega curpa. debi cu keep of oranjestad do not apto for encarcela none detenido, owing to dicidi of transporte for keep of north situa at shaba. according informe he was baby y probably curpa do not give.

control cu owing to worde haci rutinario at all keep owing to come constata cu the detenido cual is being in the cel do not actuate neither responde. at once owing to send notifica will other autoridad y owing to come constata cu the detenido owing to fayece.

fiscal owing to let confisca the curpa of he for so practica autopsia.mientras tanto police y recherché owing to busca informe for determina that the person here is. till cu so far not owing to determina the identidad of he provided that cuestion.

seems cu have suspicion cu here will can is deal of person apparently ilegal, but not can owing to confirma the informacion more still none person local neither family not owing to reporta cu they're sit miss of one acolyte of family.

the curpa without life according informe is in mortuario keto bay without autoridad know exactly his identidad. as this is conoci this will worde anuncia..

* * *
Apparently three armed men car-jacked a car. Somehow $6,000 cash is involved; possibly in the car? (That's a lot of walking-around money ... )

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Riba Dialuna, un biaha mas a keda constata cu keto bay arma ta circula na grandi riba nos Isla. Pa colmo ta trata di un informe cu a yega an oido di polis cu ta indicando cu den vecindario di Ayo Rock Formation, tres homber color scur direpiente a bula dilanti di un auto.

   Asina cu arma den man, nan a ‘hands-up’ tur esnan den e auto riba e caminda di tera pa forza baha for di un Mitsubishi Galant color shinishi-blanco cu number A-18680.E atracadornan a pone esnan den e auto baha abao y asina car-jack e vehiculo y baha na awa cu esaki.

   Pero a resulta cu esnan roba, a caba lanta placa, y ta trata di un suma di 6 mil dolar cash. Polisnan a worde notifica di e sucedido y a bati alarma grandi. For di diferente skina varios patruya di cu polisnan uniforma fuera Recherche  cuminsa cu un buskeda. 

Esnan cu a bira victima mes a logra yega te na un Supermercado na Ayo, pa eynan warda riba Polis y Recherche.  Nan a haya boter di awa, pa asina nan por kita e susto un poco di nan curpa!E auto cu a atracadornan abordo a bay direccion Angochi. Informe adicional cu ta circula lo ta papia di dos otro ta menciona tres persona arma.

   Parce cu asaltantenan a pone arma di candela na custia e di esnan cu a worde atraca. Masha poco descripcion tabata disponible di e carjackernan, pa asina autoridad lo por a haci nan trabao mas efectivamente.

   Declaracionnan tabata poco confuso pa cual tambe cada un di esnan cu a worde asalta a worde spera for di otro pa asina mas detayadamente por compila e informenan. Te cu ayera tardi no tabata tin ningun informe adicional relaciona cu e caso di asalto arma.

Online Pap translation:

caso of car-jacking arm owing to socede at good-bye

oranjestad (aan): on monday, once more owing to stay constata cu keto bay arm is circula at big on we island. for colmo is deal of one informe cu owing to arrive an oido of police cu is indicando cu in vecindario of good-bye rock formation, three man color dark all of a sudden owing to fly fast of one car.

so cu arm in hand, they owing to ‘hands-up’ all esnan in the car on the caminda of ground for forza descend for of one mitsubishi galant color shinishi-blanco cu number a-18680.e atracadornan owing to place esnan in the car descend abao y so car-jack the vehiculo y descend at water cu this.

but owing to resulta cu esnan plunder, owing to end arise coin, y is deal of one suma of 6 thousand dolar cash. polisnan owing to worde notifica of the sucedido y owing to beat alarma big. for of various angle several patrol of cu polisnan uniforma fuera recherche cuminsa cu one buskeda.

esnan cu owing to become victima self owing to succeed arrive till at one supermercado at good-bye, for eynan keep on police y recherche. they owing to achieve boter of water, for so they can less the susto one some of they curpa!e car cu owing to atracadornan abordo owing to bay direccion angochi. informe adicional cu is circula will is talk of two another is menciona three person arm.

seems cu asaltantenan owing to place arm of candela at custia the of esnan cu owing to worde atraca. very some descripcion was disponible of the carjackernan, for so autoridad will can owing to haci they trabao more efectivamente.

declaracionnan was some confuso for cual also cada one of esnan cu owing to worde asalta owing to worde wait for for of another for so more detayadamente can compila the informenan. till cu yesterday tardi not was have none informe adicional relaciona cu the caso of asalto arm.[/quote]

* * *

More on the Anthony Gomez shooting.

Relaciona cu e tiramento y  consecuencia fatal

ORANJESTAD (AAN): E caso di e hoben cu a tira riba Polis, y cu despues e agente a dispara back den defensa y herida mortalmente e persona ey, a keda hopi comenta riba Dialuna.Oficialmente segun DIARIO a comprende e caso cu tiramento fatal, a worde poni den man di LandsRecherche. Manera ta conoci cu diadomingo marduga polis a haya confronta cu un hoben arma pa cual tin un investigacion profundo a start cu a dispara riba agentenan policial.

   Un di e agente a keda seriamente herida mientras e hoben Gomes a perde su bida door di impacto di bala.E confrontacion lamentable aki a produci masha discusion y hasta ministro di husticia a ricibi menaza  E marduga en cuestion tabata presente tres miembro tambe di LandsRecherche presente cu a acudi na e lugar di e sucedido.

   Pa asina pone nan mes na altura di locual a caba di tuma lugar. Awor e tarea ta keda na miembronan di LandsRecherche cu ta regarda bao di procurador general pa investiga e caso te den su ultimo detaye.

   Esnan cu tabata hunto cu e hoben Gomez sigur lo tin di worde scucha con y kende entre otro e arma ta pertenece. Kico a pasa prome cu polisnan a presenta. Pakico a pidi asistencia na e lugar, tabata tin problema caba entre grupo di persona. Unda esaki a tuma lugar.

  Tambe lo check riba e hoben Gomez kende a bay buske na cas y pakico con el a yega na e lugar. Kico ta e motibo cu e tabata tin e arma den su poder, kende a facilite arma ta preguntanan entre otro clave cu LandsRecherche tin cu busca pa haya sa.

   Cuerpo policial tambe kier tambe un claridad di locual a tuma lugar na unda un miembro di e cuerpo a keda seriamente herida.

   Testigonan ta masha importante den e caso aki y cu e miembronan haya e espacio pa inicia cu nan investigacion pa tanto cuerpo policial y famia di victimanan finalmente worde poni na altura di e resultado.

Online Pap translation:

landsrecherche encarga cu the investigacion

relaciona cu the tiramento y consecuencia fateful

oranjestad (aan): the caso of the young cu owing to throw on police, y cu after the agent owing to dispara back in defence y injury mortalmente the person ey, owing to stay much comenta on monday.oficialmente according daily paper owing to comprende the caso cu tiramento fateful, owing to worde poni in hand of landsrecherche. as is conoci cu diadomingo marduga police owing to achieve confronta cu one young arm for cual have one investigacion deep owing to start cu owing to dispara on agentenan policial.

one of the agent owing to stay seriamente injury while the young gomes owing to lose his life door of impacto of ball.e confrontacion lamentable here owing to produci very discusion y even ministro of husticia owing to ricibi menaza the marduga provided that cuestion was present three acolyte also of landsrecherche present cu owing to acudi at the lugar of the sucedido.

for so place they self at height of locual owing to end of take lugar. now the tarea is stay at miembronan of landsrecherche cu is regarda bao of procurador general for investiga the caso till in his ultimo detaye.

esnan cu was together cu the young gomez assure will have of worde listen con y that among another the arm is pertenece. kico owing to happen first cu polisnan owing to present. pakico owing to ask asistencia at the lugar, was have problem end among are of person. where this did take lugar.

also will check on the young gomez that owing to bay buske at home y pakico con past owing to arrive at the lugar. kico is the motibo cu the was have the arm in his power, that owing to facilite arm is questions among another clave cu landsrecherche have cu busca for achieve know.

cuerpo policial also wanted also one claridad of locual did take lugar at where one acolyte of the cuerpo owing to stay seriamente injury.

testigonan is very important in the caso here y cu the miembronan achieve the espacio for inicia cu they investigacion for tanto cuerpo policial y family of victimanan finalmente worde poni at height of the result.

* * *

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diadomingo casi 1’or di marduga, a presenta na Warda di Polis na San Nicolas, e homber naci na Jamaica di inicialnan N.N. di 25 aña, kende a bisa e polis cu a atende cu e kier entrega keho di maltrato cu arma.

  Segun e Jamaiquino ta splica polis cu e tabata na Community Pool y ey un gai un tal “Jo” a pidi pa 100 Florin cu e debe.

   E Jamaiquino N.N. a bisa e tal “Jo” cu situacion ta dificil, y su cartera ta bashi.E tal “Jo” aparentemente no a keda contento y a hinca dede den wowo di denunciante N.N., casi e por a coba saca esaki literalmente.

  Pero esaki no tabata tur, e ta “Jo” a bay pafor y a regresa cu un bate di baseball y a lembe e homber Jamaiquino cu e obheto.

   Awor e Jamaiquino N.N. kier entrega denuncia oficial contra e tal “Jo”.  Recherche segun e procedimento lo busca y check cu “Jo”  relaciona cu e maltrato cometi contra e homber Jamaiquino cu por poco a saca su wowo y riba dje dale cu bate baseball pa un debe di 100 Florin.

Online Pap translation:

"Jo" attacks N.N. when NN can't pay 100 guilders owed to "Jo". At a public pool.

owe of 100 guilder owing to place jamaiquino
achieve problem

oranjestad (aan): diadomingo casi 1’or of marduga, owing to present at keep of police at san nicolas, he naci at jamaica of inicialnan n.n. of 25 year, that owing to tell the police cu owing to atende cu the wanted entrega complaint of maltrato cu arm.

according the jamaiquino is splica police cu the was at community pool y ey one cock one such “jo” owing to ask for 100 guilder cu the owe.

the jamaiquino n.n. owing to tell the such “jo” cu situation is dificil, y his cartera is bashi.e such “jo” apparently not owing to stay contento y owing to hinca finger in eye of denunciante n.n., casi the can owing to coba saca this literalmente.

but this not was all, the is “jo” owing to bay abroad y owing to return cu one bate of baseball y owing to lembe he jamaiquino cu the obheto.

now the jamaiquino n.n. wanted entrega denuncia oficial contra the such “jo”. recherche according the procedimento will busca y check cu “jo” relaciona cu the maltrato cometi contra he jamaiquino cu can some owing to saca his eye y on dje dale cu bate baseball for one owe of 100 guilder.

* * *

Choller apparently stole a car.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Den dia cla na Esso Heights, ladron a kibra drenta horta den un auto. Patruya encarga cu distrito San Nicolas a atende e señora denunciante di inicialnan J.D. di 20 aña di edad.

   Señora J.D. a declara cu e anochi anterior el a yega cas alrededor di 9:30’or y a laga su auto A-25857 staciona dilanti su cas.  Pero un hende a kibra drenta horta un cartera.

  Ora cu e ladron a haya cartera, el a baha na awa, y a laga e arma blanco atras den e vehiculo. Durante di e asistencia, pa colmo tin persona (nan) a reconoce e cuchio y nan a bisa cu esey ta pertenece na un choller kende ta biba den vecindario.

   Mientras tanto keho a worde tuma di e señora denunciante J.D.Polis a start un buskeda y a localiza e choller di inicialnan G.F.J. di 40 aña.

Interogacion corto e choler a admiti di a kibra drenta horta e cartera. Locual ta e cartera e choler a laga sa cu el a benta esaki afor den un pida mondi.

   Den un fraccion polis a logra di localiza e cartera y entrega esaki na e señora denunciante. Señora J.D. a keda asina contento cu polis a recobra su cartera cu e kier pa hala e keho aden contra di e choller.Polis a scual e Choller fuerte riba su actitud y comportacion cu ta inaceptable den nos sociedad.

Online Pap translation:

choller owing to steal cartera y let his cuchio

oranjestad (aan): in day cla at esso heights, thief owing to break enter steal in one car. patrol encarga cu distrito san nicolas owing to atende the madam denunciante of inicialnan j.d. of 20 year of edad.

madam j.d. owing to declara cu the night anterior past owing to arrive cas alrededor of 9:30’or y owing to let his car a-25857 staciona fast his cas. but a owing to break enter steal one cartera.

hour cu the thief owing to achieve cartera, past owing to descend at water, y owing to let the arm blanco behind in the vehiculo. during of the asistencia, for colmo have person (nan) owing to reconoce the cuchio y they owing to tell cu esey is pertenece at one choller that live in vecindario.

all the time complaint owing to worde take of the madam denunciante j.d.polis owing to start one buskeda y owing to localiza the choller of inicialnan g.f.j. of 40 year.

interogacion corto the choler owing to admiti of owing to break enter steal the cartera. locual is the cartera the choler owing to let know cu past owing to throw this afor in one piece forest.

in one fraccion police owing to succeed of localiza the cartera y entrega this at the madam denunciante. madam j.d. owing to stay so contento cu police owing to recobra his cartera cu the wanted for wing the complaint inside contra of the choller.polis owing to scual the choller strong on his actitud y comportacion cu is inaceptable in we society.

* * *
Home Alone story.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Tabata Diadomingo cu patruya di San Nicolas, a presenta merdia na un cas den Sportparkstraat. Segun informe na e cas tin un mucha chikito su so eyden, y cu pa colmo tin hende desconoci kier forza drenta den e residencia.

   Polis mesora a acudi na e cas y a topa cu un mucha muher di 13 aña. E mucha muher a splica polis cu su mama a sali y a lage atras hunto cu su ruman homber.

   Un rato despues su ruman homber a sali bay y laga su so na cas. Na un dado momento el a scucha  desorden na bentana di cushina. E criatura a bay averigua un que otro y e ta wak un homber color scur cu muts bisti color shinishi y un Tshirt (sushi) cu tabata blanco ta para wak door di bentana.

   Pero ora cu e homber a nota presencia di e mucha, e homber a spanta, core bay y desaparece.
Mesora e mucha muher a reacciona y a yama polis. Un rato despues su ruman homber tambe a regresa cas.

   Aki por mira e peligro di laga mucha nan so na cas!  Dios so sa kico lo a socede si acaso e intruso cu mal mente a drenta y haya e mucha indefenso eyden.

Online Pap translation:

child owing to stay at home y had intruso
cla for enter

oranjestad (aan): was diadomingo cu patrol of san nicolas, owing to present afternoon at one cas in sportparkstraat. according informe at the cas have one child diminutive his only eyden, y cu for colmo have person desconoci wanted forza enter in the residencia.

police at once owing to acudi at the cas y owing to come across cu one child muher of 13 year. the child muher owing to splica police cu his mother owing to leave y owing to lage behind together cu his brother man.

one rato after his brother man owing to leave bay y let his only at home. at one dado instant past owing to listen desorden at window of cushina. the criatura owing to bay averigua one que another y the looking at one man color dark cu muts dress color grey y one tshirt (sushi) cu was blanco is stop look at door of window.

but hour cu he owing to notice presencia of the child, he owing to spanta, core bay y desaparece.

at once the child muher owing to reacciona y owing to calling police. one rato after his brother man also owing to return cas.

here can see the danger of let child they only at home! god only know kico will owing to socede if acaso the intruso cu bad mind owing to enter y achieve the child indefenso eyden.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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This sounds like a tourist died aboard a Holland America Line cruise ship at Aruba.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Un situacion dificil tabatin riba e barco crusero “Volendam” di Holland America Line.

   Un pasahero kende tabata gozando di su vakantie, pa un of otro motibo a fayece.Den situacion asina, e crusero lo djis sigui nabega su ruta cu e restonan mortal, te ora cu nan yega na e “destinacion final” di e viahe.

   Sinembargo, si acaso famia kier baha cu e restonan mortal na cualkier pais, tur e gasto extra ey lo cay riba nan.  Pesey ta importante pa bo tin “Cruise Insurance” cu ta yudabo cubri tur esaki.

   Ora cu e crusero Volendam a yega Aruba, e agencia local a manda busca un Agencia Funeraria local, pasobra famianan a dicidi cu nan ta stop cu nan vakantie, y ta baha na Aruba cu e restonan mortal, y regresa nan pais den proximo vuelonan.

Online Pap translation:

tourist owing to fayece abordo of barco crusero

oranjestad (aan): one situation dificil had on the barco crusero “volendam” of holland america line.

one passenger that was gozando of his vakantie, for one or another motibo owing to fayece.den situation so, the crusero will immidiately follow nabega his ruta cu the restonan deadly, till hour cu they arrive at the “destinacion final” of the viahe.

sinembargo, if acaso family wanted descend cu the restonan deadly at cualkier country, all the gasto extra ey will cay on they. pesey is important for do you have “cruise insurance” cu is yudabo cubri all this.

hour cu the crusero volendam owing to arrive aruba, the agencia local owing to send busca one agencia funeraria local, because famianan owing to dicidi cu they're stop cu they vakantie, y is descend at aruba cu the restonan deadly, y return they country in proximo vuelonan.

* * *

Polis force under-manned, no budget, Carnaval is coming ...

Comisario Krosendijk tocante e caso fatal di diadomingo:

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Hopi polis ta sinti cu nan por haci mas pa combati criminalidad, pero nan man ta mara, entre otro, debi na e limitacion cu tin den ley pa nan actua.Parcialmente, Comisario Coisy Krosendijk ta di acuerdo cu e ponencia aki. El a bisa den entrevista cu Matutino DIARIO, cu hopi biaha e trabao riba caya, e trabao “sushi” ta keda pa polis.

Pero pa polis haci su trabao e mester conta cu tur facilidad tambe, por ehemplo material y otro aspectonan adicional, manera leynan cu ta yuda KPA haci su trabao, y no tur ora e leynan ta adapta na e comunidad mes cu ta cambiando poco poco.

Papiando di e temporada druk di fiestanan di December y Carnaval cu ta den porta, e Comisario a subraya cu no tin suficiente polis pa traha riba caya. Ta secreto publico cu tin un bashi di mas of menos 150 uniforma mas of kizas hasta mas.

Pero debi na loke a sosode diadomingo madruga, KPA ta bay pone tur su polisnan disponible: esaki ta nifica extra polis riba caya, extra polis den e comunidad, pa por sigui garantiza e seguridad pa nos pueblo. “Y nos ta hacie cu man y pia si ta posible, y esey ta bay sosode den e tempo cu ta bin cu ta Pasco y Aña Nobo. Nos ta bay prepara basta cos y despues, pa carnaval, nos lo hacie mas grandi”, segun sr. Krosendijk.

Pa loke ta concerni e incidente fatal segun Alto Comisario e caso ta mas grandi di locual a sosode y cu e persona (q.e.p.d) tabata miembro di un gang, pasobra a bin un menaza den direccion di polis cu ta algo intolerable, y cu ta trece cune cu no mester enfoca riba e persona so y su final lamentable, pero riba henter e grupo rond di dje, cu mester tene cuenta cune pa wak kico ta sosodiendo cu nan.

Comisario Krosendijk ta convenci cu polis a tira den su derecho: “Ami ta sigur cu polis a tira den su derecho y mi ta para cien porciento su tras”! Henter KPA nos ta sigur cu ta para cien porciento tras di e polis aki. El a worde tira prome cu el a tira, y si e no a sigui ora cu el a haya e prome tiro, e victima a mate pasobra el a purba tire den su cara, y e a muri eybao.

Den e caso aki, door cu el a sigui despues di e prome tiro, e por a enfrenta e homber di cerca, si no e a haya su morto prome”. CONDICION DI E POLIS: Alto Comisario Krosendijk a duna di conoce cu segun e splicacion medico cu nan a haya, e polis su condicion ta stabil te aworaki.

Solamente mester bay yude emocionalmente y mustre cu henter KPA ta para su tras y ademas mester dune proteccion y yude sigui bay dilanti, pasobra con cu mire e caso ta lamentable y no tur hende ta pasa den nan bida algo asina den Cuerpo Policial.

E agente policial ta hoben, y esaki tabata un di su prome biahanan cu el a sali riba caya. El a haci su trabao y el a purba hacie mehor cu ta posible, y haye den un problema basta grandi. Krosendijk a reitera cu tur colega ta para su tras, y cu nan no ta bay tolera pa algo asina ripiti.Polis lo no sucumbi pa ningun sorto di delincuencia.

Online Pap translation:

comisario krosendijk tocante the caso fateful of diadomingo:
“ami is assure cu police owing to throw in his derecho
y i am stop hundred porciento his slow!”

oranjestad (aan) – much police is feel cu they can haci more for combati criminalidad, but they hand is mara, among another, debi at the limitacion cu have in ley for they actua.parcialmente, comisario coisy krosendijk is of acuerdo cu the ponencia here. past owing to tell in interview cu matutino daily paper, cu much trip the trabao on caya, the trabao “sushi” is stay for police.

but for police haci his trabao the have to count ; cu all facilidad also, can example material y another aspectonan adicional, as leynan cu is help kpa haci his trabao, y not all hour the leynan is adapta at the comunidad self cu is cambiando some poco.

papiando of the season druk of fiestanan of december y carnaval cu is in door, the comisario owing to subraya cu not have sufficient police for work on caya. is secreto publico cu have one bashi of more or less 150 uniforma more or kizas even more.

but debi at thing owing to sosode diadomingo madruga, kpa is bay place all his polisnan disponible: this is nifica extra police on caya, extra police in the comunidad, for can follow garantiza the seguridad for we people. “y we is hacie cu hand y leg if is posible, y esey is bay sosode in the time cu is come cu is pasco y year new. we is bay prepara enough cos y after, for carnaval, we will hacie more grandi”, according sr. krosendijk.

for thing is concerni the incidente fateful according alto comisario the caso is more big of locual owing to sosode y cu the person (q.e.p.d) was acolyte of one gang, because owing to come one menaza in direccion of police cu is algo intolerable, y cu is trece cune cu not have to enfoca on the person only y his end lamentable, but on all the are rond of dje, cu have to as cuenta cune for look at kico is sosodiendo cu they.

comisario krosendijk is convenci cu police owing to throw in his derecho: “ami is assure cu police owing to throw in his derecho y i am stop hundred porciento his tras”! all kpa we is assure cu is stop hundred porciento behind the police here. past owing to worde throw first cu past owing to throw, y if the not owing to follow hour cu past owing to achieve the first tiro, the victima owing to mate because past owing to try tire in his cara, y the owing to die eybao.

in the caso here, door cu past owing to follow after of the first tiro, the can owing to enfrenta he of close, if not the owing to achieve his dead prome”. condicion of the polis: alto comisario krosendijk owing to give of conoce cu according the splicacion medico cu they owing to achieve, the police his condicion is stable till aworaki.

only have to bay yude emocionalmente y mustre cu all kpa is stop his slow y besides have to dune proteccion y yude follow bay fast, because con cu mire the caso is lamentable y not everybody is happen in they life algo so in cuerpo policial.

the agent policial is young, y this was one of his first biahanan cu past owing to leave on caya. past owing to haci his trabao y past owing to try hacie best cu is posible, y haye in one problem enough big. krosendijk owing to reitera cu all colega is stop his slow, y cu they do not bay tolera for algo so ripiti.polis will not sucumbi for none sort of delincuencia.

* * *
Would like a good translation of this. Relates to the shooting of Anthony Gomez – and the wounded polis officer.

Arma usa riba polis ta di caliber 25….

ORANJESTAD(AAN): E agente policial cu diadomingo marduga a ser tira a keda herida pa bala di un pistol caliber 25. E pistol aki segun expertonan cu a mire ta bisa cu ta parce e pistolnan chikito cu antes e polisnan di Lago tabata usa.

   Ta e unico arma confisca tambe den e caso aki pasobra cu polis a haye benta banda di e victima tira door di polis.

E agente policial herida mientrastanto a ser opera pero dokternan no por a saca e bala for di su curpa.

E tin un bala cu a bora su pulmon y solamente por a pone un drain pa saca e sanger.No necesariamente mester saca e bala di e pistol caliber 25 for di curpa di e agente pasobra esaki lo no strobe di biba.

Mientrastanto awe den oranan di mainta un tio di e hoben cu a ser tira mata door di polis lo bay warda di polis pa asina papia cu nan riba e sucedido y solucion pa e problema existente entre e gruponan na Sta Cruz.

Dia di entiero lo bay tin basta polis pendiente pa cualkier locura cu esnan eynan kier comete pa motibo di kier hunga tof.

Ta mihor tur hende comporta nan mes e dia aki pasobra polis sigur no ta acepta ningun tipo di wega straño.

Mescos cu e amigonan ta den dolor pa perdida di miembro di nan grupo, polis tambe ta basta hostina y dolorido pa loke cu a pasa cu nan colega.

Online Pap translation:

arm using on police is of caliber 25…. docternan not can saca ball of curpa of agent policial

oranjestad(aan): the agent policial cu diadomingo marduga owing to being throw owing to stay injury for ball of one pistol caliber 25. the pistol here according expertonan cu owing to mire is tell cu is seems the pistolnan diminutive cu formerly the polisnan of lago was using. {??}

is the unique arm confisca also in the caso here because cu police owing to haye throw near of the victima throw door of police.

the agent policial injury all the time owing to being opera but dokternan not can owing to saca the ball for of his curpa. {doctor cannot remove the bullet from lung}

the have one ball cu owing to bore his lung y only can owing to place one drain for saca the necesariamente have to saca the ball of the pistol caliber 25 for of curpa of the agent because this will not strobe of live.

all the time today in oranan of morning one tio of the young cu owing to being throw kill door of police will bay keep of police for so talk cu they on the sucedido y solucion for her problem existente among the gruponan at sta cruz.

day of burial will bay have enough police pendiente for cualkier locura cu esnan eynan wanted comete for motibo of wanted play tof.

is mihor everybody comporta they self the day here because police assure do not acepta none type of game odd.

same cu the amigonan is in dolor for perdida of acolyte of they are, police also is enough hostina y dolorido for thing cu owing to happen cu they colega.

* * *
Not enough polis in Aruba. Dangerous.

Scarcedad di Polis y falta di leynan importante
Mantene orden ta worde haci tur dia mas dificil

ORANJESTAD(AAN)— Pa seguridad di agentenan policial, DIARIO no ta relata cuanto agente policial tabata disponibel pa distrito di Playa ayeranochi. E tabata un minimo pasobra no tin suficiente agente policial.

Esey ta djis parti di e situacion cu ta haci Aruba tur dia mas peligroso y mas atractivo pa criminalidad.

Informantenan clave a adverti DIARIO cu nan no ta descarta cu tin un agenda secreto, cu proposito desconoci, pa sostene criminalidad y haci mantencion di orden tur dia mas dificil.

Continuamente Ministro di Husticia Rudy Croes ta adverti cu tin gran scarcedad di Polis. No tin placa ni pa pone 15 agente policial mas na e school di Polis, caminda nan ta ricibi nan entrenamento. Na mes momento, cantidad di Ley cu Polis mes a pidi pa nan por traha nan trabao mihor y cu mester preveni criminalidad, no ta worde traha. E situacion ta sumamente peligroso manera informantenan a bisa DIARIO, pasobra esnan cu ta comete actonan criminal ta mihor na haltura di e situacion peligroso na Aruba, cu ciudadanonan mes.

Tin un agenda secreto y motibonan desconoci pa sostene criminalidad? Na varios pais, cu despues a conoce por ehempel dictadura of a worde pusha den situacionnan indeseabel, e base di seguridad di ciudadanonan ta promer cu ta worde kibra. Armanan sin permiso ta presente na gran cantidad, scarcedad di Polis ta haci imposibel pa patruyanan mantene nan control den barionan, caminda entre otro droga ta bende mas cu refresco.

Aruba ta worde haci tur dia mas peligroso segun e informante, cu ta mustra cu hasta si placa a caba completamente na Aruba no ta aceptabel pa e scarcedad di Polis ta asina halto cu e ta afecta normalidad di Cuerpo di Polis.

Mal uso di agentenan policial ta trece cune cu hopi ta cansa y esaki ta un condicion peligroso den e trabao di Polis, cu mester ta alerta y mester por actua den situacionnan di emergencia. Ademas e ta afecta nan salud ya cu nan trabao ta contene un tension creciente.

Hasta den siman di Pasco, cu cantidad di actividad, ayeranochi atrobe por a papia di scarcedad di Polis eherciendo nan trabao.

Segun informantenan, algo mester socede pa haya sa pakico ta crea un condicion sumamente peligroso na Aruba y ta bira tempo pa Ministro di Husticia splica pakico e no ta exigi, eventualmente bao menaza cu e ta entrega su cartera di Ministro, pa pone fin na scarcedad di Polis y pakico Leynan cu mester proteha comunidad no a worde pasa ainda.

Online Pap translation:

scarcedad of police y miss of leynan important
agenda secreto for sostene criminalidad?

mantene orden is worde haci all day more dificil

oranjestad(aan)— for seguridad of agentenan policial, daily paper do not relata cuanto agent policial was available for distrito of beach last. the was one minimo because not have sufficient agent policial.

esey is immidiately part of the situation cu is haci aruba all day more dangerous y more atractivo for criminalidad.

informantenan clave owing to adverti daily paper cu they do not descarta cu have one agenda secreto, cu proposito desconoci, for sostene criminalidad y haci mantencion of orden all day more dificil.

continuamente ministro of husticia rudy croes is adverti cu have great scarcedad of police. not have coin neither for place 15 agent policial more at the school of police, caminda they're ricibi they entrenamento. at self instant, cantidad of ley cu police self owing to ask for they can work they trabao mihor y cu have to preveni criminalidad, do not worde work. the situation is extremely dangerous as informantenan owing to tell daily paper, because esnan cu is comete actonan criminal is mihor at height of the situation dangerous at aruba, cu ciudadanonan self.

have one agenda secreto y motibonan desconoci for sostene criminalidad? at several country, cu after owing to conoce for example dictadura or owing to worde push in situacionnan indeseabel, the base of seguridad of ciudadanonan is before is worde break. armanan without permission is present at great cantidad, scarcedad of police is haci impossible for patruyanan mantene they control in barionan, caminda among another drugs is sell more cu refresco.

aruba is worde haci all day more dangerous according the informante, cu is show cu even if coin owing to end completamente at aruba do not aceptabel for her scarcedad of police is so high cu the is afecta normalidad of cuerpo of police.

bad usage of agentenan policial is trece cune cu much is cansa y this is one condicion dangerous in the trabao of police, cu have to is alerta y have to can actua in situacionnan of emergencia. besides the is afecta they salud already cu they trabao is contene one tension creciente.

even in week of pasco, cu cantidad of actividad, last again can owing to talk of scarcedad of police eherciendo they trabao.

according informantenan, algo have to socede for achieve know pakico is crea one condicion extremely dangerous at aruba y is become time for ministro of husticia splica pakico the do not exigi, eventualmente bao menaza cu the is entrega his cartera of ministro, for place end at scarcedad of police y pakico leynan cu have to proteha comunidad not owing to worde happen still.

* * *
Suspects in the car-jacking + $6,000 case.


ORANJESTAD (AAN): E supuesto caso di Car-Jacking/Atraco na Ayo, te asina leu no ta conoci si a localiza e Mitsubishi Galant cu e asaltantenan a baha na awa cune. Manera a keda publica caba den DIARIO di ayera, e caso aki a laga e bario di Ayo den incertidumbre.

   Diamars mainta, Polis a duna informe oficial di loke a socede. Ta asina cu e dialuna merdia a drenta informe na polis cu tin un caso di joyriding a tuma lugar na un cas. Pero a resulta cu esaki no tabata e caso, banda di caminda un di e patruyanan cu a worde dirigi a topa dos persona, ta trata di un homber y un muher. Nan a splica e polisnan cu desconoci a bay cu nan Mitsubishi Galant cu number A-18680 color di Oro.

   Pero e ladronnan a pone arma di candela na cabez di e homber y a kita 6 mil Dollar y nan a mustra polis direccion cu e vehiculo a bay.E patruya move mesora for di e lugar pa busca e Mitsubishi. Mientras un  otro patruya a sigui atende e pareha.

    Informe adicional: E pareha segun e informe nan ta e homber di inicialnan F.M.G. di 54 aña naci na Venezuela e ta hunto e señora inicialnan A.F.G. de M. di 79 aña y un subrino di inicialnan MRCM Venezuela di 47 aña.

   Nan tres aparentemente tabata na banco pa lanta e suma di placa. Ora cu e trio a caba di lanta placa y a tene nan como rehen pa despues y baha nan den caminda di santo. E investigacion lo tin cu bay trece mas claridad ya cu tin confusion relaciona cu e henter e caso di aki, pasobra  si ta manera cos a bay e ta uno serio.

   Ta di spera cu e banco cu e trio a bay lanta palca camera lo por a capta un of otro movimentonan cu tabata tumando lugar. Ya cu banconan mes tabata riba un alerto e ultimo dianan y lo ta dificilmente cu for di mashin di ATM lo por lanta 6 mil Dollar.

   Mientras tanto, Diamars anochi habitantenan den area di Cashero a pone Polis na altura cu tin un auto para pa dos dia caba riba un caminda eybanda.  Autoridad a bay y descubri cu ta e Mitsubishi Galant mes ta eynan.

   Mesora el a worde confisca pa asina Recherche haci investigacion. Pa colmo, na momento cu Polis ta na e lugar ta check e Mitsubishi Galant, inesperadamente nan a worde bombardea cu piedra.  Polisnan a haya nan ta core busca refugio pa e piedranan no dal nan.

   A pensa cu kizas ta e atracadornan ta tirando piedra?  Polis a core actua, pero a resulta cu ta algun mucha tabata tira piedra.  Polis a bay atende e mayornan riba loke a socede Diamars anochi tambe.

Online Pap translation:

autoridad cobando deep in
caso of car-jacking

oranjestad (aan): the supuesto caso of car-jacking/atraco at good-bye, till so far do not conoci if owing to localiza the mitsubishi galant cu the asaltantenan owing to descend at water cune. as owing to stay publica end in daily paper of yesterday, the caso here owing to let the district of good-bye in incertidumbre.

tuesday morning, police owing to give informe oficial of thing owing to socede. is so cu the monday afternoon owing to enter informe at police cu have one caso of joyriding did take lugar at one cas. but owing to resulta cu this not was the caso, near of caminda one of the patruyanan cu owing to worde dirigi owing to come across two person, is deal of one man y one muher. they owing to splica the polisnan cu desconoci owing to bay cu they mitsubishi galant cu number a-18680 color of gold.

but the ladronnan owing to place arm of candela at cabez of he y owing to less 6 thousand dollar y they owing to show police direccion cu the vehiculo owing to bay.e patrol actuate at once for of the lugar for busca the mitsubishi. while one another patrol owing to follow atende the pareha.

informe adicional: the pareha according the informe they're he of inicialnan f.m.g. of 54 year naci at venezuela the is together the madam inicialnan owing a.f.g. de m. of 79 year y one nephew of inicialnan mrcm venezuela of 47 year.

they three apparently was at banco for arise the suma of coin. hour cu the trio owing to end of arise coin y owing to as they because; rehen for after y descend they in caminda of sand. the investigacion will have cu bay trece more claridad already cu have confusion relaciona cu the all the caso from here, because if is as cos owing to bay the is uno earnest.

is of wait for cu the banco cu the trio owing to bay arise palca camera will can owing to capta one or another movimentonan cu was tumando lugar. already cu banconan self was on one alerto the ultimo dianan y will is dificilmente cu for of engine of atm will can arise 6 thousand dollar.

all the time, tuesday night habitantenan in area of cashero owing to place police at height cu have one car stop for two day end on one caminda eybanda. autoridad owing to bay y descubri cu is the mitsubishi galant self is eynan.

at once past owing to worde confisca for so recherche haci investigacion. for colmo, at instant cu police is at the lugar is check the mitsubishi galant, unexpectedly they owing to worde bombardea cu stone. polisnan owing to achieve they're core busca refugio for her piedranan not strike they.

owing to think cu kizas is the atracadornan is tirando stone? police owing to core actua, but owing to resulta cu is some child was throw stone. police owing to bay atende the parents on thing owing to socede tuesday night also.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Zero tolerance illegal possession of firearms

ORANJESTAD – Justice-minister Rudy Croes has condemned the shooting of the past weekend.  He regrets the fact that there was one deadly victim, but he totally backs the police corps.  He has also expressed his concern about the increasing violence against police officers.

The minister refers to last June’s shooting incident in Macaurima, close to the ministry of justice and the police station in Santa Cruz and the fire-raising in a car on the premises of the same police station.   Both incidents are related to each other and also the incident of last Sunday, when the 19-year old Franklin Gomes lost his life, has to do with these two incidents.  According to reports, Gomes is the twin of one of the boys that was recently sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for setting fire to the car on the police grounds.  The police corps indicated via spokesperson Papito Comenencia that everybody is going to be extra alert during the Christmas-, New Year-, and carnival festivities.  He says that the corps is very affected by the shooting incident, whereby a police officer was hit three times.  He is in the hospital with a perforated lung.

Minister Croes continued saying that the zero tolerance policy on illegal possession of arms is still in effect and will also remain like that.  There will be extra checks again, like recently in San Nicolas, where part of the town was closed off and the police searched a great deal of people preventively.  In addition to that, he hopes to start as soon as possible the campaign where people that possess firearms can take them to the police, and they won’t be prosecuted for illegal possession of arms.   

Last Sunday’s shooting incident has also caused a heavy reaction of the AVP.  The opposition-party is of the opinion that the government has missed a chance with the recent amendment of the Firearms Ordinance.  During the consideration in Parliament, AVP proposed an amendment that would give the police more authority (like the police corps in Curacao, red.) than is in the bill that Justice has submitted for the control on illegal possession of firearms.  According to Parliament-member Alexander Tromp (AVP), MEP and RED voted against and the minister didn’t think that more authority is necessary, because the number of incidents with a firearm in Aruba is not as high as in Curacao.

Tromp is wondering what the minister is now thinking, after the shooting incident of Sunday.  Tromp also reminds the minister of another incident, where a boy stole a police car and set it to fire later.  Tromp is of the opinion that the recent amendments in the Firearms Ordinance do not give the police sufficient authorities to start working preventively and he hopes that the minister will take actions before it is too late.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Couple of nasty photos with this one; klaas (or someone) - can you get them – and also put them in the M&C thread when I get this posted there? TY. (Nasty photos good for scaring potential travelers  … )

Un tal Eric lo a batie na Hooiberg….

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Polis ta investigando kico a sosode Diaranzon anochi ora cu nan a wordo avisa cu tabata tin un homber mal bati den Hooiberg.

Polis a topa cu un conocido di nan, esta ‘Pelon’, na kende  un tal Eric a dune un sota formal cu a lague basta herida, cu nanishi, dientenan kibra y sin conocimento.

Autoridad tambe a detene, Feliciana, supuestamente famia di ‘Pelon’, kende tabata cu e victima y cu a bin admiti cu su primo ta usador y droga y cu e mes tambe.

Ora cu polis a mira cu un cuchio tabata sali den su saco di carson nan a bay over na listre hayando despues mas arma blanco den su poder y algun pipa pa huma droga.

Online Pap translation:

one such eric will owing to batie at hooiberg….
‘pelon’ malamente injury after of one sota serious

oranjestad (aan): police is investigando kico owing to sosode diaranzon night hour cu they owing to wordo avisa cu was have one man bad beat in hooiberg.

police owing to come across cu one conocido of they, esta ‘pelon’, at that one such eric owing to dune one sota serious cu owing to lague enough injury, cu nose, dientenan break y without conocimento.

autoridad also owing to detene, feliciana, supuestamente family of ‘pelon’, that was cu the victima y cu owing to come admiti cu his primo is usador y drugs y cu the self also.

hour cu police owing to see cu one cuchio was leave in his saco of carson they owing to bay over at listre hayando after more arm blanco in his power y some pipe for smoke drugs.

* * *
More on the shooting of Gomez by a police officer (who is seriously wounded).

Alto Comisario Krosendijk a comenta:

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Durante e entrevista cu DIARIO a tene cu Alto Comisario Coisy Krosendijk, el a worde puntra riba e presencia di miembro di Landsrecherche, despues di e sucedido diadomingo madruga, cu a culmina cu un polis herida di bala y un hoben cu a fayece ora cu polis mester a tira riba dje.

E pregunta ta debi cu por sinti cu tin incertidumbre meymey di Cuerpo Policial, cu no sa kico lo sosode dia di mañan si un polis ta defende su mes di delincuencia of ta defende otronan cu ta rond di nan.

Segun Krosendijk den un Estado Democratico manera Aruba mester tin un Instituto manera Landsrecherche cu ta investiga e casonan aki pa mira si el a sosode di manera corecto.

Alto Comisario a subraya cu esaki no ta di awor, pero semper nan a investiga pa wak si polis a actua corectamente, y e mes a cana rond wak tur cos pa e haya un bista riba kico a sosode. E ta kere cu mas imparcialidad tin pa averigua kico a pasa mas corecto e trabao ta worde haci.

Online Pap translation:

alto comisario krosendijk owing to comenta:
presencia of landsrecherche in the lugar
of the hechonan is corecto

oranjestad (aan) – during the interview cu daily paper owing to as cu alto comisario coisy krosendijk, past owing to worde ask about on the presencia of acolyte of landsrecherche, after of the sucedido diadomingo madruga, cu owing to culmina cu one police injury of ball y one young cu owing to fayece hour cu police have to owing to throw on dje.

the question is debi cu can feel cu have incertidumbre meymey of cuerpo policial, cu not know kico will sosode day of tomorrow if one police is defende his self of delincuencia or is defende others cu is rond of they.

according krosendijk in one estado democratico as aruba have to have one institute as landsrecherche cu is investiga the casonan here for see if past owing to sosode of as corecto.

alto comisario owing to subraya cu this do not of now, but always they owing to investiga for look at if police owing to actua corectamente, y the self owing to march rond look at all cos for her achieve one view on kico owing to sosode. the is believe cu more imparcialidad have for averigua kico owing to happen more corecto the trabao is worde haci.

* * *
Kids throwing rocks at a car.

Tiramento di piedra na Papaya tabatin su consecuencia.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Berdad ta tin biaha bo ta puntra bo mes, unda mi yiunan menor di edad lo ta y kico nan lo ta haciendo. Despues ta bin resulta nan a hinca nan curpa den problema. Inespera ata polis ta para dilanti bo porta pa responsabiliza pe actonan cu nan a comete.

   Tabata dialuna algo pasa di 7’or di anoichi, central di polis ta ricibi un yamada pa nan dirigi un patruya na Papaya relaciona cu un caso di destruccion.

   Patruya di Noord a bay atende e asistencia segun e rapport oficial ta menciona. Na yegada  polis ta atende e señora di inicialnan R.L. di 28 aña. Segun version di señora aki cu e ta coriendo den su Toyota Rav4 cu number A-3208 direccion pariba.

   Direpiente na altura di cierto cas piedra a worde manda riba su vehiculo y consecuentemente windshield a worde destrui. Na mesun momento el a wak un grupo di mucha homber na careda.

   Durante cu polis ta atende e señora, a presenta un hoben y e ta bisa cu e tabata hunto cu su mama den auto y tambe a worde tira cu piedra pero e obheto a dale. E mucha homber ta sigui conta polis cu el a core tras di tres mucha hombernan.

   Dos din an ta ruman di otro y nan inicialnan ta M.M.J. cu tin 16 aña y e otro M.A.J. tin 10 aña y un brother di e duo aki su inicialnan ta C.K. di 15 aña.

   E trio tirador di piedra nan lo ta biba den cercania, e hoben cu a ricibi piedra no ta desea di entrega keho, pero e ta kier pa polis papia seriamente cu e tres hobennan.

   Polis a localiza dos di e tres muchanan porcierto nan ta ruman di otro. Nan a admiti culpabilidad y nan a priminti di para responsible pa nan actonan.

Online Pap translation:

tiramento of stone at paw-paw had
his consecuencia.
two brother fuera they brother all younger will cubri windshield

oranjestad (aan): berdad is have trip are you ask about do you self, where my yiunan younger of edad will is y kico they will is haciendo. after is come resulta they owing to hinca they curpa in problem.

inespera behold police is stop fast do you door for responsabiliza pe actonan cu they owing to comete. was monday algo happen of 7’or of anoichi, central of police is ricibi one call for they dirigi one patrol at paw-paw relaciona cu one caso of destruccion.

patrol of north owing to bay atende the asistencia according the rapport oficial is menciona. at arrival police is atende the madam of inicialnan r.l. of 28 year. according version of madam here cu the is coriendo in his toyota rav4 cu number a-3208 direccion east.

all of a sudden at height of cierto cas stone owing to worde send on his vehiculo y consecuentemente windshield owing to worde destrui. at same instant past owing to look at one are of boy at careda.

during cu police is atende the madam, owing to present one young y the is tell cu the was together cu his mother in car y also owing to worde throw cu stone but the obheto owing to dale. the boy is follow count ; police cu past owing to core behind three child hombernan.

two din an is brother of another y they inicialnan is m.m.j. cu have 16 year y the another m.a.j. have 10 year y one brother of the pair here his inicialnan is c.k. of 15 year.

the trio marksman of stone they will live in cercania, the young cu owing to ricibi stone do not desea of entrega complaint, but the is wanted for police talk seriamente cu the three hobennan.

police owing to localiza two of the three children porcierto they're brother of another. they owing to admiti culpabilidad y they owing to priminti of stop responsible for they actonan.

* * *

Diario also has an article re. "zero tolerance" of illegal possession of firearms (similar to the Amigoe article), and another story about the Dutch couple who apparently are trying to return their adopted daughter (who has been living with them for several years).
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Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Another suicide; 16 yo boy. Found in his room by his mama.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diaranzon madruga, un hoben den pleno flor di su bida, a comete e acto extremo di suicidio.

  Esaki a socede na Bushiri 74, y ta su propio mama a bin descubri e hoben colga na e cama den camber.

   E hoben di inicial J.G. di 16 aña a opta pa pone un fin na su bida, envez di busca yudanza.
   Kico a pone haci e acto aki, e so sa.  Pero awor e ta laga tur su famia, amigo, y muchanan conocir di dje na school den tristeza inmenso.

   Hobennan di Aruba mester por sa cu pa cualkier problema na mundo, tin solucion.  Pesey ta importante pa bo papia!  Sea cu bo maestro, of bo mayornan mes, of bo omo, y hasta abuelo y abuela.  Ademas Aruba ta disfruta di un bon sistema di Telefon pa Hubentud cu tambe por yuda.

   Si abo como un adulto, bo haya un hoben acercabo y mustrabo cu e tin pensamentonan extremo asina, por fabor bati bel y haci algo!

   Polis a presenta, como tambe autoridadnan halto di Aruba, kendenan a bay pone nan mes na altura di e sucedido.  Na final, Funeraria Zepp Wever a transporta e restonan mortal.  Na famia di e hoben, DIARIO ta extende su mas profundo palabra di condolencia.

Online Pap translation:

young of 16 year owing to comete suicidio

oranjestad (aan): diaranzon madruga, one young in pleno flower of his life, owing to comete the acto extremo of suicidio.

this owing to socede at bushiri 74, y is his own mother owing to come descubri the young colga at the cama in camber.

the young of inicial j.g. of 16 year owing to opta for place one end at his life, envez of busca yudanza.
kico owing to place haci the acto here, the only know. but now the is let all his family, amigo, y children conocir of dje at school in tristeza inmenso.

hobennan of aruba have to can know cu for cualkier problem at world, have solucion. pesey is important for do you talk! as cu do you perfect, or do you parents self, or do you uncle, y even abuelo y abuela. besides aruba is disfruta of one good sistema of telephone for hubentud cu also can help.

if you because; one adult, do you achieve one young acercabo y mustrabo cu the have pensamentonan extremo so, can please beat thigh y haci algo!

police owing to present, because; also autoridadnan high of aruba, kendenan owing to bay place they self at height of the sucedido. at end, funeraria zepp wever owing to transporta the restonan deadly. at family of the young, daily paper is extende his more deep word of condolencia.

* * *

Fight breaks out at Havana Beach Club, involves at least one pistol.

Nan a causa problema y pelea pafor di Nightclub!


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Pueblo di Aruba a fada di e asunto cu hobennan ta kere cu ta un “videogame” nan ta hungando cu arma riba caya!

   Pesey Diaranzon madruga durante cu tabatin un fiesta andando den Havana Beach Club, testigonan pafor a mira con un grupo di hende a cuminza bringa cu otro.  Mokete y golpi a spat di pariba-pabao, y di pazuid-panort.  Security a trata di domina e situacion, pero tabata dificil.

   Finalmente testigonan a mira con un di e hobennan aki a saca arma, pa asina blof cuanto “power” e tin.

   Despues di esey, e grupo di bringador rebelde a bay, drenta den un Nissan Sentra color shinishi cu number A-42250, y ainda ta zwaai nan arma rond pa blof tur hende eybanda cuanto “guts” nan tin, y cu nan ta intemible.

   Pero Polis a haya sa tur e detayenan aki, incluyendo informe ta cual di e hobennan tin e arma, y unda e vehiculo ta bayendo.

   Dos unidad di Polis a subi caya, y a cuminza busca riba Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard, y un tiki pariba di Royal Plaza Mall, nan a presenta di sorpresa riba e vehiculo, y tur hende den e auto a haya nan ta hisa man cu “hands up”.

   Polis a detene e hobennan den e vehiculo, y a haya sa cu e auto ta pertenece na un adres na Coba Lodo.

   Polis a tira bista, y a bin haya e arma cu su balanan poni den dje.
   Como cu eybanda tabatin hopi hende burachi riba caya, Polis a opta pa mobiliza mesora di e area, y a bay cu e hobennan pa Warda di polis, unda nan tur a worde encarcela.

   Nan lo bay pasa un mal Pasco, y kizas hasta Aña Nobo ta loer wowo den scuridad di cel di Polis.

Online Pap translation:

they owing to cause problem y action abroad of nightclub!

police owing to captura hobennan coriendo of pistool in car

oranjestad (aan): people of aruba owing to fada of the asunto cu hobennan is believe cu is one “videogame” they're hungando cu arm on caya!

pesey diaranzon madruga during cu had one party andando in havana beach club, testigonan abroad owing to see con one are of person owing to cuminza fight cu another. fist y golpi owing to spat of pariba-pabao, y of pazuid-panort. security owing to deal of domina the situation, but was dificil.

finalmente testigonan owing to see con one of the hobennan here owing to saca arm, for so blof cuanto “power” the have.

after of esey, the are of bringador rebel owing to bay, enter in one nissan sentra color grey cu number a-42250, y still is zwaai they arm rond for blof everybody eybanda cuanto “guts” they have, y cu they're intemible.

but police owing to achieve know all the detayenan here, incluyendo informe is cual of the hobennan have the arm, y where the vehiculo is bayendo.

two unidad of police owing to lever caya, y owing to cuminza busca on lloyd g. smith boulevard, y one bit east of royal plaza mall, they owing to present of surprise on the vehiculo, y everybody in the car owing to achieve they're hoist hand cu “hands up”.

police owing to detene the hobennan in the vehiculo, y owing to achieve know cu the car is pertenece at one adres at coba mud.

police owing to throw view, y owing to come achieve the arm cu his balanan poni in dje.
because; cu eybanda had much person sober on caya, police owing to opta for mobiliza at once of the area, y owing to bay cu the hobennan for keep of police, where they all owing to worde encarcela.

they will bay happen one bad pasco, y kizas even year new is loer eye in scuridad of cel of police.

* * *

Three young men bring firearm when paying a call on a relative.


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Prome, durante, y despues di Pasco, e rapportnan di polis ta reporta cu en general, e cantidad di asistencia policial solicita tabata abao, compara cu añanan anterior.

   Ta djis aki-aya tabata tin caso cu a keda atende, entre otro Diamars marduga.
   Central di polis a dirigi patruya di Oranjestad na un cas den Caya Sint Vincent. Informe lo ta indica cu tin un grupo di hoben den un cas, cual un di nan lo ta den position di un arma di candela.

   Patruya cu a presenta via-via a worde informa, na e cas polis a papia cu doño di cas y segun su version enberdad un grupo di hoben a bin bishita su subrina. Y un di e bishitantenan lo tin un arma.

   Pero aparentemente e grupo tambe a nota presencia di polis y nan a sali na careda bandona e cas. Polis tambe a tuma nota di un grupo na careda, e agentenan a core tras di nan y a logra gara tres hoben.  Nan inicialnan ta M.E. di 15 aña, B.L. di 16 aña, y J.M. di 17 aña.

   Polis a listra e trio y  riba ningun a haya arma. Probablemente esun di cuatro cu a logra scapa for di gara policial no a  worde localiza.

   E caso ta worde investiga mas profundo.

Online Pap translation:

three joncuman owing to bay visit person but
cu arm in they power

oranjestad (aan): first, during, y after of pasco, the rapportnan of police is reporta cu provided that general, the cantidad of asistencia policial solicita was abao, compara cu añanan anterior.

is immidiately aki-aya was have caso cu owing to stay atende, among another tuesday marduga.
central of police owing to dirigi patrol of oranjestad at one cas in caya sint vincent. informe will is indica cu have one are of young in one cas, cual one of they will is in position of one arm of candela.

patrol cu owing to present via-via owing to worde informa, at the cas police owing to talk cu owner of cas y according his version enberdad one are of young owing to come visit his niece. y one of the bishitantenan will have one arm.

but apparently the are also owing to notice presencia of police y they owing to leave at careda bandona the cas. police also did take notice of one are at careda, the agentenan owing to core behind they y owing to succeed grab three young. they inicialnan is m.e. of 15 year, b.l. of 16 year, y j.m. of 17 year.

police owing to listra the trio y on none owing to achieve arm. probably esun of cuatro cu owing to succeed scapa for of grab policial not owing to worde localiza.

the caso is worde investiga more deep.

* * *
Alert tourist(s) apparently save a local, sleeping (?) on the beach, from possible drowning?

Varios turista a mira e sucedido….


ORANJESTAD(AAN): Un muher cu tabata tin problema cu su casa a manda un auto for di baranca na costanan panort di nos isla.

Esaki tabata net un poco pariba di Boca Mahos unda turistanan tabata testigo di loke cu a pasa.
Polis a bay na e lugar mientras cu ambulans y bomberonan tambe a worde notifica di e caso aki.

Mesora nan a manda nan unidadnan na e lugar y na yegada a topa cu un muher drumi riba e beach cerca eybanda.
Turistanan ta bisa cu nan a mira con e muher a manda e auto for di baranca.

E muher tabata bin cu velocidad halto y sin tene na cuenta a djis bula cu e auto na awa.

Segun informacion e muher di fam R biba na Cashero y cu conocirnan na Balashi tin problema cu su homber.

Den e temporada aki di union familiar hopi hende no por biba cu e situacion aki y pesey mes tin biaha nan ta tuma tal decision.
Ambulans a bay cu e muher urgente pa hospital cu cortanan na curpa door di e lama bruto cu a batie den baranca intentando pa sali back for di lama.

Na hospital el a haya atencion medico y kizas yudanza tambe pa e problema cu e tabata tin cu a conduci na tal decision.

El a scapa milagrosamente di e sucedido.

Online Pap translation:

several tourist owing to see the sucedido….

muher owing to send car for of baranca at mouth ugly y scapa milagrosamente

oranjestad(aan): one muher cu was have problem cu his casa owing to send one car for of baranca at costanan panort of we island.

this was just one some east of mouth ugly where turistanan was witness of thing cu owing to happen.
police owing to bay at the lugar while cu ambulance y bomberonan also owing to worde notifica of the caso here.

at once they owing to send they unidadnan at the lugar y at arrival owing to come across cu one muher sleep on the beach close eybanda. turistanan is tell cu they owing to see con the muher owing to send the car for of baranca.

the muher was come cu velocidad high y without as at cuenta owing to immidiately fly cu the car at water.
according informacion the muher of surname r live at cashero y cu conocirnan at balashi have problem cu his man.

in the season here of union familiar much person not can live cu the situation here y pesey self have trip they're take such decision.
ambulance owing to bay cu the muher urgente for hospital cu cortanan at curpa door of the lama bruto cu owing to batie in baranca intentando for leave back for of lama.

at hospital past owing to achieve atencion medico y kizas yudanza also for her problem cu the was have cu owing to conduci at such decision.

past owing to scapa milagrosamente of the sucedido.

* * *


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« Reply #628 on: December 28, 2007, 08:37:56 AM »

******* - Thanks for bringing these over for me.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Brutal assault on female tourist.

Golpi fuerte pa turismo Diahuebs anochi...

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Si situacion sigui asina na Aruba, cualkier miyon hinca den turismo lo no yuda tog. Loke cu a pasa Diahuebs den oranan lat di atardi birando scur ta un golpi hopi fuerte pa turismo.

   Un turista femenino procedente di Miami a bira victima di un atraco den tereno di e Highrise Timeshare Resort unda e ta hospedando.  El a socede riba e gangway cu tin banda di beach.

   Strandpolitie ta trahando cu alma y cuerpo pa por pone man riba  e homber color scur cu a comete e atraco. E tabata tin un Carson estilo camouflage bisti, y tabata lomba sunu.

   Pa colmo, for di trempan oficialnan di seguridad di un otro hotel a señala e figura straño aki den cercania di nan hotelnan, pero e atraco mes a tuma lugar riba tereno di un otro Resort, unda e atracador aki a ser señala mas den dia.

E atracador a gara e hoben turista femenino di 17 aña cu un agare fuerte y brutal, y aunke e hoben a lucha pa scapa di e mannan di e atracador, tog e atracador a bolbe rek, y zwaai pa dal e hoben violentamente den muraya di beton, y lage herida cu golpi na cabez.

   E hoben turista ta naci na Venezuela, pero ta biba na Miami.  E victima a logra tira su tas, pero asina mes e atracador a pasa man pe y baha na awa cu esaki.

    Ora cu a bati alarma riba e caso aki mesora a cuminsa busca via descripcion duna pa haya paradero di e atracador.  E ta un homber color scur di estatura di como 1.80 meter.

   E dama turista a keda den shock di spanto, y tabata tembla segun testigonan a laga sa.
   E mayornan di e hoben atraca a dicidi cu nan ta bay mesora pa Hospital hunto cu e gerente di e hotel unda e caso a sosode.

   Mirando cu tabata scur dificilmente por a logra capta imagennan cla di e atracador riba sistema di video, pero otro hotelnan cu tambe a señale lo facilita autoridadnan e imagennan pa asina personal di strandpolitie sigui traha riba e caso.

   E atraco a tuma lugar riba e parti cu ta conduci na e cambernan di e hotel.

Ban spera cu autoridadnan soluciona e caso aki y DIARIO lo ta prome pa pone e foto di e atracador pa asina Aruba por mira kende ta e burdugo cu ta causa un daño irreparable na nos isla.

   Riba e potret por mira momento cu famia ta dicidi di bay cu e mucha muher inocente pa Hospital.

Online Pap translation:

atraco y agresion on tourist
female in hotel

golpi strong for turism diahuebs night...

oranjestad(aan): if situation follow so at aruba, cualkier miyon hinca in turism will not help tog. thing cu owing to happen diahuebs in oranan late of nightfall birando dark is one golpi much strong for turism.

one tourist female procedente of miami owing to become victima of one atraco in territory of the highrise timeshare resort where the is hospedando. past owing to socede on the gangway cu have near of beach.

strandpolitie is trahando cu soul y cuerpo for can place hand on he color dark cu owing to comete the atraco. the was have one carson style camouflage dress, y was back sunu.

for colmo, for of trempan oficialnan of seguridad of one another hotel owing to señala the figure odd here in cercania of they hotelnan, but the atraco self did take lugar on territory of one another resort, where the atracador here owing to being señala more in day.

the asalto brutal

the atracador owing to grab the young tourist female of 17 year cu one agare strong y brutal, y although the young owing to struggle for scapa of the hands of the atracador, tog the atracador owing to go back calculate, y zwaai for strike the young violentamente in wall of beton, y lage injury cu golpi at cabez.

the young tourist is naci at venezuela, but live at miami. the victima owing to succeed throw his bag, but so self the atracador owing to happen hand pe y descend at water cu this.

hour cu owing to beat alarma on the caso here at once owing to cuminsa busca via descripcion give for achieve paradero of the atracador. the is one man color dark of estatura of because; 1.80 metre.

the lady tourist owing to stay in shock of spanto, y was tembla according testigonan owing to let know.
the parents of the young atraca owing to dicidi cu they're bay at once for hospital together cu the gerente of the hotel where the caso owing to sosode.

mirando cu was dark dificilmente can owing to succeed capta imagennan cla of the atracador on sistema of video, but another hotelnan cu also owing to señale will facilita autoridadnan the imagennan for so personal of strandpolitie follow work on the caso.

the atraco did take lugar on the part cu is conduci at the cambernan of the hotel.

as wait for cu autoridadnan soluciona the caso here y daily paper will is first for place the photograph of the atracador for so aruba can see that is the burdugo cu is cause one damage irreparable at we island.

on the potret can see instant cu family is dicidi of bay cu the child muher inocente for hospital.

* * *



ORANJESTAD (AAN): Autoridad ta tuma e caso di e hombernan deteni cu arma di candela hopi na serio.

   Diaranzon madruga e prome informe cu a drenta na Polis, ta cu na Havana Beach Club tin un pelea andando.  E club popular aki riba e madruga ey, tabata rand-rand di hende nan si ta riba otro pa e fiesta cu a worde organiza.

   Esnan cu atende e fiesta a goza segun informe un bol. Pafor por a nota un cantidad di auto staciona, y hasta na dado momento trafico por poco a jam.

   Mientras tanto a base di informe relaciona cu arma di candela, a keda suministra tambe e number di e Nissan Sentra, cu ta A-42250. E patruya di Oranjestad cu tabata na caminda pa Havana Beach Club riba Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard, na altura di Royal Plaza Mall, nan a nota un vehiculo di cual e number ta cuadra.

   Mesora sin vacila, e agentenan a reacciona door di para e chofer.  Agentenan arma cu nan pistola a ordena e cuatro hombernan den e vehiculo pa hisa man na halto, y baha un pa uno.

   Un di e agentenan a wak con un di e hombernan ta sconde e arma den dashboard... un acto masha peligroso cu e persona por a perde su bida a base di su reaccion y e arma cu e tin den su poder.

   Mientras tanto Polisnan cu arma apunta, a ordena e cuarteto den e Nissan Sentra pa hisa man.  Tur e cuatro persona a baha y obliga nan di drumi na suela.

   Asina nan a worde listra un pa uno, y despues Polis a habri e dashboard di e Nissan Sentra.  Aki poni mas na halto, banda di e buki Owner’s Manual di Nissan, y un kwashi di verf... a bin descubri e arma di candela, un Jennings Nine di 9 mm, cu ta gekrenk cla pa dispara!  El a keda confisca, hunto cu e cartucho cu ta contene 4 bala aden.

   E cuatro sospechosonan cu a keda deteni ta e homber G.B.I.D. di 26 aña biba na Calabas.  Tambe a detene e hobennan R.J.P. di 17 aña y E.M.P. di 18 aña ambos biba na Kas Ariba.  Por ultimo a detene A.E.M biba na Angochi.

    E cuarteto deteni ta di e bario di Santa Cruz cu un biaha mas ta worde poni den luz negativo.
   DIARIO a haya sa cu Recherche tin e caso bao di investigacion y ta bay haci test forensico, pa mira den ki “otro” crimen e arma aki tabata envolvi na Aruba, y ta spera ta di sa for di cual skina e arma aki a sali, incluyendo detaye criminal di kende por a bende e arma di candela aki.

Online Pap translation:

ministerio publico is tumando caso

of cuatro hombernan arm much at earnest

oranjestad (aan): autoridad is take the caso of the hombernan deteni cu arm of candela much at earnest.

diaranzon madruga the first informe cu owing to enter at police, is cu at havana beach club have one action andando. the club popular here on the madruga ey, was rand-rand of person they if is on another for her party cu owing to worde organiza.

esnan cu atende the party owing to goza according informe one bol. abroad can owing to notice one cantidad of car staciona, y even at dado instant trafico can some owing to jam.

all the time owing to base of informe relaciona cu arm of candela, owing to stay suministra also the number of the nissan sentra, cu is a-42250. the patrol of oranjestad cu was at caminda for havana beach club on lloyd g. smith boulevard, at height of royal plaza mall, they owing to notice one vehiculo of cual the number is cuadra.

at once without vacila, the agentenan owing to reacciona door of stop the chofer. agentenan arm cu they pistola owing to ordena the cuatro hombernan in the vehiculo for hoist hand at high, y descend one for uno.

one of the agentenan owing to look at con one of the hombernan is sconde the arm in dashboard... one acto very dangerous cu the person can owing to lose his life owing to base of his reaccion y the arm cu the have in his power.

all the time polisnan cu arm apunta, owing to ordena the cuarteto in the nissan sentra for hoist hand. all the cuatro person owing to descend y obliga they of sleep at floor.

so they owing to worde listra one for uno, y after police owing to open the dashboard of the nissan sentra. here poni more at high, near of the book owner’s manual of nissan, y one kwashi of verf... owing to come descubri the arm of candela, one jennings nine of 9 mm, cu is gekrenk cla for dispara! past owing to stay confisca, together cu the cartucho cu is contene 4 ball inside.

the cuatro sospechosonan cu owing to stay deteni is he g.b.i.d. of 26 year live at calabas. also owing to detene the hobennan r.j.p. of 17 year y e.m.p. of 18 year both live at home upstairs. can ultimo owing to detene owing a.e.m live at angochi.

the cuarteto deteni is of the district of santa cruz cu once more is worde poni in luz negative.
daily paper owing to achieve know cu recherche have the caso bao of investigacion y is bay haci test forensico, for see in what “otro” crimen the arm here was envolvi at aruba, y is wait for is of know for of cual angle the arm here owing to leave, incluyendo detaye criminal of that can owing to sell the arm of candela here.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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First up is Jossy's recap of a grim 2007 for Aruba.

Aña Nobo
       Mi ta completamente den desacuerdo cu e exposicion di Nel tocante e economia di Aruba y e logronan di su Gobierno; mi lo a bise di otro manera: cu B.B.O. y e aumentonan di awa, coriente y gasolin, e economia di Aruba a haya un retraso cu ta bay acentua mas durante 2008, y e unico logro visible di su Gobierno ta e record cu el a impone den e mundo di escandalo, corupcion y nepotismo. Por lo demas, e viahenan pa Brazil, China y India no a produci nada pa nos isla, excepto gastonan exorbitante, y a dificulta un enfoke optimjsta cu den e futuro inmediato cosnan lo por cambia.

    Ademas, esaki tabata un aña den cual persecucion politico a mira un auge sin precedente; tatanan di famia a sufri den nan presupuestonan debi na e medidanan impositivo cu a forza nan poder di compra te na e rand di un colapso; Gobierno a sobrepasa tur limite di gastamento y no a pone den practica ningun esfuerzo pa corta su gastonan; politikeria di e peor sorto a ser hunga cu e imagen di Betico; fiesta a ser haci cu terenonan di Pueblo; brug a ser traha cu placa di Pueblo pa faborece famia; huurnan barbaro a continua sin mengua; tabata tin escasez di placa pa inverti den education y turismo; Ministerio Publico a laga un lesion profundo den e funcionamento di Husticia; o sea cu tur lo anterior ta forma parti di e sintomanan di e malnan cu ta minando hasta e basenan di nos democracia.

    Di nos a para bira un isla riba cual un partido y su Gobierno a consenti durante mas di cinco aña pa maldadnan cometi cu alevosia keda impune; infraccionnan di Ley a ser poni un banda pa deshaci di nan cu e splicacion simplista y ingenuo di \'privacidad\'; un solo Ministro a trapa riba Ley na su antoho, inventando herencia, trahando brug cu placa di Pueblo, regalando Pier cu no ta di dje, pagando financiadornan cu terenonan propiedad di Pueblo, prestando placa grandi di un empresa offshore sin splicacion logico di su procedencia, y ni tampoco cumpliendo, te unda cu por a averigua, cu e reglamentonan di Banco Central, ricibiendo un carta cu oferta di soborno sin denuncie na e autoridadnan competente; enfin, un caso destina pa Ripley\'s \"Believe it or Not\"!

    Na aña 2007 nos mira e resurgimento di un caso cu a causa Aruba hopi daño, o sea e desaparicion di un mucha muher turista cu a bin for di Merca pa djey somenta den e compañia di tres sospechoso. Despues di un blunder di marca mayor, awe ningun di nan ta sospechoso mas, y e caso ta na candal. E daño causa a bira mas grandi, y Dios so sa te unda e ta bay sigui afecta-nos isla. Pa agrega na dje, ata asaltonan riba turistanan dilanti o patras di nan hotelnan a continua hasta den dia cla, comosifuera nos industria turistico por wanta mas sla di e indole ey.

   Seguridad personal, o sea e derecho riba e integridad fisico di cada ciudadano, tambe a sufri e embate di un delincuencia terible, cu ta lantando cabez cu forza. Ladronicia, asaltonan, atakenan riba caya o na cas, o den negoshi, tiramento riba polis, peleanan di gang, den nightclub, riba caya, ta manteniendo henter poblacion den zozobra. Lo bin un fin na nan na 2008? Ban spera cu polis lo ser duna e armanan adecuado pa combati criminalidad den tur su formanan, pa asina nan por debolbe Aruba un sentido di paz y trankilidad cu awe no tey mas.

    Pakico pinta un panorama asina sombrio na fin di aña? Pasobra e Unico forma di exigi medidanan corectivo for di e autoridadnan competente ta enfocando e pa loke e ta, sin adorno. Ya a bira tempo pa Gobierno asumi su papel conductor. Nel por ta un bon o mal polit­ico, e porta un bon o mal lider di partido, pero un cos ta cierto: ta e tin e batuta di mando den su mannan. Awor, si e no sa con comanda respet y exigi seguimento di un plan pa solventa e problemanan cu ta afectando Aruba for di su Gabinete, e pase pa otro di su mesun Partido, o di cualke otro Partido, cu si tin e boluntad y e conocimentonan pa trece e solucionnan urgentemente rekeri.

    Nel, a pesar di su 30 y pico añanan den politica, no a logra demostra cu e por tuma un distancia prudente como lider y Prome Ministro di MEP, pa converti su mes den un lider y Prome Ministro di henter Aruba. Di mi e sacu e no por spera nunca elogionan cu e no merece, y e mester ta bon na altura cu mi no ta forma parti tampoco di e coro cosmopolita cu ta ofrece adulation en cambio di fabor o permiso. Loke si mi ta desea ta di mira un resurgimento di Aruba, un reconversion di un isla infecta pa tanto desastre, division, odio y rencor, pa e oasis di unidad, paz y comprension cu e tabata anteriormente. Den mi pensamentonan y sentimentonan, Aruba semper a bin den prome lugar, y esey nunca lo cambia. Mi fe den e posibilidad di redencion pa Aruba a keda firme, a pesar di tanto aña di • desperdicio di un Gobierno mediocre.

    Mi ta desea tur e habitantenan di Aruba un feliz y prospero Aña Nobo, yen di bendicion y di salud. Ban tene confianza den Dios y den nos mes pa enfrenta y soluciona loke sea por presenta durante 2008.

Online Pap translation:

year new

i am completamente in desacuerdo cu the exposicion of nel tocante the economia of aruba y the logronan of his gobierno; my will owing to bise of another manera: cu b.b.o. y the aumentonan of water, coriente y gasolene, the economia of aruba owing to achieve one retraso cu is bay acentua more during 2008, y the unique logro visible of his gobierno is the record cu past owing to impone in the world of escandalo, corupcion y nepotismo.
can will other, the viahenan for brazil, china y india not owing to produci nothing for we island, excepto gastonan exorbitante, y owing to dificulta one enfoke optimjsta cu in the future immediate cosnan will can change.

besides, this was one year in cual persecucion politico owing to see one auge without precedente; tatanan of family owing to abide in they presupuestonan debi at the medidanan impositivo cu owing to forza they power of compra till at the rand of one colapso; gobierno owing to sobrepasa all boundary of gastamento y not owing to place in practica none esfuerzo for clip his gastonan; politikeria of the worse sort owing to being play cu the imagen of betico; party owing to being haci cu terenonan of pueblo; bridge owing to being work cu coin of people for faborece famia; huurnan barbaro owing to continua without mengua; was have escasez of coin for inverti in education y turismo; ministerio publico owing to let one lesion deep in the funcionamento of husticia; or as cu all will anterior is form part of the sintomanan of the malnan cu is minando even the basenan of we democracia.

of we owing to stop become one island on cual one faction y his gobierno owing to consenti during more of cinco year for maldadnan cometi cu alevosia stay impune; infraccionnan of ley owing to being poni one near for deshaci of they cu the splicacion simplista y ingenuo of 'privacidad'; one sun ministro owing to trapa on ley at his desire, inventando herencia, trahando bridge cu coin of people, regalando pier cu do not of dje, pagando financiadornan cu terenonan property of people, prestando coin big of one empresa offshore without splicacion logico of his procedencia, y neither niether cumpliendo, till where cu can owing to averigua, cu the reglamentonan of banco central, ricibiendo one carta cu oferta of soborno without denuncie at the autoridadnan competente; enfin, one caso destina for ripley's "believe it or not"!

at year 2007 we see the resurgimento of one caso cu owing to cause aruba much damage, or as the desaparicion of one child muher tourist cu owing to come for of merca for djey somenta in the compañia of three sospechoso. after of one blunder of mark parent, today none of they're sospechoso more, y the caso is at candal. the damage cause owing to become more big, y god only know till where the is bay follow afecta-nos island. for agrega at dje, behold asaltonan on turistanan fast or behind they hotelnan owing to continua even in day cla, comosifuera we industry turistico can wanta more sla of the indole ey.

seguridad personal, or as the derecho on the integridad fisico of cada ciudadano, also owing to abide the embate of one delincuencia terible, cu is lantando cabez cu forza. ladronicia, asaltonan, atakenan on caya or at home, or in business, tiramento on police, peleanan of gang, in nightclub, on caya, is manteniendo all poblacion in zozobra. will come one end at they at 2008? as wait for cu police will being give the armanan adecuado for combati criminalidad in all his formanan, for so they can debolbe aruba one sense of paz y trankilidad cu today not tey more.

pakico draw one view so sombrio at end of year? because the unique form of exigi medidanan corectivo for of the autoridadnan competente is enfocando the for thing the is, without adorno. already owing to become time for gobierno asumi his paper conductor. nel can is one good or bad polit­ico, the door one good or bad leader of faction, but anything is cierto: is the have the batuta of command in his hands. now, if the not know con comanda respet y exigi seguimento of one plan for solventa the problemanan cu is afectando aruba for of his gabinete, the pase for another of his same faction, or of cualke another faction, cu if have the boluntad y the conocimentonan for trece the solucionnan urgentemente rekeri.

nel, owing to pesar of his 30 y pico añanan in politica, not owing to succeed demostra cu the can take one distancia prudente because; leader y first ministro of mep, for converti his self in one leader y first ministro of all aruba. of my the pocket the not can wait for never elogionan cu the not merece, y the have to is good at height cu my do not form part niether of the coro cosmopolita cu is ofrece adulation provided that cambio of please or permission. thing if i am desea is of see one resurgimento of aruba, one reconversion of one island infecta for tanto desastre, division, hate y rencor, for her oasis of unidad, paz y comprension cu the was anteriormente. in my pensamentonan y sentimentonan, aruba always owing to come in first lugar, y esey never will change. my confidence in the posibilidad of redencion for aruba owing to stay firme, owing to pesar of tanto year of • desperdicio of one gobierno mediocre.

i am desea all the habitantenan of aruba one feliz y prospero year new, complete of bendicion y of salud. as as confianza in god y in we self for enfrenta y soluciona thing as can present during 2008.

* * *

Follow-up on the attack on the 17-year-old female tourist, "H.B.". From the previous reports, she is Venezuelan but apparently lives in Miami. The attack apparently was a mugging-purse snatching; the assailant pushed or threw her against a wall.

Segun relato di Polis


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Riba Diabierna, oficialmente pa medio di vocero policial suplente John Larmonie, a duna relao di e caso serio, unda un turista hoben a worde ataca den area di un Highrise Timeshare Resort.
Presencia di patruya a worde solicita mesora pa atende e caso. Ta trata di un mucha muher naci na Venezuela di inicialnan H.B. di 17 aña, kende e ora ey ainda tabata den shock di loke a pasa cune.
   Segun e bishitante a declara, e ta cana den e area di e hotel y un homber desconoci a gare na su garganta y a ordena pa e “No Grita” (expresa na idioma ingles).
   Pero e denunciante a cuminsa grita, consecuentemente e homber a cuminza dal cabez di e turista den muraya. Esaki a pone e muher grita mas fuerte y lucha cu e homber desconoci.
   Na dado momento e turista a logra sali for gara y core bay. Den careda e mucha muher a laga su tas cay, e individuo a gara esaki y desaparece. Den e tas segun e turista e tin 100 Dollar, articulo cosmetico, su Visa Credit-Card, fuera un camera digital.
   Segun descripcion suministra na polis, cu ta trata di un homber delega, cu estatura di 1,80 meter, sin flanel, bisti cu short color scur.
   No ta exclui cu prome y durante y despues di loke a tuma lugar cu por a capta via di camera e homber anti-social aki.
   Sigur locual a tuma lugar ta un otro golpi pa nos turismo y e hotel e ncuestion su seguridad  tin di worde revisa y medidanan tin di worde adapta.
   Mientras tanto e caso tin debido atencion di Recherche..

Online Pap translation:

according relato of police

atracador owing to choca the lady tourist

oranjestad (aan): on diabierna, oficialmente by vocero policial suplente john larmonie, owing to give relao of the caso earnest, where one tourist young owing to worde ataca in area of one highrise timeshare resort.

presencia of patrol owing to worde solicita at once for atende the caso. is deal of one child muher naci at venezuela of inicialnan h.b. of 17 year, that the hour ey still was in shock of thing owing to happen cune.

according the bishitante owing to declara, the is march in the area of the hotel y one man desconoci owing to gare at his throat y owing to ordena for her “no grita” (expresa at language ingles).

but the denunciante owing to cuminsa bark, consecuentemente he owing to cuminza strike cabez of the tourist in wall. this owing to place the muher bark more strong y struggle cu he desconoci.

at dado instant the tourist owing to succeed leave for grab y core bay. in careda the child muher owing to let his bag cay, the individual owing to grab this y desaparece. in the bag according the tourist the have 100 dollar, articulo cosmetico, his visa credit-card, fuera one camera digital.

according descripcion suministra at police, cu is deal of one man delega, cu estatura of 1,80 metre, without flanel, dress cu short color dark.

do not exclui cu first y during y after of thing did take lugar cu can owing to capta via of camera he anti-social here.

assure locual did take lugar is one another golpi for we turism y the hotel the ncuestion his seguridad have of worde revisa y medidanan have of worde adapta.

all the time the caso have debido atencion of recherche..

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Arrest in the assault on the 17 yo female tourist.

Bon trabao di Strandpolitie


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Oficialnan di Strandpolitie a haci nan trabao bon!  Desde Diahuebs anochi nan a traha non-stop riba e caso serio di atraco cometi contra un inocente turista di apenas 17 aña di edad.

   E atracador brutal a hisa y zwaai e turista femenino y dal su cabez contra pida muraya di e Highrise Timeshare Resort.

   Strandpolitie a sigui traha riba pista, y Diadomingo mainta algo despues di 11’or, nan a logra pone man riba e Anti-social Number Uno di Aruba su Turismo.
   E atracador a worde gara den Rembrandstraat na San Nicolas.

   E homber brutal aki tabata bao influencia di droga ora cu el a worde aresta.  El a worde identifica como Michael Gerard Hector di 35 aña di edad.  E tabata sinta ta come, y no a resisti at all contra su detencion.  E no por a haci nada tampoco contra 4 oficial di Polis riba dje.

   Michael Gerard Hector tabatin como ultimo adres di biba, na Savaneta.
   Awor e ta den man di autoridad, y sigur su Aña Nobo lo pasa cune encarcela den Cel.

   DIARIO ta haci un suplica fuerte di awor caba, pa Husticia baha pisa riba e persona aki.  Pasobra loke el a haci cu turismo riba Diahuebs anochi, ta devastador pa Aruba!  Ohala Ministro di Turismo tambe por haci un suplica asina publicamente den direccion di Ministerio Publico.

   Ademas, DIARIO kier refresca memoria di pueblo riba loke Huez mr. De Wit a yega di bisa den Corte dirigi na un atracador, esta cu: “Bo merece haya un scop duro den bo atras”.

Online Pap translation:

good trabao of strandpolitie

captura of “atracador brutal of turista”

oranjestad (aan): oficialnan of strandpolitie owing to haci they trabao good! by diahuebs night they owing to work non-stop on the caso earnest of atraco cometi contra one inocente tourist of barely 17 year of edad.

the atracador brutal owing to hoist y zwaai the tourist female y strike his cabez contra piece wall of the highrise timeshare resort.

strandpolitie owing to follow work on pista, y diadomingo morning algo after of 11’or, they owing to succeed place hand on the anti-social number uno of aruba his turism.
the atracador owing to worde grab in rembrandstraat at san nicolas.

he brutal here was bao influencia of drugs hour cu past owing to worde aresta. past owing to worde identifica because; michael gerard hector of 35 year of edad. the was sit is come, y not owing to resisti at all contra his detencion. the not can owing to haci nothing niether contra 4 oficial of police on dje.

michael gerard hector had because; ultimo adres of live, at savaneta.
now the is in hand of autoridad, y assure his year new will happen cune encarcela in cel.

daily paper is haci one suplica strong of now end, for husticia descend pisa on the person here. because thing past owing to haci cu turism on diahuebs night, is devastador for aruba! ohala ministro of turism also can haci one suplica so publicamente in direccion of ministerio publico.

besides, daily paper wanted refresca memory of people on thing huez mr. de wit owing to arrive of tell in corte dirigi at one atracador, esta cu: “bo merece achieve one scop duro in do you atras”.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #632 on: January 04, 2008, 09:00:43 AM »

Link is to Diario's Local news section.

man apparently tries to attack a tourist couple at high rise hotel. No video image captured.

Turistanan a core huy di homber cu supuesto mal intencion       
Friday, 04 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Riba e segundo dia di aña, Central di Polis a dirigi patruya di Strandpolitie na un Highrise Hotel relaciona cu un caso di atraco.

Tabata 12’or di merdia cu e caso a worde reporta, y pesey a dirigi personal di Strandpolitie na e hotel en cuestion.

Na yegada agentenan a papia cu e señora di inicialnan C.P. naci na Brasil di 26 aña. Segun declaracion, cu alrededor di 1’or y pico di madruga, e tabata cu su partner direccion di e hotel. Na dado momento un homber a acerca nan y ta yega mas cerca pa a gara nan.

Pero tanto e denunciante y su partner masculino tumando na cuenta di e intencion di e individuo, no solamente a spanta pero nan a core bay direccion di e hotel.

Ta ora nan a core drenta lobby y bay den Lift, nan a wak atras e supuesto atracador a desaparece.
A base di e informe suministra na e personal di Strandpolitie a revisa e video ya cu tin camera sofistica instala, y esaki a capta loke ta move den vecindario di e hotel.

Pero segun informe, no tabatin imagen di e sucedido, tampoco di coremento. Tog e caso tin debido atencion di autoridad concerni.

Online Pap translation:

turistanan owing to core huy of man cu supuesto bad intencion
friday, 04 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): on the second day of year, central of police owing to dirigi patrol of strandpolitie at one highrise hotel relaciona cu one caso of atraco.

was 12’or of afternoon cu the caso owing to worde reporta, y pesey owing to dirigi personal of strandpolitie at the hotel provided that cuestion.

at arrival agentenan owing to talk cu the madam of inicialnan c.p. naci at brasil of 26 year. according declaracion, cu alrededor of 1’or y pico of madruga, the was cu his partner direccion of the hotel. at dado instant one man owing to acerca they y is arrive more close for owing to grab they.

but tanto the denunciante y his partner masculino tumando at cuenta of the intencion of the individual, not only owing to spanta but they owing to core bay direccion of the hotel.

is hour they owing to core enter lobby y bay in lift, they owing to look at behind the supuesto atracador owing to desaparece.
owing to base of the informe suministra at the personal of strandpolitie owing to revisa the video already cu have camera sofistica instala, y this owing to capta thing is actuate in vecindario of the hotel.

but according informe, not had imagen of the sucedido, niether of coremento. tog the caso have debido atencion of autoridad concerni.

* * *
"Tommy" hit man "W." in the head with a with beer bottle; left him bleeding.

Homber tur na sanger a rechaza tur yudanza di autoridad       
Friday, 04 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Tabata laat den oranan di marduga, un homber conocido di polis, esta un tal B. a duna tip na Polis, indicando cu patras di un supermercado tin un homber benta tur na sanger.

Polis a tuma e tip na serio y a dicidi di bay tira un bista y enberdad nan a topa cu e homber di fam W. cu su cabez cubri cu sanger.

Segun W. cu algun choller a maltrate, un di e anti-socialnan aki ta un tal “Tommy”. E tal Tommy a dal e cu un boter cervez den cabez.

Ademas e victima a bisa polis, cu e no tin mester di yudanza, ni di polis y tampoco servicio di ambulans.

Na diferente ocasion, polis a puntra y ofrece e compay aki tur golpia pa yude , cada vez e tabata nenga e oferta.

Na dado momento riba su propio forza, W. a lanta para riba su pianan y a cana direccion Village.
Patruya a sigui tras di W., pa averigua kico ta su intencion.

Na un cas den Village pa ser exacto Caya Bonaire, el a drenta un parcela y asina tambe el a yega cas sano y salvo.

Mientras tanto polis despues a tira un bista den vecindario si acaso nan por localiza e tal “Tommy” pero sin ningun resultado.

Online Pap translation:

man all at blood owing to rechaza all yudanza of autoridad
friday, 04 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): was late in oranan of marduga, one man conocido of police, esta one such b. owing to give tip at police, indicando cu behind one supermercado have one man throw all at blood.

police did take the tip at earnest y owing to dicidi of bay throw one view y enberdad they owing to come across cu he of surname w. cu his cabez cubri cu blood.

according w. cu some choller owing to maltrate, one of the anti-socialnan here is one such “tommy”. the such tommy owing to strike the cu one boter cervez in cabez.

besides the victima owing to tell police, cu the not have have to of yudanza, neither of police y niether servicio of ambulance.

at various ocasion, police owing to ask about y ofrece the compay here all golpia for yude, cada vez the was deny the oferta.

at dado instant on his own forza, w. owing to arise stop on his pianan y owing to march direccion village. patrol owing to follow behind w., for averigua kico is his intencion.

at one cas in village for being exact caya bonaire, past owing to enter one parcela y so also past owing to arrive cas sano y salvo.

all the time police after owing to throw one view in vecindario if acaso they can localiza the such “tommy” but without none result.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #633 on: January 07, 2008, 11:13:15 AM »
Link is to the Local section of Diario.

Very busy weekend for ALE.

Man NR attacked as he leaves night club; his girlfriend SKB witnessed; two bad guys.

Testigo a mira atacantenan di un dama hulandes       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diadomingo mainta trempan a presenta na Warda di Polis Oranjestad dos hende muher cu ta N.R. di 32 aña naci na Hulanda, y S.K.B. naci na Merca di 21 aña e ultimo ta traha abordo di un crusero.

Nan a presenta na warda pa entrega denuncia di atraco.

E mucha muher N.R. a bisa cu mas o menos 2’or di marduga nan tabata na un night club. Pa alrededor di 4 or nan a sali un homber desconoci a presenta y a golpia N.R. consecuentemente e sla tabata asina fuerte cu el a bay for di tino.

Su amiga S.K.B. kende a bin yude a worde ataca pa un otro homber desconoci di patras.

Segun e mucha muher te asina leu por a saca afor lo tin un auto preto modelo liftback eybanda, y pesey nan a grita y direpiente e atacantenan a take off, laga nan benta na vloer.

Probablemente esnan den e vehiculo por ta meti den e asalto. Mey mey di e hombernan tabatin un hende muher cu a bay cu un tas preto.

Bon di tur esaki ta cu tin testigo cu a reconoce un di e malhechornan. E caso tin debido atencion y a base di informe compila sigur lo soluciona e caso aki.

Online Pap translation:

witness owing to see atacantenan of one lady dutch
monday, 07 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): diadomingo morning trempan owing to present at keep of police oranjestad two person muher cu is n.r. of 32 year naci at the netherlands, y s.k.b. naci at merca of 21 year the ultimo is work abordo of one crusero.

they owing to present at keep for entrega denuncia of atraco.

the child muher n.r. owing to tell cu more or less 2’or of marduga they was at one night club. for alrededor of 4 or they owing to leave one man desconoci owing to present y owing to golpia n.r. consecuentemente the sla was so strong cu past owing to bay for of tino.

his girlfriend s.k.b. that owing to come yude owing to worde ataca for one another man desconoci of behind.

according the child muher till so far can owing to saca afor will have one car black model liftback eybanda, y pesey they owing to bark y all of a sudden the atacantenan owing to take off, let they throw at vloer.

probably esnan in the vehiculo can is meti in the asalto. mey mey of the hombernan had a muher cu owing to bay cu one bag black.

good of all this is cu have witness cu owing to reconoce one of the malhechornan. the caso have debido atencion y owing to base of informe compila assure will soluciona the caso here.

* * *

Male Canadian tourist attacked at highrise beach.

Homber desconoci a haci acto inmoral cu turista       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Un muher turista Canades a spanta su alma ora cu riba beach, basta laat di marduga, el a worde ataca pa un homber color scur bisti cu jeans, t-shirt preto y cora.

E turista a bisa cu e homber tabatin un rug tas den su poder.

Ta asina segun e muher Canades ora e ta cana riba e beach di un Highrise Hotel, un individuo a yega cerca di dje y a tira man riba su parti intimo.

E bishitante a reacciona y a pone e individuo move rapido for di e lugar.

Corectamente e turista a reporta e caso na guardianan di seguridad y polis a worde envolvi pa atende e caso.

Online Pap translation:

man desconoci owing to haci acto inmoral cu tourist
monday, 07 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): one muher tourist canades owing to spanta his soul hour cu on beach, enough late of marduga, past owing to worde ataca for one man color dark dress cu jeans, t-shirt black y cora.

the tourist owing to tell cu he had one rug bag {carpet bag?} in his power.

is so according the muher canades hour the is march on the beach of one highrise hotel, one individual owing to arrive close of dje y owing to throw hand on his part intimo.

the bishitante owing to reacciona y owing to place the individual actuate rapido for of the lugar.

corectamente the tourist owing to reporta the caso at guardianan of seguridad y police owing to worde envolvi for atende the caso.

* * *

I think we posted this incident Friday or Saturday. Apparently there are 3 arrests (4 perps). 4 men attacked/beat a man who was found in a night club parking lot. Weststraat usually suggests (to me) C&C's.

Polis a haya homber na sanger banda di nightclub       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Den fin di siman, asistencia di Polis a worde pidi den Weststraat den e asina yama hot zone.   Parce pariba di e parkinglot di un di e nightclubnan tabatin pelea.

Ora cu polis a presenta, a mira hendenan sali na careda bandona e lugar direccion Royal Plaza.

Tabata tin informe cu cuatro homber a bati un homber , un di e hombernan a saca un cuchio y a staca e victima, un tal Betto C. di 22 aña.

Riba vloer bao di sanger polis a localiza e victima aki. E tabatin un hinca na su banda drechi di su barica.

E cuatro hombernan ta color scur nan tabata lomba sunu sin camisa.

Debi cu no kier a spera riba ambulans amigo (nan) di e victima a transporte pa Hospital.

Pero e bon noticia ta cu un di e cuatro hombernan segun bon fuente a worde reconoce di ta alumno di EPB.

Por ultimo tin detencion cu a cay, polis a detene tres hoben cual dos ta local inicialnan A.S.P.T. di 17 aña, E.A.P. y un Venezolano di inicialnan A.R.I. di 18 aña.

Tur esnan deteni fiscal lo evalua si nan lo keda deteni of no.

Online Pap translation:

police owing to achieve man at blood near of nightclub
monday, 07 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): in end of week, asistencia of police owing to worde ask in weststraat in the so calling hot zone. seems east of the parkinglot of one of the nightclubnan had action.

hour cu police owing to present, owing to see hendenan leave at careda bandona the lugar direccion royal plaza.

was have informe cu cuatro man owing to beat one man, one of the hombernan owing to saca one cuchio y owing to staca the victima, one such betto c. of 22 year.

on vloer bao of blood police owing to localiza the victima here. the had one hinca at his near right of his barica.

the cuatro hombernan is color dark they was back sunu without camisa.

debi cu does not owing to wait for on ambulance amigo (nan) of the victima owing to transporte for hospital.

but the good news is cu one of the cuatro hombernan according good fountain owing to worde reconoce of is alumno of epb.

can ultimo have detencion cu owing to cay, police owing to detene three young cual two is local inicialnan a.s.p.t. of 17 year, e.a.p. y one venezolano of inicialnan owing a.r.i. of 18 year.

all esnan deteni fiscal will evalua if they will stay deteni or not.

* * *

Homber a spanta di un muher di bida       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diasabra mainta a presenta na Warda di Polis na San Nicolas e homber di inicialnan A.S.C. di 36 aña.   Segun version di e compay aki, e tabata coriendo den su auto y na altura di un bar el a dal para pa combersa cu un muher di bida.

E homber a bisa polis cu e muher a papia masha grosero cune, y esey a pone rabia y hasta el a baha for di auto pa atende e muher di bida alegre.

Pero e muher segun e homber a bisa, a saca un arma blanco pa cual A.S.C. a spanta y a core subi su auto direccion pa warda.

Awor ASC ta pidi polis pa nan papia cu e muher. Polis a bay na e bar y a logra localiza e muher encuestion.

E muher di inicialnan KGO naci na Colombia a conta polis e otro banda di medaya.

Segun e muher a splica polis, cu e tabata para riba un rust pafor, y ta e homber a bin papia palabranan masha ofensivo, pa cual ey a rabia y a zundra e tipo aki.

Encuanto e posible ‘cuchio’, e no ta ningun arma blanco den su poder.

Online Pap translation:

man owing to spanta of one muher of life
monday, 07 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): saturday morning owing to present at keep of police at san nicolas he of inicialnan owing a.s.c. of 36 year. according version of the compay here, the was coriendo in his car y at height of one bar past owing to strike stop for combersa cu one muher of life.

he owing to tell police cu the muher owing to talk very rude cune, y esey owing to place angry y even past owing to descend for of car for atende the muher of life cheerful.

but the muher according he owing to tell, owing to saca one arm blanco for cual owing a.s.c. owing to spanta y owing to core lever his car direccion for keep.

now asc is ask police for they talk cu the muher. police owing to bay at the bar y owing to succeed localiza the muher encuestion.

the muher of inicialnan kgo naci at colombia owing to count police the another near of medaya.

according the muher owing to splica police, cu the was stop on one rust abroad, y is he owing to come talk words very ofensivo, for cual ey owing to angry y owing to zundra the type here.

encuanto the posible ‘cuchio’, the do not none arm blanco in his power.

* * *
Best as I can tell, someone took a swipe at a cop at a Weststraat night club.

bomboshi again abroad of clubnan nocturno

Monday, 07 January 2008 

Mucha muher a keda deteni

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diasabra marduga central di polis a dirigi patruya den Weststraat na altura di e clubnan nocturno.  E prome informe ta menciona cu ta trata di un pelea.

Patruya cu a presenta mesora na e lugar indica y segun informe suministra a indica e agentenan e persona aparentemente envolvi.

E sospechoso segun e version ta bisti a-la-black and white. Polis a acerca e sospechoso, ta trata di un hende muher inicialnan I.A.C. di 23 aña, el a bira agresivo y na dado momento a manda mokete den direccion di e agente.

Polis a tene, y apesar cu el a resisti, nan a detene y hibe Warda y a sere segun version policial ta menciona.

Parce cu cos tabata hot den Weststraat den oranan di marduga.

Hasta patruya encarga cu Santa Cruz a bay te Oranjestad, pa asisti na coleganan. Pero ora cu e patruya concerni a presenta ya coleganan di polis a bay cu un sospechoso.

Parce cu tin hende ta meti den pelea y hasta boter a worde tira. Durante cu patruya ta stacion y observa e situacion, ta presenta un homber di nowhere y a habri porta patras di e unidad Policial. Polisnan a reacciona y puntre kico esaki ta para bira, e homber a bisa polis, di a tende cu polis a “bay cu su chick”.

E homber a zundra, pero polis a scual e riba su forma di proceder.

Tambe a presenta un mucha muher y e ultimo a worde pusha. Mientras e mucha homber mes a move for di e lugar.

Awor polis a keda planta cu e mucha muher, su atencion tambe a worde hala y a avise pa no mete den trabao policial, asina tambe e situacion a bin calma.

Online Pap translation:

bomboshi again abroad of clubnan nocturno
monday, 07 january 2008

child muher owing to stay deteni

oranjestad (aan): saturday marduga central of police owing to dirigi patrol in weststraat at height of the clubnan nocturno. the first informe is menciona cu is deal of one action.

patrol cu owing to present at once at the lugar indica y according informe suministra owing to indica the agentenan the person apparently envolvi.

the sospechoso according the version is dress a-la-black and white. police owing to acerca the sospechoso, is deal of a muher inicialnan i.a.c. of 23 year, past owing to become aggressive y at dado instant owing to send fist in direccion of the agent.

police owing to as, y despite cu past owing to resisti, they owing to detene y hibe keep y owing to sere according version policial is menciona.

seems cu cos was hot in weststraat in oranan of marduga.

even patrol encarga cu santa cruz owing to bay till oranjestad, for asisti at coleganan. but hour cu the patrol concerni owing to present already coleganan of police owing to bay cu one sospechoso.

seems cu have person is meti in action y even boter owing to worde throw. during cu patrol is stacion y observa the situation, is present one man of nowhere y owing to open door behind the unidad policial. polisnan owing to reacciona y puntre kico this is stop become, he owing to tell police, of owing to hear cu police owing to “bay cu his chick”.

he owing to zundra, but police owing to scual the on his form of proceder.

also owing to present one child muher y the ultimo owing to worde push. while the boy self owing to actuate for of the lugar.

now police owing to stay plant cu the child muher, his atencion also owing to worde wing y owing to avise for not mete in trabao policial, so also the situation owing to come calma.

* * *
Man takes his child's 15-yr-old babysitter out to a night club; then violates her ...

Muher a viola su babysitter di 15 aña       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

Caso serio denuncia...

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Riba e potret aki, por mira momento cu Autoridad a escolta un dama, kende a hiba su yiu muher pa control medico.   E mucha inocente di 15 aña, a bira victima di violacion.

Fuentenan bon na altura, dunando detaye na DIARIO, a mustra cu e caso a cuminza cana su caminda legal, como cu denuncia a worde entrega na autoridad di e caso serio.

Te ainda pa prensa, no ta conoci di cual bario nan ta, pero si ta conoci cu e mucha muher ta fungi regularmente como Babysitter pa yiu di e muher aki! Anto awor e ta pasa den e situacion serio aki, y bira victima di violacion na man di un muher di 26 aña di edad.

Con serio e acusacion ta, esey no ta conoci. Pero fuentenan yega a duna di conoce cu e caso di Diasabra madruga a keda reporta na autoridadnan competente.

Pa colmo, ta e muher di 26 aña mes a invita su Babysitter pa nan bay na un Club Nocturno, unda posiblemente el a haya bebida alcoholico pa bebe.

Despues di esey, e muher a viola di e pober mucha muher aki den e area industrial na Eagle.

Investigacion lo tuma su curso y presenta cerca fiscal auxiliar y fiscal pa determina seriedad di e caso pa asina detene esun responsable pa para responde pa su actonan.

Online Pap translation:

muher owing to viola his babysitter of 15 year
monday, 07 january 2008

caso earnest denuncia...

oranjestad (aan): on the potret here, can see instant cu autoridad owing to escolta one lady, that owing to take away his child muher for control medico. the child inocente of 15 year, owing to become victima of violacion.

fuentenan good at height, dunando detaye at daily paper, owing to show cu the caso owing to cuminza march his caminda legal, because; cu denuncia owing to worde entrega at autoridad of the caso earnest.

till still for prensa, do not conoci of cual district they're, but if is conoci cu the child muher is fungi regularly because; babysitter for child of the muher here! then now the is happen in the situation earnest here, y become victima of violacion at hand of one muher of 26 year of edad.

con earnest the acusacion is, esey do not conoci. but fuentenan arrive owing to give of conoce cu the caso of saturday madruga owing to stay reporta at autoridadnan competente.

for colmo, is the muher of 26 year self owing to invita his babysitter for they bay at one club nocturno, where posiblemente past owing to achieve beverage alcoholico for drink.

after of esey, the muher owing to viola of the poor child muher here in the area industrial at eagle.

investigacion will take his curso y present close fiscal auxiliar y fiscal for determina seriedad of the caso for so detene esun responsable for stop responde for his actonan.

* * *

The weekend even included a Molotov cocktail - thrown at a house on Palm Beach ...

Molotov cocktail tira riba cas na palm beach       
Monday, 07 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Den transcurso di mainta, presencia di polis a worde solicita na un cas situa na Palm Beach. Esaki debi cu segun informe a tuma lugar un intento serio pa kima e cas.

Na yegada agentenan a atende e señora di inicialnan Y.R.P. naci na Colombia y e tin 42 aña.

Segun e señora den oranan di anochi, su dos yiunan a bin cerca dje y a puntre si tur cos ta OK, y bon ya cu nan a scucha sonido poco straño manera cu ta glas a kibra.

Pero ningun no a nota nada pa cual nan a sigui drumi.

Pa sorpresa mainta e famia a bin descubri cu dos boter di cervez kibra cu mecha y ta hole gasolin.
Polis a haci un pregunta general na e famia, si acaso nan lo por tin problema cu hende, a laga sa cu nan no tin problema cu ningun persona.

Recherche y personal tecnico di polis a worde envolvi y asina start cu nan investigacion.

Online Pap translation:

molotov cocktail throw on cas at palm beach
monday, 07 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): in transcurso of morning, presencia of police owing to worde solicita at one cas situa at palm beach. this debi cu according informe did take lugar one attempt earnest for burn the cas.

at arrival agentenan owing to atende the madam of inicialnan y.r.p. naci at colombia y the have 42 year.

according the madam in oranan of night, his two yiunan owing to come close dje y owing to puntre if all cos is ok, y good already cu they owing to listen sonido some odd as cu is glass owing to break.

but none not owing to notice nothing for cual they owing to follow sleep.

for surprise morning the family owing to come descubri cu two boter of cervez break cu mecha y is smell gasolene.
police owing to haci one question general at the family, if acaso they will can have problem cu person, owing to let know cu they not have problem cu none person.

recherche y personal tecnico of police owing to worde envolvi y so start cu they investigacion.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #634 on: January 10, 2008, 10:43:33 AM »

Posted at RU  Rolling Eyes How many of these hangings had one hand in their pocket?

OBS - will you post this in the M&C thread? thank you.
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« Reply #635 on: January 10, 2008, 01:09:44 PM »   01/10/2008
Link is to Diario’s Local section

Family offering 25 thousand guilders for information leading to whereabouts of Jose Manuel Vincenzo Tromp, last seen 11/27/2007 at 8:30 a.m

Famia tromp a pone 25 mil disponible pa e tip di oro       
Thursday, 10 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD.(AAN): Manera a keda publica den un forma di exclusividad cu lo bay anuncia un balente suma di recompensa pa haya tip.

Ayera mainta na Palacio di Husticia situa na Santa Cruz a worde teni un conferencia di prensa relaciona cu desaparicion di Jose Manuel Vicenzo Tromp. Tabata presenta miembronan di famia den persona di tata, mama y ruman homber di Vicenzo.

Tambe halto Inspectornan Candelaria y Vanessa Kock tabata presente na e ocasion aki ya cu nan tambe ta forma parti di team special encarga pa e buskeda di Vicenzo.

Por a constata presencia tambe di vocero di Ministerio Publico señora Ann Angela. Tabata e vocero policial suplente Sr. John Larmonie cu a habri e conferencia di prensa pa haci un yamado en especial relaciona cu e caso di Vicenzo.

Despues di un yamada y un splicacion corto palabra a worde pasa pa fiscal Sra. mr Dop Kruimel.
El a bisa cu e meta principal pa cual nan a yama un rueda di prensa tabata pa haci un yamada na e comunidad Arubano pa yuda localiza Jose Manuel Vicenzo Tromp.

Ultimo biaha, segun fiscal a duna di conoce, a wak Vicenzo riba 27 di November2007 ora el a bandona su cas ubica na Weststraat 29 pa 8:30 di mainta. E tabata tin bisti e momento ey un carson cortico blauw scur te na rudia, T-shirt shinishi manga cortico y slof preto.

Fotonan di Vicenzo ya a worde publica pero tog fiscal kier a describi e persona aki. Vicenzo su color di cuero ta bruin clam, su estatura ta 1,80 meter. Pa locual ta su cabey esaki tambe ta manera ta worde describi ariba e foto, pero e por ta un poco mas cortico of mas largo na e momentonan aki.
E fiscal a trece dilanti e pakico Vicenzo ta worde busca y tambe e famia.

A base di e responsabilidad aki Ministerio Publico a forma un team special consisti di mas o menos 12 persona.

Ora cu ta necesario tur e 12 personanan aki por traha hunto riba e caso y nan ta trahando tambe pa tur informe cu a drenta na e momentonan aki pa verifica nan, pero nan mester di mas informe.
Vicenzo pa basta tempo caba a disparce, no sa exactamente kico ta pasando y no ta bay den direccion pa pensa di un crimen, pero lamentablemente no por exclui esaki pasobra e tin basta tempo cu el a desaparece.

Tur informe ta priva ya cu e meta ta pa hendenan duna cualkier informacion con chikito esaki lo por ta manera kico nan a mira pa asina por continua cu e investigacion.

E famia a relata cu Vicenzo Tromp tabata traha na KIA como guardia, e ta studia fuera su trabao na Avond VVO como studiante di prome aña, y den su tempo liber e ta studia na Biblioteca Oranjestad.
Por ta lo por tin persona cu lo a mire ayanan y a nota algo particular.

E ta gusta hopi pa landa na Arashi, tambe e ta gusta tennis, e ta un bon hungador, e tabata afila na e Tennis Club Champions, el a bay hasta Merca pa sigui un curso pa Academico di Tennis. Aki tambe lo por tin persona cu lo por suministra mas informe. Cada informe ta pa yuda pa e team special soluciona e caso di Vicenzo Tromp.

Diferente buskeda a ser realiza y e famia a ricibi ayudo, entre di Cruz Cora. Tabata tin buskeda a tuma lugar na diferente lugar riba nos isla, tanto den mondi y pafor di mondi. Pero no tabata tin resultado.

Ta haci un suplica na comunidad, na personanan pa yama telefon di polis na 582-4000. Esaki ta e number di warda di polis Playa y por pidi pa extension 134, 135 of 136.

Tin personanan di e team special cu sa di e caso pa atende e yamadanan. Pero si tin persona cu kier keda anonimo nan por yama na e asina yama tip-line 1114. ta preferible pa haya informenan caminda cu tin chens di combersa cu e personanan cu ta suministra informacion relaciona cu e buskeda di Vicenzo.

Finalmente segun fiscal Dop Kruimel a bisa, cu riba nan mes iniciativa e famia a pone e suma di 25 mil Florin disponible como recompensa.

E placa ta disponible pa e informacion cu ta conduci pa por haya Vicenzo Tromp.

Online Pap translation:

family tromp owing to place 25 thousand disponible for her tip of gold
thursday, 10 january 2008

oranjestad.(aan): as owing to stay publica in one form of exclusividad cu will bay anuncia one balente suma of recompensa for achieve tip.

yesterday morning at palace of husticia situa at santa cruz owing to worde teni one conferencia of prensa relaciona cu desaparicion of jose manuel vicenzo tromp. was present miembronan of family in person of father, mother y brother man of vicenzo.

also high inspectornan candelaria y vanessa kock was present at the ocasion here already cu they also is form part of team special encarga for her buskeda of vicenzo.

can owing to constata presencia also of vocero of ministerio publico madam ann angela. was the vocero policial suplente sr. john larmonie cu owing to open the conferencia of prensa for haci one yamado provided that especial relaciona cu the caso of vicenzo.

after of one call y one splicacion corto word owing to worde happen for fiscal sra. mr dop kruimel.
past owing to tell cu the aim principal for cual they owing to calling one rueda of prensa was for haci one call at the comunidad aruban for help localiza jose manuel vicenzo tromp.

ultimo trip, according fiscal owing to give of conoce, owing to look at vicenzo on 27 of november2007 hour past owing to bandona his cas ubica at weststraat 29 for 8:30 of morning. the was have dress the instant ey one carson cortico blauw dark till at knee, t-shirt grey sleeve cortico y slof black. f

otonan of vicenzo already owing to worde publica but tog fiscal wanted owing to describi the person here. vicenzo his color of cuero is bruin clam, his estatura is 1,80 metre. for locual is his cabey this also is as is worde describi upstairs the photograph, but the can is one some more cortico or more largo at the momentonan here.
the fiscal owing to trece fast the pakico vicenzo is worde busca y also the family.

owing to base of the responsabilidad here ministerio publico owing to form one team special consisti of more or less 12 person.

hour cu is necesario all the 12 personanan here can work together on the caso y they're trahando also for all informe cu owing to enter at the momentonan here for verifica they, but they have to of more informe.
vicenzo for enough time end owing to disparce, not know exactly kico is pasando y do not bay in direccion for think of one crimen, but alas not can exclui this because the have enough time cu past owing to desaparece.

all informe is priva already cu the aim is for hendenan give cualkier informacion con diminutive this will can is as kico they owing to see for so can continua cu the investigacion.

the family owing to relata cu vicenzo tromp was work at kia because; guardia, the is study fuera his trabao at avond vvo because; student of first year, y in his time pound the is study at biblioteca oranjestad.

can is will can have person cu will owing to mire ayanan y owing to notice algo particular.

the likes much for swim at arashi, also the likes tennis, the is one good hungador, the was afila at the tennis club champions, past owing to bay even merca for follow one curso for academico of tennis. here also will can have person cu will can suministra more informe. cada informe is for help for her team special soluciona the caso of vicenzo tromp.

various buskeda owing to being realiza y the family owing to ricibi aid, among of cruz cora. was have buskeda did take lugar at various lugar on we island, tanto in forest y abroad of forest. but not was have result.

is haci one suplica at comunidad, at personanan for calling telephone of police at 582-4000. this is the number of keep of police beach y can ask for extension 134, 135 or 136.

have personanan of the team special cu know of the caso for atende the yamadanan. but if have person cu wanted stay anonimo they can calling at the so calling tip-line 1114. is preferible for achieve informenan caminda cu have chens of combersa cu the personanan cu is suministra informacion relaciona cu the buskeda of vicenzo.

finalmente according fiscal dop kruimel owing to tell, cu on they self iniciativa the family owing to place the suma of 25 thousand guilder disponible because; recompensa.

the coin is disponible for her informacion cu is conduci for can achieve vicenzo tromp.

* * *
Two thieves (from "Toys 4 Us" ?) quickly captured.

Autoridad a capta dos sospechoso di ladronicia       
Thursday, 10 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Un caso insolito a socede Diaranzon mainta den Wilhelminastraat, net ora cu un accidente a pasa den area dilanti Toys 4 Us.  Hendenan a mira con dos persona anti-social a probecha di e situacion di emergencia aki, pa horta un tas bay cune.

Na careda nan a bay pariba, pasa den e rooi patras di NV Elmar. Aki nan a habri e tas, reboltea esaki y keda loke tin di balor. E tas mes nan a laga cay eybao.

Autoridad a worde avisa, y mesora nan a start cu un buskeda den e area.

Polis a bay den vecindario di Veld di Cricket, y a sigui bay pariba pa e area di Chollerhouse den Rondweg.

Aki nan a dal den suerte! Net patras di e hardware store den Rondweg, a bin nota e dos anti-social cu ta cuadra cu e descripcion duna.

Polisnan a yega for di tur skina, y a captura nan dos! Pues den menos di 15 minuut, dos ladron a worde captura.

Nan a hasta resisti contra nan detencion, y fotografo di DIARIO mes a mira con uno di nan a zwaai un scop den direccion di Polis. Pero e agentenan a mantene nan mes calmo, y a djis hala un banda.

Nan a keda deteni, pa asina Recherche start un investigacion y determina te con leu cada uno ta envolvi den e caso aki.

Online Pap translation:

autoridad owing to capta two sospechoso of ladronicia
thursday, 10 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): one caso insolito owing to socede diaranzon morning in wilhelminastraat, just hour cu one accidente owing to happen in area fast toys 4 us. hendenan owing to see con two person anti-social owing to probecha of the situation of emergencia here, for steal one bag bay cune.

at careda they owing to bay east, happen in the rooi behind nv elmar. here they owing to open the bag, reboltea this y stay thing have of value. the bag self they owing to let cay eybao.

autoridad owing to worde avisa, y at once they owing to start cu one buskeda in the area.

police owing to bay in vecindario of veld of cricket, y owing to follow bay east for her area of chollerhouse in rondweg.

here they owing to strike in suerte! just behind the hardware store in rondweg, owing to come notice the two anti-social cu is cuadra cu the descripcion give.

polisnan owing to arrive for of all angle, y owing to captura they two! then in less of 15 minuut, two thief owing to worde captura.

they owing to even resisti contra they detencion, y fotografo of daily paper self owing to see con uno of they owing to zwaai one scop in direccion of police. but the agentenan owing to mantene they self calmo, y owing to immidiately wing one near.

they owing to stay deteni, for so recherche start one investigacion y determina till con far cada uno is envolvi in the caso here.

* * *
Armed driver of car at Palace (Place?) of Justice. Doesn't seem to indicate whether he was caught. Apparently a case (cases) involving 10 +/- drug suspects was about to begin.

Nan a mira un homber cu arma den man!.
Alerta rond di corte di husticia
Thursday, 10 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diaranzon mainta, oficialnan di Polis como tambe Recherche a bay den alerta maximo, specialmente den area rond di Palacio di Husticia.

Tur esaki a cuminza, ora cu un funcionario publico pa casualidad a mira un auto staciona banda di Alameda, y e chofer tin un arma di candela den su poder.

Inmediatamente a bati alarma na autoridad, y esaki inmediatamente a bay den alerta.

Algun oficial hudicial cu tabata presente na Corte ta cuida algun detenido, a bay den extra cautela, si acaso tin “cualkier cos”.

Diferente patruya di Polis a mobiliza pa e area pa asina check si nan ta haya e auto.

DIARIO a mira con oficialnan di Recherche y Team Bijzondere Projecten ta vigila.

Personal di CEA tambe a worde mira ta cana pafor di e edificio, cu nan man cla poni riba nan arma.
Sinembargo ya caba e auto cu e chofer a bandona e area caba.

Autoridad sinembargo ta keda riba alerta den e area aki, mirando e hecho cu den Corte tabatin mas di 10 persona kendenan a worde presenta dilanti Huez pa casonan relaciona cu Droga.

Online Pap translation:

they owing to see one man cu arm in hand!.
alerta rond of corte of husticia

thursday, 10 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): diaranzon morning, oficialnan of police because; also recherche owing to bay in alerta maximo, specialmente in area rond of palace of husticia.

all this owing to cuminza, hour cu one funcionario publico for casualidad owing to see one car staciona near of alameda, y the chofer have one arm of candela in his power.

at once owing to beat alarma at autoridad, y this at once owing to bay in alerta.

some oficial hudicial cu was present at corte is cuida some detenido, owing to bay in extra cautela, if acaso have “cualkier cos”.

various patrol of police owing to mobiliza for her area for so check if they're achieve the car.

daily paper owing to see con oficialnan of recherche y team bijzondere projecten is vigila.

personal of cea also owing to worde see is march abroad of the edificio, cu they hand cla poni on they arm.
sinembargo already end the car cu the chofer owing to bandona the area end.

autoridad sinembargo is stay on alerta in the area here, mirando the mature cu in corte had more of 10 person kendenan owing to worde present fast huez for casonan relaciona cu drugs.

* * *

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #636 on: January 10, 2008, 02:29:11 PM »

Apologies for not crediting the post brought over from RU - the quote stack was quite an obstacle.

Comparison of the RU Murders and Suicides for 2005, with our count.

Murders - 2005

* * *

This must be the 03/27/2005 murder reported in RU’s post. Age 34, Male, gunshot.

03/??/2005 - Brazilian man murdered by another Brazilian man. BonDia? No details available now.
Posted 8/16/2006 at LCD by Shizaru; to M&C via msmarple

* * *

Omitted by RU post:
04/30/2005 - Fatal shooting (victim “E.F.”) during a party near hotel La Cabana.
Posted 8/20/2006 at M&C by msmarple

* * *

This is the 05/31/2005 murder reported in the RU post.

05/31/2005 – Rastaman “C.E.M.” fatally stabbed another man (victim Juni Tromp) on the beach.
Posted 8/19/2006 at M&C by Sharon; credit to dkpen & BLEACHEDBLACK. Also by Appeals 8/29

* * *

05/31/2005 – Without apology - we include Natalee Holloway in our count of victims murdered on Aruba in 2005.

* * *

This is the 06/17 murder reported in RU post. He was found the next day.

06/18/2005 – Rene Michel van Heyningen found at a cemetery; partially decapitated; wife was charged, convicted.
Posted 8/10/2006 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

* * *

Omitted from RU post, and we did not include this in the Murder count for 2005

06/20/2005 – Body found on a boat. No further details available now.

* * *

This must be the “10/31/2005” murder RU’s post reports. The dates are off, and the age is one year off, but these could be typos from whatever source.

11/04/2005 - Margarita Nedd-Panaqua, 35, from Dominican Republic. Stabbed by a jealous boyfriend.
Posted 8/10/2006 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

* * *
This must the be the “11/01/2005” murder RU’s post reports. The dates are off, and the age is one year off, but these could be typos from whatever source.

11/04/2005 - Galyson Lucas Winster, a 27 year old, reportedly a drug addict, shot in the head.
Posted 8/10/2006 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

*  * *

Finally – we do not have the “12/12/2005” murder RU reports, of a 36 year old male, by car.  (Wonder if Ramm would argue with RU about that one. He would know what I’m talking about.  Wink)

Will have to edit that  one in some day; would bring OUR murder count for 2005 to 8.

* * *


We did not post many suicides in the earlier months of the M&C thread.

These are the only two posts we have re. suicides, or possible suicide, on Aruba in 2005. (All of those mentioned by ******* are in 2006 or later, and we do have those.)

Interesting that those we do have, don’t seem to match well to any of those in the RU post - No "jumpings" or 30-year-old women, as examples.

* * *

Summer 2005 – Two security guards jumped off building (separate episodes). La Cabana Hotel was the site of one (maybe both) of them. That there are two instances, same occupation, maybe same building, make this suspicious.

There were at least two other reported suicides that summer – one “on the beach”, one “30-yr-old woman”.
Posted 8/16/2006 at M&C by Tidycat; and 8/29/2006 by Appeals

* * *

This is interesting. RU post does not seem to include Robert Wayne Benson as either a murder or a suicide. We did not include his death as a murder.

The closest match in the RU post seems to be "11/10/2005 - 46 - Male - Poison"

11/16/2005 - Robert Wayne Benson, 56 year old American expat, a Harley Davidson mechanic, found dead, locked in a storage container behind the shop in Cura Cabay where he worked. (Have read that it was a suicide and natural cause – but it’s the locked container that that seems strange. Have read that it was locked on the inside, and also that it was locked on the outside.) Diario
Posted 8/10/2006 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

* * *


Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #637 on: January 10, 2008, 02:45:05 PM »


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« Reply #638 on: January 16, 2008, 11:57:26 AM »

Link is to Local section of Diario.

Turistanan disgusta na compania di tour       

Wednesday, 16 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Tabata Dialuna mainta cu autoridad a acudi cu urgencia na oficina principal di un compania di Tour, debi cu turistanan ta furioso cu e servicio y tambe riba e hecho cu nan no por haya nan “Money Back Guarantee”.

Si bo tin confianza den bo bon servicio como compania, rond mundo e tendencia tey cu nan ta ofrece e cliente su placa back si acaso e no keda satisfecho.

Polis a bay atende e turistanan, pasobra nan a haci reservacion adelanta pa haya Tour, y awor cu nan a yega y ripara cu loke nan a reserva no ta loke nan kier a goza di dje, naturalmente nan ta exigi di haya nan placa back.

E compania no tabata kier a duna placa back.

Polis a sa di calma e situacion completo. No ta conoci si acaso Turistanan a haya nan placa back.

Online Pap translation:

turistanan disgusta at compania of tour

wednesday, 16 january 2008

oranjestad (aan): was monday morning cu autoridad owing to acudi cu urgencia at office principal of one compania of tour, debi cu turistanan is furious cu the servicio y also on the mature cu they not can achieve they “money back guarantee”.

if do you have confianza in do you good servicio because; compania, rond world the tendencia tey cu they're ofrece the cliente his coin back if acaso the not stay satisfecho.

police owing to bay atende the turistanan, because they owing to haci reservacion adelanta for achieve tour, y now cu they owing to arrive y ripara cu thing they owing to reserva do not thing they wanted owing to goza of dje, naturally they're exigi of achieve they coin back.

the compania not was wanted owing to give coin back.

police owing to know of calma the situation completo. do not conoci if acaso turistanan owing to achieve they coin back.

* * *

Vandalistanan na club portugues a bebe refresco bay goal!       

Wednesday, 16 January 2008 

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Dialuna mainta den e Bario di Primavera a sosode un caso di Vandalismo na e Club Portuguesa unda cu ora cu nan a bay pa haci e lugar limpi, a ripara cu no tabata tin candal na e heki dilanti.
Esey a pone cu di biaha nan a yama Polis pa asina investiga e caso aki.

Esnan cu ta maneha e Club, a ripara cu e ladron nan no por a drenta di paden y a purba parti Patras unda cu na e kibra bentana y forza e heki pa nan drenta.

Despues ta parse cu nan a purba na un otro porta patras unda cu nan a kibra e luz pa asina ningun hende mira nan y kibra e porta patras cu si nan por a drenta.

Di eyden, nan a bay cu un Televisor, Radio, y kizas mas articulo. Den un oficina, nan a habri e key-box, pa pasa man pa mas yabi, y habri demas oficinanan.

Nan a forza e candal di un cooler, y a bebe refresco bay goal.

E tipo di hendenan anti-social aki ta pone cu Aruba ta bibando den temor awor na 2008. Ohala cu Polis por haya vingerprint pa asina pone man riba e ladronnan aki.

Anto ban spera cu ora e potret di e ladronnan sali den DIARIO, cu ningun hende ta core yama y reclama di con ta publica foto di ladronnan, y bin cu un storia tristo cu periodistanan di Aruba no mag di publica e fotonan ey mas, pasobra mester corda cu e ladron ey “tambe tin un mama”.

Acaso e ladron a corda cu e “tin un mama” ora cu e ta kibrando den cas y negoshinan rond di Aruba?

Online Pap translation:

vandalistanan at club portuguese owing to drink refresco bay goal!

wednesday, 16 january 2008

oranjestad(aan): monday morning in the district of primavera owing to sosode one caso of vandalismo at the club portuguesa where cu hour cu they owing to bay for haci the lugar clean, owing to ripara cu not was have candal at the heki fast.
esey owing to place cu of trip they owing to calling police for so investiga the caso here.

esnan cu is maneha the club, owing to ripara cu the thief they not can owing to enter of inside y owing to try part behind where cu at the break window y forza the heki for they enter.

after is look like cu they owing to try at one another door behind where cu they owing to break the luz for so none person see they y break the door behind cu if they can owing to enter.

of eyden, they owing to bay cu one televisor, radio, y kizas more articulo. in one office, they owing to open the key-box, for happen hand for more key, y open other oficinanan.

they owing to forza the candal of one cooler, y owing to drink refresco bay goal.

the type of hendenan anti-social here is place cu aruba is bibando in temor now at 2008. ohala cu police can achieve vingerprint for so place hand on the ladronnan here.

then as wait for cu hour the potret of the ladronnan leave in daily paper, cu none person is core calling y reclama of con is publica photograph of ladronnan, y come cu one storia tristo cu periodistanan of aruba not mag of publica the fotonan ey more, because have to corda cu the thief ey “tambe have one mama”.

acaso the thief owing to corda cu the “tin one mama” hour cu the is kibrando in cas y negoshinan rond of aruba?

* * *


Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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« Reply #639 on: January 17, 2008, 11:24:17 PM »   01/16/2008

Police Union: ‘Nightclubs closed at 01:00’ 

In order to avoid irregularities, like after the last Torchlight Parade, the nightclubs must close earlier, is the opinion of police union SPA.

ORANJESTAD – Police union SPA has sent a letter to Prime Minister Nelson Oduber objecting to the late closing hours of horeca-businesses.  SPA asks the premier to have the clubs in the center of town close at 01:00 during carnival activities.   

The letter was also sent to Justice-minister Rudy Croes, to all the parliamentary party-leaders, and to chief of police Peter de Witte, who already indicated in the Amigoe last week that he wants to discuss the closing hours with Oduber.  “The current situation can lead to problems during carnival”, said De Witte referring to the free-for-alls in the center of town after the Torchlight Parade. 

SPA has also mentioned the closing hours in the note to the corps leaders and Parliament members as a result of the shooting incident that killed a 19-year old boy and seriously injured a police officer.  The union says that some horeca-owners are pertinently neglecting the closing hours.  In order to guarantee the safety of citizens and police officers, the union wants the horeca-places to close at 01:00 during week nights and at 02:00 in the weekends. 

Due to understaffing in all the districts, SPA also wants the horeca-places to close at 01:00 in the weekends during the Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade on January 26 and the Kimamento di Momo on February 5.  SPA has learned that nightclub Bahia in the West Street is going to have a party before and after the Lighting Parade.  “To us, this is asking for trouble”, says SPA.   

In her letter, SPA also refers to the irregularities during the turn of the year, when Oduber has given the horeca-sector permission to stay open till 06:00.  The police station in Oranjestad had to turn out at numerous occasions for stabbings, robberies, collisions, and reporting.

SPA also quotes the Torchlight Parade as an example, even thought the parade itself went very smooth.  The union is outraged though about the incidents after the parade.  The union blames this on the fact that many people stayed in town because the horeca-places stayed open till 04:00.  A total of 10 to 20 surveillants were present in the area where nightclub Bahia and Royal Plaza are and because of this, other districts were without police surveillance.     


Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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