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Author Topic: SATISH 06/10/2005 2nd STATEMENT ON THAT DATE  (Read 6323 times)
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« on: August 10, 2006, 01:07:02 PM »

Brought over from BFN:


We, Juan Enrique BOEZEM and Shaniro Baldrik KELLY, respectively head officer and sergeant with the Korps Politie Aruba, both attached to the detective squad District 2, declare/state the following.

On June 10th 2005 at approximately 15.55 hours we, BOEZEM and KELLY, interviewed the suspect Satish .S. KALPOE, for further information.

Before starting with the interview, the suspect Satish S. KALPOE was informed of his rights.

His interview went as follows;

"I have been informed of my rights"

What are all the things you did on Sunday May 29th 2005?

I came home Sunday May 29th at approximately 03.00. I had been out with my brother Deepak and Joran. I had woken up between 11.00 hours and 12.00 hours that morning.

Where had the three of you gone on the night from Saturday night to Sunday night on May 28th 2005?

We had gone to Carlos & Charlies.

Was it just the three of you who had gone to Carlos & Charlies on Saturday May 28th 2005?

Yes, it was just the three of us that went to Carlos & Charlies.

Did you see Natalee who now is missing in Carlos & Charlies on that Saturday night May 28th 2005 going into Sunday morning May 29th 2005?

No, on that day I did not see Natalee. Natalee was an unknown person to me that night. I had not seen Natalee at all in Carlos & Charlies in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Had you been drinking a lot on the night from Saturday to Sunday?

No, we had not had a lot to drink. I do not exactly remember how much we drank. It has been approximately two weeks ago.

How late did you leave the premises of Carlos & Charlies that day?

That day we had left Carlos & Charlies at approximately 02.30 hours.

When you left Carlos & Charlies, were there just the three of you?

Yes, we left Carlos & Charlies with just the three of us.

After you left Carlos & Charlies, were did the three of you go?

After we left Carlos & Charlies, we first dropped off Joran at his place and then we went home. According to me my brother Deepak was driving the car. We arrived at home at approximately 03.00 hours.

On that Sunday May 29th 2005, did you go out during the day?

I only left the house at approximately 13.30 hours to drop off my brother at work at the Sea Port Market Place.

How late did you go and pick your brother up from work?

At approximately 21.45 I had gone to town to pick up my brother where he worked.

Did you keep/stay with your brothers car on that Sunday May 29th 2005?

Yes, I kept/stayed with my brothers car.

Why did you keep/stay with your brothers car?

It is normal that I drop my brother off at work and then keep/stay with his car. There was no specific reason why I kept/stayed with his car.

What kind of a car does Deepak have?

My brother has a Honda Civic, colour grey, built in 1999 I think and I don't know the license plate number.

When did Deepak buy the car?

According to me Deepak bought the car two years ago. I don't know when exactly.

From who did Deepak buy this car?

Deepak bought the car from a boy named David. I don't know further details about David. David lives on Aruba.

Who's idea/plan was it to go to Carlos & Charlies?

When we were sitting in the car, driving towards our home, my brother Deepak asked me if we could go to Carlos & Charlies with Joran. I agreed then to go to Carlos & Charlies.

Did you have to go to school the next day?

Yes, I had to go to school the next day.

At what time did your school start?

My school would start at 10.30 on Monday May 30th 2005.

Did you go to school on Monday May 30th 2005?

No, I did not go to school on Monday May 30th 2005.

Why did you not go to school?

I was woken up late that day by my mother. I had told my mother to wake me up in order to go to school but she had gone to bed too late and had woken up late herself.

How late did you wake up on Monday May 30th 2005?

I woke up at 11.00 hours on Monday May 30th 2005.

Was Deepak home when you woke up?

Yes, Deepak was home when I woke up.

Did Deepak go out during the day on Monday May 30th 2005?

No, Deepak did not go out that day.

Did Deepak have to work on Monday May 30th 2005?

Yes, Deepak had started working at 16.00 hours and had to work till 23.00 hours. I had brought Deepak to work myself. I also picked him up at 23.00 hours.

Did you call Joran on Monday May 30th 2005?

No, I did not contact Joran.

Was your brother contacted by Joran?

I do not know if Joran contacted my brother.

Did Deepak go out with Joran on Monday May 30th 2005?

Yes, when we got home in the nightly hours of Monday May 30th 2005, Deepak told me that he would be going to the casino with Joran. Deepak left alone to pick up Joran to go to the casino.

What did you do then?

I went to sleep because I had to go to school the next day.

How late did you wake up on Tuesday?

I had awoken at approximately 06.30 hours on Tuesday.

Was Deepak home at that time?

Deepak had just come home. I had asked Deepak where he had been. Deepak then told me he came from the police station. Deepak told me that he had to go to the police station because of the girl that had been with us on Sunday May 29th 2005.

What did you say to Deepak when he had informed/told you that the girl from Sunday went missing?

I had told my brother that this was impossible because we had dropped her off at the hotel. Deepak said that he too did not know how the girl went/was missing.

Did Deepak work on Tuesday?

No, Deepak was off on Tuesday.

How late did you arrive in Carlos & Charlies on Sunday May 29th 2005?

We had arrived at approximately 23.30 in Carlos & Charlies on that Sunday.

How did you meet/get to know the girl in Carlos & Charlies?

I have nothing more to state about that day.

Did Joran introduce the girl to you?

I don't know.

What did you (remark by the translator, you is mean plural here) when you were there?

I have no statement to make.

Till what time did you stay in Carlos & Charlies?

I have no statement to make.

Did the girl drink in Carlos & Charlies?

I have no statement to make.

What route did you take to the "Light House"? The Sasaki road or the road passing in front of Eagle Beach?

I have no statement to make.

How fast was your brother driving when he was driving towards the "Light House"?

I have no statement to make.

Are you 100% sure, that you dropped off the girl at the Holiday Inn?

I have no statement to make.

Why did you not help to try and find the girl after you had heard that she had gone missing?

I have nothing more to state.

At what time did you come home the night in question?

I have no statement to make.

When you had arrived home, what did you (remark by translator, plural) do?

I have no statement to make.

After the suspect S.S. KALPOE had read through his statement, he stated that he would not sign the statement. The reason for that is that his lawyer first has to read the statement.

Of this we, BOEZEM and KELLY, on our oath of officers, have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 10th 2005.

The reporting officers



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