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Author Topic: JAIME CARRASQUILIA 06/17/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 11704 times)
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« on: August 11, 2006, 12:29:15 AM »


We, Luigi Angelo Giovanni CROES and Dennis Dominico JACOBS, respectively officer first class and head officer, with the Korps Politie Aruba, first mentioned officer is attacked to the Section Often Occurring Crimes district II and the latter with the Robbery Project team (Atraco team), declare the following.

On June 17th 2005, approximately 13.50 hours, we the reporting officers, interviewed as a witness the man named:

Jaime Alberto CARRASQUILIA CACERES, born in Columbia on April 25 1985, E.P.I.(Sector Economico) and living xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Aruba.

His statement goes as follows.

"My friends and acquaintances call me "Beto". I have known Joran since August 2004. Through the man named "Freddy Zedan" I met with Joran. One day I went to Joran's house with Freddy and since then we kept in contact. Usually Joran, Freddy, Koen, Sander and me go out together. Joran's nickname is "Jojo", Freddy's nickname is "Fefi", Koen's nickname is "Cul" and Sander's nickname is "Nepi". The places we usually go out to are "Carlos & Charlies", "Bahia", Tandra", "Cinema" and the beach near the big hotels. A place we regularly visit is "Carlos & Charlies".

To your question whether I drive a car, my answer to you is affirmative. I drive a green Honda Civic, made in 1997 or 1998. I cannot remember the plate-number right now but it is registered to my big brother named "Miguel Angel CARRASQUILIA CACERES".

To your question as to what kind of person Joran is, I can state the following. He is a good friend. I have never had a problem with him. I do not know him to be an aggressive person. I have seen Joran drunk before. When Joran is drunk, he is a truly happy person at least on the occasions where I witnessed him being drunk.

On May 29th 2005, between the hours of 16.00 and 19.00, I was called by Joran on my mobile phone with the phone number "xxxxxxx". Sometimes Joran calls me on the mobile phone of my sister, her name is "Maria del Pilar CARRASQUIXIA CACERES". Her calling name is "Pilar". The mobile phone number of Pilar is "xxxxxxx". The mobile phone number of Joran is "xxxxxxx". Joran had asked me whether I wanted to go out with him that night. He told me that a few American girls would go to "Carlos & Charlies" and whether I wanted to meet up with him there. According to me I had said to Joran that I would let him know later that day whether or not I would go out with him that night. I had also said to Joran that I had to work the next day. According to me I was phoned later that day by Joran again but I hadn't answered my mobile phone. Because it is the vacation now I temporarily work in "Caribbean Overseas". I work in the big Poolkasten. On May 29th 2005 I stayed home and slept. I went to bed at approximately 22.00 hours.

On May 30th 2005, in the nightly hours, I had not talked to Joran. It is possible that Joran phoned me, but I didn't answer my mobile phone because I was sleeping. I am sure that Joran did not send me any messages with his mobile phone in the night of May 30th 2005.

On May 30th 2005, approximately 06.00 hours, I woke up. I went for a run. I ran to Wendy's Palm Beach and at approximately 07.00 hours, I returned home. I do not know how many kilometers that is. After I got home I went and showered and at approximately 07.45 hours, i went to work. Between the hours of 08.00 and 17.00, I was not phoned by Joran. After I finished work I went straight home and at approximately 17.30 I arrived home. After that I didn't go out that day. According to me I wasn't phoned that day by Joran. Joran had on that day also sent messages. It is possible he gave me an "missed-call" message on my phone but I am not sure about that. I at least did not call Joran because I had no money/minutes left on my pre-paid phone so I couldn't call him. At approximately 23.00, I had to pick up my father where he works. My dad works at the Wyndham Hotel. After I picked up my father from work we drove home. At approximately 23.20, we arrived home and I immediately went to sleep/bed.

On May 31th 2005, approximately 05.45 hours, I woke up and approximately 06.00 hours, I went and ran the same route.

On June 1st 2005, approximately 05.45 hours, I woke up. I did not go for a run that day. I stayed and watch sport news on TV. Approximately 07.45 hours, I left for work again and at approximately 17.30 hours that day, I returned home. According to me I stayed home again that day.

I do not remember with certainty what day it was or what time it was, when Joran called me on my mobile phone. Joran asked me whether I could remember that one day he had asked me to go out together with a few American girls. Joran told me that the girl that had gone out with him had gone missing now and that Deepak, Satish and he dropped off the girl at the "Holiday Inn Hotel". Joran said that he would talk to me about it later. I answered Joran that that was fine. (With Joran, Deepak and Satish is meant the suspects "Joran Andreas Petrus van der SLOOT", "Deepak Sharma KALPOE" and "Satish Shanaa KALPOE; comment Croes).

After that if I am not mistaken it was the beginning of June 2005, it was a Friday- or Saturday night that I bought a pizza at Domino's and then went to Joran's place. (with this the 3rd or 4th of June is meant; comment Croes). On that day I arrived at approximately 21.00 hours at Joran's place. I saw that "Koen", "Sander" and Joran were in the apartment of Joran and that they were playing poker. Koen and Sander are brothers but I do not know their last name. I had told Joran that I would be bringing them a pizza and a coca-cola. I also asked Joran if they had found the missing girl. Joran answered me that the missing girl had not been found yet. Then Joran told me that Deepak, Satish and he drove in the four door grey car, make Honda Civic that was owned by Deepak to "Carlos & Charlies" and that the three of them had then driven around with the missing girl. According to Joran the girl was strange. Joran told me that the girl was strange because she told him that her mother was "Hitler's sister". Joran told me that the girl wanted to see the sharks in the sea of Aruba and that they had dropped off the missing girl at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

When Joran was telling me this is father entered the apartment and after that the subject was not spoken about anymore. At approximately 23.00 hours, I left Joran's to pick up my dad from where he worked.

After that I was again called by Joran on my mobile phone. I cannot remember the date or the time when he called me. Joran had told me to come and spend the night together with "Freddy" at his place. According to me it was on a Friday or a Saturday. I had told Joran that I would come over to his place to spend the night. But I did not go to his place. On that day I went out to dinner with my girlfriend named "Karina ROMERO". The next day in the early hours of the morning, I had sent Joran a message that I hadn't been able to spend the night at his place because I had been busy. After that I got a message from Joran saying that it was OK/cool.

To your question whether Joran wanted me to keep something for him, I can state the following. Joran had not given me anything that I should keep for him.

To your question whether if had helped Joran with regard to the case surrounding the missing girl "Natalee Ann Holloway", I answer you the following. What I just told you is what Joran told me. I know nothing else about the missing girl.

To your question as to who "Andre" is, I answer you that he is a friend of Joran's. He lives in Palm beach. I do not know what car he drives. According to me he goes to the "Mon Plaisier College". I don't have Andre's mobile telephone number and I do not know his last name either. I can point out to you the house where Andre lives. I further have to remark that Joran goes to casino with Andre. Andre has a younger/smaller brother called "Arthur".

To your question as to who "Guido" is, I answer you that he too is a friend of Joran's. He regularly plays tennis with Joran at the "Raquet Club". Joran told me that Guido is a croupier at the casino but he did not mention to me which casino. I do not know the mobile telephone number of Guido. I have to remark that Guido speaks funny and that according to me he is "gay".

To you question as to who "pimp" is, I answer you that it is us, meaning the friends of Joran call each other that. It is a habit to call each other pimp.

To your question whether I know a Spanish speaking girl named "Stephanie", I answer you affermative. She is a Columbian girl and according to me she is the girlfriend of Joran. According to me Stephanie lives in the hamlet of Moko but I do not know the number of her house.

To your question whether I know the man named "Max Arends", I answer you the following. He is a friend of Joran and he is also at the "International School". According to me his name is "Maximillian Arends".

This is my truthful given statement. If you have further questions, I am willing to answer them.


After witness J.A. CARRASQUILLA CACERES, had read his statement he stated that he would persist in it and then he signed it.

Of this we, CROES and JACOBS, on our out as officers have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed on June 17th 2005.

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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2006, 04:52:41 AM »

So ALE already knew about LOCOSTEPH at this point.

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« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2006, 11:19:42 AM »

Quote from: "Tylergal"
So ALE already knew about LOCOSTEPH at this point.

It's a different Stephany.  I've got this one's tickle site and it's not LocoStef.

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