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Author Topic: DEEPAK 6/30/2005 STATEMENT FROM BFN  (Read 5289 times)
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« on: August 11, 2006, 01:24:43 AM »

From BFN:


We, Clyde Anthony BURKE and Marton Rolando GUMBS, respectively sergeant first class and head police-officer with the Korps Politie Aruba, first mentioned is part of detective unit district 2 and the latter with the Detective Cooperation Team, declare the .

On thursday, June 30th, we the reporting officers interviewed suspect D.S.KALPOE for further information also the suspect was taken from the police-station to identify a location.

Before the interview started, we took the suspect to identify a location and he was informed that he was not obliged to answer the questions..

The statement he made in dutch and we, the reporting officers, transcribed this statement and it went as follows;

"Although I am aware I am not obliged to answer your questions, I am willing to make a statement.

"I have just went with you to identify a location.*

On your question whether or not I have shown you the exact location where I dropped off Joran and Natalee together on the night of the 30th may, I can say the following. Where I just indicated to you is the exact location where Bc** dropped both off, (remark reporting officers, suspect D.S. KALPOE indicated to us as the location where he dropped of Joran and Natalee, the nameless road that runs in front of the most northern part of the "Marriot Hotel" at about the most northerly room.

* a typo in the original dutch text here, this is what almos certainly what was said

** don't know what the BC means but most likely it should read "where I dropped off"

The suspect showed us, reporting officers also where he left his car near the beach at Arashi to take a pee. The suspect showed us, the reporting officers as the place where he got out and went to urinate, the most southernly part of the asphalted parking place near the edge of the erected stone wall.

On your question if at the time that I got out of the car near Arashi to urinate everyone in the car was awake, I can say the following. Yes, everyone was awake. .

On your question how it is possible that no-one has declared this happened or cannot remember this happened, I can say the following. My answer is that I really did go to urinate, it really happened. The police has to ask my brother about this. I am sure that the police did not ask my brother this.

On your question whether or not I am persisting that the location where I just indicated at about/near the "Marriot Hotel" is the place where I dropped of Joran and Natalee, I can say the following. I am not sure about the route we drove to get there because it was dark. I think it is the way it happened. That it is the place where I dropped them off.

On you question if anyone observed us arriving there, I can say the following. I did not see anyone there.

On your question if I saw other cars there, I can say the following. I do not remember whether or not I saw any other cars there..

On your question regarding what time I dropped off Joran and Natalee there, I can say the following. I am not answering this question because I have previously made a statement about that.

On your question as to why I am unwilling to make a statement about this, I can say the following. I told you yesterday that I am being repeatedly asked the same questions and I am sick and tired of that.

On your question as to why I am unwilling to make a statement on this question if I am claiming to tell the truth and I need not fear making the same statement twice, I can say the following. If you give a second statement it can never be precisely the same as the previous one and the district attorney can use this as proof of me not telling the truth so that I can be held in jail even longer. It is my right to not say anything and I cannot be forced to make a statement.


After the suspect D.S. KALPOE had read through his statement, he declared that he wasn't going to sign his statement. He indicated that he wasn't going to because he wanted to read through the statement together with his lawyer. His request to read it with his lawyer was denied.

Of this we, the reporting officers, on our oath as officers, made this proces-verbaal on June 30th 2005.

The reporting officers.



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