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Author Topic: ARUBAN WHO'S WHO  (Read 87148 times)
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Updated 9-6-2007

Note – See also WHO’S WHO – Victim, Suspects, &Family, and AMERICAN WHO’S WHO


BERNADINA, Ronny  - High Commissioner of Police, recently resigned from office.

BURKE, Clyde  - Police Officer who took statements of the main suspects.

COMMENCIA,Edwin  -  police official and sometime spokesman for ALE

DOMPIG, Gerold  - Deputy Police Commissioner.  Head of investigation after Jan van der Straaten.  Dompig is Boeti Naar’s Brother-in-law though Dompig’s current wife. Dompig is allegedly BIL to “Pibull” through Dompig’s first wife. Dompig is also allegedly the Uncle of Deepak & Satish Kalpoe by marriage.
"…That something bad happened to Natalee.” Dompig – 6-10-05, FOX news.
“We still feel that every time you go on a path, a different path, that path leads back, comes back to these three boys.” DOMPIG to MSNBC TV, October 12, 2005)

HALLE, Officer– allegedly crooked police officer who reportedly retrieved a body
from the sand dunes on 6-2-05.  Dave Holloway saw the officer slam shut the trunk  of the police car and speed off as he approached.

JACOBS, Dennis  - The narcotics  investigator for ALE who became the lead investigator in the Natalee Holloway case.  It was he who would not speak with Beth & Jug until he had eaten his corn flakes and shaved and made inappropriate comments about Natalee in a foreign language.
 “No, this happens all the time. Just go on down to Carlos N‘ Charlie’s and have a beer. She’ll show up sometime. She probably got drunk or fell in love and ran off with someone for a few days.”
Quote from Dave Holloway – “Dennis Jacobs responded with the following inappropriate question. How much money do you have?”

Jorg,Nico Attorney General

RICHARDSON, Dolph  – current lead investigator after Dompig removed from case.

SOEMERS, Eric  -  took over as the Aruba Police Commissioner when van der Stratten went on a pre-retirement “vacation.”

STRAATEN, Jan van der   -  Former Chief of Polis, head of investigation into the disappearence of Natalee Holloway.  Reportedly a very good friend of Paulus Van der Sloot who Paulus claims he was in contact with everyday prior to the arrest of J2K..
On 6-11 Aruban police commissioner van der Straaten was asked by a Dutch journalist if he had any hopes for a positive outcome? Van der Straaten replied, “You always have to be hopeful, but I don’t believe anymore that we will find Natalee alive.” When asked why not, van der Straaten replied, “Because I know the details of the investigation and you don't!”

TROMP, Lieutenant Roy  - Dutch Aruban police Investigator; he was the initial Aruba police Lead Investigator on the disappearance case.
 “We thought we could solve this in a couple of days, but it turned out to be very difficult. In my 30 years as a police officer, I've never had a case like this." TROMP told the “AP,” on 8-3-05.

WITTE, Peter de  - new Chief of Police in Aruba.   Peter de Witte, acting director of the Coastguard of the Neth.Antilles and Aruba will become the new chief of police. Effective January 1st, 2007 he will formally succeed chief of police Ronny Bernadina, but he will start working on November 1st. After the three years, he will be replaced by a new local chief of police. He will be assisted by three local experts, including a district attorney, an expert in the field of personnel, and a person from the police corps.

ZAANDAM, Eric  – current President of Police Union.

ZAANDAM, Stanley  - Ex-Commissioner Stanley Zaandam, "the body of Natalee Holloway may have already been found and CVP (Police Commissioner) looked the other way to do a favor for Paul Van der sloot. To exculpate the son of Paul, the CVP and fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom another 10 days."(Bon Dia, 9/19/2005)


BLACK TEAM, the  -  Reportedly, patrols the area of the beach near the Fisherman’s huts.

VAN CROMVOIRT, WILHELMUS BERNARDUS HENRIQUEZ PETRUS PAULUS – owner & operator of VCB Security.  Father of Geoffrey van Cromvoirt. There is some question as to whether the Cromvoirt’s moved to the Netherlands.  Resided at 14D, Paradera, Aruba.

VCB Security  – Video Camera Beveiligingssystemen.  Security firm owned by Wilhemus van Cromvoirt, Geoffrey’s father.  The Visibility Team, supplied by VCB, is part of Aruban police that patrols the beaches by ATV’s, SUV’s and boats.  This company provides security guards and video security for the beaches, hotels, casinos and other businesses on Aruba as well.

VISIBILITY TEAM, the – Private security team of VCB, police trained, that function as police adjunct to patrol the beaches, Oranjestadt & San Nicholas.


AHATA  – Aruban Hotel and Tourism Association, whose members included Jorge Pesquera. Jeff Lesker, Alfonso Riveroll, Bill Carlson & others.

ATA  – Aruba Tourism Authority, some members include Nathalie Maduro & Rayon Koolman.

AVP - Aruban People's Party (Arubaanse Volkspartij)

BOEKHOULDT, Alfonso – Director of Aruba Ports Authority

BRIESEN, Edison - Minister of Transportation & Tourism –

CROES, Rudy  - Minister of Justice, Aruba.

EENENNAAM, Boudewijn van - Dutch Ambassador

EMAN, Mike  – former Prime Minister of Aruba, AVP Party

HAGUE, The –  is the third-largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and the seat of the government.

MEP  – People's Electoral Movement (Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo). Oduber’s political party currently in power in Aruba

NFI – The Netherlands Forensic Institute is part of the Ministry of Justice and carries out technical and scientific research for the purpose of crime solving.  The NFI only performs research ordered by the
Dutch Public Prosecutor and the Dutch Police. The NFI does not perform research for private persons.  Also known as DFI or Dutch Forensics Institute.  

ODUBER, Nelson O.  – Prime Minister of Aruba since 10-30-01, who was visting in Ft Lauderdale when Natalee went missing.  Returned to Aruba June 9th? - MEP Party

ODUBER, Otmar – AVP Parliament member

QUEEN Beatrix – Queen of the Netherlands since 1980

RIJKS Laboratorium in Holland – bones found were tested here

RUFUNJOL, Fredis  – Governor of Aruba since 5-11-04

VROLIJK, Augustine  - Department of Foreign Affairs responded to 11-1-05 family on 11-4-05 stating that Ariba was not responsible for the investigation.  Here is a partial transcript of the letter “The chief prosecutor leading the investigation and the General Prosecutor are appointed by the Kingdom Government in the Hague. Because of separation of powers, the government of Aruba has no authority to intervene in the investigation.”

WEVER, Booshi - (MEP) Minister of Public health, Environment, and Immigration Affairs


BIEZEN, Vivian van der  -  Spokesperson for the office of the Attorney General

CROES, Mariaine  -  Spokesperson for the office of the Attorney General.  Daughter of Theresa Croes Fernandez Pedra.

FLANEGEN, Amalin  - ADA  who resigned from case reportedly b/c of questioning of Koen Gottenbos

JANNSEN, Karin  - Lead prosecutor in the Natalee Holloway disappearance.

“You know, you keep acting like this, Mr. Twitty, we're going to quit.’ ~ 8-28-05
“We can’t book people when we want… (like) a bunch of cowboys.”  6-3-05

LUGO, Elivia – New public prosecutor in Aruba, who led the most recent searches at the vdSloot’s property in April 2007.

PEDRA, Theresa Croes-Fernandez  - District Attorney


BRINK, Dick van den  - Curacao criminal judge, Judge of Instruction, 6-12-05 who extended custody of J2K.  Released Johns & Jones(?)

KUIPERDAL, Judge J.S.  – JOI with Jones & Johns, extended custody

LANNOY, Luis de  - President of the Common Court of Appeals of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

SMID, Rick  – Reportedly a friend of PVDS who stayed at VDS home.  Judge who released J2K in September 2005.  Dutch judge in Curacao.  As a public prosecutor in the NL, participated in the Carribean Financial Task Force as expert on money laundering.

WITT, Bob  – Dutch Judge ruled on 6-17-05 that Paulus van der  Sloot cannot visit Prime Suspect J. Sloot in jail, but that Joran’s Mother may do so (and she did on 6-18). Extended J2K  custody on 6-17-05, and OK’d the transfer to KIA.


ARNOLD, Rosemarie  – American attorney who assisted Joe Tacopina in the defense of the vd Sloots in the NY civil suit.

CARLOS, Antonio  - Attorney at law for JVDS

DEBIE, Arjan – attorney for Joran vd Sloot

EMERENCIA, Diana - Freddy's Aruban Attorney

KOCK, David - Attorney for Satish Kalpoe and Gerold Dompig.

KOCH, Richie  - Attorney at law for JVDS

LEJUEZ, Chris  – Attorney for Abraham Jones

LOTTER-HOMEN, Aleni  - the Aruban court-appointed attorney for Steve Croes and then Geoffrey van Cromvoirt.

OFFRINGA, Ruud  – Attorney for Deepak

OOMEN, Rudy – One of Deepak Kalpoe’s attorneys

PIETERSZ, Noraina  – Attorney for Mickey John

SPRONG, Gerard  – Dutch attorney for Guido Wever

SWAEN, Arie J.  -  Defense attorney to Paulus Van Der Sloot

TACOPINA, Joe  - American attorney at law for JVDS, PVDS in American civil law suit.

ZEPPENFELDT, Elgin -  An attorney representing Deepak & Satish Kalpoe and accuser of Beth Holloway as having made false statements as to DK’s criminality.  Also accused the prosecution of withholding documents.

DEEPAK & Attorney ?

SATISH & Attorney ?


DeSOUZA, Vinda - Aruban attorney hired by H/T family and sometime spokesperson for the same.

LEJUEZ, Helen - Aruban attorney hired by Holloway/Twitty family and occasional spokesperson for the same.

MOHAMMED, Peter – helped translate Dutch statements to English


ANGELA  – A Dutch attorney brought from Curacao to review case, by Rudy Croes

ARENDS, Dilma - spokeswoman for Aruba

CACCAVALE, Carla -  Aruban spokesperson for the Holloway Twitty families.  Later married Beth’s brother.

COHEN, Stephen J.    -  American residing in Aruba. Strategic Message Design Group (SMDG) Consulting Team chairman, adviser to the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) and the Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force. Appeared on the Dr Phil Show in January 2006 as Aruba’s spokesperson claiming that 2 of the boys reported having sex with Natalee, and that J2K were guilty, after which he was severely reprimanded by Tourism Minister Briesen.  Has sister company to SMDG called Cohen DiLella Broadcast Group. Cohen now resides in California.

COSTER, Rona – gossip columnist who writes for Bati Bleki at

CRUZ, David - a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice, told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body. However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a "misinformation campaign."

DI LELLA, Robert – Owner of the Stategic Message Design Group out of California, USA, on scene as early as June 11, 2005 as PR advisor to the PM Nelson Oduber and the ATA, AHATA & Strategic Task Force to rebuttal any negative aspersions cast upon Aruba by the Natalee Holloway disappearance.  Sister company is Cohen (Steve Cohen) DiLella Broadcast Group. DiLella was strategic in getting the MEP party and Oduber into power in the 1980’s.

ELLIS-SCHIPPER, Arlene - Spokesperson for Aruban Justice system and TV consultant.  Reportedly a cousin to suspect Guido Wever.

GOMEZ, Sergio  – Reporter for Diario in Columbia.  Reportedly went missing the day the partially decapitated body was found in the cemetery.  

JANSEN-FELICIANO, Myrna - Tourism Authority managing director said "The whole beach area is a place where couples go," said "It could be anybody's" panties and condoms.

KELLY, Gabriel - an Aruban Fire Department Spokesperson

LACLE, Tito  - Reporter for Aruba Today newspaper and frequent guest on GVS, Abrams Report, etc.

MANSUR, Jossy  – Editor of Diario – champion for Natalee Holloway

MARLON – a “dangerous thief” reportedly seen by the security guard, RENESKA, in the vicinity of the HI on the night Natalee disappeared.  Reneska has never seen Marlon in the vicinity of the HI beach since that night.

MEDINA, Carlos – one of the bartenders that night at CnC’s

MUNZENHOFER, Angela  -   reporter and friend of Julia Renfro.  Family owns the Buccaneer Restaurant

NORTHROP, Taylor  – worked with Strategic Communications Task Force and informed Dave of Oduber’s attempt to have vd Straaten removed from case

PAULY, John – American media advisor to the Aruban Strategic Task Force.  Also PR man from Philly, involved with the Adult Freedom Foundation.

PESQUEARA, Jorge – CEO & President of AHATA –

RENFRO, Julia  – The editor-in-chief of the English-language Aruba Today News Magazine and photographer for Dutch based Bon Dia.  Reportedly she posed as a concerned fellow American to the Holloway /Twitty families.  Some think she was just trying to get close to the investigation.  It has been said that Julia designed the “Call Me Hootie” poster in an effort to start up the spin that Natalee ran away.  
"We never thought this would become a case against Aruba," - St. Petersburg Times

SIJTHOFFS  – Dutch publisher who published Joran’s book

STROOTMAN,  Henk   - Dutch journalist who wrote on his blog that when the Dutch Police searched the vdS & Kalpoe house in 2007, that they bugged them in hopes of Joran coming home for vacation.

TIEL, Hubert – reporter who allegedly followed a car with girl who looked like Natalee

TRAPPENBERG, Reuben  -  Surly mannered self-proclaimed 'government spokesman'. Once frequently seen on talk shows but has disappeared into the background.  Now works at Magic 96.5 in Aruba.
"…used to be held in high regard. Today we don't even consider them respectable media."

VUKOJEVIC, Zvezdana  – Dutch journalist  who wrote Joran’s book

The PIMPS  –


ARAMBATZIS, Freddy Alexander Zedan – age 21, AKA Freddy Arambatzis-Zedan.  Best friend of and neighbor of JVDS and reported guest at the VDS house the night of Natalee's disappearance.  Arrested 8-26-06 under suspicion of intentionally distributing and showing  sexual images of a minor,  intercourse with someone he knows is unconscious, and sexual acts with a girl younger than 16 years.  (a.k.a. Locoman Pimp,” a.k.a. “badboy_956,” a.k.a. “Freddy Zedan” nickname “Fefi”).  Listed as a character witness for Joran in NY civil trial filing by Tacopina. Freddy has worked at Champions Bar at the Marriott Hotel.  According to several declarations, Joran told Freddy the truth of the evening and the story told to police on 5-31-05.  Joran met Freddy when Freddy was 19 during a tournament at the Racquetball Club, according to Joran’s book.
Interviewed by ALE on  8 occasions, 6-12-05, 6-13-05, 6-16-05, 6-17-05,  6-28-05, 7-1-05, 7-20-05 and 2-10-06.

ARENDS, Max   – questioned & released on 6-17-05, friend of JvdS.  AKA Maximillian, Maxito.  Went to International School, now at Valencia Community College in Florida.

CACERES,  JAIME, Alberto Carrasquilia (DOB 4-25-85) - born in Columbia, E.P.I.(Sector Economico)  reportedly one of the PIMPS. Drives a 4 door green Honda Civic, 1997 or 1998. Nickname “Beto”   The places he frequents are "Carlos & Charlies", "Bahia", Tandra", "Cinema" and the beach near the big hotels. Met Joran through Freddy in 2004.  Worked at Caribbean Overseas (June 2005).  Lives in the hamlet of Alto Vista, Aruba.  Interviewed by ALE on two occasions, 6-17-05 and 8-30-05.Joran met Jaime through Freddy according to Joran’s book.
STATEMENT to Police 6-17-05:

CROES, Seferino “Steve”  Gregory – age 26, DJ on party boat the Tatoo, who gave false testimony regarding the Holiday Inn Drop Off alibi.  Arrested 6-17-05, released 6-27-06.  For more information  & links to his statements see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families.

CROMVOIRT, Geoffry van - 19 years old, resident of Aruba, who was detained by ALE on 4-15-2006 in an unannounced connection to the Natalee Holloway case. He is the son of the owner of an island security company that supplies equipment and personnel to beach patrol and hotels.  For more information see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families.

DOMPIG, Michael   – Gerald Dompig’s son, friend to GVC. Listed as a character witness for Joran.

DUBERO, Darwin   (DOB 9-6-85) – reportedly a member of the Pimps

GOTTENBOS, Koen  (DOB 4-12-1988) – Joran’s Dutch friend, who is reportedly a cousin, nickname “Cul”.  Father owns a boat.  Reportedly was so scared after Natalee's disappearance, that he slept in his Mother's bed.  Has known Joran since they were babies.  In recent photos he is seen to have had a substantial weight gain. The Gottenbos are said to be residing in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Interviewed by ALE on 4 occasions, 6-16-05, 6-18-05, 6-20-05 & 8-30-05.

GOTTENBOS, Sander   (DOB 1-17-90) – Koen’s younger brother, nickname “Nepi.”  Has known Joran since he was a baby.  Knew Satish for 2 years prior and Deepak for 1 year prior to Natalee's disappearance.  Invited Joran to go out in his father's boat that Sunday, 5-29-05.  Reports his cell phone was stolen on 5-30-05. Interviewed by ALE on 2 occasions, 6-16-05 & 6-17-05.
STATEMENT to Police 6-16-05:
STATEMENT to Police 6-17-05:

JOHN, Antonius Mickey (DOB 9-25-74 Grenada) - age 30, Security guard arrested 6-5-05  with Abraham Jones. For more information & links to his statements see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families

STATEMENT to police 6-5-05:

JONES, Abraham Alfred (DOB 8-7-76 Aruba) - 28 year old security guard arrested 6-5- 05  with Mickey John. For more information & links to his statements see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families
STATEMENT to police 6-5-05:

KALPOE, Deepak Sharma (DOB 10-6-83) born in Paramaribo, Suriname – arrested 6-9-05 along with his brother Satish & Joran. He supposedly met Joran through Koen & Sander, according to Joran’s book. Deepak owned a silver grey Honda Civic, with big rims, a body kit, oversized muffler and 2 video screens. For more information & links to his statements see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families


KALPOE, Satish Shanaa (DOB 7-30-86) born in Suriname - arrested 6-9-05 along with his brother Deepak & Joran.  For more information & links to his statements see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families

RIJN or GIJN, Lorenzo van   – alleged to be PvdS’s illegitimate son.  Father said to have owned a car dealership before he committed suicide.  Lorenzo is reportedly a reclusive drug dealer, but it is also rumored that he derives his money from his Mother, Astrid.  Lorenzo is allegedly the main source of ecstacy on the island and is nicknamed Xtacy. He resides in Saveneta in a heavily guarded compound complete with concertina wire.  Interviewed by ALE on  6-28-05.

SANTOS, Andre Montival AOKI  Dos(DOB – 10-15-86 at Sao Paolo, Brazil)   – Was gambling with Joran on evening of  5-30-05 at the Wyndham & the Radisson. Has a younger brother Arthur. Lives in Palm Beach and attends Mont Plaisier College.  He drives a black singlecab pick-up truck.  Also known as “Dre.”   Knew Joran for 6 years, Satish for 2 years and Deepak for one year.
STATEMENT to Police 6-20-05:

WEVER, Guido– 19 years old, former resident of Aruba, now residing in the NL.  Was a croupier at the Excelsior Casino.  Said to have left Aruba abruptly within weeks of Natalee’s disappearance after being questioned by ALE. Reported to be good friends with Joran, and gambling with him on May 30/31 when Natalee’s loved ones arrived in Aruba.  Arrested on 5-20-06, released on 5-23-06, under suspicion of accessory to murder, kidnapping and battery.  Drove a white Nissan Sentra.  Interviewed by ALE on 4 occasions, 6/3-05, 6-7-05, 6-8-05 & 6-23-05.
For more information see Who’s Who – Victim, Suspects, Witnesses & Families


COLUMBIAN ON THE BEACH  witness who claims to have seen a rape, murder and disposal of a young woman at the California sand dunes.  Claims to have 2 pieces of evidence from the crime.  Later discredited. See above under arrestees.

FISHERMEN -  Saw a white vehicle but no activity or persons on 5-30-05 at the area around the fishermen’s huts at Hadicurari where Joran claims he took and left Natalee.

JOGGER – Jossy Mansur said that his information is that the unknown jogger near the “Marriott Hotel”/drained pond witness telephoned police with his 5-30 observations 2 or 3 days after Natalee disappeared (6-1 or 6-2), and he phoned from a public pay telephone.

JUNIOR - the landfill witness who claims to have seen a blonde woman being disposed of,and a white truck.  the landfill witness said he witnessed the 3 men burying the body on 6-1. described to him that the body was that of a woman with long blonde hair. The landfill witness claimed he saw her breasts. He also noticed a jeep-like vehicle sitting close to the white truck. The landfill witness saw the 3 persons bury the blonde woman’s body in a specific spot, after which the 3 men found a blue plastic “kiddie’s pool” in the dump and placed the “kiddie’s pool” over where they buried the blonde woman.  The witness also obtained the license plate nu-ber of the truck they were driving and gave it to the police, but when the police checked on the license plate number they reported that the car that license plate number was registered to “was not near the landfill.”  Jossy Mansur said the license plate of the pickup truck that JUNIOR saw at the landfill has been traced to a Chevrolet “Malibu.”

RAMOS, Carlos Alberto Penata (DOB 2-25-79, Cartagena, Columbia) - the gardner witness who claims to have seen 3 boys in Deepak’s car on the dirt road by the pond at the Racquet Club on 5-30-05 at approximately 2:30 AM.  Identifies Joran in front seat, Deepak in passenger seat, and unidentified male in rear seat.  Claims passenger has hand up besides face, and the driver (identified as Joran) is sitting far back in the seat. His employer was Eric Mansur.
STATEMENTS to Police 7-26-05 through 8-16-05:

TAXI DRIVERS - On 9-29 the newspaper “Solo di Pueblo” reported that an ARUBAN cab driver came forward with information about the Friday (5-27) before Natalee disappeared. The cab driver said that he took Natalee and friend and two guys back to the hotel and where they argued about Natalee being in love with a Dutch boy. The two guys were pretty mad at her and the cab driver asked them what the problem was. They just told him that they could not accept that Natalee is on vacation and suddenly fell in love with somebody she just knew. Days after, when Natalee's face became well known on the island and the driver recognized her, he was interrogated by Aruban authorities and the cab drivers statements were documented.


ACOSTA, J – Interviewed by ALE regarding a photo line-up on 7-14-05.

ACOSTA, Hector Ramon Rojas – A sea-cpatain convicted of human trafficking and received a 16-20 month imprisonment on 4-16-07.

ALBERTUS, Franklin Ireno – California Lighthouse guard interviewed by ALE on 6-1-05.

ANTERSIJN, Aaron – Camera controller at beach hotel interviewed by ALE on  6-16-05 @ 12:30.

AMOUD, Ruben  - Security guard interviewed by ALE on 6-06-05 @ 11:15.

ARENDS, Judith Yolanda – Provided 3 copies of bills and interviewed by ALE on 7-11- & 7-12-05.

ARJENDAJAL, Donald – Wyndham Hotel lobby employee interviewed by ALE on 6-27-05 @ 10:45.

ARUBAN ACTOR – portrayed Joran in the Dutch re-enactment

AUDY - Camera controller at beach hotel interviewed by ALE on  6-16-05 @ 12:30


BERG, Marten van der   – elderly Dutchman reportedly living in Thailand who is very popular with young Aruban girls on the Tickle site.

BITENCOURT, Altair Marques - Interviewed by ALE on 7-12-05.

BOEKHOEWER, Stephany   -  reportedly a sexual partner of Freddy in the backseat of Jaime’s car. Lives at Tanki Leender 225-C, Aruba.

BROUGH, Paul   – alleged to be Mr Pink, of Pink Productions, porn video purveyor.


CACERES, Miguel Angel Carrasquillia   – Jaime’s older brother to whom Jaime’s car is registered

CACERES, Maria del Pilar Carrasquillia   – “Pilar” – Jaime’s sister

CANCHANO- Jorge Luiz Zaniga – Pro Service employee interviewed by ALE on 2-3 occasions regarding the Holiday Inn on 6-4-05& 7-6-05.

CARDENAS, Elvis - interviewed by ALE on 5-15-06.

CARDENAS, Eugenia Del Carmen - interviewed by ALE on 5-24-06

CARLET, Carmen – Wyndham front desk employee interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05.

CASTILLO, Yesenia -  born in the Dominican Republic on 2/18/1976, was the companion of Rene Van Heynigen, the man who had his head severed from his body with a machete.

CELAIRE, Marlon - interviewed by ALE on 6-4-05 & 08-23-05 regarding his whereabouts on 5-29-05.

CHATO   – aka Leonardo, Mexican, drives a green 4 door Ford pick-up truck

CHOLLER – Joran’s dog

CHUNG- Thomas Yuen Song – Wyndham Casino Manager interviewed by ALE on 6-25-05.

CORNELLO, Guillermo – Marriott Hotel security guard interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05.

CORNES, Michael – a croupier at the Excelsior Casino who reportedly testified about Natalee’s drinking habits while on her vacation stay (Joran’s book, 2007)

CORTES, Stefany Mejia -
 interviewed by ALE on 8-23 & 8-24-05

CROES, Charles August II (DOB 9-15-45 USA)  -  Aruban cell phone business owner contacted by the Twittys to help them locate those who were seen with their daughter the night/early morning of May 29/30.  Natalee reportedly made 2 calls in the early morning hours of May 30, 2005. Owner of cellular phone company DigiCell.  Interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05 & twice on 9-3-05.

CROES, John Charles   – was allegedly chatting online to Deepak on May 30, 2005 after Deepak claims he got home after dropping Natalee & Joran off. Interviewed by ALE on 4 occasions, 6-19-05, 6-21-05, 6-22-05 & 6-28-05.

CROES, Urbano – Excelsior Casino Manager,  interviewed by ALE twice,  6-21 & 6-22-05.


DIJKHOFF, Margaritha Werleman – (DOB 3-10-54 Aruba) live in maid at the Paul van der Sloot residence for 8 years/
 interviewed by ALE on 6-20-05 & 8-11-05.
STATEMENT to the police 8-11-05:

DIJKHOFF, Ruth – Spoke to Paulus on 5-30-05, at approximately 3:30PM at the Caribbean Mercantile Bank in Noord.  It is unclear whether she is employed at the CMB

DIRKS, Sandy – a croupier at the Excelsior Casino who reportedly testified about Natalee’s drinking habits while on her vacation stay (Joran’s book, 2007)


ECHEVERRI, Doralba Henao –  Holiday Inn employee interviewed by ALE on 7-11-05

ELDRIDGE, Claudio   -  Universal Aviation Aruba - one of the Arubans who met Beth arriving  at the airport in Aruba , and initially drove them around. He was reportedly with Alberto Groenevedldt when the Kalpoe car was seen within the walls of the vdS compound.


FAMES, Jan – Camera controller at a beach hotel interviewed by ALE on 6-16-06

FIGAROA, Maria da – a  CnC employee and friend of Steve Croes interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05.

FISIITALIA, David – a friend of Joran’s from ISA who was a member of the PIMPS (Joran’s book, 2007)

FLANEGIN, Gilayla – friend of Jvd Sloot interviewed by ALE on 6-20-05

FRANS, Magda Hilaria - interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05 regarding the Racquet Club.


GARGIA, Jose Calle – Manager at Diamonds International interviewed by ALE on 5-24-06.

GAMORAY, Mrs. – found some duct tape on the west end of the island.

GEERMAN, Judith  - interviewed by ALE on 7-28-06

GEERMAN, Marciano  – Boat owner interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05

GERARS, Evert  – Moomba Beach Manager interviewed by ALE on 7-16-05

GIBBS  – Camera controller at beach hotel interviewed by ALE on 6-16-05

GILLY - friend of Joran's, could be Gilayla Flanegin

GOTTENBOS, Alex – Father of Koen & Sander. Worked at Insurance Center Aruba N.V., Lucianitastraat 13, Aruba.  Tel: (297) 837-771.  email:    Residence: Malmokweg 31 – tele:586-3232.  Now thought to reside in NE Metropolitan Atlanta, GA., USA.

GOTTENBOS, Renita Maria Gottenbos –Verberne – Mother of Koen & Sander Gottenbos.

GRANADILLO, Melody   – Joran’s second girlfriend. Melody, the girlfriend who went on the RWV website with Scubajap and Anita, defending Joran and who Julia helped to get an appearance on MSNBC with Rita.  Dutch. Born 1986. Claimed she was told by another friend of Principal Suspect J. Sloot that on 5-30 Principal Suspect J. Sloot called the friend from his tennis practice right after school. Principal Suspect J. Sloot stated concern about the girl he had been with 5-30 being missing.  They broke up because Joran was cheating on her with Karen, per Joran’s book, 2007.

GRAAF, Cynthia De  - Abraham Jones's common law wife who provided an alibi for him at the time of Natalee's disappearance.

GOMEZ, Damacia  – Moomba Beach Security Guard interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

GROENVELDT, Alberto   – one of Arubans who met Beth arriving at the airport in Aruba , and initially drove them around.  According to the Holloway Twitty families it was Alberto who paid a teenager to take them to the vdS home, where he saw Deepak Kalpoe’s car within the vdS compound. He is said to have recorded the license plate number of Deepak’s car.  The car was reportedly within the vdS compound between` 12 midnight to 1:00 AM on 5-31-05.

GUMBS, Frederick  – neighbor of vd Sloot’s interviewed by ALE on 6-20-05

GUMBS, Miriam -  neighbor of vd Sloot’s interviewed by ALE on 6-20-05


HENAO, Henry Gonzales -   – a sailor who received a 16-20 month imprisonment on 4-16-07 for human trafficking.

HENRIQUEZ, Eldrith Coromoto Lucia  – airport worker who helped transport the Twittys to the vd Sloot’s interviewed by ALE on 6-19-05

HERNANDEZ, Jose  - the "Carlos 'n Charlie's" master of ceremonies that night, “they left at 12:50 AM) after either agreeing to leave together or they leave separately but coincidentally simultaneously.”

HERRERA, Jaime Acosta  – interviewed by ALE on 7-12-05

HOSE, Humphrey – Aruba’s “Grandfather of Tennis” interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05



JACOPUCCI, Carmen Aurora   - “ And she works in the Hospital and at the moment is Freddy's girlfriend.” (june 2005, statememnt by Joran)

JAGO, Elaine Sint   – one of Joran’s ex-girlfriends, Aruban 17 years old, attends Collegio Arubano. Nicknamed “Fishy.”  Interviewed by ALE on 7-1-05.[

JOHNSON, Jillian   – Joran’s first girlfriend when he was 14.  She now lives in the States. Her father had built the "Marriot Hotel" and they were both enrolled at the "International school".  Joran, in his June 10th statements claims she was one of his first girlfriends.  She is seen here in this photo from 2003 with  Fernando Viana   -


KELLY, Elvis and his wife Gladys – were driven home to Noord from the Excelsior Casino by the Santos after stopping first at the Wendys Palm Beach.  In one of Joran’s declarations, Joran claims that Elvis repaid a $10 debt he owed Joran at the poker tournament on 5-30-05.  It has also been reported that Elvis has stated that he has loaned money to Joran, not vice versa, and that Joran claims he won a large 5 figure sum of money that night of 5-30/31-05.

KELLY, Maria Bernadeta - friend of Andres, Meneses interviewed by ALE on 5-9 & 5 18-05

KING, Ben (Vocking)   – one of Paulus’s friends.  Ex-KIA official, now working at Prosecutor;s office.  Was present at the time of search at VDS home.  Paulus allegedly stayed with him during beginning of case.  Paulus allegedly helped him to destroy evidence in the infamous case of  Eduardo Matthews.

KOCK, Elgin Frasisico - interviewed by ALE on 6-10-05

KOE, Jose Maria Manqua  - interviewed by ALE on 7-14-05

KROSEMDIJK, Esmerelda Altagracia - interviewed by ALE on 2-20-06


LAND, Rob van der – CnC employee interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

LARMONIE, Tania Maria del Carmen - interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

LEO, Gabriel “A G”   – accompanied Charlie Croes on 5/30 & was present at the confrontation between the Twittys & the vdSloots on 5/31.

LEVENSTONE, John – a camera controller at a beach hotel interviewed by ALE on 6-16-05

LEVY, Alberto   – reported owner of Carlos N Charlies  franchise in Aruba

LEVY, Rafael   – alleged association with international porn coming out of Miami
Rolf Salomon Levy Berger, also known as Rafael Leyva or Rafael Levy, founded the bogus International Adoption Resources Foundation in Costa Rica to trade in children. This same agency has offices in Boca Raton, Florida, where Levy is the “international coordinator”. Levy, who resides in Miami Beach, Florida, also faces a Colombian arrest warrant for illegal actions between the year 2000 and 2002. In the INTERPOL report, he also is accused of the theft of babies. Many of these kidnapped children are perhaps later reared in secret locations in Florida to be utilized in profitable "sex businesses" such as for the web sites that are run by WEBE WEB Corporation.
One of the most horrific reports from Mr. Bruce Harris was that of "snuff videos" of Costa Rican children in the possession of yet another Jew from Florida. On June 14th, 2003, Mr. Harris reported that an American Jew by the name of David Sussman, age 42, had been arrested after landing in Chile on a flight from Costa Rica. According to the sex crimes division of the Chilean police, one of the tapes was a "snuff" video containing sadistic acts on children.

LOCO Stephie   – Friend of Joran, Deepak and Freddy.  She was seen in photographs with Joran, Deepak & Freddy along with 2 American girls Bailey & Alyce in March 2005.

LOEFSTOP, Greta Angelina - Holiday Inn Night Manager interviewed by ALE on 7-11-05

LOON, Van   – Alleged to be a “beach bum.” Reportedly there were 3 false sightings of Natalee with Van Loon, whose wife is also blonde.

Photo of Vadir van Loon in his yellow jeep (both photos courtesy of Bondia aka Julia Renfro back in 2005, posted for us by her in the forum):

Photo allegedly from the night of May 30, 2005 during the Soul Beach Festival - Van Loon is getting off of his sail boat:

LOOPSTOCK, Alberto – ASIS Manager, Allegro Hotel, interviewed by ALE on 6-4-05

LOYZA, Martin – CnC employee interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

LUE, Johnny – friends with the Kalpoes & Joran, interviewed by ALE on 6-20-05


MADURO, Jose Anaeleto –KIA prison inmate interviewed by ALE on 8-28-05

MADURO, Wilifred Benito – interviewed  by ALE on 2-14-06

MADURO, Fred   - warden at KIA, who gave a tour of the prison to Michelle Kosinski.

MAESSEN, Fabienne   – blonde on beach and in photos at  Club Bahia with Joran during summer vacation 2006, around July 15, 2006. Was on the list of Tacopina’s character witnesses for Joran, pg 33 of court filing. Currently living in the NL with her parents.

MANSUR, Carlo Roberto  - interviewed by ALE on 7-11-05

MANSUR, Eric  - reported employer of gardener witness.  His Sister-in-Law was vd Straatens secretary.

MANSUR, Eduardo – Reportedly an underwater remote controlled camera that operates in depths of 250 ft was shipped to him.  Procured bulldozer that was used to search the landfill.  Jossy Mansurs son.

MARC, Aaron Jean

MARCO – A Dutch boy who worked at the Excelsior Casino, who for some undefined time was part of the PIMPS. (Joran’s book, 2007)  Quite possibly another name for Guido Wever.

MARCANO, Milangelo Jairo Ferdinand  – interviewed by ALE on 9-10-06

MARILINDA -an ex-girlfriend of Koen's

MARIN, Orlando or MARTIN  – Moomba Beach Security Guard interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05 &  7-15-05

MARTINA, Karen Theresa Paulina   – Allegedly was in porn video taped by Freddy.  Joran admits to having sex with her multiple times.  Was named by JQK as a date rape victim of Joran, but Tacopina claims she has said it was consensual.

MARTIS, Martha Ruthmila – Holiday Inn Supervisor, interviewed by ALE on 6-28-05

MATA, Ken airport employee interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05

MATHEWS, Eduardo   – was reportedly falsely imprisoned at KIA, and confined to solitary confinement after scuffle with Ben King. On September 29, 2005, Mathews won a judgment in his favor in the European Court of Human Rights.

MENDOZA, Carmen – CNC employee interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

MENESES, Andres interviewed by ALE on 5-10-06, 5-15-06, 5-26-06, 6-5-06, 6-13-06, 6-19-06 & 8-14-06

METZ, Amanda - Flo's sister.  Interviewed by ALE on 6-2-05.

METZ, Florencia   – one of Joran’s ex-girlfriends, from Argentina, lives behind Codemsa, graduated from the Mavo, nicknamed “Flo.”  Joran invited her to go to Carlos N Charlies that night of May 29, 2005.  Interviewed by ALE on 6-15-05 & 6-16-05.

MICO   – the vd Sloot’s  neighbor’s monkey

MUSCARIELLO, Renzo – DJ, reportedly friends with Steve Croes & Paul Brough


NAAR, Boeti   – brother in law to Gerald Dompig, Beach bum, ex convict, possible drug dealer, step uncle of Michael Dompig.

NAAR, Xiaver Elias – Boeti? interviewed by ALE on 7-14-05

NACACHI, Alberto – CnC owner interviewed by ALE on 6-21-07


OSMAN, Farouk Osman (DOB 10-1-74 Curacao) – owner operator of Automotive Enterprises who J2K refer to in the police transport tapes.  Lives in Sabana Blancoe.

STATEMENT to police 8-06-05:


PETERSON, Christopher Dangelo - interviewed by ALE on 9-10-06

PETERSON, Ricardo Reggiennel – ASIS security guard at the HI interviewed by ALE on 6-6-05

PETROCHI, Nestor – KIA prison inmate interviewed by ALE on 7-23-05

PETROCHI. Rita Marcia – Marriott Hotel Lobby café cashier interviewed by ALE on 6-19-05

PLUM, John David – boat owner interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05

POLYZOU, Alexandera - Radissson Casino Manager interviewed by ALE on 6-22-05

PORTOCARRERO, Amanda – Columbian maid
STATEMENT to police 7-28-05:

POSNER, Michael   – American owner of the Excelsior Casino and Brickell Bay Hotel. One of the members (alleged suto capo) of the Chicago mob family associated with the Good Ship Lollipop. AKA  Michael Rubins, Irving Goldstein.  Posner's lawyer Allan Ackerman says Posner was in Chicago when Holloway vanished and returned to Aruba the day after. Intelligence report on Michael William Posner – 64 years old. Family still resides in Riverside, outside Chicago, Illinois. His criminal profile lists involvement in illegal gambling, strip clubs and vending machines. Criminal history dates to 1960 includes numerous arrests and successful tax and racketeering prosecutions. Posner says it was he who voluntarily turned over this casino surveillance tape to Aruban authorities and that he is furious they have allowed ABC News to broadcast it.

PULGARIN, Carlos Cardenas – Pro Services employee interviewed by ALE on 6-4, 7-7, & 7-15-05


QUINCY – Often confused with Steve Croes in photographs (2005)


RAFINI, Charles   -  Aruban teen who says he found the underwear and condoms in the brush, as well as duct tape and a string cut from a bikini or halter top, at a location commonly known to locals as a make-out spot, described the underwear he found as pink with flowers on them. He told FOX News on Wednesday that the location of the findings "is not too far" from the Marriott hotel.

RAMIREZ, Guillermo Perez – Holiday Inn Security Guard interviewed by ALE on 7-1-05 & 7-4-05

RAMIREZ, Khentwattie Rujkumar – The Kalpoes Mother interviewed by ALE on 6-2-05

RAMIREZ, Luis – The Kalpoe’s step-Father interviewed by ALE on 6-2-05 and 6-28-05

RAMON, Jesus Plutarco Encarnacion – Holiday Inn Security Guard interviewed by ALE on 7-6-05 & 7-14-05

RAMOS – Carlos Penata

RAOUL – friend of the landfill witness, Junior

RASMIJN, Mario - an Aruban “Arikok National Park” ranger, while collecting trash discovered what appeared to be a 5” piece of duct tape with blonde hairs adhered to the tape on 7-17-05, in the Boca Tortuga area, an inlet near a series of caves on Aruba's northeast coast. During a re-enactment of the finding, the ranger also discovers a piece of fabric similar to the top Natalee was last seen wearing.  The families were told it was fishing net.

RENESKA, Solvert – (DOB 10-4-59 Gonave, Haiti) - Security guard at the Holiday Inn on 5-29/30-05.
STATEMENT to police 7-08-05:

REPPAS, Angelina (DOB-4-23-76, NL)  – Deepak’s boss at Cyberzone Internet Café.

RENFRO, Julia - interviewed by ALE on 6-30-05

RIJN, Paul van – (DOB 12-27-1958) Lorenzo’s father who reportedly owned several businesses including a VW dealership and a shipping/trading company.  Reportedly committed suicide 10-20-2001.

RIJN-TRAKSEL, Astrid Louise van  - Lorenzo’s van Rijn’s mother

RISNER, Brandy Nicole  Holiday Inn guest interviewed by ALE on 7-1 & 7-5-05

RIVAS, Franco S.P – interviewed by ALE on 8-24-05

RIVEROL, Alfonzo – member of AHATA and the Strategic Task Force.  Owner of the Atlantis Hotel and the “old Hilton” Wyndham.

RIVIERA, Leonardo Lopez – International School student interviewed by ALE on 6-27-05, 7-1-05 & 8-29-05

RODRIGUEZ, Luis Guillermo – interviewed by ALE on 7-23-05

ROMERO, Karina   – Jaime’s girlfriend (June 2005)

ROYS, Jose Martin - interviewed by ALE on 7-16-05

RUIZ, Eloi Fransisco – handyman employed by the vd Sloot’s, interviewed by ALE on 3-27-06


SAGONA, Hayley - interviewed by ALE on 6-5-05 regarding urine samples.

SANCHES, Jorge Porras - interviewed by ALE on 6-21-05

SANDERS, Ed & Janet – owners of the PAIR-A-DICE travel boat

SANTOS, Arthur   – Andre Santos’s younger brother. Pictured holding a bottle of Absinthe.

SANTOS, Montival da Silva – Father of Andre and Arthur Santos.  He is the President of the Commercial Chamber Brazil Aruba.  The mission of the CCBA is to promote the approach between governmental entities, Brazilian and Aruban associations and entrepreneurs, aiming the consolidation of the commercial and cultural relations between the two nations.  Drives a green quad cab Ford Ranger, license plate number “A-23794.”  Played in the Texas Hold Em Tournament at the Excelsior Casino with Joran, Paulus, and Andre.  Took Elvis & Gladys Kelly to their home in Noord after first stopping by the “Wendys.”

SANTOS,  Alessandra -  sister to Andre & Arthur Santos. AKA Ally.

SARABIA, Rafael Guzman – Holiday Inn Security Guard interviewed by ALE on 7-7-05

SHANGO   – wrote the infamous riddles at Scared Monkeys.  The characters names are similar to Marvel Comic book  characters.  Shango speaks of the underbelly of Aruba and alludes to :Dirty Hand” as the one who controls it.

SIMIAN   – preceded Shango as a blogger at Scared Monkeys, seemed to have inside information.

SMIT, Ed – reportedly the videographer of the ARU-Bay videos

SMITH, Rob   – general manager of the Wyndham Hotel and AHATA member.
On left

SOCORRO, Sierra Varqas Marciana del – Excelsior Casino Supervisor interviewed by ALE on6-27-05

SOLOGNIER, Socorro Bermudez – provided a car accident report to ALE, interviewed by ALE on 7-9-05 & 7-13-05

SOLOGNIER, Rafael- interviewed by ALE on 6-29-05 regarding a car search

SPONS, Sylvia Petroneila Maria - interviewed by ALE on 3-24-06

STAMPER, Claudio Romeo Adonis – Universal Aviation Worker who helped transport the Twittys to the vd Sloot’s, i
nterviewed by ALE on 5-31-05, 6-19-05 & 9-4-06

STEPHANIE   – one of Joran’s girlfriends as identified by Jaime C.  She lives in the hamlet of Moko and is Columbian.

STEWART, Gary Alexander – Pro Services Security Guard employee interviewed by ALE on 6-4-05 & 6-6-05

STRAATEN, Giliam Van Der   -  Jan Van Der Straaten's son, reportedly one of the pimps. Dutch. Address: 6 Paraguana. Tel: (297) 587-0348 Son of ARUBA police superintendent and said to be friend of Principal Suspect J. Sloot.<b
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ARAMBATZIS, Freddy Zedan - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

CACERES, Jaime Carrasquilla - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

CROES, Cara - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

DOMPIG, Michael - character witness as listed on pg 33 Taco[/quote]

DOMPIG, Michael - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

ESCOBEDO, Taylor - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

GOTTENBOS, Koen - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

GOTTENBOS, Sander - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

GRANADILLO, Melody- character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

HIBBERT, Aline -  character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.  Daughter of Fritz Hibbert, the registered owner of the "Hotel Baccarat" Strip club in Aruba and also the listed contact for: .  According to Cafe Bahia management, it seems Van der sloot and Aline Hibbert were "making out" in the women's bathroom of the club on more than one occasion. Club Bahia initially asked the two to stop, yet it seems Joran and Aline were unable to control themselves. After a second request, Joran Van der sloot was asked to leave on the condition he will not be allowed to return under any circumstances.

MAESSEN, Fabienne - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

METZ, Amanda - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

METZ, Florencia - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

MISIER, Kawish -  character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

PINTO, Mila Pinto - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

RIDPATH, Sasha -  character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.  On 8-20-06, CFI reported receiving an email from Sasha claiming that she had no idea she was on this list.

SANTOS, Andre - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

SANTOS, Arthur - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

SANTOS, Rebecca - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

SUNE, Edgard - (R) character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

VIS, Xaviera - character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

ZIEVINGER, Alexsander – character witness as listed on pg 33 Tacopina’s filing in NY civil suit.

Note - See also Murder & Crime in Aruba:

BENSON, Robert  Wayne   - 56 year old American Harley Davidson mechanic, found locked in a storage container behind the shop in Cura Cabay where he worked on 11-16-05. Death was ruled a suicide by Dr. van der Linden who performed the autopsy.  On 11-18 Dr. van der LINDEN confirmed the death of AMERICAN born ROBERT WAYNE BENSON, 58, a resident of Pos Abao, who the day before [11-17] had disappeared, according to his wife. BENSON was found dead on 11-18 within a large and locked trash container behind the “Harley Davidson” business in Cura Cabay that he worked at as a maintenance and repairs mechanic.

HEYNINGEN, Rene Michel van   – partially decapitated man found at cemetery on 6-18-05. Rumored to run the incinerator at the Refinery. It is also reported that he ran the incinerator at Oduber Hospital.  Yesenia Castillo, his wife(?) is reportedly being held in KIA in conjunction with his murder.

DJOEGAN, Dinesh ‘Pitbull’   - 25 year old bouncer from Choose a Name Bar that was found on 4-5-06 in Guadirikiri cave. His body was mutilated, crucified, and set on fire. Reportedly he died of an overdose of cocaine.  It is believed that Pitbull is the brother-in-law of Dompig through Dompig’s first wife.

Man who drank poison

NEDD-PANAQUA, Margarita - 35, from the Dominican Republic. She was stabbed by a jealous boyfriend on 11-4-05

WINSTER, Galyson Lucas  - a 27 year old choler who was shot in the head on 11-4-05.

Unknown woman found in garbage pile in Aruba, June 23, 2006

Columbian boy - 7 year old boy, illegal immigrant from Columbia, reportedly found at the rocks by the lighthouse (area of Aru-Bay video filmed 6-10-2005 - 6-11-05)  the year before Natalee disappeared.

CROES, Raul - attacked in a restaurant with a machete
see Solo di Pueblo April 18, 2006 edition (available online)

Brazilian man  - murdered in March 2005 by another Brazilian man.  (Bon Dia in early September)

TROMP, Juni – fatally stabbed on the beach May 31, 2005 by a Rastafarian identified as C.E.B.

Members of the Strategic Communications Task Force

Mr. Olindo Koolman (Senior Advisor)
Mr. Jaap Beaujon (Advisor)
Mr. Serge Mansur (ATIA)
Mr. Greg Peterson (ATIA)
Mr. Jorge Pesquera (AHATA)
Mr. Jeff Lesker (AHATA)
Mr. Alfonso Riveroll (AHATA)
Ms. Myrna Jansen (ATA)
Mr. Rob Smith (Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation)
Mr. Bill Carson (Banking Sector/AHATA)
Mr. Edwin Roos (Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Ruben Trapenberg (Aruba Government)
Mr. Eric Brete (Aruba Government)

On 9-9-06
it was announced there will be 5 new DUTCH judges joining the common Court of Justice of the NETHERLAND ANTILLES and ARUBA in the future. Their names are:

- Mr. F. M. Wieland, vice-president district court in Groningen
- Mr. C. van den Noort, judge district court in Groningen
- Mr. P. A. H. Lemaire, judge district court in Arnhem (ARNHEM, HOLLAND is where Prime Suspect J. SLOOT was born)
- Mr. R. Hoekstra, judge district court in Rotterdam
- Mr. W. P. M. ter Berg, vice-president district court in Middelburg

In addition the DUTCH minister of justice proposes Mr. P. W. van Schendel as a deputy judge at the court

Updated – 07-22-07[/quote]
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Thanks Sunfreak2.

This is great.

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Sun...I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E piece of work...On your part!  

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E "piece of work"...They all are!

TY!   Exclamation
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« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2006, 10:44:41 PM »

Sun - thanks for this great resource!

There is more information re. crime on the thread, "Murder & Crime on Aruba" - see my sig line.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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In the photo of Joran you have Florenzia Metz identified and it's Aline, not Flor.  Do you want me to fix it?

This is Aline, not Flor:



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« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2006, 11:59:40 PM »


Kudos to you for such hard work and effort on your part.

One correction to Carla Caccavale, she isn't married to one of Dave's brothers, she actually married Paul Reynolds who is Beth Twitty's brother.

I continue to stand with the girl.
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« Reply #7 on: October 26, 2006, 10:12:55 PM »

Quote from: "nonesuche"

Kudos to you for such hard work and effort on your part.

One correction to Carla Caccavale, she isn't married to one of Dave's brothers, she actually married Paul Reynolds who is Beth Twitty's brother.

Thanks San.  I'll fix it in my copy so that the next time it gets updated it will be corrected.
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Quote from: SunFreak2
Albert Vrolijk   – AM Digital radio personality who found panties along with Charles Rafini.  They also found some duct tape wrapped around a tree.
Are you certain this is the Albert Vrolijk that participated in the search with Charles Rafini?

Albert Vrolijk aka DJ 101:
Birth date listed as 1982-04-10.

Albert Vrolijk:
Birth date listed as August 16 and workplace as Red Sail.

Could there be two? I don't know, just asking because this is one that is still not clear with me.  Question

Fabulous work you've done Sunfreak!
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Just to liven things up - in the big marijuana operation, two Vrolijk's were arrested (different addresses) - Blonche and Rasta. Firearms found at Blonche's.

I think Vrolijk is another common name on Aruba.

Why did they have to disappear her body?

Murder & Crime on  Aruba Summary -

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Gosh!  That means there might actually be 3!

Great job, Sunfreak!


All posts reflect my opinion only and are not shared by all forum members nor intended as statement of facts.  I am doing the best I can with the information available.

Murder & Crime on Aruba Summary
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« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2007, 07:14:35 PM »

Well Done Sunfreak!!

Here is a pic of The Commssioner of Police Peter De Witte

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« Reply #12 on: April 23, 2008, 09:40:47 PM »

Albert Vrolijk

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BERG, Marten van der   – elderly Dutchman reportedly living in Thailand who is very popular with young Aruban girls

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Frans van Deutekom

R.I.P Dear 2NJ - say hi to Peaches for us!

I expect a miracle _Peaches ~ ~ May She Rest In Peace.


None of us here just fell off the turnip truck. - Magnolia
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1/26/2010 Awe Mainta Page 29

Papiamentu translation:

chofer is core hinca enough person they life in danger

police diadomingo 3.15 of madruga, owing to as control in of two hotzone at height of chino latin, y is see one volkswagen golf a-37874, leave cu velocidad high for of the lugar of park y is lever caminda, is burn tire. past owing to follow core bay direccion of the luznan of trafico at palm beach, where past happen without none problem by of light cora. after past owing to strike one u-turn, cu also is prohibi y owing to go back bek n’e luga of park. eynan past owing to burn tire y cu velocidad high, past owing to stop his car at 2 metre for of one are of person. hour cu police owing to arrive close y owing to bise p’e descend for of car, past owing to deny. police have to owing to ranke for they can owing to sake for of car. also past owing to resisti, hour cu police owing to bay for detene y place in boei. police owing to pase some klop for place razona. past owing to resulta of is he l van r. naci at the netherlands of 28 year.
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