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Author Topic: AMERICAN WHO'S WHO  (Read 18779 times)
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AMW – TV show - America’s Most Wanted


ASTON, Matt – 28 year old of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, searched the California sand dunes on  March  24, 2006.

COPUS, Harold - EX-FBI agent who sat in on the Jamie Skeeter interviews of Nadira Ramirez and Deepak Kalpoe.  President of Investigative Solutions, Inc. has been interviewed extensively on Fox News, Court TV and in print media as an expert in security and terrorism issues. He is a Forensic Accountant and former FBI Special Agent.

DIETLE, Bo – private detective and process server who served 2nd set of law suit papers  to Joran vd Sloot at NY airport on 2-16-06

FUQUA, Jeff - Birmingham F.B.I. spokesman, Special Agent

GOLBA, Fred –  investigator who found the tiny milky white pieces of  plastic on 8-12-05  near where the belt was found.  Dennis Jacobs tossed the plastic bits to the wind.

HOUSTON, Joe –  searcher with TES

MILLER, Tim - Founder of Texas Equusearch which conducted multiple searches on and off shore for Natalee.
“This is a high profile case, Beth and Dave are just real people and that's their real daughter. I'm choked up right now, I truly feel in my heart that Natalee is findable but right now it's lack of funding. If she's in that fish trap she's findable and there will be body parts in there. It's only funding that's keeping us from that.”  7-20-06 on Dana Pretzer’s “C-Band Talk Radio”

PARTON, Richard - American owner of a voice stress analyzation equipment company who went to Aruba to offer his equipment to the Aruban police for use. As far as is known the Aruban police never utilized his equipment.

SHIPLEY, Doug – FBI agent on Aruba, who informed family on 6-10-05 that there was little chance Natalee was alive.

SKEETERS, Jamie -  President of the California Association of Polygraph Examiners, who recorded interview of Deepak in late August.
Skeeters was a 37-year veteran homicide and narcotics detective (retired) from the Oxnard Police Department, in Califnornia; a former U.S. Marine; a licensed private investigator; and a highly regarded polygraph examiner who worked with law enforcement in all 50 states and in 17 countries.

TES – Texas EquuSearch


WALKER, John – reportedly claims to be able to locate human bones & teeth in water with his sonar  equipment

WALSH, John – founder of AMW following the tragic death of his son, Adam Walsh.

WARD, TJ - ex-FBI agent and current PI who was hired by the Holloway-Twitty family to investigate NH's disappearance; "found" a woman witness who presumably saw the three in DK's car roaming around the pond a few days after the disappearance of NH -later the woman's testimony was discredited by Aruban LE as she saw a different car.

WEEKS, John – filmed Nadira Ramirez interview for Dr Phil show, along with Harold Copus

WHITTAKER, James – underwater search specialist

WILLIAMS, Eric - DEA agent on Aruba

WOOD, Art - ex-Secret Service agent, PI who "volunteered" and then was hired by El Diario to investigate the disappearance of NH; responsible for "discovering" the gardener as also a "belt" which he claimed could have belonged to Joran; investigators never sent the belt for DNA testing because it was deemed too old to belong to Joran.


BARBOUR, Haley – Governor of Missippi declined the boycott.

BACHUS, Spencer - U.S. Rep. R-Vestavia Hills.
“"There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off."

HUCKABEE, Mike - Governor of Arkansas joined boycott of Aruba on 11-29-05

PURDUE, Sonnye – Governor of Georgia joined boycott of Aruba on 12-15-05.

RICE, Condoleeza – US Secretary of State.  She called Aruba within the first week of Natalee's disappearance.  During the weekend of the University of Alabama's Football Homecoming game, she met with Beth Twitty.

RILEY, Bob- Governor of Alabama declared voluntary boycott of Aruba on 11-8-05.

SESSIONS, Jeff -  an American and US Senator from Alabama, Republican, went over the head of Aruba's prosecutor the first week Natalee was missing, speaking first with officials at the Embassy of the Netherlands and then Aruba's prime minister, to urge that the United States F.B.I. be involved in investigating the disappearance of Natalee.

SHELBY, Richard - US Senator from ALA wrote letter to FBI, C Rice & Oduber urging the FBI be allowed to play a larger role in the investigation.


BALBER, Scott S. – Attorney for H/T family who assisted JQK in filing civil suit. Partner at Chadbourne & Parke

DESOUZA, Vinda - Aruban attorney hired by H/T family and sometime spokesperson for the same.

KELLY, John Q, – Attorney for H/T family who filed a civil suit against Joran and Paulus van der Sloot in New York.

LEJUEZ, Helen - Aruban attorney hired by Holloway/Twitty family and occasional spokesperson for the same.

MOHAMMED, Peter – helped translate Dutch statements to English


ARNOLD, Rosemary  – American attorney who assisted Joe Tacopina in the defense of the vd Sloots in the NY civil suit.

TACOPINA, Joe  - American attorney at law defending JVDS & PVDS in the American civil law suit.


KAPNICK, Barbara - Justice of NY Supreme Court who presided over the NY civil suit.


BURROUGH, Bryan – author of the Vanity Fair article, published 12-5-05, “Nightmare in Paradise.”

COHEN, Stephen J.    -  American residing in Aruba. Strategic Message Design Group (SMDG) Consulting Team chairman, adviser to the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) and the Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force. Appeared on the Dr Phil Show in January 2006 as Aruba’s spokesperson claiming that 2 of the boys reported having sex with Natalee, and that J2K were guilty, after which he was severely reprimanded by Tourism Minister Briesen.  Has sister company to SMDG called Cohen DiLella Broadcast Group.

COLMES, Alan – liberal TV talk show host for Fox’s “Hannity and Colmes.”

COOPER, Anderson – reporter for CNN.

COSBY, Rita – TV talk show host for “Rita Cosby: Live & Direct” which was cancelled in July 2006.

CRIER, Catherine – Reporter for “Court TV”

CORDOZZA, Michael – Legal analyst for NBC and an attorney.

CUOMO, Chris – Correspondent for ABC’s “PrimeTime Live.”

DI LELLA, Robert – Owner of the Stategic Message Design Group out of California, USA, on scene as early as June 11, 2005 as PR advisor to the PM Nelson Oduber and the ATA, AHATA & Strategic Task Force to rebuttal any negative aspersions cast upon Aruba by the Natalee Holloway disappearance.  Sister company is Cohen (Steve Cohen) DiLella Broadcast Group. DiLella was strategic in getting the MEP party and Oduber into power in the 1980’s.

FAULKNER, Harris – reporter for “A Current Affair”

FURHMAN, Mark – former detective in OJ case, who now is a crime analyst.


GARRISON, Larry – Co-author of Aruba with Stephanie Good and Dave Holloway.
“Julia was the one who leaked on the Internet that Joran was coming to New York. I had journalists calling me because they heard about that. That was shameful, she's presently friends with Anita, things like that, people don't need.” 7-24-06
“…Natalee has become a symbol of everybody's child. Somebody, somewhere will wind up eventually rolling over on the people involved. You can keep it a secret as long as you want, but eventually Aruba is going to get the message that there is so much corruption in Aruba, the only way they can save themselves is to turn around and tell the truth. It's never, ever too late to tell the truth, whether it brings Natalee back or not, I think that Dave and Beth have the right to know the truth…” 7-24-06 on Dana Pretzer’s “C-Band Talk Radio”

GOOD, R. Stephanie  – Attorney and co-author of Aruba book with Dave Holloway & Larry Garrison.


GRACE, Nancy – Talk show host for CNN’s “Nancy Grace.”

GUIFOYLE, Kimberly – Talk show host for Court TV.

HANNITY, Sean – conservative TV talk show host for Fox’s “Hannity and Colmes.”

KOSINSKI, Michelle – Correspondent for NBC and MSNBC

MATTHEWS, Chris – TV show host for MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

McGRAW, Dr Phil – TV show host who premiered the Skeeters/Deepak interview

MURPHY, Wendy – Legal analyst, law professor & former DA.

O’REILLY, Bill – Talk show host for Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

PAULY, John – American media advisor to the Aruban Strategic Task Force.  Also PR man from Philly, involved with the Adult Freedom Foundation.

PEDERSEN, Kristina - NE reporter who wrote article about Joran in the NL

PENHAUL, Karl – Video correspondent for CNN, based out of Bogotá, Colombia.

PRETZER, Dana – Radio Show Host for C-Band Talk Radio, which is now Scared Monkeys Radio. Advocate for Natalee. He has interviewed Beth, Dave, Jossy Mansur, Art Wood, Tim Miller & Larry Garrison among others.


RIVERA, Craig – Correspondent for “Inside Edition” and younger brother of Geraldo Rivera. He accompanied Dave to the VIP Club. Geraldo & Craig documented the prolific drug trade outside of Carlo’s N Charlie’s and along the strip of bars in downtown Oranjestad.

RIVERA, Geraldo -  Talk show host for Fox’s “The Geraldo Rivera Show.” 

SCARBOROUGH, Joe – TV talk show host on MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country”.

SCARED MONKEYS – Red and Dugga are owners of Scared Monkeys and Klaasend is the Administrator who oversees the day to day activities along with various moderators.  Scared Monkeys is a blog and discussion board concerned with missing persons cases and current news events around the country.  Advocate for Natalee’s loved ones.

Van SUSTERN, Greta -  Talk show host for Fox’s “On The Record.”

Van ZANDT,Clint - MSNBC analyst and retired F.B.I. profiler, hostage negotiator.
Dr. Clinton R. Van Zandt was with the FBI for 25 years where he served as a Supervisor with the FBI's internationally respected Behavioral Science or "Silence of the Lambs" Unit. He was also the FBI's Chief Hostage Negotiator and managed the FBI's Major Case/Crisis Management Program. Prior to this he was an Agent with US Army Intelligence and he is a Vietnam veteran. He has been the primary hostage negotiator for numerous national and international kidnap and hostage situations and he has testified before the US Senate.

WAGSCHALL, Gary – reporter for “A Current Affair” interviews JVDS  near Arnhem, NL on 9-26-05 

ZAHN, Paula – Anchor for CNN’s “Now.”


ALLEN, Tracy – American tourist attacked near the Fisherman’s huts one week prior to the disappearance of Natalee.

BADEN, Dr Michael M. –  forensics expert.  Dr. Michael Baden is the former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City and is presently the chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police. He received a B.S. Degree from the City College of New York and an M.D. Degree from New York University School of Medicine. He trained in internal medicine and pathology at Bellevue Hospital Medical Center where he was intern, resident and Chief Resident. He has been a medical examiner for forty-five years and has performed more than 20,000 medico-legal autopsies. He has held professorial teaching appointments at Albert Einstein Medical School, Albany Medical College, New York University, New York Law School and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has been a consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Veteran's Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm's, Drug Enforcement Agency and the United States Department of Justice.

BEARMAN, Jody - one of the Twitty’s friends present at VDS home on 5-30-05. She was the coordinator of the travel arrangements for the MBHS students.

BRADLEY, Amy – 23 year old woman reported missing on 3-24-98 from a cruise ship en route to Curacao.  Employees on the ship had been talking to her about Carlo’s N Charlie’s on Aruba.  She is believed to be a sex slave in a brothel on Curacao.

CACCAVALE, Carla -  Aruban spokesperson for the Holloway Twitty families.

CADMUS, Cathy - On 8-22 Cathy Cadmus (Shelby Cadmus’s mother) told “FoxNews” that they believe Principal Suspect J. Sloot is completely innocent. Cadmus said that her family and the Suspects Sloot’s family became friends around 2001, and during the month of August of 2002 Principal Suspect J. Sloot stayed with them in NJ and went to a camp with Shelby. She described the two teens as becoming “very close,” and admitted that they allowed the 15 year olds to drink. Cadmus said the families are still friends and staying in close contact during the investigation.

CADMUS, Shelby – 16 year old that came to the defense of Joran.  Said that she and Joran were intimate and that he was such a gentleman when staying with them, in NJ.

CULPEPPER, Eddie - "Wall of Hope and Prayer" for Natalee is built on 6-8-05

DELANEY, Adrianne -  American girl from Boston who disappeared 2-18-06 and was found in Aruba alive on 2-24-06.

FORNARO - While snorkeling on 7-6-05 about a “half-mile from the Marriott off Arashi beach,“ Fornaro discovered one bone in the ocean that she found “between 2 large rocks.” Fornaro describes the bone as being 3.5” to 5.0” long, larger at one end that was rounded “like a bone joint,” gray in color, and still had a “whitish tissue that was still meaty and flesh-like that was still attached to the bone.”

MAMMANO, Joe - This wealthy businessman put up the majority of the reward money for Natalee and he stated unequivocally that he told Beth he would stay the course as long as it took and financially support all her efforts in bringing the case of Natalee's disappearance to resolution.

MORGAN, Mary Ann – psychic who accompanied Dave to KIA when Dave spoke at length with Paulus while gripping his hand.

MURPHEY, Patrick – citizen of the Caymen Islands who voluntarily searched for Natalee Holloway in Aruba
PAGE, G. Ruffner,  Jr. – one of the Twitty’s friends present at VDS home on 5-30-05.  President of McWane Inc., whose private jet was used to fly the Twitty Family to Aruba on 6-30-05.

PRINCE, Celeste Took pictures of Joran and blonde at the Marriott Beach.
She tells INSIDE EDITION, "Everyone I was there with, other hotel guests, we were all kind of appalled." Despite Celeste's feelings, it appeared that van der Sloot was anything but uncomfortable with the attention. Celeste says, "He definitely noticed that people were watching him and taking pictures but he didn't seem fazed."

SANDNER, Liz – Natalee’s Bible study leader

WAYMIRE, Larry - an American Reverend from Boston, Mass who has lived in Aruba for 6 years, ministers a sermon during the first “California lighthouse” prayers vigil for Natalee attended by about 70 persons on 6-5.


Natalee’s female friends

BROUGHTON, Lee -  one of Natalee’s close friends, seen with her at the Excelsior Casino & CnC’s

BROWN, Holly - (was in the casino surveillance camera group) “We went to dinner at the little hotel restaurant, and we went to the casino.”
“And I can remember walking up and meeting Joran, and it's just creepy to look back, and you can remember vividly that exact night, especially seeing the surveillance camera. It was really hard because it was like that night in action.”

BRYD, Frances Ellen – Natalee’s friend who made the mysterious comment about seeing Natalee which lead to speculation that she had seen Natalee at the HI.
“No, I don't know how many people exactly, but there was a lot of people there at closing time, including the local people and all the other people that were in Carlos and Charlie's that night. And when we all left, there was just a huge group of people waiting outside for taxis, and I never saw her get into that taxi.”
Exercpt from an interview:
“Interviewer: Let me ask you, Frances Ellen, when is the last time you saw her?
Frances Ellen Byrd: That night.
Interviewer: Yes, you saw her the night...
Frances Ellen Byrd: I was with her that night.
Interviewer: You were with her that night.
Frances Ellen Byrd: Yes. Yes.
Interviewer: All the friends went back to the hotel. And did you all see her go back to the hotel or not?
Frances Ellen Byrd: I am just leaving it that we saw her there.
Interviewer: Saw her that night.
Frances Ellen Byrd: Right.
Mountain Brook youth minister: Yes. Absolutely.
Interviewer: All right. Well, Frances Ellen, thank you so much for being with us tonight. Mark (Mark Yoder,the youth minister), thank you. And, of course, our prayers are going to be with you, with Natalee and with Natalee‘s family on this very important search.
Frances Ellen Byrd: Thank you. Thank you so much. “ 

FIERMAN, Claire – MBHS student
“Did I see him? ... No, I`ve never seen him. I wasn`t at Carlos and Charlie`s, and I`d never seen him. I`ve never seen him, ever.” 

JORDAN, Alana – went back looking for stragglers at CnC’s and spoke to Natalee who indicated she was going back to the hotel with the MB kids.
“The last time I saw Natalee, we were leaving the club, and a friend of mine went back to the club because we were going to make sure that no one got left because we were leaving at closing. And we ran into her and asked her if she was Ok. And she said, "Yes" and indicated that she was going back to the hotel with some other Mountain Brook students.”     
“ I never met him before, and that night he didn't talk. He was just walking next to her. But I assumed that it was him. It was a tall guy with dark hair. I never knew his name, though.“       
“…he (Joran) was in our casino a lot.”

“(I) got to know van der Sloot at the Black Jack table.” 
“The way he came off wasn't at all in a threatening way, he was really naive to everybody.” 
“He didn't look like one of the locals and he didn't act like one of the locals.  He acted more like he was just down there vacationing.”   

KISSEL, Ed – saw Natalee dancing with JvdS at CnCs.
“I think I saw her a little later  that night. I had stayed in Carlos 'n Charlie's pretty long, and I saw her dancing with Van Der Sloot later that night.”   
“I didn't know him, but I had seen -- he had been around the hotel and the casino with her (Natalee) and with her friends, her closer friends, just hanging out around the hotel for the last few days, two or three days.“ 
“I did not see her getting in the car. I saw her leaving, looked like with Van Der Sloot. I didn't see her getting in the car. You couldn't really see the road from inside the bar, so that is what I saw.”     

LILLY, Paul - One of the MB chaperones

MCVAY, Ruth – one of Natalee’s Aruba trip roommates  - left CnC’s shortly after J2K arrived.
 “(Joran) showed up around midnight.  (I) left soon after.  I was tired.”

MILLER, Ben – gave interview to NY Newsday on 6-20
(quoted in news article that..) he later saw her leave Carlos 'N Charlie's, with Kalpoe and his brother Satish.

MORRIS, William – boyfriend of FEB, who received the phone call that morning where a voice was heard to say, “are you calling home?”  That call is believed to be from Natalee.
“I don‘t know a person that just doesn‘t like Natalee.  She‘s not mean to anyone.  She‘s just an outgoing, beautiful, just nice girl that everyone is missing and ready for her to come home.”   

PAGE, Virginia – one of Nat’s friends dancing w/ her at CnC’s.
“I remember dancing with her for most of the time, and then an hour before (Carlos ‘N’ Charlies) closed, I didn’t see her again. She hadn’t planned on meeting (Van der Sloot), he just happened to be there.” 

PLUMMER, Bob – MB chaperone who gave interview.  He said he was not present at Carlo’s N Charlie’s that night.

REYNOLDS, Bryan – reportedly intervened in the scuffle on Friday night at CnC’s.
“There was almost a fight between my friend and him (Joran). I had to break them up. That's when I got a good look at them.” 
 “(I) saw (Joran and the Kalpoe brothers) hanging out at the Holiday Inn”  source
“Van der Sloot  got into a scuffle with some of the Mountain Brook guys at the bar.”   
“I broke it up. It was outside the Carlos 'n Charlies, the second night we were there.”   

UNCAPHER, Haleigh - is the Mountain Brook student who stayed behind with the chaperone and joined in the search for Natalee.
“She had never talked to me about it.  I have not talked to any of her friends.  And from what I know of, they didn‘t know.  They only knew him from Sunday night when—at Carlos ‘n Charlie‘s.”

WEATHERLY, Katherine –  MBHS student
“Actually...I was with Natalee. We were all together, dancing, and Natalee was only with Joran towards the end of the night. But, I did pass him. I didn`t really even notice him. And that was it.”

WHATLEY, Madison – one of Natalee’s Aruba trip roommates

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