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Author Topic: DEEPAK 6/09/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 6299 times)
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Mutatie No.: Parket No. :Adm. No.
Verklaring verdachte
We, Johny Melvis ERASMUS and Clyde Anthony BURKE, respectively officer first class and sergeant first class, with the Korps Politie Aruba and attached to the Section Often Occurring Crimes District II, declare the following.
On June 9th 2005, approximately 10:55am, we interviewed as a suspect the man named:  Deepak Sharma KALPOE, born in Paramaribo, Surinam on October 6 1983, assistant manager Cyberzone Internet Café and living on Hooiberg 91-B, Santa Cruz, Aruba.
Before the suspect was interviewed, he was informed by me, ERASMUS, that he was not obliged to make a statement.
He then made a statement in dutch, that was transcribed by me, ERASMUS, and goes as follows:
Before the interview started I was informed by you that I am under no obligation to make a statement. Although I know that, I am still willing to make a statement. I had earlier given a statement about what happened that day. My statement will not differ from the one I earlier gave. Details I have now forgotten. I will try to remember as much as possible. I have to inform you that I was contacted a few days ago by a boy named Steve. Steve said to me that he saw us on May 30th 2005 when we dropped the girl off in the nightly hours. Steve's phone number is REMOVED.
On May 29th 2005 I was called before closing time of the business where I work by Joran. (with Joran is meant suspect J.A.P. van der Sloot; comment by reporting officers). I was working. We close approximately at 22.00 hours. I assume that Joran called me at approximately 21.50 hours. Joran had asked me if I had to work the next day. I had told him that I had to work tomorrow afternoon. He then asked me whether I wanted to go with to "Carlos & Charlies", because he had met a few girls and wanted to meet them again in "Carlos & Charlies". I agreed and told him that I would pick him up later. A little before 23.00 hours I drove home. I ate something at home together with my brother Satish and after that I vacuumed the carpet on the inside of my car. (with Satish is meant the suspect S.S. KALPOE; comment reporting officers). My sister Angie was already asleep. My mother was not home, she was working. The man with whom my mother is married, was also at work. While we ate I had asked Satish if he wanted to come to "Carlos & Charlies". After I finished vacuuming I went and took a shower. A little before 0.00 hours I drove to Joran's house. Joran lives on the address Montanja 19. He lives in his own apartment. We, Satish and me, entered Joran's because he wasn't ready yet. He was still printing a project/something for school. We were inside Joran's place for about fifteen minutes. After that we drove to "Carlos & Charlies". I had parked my car in the parking lot behind "Carlos & Charlies" with the front side of my car parked towards the wall of "Carlos & Charlies". We got out and walked towards "Carlos & Charlies". At that time it was approximately 00:30 hours. We walked straight to the bar. Joran had bought us something to drink. He hadn't asked us what we wanted, because he already knew what we liked to drink. He had bought three "YARDS" with whisky coke. We walked to the podium/stage. Podium/stage is a floor-elevation where one dances. We went and watched. I estimate that about seventy people were present or more, maybe. We stood there with the three of us talking. Shortly after that, I estimate about three to four minutes, Joran was called over by a girl, by means of a hand gesture (with the girl is Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY is meant; comment reporting officers). By the way the girl was dancing, I assumed that she was reasonable intoxicated. Joran had made it known by hand gesture that he didn't want to come to her. After the song was over, the girl walked over to Joran. The girl was a bit unsteady on her feet when walking up to Joran. I noticed that she was a pretty girl. I saw that Joran and the girl were talking. I heard that the topic was dancing. I saw Joran laugh and saw that Joran said something back to her. I did not hear what Joran said back to her. I looked around and did not pay attention to what they were talking about. A friend of mine came walking up to me. His name is Eli and I don't know his last name. He used to me in my class at the MAVO/BAVO. Eli talked to me for about five to ten minutes. Eli then walked away. When I turned around Satish and Joran were nowhere to be seen. They hadn't even told that they were leaving. I looked for them for a short while, but hadn't found them. I was in the bathroom for a little while. I have no patience to look. After the bathroom I looked around somewhat. I walked past the bar, past the glass section where the "Carlos & Charlies" souvenirs of "Carlos & Charlie" are sold to the outside. When I was walking outside, I could hear the announcement that it was the last opportunity to buy alcohol. That is always announced before closing, I walked to my car. My car was the only one parked in the back of the parking lot. I went and sat in my car to wait for Satish and Joran. I had no more money left on my pre-paid phone to call them. I was listening to the radio and was trying to adjust the sound. The car door on the right front door was opened. I looked up and saw that it was Satish. Satish sat down next to me. Then the back car door opened. Joran got into the car. He got in on the right side of the car and sat down behind Satish. The girl had also got into the car through the back car door on the left side. She sat down behind me in the car. I greeted her. I said to her: "Hi" She greeted me back and had told me her name. I immediately forgot her name. I had no problem with the fact that she was sitting in the car. It wasn't the first time that I had girls in my car that were on vacation and dropped them off at hotels. I looked in front of me and asked Joran in Papiamentu what were we going to do. Joran answered in Papiamentu drive around. I backed up my car, drove from the parking lot and then past "Carlos & Charlies" twice. I had the volume of my car radio turned up pretty high. To understand each other we had to talk loudly. During the two times that we drove past "Carlos & Charlies" I hadn't spoken to the girl. I only talked to my brother. When I was going to pass by Carlos & Charlies for the third time I saw a police van on the corner. I wasn't wearing my seatbelt and because of that I turned into the other direction. I decided to Turn right instead of left, in the direction of   "Choose a Name". When I turned left we had to drive at walking pace because of a row of cars in front of me. During that time the girl stuck her head out of the car and yelled something. I had not understood what she had shouted. I looked into the direction she had been yelling to. I saw a group of people standing there, there were both boys and girls there. It was a group of more than ten people. I assumed that they belonged with her group. One of the boys responded and walked towards us. I hear the boy say: " What are you doing there. Are you crazy, get out of the car."(loosely translated: What are you doing. Are you nuts/crazy. Get out of that car). She didn't want to get out. I hadn't responded to it. I kept on driving at walking pace and stopped my car at the zebra crossing. I had done this because I thought it would be better if she went with her friends. To prevent problems because her friends clearly didn't want her coming with us. To your question as to what I mean by problems, I can state the following. The kind of problem that I have now gotten into. People would think that she would have gone with us against her will. She had been more drunk than she had been previously. I thought that she talked too much. She talked pretty loud, I could not hear what she was talking about. I had told her in English that if her friends thought it better she'd go with them, that it would be best if she did. She refused to go with them. She said I could also drop her off, seeing as I owned a car. It is possible that I turned down the volume of my radio, or else I would have had to shout at her. I then drove on. I drove into the first road immediately after "Choose a Name". This road leads to "mainstreet". I had turned up the volume of the car radio again. On "mainstreet" I turned right. At the intersection I turned left in the direct mail road (with main road the L.G. Smith Boulevard is meant; comment reporting officers). On the main road I turned right, towards "Royal Plaza". I had planned to drop the girl off with her friends. When I came back to the intersection where her friend had been standing, I found they had left from there. That was at approximately 01.20 hours. In English I asked in general what we were going to do. She said in English that she wanted to see sharks at the "lighthouse". I assumed she wanted to see the "Lighthouse". I hadn't thought anything else. I drove into the direction of the "Lighthouse" with a speed of between seventy to eighty kilometers an hour. I know this because I have made it a habit to look at the speedometer. I drove into the direction of the "Lighthouse" over the main road. On the way there I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that Joran and the girl were french kissing, that was in the vicinity of where "Hooters" used to be. I had been looking into the rear view mirror regularly looking at the traffic situation. The times that I looked back I saw there were French kissing. They were not kissing constantly because I heard them talking too. While they were kissing, I just thought that it was Joran's girlfriend and didn't think anything else of it. I had constantly driven on asphalted roads. I am very careful with my car and I don't drive on roads with a lof of potholes and bumps. It was for first time I had driven with this car out to the "Lighthouse". At the "Lighthouse" I continued to follow the asphalted road. This road leads past the restaurant back up to the "lighthouse". Arriving at the "Lighthouse" I had started to drive more slowly. Just before we drove past the restaurant I said in English that this is the "Lighthouse". Nobody responded. I looked around to the back of the car and saw that Joran and the girl were French kissing. Joran had his hand under the girls skirt. According to me it was his left hand. I didn't think it strange, I had seen this before with friends who took girls with them in my car.
I immediately faced forward. I looked at Satish with a look saying, what should I do. Satish said to me in dutch to keep driving. This all happened near the restaurant. I saw that at the "Lighthouse" two cars were parked. A green coloured jeep, with according to me four doors, open roof (soft top), that looked like a Suzuki Vitara and a white four door saloon. I drove back down at a calm speed. After I had passed the hills I picked up the speed until I drove seventy to eighty kilometers an hour. At the section where there was no street lighting, Joran told me that the girl had fallen asleep. I quickly turned around and saw that she was really sleeping. I asked Joran in dutch how that was possible. I told Joran to wake up the girl to ask her where she was saying in order for me to drop her off. After I asked Joran where she was staying, about one to two minutes had passed before Joran told me that she was staying at the "Holiday Inn" hotel. Just to be sure, I repeated "Holiday Inn". Satish also asked Joran: "Holiday Inn"! I then accelerated until I hit ninety kilometers an hour. The exhaust of my car makes a lot of noise. The faster I drive the noisier it becomes. I immediately turned into the first road that leads to the "Holiday Inn".  (the J.B. Irausquin Boulevard; comment reporting officer). At the "Holiday Inn" I stopped under the roof that covered the most easterly lane of the two lanes that go past the lobby of afore mentioned hotel. The roof is supported by columns and thus is split into two. She was sleeping. Joran woke her up. According to me Joran said to her that we were at the hotel. She got out. I had not seen this. I heard something fall. I heard Joran say in Papiamentu shit she has fallen down. Joran exited through the same car door as where she had fallen down to help her up. That was the right back door. I had seen the girl on the ground. I saw Joran help her. I saw that the girl turned around and pushed Joran into the car. I heard that she said something to Joran. I was unable to hear what she had said to Joran. The car radio had been turned down somewhat, the volume was maybe at the nine level or something like that. Joran looked surprised. She walked away from Joran. What I saw is that she was walking towards the lobby. I did not see her enter the lobby. I saw that she leaned against a pillar with one hand. Joran had gotten back into the car and was sitting behind Satish. In the lobby I saw a man walking up to the girl. I saw that he had a radio in his left hand. I assumed that he was talking into the radio because he held it closely in front of his mouth. It was a dark coloured man. He was fairly tall. He wore a black T-shirt and black pants.
I had slowly started pulling up. I saw that there was contact between the girl and the dark coloured man. Contact in the sense that it was verbal contact. I did not see the man touch the girl. The man was standing very close to the girl. I thought that she was in good hands and kept on driving. She was pretty drunk when I dropped her off. I estimate that it was approximately 02.10 hours when I dropped her off at her hotel.
After I had dropped her off at the hotel I took the shortest way towards the main road. I immediately drove to Joran's place and dropped him off there. I think it took me about 15 minutes to get there. I estimate that it was approximately 02.25 hours. After I dropped Joran off I drove straight home. I took me about 15 minutes. Joran doesn't live far away from me. I estimate that it was approximately 02.40 hours. Satish immediately went to bed/sleep. I had turned on the television in the living room. Like that I went in and out of my room. Watching a little television and then sitting behind my computer. I stayed up for about an hour after I had arrived at home. I had phoned no-one, after I got home. I had spoken to no-one until I woke up at approximately 14.00 hours. I have no girlfriend and I have never had a girlfriend.
To your question whether I had also touched/felt up the girl, I have to answer you negatively. I have also not seen Satish feeling/touching her up.
On the way to the Lighthouse and from the Lighthouse to the hotel, I had stopped nowhere. I had the windows of my car closed and the radio on loud.

After the suspect had read his statement, he persisted in his statement, but did not want to sign it until his attorney had also read it.
Of this we, ERASMUS and BURKE, on our oath as officers have made this proces-verbaal, signed and closed in Oranjestad on June 9th 2005.
The reporting officers,




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