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Author Topic: SATISH 06/10/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 5257 times)
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We, Juan Enrique Boezen and Shaniro Baldrik KELLY, respectively head officer first class and sergeant with the Korps Politie Aruba and both attached to the detective squad District 2, declare the following.
On June 10th 2005, at approximately 12:20 hours, we, BOEZEM and KELLY, interviewed the suspect Satish Sharma KALPOE.

Before the interview started, we, BOEZEM and KELLY, informed the suspect in dutch that he was not obliged to answers questions.

The statement that he made in dutch was transcribed and translated in dutch by me, KELLY, and goes as follows:

"I was informed of my rights. I am still going to stand by the statement I made as a witness at the police station in Bubali. I do remember now that my brother had told me. Last week Friday my brother told me that the man Steve had seen us when we dropped off Natalee Holloway that night at the Holiday Inn Hotel. My brother Deepak told me that Steve had said to him that he had seen us. I myself do not know Steve. My brother thinks that Steve works at Digicel. I don't personally know Steve. I have never seen Steve. According to my brother Steve had told him that he had dropped off people at the Holiday Inn on Monday May 30th at approximately 01.45 hours. My brother has also told me that Steve was also in Carlos & Charlies that night. My brother also told me that Steve also had seen us coming out of Carlos & Charlies with the girl Natalee. On that particular day it was going from a Sunday to a Monday and it wasn't busy at that moment in time. The traffic wasn't busy either at that moment in time. It was approximately 01.15 hours when we came out of Carlos & Charlies. When we were leaving Carlos & Charlies we immediately walked towards the car. I think that the girl briefly talked to her friends that were standing in front of Carlos & Charlies. Joran was with her and I think he too briefly waited for her. According to my brother Steve was supposed to work that night and he had quietly slipped out to go to Carlos & Charlies. My brother did not tell to me in what kind of car Steve drives. My brother also told me that Steve had also seen that the girl Natalee had fallen down from the car and that Joran had gone to help her get up. According to me Steve had told my brother that he was dropping off tourists at the Holiday Inn Hotel that night. I did not ask my brother what kind of car Steve drives and he also did not tell me that. On May 29th 2005 we arrived at Carlos & Charlies between 23.30 hours and 23.45 hours. That night at Carlos & Charlies we each drank a "Yard". I only had a "Yard" that night in Carlos & Charlies. My brother also only had one "Yard". Joran had drunk a "Yard" and a "body shot". Joran also had a shot of another drink. I do not know what kind of drink that is. I saw that the girl Natalee also drank a shot of the drink together with Joran. We that night left Carlos & Charlies at approximately 01.15.

w.n.g. S.S. KALPOE

After the suspect had read through the above statement he declared the following: "I will not sign this statement. I first want my lawyer to read through the statement".

Of this we, BOEZEM and KELLY, on our oath as officers, have made this proces-verbaal, closed and signed in Oranjestad on June 10th 2005.

The reporting officers



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