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Author Topic: PAULUS VDS - 06/18/2005 Witness Statement - from BFN  (Read 6690 times)
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We, Roland Ramiro TROMP and Clyde Anthony BURKE, respectively inspector and sergeant first class with the Korps Politie Aruba and attached to the Section Often Occurring Crimes, state the following.

On June 18th 2005 at approximately 18.30 hours, we interviewed as a witness the man who when asked for his name and details, stated to be, Paulus Antonius Petrus Johanna van der SLOOT born in the Netherlands on February 15th 1952, occupation judge (Joint Court) and living at ADDRESS REMOVED in Aruba for further information.

Before his statement would be taken the witness was informed of his right to refuse giving any statement due to the relationship with the suspect (comment translator verschoningsrecht=right to refuse giving evidence/statements against close and immediate family).

The statement that he made was made in dutch and goes as follows.

“Even though I know I have the right to refuse giving a statement, I will make a statement. I believed the story that Joran, Deepak and Satish told, until Joran changed his statement. After that Freddy came to us and told us a different story. Joran had gone with the girl to the beach. (With Freddy is meant the witness Freddy ZEDAN; comment TROMP).

Freddy had told this story shortly after he was interviewed by the police. He had called my wife and had said that he found it important to tell the truth. After that he came over to us and he first talked to my wife. After that he came back one time and and he spoke with Joran's lawyer, his parents, me and my wife were also present. My wife and myself were very crushed/saddened/injured and angry at Joran for apparently not telling us the truth. My wife and the lawyer then confronted Joran about this. According to my wife Joran reacted calmly and said that he had always told Freddy the truth.

To you question whether I had conversations with the boys and told them all what to state if the police would show up on their doorstep, I have the following to state. Again, I believed the boys and I hoped that the girl would re-appear soon. When this did not happen I had told them that if they were the last to have been seen with this girl, they could become suspects. After that I prepared them for this and told them what they could expect if they would be arrested. I repeatedly told them that they would not have any difficulty with this, because as said, they were telling the truth.

To your question whether my son asked if no body would be found that there would be no case, I can state the following. I cannot remember Joran having asked me this. I have said on several occasions in all generatily that if the girl were not found, that this could pose a problem for them, on top of that would be the uncertainty whether a crime and what crime had been committed.

On May 29th 2005, at approximately 16.00 hours, I went with Joran to the “Free Carribean Stud Tournament” in the Holiday Inn. During the break, at approximately 18.30 hours, I went back home. My youngest son Sebastian who was playing at a friends house was due to be dropped off at home around that time. Joran, with my permission, took over my seat because he had been eliminated earlier. We had agreed that he would call me after the tournament, in order for me to come and pick him up. He did indeed call me and at approximately 23.00 hour I picked him up near the Mc Donalds in Palm Beach with my red Suzuki. We drove home and I went to bed. I presumed he also had gone to bed. Afterwards we found out that he had gone out to Carlos & Charlies without my permission.

On May 30th 2005, in the nightly hours, I did not pick up Joran from anywhere. I slept solidly through the night without waking up. On May 30th in the hours of the morning, I did not notice anything different/out of the ordinary with Joran. According to me he got onto the bus of the I.S.A. with his brothers Sebastian and Valentijn just like he always does. I am not absolutely sure about that because I didn't notice it and because Joran didn't have to be at school every day during that period. He was busy with his final exams and sometimes he stayed home. On May 30th at approximately 08.00, I went to work. The precise time I do not know for sure because during that period I had different hours on different days that I started working. I cannot remember any more if I came home to eat in the middle of the day because that too was different on different days. At approximately 16.30, I got home and the kids were already home. Because my wife was in the Netherlands I wanted to be home when the kids came home from school. Between 17.00 hours and 18.30 hours, I dropped off Joran in front of the entrance of the Aruba Raquet Club with my Suzuki so that he could take tennis lessons and go to the gym. He probably had his carrying bag with tennis necessities with him. I saw him enter the building. He had told me that he would afterwards be going to the Wyndham Hotel because a “Free Carribean Stud Tournament” would be held. I immediately went home, had dinner with the other boys and after that I went to bed. I do not remember having had contact with Joran after that. We did make an agreement that he would call me after the tournament was over, or that he would have someone drop him off at the house after the tournament. At some point during the night I was awoken by the barking of the dogs. My son Valentijn came to me and asked me what was happening. There were a lot of people at the door and there was also a police-patrol. I spoke to them and several Americans asked for my son and said that on Sunday night he had been with a girl in Carlos & Charlies. I said, that is impossible, because he played with me in a tournament at the “Holiday Inn” and I had picked him up at Mc Donalds at 23.00 hours. I went to his appartement and then found out that he was not home. I immediately called him with my wife's mobile phone and he answered me that he was at the Wyndham. I let him know that there were people and the police at the door and that they wanted to talk to him. I drove over with the police and when we arrived there it became apparent that he was no longer there. I then called him again and he answered me that he was at the house. We drove back to the house. When we arrived at the house we found that Deepak was also there. (With Deepak is meant the suspect “Deepak Sharma KALPOE”; comment TROMP). There were several people at the scene among others someone named “Charles Croes”, two police officers, the mother of the girl and other people, mostly Americans. Charles accompanied/escorted the group. They started asking Joran if he had been at “Carlos and Charlie's” and where the girl was. A photo was shown to him of the girl and he confirmed that he had been with the girl at Carlos and Charlie's”, that they had flirted and then dropped the girl off at the “Holiday Inn”. Someone in the group shouted/cursed “asshole” at Deepak. I asked everyone to please remain calm and after that the police stepped in. We decided to go to the “Holiday Inn” to go and look for the girl, but without any positive result. At the request of the police it was said that it would be best to file a report at the detective-squad. A man named WILLIAMS, who later turned out to be an FBI-agent had taken Joran apart to talk to Joran. Joran also briefly spoke with the mother of the missing girl. After that the heated atmosphere seemed to have cooled down somewhat. The police officers said they would file a report about what had occurred. It was morning already when Joran and myself were dropped off by the police at home. We did not go to bed anymore. Joran went to school feeling very sleepy. I called the “headmaster” of Joran's school and told him that in the nightly hours a lot of people had been at the house about a missing girl. I asked him if he could be somewhat understanding for the fact that Joran would be sleepy.

At approximately 10.00 hours I was visited at my workplace by Jan van der STRATEN. Jan van der STRATEN requested that I go and pick up my son from school so that he could be interviewed by the police. I asked Jan van der STRATEN if I could remain present when Joran was going to make his statement. He did not see a problem with that. I had a chat with the Headmaster and Joran. I then immediately drove to the police station at Bubali. Joran made a statement while I was present. I had asked to be present and the person who took the statement (KELLY) had no objection to this. While in the presence of JACOBS I did make a remark, that I couldn't understand why the girl had pushed him away, if he had been first kissing with her. I also said that he should have escorted the girl into the hotel if she was that intoxicated. We then went to get something to eat and I talked to him about the case/what happened. Then we drove home.

You tell me that in the past few days I have constantly been with the boys. I have indeed spoken to them regularly to give them support, support because the girl stayed missing and that was on their minds. The mother of Satish and Deepak called and we spoke with her at our home. She too was very worried and we wanted to show we felt the same way. Joran did go to school like normal to do his exams and did go to school. My wife dropped him off after school. Because she is a teacher at the same school Joran goes to. One time there was an incident at the “International School” when family members of the missing girl were putting up posters of the missing girl with written on it: “Kidnapped, ask Joran van der Sloot”. The headmaster then barred these people access to the school grounds. If the girl wasn't found, there was a good chance that the boys would be seen as suspects again. I did find it a bit strange that the boys weren't asked to make more specific/more detailed statements and so I concluded for myself that there probably was information that the girl in fact had been seen after...


...spoken. With some friends who visited us we undoubtedly spoke about this because it was on our minds too. Some of our friends are members of “Friends of Aruba” and were closely involved with the search of the girl.

You ask me whether I told the boys that they would be tapped. I did say that, but only because I suspected that, and a little bit as a joke. Not because I knew there were being tapped.

You are asking me whether I asked Joran for Guido's phone-number. I did indeed do that to verify with Guido if Joran had truly won third place at the Holiday Inn Tournament. Joran had told me he had won third place, he said he had won 150$ and had exchanged these into Aruban Florin. I had my doubts because he hadn't told me he had won the money immediately after winning it. I spoke with Guido at the “Raquet Club” and he told me Joran did indeed win third or fourth place. I allow Joran to play the “Free Tournaments” but he is not allowed to play for real money in the casino.

To your question whether I told Joran, as much as three times, that he should stop saying that he had dropped off the girl at the Holiday Inn, I can state the following. I did indeed say that and I had a serious talk with him in which I said that the should not talk about what happened again. I did this after having talked to my...




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