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Aru-bay videos – filmed by Digital Disciple Dubs

Rocks and dunes by California Lighthouse
the painting of the rocks - on 6-11-05

the white garbage bag – Video 24 – some claim to be able to seethe form of a body within the bag.

Arm bones - The still interconnected human bones of a woman’s forearm and hand was found washed-up on the VENEZUELA Las Piedras beach, near the town Punto Fijo (the southwest side of the VENEZELA peninsula nearest to the west coast of ARUBA, about 18 miles away), on 8-11-05.

Barrel – Recovered by TES submerged by the Marriott Beach, on 7-15-05.
(photograph needed)

Belt – found by Art Wood in the California Sand Dunes not far from the painted rocks in August 2005.
 “It's a distinctive belt .... it has some kind of striations, brown leather, very wide, good thick leather belt and amazingly it's a real long belt.” Art Wood on 7-2-06 on Dana Pretzer’s “c-Band Talk Radio”

Bones – while snorkeling on 7-6-05 about a “half-mile from the Marriott off Arashi beach Jennifer Fornaro discovered one bone in the ocean that she found “between 2 large rocks.” FORNARO describes the bone as being 3.5” to 5.0” long, larger at one end that was rounded “like a bone joint,” gray in color, and still had a “whitish tissue that was still meaty and flesh-like that was still attached to the bone.”
7-4-05 - Reportedly, an Aruban Coastguard Boat went out with several FBI divers to the wild sea on the north of the island. Supposedly there was a tip that NH’s body was dropped in a basket in that area. FBI personnel recovered a bone that resembles part of a human backbone. Bone supposedly was tested.

Cell phone records for Joran 5-30-05 -

Cement block – Recovered by TES on 10-26-05.
(photograph needed)

Condoms & Condom wrappers –( 2 used condoms) – found near huts June 14, 2005 by Charles Rafini & Albert Vrolijk.

Computer records – van der Sloot computer -

Deepak’s car – Grey Honda Accord with enhanced stereo system, tinted windows and a large & noisy muffler system.

DNA – Court ordered on J2K on 7-19-05. Later ruled that J2K’s DNA was illegally obtained. It was never recollected.

Duct tape with blond hairs – found in Arikok Park in the Boca Tortuga area on 7-17-05, less than 1 mile from the shallow grave.  It was reported there were 4 blonde hairs, each about 6” to 1’ long. The duct tape with 4 blonde hairs, each about 6” to 1 foot long, was discovered at 11:45 am on the north-central shoreline in a cave that had access to the ocean. The area of Boca Tortuga is near the Natural Pool or “conchi” called "Cura di Tortuga." The “Cura di Tortuga” is a secret, hidden pool surrounded by rocks. The police also searched several other caves in the immediate area, including “Turtle Cave.”

Fabric – found in the Boca Tortuga area Arikok National Park on 7-17-05. Said to be fishing nets, but appears to match the pattern of Natalee’s top worn on the night she disappeared.

Fish cage – alleged to have been stolen from the Fisherman’s huts on the morning of 5/30/05.

fish nets

Letter to Joran & Paulus – arrived in September, revealed to public and sent to DFI on 12-9-05.  Postmarked from Little Rock, Arkansas.  The letter stated Natalee was alive & living in Arkansas. It claimed she was carrying Jug’s baby that was due to be delivered in January 2006.  It further claimed that the letter would contain Natalee’s DNA, but the only DNA found belonged to Paulus.

Mattress (Bloody) - found 6-5-05 in SE Aruba.  Reported to be dog’s blood.

Panties – Polka-dotted underwear found near huts on June 14, 2005 by Charles Rafini and Albert Vrolijk (top 95 DJ’s).  Other reports were that the underwear was a pink floral pattern.  Panties were reportedly for a much larger woman than Natalee.

Police car conversation recorded 6-24-05 – Joran, Deepak & Satish arguing in police car en route to KIA from the courthouse.
TRANSCRIPT:  http://www.scaredmonkeys.net/viewtopic.php?t=95

Plastic bits – found by Fred Golba near location where belt was found. Thrown to the wind by ALE.

Security Shirt – found 6-6-06 in Colony area of SE Aruba.

Shallow grave - "Texas EquuSearch" team received an in-person tip from an Aruban man who gave them a specific location on the north side of the island within “Arikok National Park” to search. When the team got there, about 100’ from the road they found an open 4’ deep and 6’ long hole that MILLER stated, “certainly looks like a grave site that was possibly dug up.” MILLER also said something “definitely was buried,” the hole was “manmade, remote, had easy access yet hard to see.”  He described the 7-12 tipster as white, in his 20’s, 5’ 7”, and 140 pounds, with a dark complexion.

Skeeter’s taped interview with Deepak Kalpoe – Authenticated by DFI on 11-23-05. Results from analysis of hard drive still pending.

Sunglasses - found 6-6-06 in Colony area of SE Aruba.

Tennis shoe(s)K-Swiss – size 14 – Reportedly a bloody one was found during search of Joran’s apartment, but the DNA did not match Natalee’s.

Toothbrush (Natalee’s) – analyzed & found to have male DNA on it

van der Sloot’s cars – red Jeep and medium blue SUV confiscated on 6-15-06.


Arikok National Park – on North side of Aruba, where the shallow grave, fabric and duct tape with blonde hairs were found.  The caves are located within the park. The park takes up about 18% of the island.

Bird Sanctuary – marshy area next to the Mill Resort & Wyndham Hotel. Searched by TES on 8-5-05. Also searched by Dave Holloway and his father-in-law.

Boca Tortuga - an inlet near a series of caves on Aruba's northeast coast, in Arikok National Park. Location where duct tape with blonde hairs was found on 7-17-05.  During the re-enactment of the find for TV, the fabric matching Natalee’s top was found. It is reported there are 4 blonde hairs, each about 6” to 1’ long. The duct tape with hairs was discovered at 11:45 am on the north-central shoreline area of
“Boca Tortuga” (near the “Natural Pool” tourist attraction) or “conchi” called "Cura di Tortuga." The “Cura di Tortuga” is a secret, hidden pool on the windward north-central coast surrounded by rocks. The duct tape and its blonde hairs was found in a cave that had access to the ocean. The police also searched several other caves in the immediate area, including “Turtle Cave.”

The Caribbean Mercantile Bank – The bank where Paulus reportedly made a deposit of 100 florins for Joran on 5-30-05.
4-B Noord
Tele: 297-586-0202
Fax: 297-586-0203

California Light House –  Perched on a high seaside elevation at Northern tip of Aruba, it is called the California lighthouse b/c of the off-shore sunken shipwreck the “California”.   The old stone California lighthouse is within sight of the Tierra del Sol golf course.  It is believed that J2K took Natalee to this lighthouse that night after Carlos’n Charlie’s.

California Sand Dunes – white sand dunes near the California lighthouse.  It was thought that Natalee was buried there, but searches of the dunes in June 2005 & March 2006 revealed nothing. 

Carlos N Charlies – nightclub from which Natalee was last seen leaving, MB kids partied there on 5/27 & 5/29.  WESTSTRAAT 3-A, ORANJESTAD WEST.  See MAPS SECTION below.

Choose-A-Name Bar – mentioned in the early J2K statements. This is the bar where the bouncer that was mutilated, Pitbull, worked. There are also early stories of the Kalpoe car stopping at this bar, and one of the cars occupants went inside temporarily.

The Container Port – mentioned by Joran in a declaration

Cyberzone Internet Café- Deepak Kalpoe worked there along with his boss Angelina.  On 8-29-05 Luis Ramirez, Deepak’s step-father purchased this business. Business address L.G. Smith Blvd. 82, Oranjestad West, Aruba.

Diamonds International jewelry store – Location where the Kalpoe car with J2K & Natalee inside was filmed on surveillance video at approximately 1:18 AM on 6-30-05.

Fisherman’s Huts – Area of beach just north of the Marriott called Hadicuri beach where there are several small huts with individual doors and overhanging roofs.  This is where Joran alleges he called Deepak to pick him up and where Joran claims he left Natalee.

Guadirikiri Cave – where the body of the bouncer Pitbull was found mutilated & burning. Located within Arikok National Park. The caves, located high in the wall of a limestone cliff, house many deep passages. The first two chambers, about as far as you can go, are damp and dark, filled with bat guano and dripping stones and graffiti along with the petroglyphs. At the front of the cave is a small concession that rents high-intensity flashlights. The concession is open daily 10am - 6pm.

International School of Aruba – a private school where the vd Sloot boys go to school and Anita teaches. Previously located on the SW side of Aruba near the Refinery & KIA, it is now located more centrally. The first 2 photos are of the new school.

KIA prison – Aruba’s prison at the SE end of island where J2K were held.

Landfill – The dump where Junior claims he saw 3 men deposit Natalee and cover her with a small blue plastic swimming pool. It was searched by TES & Dave Holloway at the very end of July.  On 8-12-05 the landfill caught fire. On 8-15-06 the area being searched was bulldozed over resulting in an incomplete and unsuccessful search.

McDonaldss – where Joran claims his Father picked him up at 11PM, although Paulus reportedly initially said 4AM

Painted rocks – where Aru-Bay videos were filmed on 6-10/11-06, near the California lighthouse. Body recovered in this area was said to be a 7 year old boy from Columbia, reportedly found 1 year prior to Natalee’s disappearance.  Explanations for painting the rocks include highlighting them for safe driving alerts, marking them before putting up a road sign and the site of an unspecified accident. 

Pond – It is located across L.G. Smith Blvd from the fishermans huts, next to the Racquet Club. Also known as the Salinja area .  This is where a witness claims to have seen Joran, Deepak & an unidentified third boy in Deepak’s car at approximately 2:30 am the morning Natalee disappeared.  The search of the pond was never completed due to the incomplete draining of the pond.

Racquet Club - Aruba's tennis center, is located at Rooi Santo 21 in the Palm Beach area.

The Tatoo – party boat where Steve Croes worked as a DJ.

Terrain between the pond and the Racquet Club – club seen in the background


Aruba is home to eleven different casinos - with both informal, casual gaming and incredibly elegant and glamorous casinos.  The casinos usually open at mid-day and close just before dawn, although they Crystal Casino at the Aruba Renaissance Resort remains open 24 hours per day. Aruba is the birthplace of Caribbean Stud Poker, an increasingly popular game invented in 1988, where each player vies only with the dealer (as in Blackjack), and the progressive jackpot can reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The legal age for gambling in Aruba is eighteen years of age, although the law is not widely enforced.

Alhambra Casino - Located in the Manchebo Resort, on Manchebo Beach in the low-rise resort area. The doorman, dressed as a genie, will shake your hand as you enter and welcome you to his world of Moorish fantasy.
Gaming Time: 10:00am-4:00am Daily
Games: Slot Machines (302 total); Table Games (15 total), American Roulette (4 tables), Blackjack (8 tables) $300 maximum bet, Caribbean Stud Poker (3 tables), Craps (1 table), Mini-Baccarat (1 table), Poker (4 tables), Roulette
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 47
Tel: +(297) 5835 000 / Fax: +(297) 5834 230

The Casablanca – Located  in the Wyndham Resort, the casino feautures a bar and live music. Big-buck gamblers gather in the back and the Cabaret Royal Showroom features a review from Havana.
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 77
Tel: +(297) 5862 283 / Fax: +(297) 5866 822
Website: www.wyndham.com/hotels/AUAPB/main.wnt
Gaming Time: 10:00am-close Daily
Games: Slot Machines (400 total); Table Games (20 total), American Roulette (5 tables) USD 2.00 to USD 25 bets, Baccarat (1 table), Blackjack (16 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 1,000 bets, Caribbean Stud Poker (4 tables), Craps (2 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Mini-Baccarat (2 tables) USD 10 to USD 1,000 bets, Roulette (6 tables); Video Poker USD 0.05 to USD 1.00 bets, Texas Hold-Em poker.

Copacabana Casino – Located in the Hyatt Regency Resort.  The casino has a Rio theme.  A live band provides music every evening.
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 85
Tel: +(297) 5861 234 / Fax: +(297) 5861 682
Website: aruba.hyatt.com
ID/Passport: Required
Currency: All major currencies accepted (Gaming chips in USD currency)
Language Spoken: Dutch, English, Spanish
Dress Code: Casual
Gaming Time: 1:00pm-close Daily
Games: Slot Machines (295 total) USD 0.05 to USD 1.00 bets, Progressive Slots USD 0.05 to USD 1.00 bets; Table Games (21 total), American Roulette (4 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 50 bets, Baccarat (2 tables), Blackjack (10 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 1,000 bets, Caribbean Stud Poker (4 tables), Craps (3 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 1,000 bets

Crystal Casino – Located in the Renaissance Aruba across from the waterfront in Oranjestad. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Live entertainment is featured in the main room each evening, and a long-running Latin dance-and-music show is featured in the adjoining Crystal Theatre.
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 85
Tel: +(297) 5836 000 / Fax:
Minimum Gaming Age: 18
Currency: All major currencies accepted (Gaming chips in USD currency)
Language Spoken: English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento
Dress Code: Casual
Gaming Time: 24 hours Daily
Games: Slot Machines (411 total); Table Games (34 total), Baccarat (1 table) USD 50 to USD 2,000 bets, Blackjack (14 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Caribbean Stud Poker (4 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 1,000 bets, Craps (1 table) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Let it Ride (2 tables), Mini-Baccarat (1 table) USD 25 to USD 1,000 bets, Roulette (5 tables); Race Book; Sports Book

The Excelsior Casino – in the Holiday Inn Hotel, where Natalee met Joran at the BlackJack table. Owned by Michael Posner.  Quido Wever worked there as a croupier.  The casino draws a crowd on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 3:30 pm bingo games.
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 85
Tel: +(297) 5867 777 / Fax: +(297) 5865 165
ID/Passport: Required
Currency: All major currencies accepted (Gaming chips in USD currency)
Language Spoken: Dutch, English, Spanish
Dress Code: Casual
Gaming Time: Slots 10:00am-5:00am, Table games 1:00pm-5:00am
Games: Slot Machines (257 total) USD 0.05 to USD 1.00 bets, Progressive Slots USD 0.05 to USD 1.00 bets; Table Games (16 total), 21 Superbucks USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, American Roulette (5 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 100 bets, Blackjack (9 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 1000 bets, Caribbean Stud Poker (9 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Craps (1 table) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Let it Ride, Poker (7 tables) (Visit our Directory of Online Poker Sites!), Roulette, Seven Card Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em; Bingo (100 seats) (Visit our Directory of Online Bingo Sites!)

The Masquerade Casino – Located in the Radisson Aruba. The casino has a popular big-screen TV that shows sports events in the bar.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 81
Tel: +(297) 5864 045 / Fax: +(297) 5863 260
Website: www.radisson.com/palmbeachaw
Minimum Gaming Age: 18
Currency: All major currencies accepted (Gaming chips in USD currency)
Language Spoken: English
Dress Code: Casual
Gaming Time: noon-4:00am Daily
Games: Slot Machines (253 total); Table Games (13 total), 3 Card Poker (2 tables), American Roulette (2 tables) USD 2.00 to USD 300 bets, Baccarat, Blackjack (7 tables), Caribbean Stud Poker (3 tables), Craps (1 table), Let it Ride (2 tables) USD 5.00 to USD 500 bets, Seven Card Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em

Occidental Grand Casino formerly Royal Palm Casino – Located in the Occidental Grand Resort/formerly the Allegro.  Many of the staff are also talented performers who put on various Vegas-quality presentations on the jumbo stage at Las Palmas Showroom.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 83
Tel: +(297) 5869 039 / Fax: +9297) 5863 191
Website: www.occidentalhotels.com/allegroaruba
Gaming Time: noon-3:00am Daily
Games: Slot Machines (280 total); Table Games (11 total), Blackjack (5 tables), Caribbean Stud Poker (2 tables), Craps (1 table), Let it Ride (1 table), Roulette (2 tables)

Royal Cabanna – Located in the La Cabanna Beach Resort.  It is the largest casino on the island.  Its Tropicana Showroom has 600 seats and features a popular female impersonator show. The huge casino has the usual slots (320 total) and gaming tables (33 total), Blackjack, Carribean Stud Poker & Craps.

Seaport Casino – Located at the Seaport Marketplace. Live entertainment is featured Friday and Saturday nights.
Tel: +(297) 5835 027 /Fax:
Slot Machines

Silvermoon Casino – Located in the Aruba Grand Resort. Things are a bit quieter at the casual casino but you'll still find some action at the slots and game tables until around 2 am.
J. E. Irausquin Boulevard 79
Tel: +(297) 5863 900 / Fax: +(297) 5861 941
Website: www.arubagrand.com
Minimum Gaming Age: 21
Currency: All major currencies accepted (Gaming chips in USD, Aruba Florins currency)
Language Spoken: English, Dutch, Spanish
Dress Code: Casual
Gaming Time: 10:00am-3:00am Daily
Games: Slot Machines (180 total); Table Games (7 total), American Roulette (1 table) USD 0.50 to USD 300 bets, Blackjack (4 tables) USD 2.00 to USD 500 bets, Caribbean Stud Poker (1 table) USD 2.00 to USD 500 bets, Craps (1 table) USD 5.00 to USD 300 bets, Let it Ride (1 table) USD 5.00 to USD 100 bets, Roulette; Video Poker (35 machines) USD 0.05 to USD 5.00 bets

Stellaris Casino – Located in the Marriott Aruba.  Live music.
 L.G. Smith Blvd. 9
Tel: +(297) 5869 000 / Fax: +(297) 5860 649
Website: www.marriott.aruba.com
Gaming Time: Daily Slots 10:00am-4:00am, Table games 2:00pm-4:00am
Games: Slot Machines (500 total); Table Games (32 total), 3 Card Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Let it Ride, Poker (13 tables) (Visit our Directory of Online Poker Sites!), Roulette


Hi-rise hotels in order from North to South on Western shore of Aruba.

The Aruba Marriott Resort – Northern most hotel in the chain of high-rise hotels.  The Kalpoes allegedly dropped Natalee & Joran off at the beach there, and is where Joran claims he left his shoes. Freddy worked as a bartender at Champion’s, a bar within the Marriott.  The casino is named the Stellaris Casino.  There is a story of a maid who worked at the Marriott who reportedly heard a female screaming that night.  She reportedly looked out a window and saw 2 males pushing a woman into a light colored car. 431 rooms.
L.G. Smith Blvd., Palm Beach, Aruba
Tel: 011-2978-69000 / USA: 908-302-5226 / Fax: 011-2978-60649

A road to the Marriott, either side road just north of the Marriott that leads to the beach or may be the beach road that extends beyond the Fisherman's huts.

Mariott boat launch area

Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club Resort – located between the Marriott Resort Hotel and the Marriott’s Surf Club Resort.   311 rooms.
LG Smith Boulevard #99, Palm Beach, Aruba
Tel: 297-297-869000 or Tel: (297) 586-9000 / Fax: (297) 586-0649

Mariott’s Aruban Surf Club Resort - located between the Marriott’s Ocean Club Resort and  The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. 218 rooms
103 L.G. Smith Blvd, Palm Beach, Aruba
Phone: 297-58-69000    Fax: 297-586-800

The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort – the all inclusive hotel where the MB stayed. Natalee’s room was 7114.  Excelsior Casino located within hotel.  600 rooms.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. #230, Palm Beach
Tel: (297) 586-3600 / Fax: (297) 586-5165

Playa Linda Beach Resort
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard # 87, Palm Beach
Tel: 011-2978-61000 / Telex 384-5148 Linda Aw / Fax: 011-2978-65210

The Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino – CopaCabana Casino. 360 rooms.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 85, Palm Beach
Tel: (297) - 5861 234 / Fax: (297) - 5861 682
Or Tel: 800-233 1234 or 011-2978-61234 / Fax: 011-2978-65478

Occidental Grand Hotel – formerly the Allegro.  The 2 security guards worked there prior to its closing for remodeling.  Was searched for Natalee.  421 rooms.
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard # 83, Palm Beach
Tel: 011-2978-64500 / Fax: 011-2978-63191

The Radisson Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casinol – This is one of the casinos Joran was reportedly at when Paulus & the Twittys were looking for him on 5-31-05.
Minimum Gaming Age: 18.  Casino Masquerade is the name of casino in the hotel. 386 rooms.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. #81, Palm Beach
Tel: (297) 586-6555 / Fax: (297) 586-3260
Or Tel: 011-2978-66555 / Telex: 384-5042 CARIB AW / Fax: 011-2978-63260

Aruba Grand Beach Resort & Casino – closed for remodeling as of May 1, 2006.  Silvermoon Casino – minimum gaming age – 21.   135 rooms. (reference - http://www.ildado.com/land_casinos_aruba.html )
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard # 79, Palm Beach
Tel: 011-2978-63900 / Fax: 011-2978-61941
or Tel: (297) 586-3900 / Fax: (297) 586-1941

The Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino – Now called the Aruba Resort & Spa. The hotel that BHT moved into at end of July 2005.  Joran said to be gambling at the Casablanca Casino there on 5/30-5/31 when BHT arrives at vdS home.  Paulus takes the “Alabama posse” there looking for Joran that night. 421 rooms.
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 77, Palm Beach
Tel: (297) - 5864 466 / Fax: (297) - 5868 21
Or Tel: 011-2978 –64466 / Fax: 011-2978-63403 / 68217
E-mail: info@arubaresortspa.com

The Mill Condominium Resort – 200 rooms
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard # 330, Palm Beach
Tel: 011-2978-67700 /Fax: 011-2978-67271
Or  Tel: (297) 586-7700 / Fax: (297) 586-7271

La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort & Casino – While passing this hotel, J2K reportedly started watching a porn video with Natalee.  Royal Cabana Casino. Reportedly owned by the Mansur family.  811 suites.
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 250, Eagle Beach
Tel: 011-2978-79000 / Fax: 011-2978-77208
Or Tel: (297) 587-9000 / Fax: (297) 587-0834

Renaissance Hotel The Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino features 560 rooms and suites, 15 restaurants, 6 bars and lounges, 3 pools, a health spa, 2 casinos including 24-hour gaming and entertainment, 6 cinemas, 2 fitness centers, a theater featuring international live shows, a 40,000 square foot conference center and over 130 shops.
L.G. Smith Blvd #82, Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel: (297) 583-6000, Fax: (297) 583-4389

Brickell Bay Beach Club Aruba – owned by Mike Posner.
J.E Irausquin Blvd. 370, Aruba
Tele: 800-324-6965 in the USA & Canada
Tele: 297-586-0900  Fax:297-586-4957


Steve Croes’ house

The van Cromvoirt house –  Located at 14-D Paradera, Aruba.

Freddy’s house – 39F & 39G, Montana, Aruba

The Gottenbos House – Located at 31 Malmokweg, Malmok.

The Kalpoe house – Located at Hooiberg 91-B, Santa Cruz, Aruba. Searched June 9, 2005.

Paintball house – Erroneously thought to be Lorenzo’s house or the location of the Raves.

Astrid van Rijn’s House
Astrid’s (Lorenzo’s mother) - Located at 123K Saveneta, Aruba.

Lorenzo’s Van Rijn’s house - Located at 172 Saveneta, Aruba.

 The vd Sloot house  - Located at Montana 19, Aruba. Joran's apartment is searched  June 15, 2005. No access to the main house is allowed except for specific items. Ben King (Vocking) is reportedly present at this time.


Arashi Beach – area on North Western tip of Aruba where the California Lighthouse, sand dunes & rocks are. Powder soft white sand, with some pebbles and stones, and superb swimming / snorkeling in peaceful water. No facilities, but beach huts offer shade. Accessible by car (there's plenty of parking), taxi, or a 10 minute walk from the last bus stop on Malmok.

Hadicurari Beach - (Fisherman's Huts) – area where Joran claims he left Natalee.  Approximately 0.6 miles north of the Holiday Inn. White powder sand with some pebbles and stones, and very shallow water. . The water is clear and shallow enough to be good for swimming and snorkeling, but access is a bit hard on bare feet because of rocks near the water’s edge. Excellent for boardsailing, Hadicurari is the place of the annual Hi-Winds Pro Am Windsurfing Competition. Windsurfing accommodations (Sailboard Vacations & Aruba Boardsailing School) sits a couple of hundred yards up the street to the north of the beach. Accessible by public bus or car.

Malmok Beach - A popular snorkeling spot, Malmok offers shallow water, tiny bays, some lined with white sand... and plenty of fish. Malmok Beach is for the more serious diver not in need of a large sunning beach. The site and entry are both easily accessible. No nearby facilities. Accessible by car or public bus. Area of NW Aruba just south of Arashi, where the Gottenbos home is located.  There is a ramp for launching boats.

Palm Beach – area on Western side of Aruba where the high-rise hotels are located. White powder sands as far as the eye can see, and excellent swimming conditions in calm water. For changing and refreshments, you can use the public areas of the nearby hotels. Hotels also offer their own water sports center. Accessible by public bus, taxi or car.


Alto Vista – On the NE coast, the hamlet where Jaime lives not far from the Alto Vista Chapel.

The Colony – area on the south of Aruba where the security shirt, mattress, sunglasses, and spray bottle were found on 6-06-05

Hooiberg – mountain in central Aruba, referred to as the Haystack.  Close to where the Kalpoes live.

Malmok – area on the NW side of Aruba near the Tara del Sol golf course. The Gottenbos lived here.

Moko – Located SE of the vdSloots home, it is a rocky water reservoir with debris & refuse. Joran is alleged to have disposed of a dog there that he reportedly killed.  A body was found in the reservoir years ago.

Montana – Area of Aruba where the vd Sloot’s live. Below is a Google Earth arial view of the vd Sloot’s  immediate neighborhood.

Noord – Area of Aruba where the police station is located that the Twitty’s went to that first night on Aruba.  Sta Anna’s Church is also located in Noord.

Oranjestad – the Capital city of Aruba.  The downtown area where CnC’s, the Cyberzone Internet Café, the Airport & the port is located.

Paradera – area in central Aruba where the van Cromvoirts lived

San Nicholas – City on the SW tip of Aruba, home to many of the Refinery workers. Second largest city in Aruba.

Saveneta – area on the SW side of Aruba where the Van Rijn homes are located.


Map of Arashi Beach area -

Map of area from Racquet Club to Aruba Grand Hotel and Casino – Joran claims he walked from the Racquet Club to the Aruba Grand Casino on Monday evening, 6-30-05.

Map of Aruba

Map of beaches on Aruba -

[bMap of the Beach Routes[/b] – map showing possible routes J2K may have taken that night en route to the Lighthouse.

Map of Eagle & Manchebo Beach Hotels

Map of the Fishermen’s Huts, Pond, Marriott Hotel -

Map from Fishermen’s Huts to the Holiday Inn

Map of hotels on Aruba – The map showing location of Aruba hotels

Map of locations of evidence
(Klaas’s map needed)

Map of Noord & Montana – shows vd Sloot home, Sta Anna’s Church, and what is thought to be Freddy’s house

Map of Orangestad, Aruba

Map of routes around Carlo’s N Charlie’s

Map of San Nicholas, Aruba

Map to Koen’s house in Malmok Beach


Alto Vista Chapel - The picturesque Chapel of Alto Vista, the first chapel of Aruba. The bright yellow chapel is reached by a winding road lined with white crosses marking the stations of the cross. The chapel was built by the Indians and Spanish and is often referred to as the Pilgrim’s Church.  This is where Beth crawled on her knees before each cross praying for Natalee.

Bacuti Beach Resort –  Live web cameras are located here, in the area of Manchebo Beach.

Blue tarp on the rocks – Photograph taken in April 2006.  It reportedly has not been retrieved.

The buoy – located at Palm Beach

Cemetary – Located in Noord at St Ana’s Church. It was vandalized on 1-11-06 with head stones broken & crypts opened.

Cha Cha Couture -  Koen’s mom’s business located at Lucianitastraat 13.

Choller houses – abandoned buildings used as crack houses –

Colorado Lighthouse – Located at the Southern tip of the island.  To find the Colorado Point Lighthouse, head out of San Nicolas on 1A until you hit a fork in the road. Follow the signs toward Seroe Colorado. The nearby natural bridge and the Colorado Point Lighthouse is not far.

Cruise ships in Aruba port -

Dave’s bookAruba – The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise authored by R. Stephanie Good, Larry Garrison & Dave Holloway. It was a NY Times’ best seller for 3 weeks after its release on 4-12-06.

Digicell Building – Cell phone business owned by Charlie Croes who assisted Beth on the night she arrived in Aruba.

Divi Tree – trees that are blown into these shapes by the ever present tradewinds.

F-16’s – The three F-16 jets equipped with infrared and sonar-scanning capacity radar and a camera with 75 yards of film (650 photos) to help in search starting 7-4. Each of the planes was equipped with a television infrared camera, two daylight cameras and a 12-inch lens housed in pods slung beneath the aircraft. Accompanying the jets would be 40 support personnel, including photo interpreters.  They make a total of 11 flights.

Fault Line in Aruba

Gold mine shafts

HELICOPTER, Aruban helicopter – Reportedly only a few helicopters on the island.

HOSPITAL, Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital – The 370 bed hospital on Aruba located in the low-rise hotel area.
P.O. Box 569, L.G. Smith Boulevard, Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel: 297-5874300   Fax: 297-5873348

Indo Restaurant – located next door to the VIP Club.

Koen’s boat – alleged to have been used in the early morning hours of 5/30/05. Is a Sea Pro speedboat.

Lighthouse Restaurant – La Trattoria Italian Restaurant

Lion’s Den – Made infamous due to Shango’s riddles. Reportedly a private “club” where men take young women for “modeling” jobs.

Natalee’s house in Mountain Brook, Alabama - 

The Natural Bridge – is located on the north east coast. It’s called the Natural Bridge
because it rises 25 feet above the sea and spans a hundred feet of rock-strewn waters carved out of solid coral by centuries of relentless pounding by the  Atlantic surf.  Collapsed 9-2-05

POSTER, The Call Me Hootie poster

POSTER, The kidnapped poster

POSTER, The missing poster

Queen Beatrix International Airport

SLOOT’S, The vd Sloot’s neighbor’s house – searched by TES in early August 2005.

Sta. Anna’s Church – Catholic church & cemetery located in Noord.

Suspect sketch – Composite sketch of the man who attacked a tourist at the Fisherman’s huts the week before Natalee disappeared.

Tierra del Sol  - Golf course south of the Lighthouse

Valero Refinery – Oil refinery located in San Nicholas.  The decapitated man, Rene von Heyningen  is rumored to have worked at the incinerator there.

VIP Club - Reportedly a private “club” where men take young women for “modeling” jobs.  Dave Holloway met with an Indian doctor/Buddhist medium who asked personal questions about Natalee’s birthmarks & moles.  It is now known that this man is Kamar Meisner.

Other Beaches

Andicuri –  Located on the NE tip of the island, it is a popular spot for board and body surfing.

Baby Lagoon Beach – Baby Beach is located in the area known as Seroe Colorado at the SW tip of the island. It got its name because the calm and shallow waters make it ideal for children and/or inexperienced swimmers. Snorklers will enjoy gorgeous coral heads in the channel.

Bachelors Beach – Bachelors Beach is located on the SE of Aruba and is only accessible when winds are from the West.  Do not dive without a guide, as the currents are surprising.

Boca Catalina – Beach area

Boca Daimari – Beach area on rugged East coast.

Boca Grandi Beach – One of the few places to swim on the exposed northern coast, it is like a private beach with treasures to be discovered under the waters.

Boca Prins – A small beach next to picturesque sand dunes, two rocky cliffs, and crashing waves.

Commandeurs Baai – The Dutch “Westindische Compagnie” took over the islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire in 1636 from the Spanish, and a new economic and politic plan was introduced. Curaçao was the operational base for the chief “Commandeur”. Aruba and Bonaire had each their own “Commandeur.”
Commandeurs Baai is one of the first shipping harbors on Aruba.

Dos Playa – Surrounded by a rocky coastline, Dos Playa is a white beach with great waves. Advanced surfers go for an extreme surfing experience here, as the strong winds can be overwhelming for novice enthusiast.

Eagle Beach – located where the high rise hotels change to low rises as in the area of La Cabana.

Manchebo Beach – Western tip of island where the Bucuti Beach Resort and other low rise hotels are located.

Mango Halto – On SE coast

Pos Chiquito – On Western side of the island between the airport & Savaneta.

Rodgers Beach - Rodgers Beach features a slightly rough surf. It is located close to the Baby Beach, offering shady areas and shower facilities. It was a popular place for those that worked at the oil refinery and their families.

Santo Largo Beach - Saveneta Beach is a good sunning beach far from the crowds of the hotel area further North. Snorkeling is good in the shallows, and with a bit of a kick-out, the diver will be rewarded with a nice shelf to explore.

Surfside Beach –  A beach club is located next to this beach. Excellent swimming conditions in calm water. Accessible by public bus, taxi or car.


911 – Fire Dept, Ambulance & Police

Police Stations –  Oranjestad –  100
~~~~~~~~~~ - San Nicholas - 104
~~~~~~~~~~ - Noord - 107
~~~~~~~~~~ - Santa Cruz - 105

LINKS –    - Chamber of Commerce Registry

http://www.arubayp.com/ - telephone directory

http://arubayp.com/whitebook.html - telephone directory - white pages

TNI report on Mafia ties to Aruba - http://www.tni.org/archives/tblick/aruba.htm

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Shizaru, I believe the "first side street" north of the Marriott would be the small street, barely visible on the map-and covered my the Marriott marker on the map. It leads to the boat-launch area. Doubt it has a name. The larger road marked in blue on the map, probably has a name but not sure what it is actually comes alittle after the small side road. Hope this helps.

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What a fantastic job you are doing! I find all these reference threads so helpful.


(Hi BleachedBlack! Good to 'read' you Very Happy )

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Just thought of something as far as missing people went on Aruba.  When they drained the pond, they found a body that had been there for a while also.

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Large area map


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