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Author Topic: PVDS 06/25/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 4793 times)
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« on: August 23, 2006, 11:37:28 AM »


WE, Clyde Anthony BURKE and Haydee Azucena NADAL, respectively police sergeants first class at the Korps Police Aruba, former in service at the many appearance criminality District II and last named at the Recherde Coorperationteam Aruba, declares the following:

On June 25 2005 around 11.35 the suspect P.A.P.J van der Sloot was interrogated:  At the beginning of the interrogation the suspect P.A.P.J. van der Sloot was told that he had the right to remain silent.
His statement in Dutch was put on certificate by us and declared the following:

We spoke last time about that Monday night when Joran was at the "Raquet Club", that I only took the bag with me. I am remembering that it was around 08:00pm when I took the bag to Joran at the “Raquet Club”, this was when Joran was walking in the direction of the Marriott and made the announcement that he was going to participate in the “Free Tournament” at the Wyndham that this came up. In my view I even grumbled (expressed concern) on Joran and then went on to pick up Sebastian at the ZEOLA family. Again I am not sure. This image comes in my head, but I had no reason at that moment to remember any of these things. I had done a lot on automatic pilot. Sure when it came to pickup and bring the kids back. I also don't know the relevance of this fact.

On your question if I can tell you what Joran wore that day, I can explain to you the following:

I can remember very vague, in my view he had something blue, but I am not absolutely sure.

On your question if I can remember what kind of shoes Joran had on, I can explain to you the following:

I think that he had a gym shoes on, but I am not sure.

On your question on what time did the above occur, I can explain to you the following:

The association of 08.00pm comes to me, because I thought that the tournament didn't start at 08.00pm?

On your question if I saw other friends of Joran at the "Raquet Club" on that Monday night of May 30 2005, I can explain to you the following:

I can't remember if I had seen Joran's friends.

On your question on which day did Joran tell me the story about dropping the missing girl at the "Holiday Inn Hotel", I can explain to you the following:

I heard the story for the first time in the night of May 30 2005 around 03.00am when the people came to my house and he told the story to the people.

On your question when did I ask when we were at the "Holiday inn hotel" on the night of May 30 2005, if the camera worked, I can explain to you the following:

I didn't ask this myself. I overheard the woman that worked behind the check-in counter talking about the cameras at the check-in counter.
On your question if I heard the conversation between Joran and the stepfather of the girl when they were talking, I can explain to you the following:

No, the conversation was between Joran and WILLIAMS and I didn't hear what they spoke to each other.

P.A.P.J van der Sloot

After the suspect P.A.P.J van der Sloot had read his statement, he declared he agrees with what is on the paper and signed it. Of which by us, on oath of office made this warrant, closed and signed in Noord on June 23 (25*), 2005.


C.A. BURKE                                  H.A. NADAL

*June 25 at top of statement, June 23 at bottom?


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