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caesu, dare I ask you to decode "BOB" and "IRT" for us country girls?



The so-called IRT affair shocked the nation. Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (*1950) van Justitie interior minister Ed van Thijn (*1934) were forced to resign. It became known that the inter regional detective squad (IRT), with permission from both departments, had been bringing in billions of guilders worth of cocaine and other drugs in an undercover sting operation. The CDA was hurt badly at the May 3 general elections. For the first time since 1917 a cabinet was formed without any of the Christian parties. Because of its color (red of the socialists and blue of the liberals), the new government was called the "purple" cabinet. Wim Kok was prime minister.

to explain BOB i might compare this to the 'Patriot Act'
to give the police special powers to fight terrorism (or organised crime?).

BOB doesn't NOT apply to Aruba! why not?????  ::MonkeyWink::

a guilder is roughly 0.50 euro = 0.40 US$

i mean 0.25US$ but still billions!

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Thanks!...will call now...

If all the people initially repulsed by Joran in Holland had kept up the beat - Joran would have already been arrested. This is political. We know and they know it.

The politicians see the anger has died down and they may feel confident no harm will come to their own personal career.

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Police ignored offer of Van der Eem

Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin acknowledges that the police made errors in the case Joran van der Sloot

Firstly to the police

Against agreement in information originating from Patrick of van der Eem, whose under-cover operation let Van der Sloot to confess, was not forward to the OM. Before contacted Peter R. de Vries, Van der Eem firstly to the Gelderland police.

Civilian infiltrants

This police force passed on the information, however, to the police in Rotterdam, but both police forces did not communicate this the to OM. According to the minister it is not plausible that the under-cover Van der Eem would have been usable anyway. For this reason governement coalition party CDA wants a discussion concerning the role of civilian infiltrants in criminal matters.

there were questions asked as why the police did not work with the info patrick had offered them.
of course,in hindsight, they would rather have the confessiontapes on the OM's conto instead of on Peter de Vriess'
thats all this is about.

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Paulus' Brother

caesu writes: interesting is also. that on monday right after the broadcast a fellow member of Hero Brinkman asked for an emergence debate about exactly this issue. but other parties didn't want a debate???

I recall reading here that Pualus' brother (joran's uncle) is/was a member of a Dutch political party and held a government post.  I can't remember his name -- was it Marko?

Perhaps klass can find?

As I recall, you are correct.  I'm sure someone can confirm quicker than I but I believe you are right. 

I keep saying that but at times it is pooh poohed.

which party? i don't know details.
but things are coming together imo.

also the bashing on hero brinkman has started on tv.

also in the news article it says "the confession".
i don't know if this is quoted from the justice minister.
if he did he made another error because he shouldn't get involved like that.
(trias politica)
OM should decide if it is a confession or not.
justice minister does head the OM but he can't comment on particular cases.
he only has to make sure - they've got the tools and the money.


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