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just to make clear that what hirsch ballin said there had nothing to do with the investigations that we are talking about on this forum.
i dont want you to get your hopes high on nothing

This is rumored to be Paulus's brother -


VVF party.

When I read that Patrick Van der Eem had approach the Aruban authorities prior to Peter Devries in regards to exposing Joran van der Sloot  ... it did not sit too well with me.  Joran could have been forewarned about his "friend" and ... decided to relate an account that only implicated him and ... distanced his father ... in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  That is the reason that the accomplice and ... the telephone call ... are pieces of the puzzle that do not fit.

I have save another article/transcript where Hans Mos affirms that Patrick approached the police/him (?) prior to approaching Peter Devries.  I am look for it.  Maybe another Monkey has this article/transcript.



Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Joran and OM talk tomorrow in the Netherlands

ORANJESTAD – The conversation between Joran van der Sloot and the Public Prosecutor (OM) will most probably take place in the Netherlands tomorrow, said Joran’s lawyer Ariean de Bie.  Van der Sloot indicated last Monday that he is willing to be interrogated again by the police. According to Van der Eem, Joran continued to bombard him with email and sms until the day of the disclosure. 

After he had met Joran in a poker game in the casino, Van der Eem had approached the Dutch police last year with the suggestion to unmask him.  Justice questions the fact that he had given himself up.  Due to the fact that there is no law for special powers to investigate (BOB), deploy a civil informant in Aruba is unfortunately impossible, but this is different in the Netherlands.  Using police-informants is possible, but with ‘a lot of trouble’.  “But that is going to change”, said an insider in the OM.  “A BOB law is in the make and will probably be presented soon.”

Good Afternoon all....

my question....

Deepak Statement 6-13-05

In the Van Der Sloot yard on 5-31-05  "One of the family members said in English to Joran that he was lying and that they saw Joran and the girl on the videocameras of the WINDHAM CASINO earlier that afternoon.  Then I asked if she was missing or if they saw her on camera.  And an American man said to me "Yes, because you two assholes went out with her yesterday and now she is missing".

Jan Van der Straten went to the WINDHAM shortly after this statement to meet with security Aaron Jean Marc.
This is the only time I find Van der Straten listed on this Discovery Log.

Was Natalee at the WINDHAM on the afternoon of 5-31-05 and possibly still alive?

i think there is a misunderstanding here. patrick offered his services to the dutch police in HOLLAND not in Aruba.
He met Joran in a casino in Arnhem, in Holland.


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