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Quote from: caesu on February 15, 2008, 07:06:15 PM

i also want add this:

it is not just about natalee imo.

it is to show the world that law enforcement systems cannot get away with denying a mother to know the truth about her daughter.

the world has to see the faces of the people who were responsible for this.

so no law enforcement system where-ever in the world will try to mess it up like they did again.

because not every one has the comminucational skills, strength like Beth.

so if a mother who doesn't know how to find the right words or to rally support looses a child she doesn't stand a chance against a law enforcement system.

that's why i think this has to go all to way to the truth no matter how many media attention, lawsuits and what else.

well said, caesu, very well said.

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only with his hide

LOL Anna you are funny hahahahahaha
here is a link to pictrures of bram

Well, fine looking man but he's no Peter R deVires!

. ::MonkeyHaHa:: vote goes to Peter, also... ::MonkeyCool::

The message these people are sending out to the world is: it's cool to be a liar, it's cool to be a murderer you get to be on TV, jesus there's even joran ringtones in the netherlands. Plz nail the sucker in the name of future sanity

Proces-verbaal findings

I, Jan van der STRATEN, police chief with the Aruban Police Corps, state the following.

On Monday June 13th 2005, at approximately 13.00 hours I spoke informally with the suspect Joran Andreas Petrus v/d SLOOT at the police station in Oranjestad.

On my question to Joran whether he can tell me what happened after the girl had fallen asleep on the beach near Fisherman's Hut, he answered:

I called DEEPAK and he came with two dogs. I think he raped the girl and did something to her.

To my question where the girl was buried, he answered: I think that she was buried next to the wall of the Fisherman's Hut, the rest I would not know.

During the conversation Joran showed differing emotions. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he was direct in his answers.

Joran also indicated that he was very sorry for his family and that he had the best contact with his father.

When I asked him why did he lie to his father about the Holiday Inn, Joran answered that he had disappointed his father with that.

Of this I reported on my oath as officer on June 17th 2005.

J. van der STRATEN

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Would you choose him:

Or him:

Or him  ::MonkeyHaHa::

I choose the Fox on top myself!!! ::MonkeyTongue::

ME TOO.....


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