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Quote from: Frank on February 15, 2008, 04:40:05 PM

Rudy Croes holds no sway over van der straaten, dompig or Janssen. I believe he is doing exactly that, he's told Paulus to take responsibility or leave the island.

The Dutch Aruba tension is flaring.

Mos is in charge, but he's an outsider. This is the tacit plea bargain. Either Paulus admits what he's done, or leave.

i do not know enough about the case. because it's just too much info.
so maybe this has already been covered.
but i've been reading a lot about Rudy Croes.


Instead the Amsterdam police corps ordered a twenty men strong arrest squad to Aruba. In the meantime Zwinkels prohibited the Aruban police force to hear possible witnesses in a large drug case, one of them former-minister of justice Rudy Croes. Zwinkels second in command Van Eck told Rasmijn and Zaandam: You must realise that this wittness is a ex-minister of justice and current state member. Your letters do not show that. Keep in mind that he could return as a minister of justice at a next government.


these things tell me has a lot to hide from the past.


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