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Author Topic: A Great Contribution To Mankind...Sharing Information  (Read 2192 times)
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« on: April 02, 2008, 12:14:08 AM »

Alarming numbers of U.S. citizens are being kidnapped and killed at "well-known" tourist destinations in Mexico.  The number of deaths and missing are growing by hundreds each year.  One case is that of a child who was missing on the property of the Occidental Grand Xcaret.  The resort attempted to mask his disappearance.  The resort guests discovered the fact that the child was violently dragged from behind in a swimming pool which they operated with 12 inch uncovered pipes.  To this day the case of Brent Midlock could parallel Natalee Holloway's if guests did not share information.

Mexico has launched their most aggressive tourism promotion “Beyond Your Expectations” for 2008.  Over the past few years the number of tourist deaths in the “well-known regions” continues to escalate at alarming numbers.  In fact, Mexico Tourism accounts for 30% of all non-natural causes of American citizens' deaths in 2007.  Sadly, Canadian citizens' deaths are comparable.  A coalition of victims’ families has formed with the purpose of saving lives.  Lives can be saved by sharing facts and experiences of horrifying crimes.  We believe it is the right, not privilege for all citizens’ to be informed of facts and truths prior to planning any vacation outside the United States.  Mexico diligently attempts to hide the alarming increases of tourist deaths and those who are missing rather than resolving the growing problems they chose to entice tourists via promotions and price.  The simple message is to plan a vacation elsewhere.  Despite the aggressive "Beyond Your Expectations" the Mexican government and tourism industry truly does exceed the expectations of many travelers by the lack of safety, security and their inability to control crimes.  When reading the family stories you can be the judge.  Justice for the victims and/or families never prevails in Mexico or the United States. Google Brent Midlock & Nolan Webster.
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