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Author Topic: What Bugs you the most about the Shango and friends various posts ?  (Read 308115 times)
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Monkey Junky
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« on: August 06, 2009, 05:20:33 PM »

What Bugs me the most is WHY people wanted to analyse what Shango was saying..
It did not matter what Shango was saying because it was all misleading information.

What I think most people missed was it was not about what Shango posted.
It was about what Shango represented in this area of the world.

Shango = Santeria derived from the Nigerian, Shango and Catholic religions 
 A religion that performs sacrifice to Various Gods, one of those Gods was Shango.

No matter how many times and places this was pointed out. People still insisted on analyzing of Shango words, like they had meaning that might help anyone..

I have always hoped that people would grown from this experience to become better and stronger researchers in future cases.. Not to be easily mislead into following the wrong path by misleading people for what ever reason.

Shango, Simian, Caps and all the rest are really co conspirators in the crime of murder. There JOB was to post misleading information as it was obvious by various government reports and others that had already done research of people on Aruba long before Natalee ever went missing, that the island is full of criminals of one form or another.
You do not have to follow any Yellow brick road to see that.

Scared Monkey
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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2009, 02:53:21 AM »

I respectfully disagree ...
and it matters not if shango's imagery
came from marvel comics or from mother goose

stripping away the imagery, shango said that:

the sons of powerful/affluent men
drugged female tourists for sexual gratification,
(specifically mentioning alcohol/ecstasy)

the fathers were aware of/perhaps participated in
the game themselves

some inside ALE were aware of the tourist game
and turned a blind eye

underground/after-hours parties
were a crucial component of the game

a specific party that night was part of the crime
and the party-goers know (some of) the truth

Steve Croes inserting himself into the case
was a surprise to those overseeing the coverup

crucial evidence was hidden/destroyed

it was SOP to videotape the tourist game

one of the fathers used every legal trick he knew
and pulled every string possible

one of the sons came very close to confessing
but feared being seen as a weakling
(the cafone w/ a swollen/bloody tongue)

ALE/aruban powers-that-be misled the americans

the judiciary was corrupt

mafia interests were threatened by the investigation

the TES quarry search was the americans' last chance
to find Natalee's remains (or evidence thereof)
_ _ _ _ _

except for the part re the quarry search,
does all of that not sound exactly like
what we have believed for how long now?

so I don't get how "shango posted misleading info"

_ _ _ _ _

there is much more,
but I won't waste time on it at this late date

shango accused ALE from Day One,
while sim defended ALE and often told shango to STFU

many of simian's posts reflect accurate/inside info

the time frame of the simian posts
re the suspects turning on each other
corresponds w/ the time frame of the polis van tape

sim posted that PvdS was released from custody
hours before it was announced to the media

sim posted re one suspect having suicidal ideations
(or possibly attempting suicide)

sim boastfully predicted that the quarry search
would be successful ...
was uncharacteristically silent when no remains were found,
and concluded her posting career w/ a BAD attitude:
IMO sim was fed quarry search BS, to out the leak
(resulting in the bad attitude)

that sim/shango had opposing agendas was very obvious

my long-held belief is that sim/shango were female,
given their bitchy/girly insults to each other,
(as finbar said: guys don't talk like that)
and sim attempted to fly under the radar:
"I have taken girls there myself ... "

robalo33 (who I believe was caribbean DEA) agrees:
J’aime mieux passer les temps avec un femme comme vous, Simian
[I would rather spend time with a woman like you, Simian]

also IMO: sim had friends/family inside ALE
and shango worked in the prosecutor's office

who among us would sacrifice their education/career
to come forward as a LONE accuser w/ zero evidence,
given that no prosecution would be forthcoming
and, even in the event that there was a trial,
an acquittal was a foregone conclusion?

where would you go after that?
into the aruban witness protection program?

which is not an excuse, by any means,
but a reasonable explanation

I think it's accurate to group simian/caps together
but I would never include shango there

even the testimony of 100 shangos would be moot
w/o physical evidence ... and they destroyed all of it
_ _ _ _ _

nice to "see" everyone, BTW,
I still keep up by reading as often as I can

I have 3 Natalee t-shirts and wear them all the time,
and I always will, and I keep hoping ...

whiskey for my men/beer for my horses
Monkey All Star Jr.
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« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2009, 09:08:52 PM »

Who is "Dirty Hand"? 

It seems that someone in the Netherlands selects/picks/sends all these prosecutors and police chiefs to Aruba.

Someone also selects/picks/appoints the judges to work this case.  For some reason, they select Witt from another island to fly in and take over.

Why not use a local Aruban judge?  One that doesn't spend so much time at the VDS compound?

Why not a judge from the Netherlands?  Some other Dutch land?

Who makes all these decisions? 

Why all the early internet traffic/interest from the Hague early in this case?

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

It doesn't do any good to hate anyone,
they'll end up in your family anyway...
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« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2010, 06:40:39 PM »

Shango = Rolling Eyes
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