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Author Topic: Peeps Posts saved by finngirl  (Read 5294 times)
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« on: April 26, 2008, 09:09:17 AM »

August 1-4

karen: [re] Maxito, ran across this:
Special Thanks ::
:: The ones that helped / or still helping me one way or another with this project ::
Mom and Dad, who tolerate the mess in the garage ... Maxito Arendsz @ Aruba Speed Shop ... http://boostunit.com/home.php which took me to: http://www.arubaspeedshop.com/shop.html

Peeps: I am the owner of Boost Unit website and the webmaster of the speedshop. I don't know what your deal is with us or anything. We don't have nor want anything to do with some stupid teens, americans, dutch, surinam or any nationality whatsoever involved with this annoying case. We don't know that teen Joran nor his 3 chocolate factory buddies. They are not of our age bracket. We are some motorsports fans and that's all there is to it.
I request you to put your detective wannabee skills into something more productive. I am just helping you out here that you'll heading towards a dead end. Just trying to save you some time. Regards to everyone

omega: Hiya, Peeps! Welcome to the Scared Monkeys, Natalee Holloway THEORY & SPECULATION FORUM. I've often wondered why so few webmasters ever seem to notice when dozens of hits unexpected come to their websites from unexpected places. Hope you enjoy your visit here, I suppose you're right and that "The Butler Did It!!" will soon be proven. Can you please tell me to whom you refer when you wrote, "...Joran and his three chocolate factory buddies." Who are these 3 individuals? Thanks so much.

Peeps: knew about this site from the newspapers, plus its name is pretty "catchy". I got my monthly referrals report today (Aug 1) and what do I see? More than 50 referrals from the famous NH connected "scared monkeys". The purpose of this particular speculation forum is all good. I just don't want our names stickied on the internet,especially something that we have no part in. This is not the first time that somebody wants to connect us with the fatass dutchy. I did a typo, I meant 2 chocolate buddies.

karen: hi, peeps! no disrespect intended! just posting the trail that led to maxito, as we've been told he is lorenzo's, aka locoman's, alibi. could you share a little re lorenzo, just so we have everyone straight? maybe you can help us, & we can help you? thx!

Peeps: Maxito is one of my best friends. We go everywhere together. This rumor also spread on the street. Frankly we were pretty scared about this false accusation. Long story short, the detectives already know about this and have straightened out this false rumor. He doesn't know this guy Lorenzo. Locoman came once with his mom to the shop to get some quotations for parts for his Quad racer. that's it. We don't know locoman nor his following. Also we don't want to know anything about him. We stick to our motto "minding our own business."

omega: Thanks for the clarification, Peeps. I take it that, on Aruba, that perhaps Joran doesn't really have a large number of friends, that maybe the social/personals websites are exagerrating the popularity of, as you state, the fatass dutchy & his two chocolate factory buddies. Say, OUR BlogMaster, Red, is on your island, he's there with Texas Equusearch -- why dontcha track him down at the landfill, and have him interview ya?
Ms DarthVada: I thought he meant 3, meaning deepak, satish and freddy. haha

karen: thank you, peeps! just to be sure..we are talking about the maxito arendsz, who is in his 20's? i know there is also a max arends, could that be the one they meant? i REALLY appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Peeps: He's 26. The same as me. He's the same person. Maxito = Little Max in papiamento. A childhood name that got stuck till now. I just notified one of the detectives again about this piece, just in case some false accusations come up. Just taking precautions. If there are more questions I can answer them as far as I can. You can put a separate thread or something or email.

Peeps: I wouldn't know if Joran has a lot of friends or not. You have to take personal sites like Tickle, Hi5, Myspace with a tiny grain of salt. Everyone on that site are the best friends, the kindest people, the best personalities, the biggest pimps, the sharpest girls, a whole lotta hoopla. It's a big game of distraction and illusions.

new girl: Peeps, because you have been so kind in responding to questions here, I have deleted the post I had made that included Karen's links to your site. I have left up only 1 name - the Carib crew out of Florida.

Peeps: Thank you newgirl, I appreciate the cooperation. There's a lot to read on this site, I am busy doing that.

karen: hey peeps! do you know if locoman is known to hang out at casinos? also, is it true his dad committed suicide a coupla yrs ago?

Peeps: His dad owned the Volkswagen dealership here. He killed himself a couple of years ago, that's correct. The dealership is still there, but I don't know if they still have it or whatnot. locoman has a lot of money, but rumors have it that he's misusing the money. I think he doesn't even has to work for the rest of his life. locoman has 2 houses, and I got to know that he used to throw some heavy parties at his homes. That's how much I know. I have no clue if he frequents the casinos / hotels.

new girl: Peeps, is Lorenzo a different guy than locoman? Up until now, everyone said that Lorenzo was the son of the VW businessman who committed suicide and who has two houses and inherited $$.

Peeps: I thought Lorenzo = locoman from previous post. Excuse me if I had understood wrong. So basically it's just old news to you guys.

jozee: I thought Lorenzo and locoman were two different people. Lorenzo is someone who we don't have a pic of, although several people think it's the guy with the blonde dredlocks. Locoman is a dark island-looking person? Am I wrong? I'd like to know who is Alexxx the ax guy! And why does he carry around an ax?

Peeps: Ok. Locoman, no clue who he is. Lorenzo, saw him once. He's a tall Dutch looking fellow. You guys know more about him than me I see. You only need a pic of him.

I hear Shango: If Peeps is from aruba, and goes "everywhere" with Maxito...perhaps Peeps will tell us how the party was that night.

Peeps: We don't go to tourist places. As a matter of fact we haven't been to Carlos and Charlies this year even. We are over that type of party stage. You're beginning to sound like the dumb blonde Nancy Disgrace, simma downa.

I hear Shango: I didn't ask if you went to tourist places..I asked about the party...and before you call me dumb....you should think twice...I have just proven myself smarter than the entire LE....and many others in Aruba.

Peeps: Ok, Another smart comment in there but whatever floats your party boat is fine with me. Dunno what party, like all other questions you've asked me: Not Applicable. Another FYI, the Mansurs are one of the wealthiest families on the island, and also with many business related stories as you will find out sooner or later in your quest. Go fetch.

Peeps: Grasshopper sees the tip of the Iceberg and thinks deeply........"I think that's the whole Iceberg". Ok, enough busting I hear shango's balls. I really don't think the Mansur will connect you to NH case. They have extensive shady practices but I don't foresee any connection. Karen, you see what I mean. I am a native. I know as many other islanders about the M's. Alot of which are not on the web. Now I get an internet worm who just found last week what Aruba is, telling me he/she has everything. We are laughing so hard at this that we are having headaches.

karen: i hear ya, peeps, i get the headaches, too! won't you pleez tell us some lorenzo stories??

rockyroads: oh magic crystal ball - i see some arrests

I hear Shango: Peeps...I see the whole iceberg...better run....unless you are a VERY good swimmer...

Peeps: I hear Shango, My applogies to you for being rude. Sometimes it's needed to get the point across, and it's my favourite tool. No hard feelings.

rockyroads: hey peeps, are you a poker player? at the casinos much? i'm sorry to ask so many questions man i am just happy to talk to someone from the real island

Peeps: Yes I am a poker player. We play at home pretty much. We try to get out of the casinos as much as possible. There are quite a few stories about locals losing tons of money in casinos. From time to time we go casino sight seeing if you will call it and also the $50- $100.000 big Bingos at La Cabana and Renaissance Casino. Any more questions feel free, I will try to answer them. As for the smart a$$ comments, I'll try to give them the stick.

2 days later, discussion begins w/ TES/turtle eggs

Peeps: These turtles are endangered worldwide, and have been laying eggs at the eagle beach more than anyone can remember. From the eggs less than 1% will be able to be a grown up turtle. Do you see why your comparisson to a couple of dogs on the street make you look as dumb as a crumbled brick now. Get your a$$ over here and look instead of cooking your fat asses on that computer screen, looking at pix the whole day and making childlike judgements. I am done venting.

rockyroads: Peeps, get your fat a$$ out and help find Natalee and then we will go home!! Your turtle eggs do not compare to a human beings life. by the way it is your own dutch government that gave them permission to search there and let them come back to the island . sorry if i am privledged and i can sit on my fat a$$ all day on the computer thats way i live in america

Peeps: LOL. I don't have any responsibility in that, thank you. Swing and a miss.

rockyroads: Its ok if i swing and miss because the big hit is going to be to the islands pocket book

Dallas Also: Peeps, we are only speculating because we can't get straight answers from your citizenry. Someone tells us they saw a body in the landfill. We dig up the landfill. No body. We hear lighthouse. We go look around the lighthouse. We hear Holiday Inn. We go look. We hear Fisherman's Huts. We drain a pond. We look. We chase our tails. Has Natalee been seen on your island since the night of her disappearance? If she went to a party, who else saw her?

Peeps: Dallas, perfectly understood. I understand the tail chasing, but that's what you do if you want to get things solved, you look at everything, the minute they come before you. It's not like in the movies, or CSI Miami, where everything goes perfectly in sequence. I mean these detectives are not like they are un-trained. They frequently go to courses in Europe and even the FBI. Plus they have support from the FBI team. Your right that lots of mistakes were made by lack of training and knowledge of procedures., but we've got to strive forward. I was also one of the thousands who burned my butt in the sun, searching the beaches for NH. Losing my precious weekend time with my family and go searching for this girl.

Oxygenated Lady: Peeps - why are you so angry??

Peeps: Some people on this forum are sooooooooooo friggin Ignorant, it's unbelievable. It's like they don't know anything around the world. They have no clue about why certain things go the way they go over here and don't want to understand either. That's the main problem on this forum. Guys that's the way we do it over here. It's a different law system, understand it. Don't rebel against, accept it. I wonder if it's this type of arrogance and ignorance that so hated about some americans in the world. Expand your mind with real things instead of reading Shango BS that goes nowhere.

new girl: I understand your frustration, Peeps. But our frustration isn't much different than yours. We know we have no clue why things have gone the way they have over there. We are begging to understand.
eleye: let me tell you why...because a criminal element is present and puts big money into their economy...exposing that means ruining that island and that's why the aruban people are mad, scared or indifferent. this case exposes the belly of the beast and they are getting nervous that an island that runs on tourism and crime, will crumble.

Peeps: You are 15 years late. You know who the belly were?
Marlboro Company
Citi Bank
Hotel Chains.
American / European bank
Mr. Pablo Escobar.
There were even some White Citations with bald eagle encriptions on them. Who can that be. Everybody gained from the small washing machine with white beaches. There is a reason why I tell you why there won't be any embargoes or economic restrictions.

I hear Shango: IMO the main trade that brings money to that island wouldn't be subject to sanctions or embargos....cause its illegal stuff and it is still there in full force.

I hear Shango: I try to expand my mind....but no one in Aruba will open up and tell us anything of use relative to this case....since you are so open and knowledgeable about the wildlife and other stuff there, would you be willing to give Beth a tour of the island? You know, show her where the underground begins? Show her the brothels and drug houses and where the private parties are held....show her where Natalee was REALLY taken that night....

Peeps: Willing to help, sure. But not with these unbased nonsense such as these. It's my nature to ignore these stupidities. No offense. Instead of playing in the casino with a baseball hat every night, she could have gone to the brothels. and see for herself. Or if she went, she can tell you what she saw. Private parties, well newsflash, they are private.

I hear Shango: Peeps....I will let Beth know you are on board for a tour... as for Beth at the casino....I assume you have been there and seen her every night? Did you ever stop to think that she may be in the casino doing surveillance of her own? I am sorry if you aren't invited to the parties...I didn't mean to offend.

Dallas Also: Peeps, was Natalee wearing a baseball cap when she was in the casinos each night? You know, someone has the opportunity to earn $100,000 to $1,000,000. And be a national hero to Aruba, I would predict.
Oxygenated Lady: Peeps, You are there...can you HELP us? Tell us about the baseball cap reference, please.

Peeps: I was thinking about the cameras in the casinos a few days back. Another reason why we have to thank the dutch legal system is that no info can be given to the public. The answer has to lie on the cameras. I know they have a 2 week history on those recorders. I also know that every corner gets surveilled by those cameras. I think that's what the FBI wants to go after now. They want to sift through evidence, documents. I have no problem with that. The FBI has more experience. The Aruban police should have made and agreement with the FBI from day one, instead of being that proud.

eleye: so, you think the fbi hasn't seen those yet? you think "that" is what the fbi wants to go after....that meaning the tapes? or that meaning the people on them?

Dallas Also: I stand by my question. How did Peeps know about her wearing, or not wearing, a baseball hat? Is he exaggerating when he says "every night?" Bottom line is: is Peeps in a position where he is able to observe things? In the mighty name of Jesus, will someone have the courage in Aruba to come forward?

new girl: Peeps, who do YOU think we should be focusing on here?

Peeps: She couldn't have been kidnapped. Not by plane. Not by boat. There are 2 surface radars, the Dutch marine coast guard. And nobody can leave without Customs clearance. Kidnapped in Aruba? That could be a posibility but why. She wanted to get free from her parents. Well by judging her last entry into her yearbook. That can also be a possibility. I firmly believe that she's been dumped into the sea on the west coast. Let her drift into the ocean. She would have been eaten by barracudas and other fishes, crabs in no time. Possibiliy to recover bones now, nil. I really want to see some change in sea currents caused by tropical storms, so that the sea can flush something back on shore. Then we would have something. This f***ing Joran is sly, and has a rarely seen strong character. There is a dutch team who specialize in interviewing suspects now with him. As I understand they are drilling him, and also filming him in order to look for any anormalities. The only way out I see, is to crack him. But without some evidence SOON it's difficult.

Dallas Also: Peeps, he turns 18 in just 3 more days. There is some thought that he can then be interrogated "as an adult". Surely the Aruban people can see that this kid is the one bringing problems on all of them.

Peeps: I would have to hit the books about that tomorrow. PVDS will also try all his tricks to prevent that. I'll have to see the possibilities. It would be better for all of us if he can be considered as an adult. More perks for the interviewers.

Peeps: I certainly got punched really good by you crazy monkeys tonight. Pleasant day tomorrow. Godspeed.

august 25

finngirl11 quotes arubagirl: They have questioned friends, such as Max Arendsz and Lorenzo van Rijn, and I believe one other guy was questioned for sure, as I believe a few girlfriends. DIARIO wants those pictures

Peeps: Alright guys, I just found out a little detail: There are 2 Max's on the island. But....the difference lies in the last name: Max Arends - @20 years old. And associated with Joran.Max Arendsz - 26 years old. Owner of the Speed Shop and has no clue who Joran and his posse is. Somehow, the names got mixed up and misleading info spread like wild fire. Anyhow, back on topic.

Peeps: From my uber reliable source, the local detectives searched his house twice already, but what to do if you can't find anything.
The police know about the parties, etc etc. And they also agree that LVR is a little kwak kwak in the head.
Anyhow, I got this pic from a source of mine, which I think will be the only pic you'll be able to find of him.
This is from his van, and guess who's driving.

So there, I helped you guys a little. I hope I don't get shafted like many helpful Arubians have been misused / abused in the past by los americanos. http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/7466/piwannabee6fq.jpg
Don't ask me for more.
Don't ask me for higher resolution.
Don't ask me for bigger pictures.
I still stand by my opinion that you guys are losing your time with this fellow.
See you next time.

Dan in Tx: My Aruban contact tells me LVR's mom's house in Saveneta was NOT searched along with the other house and his boat and car, and furthermore has not been searched even to this day. This person tells me polis want very badly to search the Saveneta 'ranch house' that I believe belongs to his mom but aren't allowed near it as it is 'not in the scope of the search'. Can you verify or refute this please?

Peeps: That's right Dan. Other note: That's the best I can provide you guys. Use your photoshop skills to better the pic.

From another thread

sandraK: Lorenzo's Dad had a VW Dealership.. He is dead.sadly..He runs with Max Arendsz & Orlando Bello. From the Aruba Speed Shop...A Kinda Strange Dude.. but harmless...  SM's think he has something to do with this.. Cops Been all over him.. He's not involved...

MisGivings: Is this the 'rave' guy? And, wasn't some of Natalee's clothing found in his basement?

sandraK: No clothes were found...!! Nothing

jozee: SandraK, So Lorenzo runs with the guys from the Speed Shop?? I thought Peeps said he only met him once??

sandraK: and ???

jozee: ...and back at ya...if he met him once how does he run with them?

sandraK: I didn't know Peeps was Max Arendsz....I'm Sorry..   Embarassed

jozee: SandraK, I don't believe he is Max...if you are to believe what he says they are best friends...just do a search on Peeps posts and you can see for yourself. He came here after a bunch of Monkeys hit on the speed shop during research. I don't know if he posts anymore....

sandraK: WE  PM   Wink


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