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Author Topic: Joran van der Sloot - May 31, 2005 statement and addendum from BFN  (Read 17408 times)
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Proces Verbaal (PV-statement)

I, Shanira Baldrik Kelly, officer at the Korps Police Aruba, at the Recherche district 2, state the following:
On Tuesday May 31 2005 around 11:20 I, Kelly have interrogated J.A. VAN DER SLOOT.

During the interrogation I, KELLY, have asked the witness, who was in the company of his father if they had stopped somewhere before they dropped of the girl at the hotel.

The witness VAN DER SLOOT had told me that they, in the neighborhood of the Fisherman's huts had stopped briefly.
I, KELLY had further asked the witness VAN DER SLOOT if they had went in the water. The witness VAN DER SLOOT answered that he and the girl only had went into the water up to their feet. During me putting the statement on paper I KELLY, have forgotten to put this in the statement.

Of which I KELLY, made under oath of duty closed and signed on Bubali May 31 2005.

SB Kelly. (signed)
We, Dennis JACOBS and Sharino Baldrik KELLY, respectively head officer and officer at the Corps Police Aruba, first mentioned at the Atraco Team, and the last mentioned at the Section Frequent Crimes district 2, declare the following:

On Tuesday, May 31 around 11:20 am, we interrogators, questioned as a witness the man named:

Joran Andreas Petrus VAN DER SLOOT

Born in the Netherlands on August 6, 1987, student (International School Aruba) and living on the address Montanja Number 19 Aruba.

His, in Papiamento made statement was by me, KELLY, translated into Dutch, and is as follows:

"Last Sunday around 4 pm I had went to the Excelsior Casino. My father had brought me there. I was at the casino to play "Texas Hold'em".

Between 8 pm and 10 pm I went to play Black Jack. Next to me a girl was sitting. The girl started talking to me in English. The girl introduced herself but I did not recall her name. The girl told me that she together with around 150 schoolmates had traveled to Aruba. They had come to Aruba on a "Senior Trip".  She told me that she had lost the amount of us $360 and that that money belonged to her father. She wanted to win back that money in the casino because her father would be mad at her.  I had helped her gambling and she had won us $100,- She asked me how old I was. I answered her that I was 19 years old. She told me that she was 18 years old.

Around 10:30 pm she had told me to go to Carlos and Charlie's. I answered her that I could not go because I had school the next day. She kept on insisting to me going to Carlos and Charlie's. After that I had said that I would go to Carlos and Charlie's.  I had also told her that I would go together with a friend. I have to point out that the girl was drinking white wine while we were in the casino.

Around 11:00 pm, my father had came to pick me up around Mac Donald's. When I walked into the direction of Mac Donald's I had called a friend of mine, named Deepak KALPOE on his cellphone. I had told Deepak that some American girls wanted to go out and if he wanted to go out together with me and them. Deepak had told me he had just left his job that he would go bathe and after that would pick me up at home. I then, together with my father, had driven home.  Deepak has the number XXXXXXXI have a mobile phone that has the number XXXXXXX.

On Monday, May 30 around 00:00 Deepak had picked me up at home. Deepak had also brought his brother Satish in the car. Deepak came with his car, being a grey- 4 door Honda Civic. I had not told my father that I would go out. We immediately drove to Carlos and Charlie's.

Around 00:30 am we had arrived at Carlos and Charlie's. When we got in I saw that a group of 30-50 people were inside. They all were drinking.  The aforementioned girl immediately came to me took me by my hand and pulled me to the bar.  She laid down on the bar, placed a "Jell-O Shot" in her navel and told me to drink it, which I did. I had noticed that the girl was drunk. I had further together with my friends drunk a "Yard" whisky coke. I also had, during the time in which we were in Carlos and Charlie's, drunk a shot of Bacardi 151 proof together with the girl. She also had taken some sips from my whisky coke. We had kissed each others in the Carlos and Charlie's establishment.

Around 01:15, Carlos and Charlie's was closing. Together we walked outside. Outside I had asked the girl if I could go with her together to the Holiday Inn. She had said that she wanted to see my house. I had told her that was ok.  The girl had told her friends that she would go together with me. I together with the girl went to sit on the backseat of Deepak's car. Deepak took the role of the driver of his car and his brother Satish was sitting next to him.  In the car the girl had told us to have the car drive past her friends, so that they could see the car.  All the friends of the girl were standing on the corner of Royal Plaza at the South-East side when we drove by.  In the car we started to kiss each other. My friend Deepak drove by "Choose a Name", Karma lounge and after that we drove over the Saskia road in the direction of the hotels. In the car I had touched the breasts and vagina of the girl. We drove past all the hotels.  In the car I had told the girl that I could not go with her to my house. The girl then had told me that she wanted to go to the North Coast to see sharks. I had told her that there were no sharks to be seen at the North Coast. She answered that there were sharks there and that she had seen them already. We decided to drive into that direction then. We had driven to the "Lighthouse".  On the way there the girl had asked us where we were taking her. She further told us to bring her to the Holiday Inn because the next day she would have to travel back to the United States. We drove past the Lighthouse and after that to the Holiday Inn Hotel.  In the car the girl said that her mother was the sister of Hitler and that they owned a plantation.  She also said that Deepak and Satish were black and that black people worked as slaves on the plantations. The girl was very drunk.

Around 02:00 am we had arrived at the hotel.  At the entrance of the hotel the girl opened the backdoor of the car and fell on the ground. I then went out by the same door and helped her getting up. The girl had told me not to touch her and pushed my hands away. I saw that she then walked in the direction of the "lobby"of the Holiday Inn Hotel. I had not seen anyone in the "lobby".  My friends Deepak and Satish had told me that they had seen a dark skinned man in the lobby. They further told me that they thought that this man was a guard.  After that we drove away. I had not seen if the girl entered the lobby. The only thing I had seen was that the girl was leaning at a cemented pilar at the entrance.

On your question if I can tell you what the girl was wearing I answer you the following. She was wearing a blue jeans skirt and in my opinion a blue tank-top. I was wearing a blue jeans and blue/white shirt. (with the girl the missing woman Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY is referred to, remark by JACOBS).

On your question if I together with the girl had used drugs I answer you no. I also did not see the girl using drugs.

If you have more questions I am willing to answer these.

signed: J.A.P. van der SLOOT
After witness J.A.P. van der SLOOT had read his statement, he declared that he insisted in that and signed it.

Of which we, verbalisanten, under oath made this PV, closed and signed on Bubali, on Aruba on May 31 2005.
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