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Author Topic: The Lineup Feb16 2008" Paulus'computer holds the key to the case"  (Read 3106 times)
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The Lineup Feb 16, 2008 / Art Wood TRANSCRIPT

The Lineup
February 16 ,2008

Guest: Art Wood


Unbelievable! Despite those chilling words from Joran van der Sloot, along with an admission that he asked a friend to dispose of Natalee Holloway's body, a Judge has decided not to re-arrest him.

We're joined by retired Secret Service Agent and Holloway friend, Art Wood who investigated Natalee's disappearance. Thanks for being with me tonight Art.

Art Wood:

Hi Kimberly, it's always a pleasure


So how are we going to solve this case once and for all and get some justice for the Holloway family? Does this computer, Joran's computer herhaps hold the key to the case?


Kimberly, it's Paulus' computer that holds the key to this case. Let me tell you, I want to tell you 3 very quick little things. I think this is a bombshell.

First of all, in the first week of June Michael Dompig who was Chief Dompig's young son told Dave Holloway that Paulus van der Sloot borrowed a friend's boat on the day Natalee disappeared.

Number 2, in Joran's confession he says that Natalee was shaking and shivering before she died, he was graphic in that description.




Then we find out that he called a friend to come help him? Right? Well, guess what Natalee? Or guess what Kimberly? I think that that friend was his father Paulus van der Sloot. If you listen to this quick exchange, he says:

'I called him. What happened? Told him what happened. Told him come here, come, come, come. He arrived, he said that is not possible. You must go home. I said, no. I can't let you take responsibility for this. He said you're going home. I arranged the rest.'

He went home then. Does that sound like an exchange between a father and son?


It sure does to me. I find it persuasive, it makes a lot of sense and it makes sense that Joran wouldn't give his father up to that friend, Patrick of his who he was making the confession to. I mean, it makes a lot of sense and also his statement in general makes sense and appears to be consistent with the evidence as we know it in this case


It absolutely does. I don't think there's any doubt.


What's the next step though because the Judge has set the bar, the standard so high that even though Joran confessed to the crime he still won't re-arrest him but the prosecutor is still keeping the case open


Well the prosecutor is going to have to dig harder because, listen Paulus van der Sloot didn't drive the boat, all he did was call a friend and get rid of the body and listen here it is, it's right here, it says right here when the aruban police force seized his computer and examined the hard drive they found that on the day Natalee disappeared Paulus visited some websites looking at at the effects of alcohol and drugs on a body. That's a bombhsell.


Yes, no I'm with you on that, I hear you, I'm on the same page. Let's bring in out panel, they're going to do some discussion on this and you can jump in if you have something to add.

Let's go to Robin Sax. What do you make of these developments and the information Art has just given us?


Well, from the moment that I heard "Daury" when I listened to the tape, to myself "Daury" was always daddy to me. It was clear that from the beginning, his attitude and the respect that apparently the Bench has for Mr. van der Sloot, that he was going to be protected no matter what


Alright, Joey is this a case that's ever going to be able to attain a conviction because in essence the bar has been set so high, they're failing to re-arrrest him, the Appeals Court didn't allow it to happen, yet the case remains open. What is it going to take to move this case?

Joey Jackson, Defense Attorney:

Well you know Kimberly, here's the problem and the problem is that this would be the third time that van der Sloot was arrested. Let's talk about it for a minute about it initially: there's been 10 arrests in this case from the outset, the suspects were let go. There was a re-arrest in November, they couldn't hold him there and let's talk about the issue of the bar being set high. Under Dutch law in order to arrest someone all you need is reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed, that's the standard and that's not really high of a standard.

Now, let me tell you what concerns me. What concerns me is that under Dutch Law, as you know, they're not jury trials, a Judge is making an assessment as to guilt or innocence, so a Judge has made the judicial assessment that there's not going to be re-arrest in this case and I think the basis for that might be that the things were calling confessions which are his statements on the videotape are so contradictory to existing things that they know about the case that the Judge is not willing to do that so therefore, I think it's going to drag on.


Art Wood I want to thank you for joining us tonight and giving us that very helpful and crucial information. Wish you luck on this case   

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