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Author Topic: CHECKME front page posts (with some others inbetween)  (Read 22874 times)
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« on: October 07, 2008, 10:37:34 AM »

I was trying to get this in order.  How I'm able to copy is by page so each page comes out in reverse order.  It was gong to take me too long to put the posts in exact order so you will see batches of 20 posts in reverse order.  They are numbered (starting with 821) so that should help and the date is at the end of the post:

821. Checkme
Yes Jacob…
Jun 13, 3:19 PM
801. Checkme   
The guy this morning is not Dutch. The guy they brought in last night is. However, it looks like the not-Dutch guy is JvdS’s friend and the Dutch guy is the Kalpoe’s.
Jun 17, 1:23 PM —       
802. crs   
******* - is anything really substantiated in this case right now? I don’t think any of us with the exception of checkme are local in Aruba. It is all specualtion. Based on what I saw on fox and cnn the car and the computer were the brothers but they have been wrong before. Checkme told me earlier and yesterday this fourth suspect is the brothers friend not Jorans.
Jun 17, 10:53 AM —       
803. crs   
Rb - according to checkme on the boards he is friends with the brothers not Joran but msm is reporting the opposite, I tend to believe checkme as they are local. I am starting to think Joran got a bad wrap.
Jun 17, 10:37 AM —       
804. crs   
Checkme - our media sucks- they are reporting him as Joran’s friends but he is the brothers right - the fourth arrest I mean. What is the local opinion of the brothers? Joran’s friends have really started to come out in full force in support of him.
Jun 17, 10:25 AM —       
805. Checkme   
I hate to sound like the local authorities… but yes, I think they are cracking the mystery. the arrests this morning are crucial, and I believe that info came from the brothers. If it came from Joran it would have been out many days ago…
Jun 17, 10:22 AM —       
806. crs   
Checkme - Are you starting to get the idea that this all very close to being resolved?
Jun 17, 10:17 AM —       
807. Checkme   
If she is alive, which is likely if you look at the profiles of the 3 incarcelated now, especially Joran, nothing much is known about the 2 brothers (which worries me), remember Dutch are very sensitive not to create a racial storm, they are now out to investigate everything about Joran so that nobody can say that there was a coverup or something. The 27 year old is from the house in savaneta with the grafiti truck… he is not Joran’s friend but the brothers’.
Jun 17, 10:14 AM —       
808. crs   
Checkme - You may be right. i also got a vibe though from watching the news here in the US and watching interviews with local that quite a few people think she is still alive.
Jun 17, 10:05 AM —       
809. Checkme   
You see? What I have been saying yesterday is falling into place.
Jun 17, 10:02 AM —       
810. Checkme   
Savaneta is on the east side of Aruba. This morning’s local newpaper reports a person being detained at Saveta. I have seen pics of this person’s house in savaneta on the net, on the day they arrested the three.
Jun 17, 9:17 AM —       
811. Checkme   
At this point, the only logical explanation for NH invisibility is because she is been given to the mother sea…
Jun 16, 6:07 PM —       
812. Checkme   
The first car impounded was the one of the security guard, who later stated that the Kalpoe’s apolagized to him for wrongfully getting him arrested, broadcasting their own innocence and Joran’s guilt…
Jun 16, 6:05 PM —       
813. Checkme   
One more time, the grey souped-up honda does not belong to Joran’s family but to the eldest Kalpe brother…
Jun 16, 6:01 PM —       
814. Lucy   
Ok, the car belongs to Paulus, but supposedly the son used it that night, right? It was the first car impounded … One more question. Have the Kalpoes and the Van Der Sloot had any local public expression of concern regarding their children? Have they claimed innocence, or are they just keeping quiet? We only get CNN here, and we have only seen Anita Van Der Sloot once. I don’t know if the other parents have had encounters with the press, in other media channels.
Jun 16, 5:57 PM —       
815. Checkme   
Correction, the grey Honda does NOT belong to the Joran but to the elder Kalpoe.
Jun 16, 5:46 PM —       
816. crs   
Checkme since you are there please provide your complete theory as to what happened.
Jun 16, 5:43 PM —       
817. Checkme   
There was a pic online showing a house in Savaneta, where Karin Jansen was at the door, and the guy who loves there is a known drug dealer. (He drives around in a souped-up grafiti truck (after he crashed his brand new audi TT 2 years ago). In the same scene as the Kalpoes. Where did they get the money to drive that grey car?) I hear a persistent mention of this fourth person on the local radio. Dealing drugs requires a network ring. Sources (savaneta), distributions (Kalpoes) and fronts (van der Sloot, with or without his knowing).
Jun 16, 5:41 PM —       
818. crs   
Checkme - ANy facts to back up or just your own, personal theory?
Jun 16, 5:32 PM —       
819. Checkme   
He would have a one hour walk, after he disposed of the body? I think the Kalpoes continued NH, hurt her, called in help (from a fourth person (savaneta!!!)). There is another evil soul involved and it is not the van der Sloot’s.
Jun 16, 5:30 PM —       
820. Checkme   
verdict of michael jackson is coming out!!!
Jun 13, 3:38 PM —       
781. Checkme   
according to the brothers’ attorney Mr. Oomen. Expecting a ruling tonite or tomorrow.
Jun 17, 4:54 PM —       
782. Checkme   
From Justice hall:
There seems to be no proof against the kalpoe brothers and there is a lot if investigation still to be done…
Jun 17, 4:53 PM —       
783. Checkme   
Development from Justice halls Aruba:
Kalpoe brothers may have to go to KIA, the big prison in Aruba…
Jun 17, 4:47 PM —       
784. Checkme   
Thanks Lucy. Sex slaves? Women from Latin America come here voluntarily and make enough money for the rest of their lives. Human trafficking? Try Europe and US, not to and fro Aruba.
Jun 17, 4:44 PM —       
785. Lucy   
Bogey: Amy Bradley disappeared in Curaà §ao.
Smore: Checkme is from Aruba.
Jun 17, 4:40 PM —       
786. Checkme   
Billyboy leroy,
Very good story dude!!! You forgot to mention that she met Steve during a wild ride through the Aruba streets…
Jun 17, 4:03 PM —       
787. Kris   
Thanks, sorry I thought you knew him. Thanks for the info.
Jun 17, 2:49 PM —       
788. Checkme   
That’s OK, we are all here to find the truth.
Do not know him. Seem to recognize him.
Where did you find his business profile?
Jun 17, 2:46 PM —       
789. littletxlady   
Thank you, i appericate the info. this is all just soooo sad
Jun 17, 2:46 PM —       
790. Kris   
Well checkme,
My apologies for not being current on the status of Air Aruba! Since you seem to know him, please share with the rest of us your infinite wisdom
Jun 17, 2:42 PM —       
791. Checkme   
He could not have been than a NCO, maybe corporal after he left. The Arubmil usually did not stay in service long enough to get any significant ranking. But for sure not an officer.
Jun 17, 2:41 PM —       
792. Checkme   
He could not have been than a NCO, maybe corporal after he left. The Arubmil usually did not stay in service long enough to get any significant ranking. But for sure not an officer.
Jun 17, 2:41 PM —       
793. Checkme   
He could, raw bastards they were for sure. LOL
Jun 17, 2:39 PM —       
794. littletxlady   
Checkme~~~~~on his profile under business all it says is 1st officer. is that a rank in the marines? do tell more!!!!
Jun 17, 2:38 PM —       
795. Checkme   
LOL, Air Aruba has been out of business for many years already. And the Steve that flew for them is not the Steve in the pic.
Jun 17, 2:37 PM —       
796. Checkme   
Jeff Dowder,
Sorry but you are mistaken. If you would have looked the early days pics of NH searchings you would have seen them… They were all over the news also… They are the first ones that existed on this earth, started December 1665, by a guy named Peter Stuyvesant… Rings a bell?
Jun 17, 2:28 PM —       
797. Kris   
Do you know anything else about him?
Jun 17, 2:26 PM —       
798. Checkme   
Wait a minute, I recognize Steve Croes, he used to be a Marine here in Aruba…
Jun 17, 2:22 PM —       
799. Checkme   
Sorry Conny, I meant “fat thumb”, you know, scrolling up…
Jun 17, 1:35 PM —       
800. Checkme   
fat dumb?
Jun 17, 1:30 PM —       
761. Checkme   
CRS, good call… just for nobody in the future thinks that NH’s family was “priviliged”. must be tough to swallow though. Just as hard to swallow that Arubans are pulled through the mud my the media after years of hard work and humble serviciality to America. I hope more and more human understanding comes out.
Jun 20, 11:11 AM —       
762. Lucy   
In case you surface today, read in Fox News that Max Arends has been brought in for questioning. I also read elsewhere that this guy is king of loony and his house is covered with graffitti, so can we safely assume that he is the guy with the flashy, laud van mentioned yesterday?
Jun 18, 3:31 PM —       
763. eagle   
checkme - that is old info. i hope this is not the guy blogger is talking about.
what about the blue van? why is that the key to the story?
Jun 17, 6:30 PM —       
764. Checkme   
Jun 17, 6:15 PM —       
765. blogger info   
Checkme -
Are you in Aruba?
Jun 17, 6:14 PM —       
766. Checkme   
“FOX also learned that police may have questioned yet another young man, said to be of Dutch nationality, on Thursday night.”
This is the guy with the blue van… He is the key to the story.
Jun 17, 6:11 PM —       
767. Checkme   
New Jersey Police has said some very good things about the Aruba Police force. Go Jersey!!!
Check it out on Fox news.
Jun 17, 6:08 PM —       
768. Checkme   
Cool. So it’s out police giving the data… I feel better. Thanks.
Jun 17, 6:07 PM —       
769. Checkme   
the justices are having a hard time holding on to the suspects without a body…
Jun 17, 6:03 PM —       
770. Checkme   
Look for the blue (with grafiti) delivery truck getting impounded…
Jun 17, 6:02 PM —       
771. Checkme   
You are thinking that there is an old Iran-Contra scheme happening, between Colombia’s FARC and US’ Iraq, and the Alabama family’s girl is taken really an ICE secret service agent, finishing off Chavez with her own bare hands?
Jun 17, 5:48 PM —       
772. blogger info   
Checkme -
Never said pretty confidential - said high up in law enforcement (FBI Level) for those not from the US and who might be unfamiliar with ICE.
I dont think I have given away the store here. Just trying to pass on what I know in the most discreet manner possible. Will pass on any more new I get.
Jun 17, 5:32 PM —       
773. Checkme   
Blogger info,
Tell me, if this brother of yours is so high up in a pretty confidential organization, how come you talk about this on this form?
Jun 17, 5:22 PM —       
774. Lucy   
Yes, I have been paying attention. Also noticed that Billy is missing. I think he went to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. (Joking)
Jun 17, 5:20 PM —       
775. Checkme   
So you have been paying real attention… No, this is not the same guy. Info on him is still not out yet, at least not officially.
Jun 17, 5:14 PM —       
776. Lucy   
Is Steve Croes the same guy with the famous loud truck?
Jun 17, 5:07 PM —       
777. Checkme   
We are listening to the local radio reports from the Aruba courts.
Jun 17, 5:01 PM —       
778. Checkme   
GRL, good point. Don’t worry about Aruba. It’s people are the best. But let’s focus on getting the truth about this human being out.
Jun 17, 5:00 PM —       
779. Checkme   
Joran’s hearing must still take place. We don’t think that this hearing will take place today, considering the 3 hours it is expected to take. Proly tomorrow or Monday this hearing will take place.
Jun 17, 4:57 PM —       
780. Florida Girl   
Where the info coming from - i.e. Justice Hall, and explain please.
Jun 17, 4:55 PM —       
741. Checkme   
Joran did help with the search, did come out and wanted to talk to NH’s mom, but the situation is so messed up and the american around NH’s mom are (of course) so full of emotion it is not fair to expect a open conversation. Cultural differences between the Dutch and Americans are huge, and these show even more when deep emotions are involved.
Jun 20, 2:47 PM —       
742. Checkme   
0. Yes I live in AUA
1. we have no facts
2. I too thought that the bros were more into this and may have harmed NH
3. mostly because I consider JvdS a harmless big 17-year old overprotected kid
4. but have always felt that the presence of a large group of tourists, here for the soul festival (not our “normal group” of tourists) looking getting drunk and loud and frankly dangerous, was a formula for trouble.
5. if NH was left to walk back to her hotel on the beach side of the hotels, she will definitely encounter a partying group of men and she would have no chance.
6. it will be very difficult for aruban authoirities to even imply that US citizens could have committed a crime related to NH.
Jun 20, 2:43 PM —       
743. *******   
Checkme, thanks for your contributions. It’s good to get the locals’ perspective (I’ve inferred that you live in Aruba). To respond to what you said earlier than the 3 boys (or at least Juron) did not actually physically harm her (but may have created a situation leading to her harm), why don’t they just tell the truth? Is’nt if better to face prosecution for a lesser crime than for murder? is the mafia or organized crime in Aruba so strong that locals don’t speak up if they see a crime?
I’m a guy who believes that the simplest theory is most often the most accurate theory (and therefore think the brothers physically hurt and disposed of her), but what exactly did the elder Kalpoe brother mean when he told one of the arrested guards in jail (John) that “they made up the story about the guards and apologized for getting them involved…that they dropped NH off w/ Juron, and most importantly, that something bad happened to her but that she would probably turn up in a crackhouse or bar in a couple days.” That still troubles me—does it mean that they know Juron was going to harm her or that they left her on the streets after she overdosed (she was’nt dead but figured she’d be passed out for a few days).
Jun 20, 2:37 PM —       
744. Checkme   
Not fair at all. But be careful, the “cop” is an “ex-cop”. He has had his brushes with political scandals and for sure has a chip on his shoulder. Please do not confuse him with the public prosecution office or the police department. I can only guess about his motivations. But then again, he could have been asked to come with this topic (by the local authorities or some political party) because they do not have the guts to do so. Whatever, I think it is a very poor public stunt to deveate the attention towards the NH family. Why not call in NH’s mom for questioning, like they did with JvdS father? What would be the problem there?
Jun 20, 2:33 PM —       
745. Checkme   
First off, my warmest greetings to you, we are connected through this terrible tale. Only HP know the full answer to our questions.
The items were found about 2 miles NW from the KIA prison complex. These are old WWII bunkers. This is on the rugged north end side of the island, very near San Nicolas, the twon in which the 2 security guards lived.
If there is any more information that you wish me to give you please ask.
Jun 20, 2:27 PM —       
746. traveller   
Why is that the Aruba police wants to give a lie detector to NH’s family and not to the “criminals” themselves?
Do you believe that’s fair? Doesn’t it sound fishy to you?
It does to me…
Jun 20, 2:26 PM —       
747. Justin T   
highly unlikely if that was the case the story of the three would not be changing every other hour.They have something to hide it is obvious. She never made it back to the Hotel.
Jun 20, 2:25 PM —       
748. Tinean   
Checkme….BINGO!!!!! Excellent observation. Some pervert staying at her hotel could have been checking her out and did his thing and left the next day. Too many tourists come and go on that island!
Jun 20, 2:22 PM —       
749. frances   
This is to Checkme:
About the evidence that was found on the north coast, was it on the calm side or the other side of the island that is very rough and made up of lava with the formation of caves and natural bridges? Was it near the lighthouse or Marriott….the evidence and the bunkers? Just wondering. I live 45 mins away from Natalee’s home and have been following this case since it was first seen on the news. I am very concerned.
Thanks, Alabamamom
Jun 20, 2:21 PM —       
750. TLC   
Ofcourse JvdS is going to shut down, his father probably told him to keep his mouth shut.
Jun 20, 2:20 PM —       
751. Checkme   
Have we heard anything about links to the Soul festival guests that were staying in the Holiday inn also and were proly flying out on the same flight the next day as NH was supposed to. Why is this posibility ruled out?
I heard from the radio that JvdS has shutdown. He has been continiously interogated for more than 10 days, hours on end and obviously has blocked-up.
Jun 20, 2:17 PM —       
752. crs   
Checkme - That’s very interesting - maybe it is all starting to come together - keep me informed.
Jun 20, 2:13 PM —       
753. Checkme   
Crs, there is an unconfirmed report of another arrest of a certain “A”, related to this case.
Jun 20, 2:08 PM —       
754. Checkme   
I find it very strange that the 2 pieces of “evidence” that they found at the north coast (security t-shirt, cleanser and piece styro with teeth marks), were immedeately deemed “not related” to this case. It was the day I took a day off work and joined hundreds of Arubans to go and look for her. This evidence was found near an old bunker. Now I hear that this has to do with the case…
Jun 20, 2:07 PM —       
755. Checkme   
They are innocent of harming NH, but are “responsable” because she was in their care. Joran could be easily manipulated to tell some other story than the truth.
CRS, For sure there was a party going on on the beach… Steve could have been in this party. Locals usually party with tourists. There are other witnesses but they may not be on the island.
Jun 20, 11:50 AM —       
756. Angela   
Checkme: If these guys are innocent, why do they keep changing stories around. If they were together like they say they were, their stories would be alittle more similar.
Jun 20, 11:42 AM —       
757. Checkme   
Should NH’s family face the fact that she may never be recoverd? Does she have info so that she knows she will be recovered? Or are we seeing the process of denial-anger-acceptance? I think the boyz did not do anything. I am happy I always dropped my dates off at their door and checked that they went in OK. Something like this could have happened to me the same. I do believe she was nabbed before she reached her hotel room. Swimming out of the question, current does not take you away at palm beach… But after she was nabbed by bad adults, possibly even people here for the soul festival, “disposed off” at the north coast. I can also believe that the boyz saw how NH was nabbed but left her anyhow, lied about it etc.
Jun 20, 11:40 AM —       
758. Checkme   
Thanks for the compliment. You know, Aruba has a dark and grey cloud over it. We don’t think tourism will be adversily affected, maybe even positively. It’s not the American opninion of Aruba I am worried about. It’s the Aruban; aruba never will be the same. The pink cloud we were all on has popped. Aruba is part of this world and terrible things happen here also. It takes away the innocence. I guess there is an analogy with Joran becoming an adult quickly, without the innocence of youth. Aruba is growing up.
Jun 20, 11:34 AM —       
759. Checkme   
With the changing stories (=lies) nobody can build any case on them without a body…
Jun 20, 11:30 AM —       
760. crs   
Checkme - What is the latest you are hearing - you have had some good insights lately.
Jun 20, 11:13 AM —       
721. Kris   
Is that what is being said down there? If so, why haven’t the press jumped on it?
Jun 21, 12:36 PM —       
722. crs   
ydave - checkme has been correct a lot so far so i would not dismiss what he says. What does he have to gain?
Jun 21, 12:36 PM —       
723. crs   
ydave - checkme has been correct a lot so far so i would dismiss what he says. What does he have to gain?
Jun 21, 12:35 PM —       
724. ydave   
Checkme, you want to shift the blame to other governments, and other people. A good distraction.
Jun 21, 12:34 PM —       
725. ladyJA   
Checkme, where did u hear that
Jun 21, 12:33 PM —       
726. crs   
Checkme - i can’t argue with you - you have been right too often since this started - let’s hope this is true.
Jun 21, 12:32 PM —       
727. Checkme   
Just hears something that I have seen a couple of places but just received from a source; NH has been kidnapped, is alive, somewhere in SA, proly Colombia. The family also knows this, US gov’t also. JvdS has nothing to do with this, Kalpoe bros are way over their head in this. Family creates offense to Aruba to cover this.
Jun 21, 12:30 PM —       
728. Rabaul   
Checkme was doing beer funnels and smoking weed at the same time!
Jun 20, 4:46 PM —       
729. Checkme   
I consider myself pretty intelligent and so do those around me. But I have done some very stupid things that could have gotten me hurt or killed. I have just been very lucky. At 18, I felt nothing could hurt me. Especially not right after graduating from high school. I am not saying anything about NH. Just saying that this could have happened to me, having nothing to do with, or maybe because of, my (supposedly) intelligent brain.
Jun 20, 4:37 PM —       
730. Checkme   
They would have to give the timeline, all the events, why they think what they think and then the public would have to draw the same conclusion.
Jun 20, 4:33 PM —       
731. Justin T   
Your island is a wonderful place. The people are graceous, kind and helpful in all ways. In the end Aruba will be fine. Perhap’s if Natalee is dead I only hope that something meaning ful can come from all this. Even if she is not dead and as also is speculated being held against her will that actions will be taken to improve things. I think the frustration and anger you hear right now has been miss place on the people of Aruba. The police did screw up in the begining. By all accounts. Believe the police screw up hear all the time. People forget that.
Jun 20, 4:32 PM —       
732. Checkme   
At least we would know what happened…
Jun 20, 4:31 PM —       
733. Checkme   
We don’t sue. We believe in ourselves that our guests love our island and we take care of them while they are here. Where else exists such a high level of recurring customers? I am sure those customers understand the problems of societies and their crimes, even the different justice systems…
Jun 20, 4:26 PM —       
734. Checkme   
Funny that the pic of the guy with the lady is not from Aruba at all, but I think it is taken in our neighbor island Curacao… This site comes from the Matthews… another story. Funny how wild people draw media attention just for the attention but Truth always comes out on Aruba. Good people recognize good from evil. Bad will also.
Jun 20, 4:23 PM —       
735. Checkme   
Regarding the tourist-in-car-making-mistake-in-traffic…
All tourist cars are marked with a “V” on the licence plate. Something they abolished in the States a long time ago, (Just never became an issue here) so that all cars with this licence plate are watched carefully as they may make traffic-errors. It is unheard of giving a tourist a ticket. Tourists basically are free to (mis)behave as they please. The Arubans keep smiling.
Jun 20, 3:49 PM —       
736. *******   
Checkme, thanks for the response. I don’t know these kids so can’t say whether they’re harmless or not, but do know that it’s only human nature that those w/ power tend to abuse it and take advantage of it. It looks like Juron has more power than the 2 brothers in Aruba, so if he really was not involved (and the brothers were), he could easily blame them and run for protection and no one would care to defend the Suranemese kids.
A response to other posters, just b/c Juron’s dad runs away from cameras does not mean he’s guilty (although I agree he may be a slime bag or douche bag). If you and your family was being blamed for something and had cameras in your face, you may run in order not to get portrayed negatively. On the other hand, I believe that if you’re truly innocent, you will scream to the world that you are, and not hide.
Also, as someone earlier said, these 3 kids are not al qaeda jihadists who can remain silent until death — these are kids who can be cracked.
On a different note, are there local women who’ve had affairs w/ Juron who can attest to his innocence or at least his non-violent nature?
Jun 20, 3:01 PM —       
737. ztriggz   
one question, if I as a tourist in aruba break a traffic law or other basic law and get caught. Can I pay the police officer on the spot to satisfy my fine as is commonly done in mexico?
I and many others have no ill feelings toward “Arubans” but I’m questioning whether the justices and police officers are open to bribes. with so much importing and exporting of questionable port content. many are sold on the fact laws can be purchased there. That is a huge difference from the US.
Jun 20, 2:59 PM —       
738. Checkme   
Why would you call Paul van der Sloot a slimeball? Would this bring Nataly back? Do you have any idea what the Truth is? Don’t you think everybody, including Paul and the rest of Aruba wants to know this? Isn’t this the purpose of our communication? Calling people names only reflects your own frustration in a childish manner. Let’s show the world how humans are able to handle thinkgs without throwing names and bombs around.
Jun 20, 2:57 PM —       
739. Checkme   
We service 500,000-600,000 tourists each year, with a total population of 100,000, at this volume since 1990. That is more than 7,5 million guests!!! We have had virually no crimes committed to our guests. We are well trained in preventing crime but don’t look very well in the media’s camera lights. That does not mean we are not doing good investigative work and will have the Truth come out and the guilty punished.
Jun 20, 2:52 PM —       
740. crs   
Checkme - All excellent points.
Jun 20, 2:47 PM —       
701. crs   
ALLY - I totally agree - I think checkme is really onto something here. Too many questions being asked and far too many people being questioned as this point for it to be what we orignally suspected.
Jun 21, 1:34 PM —       
702. Lucy   
In case you are still there. I read in SMonkey’s Discussion Forum that Lorenzo Van Rijn is also a son of Paul VDS. Can you confirm, deny????
Jun 21, 1:06 PM —       
703. Lucy   
Well, you can only go by the track record. I don’t think that if Checkme were in on this, he/she would be predicting next steps as she/he has. On the contrary, he/she would misinform.
Jun 21, 1:03 PM —       
704. crs   
ALLY - I wondered about that statement as well I want to ask Checkme but he did not comeback - I think what he means is NH is offending the arubans on purpose to cover the secret she is alive and kidnapped.
Jun 21, 1:02 PM —       
705. AllyinMiami   
CRS- CHECKME said that”Family creates offense to Aruba to cover this.” …have you figured out what that statement means..? Is he saying the one of the families has committed a crime to show to the Aruban Polis that they should keep their mouths shut—like maybe the decapitated victim that they found recently? What are your thoughts? Anyone else?
Jun 21, 1:00 PM —       
706. ladyJA   
where is checkme is he on still, not to say he is, how are we so sure that he doesnt have nething to do wth this if he has so much info, again not saying he is , nobody else have these info except the police, i dont get it
Jun 21, 12:57 PM —       
707. crs   
Checkme does tend to give the facts and then disappear but he will respond to questions sometimes.
Jun 21, 12:57 PM —       
708. fashionqueen   
I have not seen Checkme respond back since he made his post a few minutes ago…is that how he/she was with the last information that he gave…just wondering??
Jun 21, 12:55 PM —       
709. crs   
Checkme is in Aruba, yes. And if not, he has some great connections.
Jun 21, 12:53 PM —       
710. ladyJA   
is checkme in aruba
Jun 21, 12:51 PM —       
711. Kris   
I am not disagreeing with CRS or checkme. He/she has been right, I know. I hope once again he/she is.
Jun 21, 12:47 PM —       
712. Lucy   
CRS is right. Checkme told us two days before it happened about the Steve Croes arrest anf the Lorenzo Van Sijn questioning. Also told us from the beginning that Deepak, the cool, calm, calculating Kalpoe has more responsibility than it seemed.
Jun 21, 12:46 PM —       
713. AllyinMiami   
BhamNativeGirl Says- i dont know where those reports came from..but people keep talking about it.
Checkme–i pray this is true….
Jun 21, 12:45 PM —       
714. crs   
Snippy - i agree it may be a longshot on what checkme says but it is entirely possible.
Jun 21, 12:44 PM —       
715. ladyJA   
is he in Aruba?? Checkme that is how we know he doesnt have nothing to do with it
Jun 21, 12:42 PM —       
716. crs   
Ydave -this is a small online community - so if checkme was lying what would he do convert five people.
Jun 21, 12:41 PM —       
717. crs   
Checkme knew about the fourth arrest a day ahead, he also knew that the Croes character was friends with the Kalpoes not Joran as was reported by our media. He has been right on a few other things too.
Jun 21, 12:40 PM —       
718. crs   
Not speaking for checkme I would think they would keep it a secret to try and get her back as they would not want the kidnappers to know they know.
Jun 21, 12:38 PM —       
719. ladyJA   
What has checkme been right with
Jun 21, 12:38 PM —       
720. Snippy   
ydave…Don’t want to call Checkme a liar but I agree with you…Why would Kid Van Der Sleaze keep changing his story..why would the two Brothers keep changing their story..they know where Natalie is..thats my opinion for what its worth
Jun 21, 12:37 PM —       
681. Checkme   
That was the van Rijn guy.
Jun 21, 4:07 PM —       
682. Checkme   
That was de Rijn.
Jun 21, 4:07 PM —       
683. Lucy   
Left you a message yesterday, but I guess you didn’t see it. HAs the blue truck guy brought in yet? Is he Maxito???
Jun 21, 3:36 PM —       
684. VANESSA   
I know what you mean ladyJA.
Jake-who knows
Checkme-what message do you want me to relay to crs?
Jun 21, 3:30 PM —       
685. VANESSA   
you tell me, checkme………anything is possible now isn’t it?
Jun 21, 3:27 PM —       
686. Checkme   
I have become curious about CRS. Who is he/she? Why would he/she have you relay info while he/she can converse in the open? Are investigative agents at work here?
Jun 21, 3:23 PM —       
687. Trisher   
Thanks Dutch
I can wait until tomorrow.
Checkme - It’s 2:22 in the Midwest, so he could be in Colorado.
Jun 21, 3:22 PM —       
688. VANESSA   
Do you have some scoop for him checkme?? You can tell us & we’ll pass it on. We are all crs’es friends:o)
Jun 21, 3:18 PM —       
689. Checkme   
uhhh, no, that would be West. Houston time zone? Just trying to figure out where CRS may be taking his/her lunch.
Jun 21, 3:16 PM —       
690. Trisher   
Checkme - so Colorado is in the Midwest?
Jun 21, 3:08 PM —       
691. Checkme   
The first reward the fmaily posted was K$5.
Jun 21, 3:07 PM —       
692. Checkme   
hmmm… that would place him/her in the midwest area… Colorado somewhere?
Jun 21, 3:06 PM —       
693. Checkme   
My thoughts exactly Dutch. If this family is so wealthy, the reward would be an insult… Maybe that’s why Nataly is not out yet… Sorry, that is a sick joke.
Jun 21, 3:05 PM —       
694. KatCall   
I have noticed that lunch timers go off the board at times that correspond with the geographical area they live in. Maybe good ol CRS is at lunch.
Jun 21, 3:05 PM —       
695. Checkme   
CRS, you there? Where are you?
Jun 21, 3:02 PM —       
696. *******   
Checkme and CRS: The kidnapping thing seems plausible if we believe what one of the Kalpoe brothers said in jail..that something bad happened to her and they thought she would just show up on a beach or crackhouse in a couple days. But if that’s the case, why make up stories (and blame the 2 security guards initially). Why do the Kalpoes say they dropped Juron off w/ NH first and Juron insists that he was dropped off first and that the brothers left w/ the Kalpoes. If they merely handed her over to the kidanappers, or let the kidnappers take her, they could easily have said that ’some thugs’ got here. There would be no reason for them to change their stories around. Or is there?
Jun 21, 2:43 PM —       
697. Checkme   
There were (and still are) many accusations towards the Aruba justice system as being discriminating against classes. My thought now is what about NH’s family using it’s status to force such an expenditure to “find” NH. Don’t get me wrong, I think every list child/person should get this attention. But I do not believe that a “lower class” child/person in the States gets as much attention as NH. That is a form of class discrimination. The Dutch (I believe) go overboard often to ensure that there is no discimination going on, reverse discrimination. The States has the same. Somebody screems “Racial profiling” or “discrimination” everybody jumps and starts working. I guess my point is to shed some light on the other side of all this name calling and hopefully open some minds. The world reflects our soul.
Jun 21, 2:18 PM —       
698. Checkme   
By the way, there was another person interrogated but not detained. “Bibi” Arends, another student from the ISA. No info further on that.
Jun 21, 2:08 PM —       
699. Checkme   
Sorry for the delay.
Lucy, you did get the name right this time (van Rijn versus van Sijn). He is absoluteley not related to the vdSloots. I read this too some places and it made me lol.
I guess it’s the nature of people but the junk that gets thrown around in these rooms is incredible. The moderators are doing a fine job keeping it all in check (no pun intended)
Many people seem to think this has to do with sex, rape and slavery. I just don’t think so.
Have you checked back with “blogger info”? He talked about and agency called ICE and agents going through venezuela…
CRS, you read me very well. It is incredible that there is somebody who can feel my nuances so well. Never experienced that. I always thought I was very unclear to others.
All I do is read everything I can, listen with my ears open and try to feel/think what’s going on. I have no other agenda than pursue the Truth and let the Light shine.
Jun 21, 1:52 PM —       
700. KatCall   
If you all remember Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom. She traveled with those kooks Wanda and her prophecy claiming husband from Idaho to San Diego and back to Idaho and was basically living above a hillside within one mile of her own home with those people, several months later Elizabeth was discovered carousing the streets. Seh was discovered by passers on the street. Those people raped her and brainwashed Elizabeth. Point being there was never any forensic evidence that placed Elizabeth as dead because her body was never found. Therefore, CHECKME just may be right. Natalee very may well be alive. Afterall, Mr. Holloway did say on the news the other day that negotiations were being laid out. God willing please let her be alive.
Jun 21, 1:49 PM —       
661. Checkme   
just kidding, Ricardo…
Jun 21, 4:40 PM —       
662. Booyakasha   
Checkme do you live in Aruba? where?
Jun 21, 4:40 PM —       
663. Checkme   
Is your real name “Ricardo”?
Jun 21, 4:39 PM —       
664. Checkme   
Vanessa, don’t blow smoke up my … You know exaclty what’s going on in that and other countries, all under the veil of democracy. I think Aruba should be commended to uphold the law in this crazy area of the world. The Arubans choose to have the Law as it is over here and are very proud about that fact. Not even Holland can meddle in our internal affairs here. We can accept (and want) assistance, but always under our own direction.
Jun 21, 4:36 PM —       
665. Trisher   
Checkme - crs has been “out to lunch” for a couple of hours.
Jun 21, 4:35 PM —       
666. Checkme   
Yeah right… lol.
CRS, tell me, how come you understood me so well? Honestly, it threw me off a bit…
Jun 21, 4:32 PM —       
667. Booyakasha   
No….checkme’s working for the POLIS….they have the same track record
Jun 21, 4:31 PM —       
668. VANESSA   
Is it really bad in SA & COlumbia? Wow - I had no idea. If anything good comes out of the Natalee Holloway case, maybe it has opened our eyes here in the US. Wow checkme………..I had no idea. If you don’t mind me asking, are you male or female?
Jun 21, 4:31 PM —       
669. Checkme   
Sorry Vanes, didn’t mean to schock.
Jun 21, 4:30 PM —       
670. Jake   
I think Checkme is Joran’s little brother. He is trying to throw us off track!!!!!!!
Jun 21, 4:29 PM —       
671. Checkme   
pktbk, exactly my thoughts. But they would not even be safe in jail for these guys.
ladyJA, it’s not linked. I mentioned it because it may be. I don’t think so. But people, do you have any idea what happens in SA? In Colombia? The world there is not even close to what you hear of on TV. It’s all very close to this place. Why do you think we want to remain closely tied with Holland? Not because we like them, but because they are our protectors. Remember the Falklands? Jeez…
Jun 21, 4:28 PM —       
672. VANESSA   
You better be careful checkme!
Jun 21, 4:24 PM —       
673. Booyakasha   
Checkme…..can you please provide more details??????? You said throat was cut and flesh was spilled inside the house; any organs…..pancreas, liver….for crying out loud…..easy now!!
Jun 21, 4:23 PM —       
674. Checkme   
No I did not receive your message to me. Sorry for that. hope you can find the answer a couple of minutes ago. But no it was not Max. Max was the “A”. Man, this island is being tore up because of this thing…
Jun 21, 4:22 PM —       
675. Trisher   
What’s going on in Noord, Checkme?
Jun 21, 4:22 PM —       
676. ladyJA   
Why is that death linked with Natalee and Checkme who is the guy with Greta, and what is Noord??
Jun 21, 4:21 PM —       
677. Checkme   
About the brutal murder of the van Heyningen guy a couple of days ago, this is the type of consequence one can expect if they mess with the kind of people that may be involved with NH’s disappearance. His throat was cut, splattering blood and flesh all over the inside of his house. After that, they dumped his body in a cemetery.
Jun 21, 4:18 PM —       
678. VANESSA   
what makes you say that, checkme?
Jun 21, 4:16 PM —       
679. Checkme   
There seems to be something strange going on in Noord… no further info yet.
Jun 21, 4:14 PM —       
680. Checkme   
Greta is Great. She respects the facts. Dutch is right. There are none known to us.
Jun 21, 4:13 PM —       
641. Checkme   
Judge said “no”.
Jun 21, 5:53 PM —       
642. Checkme   
Good nite Booyaksha. Sweet dreams.
Jun 21, 5:52 PM —       
643. Checkme   
still did not get an answer re the “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
Jun 21, 5:45 PM —       
644. Checkme   
or where not to… when a submarine pings, she gives away her position…
Jun 21, 5:43 PM —       
645. Checkme   
yes of course. But they need proof for it to stick. besides that, they need to retrieve NH.
Jun 21, 5:31 PM —       
646. GIRL   
Checkme……..do you think they know everything?
Jun 21, 5:30 PM —       
647. Checkme   
Who says the polis don’t know all?
Jun 21, 5:25 PM —       
648. Checkme   
LOL! Vely nice house youl fliend have. He my blothel!
Jun 21, 5:24 PM —       
649. Booyakasha   
Checkme……my friend live in Noord; Chinese guy, lives in a yellow house, two kids. You know him?
Jun 21, 5:20 PM —       
650. MOMfromMO   
no worry, checkme..about the FBI & SS…Daddy VDS has bigger pull!
Uggghhhh! I hope not.
Jun 21, 5:17 PM —       
651. Checkme   
Admin, what does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?
Jun 21, 5:06 PM —       
652. Checkme   
Backround info, it is scary, on one hand, that persons whom I do not know, get to know me while I am online, on the other hand I sense some distrust. Knowing that the topic we talk about involves a young woman and an entire nation with peoples there is no doubt in my mind that we have onlookers that have agendas. However, I cannot help but share what I hear, see and know so that the world may know the Truth. That’s all. I have shared a couple of times that what happened to Joran could have happened to me many times, adolescent innocence, in a grown up world.
Jun 21, 5:02 PM —       
653. *******   
Checkme - you don’t have to reveal your identity. We know that the kidnappers, drug dealers and human traffickers will be out to get you guys if you do.
Are there any immigration lawyers on this site? How about we offer amensty to any local Aruban who discloses what kind of crap goes on there.
Jun 21, 5:00 PM —       
654. Checkme   
Specially for you Vanessa,
Jun 21, 4:57 PM —       
655. VANESSA   
it doesn’t matter checkme. i was just trying to get to know you a little….you have a good reputation (according to csr), that all. sorry if I pissed you off.
Jun 21, 4:52 PM —       
656. Checkme   
They already talked, last night…
Jun 21, 4:52 PM —       
657. Checkme   
lol, I know, I may have been a little rough on her. Vanessa, what would you like to know? I will see if I can answer.
Jun 21, 4:51 PM —       
658. Jake   
Checkme-are you a doctor?
Jun 21, 4:49 PM —       
659. Checkme   
Vanessa, please, don’t act like that, how old are you? Why are you asking me if I am male/female? You have not been paying attention. Ask CRS, he/she will be able to tell you my gender. Where are you from? Do you really want to know about this area of the world? Why are you reading these blogs? How come you know you care for me?
Jun 21, 4:45 PM —       
660. Checkme   
“Noord” is an area in Aruba. It’s the residential area North of the palm beach, the strip with all the hotels. Traditionally the fishermen lived there but that is a long gone era. I heard on the radio that there has been “suspicious movements” going on there, that the radio knows about but cannot divulge, certainly fueling more speculation. However, we do need to pay attention because they tend to be right. I can conclude that the authorities have tight control over the media here.
Jun 21, 4:42 PM —       
621. Checkme   
And may the Sun shone the Light on us all, even though some of us do not open our eyes…
Jun 22, 8:07 AM —       
622. Checkme   
Thank you for your insight. You said it all in one piece. Good job.
Jun 22, 7:39 AM —       
623. Treehouse   
Checkme Says:
June 21st, 2005 at 2:18 pm
There were (and still are) many accusations towards the Aruba justice system as being discriminating against classes. My thought now is what about NH’s family using it’s status to force such an expenditure to “find” NH. Don’t get me wrong, I think every list child/person should get this attention. But I do not believe that a “lower class” child/person in the States gets as much attention as NH.
*** My thought now is what about NH’s family using it’s status to force such an expenditure to “find” NH. But I do not believe that a “lower class” child/person in the States gets as much attention as NH. ***
Checkme, in one sense I agree with you. The folks from Mountain Brook do have money, connections, and status. They know who to call in order to get results. I live close enough to MB to have asked my 20 year old son if he knows Natalee. (He doesn’t.)
On the other hand, the “States” is a big place. Different regions have different ways of dealing with issues. The Deep South has taken a bad rap, some justified, on countless social issues from the days of the American Civil War. Nevertheless, right or wrong, there is one thing you can count on from us rednecks. No matter what our social standing or economic status, when it comes to keeping, saving, getting back our own, we are fearless. And that applies to mothers as much, if not more, than to anyone else. It is Beth who is driving this effort. She means what she says. She is not leaving until she finds her daughter. Money be damned.
I am, right now, watching the amazing news coverage of Greta and Beth going into the Van der Sloot home and speaking with Joran’s parents. I hope that mother to mother this is resolved with good result to both families. It won’t bother me at all if this turns out to be another “runaway bride” case. Natalee can do community service for the next 100 years if she has been hiding out, and her parents can take out a loan for an amount equal to, or greater than, the Aruban GNP to pay the legal fees and defamation of character lawsuits, as long as, Natalee comes back home safe.
Greta is amazing. I think she is going to get to the bottom of this while Geraldo is still trying to pull on his wellies and find his Indiana Jones hat.
Jun 22, 3:34 AM —       
624. Justin T   
You can not possibly be saying that based on that interview Alan Combs did with that detective. The first thing that guy tried to do was smear Natalee by suggesting people were not telling the truth about Natalee. He offered nothing other than anther opinion and ad to rumor. Natalee has never run away and had no reason to do so during this trip any suggestion of it is ridiculous.
After watching Greta’s show tonight I find it VERY interesting that JVD was told by daddy not to talk about the case. The excuse being he was just running his mouth off and get into trouble. As a father I would think the first thing you would do is have your son tell the police exactly what happened. That is if you have nothing to hide… Dad knows what the hell went down that night. No question
Jun 21, 11:06 PM —       
625. *******   
Checkme, we’ve corresponded briefly on here the last couple of days and your perspective is refreshing, but how can you state that it appears that the boys have not commited a crime and that NH is alive but on another island. If you make such a statement, you have explain w/ facts.
I’ve been relying on this board and on RienWorld the last few days for info, but that has been a mistake. The real clues about what’s going on can be gained by on-camera interviews w/ NH’s family. They have no incentive to lie, cover up, exxagerate or blame someone wrong, because their only interest is in getting their daughter back. NH’s mom still begged Juron’s parents today for any insight Juron may have to her dissapearance b/c she still believes Juron holds the key. The mother knows right b/c she’s been investigating there for 3 weeks. If the boys did not commit a crime, then why the need to change stories multiple times, sacrifise their butts for kidnappers, and to hold them in prison. If they did not commit a crime, they would be held as witnesses rather than suspects in prison.
THere has been other misinformation on these boards. Based on Juron’s dad’s comment on Fox, he did not pick Juron up at 3am at McDonald’s and does not know how he got home. he picked up Juron from McDonalds at 11pm to take him home but Juron snuck out of the house and went to C&C.
Also, the Holloway’s have not paid for the texas rangers — they’re doing it voluntarily, based on a Holloway family’s statment on FOX.
Checkme or CRS, any response?
Jun 21, 10:46 PM —       
626. Checkme   
Seems to me Hope is right.
Jun 21, 10:17 PM —       
627. Checkme   
Looks like she is alive but not in Aruba.
Jun 21, 10:15 PM —       
628. Checkme   
The airing tonite confirms the fact the boyz did not commit a crime
Jun 21, 9:11 PM —       
629. Checkme   
CRS, you there?
Jun 21, 9:03 PM —       
630. Checkme   
CRS, you there?
Jun 21, 8:58 PM —       
631. Checkme   
CRS, you there?
Jun 21, 8:57 PM —       
632. Lucy   
My apologies, I was wrong. It was not a spokesperson, but a guess on the Nancy Grace show of June 8. She was on along with Karl Penhaul (CNN Correspondent) Noraima Pietersz one of the lawyer of Mickey John, and other participants.
The lady’s name is Debra Opri, and she is actually a Jackson Family, and what she said was:
“OPRI: I have to tell you, I just don`t think this is a rape-murder case. I don`t. My gut is telling me this is part of a transport, a prostitution business with the country of Colombia. I hear too many stories. I know too many people who have gone down to Aruba…
GRACE: Oh, good God, Debra, you heard a story? That is the basis of this theory? “
Jun 21, 6:31 PM —       
633. Checkme   
please let me know who, I have been following this story from very close and would like every bit… I ‘ll be thinking about that for the coming time…
Jun 21, 6:18 PM —       
634. Checkme   
Thanks Lucy, you are so helpful. I am afraid I have shooed Vanessa… I hope to be able to make up with her. I need to go, will be back in an hour or so.
Jun 21, 6:15 PM —       
635. Checkme   
She works for the judicial authorities. Ruben works for the PM, clearly a better informer for the US msm
Jun 21, 6:13 PM —       
636. Lucy   
This has happened before when you try to copy several links. It will work if you put them one at a time. The administrators are called Tom and Red.
Jun 21, 6:13 PM —       
637. Checkme   
Marrianne Croes?
Jun 21, 6:12 PM —       
638. Checkme   
Sorry *******, I thought you were the admin for this blog. I put some nice links up for Vanessa to see Aruba and some info on the island, as a kind of make up for my raw behavior towards her. The message shows those words and I do not know why.
The msm is not very much on that story yet. Everything is focussed on the 4 detainees. For whatever reason, incuding tactical. Fact is that the prosecution/authorities are saying nothing. So for the same token, nabbers could also be thinking that authorities are not taking that seriously.
Jun 21, 6:10 PM —       
639. *******   
Checkme, I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean when you say you’re still waiting for an answer re “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Did I say something objectionable that a moderator is reviewing?
Also, how much longer until the kidnapping story becomes more public. If she’s been kidnapped, the kidnappers have their ears and eyes open and know that kidnapping is a theory and that the authorities are already on to them - thus, the incentive for the authorities to remain silent is not that strong. Why interview Juron’s dad and the boat cruise DJ if it was a kidnapping?
Jun 21, 6:04 PM —       
640. Checkme   
The authorities are not looking for NH, at least I don’t see them looking. That makes me conclude what I have said earlier at 12:30 pm on this blog. Read it and let me know what you think.
Jun 21, 6:00 PM —       
601. crs   
what was up with Checkme’s last post. Checkme, give me something today - you are always right on.
Jun 22, 4:47 PM —       
602. Checkme   
You got it pktbk.
CRS, all still stands dude.
Jun 22, 4:47 PM —       
603. Checkme   
June 16, 2005 08:26 AM on RiehlWorldView:
“I have always loved Aruba for it’s multi cultural society. Even to see how under extreme stress we can still see each others humanity gives me hope. On this island the distances are very short so you cannot remain distant and judge coldly. “
Jun 22, 4:43 PM —       
604. pktbk   
jake….that is true. even if her parents have to leave. they need to be on tv or newspapers everyday to keep this going.
checkme—you were spot on yesterday.
Jun 22, 4:41 PM —       
605. crs   
Checkme - any new tidbits you can provide today? Do you still think what we talked about yesterday to be true?
Jun 22, 4:37 PM —       
606. Checkme   
We have to know that “Montana” (house where Joran and family lives) is really part of “Noord”. I reported yesterday that there was something going on. It was the parents finally meeting each other. Aruba is working.
Jun 22, 4:36 PM —       
607. crs   
Checkme was on very early this morning and has not shown up since - I think he had some new news so hopefully he shows up.
Jun 22, 2:59 PM —       
608. VANESSA   
I’m worried about checkme; has anyone heard from him today?
Jun 22, 2:56 PM —       
609. *******   
Ydave - I think you may have it right. I’m open to listening to alternative theories from locals about what happened to NH (I think Checkme and ARS offered some), but when we press for facts upon which they are relying, it get none or baseless attacks from others. I’m an attorney, and looking at it objectively, the strongest circumstantial evidence is that the 3 boys are directly involved in her dissaperance b/c they were the last KNOWN to see her and that they’ve been changing their stories and are still being held.
Why are the locals throwing us off our focus?
Jun 22, 2:14 PM —       
610. crs   
Could not tell you on Checkme, hopefully he pops up because quite honestly i put more weight on what he says than the MSM. I think it is logical that they would not say anything if they suspected this scenerio so as to provide an opportunity to locate her without the kidnappers knowing. CNN is shown around the world.
Jun 22, 10:32 AM —       
611. *******   
CRS, where has your friend Checkme been? Why has there not been a legitimiate response from any of the locals regarding their feeling that NH is alive, maybe on some other island, and that the 3 boys did not physically harm her?
Also, is there any truth to the rumor yesterday that the younger Kalpoe brother and the Croes DJ will be released later this week?
Has Joran been moved to the prison? I hear he was still in city jail last night. If the authorities still thought he was innocent, they would keep him in city jail, or release him as a witness on bail.
Jun 22, 10:29 AM —       
612. Trisher   
crs - Checkme was looking for you all afternoon and wanted to know how you read him so well.
Right on with your comment about daddy and his son. 17-year olds tend to be impulsive and naive and say things that we wish they hadn’t. As we can see from just this board, one statement can be taken to mean many different things to different people.
Jun 22, 9:47 AM —       
613. crs   
Did Checkme have anything else interesting to say yesterday oth
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582. crs   
Checkme - you have not been wrong so far and I think what we have talked about to be very possible.
Jun 22, 5:44 PM —       
583. crs   
I think Lucy thought sim and checkme were the same person.
Jun 22, 5:42 PM —       
584. Simian   
Simian Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
June 22nd, 2005 at 5:40 pm
Simian Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
June 22nd, 2005 at 5:38 pm
Checkme…check this…and please recheck:
Girl comes to Aruba. Meets cool and crazy guy in C@$ino. Goes out with him. He declares that to be the case. Can’t deny it. It’s on tape. Everybody in the C@$ino knows the group of teens, they have been drinking in there for free the whole week.
After a couple of days girl meets another boy in the same C@$ino. Goes out with him. This makes first guy really mad. So mad he confronts second boy.
First guy never denies the affair. He knows they know he was with her. However, he has an airtight alibi. Some friends say they were at home with him. Until the morning.
How can this ever be solved?
Jun 22, 5:41 PM —       
585. Checkme   
What you do with what I say is up to you Lucy. I give a finger, you “expect” a body.
Simian, a motive from Joran we do not have.
Twitty will let Joran free soon.
CRS, good hearing you again, proly because you followed my trail. I think that’s because you have read and felt what I have and tie it all together to the seemingly most likely scenario. Like Simian, I hate repeating myself.
Jun 22, 5:41 PM —       
586. crs   
Checkme believes NH is part of a kidnapping and has been moved most likely to Columbia - he believes Joran is totally innocent - he believes the brothers and Croes to be involved.
Jun 22, 5:41 PM —       
587. Trisher   
lucy - what’s a java duplicate?
crs - what is checkme’s theory?
Sim - what?
Jun 22, 5:39 PM —       
588. rem05   
I agree with CRS. Checkme, where do we stand?
Jun 22, 5:37 PM —       
589. Trisher   
I think it’s Checkme’s turn to deliver.
Jun 22, 5:36 PM —       
590. crs   
Lucy - i think Sim is a long shot, this is the first day i have seen him on the boards and he has not been right so far but i would stick with Checkme.
Jun 22, 5:36 PM —       
591. Lucy   
Checkme and Simian
This is it for you guys. You need to deliver something, since you have created all this expectation
Jun 22, 5:33 PM —       
592. Lucy   
Please put us up-to-date.
Jun 22, 5:31 PM —       
593. crs   
Checkme- that is what i figured as you have by far been the most accurate and I am with you on your theory.
Jun 22, 5:30 PM —       
594. rem05   
elaborate Checkme
Jun 22, 5:29 PM —       
595. Checkme   
Simian is late with facts and wring with his speculations.
Jun 22, 5:28 PM —       
596. born 2 b wild   
I love the cock fighting that goes on in this blog -complete w/razor blades attached to the spurs
We should take odds on the hour for the latest round
Right now we got Stefe in this corner and MOM from MO (the “show me MOM”) in that corner
p.s: checkme - check this
Jun 22, 5:17 PM —       
597. Trisher   
What did CheckMe say?
Jun 22, 4:55 PM —       
598. crs   
pktbk - sim is contradicting what checkme says. Thoughts?
Jun 22, 4:54 PM —       
599. Checkme   
Sorry CRS, gotta go.
Jun 22, 4:49 PM —       
600. crs   
Thanks checkme!!
Jun 22, 4:48 PM —       
561. Checkme   
Let me know when u r here…
Jun 22, 7:42 PM —       
562. Checkme   
Are u Lucy?
Let us go to the other blog, the first one on NH, nice and clean start…
Jun 22, 7:40 PM —       
563. Checkme   
You there?
Jun 22, 7:34 PM —       
564. Checkme   
the silence before the storm…
Jun 22, 6:50 PM —       
565. Lucy   
Upss, didn’t read your 6:38 post until now. No questions now, will wait for your comments, today or tomorrow, depending on your return.
Jun 22, 6:49 PM —       
566. Lucy   
Since Aruba is so small, I won’t ask you where you came from. Perhaps later on. It was great having this small conversation on the side (of the blog). Look forward to keep reading your comments. Mis mà ¡s sinceros saludos y respeto,
Jun 22, 6:45 PM —       
567. Checkme   
Before I go Lucy, if you may ask me one question, what would that question be, right now?
Jun 22, 6:38 PM —       
568. Checkme   
I came here around the same time, 1969. Things have changed indeed.
Jun 22, 6:36 PM —       
569. Checkme   
Read Simian better. he did not write what you said.
Jun 22, 6:31 PM —       
570. Checkme   
Sigur cu si, playa a keda playa.
My first girlfriend (Colombiana) also went to school in Massachusetts… many moons ago.
Jun 22, 6:29 PM —       
571. Lucy   
First, the desperation of the mother. Then, the fact that it was Aruba. By the way, went banck about 7 years ago, and could not believe the change from oil refineries to hotel strips. Do you still call Oranjestad, Playa?
As for my English, went to school in Massachusetts.
Jun 22, 6:24 PM —       
572. Checkme   
Mira, Dominicana!!! My my you have traveled much. Allow me to compliment you on your perfect English.
I have seen you a lot on this blog. Why are you so interested in this case?
Jun 22, 6:20 PM —       
573. Lucy   
No, I am from Santo Domingo, but have have visited Aruba many times. Have relatives in San Nicolas. My greatgrandfaher was from Curaà §ao and my great uncle moved back there. I have great childhood memories of Aruba, the carnival, the newyears eve celebrations, etc., and also my first encounter in life with oriental and asian foods.
Jun 22, 6:17 PM —       
574. Checkme   
Go back to the hotel? Last nite out? Party on dudess…
Jun 22, 6:11 PM —       
575. Checkme   
Lucy, are you from Aruba?
Jun 22, 6:07 PM —       
576. Checkme   
Lucy!!! I am starting to like you.
Jun 22, 6:05 PM —       
577. Checkme   
Take care, CU tmrw. Over and out.
Jun 22, 6:03 PM —       
578. crs   
Checkme, have a good night my friend, hope you have some more details tomorrow!!
Jun 22, 5:59 PM —       
579. Checkme   
Lucy, CRS did an excellent recap for us all. Please don’t confuse me anymore with Simian. Just like van Sijn and van Rijn…
One thing I do want to repeat. It is so easy to throw mud at our authorities. Please don’t. We are all doing our best every day to have NH reunited with her family. We are not very good at the media show which is why I am also happy our system is closed while the investigative process is taking place.
I am not part of “the Aruban Authority”. Just a Human Being living in Aruba (duhhh…)
Vanessa, did you ever take a look at the links I posted for you? I send them with my warmest regards.
Jun 22, 5:57 PM —       
580. Lucy   
I don’t expect a body. Perhaps a short summary of your latest discovery. Did not mean to be pushy, but just like everyone, just want your info updates to keep coming. My apologies.
Jun 22, 5:49 PM —       
541. Checkme   
yes, you lost me there, computer locked up… let me read and get back into this…
Jun 22, 9:12 PM —       
542. Kristin   
Trisher, 8-9 individuals? Oh my goodness….that’s insane.
Checkme, did we lose you?
Jun 22, 9:11 PM —       
543. Lucy   
Checkme et al
Mangoes in full season here too. All types. Has anybody ever seen a movie called “10 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda? Is quite an old movie. For those who have not seen it, its about a jury that is totally convinced of a defendant’s guilt. There is a member of the jury that believes that the facts, posssibilities must be reviewed before reaching a conclusion, and this juror guides them through all the evidence, until they render a verdict of not guilty. I get the feeling this is happening to us. As we are guided and discuss possibilities, we are changing our initial convictions on this case while we discover that there is more than meets the eye.
Oh well! My question is, are we really facing a silence before the storm???
Jun 22, 9:06 PM —       
544. Kristin   
checkme, when we went to aruba in 2001, we met up with Mr. Aruba and his friends. They hung out at our hotel all week…and we became friends with them. Do you know of him or have you ever seen him? He would have been the Mr. Aruba of 2001. Just curious.
Jun 22, 9:04 PM —       
545. Checkme   
Tisher, both. I did not mean to be harsh, I am sorry. You caught me being assuming all Americans watch CNN. Have you been in Aruba? Why your interest in this case?
Kristin, yes, I am in Aruba
Jun 22, 8:58 PM —       
546. Kristin   
i am saying-did the people who have natalee make that poster up? as it says i love you and miss you and i want to talk with you. why would it say that? and then say call me on my cell phone…it just seems strange to me. i didnt think natalee put that on there herself. and it also said my mom is on aruba….i dont know. maybe they want something from the parents, and this was all a plan to get her parents to come to aruba so they could get money…aren’t both parents very wealthy???
Jun 22, 8:57 PM —       
547. Checkme   
Now why would NH out up a poster for her Mom? Note the wording, like Mom knows NH does not want to talk to her… Reward was written in the beginning, later versions of the poster would have an amount printed on them.
Jun 22, 8:54 PM —       
548. Trisher   
Checkme - are you being inquisitive or sarcastic? I live in the US - Midwest.
Jun 22, 8:54 PM —       
549. Kristin   
are you in aruba checkme???
Jun 22, 8:53 PM —       
550. Checkme   
Trisher, which country you live in?
Lucy, that’s the correct question. The answer will lead you to the Truth. Why would somebody not do something?
Jun 22, 8:51 PM —       
551. Checkme   
36000 victims, jeeezzz, this all happening in th US? I guess that’s stuff for another blog,
She did not run. However, her parents did play with that scenario as you could see on the poster Dutch provided for you. I have seen these posters around the island also and found them very strange. Just like the initial reward amount.
Just had a HUGE mango, sorry but I just wanted to tease you a little…
Jun 22, 8:48 PM —       
552. Lucy   
So, if your gut feeling is right, and they know much more than we think, what are they waiting for? Do you think they know what the location is? Are they trying to negotiate something with some organization or person? Why the cover-up of the cover-up?
Jun 22, 8:41 PM —       
553. Checkme   
I don’t know much but am willing to try and give you as much as I can.
Jun 22, 8:34 PM —       
554. Checkme   
Kristin, exactly, and I will be doing the informing (you)…
Jun 22, 8:33 PM —       
555. Checkme   
NO Tisher!!! DON’T FEEL YOU HAVE TO LEAVE! That’s ridicilous. Stay.
Jun 22, 8:32 PM —       
556. Checkme   
van Rijn, blue van with lots of grafitti and very big speaker on board…
Jun 22, 8:31 PM —       
557. Checkme   
It sure is quiet out here. Thought I could have an informing evening with Kristin, while nancy Grace is BS’n with NH’s father…
This is for CRS and others of course.
I must say, they play the part very well. How come I just don’t believe them. Proly because I know what I know. Especially when I hear NH’s Mom talk I get this very strong feeling that she knows exactly what is going on but is not allowed to divulge. Otherwise she would have given up. She was an emotional wreck in the first week. The second week there was not much of her anywhere. But since last week my feelings were being reinforced more and more…
Jun 22, 8:29 PM —       
558. Checkme   
OK Kristin, what don’t you understand?
Jun 22, 8:14 PM —       
559. Checkme   
come to:
Jun 22, 7:46 PM —       
560. Checkme   
What is it you inquire?
Jun 22, 7:43 PM —       
521. Kristin   
let me look checkme, can you share any other information with us?
Jun 22, 10:10 PM —       
522. Checkme   
the authorities do need to eliminate any possible doubt about anybody’s innocence in this case.
Jun 22, 10:09 PM —       
523. Checkme   
but to me it does indicate this is not a “3-boyz-booze-rape-harm-girl” scenario.
Jun 22, 10:07 PM —       
524. Checkme   
Lucy, Therein lies the answer. Instead of pounding authorities, families, innocent bystanders, islanders, americans, dutch, etc, we should be aware of this strong possibility. Compassion, intelligence and assuming most people mean well, are principles we need to adhere to.
Jun 22, 10:05 PM —       
525. AllyinMiami   
ummm…the Deepak..this is why he were so quick to say that Joran was fondling her…so quick to say it was the security guards..so quick to talk about everything..he may be in control..or at least the one who knows more than the other two. Joran’s previous interactions with this girl could have been utilized as Deepak’s alibi?…checkme…i know of u from CRS…now I see why he stated that your input is valuable
Jun 22, 10:00 PM —       
526. Checkme   
Can u see the moon right now?
Jun 22, 9:59 PM —       
527. Checkme   
Kristin, in what State are you?
Jun 22, 9:57 PM —       
528. Checkme   
This was a setup, but not by VDS (junior or senior). But they may have been used as a veil. In that sense they are as much a victim as NH.
This just looks more and more like a puppet show to me.
Jun 22, 9:55 PM —       
529. Kristin   
checkme, what did you say before about the blue van?
what do you mean about that person? who advised her to not say anything? authorities? what does she know?
Jun 22, 9:52 PM —       
530. Checkme   
I apolagize, now I am confusing you with Lucy… But the question still stands: “Why would somebody not do something?” (like tell the truth in this case)
Jun 22, 9:51 PM —       
531. AllyinMiami   
checkme–are u saying that Amanda is right b/c this crime was possibly premeditated?
Jun 22, 9:50 PM —       
532. Kristin   
what question is that? do you have instant messenger…so we could chat instead of going back and forth on this thing?
Jun 22, 9:47 PM —       
533. Lucy   
Kristin, Checkme
I am certain this blog is being watched. So much information surfaces here, that I am sure it has to be monitored from different sources like the families, the investigators, the FBI and possibly those responsible for whatever may have been committed or taken place.
If so many people may be involved, they must be looking for what is being said “out there”. The Scaredmonkey phenomenom has been widely publicised, plus Top95/Arubadag.com lists this site as a source of information on the case.
The feeling is not just limited to those on this thread. Over at the discussion forum, there is an aruban participant, apparently quite young that has been warned to watch what she says, because she is too open and not cautious enough with her comments.
Jun 22, 9:47 PM —       
534. Checkme   
Amanda, you are right.
Kristin, don’t worry about me. Worry about all our southern neighbors in SA where guns and violence wreck lives daily. All because of the drug consumption in the West. You have not answered my question yet.
Jun 22, 9:45 PM —       
535. Checkme   
Good nite Trisher.
Jun 22, 9:42 PM —       
536. Kristin   
You think I know a lot about this case? Really? I am close….but close to what? I just don’t know. I hope your computer is ok…I am really going to worry about you. You don’t know any of the people involved, do you? They are saying 8-9 more people need to be arrested and questioned. That seems like an awful lot. Poor natalee. Where the hell is she.
Jun 22, 9:41 PM —       
537. Checkme   
Still having some IT problems here.
You know Kristin, a couple of days ago I did get a veery strong feeling that we were being “watched”. It scared me a bit. I must say, you know quite a bit now about this case. You have nearly all the pieces. And you know where it rattles.
Jun 22, 9:38 PM —       
538. AllyinMiami   
Checkme—are u okay?
Jun 22, 9:33 PM —       
539. Kristin   
checkme…how’s your computer? are you sure the government isnt tapping into you and preventing you from sharing any information with us? wouldnt surprise me one bit….i’d watch out if i were you….but dont stop talking to us. if you dissapear, i am calling for help!!!!
Jun 22, 9:27 PM —       
540. Trisher   
OOoh, just ate a fresh green grape from the grocery store - lol checkme
Jun 22, 9:22 PM —       
501. kristin   
nicole, i thought the same thing about the poster. i don’t get it either.
where oh where is checkme??? we need you buddy…
Jun 23, 8:41 AM —       
502. Kristin   
You GO ally!
That’s what checkme said…political blackmail. BUT WHY Natalee?? And what DONT we know?
Jun 22, 11:22 PM —       
503. subdude   
Check, one. Check, two. Checkme????
What’s up brotha? You know something, me thinks! Rest well and please come back tomorrow with more clues.
AllyinMiami, I am subdude in Fort Lauderdale. Pleased to meet you. Thank you and Lucy for the responses. I certainly hope she is alive. The lack of physical evidence actually makes me more hopeful.
Ya’ll take care, and call this day a success. Things feel like they are coming to a boil. Those boys are about the break. Personally, I think the Aruban police and prosecutors and doing a good job after a misstep in the beginning, perhaps.
I am happy to see that the posts seem to be more tolerant of all views. Though I have not posted much, I have been reading and keeping informed. Man of few entries, I suppose.
Ciao and pray.
Jun 22, 11:02 PM —       
504. Lucy   
The truth is that Checkme is Obi-Wan Kenobi.
No, seriously. As I see it that the truth here comes in at least two steps. In this first step, the truth may come from finding out what is the lie. So by guessing, one lie may be that Joran was dragged into this. Maybe he was even used, counting on his fathers standing in Aruba.
I don’t speak a lot of Chat. What does LOL means.
Jun 22, 10:50 PM —       
505. Kristin   
checkme dont go yet
Jun 22, 10:33 PM —       
506. Lucy   
Will do, I hope you are proud to act as the 12th juror.
Good night.
Jun 22, 10:33 PM —       
507. Checkme   
And so the Truth comes out, always. Good nite.
Jun 22, 10:32 PM —       
508. Checkme   
Send the note to mr Werner (or Wernet?), my suggestion is also forward it to the Diario newpaper and the Awe Mainta newspaper. The Aruban people need to know there are Humans out there. No pity, just genuine compassion about the situation.
I must go and rest now. I thank you all or your attention.
Jun 22, 10:30 PM —       
509. Kristin   
I think you are right. They keep saying that the boys know what happened to Natalee, but so don’t they. They know that she’s been taken to venezuela. Everyone is saying so. Checkme…what do you think? They just cut off Natalee’s stepfather and went to commercial. He was about to say something good. Wonder why they went to commercial. This is making me sick, and I am starting to lose interest. It’s all a game and a cover-up. Pathetic.
Jun 22, 10:29 PM —       
510. Lucy   
You would be Henry, of course …
Jun 22, 10:28 PM —       
511. Lucy   
Earlier today, I checked on the internet the e-mail address for the ISAruba. I thought of sending Mrs. VDS a note, but only found that of Mr. Robert Werner, Headmaster. I dont’t know, maybe he can forward it to her. What do you think?
Jun 22, 10:25 PM —       
512. Kristin   
YEs checkme, I went outside in my pajamas and everything. No visable moon here.
What did you mean about the van? I know you know what’s going on. And I thank you for sharing more about this with me. Is there anything else you can say? You said you had a question that I didn’t answer?
Jun 22, 10:24 PM —       
513. Checkme   
To whom were you referring to, when you spoke about the character Henry Fonda played?
Jun 22, 10:24 PM —       
514. Checkme   
Lucy, you are the first one to openly admit this. Whatever the outcome, the world has become better because you have gained the Light.
Jun 22, 10:20 PM —       
515. Checkme   
May God forgive us our sins.
Jun 22, 10:20 PM —       
516. Lucy   
After the developments of the last two days (our discussions), I think that yes, we have all been so overfocused on the most morbid scenario, that we have forgotten that there are other parents involved that are also so in pain, yet many of us have been so cruel at making them guilty also, while they seclude at home and do not have the opportunity to defend and protect their child.
Right at this moment, I feel such regret for precipitating myself at condemning the VDS. It was very painful and sad to see Paul and Anita on TV. Today, I did feel remorse for my thoughts and posts of a few days ago.
Jun 22, 10:18 PM —       
517. Checkme   
Kristin, You went all the way outside? Sorry for that. You should have been in Aruba then, because we have the most beautiful sight, in the South-East sky, nearly a full moon, it’s a beauty!!!
Jun 22, 10:17 PM —       
518. Checkme   
Connections between SRN and COL exist of course. Up until the board rooms of European airline carriers (Air Holland for example). But I haven’t heard anything like this related to this case.
My speculation (mind you, this is pure on my own account) is that this has to do with blackmail of a very high political degree. Again, no proof, pure speculation, I hate to do this but others have speculated, I think I am allowed that luxury now also.
Jun 22, 10:15 PM —       
519. Kristin   
ok checkme, WHY can’t i see the moon? I just went outside and walked up and down the street…why can’t i see it? this is freaky…
Jun 22, 10:14 PM —       
520. Chef Scottie   
Just out of curiosity, Checkme, why did you mention that van Rijn’s van has a “very big speaker” on board. That seems like an odd statement. Do you mean to suggest that it would be big enough to contain a body?
Jun 22, 10:12 PM —       
481. VANESSA   
submarine ping…………is that you checkme????????????????
Jun 23, 10:29 AM —       
482. AllyinMiami   
pktbk…true, but I think that at commencement, possibly out of political blackmail, they would not talk (out of fear); however, Beth H. intellegently and strategically made this into a now tangible moral issue with the VDS’s. They now know her (Beth) and have conversed with her. Ms. VDS feels her pain and I am sure that if the father knows something she will now get it out of him….I have a feeling that the truth will come out very soon.
checkme–where r u—come back
subdude–are u here?
Jun 23, 10:26 AM —       
483. *******   
CRS (and Checkme who I don’t think is on): The kidnapping theory does NOT makes sense for the following reasons (assume for the sake of argument that a kidnapping did occur):
1) Whether or not the 3 kids faciliated the kidnapping or knew the kidnappers, the 3 would not change their stories mutliple times from leaving her at the HI, dropping Joran off first w/o NH, dropping Joran off first with NH, to Juron just leaving her at the beach. Almost 4 weeks into this, the 3 kids would easily admit that she was kidnapped by “some bad guys” without revealing identities in order to save the kids’ skin. The 3 teens’ parents and lawyers would try to convince them of the same thing — admit that they are not invlved in the kidnapping rather than face murder charges (believe me, there will be pressure to try these kids for murder if no other resolution is found).
2) Kidnapping theory is not consistent with the police’s investigation so far. How does Croes, the DJ, fall into a kidnapping plot? Why interview Joran’s dad twice as a witness if it was a kidnapping. Why move the 3 kids to a prison, instead of just holding them as “witnesses.”
3) There is no need to bring in the Texas search team (which will be conducting underwater search) if she was kidnapped and moved to another country.
4) Most importantly, if she was kidnapped and possibly moved to another country, NH’s parents and all the authorities involved would make this an INTERNATIONAL search (involving other southern american countries) and reaching out to the authorities in those countries for help - there is no indication that that has occurred yet. Also, if a kidnapping, NH’s parents would not just be passing out missing posters in Aruba - they would be broadening their search to other places.
The “other people” involved who NH’s mom refers to are the ppl who helped dispose of NH’s body after one of the 3 kids harmed her.
Any advocate of the kidnapping theory want to response — please don’t just respond with a statement that “you don’t have the facts or that the facts will come out.” It’s a waste of time to read these boards where people advocate theories without having any logic or facts to back them up when questioned about it. Thanks!
Jun 23, 10:22 AM —       
484. crs   
Checkme believes NH was kidnapped.
Jun 23, 9:59 AM —       
485. larry chicken   
hey, I need some information. What is Checkme’s theory?
Jun 23, 9:56 AM —       
486. crs   
Lucy - I saw that - checkme has thought for awhile Columbia.
Jun 23, 9:54 AM —       
487. Lucy   
cre and Kristin
Regarding locations, Checkme said yesterday that connections between SRN and COL existed. I assumed he meant Surinam and Colombia, so maybe Surinam is a possibility.
Jun 23, 9:50 AM —       
488. crs   
Yes, checkme believes she is most likely in a neighboring country most likely kidnapped but possibly having runaway.
Jun 23, 9:35 AM —       
489. kristin   
crs, checkme’s theory is that she is in venezuela, right?
Jun 23, 9:33 AM —       
490. kristin   
crs, checkme’s theory is that she is in venezuela, right?
Jun 23, 9:33 AM —       
491. crs   
pktbk - I had a different take than your friend I saw the biological dad and beth on fox last night and was shocked as to how calm they were - her father talks like she is dead but is so calm it is very weird……I know everyone reacts to things differently but as checkme said last night neither has shown much emotion the last two to three weeks which makes believe checkme’s theory.
Jun 23, 9:31 AM —       
492. Nicole   
I think that we have the same mind!! I feel EXACTLY HOW YOU DO….on everything!!!
It is REALLY weird about Checkme. Does anyone personally know him? Or do we all just know him from this blog? He is a local from Aruba, who is dead on with EVERY SINGLE thing he says….except for the fact that a few days ago he said Natalee is alive, but not in Aruba…..Should I say what I’m thinking?? I’m scared I might get myself in trouble! Maybe he just has a great source of info down there…..or maybe he knows more than we care to expect.
I don’t know……just weird to me.
Jun 23, 9:28 AM —       
493. Trisher   
Checkme probably went to bed and hasn’t gotten up yet.
I think we all watch too much tv.
On 2 shows last night they mentioned the 8-9 more people thing.
Jug was pretty pissed last night. I think he’s had it and would like to beat some a$$.
Jun 23, 9:25 AM —       
494. fashionqueen   
Well Kristin,
Try and stay with us not so informed people just a little bit longer….and I hope Checkme doesn’t get into trouble for informing us…it’s almost scary that he’s been right on point with alot of the information that he’s been giving us….
Jun 23, 9:17 AM —       
495. pktbk   
nicole-if her personal phone wouldn’t get a signal there, she might have gotten another one. i didn’t know she did, but that would explain it. there are certain places in the u.s. that i get absolutely no signal. it sucks.
kristin-it does suck that we are watched and analyzed. i would hope checkme and the other arubans would not be punished for informing us. they were terribly vague, so i don’t see where they were wrong. the aruban prosecutor on nancy grace dances around the real answer more than these guys.
Jun 23, 9:08 AM —       
496. kristin   
fashion queen-
thanks for being so nice. i don’t mind sharing my email, i have two addresses and i gave the one that i barely use. i am just so fed up with all of this. people in aruba are getting in trouble for talking to us, and that is so wrong. we have the right to know what’s going on, and when i say what’s going on-i mean what’s REALLY going on. not this bullshit from greta and whoever else that may be down there. i mean the TRUTH. where is geraldo? doesn’t anyone else find it funny that he’s GONE? he’s in venezuela, looking for natalee. and checkme has shared as much as he can, and i wont be surprised if he gets spoken to by the feds and can no longer talk with us.
it’s all crap. just goes to prove that we live under a microscope, and whatever we do is controlled. i hate it.
Jun 23, 9:03 AM —       
497. pktbk   
kristin…i think you’re probably going to get more than just checkme email now. lol
Jun 23, 8:56 AM —       
498. pktbk   
chef scottie-even if it was small….wouldn’t they check everywhere. especially since it is close to the boys home? i think it was stated that there was a timeframe involved for the boys. they had to be at school the next day, so whatever needed to be done, they had to do it quick. no time to dig or anything like that. i could be wrong, just speculating.
checkme where are you for real! you have been right on and it’s scary.
Jun 23, 8:55 AM —       
499. kristin   
my email is kristingamst@comcast.net if checkme ever wants to talk.
Jun 23, 8:54 AM —       
500. kristin   
Everyone is saying that Natalee is in Venezuela, and that her parents know about it. It’s all a big cover up, and I am getting so sick of it. I’m throwing in the towel and giving up on this. Thanks to everyone, especially checkme for sharing information. I still hope that they get Natalee back, but I don’t appreciate all the lies and the cover-ups. Whatever, goodbye.
Jun 23, 8:53 AM —       
461. Checkme   
Sorry *******, allow me…
Jun 23, 1:48 PM —       
462. Checkme   
Anita on the radio…
Jun 23, 1:47 PM —       
463. Jake   
Tonight, Greta and Beth will invite everyone on this blog to join them while they tour Aruba for answers!!
Sim and Checkme wil be our official tour guides, while Born 2 be wild will go out on his own in search of Geraldo!!!!!
Jun 23, 12:50 PM —       
464. pktbk   
born 2-why do you even come on here if you hate it so bad? every post i have ever read of yours is nothing but bashing. if other blogs are so much better, than by all means, join them. hopefully they won’t get to see what a sour bitter human being you are or they just might tell you to move on as well.
checkme’s information gave actual places and activity that was happening without saying..the news and beth are outside the vander sloot’s home.
Jun 23, 12:36 PM —       
465. born 2 b wild   
Shock the monkey sounds like he (or she?) is full of sh#t. Just like all of the other wanna be experts and so-called insiders w/inside info. (on or off Aruba) What a crock. He/she doesn’t know any more than anyone else does. “Something big” could happen any moment anyway so what is the gratification of acting like you know the deal or being a big shot on this blog? All this armchair quarterback meets Agatha Christie stuff is ridiculous.
Some people are too suspicious and dont have any common sense, purpose ,goals or grounding so they constantly have to split hairs and come up with theory after theory after theory and then they dont even beleive the truth when it is ultimately proven. It has been proven that people like that are essentially paranoid,insecure and dont trust in anything because ultimately they dont trust themselves. It is up to them to patch that hole in their lives.
Thank God for the common sense people that have alway accomplished things and built the ship that you and everyone else are taking the ride on.
Like the Rolling Stones said “let’s drink to the hard working people, let’s drink to the salt of the earth”
The rest of you (the minority) talk in circles and would probably do so forever if you were able. blah,blah,blah
Than God you (and no one else) is able to do that. We are all born equal and die equal like it or not.
It is totally hilarious to see how many people have been getting so complicated on this blog. (How many of you work?) From what I’ve seen, the smartest comments have been some of the most simple and humble comments as well as the ones that mix in humor to keep it relaxed.
note to crs and checkme: I’m glad you 2 impress each other so much, (and brown nose each other) because my observation (as well as others on the blog and here where I am who occasionally read this) is that we haven’t heard anything either of you has said that is any more relevant or inspirational than some of the other (better) blogs.
Jun 23, 12:32 PM —       
466. Big Pappy   
Shock, you can go if you want, but don’t make it like I drove you away. As I stated, my opinion, my $.02, majority on here probably want you to stay and keep providing. But whether it is you, CheckMe, or anyone else, providing pieces of the puzzle here to the blog I just don’t get as it furthers nothing but more speculation.
Jun 23, 12:12 PM —       
467. AllyinMiami   
trisher–no, honey..what i meant was what did checkme mean when he wrote that the poster implied that Nat wouldn’t want to speak with her mother
Jun 23, 12:06 PM —       
468. Trisher   
Ally - Checkme wrote that cuz someone asked him if Natalee put that poster up herself.
Jun 23, 12:01 PM —       
469. fashionqueen   
If you read my previous post, I tend to agree with you, I don’t want you to get in trouble behind this, but just a suggestion: If you take a look at Checkme’s wording in his post, maybe there is a better way you can say what you want to without it sounding like a riddle….just a suggestion…
Jun 23, 12:01 PM —       
470. AllyinMiami   
CRS, Kris,and anyone else…what do u think checkme meant when he stated this?
Checkme Says:
June 22nd, 2005 at 8:54 pm
Now why would NH out up a poster for her Mom? Note the wording, like Mom knows NH does not want to talk to her… Reward was written in the beginning, later versions of the poster would have an amount printed on them.
Jun 23, 11:57 AM —       
471. crs   
Big Popy - I think checkme tries to make sure his facts are correct before posting and he has multiple legit sources which I respect - hence his screenname - Checkme.
Jun 23, 11:40 AM —       
472. Big Pappy   
SHOCKtheMONKEY Says: June 23rd, 2005 at 11:18 am
these boards are being watched. wording of comments are monitored and being obscure is the only way to communicate right now.
But being obscure is NOT communicating. If you have valid information and you care about finding Natalee, either post what you know, or don’t post at all, the additional mystery, misdirection, and obscurity of posts from people who “seem in the know” only additionally muddies the water surrounding the entire case.
I appreciate what these folks seem to offer, but I don’t really get people like CheckMe. Why give small tidbits of information, is it the thrill or are you really trying to get additional information out to other bloggers. If you are, why not just say it all and be done with it? Either that or say nothing, right? What is the purpose beyond that? Scared to “hurt the investigation”? Just does not make sense to me.
As far as “people are watching”, if they are, you are only being obscure so they don’t knock on your door and wack you off this blog for good, more of a self preservation thing more than trying to save the investigation. If they aren’t watching, you certainly have nothing to fear by providing your information.
So come on folks, put your cards on the table? Or give a good reason as to why you won’t?
Jun 23, 11:37 AM —       
473. AllyinMiami   
Kristin–u r right…our media would have already asked the family if they “thought she was in another country”..they haven’t asked b/c they do not want these people to know that they are on to them….checkme could be right… we are all “puppets”..the american media can be helping their investigation by using themselves as a decoy…remaining quiet, continuing to search in aruba and not other countries..It is very odd that their hasn’t been any media reports from any other country. Don’t u think we would have reported over their asking “have u seen this girl?” along with her photograph…In retrospect that could be why they took Geraldo off this case, he has demonstrated the tendency to divulge too much….
Jun 23, 11:35 AM —       
474. crs   
Checkme must have limited access to the web during the day because lately it seems he has been on a lot more at night.
Jun 23, 11:35 AM —       
475. crs   
I will believe checkme until there are facts or proof he is wrong, he has been right 100% so far.
Jun 23, 11:19 AM —       
476. kristin   
You are right. That’s what checkme means. He knows that Natalee’s parents know what’s going on and they are all acting. This is why everything has taken so long. This is why no one is ASKING the parents, “Do you think that Natalee is in Venezuela? Do you think Natalee has been taken to Columbia?” NO ONE will ask that, because it will trigger whoever has Natalee to do something bad to her. I know it.
Jun 23, 11:17 AM —       
477. AllyinMiami   
I must tell u all, again, checkme knows too much it is scary..Like we have stated before, he has been very accurate…re-read these statements he wrote last night
Checkme Says:
he wrote this to me
This was a setup, but not by VDS (junior or senior). But they may have been used as a veil. In that sense they are as much a victim as NH.
pror to that, he wrote this to CRS:
This just looks more and more like a puppet show to me.
I must say, they play the part very well. How come I just don’t believe them. Proly because I know what I know. Especially when I hear NH’s Mom talk I get this very strong feeling that she knows exactly what is going on but is not allowed to divulge. Otherwise she would have given up. She was an emotional wreck in the first week. The second week there was not much of her anywhere. But since last week my feelings were being reinforced more and more…
he consistently says that her parents are “acting”…playing a part…I think they may know what has happened; however, they are baiting someone..luring them in; so that they gather more evidence….I believe they have an idea as to what has happened..they are just hooking these criminals in, and strategically moving their next chess piece
Jun 23, 11:12 AM —       
478. Jake   
I think Sim and Checkme are totally wrong! I’m sorry (no pun intended). I think that NH family is a little careful in what they say, but only because they have been told that if this investigation is leaked out in any way, the boys would WALK. And they (NH FAMILY) of course DO NOT want this to happen. As for NH mother being so strong, GOD is giving her the strength to keep this story alive and in the news. That is why she is out there with Greta giving out bracelets and prayer cards! The boys stories are still a bit confusing, but they pretty much know (the authoriteis), that Joran is the last person that was with her, and that “something bad” happened while he was with her. This of course being either an accidental drowning, or an overdose.
Jun 23, 11:07 AM —       
479. pktbk   
and checkme is spot on on everything he has said. he knew of all the action around noord, and the next night we got greta at the vander sloots front door.
Jun 23, 11:01 AM —       
480. rem05   
checkme said yesterday that none of Simian’s theories were credible.
Jun 23, 11:00 AM —       
441. fashionqueen   
Checkme is on another blog page..give me a second and I’ll give you the link….
Jun 23, 2:14 PM —       
442. Checkme   
KRISTIN!!! Good to hear you. LOL.
Jun 23, 2:13 PM —       
443. Checkme   
I don’t know who knows NH is on another island. I don’t. I mentioned SA, most probably Colombia. The border between Venezuela and Colombia is lots of jungle so it may be be either country.
Jun 23, 2:13 PM —       
444. kristin   
Jun 23, 2:13 PM —       
445. Checkme   
and the last one:
Jun 23, 2:08 PM —       
446. Checkme   
Jun 23, 2:08 PM —       
447. Checkme   
Vanessa, I posted these as a gesture and to give you more info (if you did not get it yourself)
Jun 23, 2:07 PM —       
448. crs   
Hey Checkme - Who all knows again NH is on another island?
Jun 23, 2:05 PM —       
449. VANESSA   
Checkme, you left me links?? Why no, I didn’t.
Jun 23, 2:03 PM —       
450. Checkme   
Did you find those links I left for you?
Jun 23, 2:01 PM —       
451. crs   
Country - Thanks for the clarification, with checkme on now who is in Aruba, anything you wish to say to him and the theory being NH has been kidnapped and transported to another island. You have seem to be able to offer a sense of validity to the discussion board.
Jun 23, 2:00 PM —       
452. fashionqueen   
Amen Checkme!!
Your input is ver much appreciated and more than WELCOMED!!!
Jun 23, 1:57 PM —       
453. Checkme   
*******: Like I said before, since I am here and also I want to know the Truth and I see that many people on this blog do not know anything about what is going on, I felt it as my civic duty to relay what I see/hear/feel. I thought everybody on this blog knows that. I do not think I have said anything that is not true and not corrected it. I have stated that I was speculating when I was. I can imagine somebody would just leave the blog after reading your word-farts. But since I am who I am I will not be shooed away. You don’t have to be here.
Jun 23, 1:56 PM —       
454. crs   
Checkme -yes, it has aired last night and again tonight.
Jun 23, 1:53 PM —       
455. ydave   
Checkme, Paul and Deepak were telling Joran to keep his mouth shut on May 30th. Was Anita in Aruba that day? Wasn’t she in Holland?
Jun 23, 1:52 PM —       
456. Checkme   
its an interview with Greta… did that air already? We don’t have Fox here in Aruba.
Jun 23, 1:51 PM —       
457. Checkme   
feels that Twitty will be reuited with her daughter…
Jun 23, 1:50 PM —       
458. crs   
Checkme, what’s your gut feel, how long until this thing wraps up?
Jun 23, 1:50 PM —       
459. Checkme   
Anita told Paul to tell Joran to keep his mouth shut because he was getting himself into trouble becasue NH did not show up yet.
Jun 23, 1:49 PM —       
460. crs   
Checkme, finally, anything new to report?
Jun 23, 1:49 PM —       
421. Checkme   
My thoughts:
1. the authorities need to take him out of the game and arrest him.
2. since Twitty was prompting that he could be one of the to be arrested parties…
3. extension of principle at base of the 3 boyz’ arrest.
4. only way to ensure that authorities can ask all they want/need.
5. this could change the 2-1 ratio to a 2-2 ratio, opening way for release. (this is just a brainstorm)
Jun 23, 2:37 PM —       
422. KatCall   
People just want answers! Thorough, clear and concise answers. Speculate, theorize, summarize, heck ….hypnotize….we want more truth and discovery!
Jun 23, 2:35 PM —       
423. Checkme   
My thoughts:
1. the authorities need to take him out of the game and arrest him.
2. since Twitty was prompting that he could be one of the to be arrested parties…
3. extension of principle at base of the 3 boyz’ arrest.
4. only way to ensure that authorities can ask all they want/need.
5. this could change the 2-1 ratio to a 2-2 ratio, opening way for release. (this is just a brainstorm)
Jun 23, 2:33 PM —       
424. crs   
Sim your late, checkme already told us.
Jun 23, 2:31 PM —       
425. KatCall   
Why would you say things were getting out of hand if he was arrested? Are you a relative of the Van Der Sloots?
Jun 23, 2:27 PM —       
426. Checkme   
What are you talking about? “cryptic messages”??? Like what?
Jun 23, 2:27 PM —       
427. KatCall   
It was Checkme that said “Watch Noord”!
Jun 23, 2:25 PM —       
428. crs   
Checkme - based on the theory you and i have going Paulus is not involved correct so this arrest if true would be another red herring?
Jun 23, 2:25 PM —       
429. Checkme   
This is really getting out of hand if he is arrested.
Jun 23, 2:24 PM —       
430. KatCall   
We are checking you out but the cryptic messages are driving us crazy. Just understand we all want this to come out good!
Jun 23, 2:24 PM —       
431. Checkme   
Paulus has been requested to come to the Noord police station. Not confirmed but he may have been arrested.
Jun 23, 2:23 PM —       
432. Kris   
What’s Up???
Jun 23, 2:23 PM —       
433. Checkme   
breaking news
Jun 23, 2:22 PM —       
434. fashionqueen   
You’re welcome….I think the friendship that the two of have is so cute…..LOL
Jun 23, 2:21 PM —       
435. crs   
Checkme, yes, please speculate!
Jun 23, 2:21 PM —       
436. Checkme   
KatCall, wrong direction.
CRS, are you asking me to speculate?
FashionQueen, thanks for the hookup… lol
Jun 23, 2:18 PM —       
437. VANESSA   
checkme: thanks for the links…….very informative Surprised)
I was afraid it was a link for an online degree in geography (LOL).
Jun 23, 2:18 PM —       
438. Kristin   
Frankie and Ruth are friend of Nat and were on TV.
Checkme, I was worried about you!
Do you think if you say too much to us, you will get in trouble? We don’t want to get anyone in trouble. We’re hearing that the FBI is pulling some of their agents our of Aruba…is this because they know that Nat is no longer IN Aruba? Are they finally going to admit it? And lastly, do you have ANY verification that Natalee is OK?
Jun 23, 2:18 PM —       
439. crs   
Checkme - like pktkb asked - any thoughts on a timeline for this being resolved?
Jun 23, 2:15 PM —       
440. AllyinMiami   
hello, checkme—was Natalee kidnapped in the DJ’s van hidden in that large speaker?
Jun 23, 2:14 PM —       
401. *******   
CHECKME AND CRS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW!!!! All of you defenders of Juron’s family and of the kidnapping theory, how do you explain dad’s arrest. Is it only to fool the real kidnappers that the authorities are not on to them? Why would the VDS agree to have dad and son arrested only to play a game so that authorities don’t let the kidnappers know what;s up. ADMIT IT, YOU WERE WRONG! NO KIDANAPPING, NO HUMAN TRAFFICKING — JUST ROTTEN STINKY DUTCH CRIMINALS.
Jun 24, 3:06 AM —       
402. *******   
CHECKME AND ARS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW!!!! All of you defenders of Juron’s family and of the kidnapping theory, how do you explain dad’s arrest. Is it only to fool the real kidnappers that the authorities are not on to them? Why would the VDS agree to have dad and son arrested only to play a game so that authorities don’t let the kidnappers know what;s up. ADMIT IT, YOU WERE WRONG! NO KIDANAPPING, NO HUMAN TRAFFICKING — JUST ROTTEN STINKY DUTCH CRIMINALS.
Jun 24, 3:05 AM —       
403. Checkme   
I guess everybody is asleep, I am very tired also. This case has me gripped. We are all shocked here in aruba about Senior’s detention. It is difficult to see the big picture today because of all the emotions. But The K&R still stands. May NH be reunited with us. Goodnite all. Be good to your loved ones.
Jun 24, 12:16 AM —       
404. Checkme   
Lucy, you there? I am, barely…
Jun 24, 12:05 AM —       
405. Lucy   
Where you IM’ing with crs, Checkme? I have an AIM account, but I am a novice at iChat. If you don’t mind and if you can, can you send me a brief note: ledelmira@yahoo.com.br.
Jun 23, 10:53 PM —       
406. Lucy   
Hi Kristin. Lost track of you guys with the weblog shut down. Have been looking for you guys on all comment pages 1178, 1179, 1180. crs, Ally, Checkme, Simian, Bham and the rest of the crew are not posting yet.
Jun 23, 10:25 PM —       
407. Kristin   
Anyone seen checkme?
Jun 23, 10:22 PM —       
408. Kristin   
checkme, are you there?
Jun 23, 3:19 PM —       
409. crs   
Checkme, i saw one of your posts to Kristin, so you think that Joran and Paul are going to get railroaded on this?
Jun 23, 3:15 PM —       
410. Saussay   
Oh where is checkme at?
Jun 23, 3:09 PM —       
411. Kristin   
ok listen to this-this is what i think
CHECKME, are you listening? COUNTRY MOON are you listening??
Joran and Natalee were dropped off at the beach. The brothers maybe went home. Joran called Daddy after something bad happened on the beach and Daddy picked him up. NO WAY Joran walked. What if someone saw him walking? At 3am on a school night, they would wonder. Now, I can’t figure out the boat part. Maybe they called the DJ to come pick up Nat, and that’s when they took her somewhere. Someone said before that she was drugged….and that they raped her. So they needed to get rid of her before their DNA was found all over her body. AND, where the hell is Beth? She hasn’t been commenting on any of this. And Deepak did get an email early in the morning about something, AND they all met the next morning to get their stories straight. Joran asked them all to lie, the brothers said they told the lie of dropping Nat off to cover Joran. Check me???? Country moon?????
Jun 23, 3:08 PM —       
412. Checkme   
Simian, good to see you.
Of course there is a gap.
Why is Greta still on this relatively small case? Does she see good drama? Does she feel what I am feeling? Wants to be around for when this breaks? It will be bigger world news for sure.
Jun 23, 3:00 PM —       
413. Kristin   
i dont know what to think. this is so puzzling to me, i wish country moon could share something with us. what do you think? i think daddy knows where nat is. there is no way i can chat with you somewhere else other than on here? i have a screen name, but i needs yours first because i have certain privacy controls on my instant messanger. i dont show up on anyone’s buddy list unless they are on mine.
Jun 23, 2:54 PM —       
414. Checkme   
This will put an enourmous strain on the entire case. This must be because of an enourmous strain on those exerting this on the current suspects. Only feeding the most likey theory more. What do you think?
Jun 23, 2:49 PM —       
415. Kristin   
Thanks for giving us the news first checkme. We love you!
Jun 23, 2:43 PM —       
416. Jake   
Checkme-you mean, arrest the dad, release the boy, put all blame on dad for about 2 weeks, then release dad because there is not enough evidence, to then find dad and son off the hook??? I don’t get it. Either Joran confessed and they are calling in the dad, or does anyone know if the Texas search Team started the search?
Jun 23, 2:41 PM —       
417. Kris   
Checkme good to hear from you again.
So while I was actually working, aside from the whole daddy possible arrest, is there anything new?
Jun 23, 2:40 PM —       
418. crs   
Checkme, am I correct on the red herring?
Jun 23, 2:40 PM —       
419. MOMfromMO   
Are you speaking of Daddy VDS? I sense an arrest is emminent (sp?)
Jun 23, 2:39 PM —       
420. Checkme   
I went to http://www.scaredmonkeys.com/?p=1178
Jun 23, 2:37 PM —       
381. LizzieD   
Checkme. . .if Joran is innocent, as you say, then why has he changed his story so many times? Why did they immediately have a different story blaming OTHER (innocent) people for Natalee’s disappearance. Innocent people don’t make up elaborate stories just for the hell of it.
Jun 24, 9:45 AM —       
382. Nicole   
Kristin was saying you were questioned by authorities, and not permitted on this sight for giving inside information to us. Is that true?
Jun 24, 9:44 AM —       
383. Checkme   
******* seems blind like many others…
Jun 24, 9:42 AM —       
384. VANESSA   
checkme: i don’t think i would talk. I love my family bunches. But if it were my boss on the other hand,
Jun 24, 9:37 AM —       
385. Checkme   
just a thought, if somebody told you to shut up otherwise they would kill you family, one by one, would you talk?
Jun 24, 9:36 AM —       
386. pktbk   
checkme still feels the vds’s are innocent and that even though they are decoys, this has ruined their name.
shock had noord right on the money. wow. i wonder if he/she is a neighbor or something. do they have police scanners in aruba?
Jun 24, 9:22 AM —       
387. Big Pappy   
Baffling. All of it. When you look at how so many involved on both sides (parents, chaperones, friends, students, bar patrons and the detainees) have not said much of anything useful in order to further the case, I personally have to wonder if the kidnapping theory could be right on. Considering all the talk especially on the blogs about the kidnapping theory in the last couple days(all monitored I’m sure) maybe the heat was being turned up a little too much and they needed to move and do something big to take the attention away, like arresting the father. Don’t know, one thing is for sure, if they would arrest the father under pure diversion purposes, and essentially hang 2/3 of the VDS family out to dry, as if they are the responsible parties, while other scenarios play out, the players in those scenarios must be huge.
And remember, if the kidnapping scenario has been brought up in the inner circle, and I’m sure it has, why no more media talk of that option? Without a body, unsure why that scenario would not be discussed as well, but beyond the blogs, it really has not been focused on.
And my apologies to the blog, but I did not force SHOCK to leave. I was not nasty or mean to him, only gave my opinion on his completely cryptic clues. He can get a backbone folks as I didn’t attack him personally so he left this blog on his own accord, cryptic clues and all.
Hang in there CheckMe, I’m with you.
Jun 24, 9:03 AM —       
388. pktbk   
bye checkme-i was surprised they hadn’t searched it from the beginning. but maybe they really had and it wasn’t made public. who knows?
Jun 24, 8:53 AM —       
389. Checkme   
they did search that, a little late though. but there are many people there every day, so contamination is imminent. i have to go, will be back later.
Jun 24, 8:51 AM —       
390. pktbk   
checkme-do you know if they have searched the beach where joran said he last saw nh?
Jun 24, 8:48 AM —       
391. Checkme   
bedankt Holland.
Jun 24, 8:44 AM —       
392. Kris   
You are in my thoughts. I just hope that this is resolved soon and you can get back to your life, as well as NH and her family.

Jun 24, 8:38 AM —       
393. Checkme   
something like that should not happen and thus is always bad timing and bad luck. what estranges me, it that usually somebody can be “cracked” for the truth withing 10 days, a kid especially. why don’t we have it yet? because it simply is not in joran? after they have wasted the vdS and found out nothing on the whereabouts of NH, then what? i need to believe in something and i still believe in the K/R scenario. but this is a tough morning.
Jun 24, 8:37 AM —       
394. pktbk   
checkme-i see what you are saying. we are aware of the ongoing…going nowhere war in iraq. we support our soldiers, but the cause has lost it’s steam.
i guess it was bad timing and bad luck that natalee went missing on your island.
Jun 24, 8:31 AM —       
395. Checkme   
Sorry for the diversion on Iraq, should be on different blog.
Kris, good to see you. things are bad, very sad. severe blow in the gut. honestly did not expect this.
Jun 24, 8:30 AM —       
396. Kris   
Morning all!!
Checkme are you still here? How are things this morning? Any new news on the recent arrest? Is the Texas team there?
Do you feel that NH is still alive?
Jun 24, 8:23 AM —       
397. Checkme   
maybe she said that but I think that’s not the problem. the deeper fear for the american “system” may even be a larger problem to deal with. either arubans continue to smile and do not realize the abuse cause by this case or it will result in more deteriation of the goodwill towards them. however, whatever the outcome of this case, the dutch, who have always stood by the us, will reconsider their alliance if the vdSloots are found innocent, which we believe. one “good” thing is that when this is over the us will finally realize that there is a huge problem happening, caused by themselves, in Iraq. in the end, you cannot force your way into a people’s hart.
Jun 24, 8:23 AM —       
398. Checkme   
No, but everybody else’s.
Jun 24, 8:13 AM —       
399. Checkme   
Theory still stands.
vdSloots are innocent. Junior needs to be slapped for blabbering. Listen to Cardoza. This little island has to react to US pressure and ruin one of it’s most precious resources, very fine citizen family. I am very sad and afraid.
Jun 24, 8:05 AM —       
400. *******   
CHECKME AND CRS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW!!!! All of you defenders of Juron’s family and of the kidnapping theory, how do you explain dad’s arrest. Is it only to fool the real kidnappers that the authorities are not on to them? Why would the VDS agree to have dad and son arrested only to play a game so that authorities don’t let the kidnappers know what;s up. ADMIT
Monkey Mega Star
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« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2008, 10:40:28 AM »

361. Johan   
Hey Checkme, you are teasing us all with your little comments every now and then. Could you instead not simply write just one big post with everything you know or with your complete theory?
Jun 24, 11:10 AM —       
362. ydave   
Simain and Checkme, Is the blue van in Aruba?
Jun 24, 11:03 AM —       
363. Trisher   
Yeah, Checkme! Didn’t that blue van business come from you? I am sooooooooo getting it now. I am sssooooooooooooooo slow. WIth age comes slowness.
Jun 24, 11:02 AM —       
364. Kris   
Who is warmer me or PK with our thoughts?
Transport or body
Jun 24, 11:02 AM —       
365. Kris   
Jun 24, 11:01 AM —       
366. Checkme   
now we are getting somewhere people…
Jun 24, 10:58 AM —       
367. Kris   
I think I am with you..blue van hidden in speaker transported that way?
Jun 24, 10:54 AM —       
368. Kris   
Blue van again??
Jun 24, 10:52 AM —       
369. Checkme   
Jun 24, 10:52 AM —       
370. Checkme   
blue van again…
Jun 24, 10:46 AM —       
371. Checkme   
Hi Lucy,
You read me right again. I hope you have read my posts after also.
Good thing there was a beach tennis tournament yesterday evening I had to attend to between the time of the blog outage otherwise i would have gone crazy. Curious how we get so addicted to information sharing. Nothing ever happens on this island. I guess now I am catching up on the thirst I have had all along.
Jun 24, 10:38 AM —       
372. Lucy   
If you are still there let me know.
Jun 24, 10:32 AM —       
373. Lucy   
Hello! I did get to send the note and CC’ed Diario. I didn’t send it to the other newspaper, because could not open their page, due to an issue related to my having a Macintosh.
By the way, you have medium capabilities too …the peace before the storm prediction…
Jun 24, 10:28 AM —       
374. ydave   
Elaine said it all. Paul Van Der Sloot knows the aruban justice system, and believes he can beat it. The Kalpoes and Steve Croes believed in him, and son Joran continues to believe in him. Mother VDS believe her husband want to beat the system. Checkme and simian are Paul VDS spokepersons.
Only the truth will help them. And Mother VDS should start to pressure them to tell the truth and help locate Natalee.
Jun 24, 10:14 AM —       
375. Kris   
Do you know if there are search teams in Ven/Col? I believe that Shock had mentioned something to that effect yesterday?
Jun 24, 10:08 AM —       
376. Checkme   
vander F:
you are right, on the island is very unlikely. I have stated that Colombia/Venezuela (around the corner) is much more feasable. There the resources and motivations
for this exist.
Jun 24, 10:04 AM —       
377. crs   
Vander - the mom said that, she is there, we are not with the exception of checkme and a few others.
Jun 24, 10:02 AM —       
378. crs   
pktbk - ooh, no he was mad at me and checkme - he wanted us to admit our theory was wrong - read back in the 3am range on this board and you will see his post - he must have been drunk again.
Jun 24, 10:00 AM —       
379. Trisher   
Very good point Checkme. Especially teenagers think they are infallible. Not all, I’m just saying in general. They say stupid stuff, write stupid stuff on their websites.
Jun 24, 9:58 AM —       
380. Checkme   
I did not read Krstin say that. I did see her worries about me. They were well founded. But I am OK. Sad and afraid, but OK.
We have to imagine ourselves, if possible, in this situation. Under stress kids can say strange things. They don’t fully realize the consequences of what they say in this world. The fine line between youth and adulthood is one many of us have gotten into trouble for. Even though we did nothing wrong. I can imagine that has happened here.
Jun 24, 9:53 AM —       
341. CountryMoon   
Thank you Checkme I fully agree with your last line there. I must say we are hoping that the case continues to turn more toward kidnapping. She will be found, no doubt. She will come home here soon.
Jun 24, 1:08 PM —       
342. Checkme   
I cannot agree yet that they have hard evidence against PvdS and that that is the reason for arresting him. There could very well be holes, conflicts, suspucions and accusations against him. It seems that the results are in from the Dutch forensics (why so very late). Possibly comparing DNA samples with NH parents. vdS could be covering something and the hard evidence could show this, but this will still not implicate a criminal act. It would have to be cells from NH in that case.
Did anybody notice that “all of a sudden” the MSM is using the words “kidnap” more often?
The joke about the arrest is not funny.
Jun 24, 1:05 PM —       
343. pktbk   
maybe sim has the carbon copy of the receipt, but can’t find the receipt book because he loaned it to checkme. checkme can’t say where it is exactly because he knows he wasn’t supposed to let shockthemonkey have ahold of it.
Jun 24, 12:53 PM —       
344. Kris   
Is checkme around still..
Meg—what is going on???
Jun 24, 12:28 PM —       
345. pktbk   
where are our trustworthy aruba people? checkme? shockthemonkey? simian?
Jun 24, 12:13 PM —       
346. Kris   
Guys–I am having trouble keeping up. Was another arrest made? What is going on.. Checkme–I don’t understand.
Jun 24, 12:04 PM —       
347. pktbk   
checkme-you think the u.s. is involved? the same color flag as nh?
Jun 24, 11:49 AM —       
348. Michael in Florida   
Checkme for a brain:
of your native island?
Jun 24, 11:45 AM —       
349. Checkme   
de tu isla natal
Jun 24, 11:44 AM —       
350. Jake   
Checkme said: You are tremendous. The colors of the flag are the same.
Jun 24, 11:33 AM —       
351. Jake   
checkme- tu habals espaà ±ol. Yo tambien

Jun 24, 11:32 AM —       
352. Checkme   
Eres tremendo. Los colores de las banderas son egual!
Jun 24, 11:25 AM —       
353. Checkme   
Hope you are feeling better today.
Your points are well taken.
Will blogon later.
Jun 24, 11:19 AM —       
354. Simian   
The Kalpoes know nothing. They will remain locked up for lying and obstructing the investigation.
Did I say something about a blue van? I don’t think so.
However, I feel CheckMe is jumping on my bandwagon. E ta OK swa…
Jun 24, 11:17 AM —       
355. Jake   
ydave - i totally agree with your theory on Sim and Checkme.
Country Moon = Friend of Natalee
Checkme and Simian = Friends of the VDS Family
Jun 24, 11:16 AM —       
356. *******   
CHECKME/CRS - Pardon the rude comments last night. I was out and had a few beers beforehand. However, I still stand by the substance of my comments:
1) It is very unlikely that the authorities would arrest dad and son VDS merely to serve as a decoy and fool the kidnappers, while the authorities continue an underground plot to find the real “bad guys”. The VDS would not voluntarily surrender to that pressure, and I would think the Holloways would want the authorities to expend their resources more efficiently. Maybe you have a point that the Aruban police is going after the VDS only in response to US political/media pressure, regardless of who actually committed the crime - but I don’t think the HOlloways would accept that - they want to find NH and find who did this to her, and would know (from gut instincts and their own investigation work) whether or not the VDS family is guilty — essentialy, the Holloways would not permit the VDS family to be a scapegoat.
The locals had a strong suspicion that NH was kidnapped the last couple of days. Why don’t you guys give an anonymous tip to the police w/ your info so that they can release your respectable Dutch VDS family.
2) The American media pressure forced the Aruban authorities to speed up their work, arrest the 3 boys after letting them go initially, and investigate more leads. Without the media pressure, the 2 black security guards who were initially identified would be tried for murder right now.
3) The Dutch and Arubans are good people, just like people in other countries. I just wish people had the courage to speak up against their own neighbors and fellow citizens if they did something wrong, regardless of the consequences on the image of their locality. Not suggesting that’s the case in Aruba but I sorta saw it.
Jun 24, 11:15 AM —       
357. Checkme   
Jake, LOL, no I am not. I just listen, watch, read, feel and share.
Sorry for the short sentences sometimes but we have been at this for nearly 3 weeks now. Along the way I have written what I think and honestly don’t feel like writing the whole story every day. When people do write what they think and they need to be informed or corrected I will do so if I see people are following the wrong thread.
Jun 24, 11:15 AM —       
358. Trisher   
Thanks pktbk. I’m so full of good ideas. I don’t post much - but when I do it’s absolutely profound.

What time is Nancy Grace on, what channel, and does she really have a “mouthy butt?”
I think Greta’s charm is that she really seems to have a deep caring for Mrs. H.T. and the situation. I watch O’Reilly cuz I can’t help myself - but I think he’s an a$$.
I think listening to Checkme and Simian here puts out some great possibilities into what could be the case.
And ScaredMonkey guy was pretty interesting yesterday.
So…what’s happening in Noord today?
Jun 24, 11:13 AM —       
359. ydave   
Checkme and simian coordinated their story about blue van, and their arrival on this forum, to shift the focus on something else.
But Paul and Joran van der Sloot, and the Kalpoes know where Natalee is. And pressure will be exerted on them to tell the truth.
Jun 24, 11:11 AM —       
360. Jake   
I’m watching the news. No new developments. I have been watching the news, and there is not even a speculation about a blue van. I think the VDS family has a blue suv that was taken by the polis to be searched. Checkme, are you an Aruban psychic?
Jun 24, 11:11 AM —       
321. Checkme   
Lucy, you are too sweet, stop…
Jun 24, 7:56 PM —       
322. Checkme   
with all this I strangely get more and more convinced that NH is still physically alive (sometimes I think she is more alive now than ever before during her time on earth, and I do not mean this negatively!)
Jun 24, 7:54 PM —       
323. Lucy   
But I just saw on TV a few hours ago the Camdem mother crying for her babies and calling them each by name and saying “Mommy is not angry at you??????
All of us have been missing you ,,,
Jun 24, 7:54 PM —       
324. Kerri   
Hi checkme
Jun 24, 7:53 PM —       
325. Checkme   
just came back from a very long jog, long day at work without getting anything done… had to unwind a little after everything. Thank you for your expressed understanding, i did not expect that but it feels good, thank you very much.
Jun 24, 7:52 PM —       
326. Checkme   
Hi everybody…
Jun 24, 7:50 PM —       
327. Lucy   
There was a fake utilizing users’ names to write messages contrary to the real posters nature. Simian decided to go over to the beach, because today is St. John’s day and there will be “folkloric” celebrations in the island, but he is going via Noord, where they are searching or draining two water reservoirs.
SOmeone else reported that the Texan search party is active with the cadaver dogs.
Checkme and crs have taken a long break, Ally is not too far. I think in general, every body is in shock with the news that Paul and Joran may be charged with murder, obviously, because of the implications.
Jun 24, 7:09 PM —       
328. Lucy   
Are you around?
Jun 24, 6:41 PM —       
329. AllyinMiami   
I know this sounds crazy, guys…but whenever he speaks in these cryptic sentences…whatever he says, we are ablt to define when the truth comes out….he has been right, along with shock, and checkme almost 100% of the time…it sounds bizarre, I was cynical at first b/c i am a professional…but there word is usually correct..therefore, if u dont like it ignore them, the rest of us, want to hear him/her
Jun 24, 6:04 PM —       
330. grammydeb   
Honest to God! This blog is better than TV. I can’t sleep at night - I get up to read this thing. I can’t sleep in the morning, I read this thing. I RUN to the store, I come home and READ this thing. It’s an addiction. I love it.
There are more theories about poor Natalee’s fate than there are bloggers, though. I pray for her and for her family that she may be found.
CheckMe: You’re great, but sometimes I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
Simian: Same thing, dude.
Meg: Thank God they found you and took you back to your room. You’re pretty scary when you’re loose like that.
The rest of you guys: I feel like I know you. And I like you, I really like you.
I have NO DOUBT - one of you bloggers will have every one of the facts correct when this mystery is solved.
It would be so wonderful if Natalee were still alive. I keep praying for her. If she is still alive, she must be so frightened. Poor kid. And her poor mom and dad.
Jun 24, 5:29 PM —       
331. Checkme   
I am sorry to see what happened with Simian…
Jun 24, 5:21 PM —       
332. AllyinMiami   
Hello, everyone! CRS, anything new today.?..so i dont have to scroll through everything. Has anyone spoken to checkme?
Jun 24, 4:35 PM —       
333. Kris   
PK-so you still haven’t gotten an email from Shock?
It is weird that checkme hasn’t been around.
I wonder what is really going on down there?
Jun 24, 4:17 PM —       
334. pktbk   
where the heck have shock and checkme been all friggin’ day?
Jun 24, 4:15 PM —       
335. pktbk   
sim-for real?
crs-i am so exhausted i don’t have the energy to argue with him. lol
vanessa-where are you?!
shock-where are you?
checkme-where are you?
what if they have all been hauled in with the kalpoe brothers?
Jun 24, 3:39 PM —       
336. pktbk   
i didn’t know exactly who owned the blue van that checkme would often refer to. but now we know it is lorenzo something or other. checkme would talk about the blue van with big speakers. you can hide stuff behind those speakers. like drug smuggling and the like. so maybe this guy is a serial killer that no one knew about obviously, and that’s the way he would transport his victims….possibly to the water where he dumped all the animals he killed.
Jun 24, 3:26 PM —       
337. Kris   
PK–do you think that they will find anything else there? I am thinking back to checkme and our going over the blue van and the speaker still.
I really believe that NH is still alive and was transported, by SC in the van after a call from Daddy VDS
Jun 24, 3:10 PM —       
338. *******   
Checkme - Even if NH was kidnapped by someone else, what do you make of Joran reportedly changing his story again to him being alone w/ her on the beach? Why would the kids have to make up the fact that they left her at the hotel, and change stories about who dropped off who first. If kidnapping by somoene else and her being in Aruba still is the simplest theory as you suggest, then how do you explain the conflicting stories, the changing stories and Paul VDS’s involvement? Please reply w/ something concrete rather than “we don’t know the facts, or that the facts will come out, or that you[re scared of your own safety.” Having a wild imagination when blogging is fine, but for those who are seeking truth (which you yourself said that you’re trying to do), reason, logic and some facts helps find that truth.
Jun 24, 1:28 PM —       
339. Checkme   
No CRS. Still standing. I need to see something hard to make me change the most likely scenario. The suggestion that she is here in Aruba is more simple, but just does not feel likely to me. Gttg, CU ltr.
Jun 24, 1:12 PM —       
340. crs   
Checkme has your theory changed at all?
Jun 24, 1:09 PM —       
301. Checkme   
She was in Holland during that time.
Jun 24, 8:37 PM —       
302. Checkme   
Yliana, you are right many times, but not about the sharks. For the record, they are the cleanuppers of the sick and the dead. I don’t want to talk about this morbidity but she would be gone in about 3 minutes!
Jun 24, 8:33 PM —       
303. Checkme   
Common knowledge, but it would take more than one person to do it. Joran could have never been dropped at the Marriot and then walk with a 110lbs body to the area where he could dump her. Way too many risks and physically impossible.
Jun 24, 8:30 PM —       
304. Yliana   
Checkme, sharks don’t eat corpses! They eat “live” meat
Jun 24, 8:29 PM —       
305. Kerri   
lucy, why does checkme think that the vds didn’t harm n. What are his reasons or is it just a feeling?
Jun 24, 8:26 PM —       
306. Checkme   
I hate to be negative but I honestly feel that the Texas group, as professional as they may be, will find absolutely nothing. If she is dead, she will be in the water and will have been completely devoured by sharks. No trace. Yes, Lucy, this will be very painfull for the world, but, we will get to carry on our shoulders by God what we are able to care. Not one ounce more. Others in this world carry much bigger loads than we ever get to carry.
However, due to all the things we have talked about, and the tolerance of our expression, I can state that i strongly feel that NH is not dead, she is not on Aruba, the people now in jail may know more about this, but very likely just don’t, there is no evidence against them which proves they have harmed NH beyond reasonable doubt, and that the authorities know all this but are either figuring out clues, negotiating, setting up intervention or all the above.
Jun 24, 8:25 PM —       
307. Rob   
Are the currents on the island common knowledge to most that live there? If one was to get rid of a body, would they know to dump it near the Marriott vs. elsewhere?
Jun 24, 8:25 PM —       
308. Lucy   
Kerri, I think checkme went in the shower …
Jun 24, 8:23 PM —       
309. Kerri   
Checkme, so you don’t think they have anything to do with this or that they didn’t actually hurt Nat but know where she is? They have to be involved somehow.
Jun 24, 8:21 PM —       
310. Checkme   
Kerri, that danger lurkes yes… Especially this year since we have had a lot of steady rain in the last year and things have grown, and now are dried up…
Lucy, wow!! never knew that… So you are getting your hair cut tonite? Should have been here to take the backwards dive in our beautiful ocean…
But I digress. It seems that Paul is “not cooperating” anymore. I am happy to see the MM react to this as a possibility that he has told all already. As I have believed all along, the vdS have not harmed NH.
Jun 24, 8:18 PM —       
311. Lucy   
Options for Checkme:
†¢You have information that contradict all current expectations.
†¢That would be the best for her, to be founf safe and sounf.
†¢The alternative of death is too painful, for a lot of people, including yourself. Too many people will be permanently damaged, if she was victim of a crime or accidental death.
As far as attacks for one’s views and opinions regarding this case on the part of those with a diferent perspective, it is a pain in the but, because one wants to come out and express that this are just discussions of possibilities and believes. Which is why I do not understand the assumed posture of “you see, he is in jail now, so they are guilty of harming her”. Unfortunately this means she is gone …
Jun 24, 8:14 PM —       
312. Kerri   
checkme why do you think that she is still alive?
Jun 24, 8:14 PM —       
313. Lucy   
Maybe the Aruba version is unique, but for instance, half of Puerto Rico will be swimming at midnight; here in Santo Domingo there will be a very low attendance because of heavy rains, but usually those that want to get “despojos” of bad spirits and curses, also go to the beach at night, diving backwards. Another thing, all women cut their hair today. Supposedly it grows faster and becomes less kinky. We have not yet figured out it is about genetics.
Jun 24, 8:06 PM —       
314. Checkme   
But about what why I have still stronger suspicions that NH is around:
Jun 24, 8:05 PM —       
315. Kerri   
checkme, what is the meaning behind the feast and what goes on? Are you going to it?
Lucy, Didnt they say looked it like blood before or was that just a rumor?
Jun 24, 8:03 PM —       
316. Checkme   
Arubans light big fires in their gardens, with tonight’s strong wind I am expecting the fire department to be very busy. But we will all be smoked out for sure…
But you are right Kerri, it is a little strange. So good of you to try and imagine how it is here right now.
Jun 24, 8:03 PM —       
317. Checkme   
We take day by day Kerri. Things and people come and go. Like the wind and the ocean waves hitting the north coast… they have always been there and they will always keep coming…
Jun 24, 8:01 PM —       
318. Checkme   
According to an old peagan tradition today is:
Dia di Dera Gai.
It’s a folk feast, uniquely Aruban, well actually it came from the mainland many years ago, but it is considered one of the few truly Aruban cultural events.
Jun 24, 7:59 PM —       
319. Lucy   
If you feel she is alive, let your feelings be. I personally think is better to have her alive and because of this I don’t understand the excitement and joy with the possibility of a murder charge, if the body has not ben found.
Jun 24, 7:58 PM —       
320. Checkme   
Lucy, you are reading my mind.
For all:
Aruba is going up in smoke tonight!!!
Jun 24, 7:57 PM —       
281. AllyinMiami   
Checkme Says:
June 24th, 2005 at 9:11 pm
Ally, don’t. I would not want my woman to talk like that to another man.
Sorry, everytime i read that i cant stop laughing, my boyfriend too…I used to love check me…that is before he thought i was hitting on him…..Lucy we are going to get some comida…I am tivoing great—-I will watch it and post it when i get home late tonight…look it up in the morening if u want—or if u are up–later on tonight….
simian—gracias por todo, te lo agradezco muchisimo
Subdude, Lucy and everyone else..kisses to u all and have a good time tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless
Jun 24, 9:44 PM —       
282. AllyinMiami   
Okay—lucy, I adore u girl…but , I believe people are much too sensitive on this post…checkme—u are too sensitive, I can’t express endearing terms to you as u are older and I have been taught to respect my elders…C’mon…lighten up..My man knows what he has, don’t u ever try to redirect me in my statements, I would never, ever disrespect any man that I am with; especially with a blogger whom I have never conversed with. I have been defending u for the last few post and I am tired of your impoliteness; i have been nothing but nice to u….Lucy—love ya, girl—hope to see u again one day—-
Jun 24, 9:28 PM —       
283. Checkme   
Ilia, have fun.
Lucy, besos.
Jun 24, 9:22 PM —       
284. AllyinMiami   
Okay–thanks, Lucy subdude sounded a “little rough around the edges”…at our happy hour today, Lucy,—people were saying that I am looking too much into it. they believe that Joran killed her, father helped dispose of her, and relied on his friends/political collegues to assist him in making her body unidentifiable and untraceable..and the two brothers to provide Joran an alibi…none are talking b/c there is no body–My friends feel like they don’t need to talk (they are all lawyers, BTW).they think I am crazy…. I dont want to go out tonight…I want to watch Greta..Checkme, u need a sense of humor
Jun 24, 9:20 PM —       
285. Checkme   
yeah, he is kicking butt on TV playing the “bad part”, Twitty is acting the “good part”… very transparent. It’s a good play though, as long as you can see it from here.
People, I really really love to talk to all of you, we are having a nice bunch together now, too bad we cannot continue this on the beach (somewhere away from the Marriot of course)…
Jun 24, 9:20 PM —       
286. Yliana   
Checkme, I think we’re on the same wavelength!
Jun 24, 9:19 PM —       
287. Checkme   
hmmm…. Stick to your Boyfriend. He is a good man.
Jun 24, 9:16 PM —       
288. Checkme   
Jun 24, 9:13 PM —       
289. Checkme   
Ally, don’t. I would not want my woman to talk like that to another man.
Jun 24, 9:11 PM —       
290. Checkme   
Lucy, bueno, no exactamente. Ai un pais al derecha de esta…
Jun 24, 9:10 PM —       
291. AllyinMiami   
hi—just checking in (my boyfriend will kill me, he says, i am obsessed)…Subdude—i am a corporate attorney not criminal; however, with you apparent knowledge in the “thug”vocabulary, possibly you can give us some insight on this case…can’t talk long, I am changing to go to dinner…(we went to happy hour —lounge in on the first floor on our building…and all i could think about was this case—I am ill)
Lucy—anything new honey—love you breadth of knowledge…u go amiga!!!
checkme—how are u lovely one…mi corazon de melon

Jun 24, 9:09 PM —       
292. Checkme   
Exactly. Just as the first posters on the windows here in Aruba were indicating to me. Mom thought strongly that her daughter had ran away. Why?
Jun 24, 9:09 PM —       
293. Checkme   
LOL, no. con “tierra”
Jun 24, 9:05 PM —       
294. Checkme   
Lucy, did you understand my earlier “flag” posts?
Jun 24, 9:00 PM —       
295. Checkme   
For me, these detainees are because, like you said Yliana (curious name, Lebanese?) the authirties have nobody else to pull from, and with the extreme pressure exerted the system is being raped.
Jun 24, 8:49 PM —       
296. Checkme   
Lucy, could be, Simian’s posts have been strange lately… I have been lucky I have not been cloned
Jun 24, 8:46 PM —       
297. Checkme   
Rob, my thoughts axactly. Point for the women. LOL
Jun 24, 8:43 PM —       
298. Lucy   
Simian insinuated earlier that Paul received a 4:00 AM call and that Joran was late for school.
Jun 24, 8:41 PM —       
299. Checkme   
You have to understand… These vdS are the most “Correct” people. They will go out of their way to assist (with good things of course!) They have put themselves in positions so that they can be of maximum service to the Aruban society. It is very sour they are in this right now. However, this can also be looked at as the supreme test for Paul, for what he has tried to instill and build up in Aruba; Justice.
Jun 24, 8:40 PM —       
300. Yliana   
Rob/Checkme, OUCH missed that one!
Jun 24, 8:39 PM —       
261. subdude   
AllyinMiami: Happy belated B-day and thanks for the compliment.
FoolsGold: If info from Shock, Simian, DanMar and Checkme is accurate, and so far it has proven pretty reliable on those things that can be confirmed, the Aruban interrogators are exceptionally good.
First rule of interrogation — separate the suspects, grill them relentessly and compare stories. Done here.
Second — gather corroborating evidence — cell phone records, security video, witness statements, conduct surveillance. Done here.
Third — Ramp up the pressure. Move them prison from jail, let suspects get a taste of the future if no cooperattion. Done here with move to KIA.
Fourth — If suspect won’t talk, make consequences other than to himself. Done here, with arrest of JVDS’ father.
Fifth rule — Repeat 1 - 4 relentlessly. Done here.
They are very good. My only semi-concern is not moving on the forensic evidence immediately.
Under Aruban law, authorities can interrogate suspects day in and day out for up to 116 days if they meet certain milestones of showing reason to continue. No contact with lawyer or other outside witnesses. 116 days is a long, long time by our standards.
In America, once a suspect “lawyers up”, no interrogation and access must be given to lawyer. Suspect gets a psychological “break”. A confession gained under Aruban techniques would not be admissible in American courts because we would call it “coerced”, in MHO.
I am frustrated, like you. But the Aruban’s interrogation techniques are very impressive to me.
Stay tuned for more from the “Monkeys” , checkme, DanMar. There information is very specific and appears consistent with Aruban law of proof, in my extremely limited knowledge. I am going to hunt around US law today on rules for proving murder without body based on witness statements.
Ciao, for now.
BTW, Good morning all.
Jun 26, 11:53 AM —       
262. AllyinMiami   
Simian, por favor, dejame saber cuando estas aqui…Me tengo que ir en un poco a celebrar mis cumpleanos……
Lucy and Check me: Thank you very much for the birthday wishes—-No hard feelings, checkme—I still am incredibly grateful to you and I think you are a very sweet person and your kindness is infectious.
Subdude: I read your analysis last night…your insight is unbelievable
Jun 26, 11:32 AM —       
263. AllyinMiami   
Simian, por favor, dejame saber cuando estas aqui…Me tengo que ir en un poco a celebrar mis cumpleanos……
Lucy and Check me: Thank you very much for the birthday wishes—-No hard feelings, checkme—I still am incredibly grateful to you and I think you are a very sweet and your kindness is infectious.
Subdude: I read your analysis last night…your insight is unbelievable
Jun 26, 11:28 AM —       
264. scaredshitless   
checkme is great and I love subdude. Kristin, you sound highly intelligent.
Jun 25, 7:55 PM —       
265. subdude   
Ahhh! And Dad would certainly know how to manipulate the law. But likewise, JVDS can not incriminate Dad. This leaves Croes, if he helped dispose of body, but still no evidence of murder without the body. Looks bleak, if the suspect’s don’t crack.
Jun 25, 7:54 PM —       
266. kristin   
checkme why are you leaving
Jun 25, 7:53 PM —       
267. Checkme   
gttg… cu ltr.
Jun 25, 7:53 PM —       
268. Checkme   
Dad is family, by law he cannot incriminate a family menber as a witness… complicated
Jun 25, 7:51 PM —       
269. kristin   
give us more simian….you’re losing me.
where did checkme go?
Jun 25, 7:45 PM —       
270. edie   
No Peter, It wasn’t in the news. I think Simian and maybe CHeckme are in Aruba. They are the one’s I have heard it from.
Jun 25, 7:22 PM —       
271. Checkme   
And then the blue van…
Jun 25, 7:14 PM —       
272. Checkme   
1. Karpoes car
2. vdS Jeep
3. vdS family car
Jun 25, 6:55 PM —       
273. Checkme   
fluids were found in the karpoe’s honda
Jun 25, 6:53 PM —       
274. Checkme   
It has always been strange to me that nobody realizes that there have been hundreds of men on the island, americans, partying, adults, all after some booty and NH wondering around on the beach… Who sais JvdS was the last to see her? He is the last one we know of…
There is no evidence against the vdSs.
Jun 25, 6:51 PM —       
275. Lucy   
Checkme, crs, Ally, Kristin, if you show up today, Yliana, Bham and all posters. Happy Saturday and will talk to you tomorrow.
Ally, Happy Birthday.
Subdude, watch out for the Mamasitas, Mamasotas y Mamotas, they are wating for your compliments …
Jun 25, 10:14 AM —       
276. Lucy   
Hello to you all.
Checkme, hope you are feeling better. See? You are not alone, they are thinking of you in Washington.
Jun 25, 9:40 AM —       
277. Checkme   
Very well put, bravo. The situation will prove you right. I am afraid that the Truth will not be channeled through the MM to the American People like the current untruth.
Jun 25, 9:26 AM —       
278. Checkme   
Good morning everybody.
very sad, good thinking there.
Ally, Masha Pabien!!! Feliz cumple anos!!! Happy Bday. I know it’s tomorrow but you started celebrating yesterday. Yesterday I was pretty down so I understand you think I should get a sense of humor. But some can attest to the fact that luckilly I do have a lighter side. And about me thinking you hitting on me, lol, I had to laugh yesterday about your fun comments and mine were lighter intended than they sounded.
Lucy, thanks for understanding.
Jun 25, 9:08 AM —       
279. Lucy   
I don’t think Checkme thought you were coming on and also I don’t think he meant to brush you off either. You have to check a person’s behavioral tendency and over many day he has never been nasty to anybody.
Forget about this y vete a bailar. You can continue the blogaffair tomorrow. Today, sensitivities are hightened because of all the developments. You’ll see he really really blogs you.
Bendiciones para tà ­ tambià ©n.
Jun 24, 10:10 PM —       
280. AllyinMiami   
coorection–non-arrogant post—scared shitless—thank u, i agree..it is the duds that usually have that are narcisstic b/c they can’t handle that no one else adores them…so they adore themselves……………….oKAY>>>i must go not………………..love u all……………………not u checkme….dont want u to get the wrong idea….Simian—estoy resando por ti…Lucy, gracias por todo, amiga…..
Jun 24, 9:55 PM —       
241. KatCall   
I agree. Where is checkme?
Jun 27, 1:10 PM —       
242. crs   
Checkme needs to CHECKIN!
Jun 27, 1:08 PM —       
243. AllyinMiami   
CRS—lately, i think that checkme’s initial posts were accurate…there is definitely a mastermind to all of this who has not even been implicated….they haven’t talked b/c their fear of “whoever” is far worse than their trepidation of this other person….
Jun 27, 11:55 AM —       
244. Lucy   
Well, I have to go for a while.
Will be looking for you. Saludos y carià ±os. See you later.
Jun 27, 10:47 AM —       
245. Lucy   
Maybe Checkme Checkus every once in a while and doesn’t want to bother, because we have been going around and around. Maybe Aruba is experiencing commontions today and he’s out there. Maybe he’ll show up after lunch, or after tonight’s jog.
Jun 27, 10:38 AM —       
246. pktbk   
when is the last anyone saw of checkme?
Jun 27, 10:34 AM —       
247. Lucy   
Much better? I’ve been looking for you since last night, but no luck. Hope you show up soon.
Jun 27, 8:47 AM —       
248. Lucy   
I was gone for the weekend and just caught up reading all the jiberish that Shangoo, SImian and the rest posted last night. It is king of creepy, but now what Checkme had been saying all along makes more sense. That the parents knew more and that perhaps on TV they were acting-up, not to divulge what was going on.
Jun 27, 8:33 AM —       
249. Lucy   
Wake up hijo ….
Jun 27, 8:16 AM —       
250. Babalú   
Tomorrow the’ll let Steve go and nothing much will happen. But the day after tomorrow, they’ll bring again whom Simian calls suspect #5, which I think is the Lorenzo guy, which by the way, Checkme has been talking about him for a long time now. I think he is the guy in the blue van with the huge speakers on top. On Shango’s terms, I dont’t know if he ’s a Babylonian, an Arawak or a Sumerian. He’s probably a Fu__ing A– Hole.
Jun 27, 12:00 AM —       
251. Lucy   
On Friday, Checkme said that they had nothing against the Paul. Earlier, Simian said that the son’s problem was his attitude and predicted that the father was going to be brought in. I gather whenever he mentioned Noor, he was refering to the VDS’s.
You just have to be patient and keep tuned in.
Now Shango, he is really something. If his postings were not so repetitive, I’d give it a try at deciphering, but he repeats too much.
I think his Lordship is the PM, the Babylons are exiles, whatever that means. The Lebanese Aruba are also mentioned (Sumarians). The shivas are the Kalpoe’s. I think the fort is Texas or the USA. Paul’s cards up the sleeve are the securitu guards theory plus Steve Croes. The thing is that Shango goes over and over, and indifferent lines calls the same people different names, for instance, the Kalpoes. So his doble talk is not precise, making it non enticing to decipher.
Jun 26, 9:14 PM —       
252. Anne   
For weeks I’ve been lurking and totally believing Simian and Checkme. Now I just don’t know if they’ve got any more facts than we do, or just are speculating. Nothing against them at all. They’re great. But today’s news is rather surprising and depressing.
Jun 26, 9:04 PM —       
253. kristin   
i dont get light the fires….burn the place down? WHAT???
where the hell is checkme and whoever else who translates???
Jun 26, 4:51 PM —       
254. Concerned   
Thank you, Chimes. I was there but did not keep track of threads. I have been especially attentive to psychic, Simian, Checkme, Monkey, etc.
Jun 26, 2:44 PM —       
255. Checkme   
gttg people, cu ltr…
Jun 26, 1:36 PM —       
256. Checkme   
Maya, I think it says enough on it’s own account.
Jun 26, 1:31 PM —       
257. Maya99   
Checkme: you’re back! What do you think of Shock’s post above?
Jun 26, 1:29 PM —       
258. Checkme   
It’s incredible that minister Croes said what he did about senior vdS’s detention… This proved again that there is no evidence of the vdS’s harming NH.
Jun 26, 1:24 PM —       
259. Checkme   
I am not Gare du Nord.
Yes, maya, it’s vanRijn’s van.
Jun 26, 1:20 PM —       
260. ydave   
Gare du Nord is Checkme.
Jun 26, 1:07 PM —       
221. ladyJA   
Checkme u r the man/woman i dont know, but u rock!!!!
Jun 27, 1:44 PM —       
222. AllyinMiami   
Checkme—I think u need to school my man…

Jun 27, 1:44 PM —       
223. Checkme   
Divers are in the water… Everybody here is tense and awaiting results… there is something else the media knows but cannot say yet.
Jun 27, 1:43 PM —       
224. Checkme   
WHAT??????? Heeeeepaaaaa… Impossible… I mean, play golf with you (not in the court) OK, but not with you and on the court is a big NONO!!! I absolutely cannot believe this.
Jun 27, 1:41 PM —       
225. AllyinMiami   
LOL– checkme…Could be! No, I think it is b/c he spent my entire b-day playing golf.
Jun 27, 1:38 PM —       
226. ladyJA   
Checkme and crs can you update me on whats new for the day
Jun 27, 1:37 PM —       
227. AllyinMiami   
i agree with you checkme. Others–just a thought—so please do not crucify me….Could it be that he was set up? and was just trying to have an alibi b/c he knew that other people thought he was the last person to have seen her?.. I just find it odd that noone could break a 17 year old’s silence.
Jun 27, 1:37 PM —       
228. Checkme   
WHAT!!! He did not get this beautiful latin woman a simple card??? Incredible… Maybe it’s because you spent too much time on this blog on you night out?
Jun 27, 1:36 PM —       
229. crs   
Checkme - I agree 100%, there was a huge rush to judgement by NH’s family upon arrival on the island.
Jun 27, 1:34 PM —       
230. AllyinMiami   
Thank u very much, checkme, for remembering…yes, 32. It was okay; however, my boyfriend didn’t even get me a card….
. But I had a great time with my family and friends, I am very blessed!
Thanks, CRS!
Jun 27, 1:33 PM —       
231. crs   
Ally - i know and I got beat up for it!! Glad to hear checkme agree with me.
Jun 27, 1:32 PM —       
232. Checkme   
CRS, too bad I wasn’t around. This case has been heavily influenced/steered by the media, which in turn was heavily influenced by the powers behind it, NH family.
Understand me correctly, I do hope they find NH and if vdS is guilty, hang him. But this “hit” for me is a dud. They could easily find somebody else’s corpse. No way could JvdS think straight and call and email to cover his trails if something this drastic has happened that evening.
Jun 27, 1:31 PM —       
233. Checkme   
Ally, how was your bday? Sounds like you had a very fun time… 32 did you say?
Jun 27, 1:26 PM —       
234. crs   
Checkme, I wish you had been on this morning, I got beat up by Lisabeesa when I suggested the NH’s parents had been a hinderance to the investigation.
Jun 27, 1:26 PM —       
235. crs   
Checkme, thoughts on the hit?
Jun 27, 1:25 PM —       
236. Checkme   
Yes I saw that this morning also. I had some troubles again with the computer which was my post did not come through. After all the comments on the poetics within our circles and their unclear posts I started to explain myself a bit more. Basically that when I tell a fact, I say so and when I speculate or share about my feelings, I also say so. Just so we all know the same.
The last few days have been a little tough but I am very content that the authorities are now corrected for their mistakes. That’s the way the system works.
I am also a little upset because NH’s family and the FBI have put so much pressure on local authorities, due to their personal convictions and assumptions, so that the true criminals have had ample time to reposition themselves.
Jun 27, 1:23 PM —       
237. MOMfromMO   
crs & checkme are in:
Jun 27, 1:17 PM —       
238. KatCall   
Checkme you missed this mornings posts. We had some real sicko’s online. I mean very disturbing to the point Tom and Red had to screw their link! Anyway, glad to see you are back!
Jun 27, 1:15 PM —       
239. AllyinMiami   
Jun 27, 1:13 PM —       
240. Checkme   
Hi Katcall, just got on, and reading the riehlworldview post of the “hit”.
Jun 27, 1:12 PM —       
201. Checkme   
So obvious? Es mas conocido que un amigo. pero aki todo el mundo es un conocido.
Wish I could just talk to you without everybody listening in but I guess this is the price we pay for meeting in the open.
this whole thing is making me very tired. Seeing NH’s mom on TV repeating herself today… This is not going to come out like this.
Jun 27, 11:46 PM —       
202. *******   
Checkme - There are messages to you from me above. I think the Aruban and Dutch loyalists (and those covering up for whoever did this, or those not informing the police) are spineless and lack any courage. Are you guys really afraid of this so-called mafia or Columbian cartel (I know you support the kidnapping or suspect 5 theory).
You seem somewhat reasonable - please respond. The media may leave Aruba but I don’t think the Holloways will leave before taking the law in their own hands.
Jun 27, 11:43 PM —       
203. subdude   
G’night, Concerned.
Lucy: I luv it when you speak Spanish, even if its not to me. What’s up Checkme.
Lucy: I toll you not to bring Little Ricky to the bar.
Jun 27, 11:40 PM —       
204. Checkme   
very tired. Qual amigo?
Jun 27, 11:39 PM —       
205. Checkme   
How are you?
Jun 27, 11:35 PM —       
206. Lucy   
Did you leave? If not, say something please.
Jun 27, 11:34 PM —       
207. Checkme   
From you? cannot find it.
Jun 27, 11:34 PM —       
208. Lucy   
Messages for you up above.
Jun 27, 11:31 PM —       
209. Lucy   
Hi Checkme. I am here, just reading though.
Jun 27, 11:31 PM —       
210. Checkme   
Lucy, you here?
Jun 27, 11:29 PM —       
211. new girl   
This is from June 22nd - and I believe is a reference to Lorenzo:
# Simian Says:
June 22nd, 2005 at 5:41 pm
Simian Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
June 22nd, 2005 at 5:40 pm
Simian Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
June 22nd, 2005 at 5:38 pm
Checkme…check this…and please recheck:
Girl comes to Aruba. Meets cool and crazy guy in C@$ino. Goes out with him. He declares that to be the case. Can’t deny it. It’s on tape. Everybody in the C@$ino knows the group of teens, they have been drinking in there for free the whole week.
After a couple of days girl meets another boy in the same C@$ino. Goes out with him. This makes first guy really mad. So mad he confronts second boy.
First guy never denies the affair. He knows they know he was with her. However, he has an airtight alibi. Some friends say they were at home with him. Until the morning.
How can this ever be solved?
Jun 27, 11:10 PM —       
212. *******   
Checkme - How confident are you in your theory about NH being kidnapped or hurt at a party being hosted by the Columbians? Is it an alternate theory or a predominant one in your mind?
Also, do the Columbians control you guys that much in Aruba? If so, I feel sad for you people that you have to turn the other way in light of such heinous crimes (murder, human sex and drug trafficking). Sure, we have the same crimes and the mafia in the U.S., but we also have people with some courage, which appears to be lacking in this case.
Jun 27, 10:09 PM —       
213. Checkme   
Not likely at all. If he needed to dispose the body, the ocean would be the only an most logical thing. He knows these ponds dry up quickly so that he would be found out. I am sorry but my assumptions remain that the vdSs would/could not have done that. Call me subjective.
Jun 27, 1:52 PM —       
214. KatCall   
In cases like this, you one would have to really study the criminal mind. No telling what a person is thinking when a crime is committed. An elderly couple barried their dauther in law in their own backyard in Kansas! She was recently found after she’d been missing for 5 years! Talking about “Keeping it close to home”.
Jun 27, 1:51 PM —       
215. ztriggz   
# Checkme Says:
June 27th, 2005 at 1:45 pm
You really think vdS would dump a body near their home?
they’d dump it anywhere they felt comfortable,
if they didn’t expect third parties to go looking for it…
Jun 27, 1:49 PM —       
216. AllyinMiami   
I agree w/u checkme; i dont think they would…I think he could be getting framed for the murder—I don’t think he was innocent, but if there is a possible murder, I don’t believe that he or his father would be that stupid to dump the body near the home…I think something much bigger is going on here
Jun 27, 1:49 PM —       
217. Checkme   
Checkme is a man, who does not want to teach Ally’s man anything. Ally should take a vacation to Aruba, alone. But considering the topic we are all talking about I think that is suggestion in vain. LOL…
Jun 27, 1:48 PM —       
218. ladyJA   
Checkme——Well you have to take into consideration this boy isnt a pro in killing, so maybe he got scared and hid it the first place he could.
Jun 27, 1:47 PM —       
219. pktbk   
i’m back….i find it amazing those sonars are so accurate!
hi checkme….so you aren’t sure about the hit?
the sangria reference is interesting too. not just a serial killer practicing?
Jun 27, 1:46 PM —       
220. Checkme   
You really think vdS would dump a body near their home?
Jun 27, 1:45 PM —       
181. MOMfromMO   
I just found checkme in another blog….hopefully he’ll be here in a few.
Jun 28, 1:09 PM —       
182. MOMfromMO   
Hey checkme! I know we’d love you to join us in here:
Jun 28, 1:08 PM —       
183. Checkme   
another day in paradise…
Jun 28, 1:03 PM —       
184. Checkme   
Jun 28, 1:02 PM —       
185. Simian,Shock,Country,CheckMe   
To those who know…
Hurt reputation of Natalee or trouble knocking on your door be damned!!!!!!
Jun 28, 11:59 AM —       
186. Kris   
Has anyone heard from checkme, simian, or shock this morning?
Jun 28, 9:08 AM —       
187. This Goes to 11   
Simian Says:
June 28th, 2005 at 2:01 am
The Simian is getting out. Knows Shango, knows Shock me, knows Checkme. Do not underestimate the power of the ping. Shango is a dumb copycat. Maybe the Simian should place a call on you. Get you 8 days with a hole to take a dump in. Complementary peanut butter on stale bread for you, you fool. The Simian is angry. Over and out.
See, this is kind of ridiculous. We’ve got folks who say they are on the inside or at least close enough to understand what is going, they are arguing back and forth and “calling each other out” The above seem to say that Simian can ping Shock/Check and they all know each other. Simian could make a call and get Shango taken in to jail?
What a joke folks, screw this, if you know something F**cking do something besides act like children as you fight over clue supremacy. Knowing something and doing nothing, or not ending something you could help to, serves only to build your ego folks.
Jun 28, 6:56 AM —       
188. This Goes to 11   
Simian Says:
June 28th, 2005 at 2:01 am
The Simian is getting out. Knows Shango, knows Shock me, knows Checkme. Do not underestimate the power of the ping. Shango is a dumb copycat. Maybe the Simian should place a call on you. Get you 8 days with a hole to take a dump in. Complementary peanut butter on stale bread for you, you fool. The Simian is angry. Over and out.
See, this is kind of ridiculous. We’ve got folks who say they are on the inside or at least close enough to understand what is going, they are arguing back and forth and “calling each other out” The above seem to say that Simian can ping Shock/Check and they all know each other. Simian could make a call and get Shango taken in to jail?
What a joke folks, screw this, if you know something F**cking do something besides act like children as you fight over clue supremacy. Knowing something and doing nothing, or not ending something you could help to, serves only to build your ego folks.
Jun 28, 6:55 AM —       
189. This Goes to 11   
Simian Says:
June 28th, 2005 at 2:01 am
The Simian is getting out. Knows Shango, knows Shock me, knows Checkme. Do not underestimate the power of the ping. Shango is a dumb copycat. Maybe the Simian should place a call on you. Get you 8 days with a hole to take a dump in. Complementary peanut butter on stale bread for you, you fool. The Simian is angry. Over and out.
See, this is kind of ridiculous. We’ve got folks who say they are on the inside or at least close enough to understand what is going, they are arguing back and forth and “calling each other out” The above seem to say that Simian can ping Shock/Check and they all know each other. Simian could make a call and get Shango taken in to jail?
What a joke folks, screw this, if you know something F**cking do something besides act like children as you fight over clue supremacy. Knowing something and doing nothing, or not ending something you could help to, serves only to build your ego folks.
Jun 28, 6:53 AM —       
190. Simian   
The Simian doesn’t make predictions. Only gives the group information ahead of time. Predictions are for fools. This is the Simian.
No me hagan mofa. Estoy molesto por las bobedades de Shango y Shock y Checkme. Se creen, pero no son.
Jun 28, 2:21 AM —       
191. Simian   
The Simian is getting out. Knows Shango, knows Shock me, knows Checkme. Do not underestimate the power of the ping.
Shango is a dumb copycat. Maybe the Simian should place a call on you. Get you 8 days with a hole to take a dump in. Complementary peanut butter on stale bread for you, you fool.
The Simian is angry. Over and out.
Jun 28, 2:01 AM —       
192. Maya99   
Does Lorenzo really have a grafitti-painted house, and if so, is the grafitti anyway maze-like?
Big Pappy: Shango may have been alluding to our own silken-tongued CheckMe who I’m gonna tell Ally on. ha!
Jun 28, 12:35 AM —       
193. Checkme   
OK mi amor, que duermes bien i suenes con las angelitas
Jun 28, 12:12 AM —       
194. Lucy   
I don’t think this will progress much tonight. Pleasant dreams to those that decide to go to bed.
Checkme, I’ll check on you tomorrow darling.
Subdude, dream with the Mamitas, Mamasotas and Mamotas. And of course, with the redheads.
Jun 28, 12:10 AM —       
195. Checkme   
Homo, you want to hear Lucy and I talk don’t you?
Jun 28, 12:07 AM —       
196. Checkme   
I mean an email address that you hardly use…
Jun 28, 12:06 AM —       
197. HomoSapienSaySimianSucks   
checkme and lucy should get a room.
Jun 28, 12:04 AM —       
198. Checkme   
You are the sweetest. I hope you gave a junky email because they warned those that gave away email addresses would be obliterated by bots.
Jun 28, 12:02 AM —       
199. Checkme   
I think that is about enough *******. Logoff and go to sleep.
Jun 28, 12:00 AM —       
200. Checkme   
The holloways should take their law in their own hands. The customers of the Colombians lie in the Holloways’ land. These customers have made the Colombian insurgency rich and powerfull and no democracy can withstand it. It is simple. The americans are addicted to quick satisfactions (Iraq for example) (the entire media structure for that matter) vs. lonmg term investment in education of their youth, care for the poor and genuine security against the evils of our modern world.
Jeez, why did I write this… Oh yes, fear for the Colombians, no we don’t fear them. We can only fear ourselves falling to them as prey. That’s why we humble serve our customers in a legal way and stay out of trouble. Only those that do mess and deal with Colombians need to fear them.
Jun 27, 11:54 PM —       
161. Checkme   
Lucy!!! Your words!!! LOL
Jun 28, 10:11 PM —       
162. AllyinMiami   
Bye all…Please tell checkme and Lucy, I will be looking for them tonight, be safe…and thanks again..besos
Jun 28, 3:49 PM —       
163. AllyinMiami   
i know. it has been horrible….they took my purse out of my car (passenger side)..It was kinda my fault though..i was in a bad area late at night..Thanks for your concerns, though. Please tell checkme that I was here and asking for him…Anything new Abt Nat?
Jun 28, 3:22 PM —       
164. AllyinMiami   
Hi, Lucy, Kat and everyone else…Really, i haven’t even read any of the posts.. I got here late today. I have to leave in a few to get my new driver’s license. Believe or not, after I left work yesterday, I was mugged at the gas station. I have spent all morning changing my locks, canceling credit cards, closing my checking and savings accounts…etc. It has been a nightmare. How is checkme??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him.
Jun 28, 3:16 PM —       
165. KatCall   
Where is Yliana, Simian and Checkme? We need you!
Jun 28, 2:25 PM —       
166. Lucy   
Yliana is probably sleeping. She was on until the early hours and then on again in the morning.
Simiam is protecting his identity.
Checkme checked-in a while back, Said goodbye until tonight.
Jun 28, 2:19 PM —       
167. KatCall   
Where is Yliana, Simian and Checkme? We need you!
Jun 28, 2:17 PM —       
168. MOMfromMO   
I find most everything Sim says, hard to swallow. I respect that many on here, thinks he preaches the ‘gospel’, but I’m not a very naive person. Open-minded, yes.
But you’re right. The “double” makes it more difficult.
Jun 28, 1:48 PM —       
169. Checkme   
Simian does not always say the Truth. The double makes it harder to read him sometimes.
Jun 28, 1:44 PM —       
170. Kristin   
why did simian say they found her body?
Jun 28, 1:42 PM —       
171. Checkme   
Lucy, we will talk tonite.
Good to ready you Kristin. I am happy the local system showed not to cover anything up.
Jun 28, 1:41 PM —       
172. Kristin   
Alls I can say is-if anyone in Aruba is covering anything up…that’s NORMAL. Think of how it is in the US…how do drug dealers become dealers? Why is it that more than half of our population is ON DRUGS??? If I wanted to get cocaine or marijuana or ecstacy I could get it. Pretty fast. Our president knows this, and he knows that there is drug trafficking. EVERYONE KNOWS. If it’s like that in Aruba, then so what??? Of course we would be doing the same thing here and trying to cover our asses if the situation were to be the same. Don’t you think that if some sort of mafia gang had Natalee over here, we would be going through the same thing? With a judge’s son and police involved? I mean, alls it takes over here is to know someone of high authority and everything is brushed under the carpet.
Just a thought…
Hi checkme, missed ya buddy. How’s the moon lookin for tonight?

Jun 28, 1:38 PM —       
173. Checkme   
Hey, Lucy, on my way out. You OK?
Jun 28, 1:35 PM —       
174. Checkme   
gttg. ltr.
Jun 28, 1:34 PM —       
175. Checkme   
CRS, absolutely, this is ridiculous. Governments getting into this thing… I meant it more as a cynical proposal. Even though I still think Aruba is way over it’s head, probing into a possible Latin connection would wake up dragons they are not prepared to handle. That is where they need backup. I am sure that trying to get the MSM to hush will only have an adverse effect.
Jun 28, 1:25 PM —       
176. MOMfromMO   
hello G! Hi Checkme!
**Burrrrrrrrrrrp** whassit you say, Jake? Ummmm otay. I’ll stand clear. Okay if I weave a little?

Jun 28, 1:17 PM —       
177. crs   
Checkme, I don’t want to seem mean, but we do not need to get the CIA and others involved, lets keep perspective, this is one girl.
Jun 28, 1:16 PM —       
178. Checkme   
jeeez, fun posting here, lots of beer cans on the floor…
Jun 28, 1:16 PM —       
179. Checkme   
I just cannot believe nobody put a piece of duct tape on our Min
Monkey Mega Star
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« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2008, 10:41:26 AM »

180. Checkme   
I just cannot believe nobody put a piece of duct tape on our Minister Croes’ mouth. It is so stupid to go to the Netherlands and cry about the negative publicity the media is giving us related to the NH case… I say, let the American public be the judge of where they want to spend their vacation dollars. Trying to invoke international pressure (which would be a humbling experience anyways) would probably create an even bigger backlash. What he (Croes) should be asking for is international judicial backup, Interpol, DEA and the CIA. Since this case is an international case between the Kingdom and the USA, these agencies should be invoked, instead of the family-linked-FBI agents.
Jun 28, 1:13 PM —       
141. Checkme   
I am sorry Lucy… movie, tom hanks?…
I have been spreading myself very thin with a lot of things. Blogging is completely new to me and I am completely addicted our little space here. I am very tired, dishes are stacked up to the ceiling and now Ally is missing me? How am I supposed to leave?
Jun 28, 10:44 PM —       
142. Ally   
Checkme….dont go, i have waited all day to talk to u
Jun 28, 10:42 PM —       
143. new girl   
Oh no, Checkme, don’t go! I’m sad. I wanted to ask more about what you meant by this: There are few people who fall outside a family-social-control circle here in Aruba. LvR is one of them.
Jun 28, 10:41 PM —       
144. Lucy   
Boy, you are really spreading yourself thin lately …
Jun 28, 10:41 PM —       
145. AnnaMaria   
Checkme, I meant no disrespect to Arlene. Just wondered what her last name was and title because I missed hearing it when out of the room! No opinion on her whatsoever.

Jun 28, 10:41 PM —       
146. Checkme   
Arlene is cool. Maintain respect, I know her very well.
Jun 28, 10:39 PM —       
147. Checkme   
People, I must leave you… Still have to do some things in the house… very sorry. Hope to cu tmrw. Amor i Luz
Jun 28, 10:38 PM —       
148. AllyinMiami   
Yes, I was…never thought Miami was dangerous, thought I was invincible until yestersday….I will never stay late at work again…It was very violating…
thanks SS, for the concern—glad to see that u are on here…………….
checkme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad u are here…missed u to pieces
Jun 28, 10:36 PM —       
149. Checkme   
I read somewhere that he was paid not to… But after last posts I think that was a dud.
What’s the matter Lucy?
Jun 28, 10:34 PM —       
150. Checkme   
Hey you ally, read your posts. Missed you too. Now I have to worry every damn day you go to work???
Jun 28, 10:32 PM —       
151. Checkme   
There are few people who fall outside a family-social-control circle here in Aruba. LvR is one of them. I have mentioned this on multiple posts from the beginning.
Lucy, we don’t have Fox here either… That’s why we were the only ones for a while.
Jun 28, 10:31 PM —       
152. AllyinMiami   
Checkme? Lucy?
Jun 28, 10:30 PM —       
153. Checkme   
Movie with Tom Hanks…
Jun 28, 10:28 PM —       
154. Lucy   
We don’t have Fox here, so I usually read the transcript and the Greta blog. Was this on On The Record, or another program? Also, do you know if SGC was on Fox, or in one of the networks?
Jun 28, 10:27 PM —       
155. Checkme   
Thank you Kristin.
Jun 28, 10:25 PM —       
156. Kristin-in-SC   
@ Checkme. Yes, I am sad. I am sad because I know first hand the pain her family feels. I know of the dispair and desperation they felt because I was missing for 10 years by my own choice. I was angry with my parents that I left and never looked back. I did not think of the pain they must have felt until I finally forgave myself and my parents and made contact. I pray to God that her family need not wait as long as mine did to get an answer. My mom, like Beth, never gave up hope that I was alive. She says that because she was my mother, she could just *feel* it inside that I was alive.
I do not for a minute believe that Natalee left on her own free will. I believe that while she may have left C&C voluntarily, whatever happened from that point on was not by her choice.
God have mercy on those that brought harm to Natalee.
Jun 28, 10:23 PM —       
157. Checkme   
Is everybody, but Lucy and I, watching Fox?
Jun 28, 10:20 PM —       
158. Checkme   
and then the sorrow turns into anger…
Never mind.
Jun 28, 10:17 PM —       
159. Checkme   
Lucy, lol, here, indian name…
Jun 28, 10:15 PM —       
160. Checkme   
Kristin, your post is so sad. Let go let God. It is heartbreaking to hear you talk. If we did not have blogs, who would you have shared these feelings with?
Jun 28, 10:15 PM —       
121. subdude   
Ally: Bunkin’ @ Checkme’s, I’m in.
APB (All Points Bulletin): Does anyone know where Seroe Alejandro is? What does seroe mean, por favor?
Jun 28, 11:27 PM —       
LUCY—next time u come to MIAMI—lets get mojitos…..yes alcatl—we are being nicey nice, and i know Natalee is the focus—but look at it this way, her disappearance has allowed and been the vehicle for many new friendships and caring acts..Come have a mojito with us when we find Natalee, and her abductors behind bars..LUCY, Scared, sub…i say we go bunk at checkme’s house
Jun 28, 11:19 PM —       
123. ally   
yes, many know spanish…but not well…and not many can recognize when simian is writing in an “uneloquent” manner…as other obviously can..checkme—i hope that all this speculation does not discourage you from our communicating with one another b/c u are helping me in more ways than u know
SUBDUDE—-we so have needed your sense of humor on this blog—welcome, back STAY OUT OF LIBERTY CITY, BRO
Jun 28, 11:07 PM —       
124. allyINMIAMI   
Checkme—si soy yo…estoy cansada de escribir Ally in Miami—each time……for all of u gossip hounds—besos y abrazoz , check me—creo que ellos estan celoso
Jun 28, 11:03 PM —       
125. scaredshitless   
Checkme said “because the ultimate is my wife”????
Jun 28, 11:01 PM —       
126. Checkme   
Ally, are you AllyinMiami, porque la ultima es mi hermosa.
Jun 28, 10:58 PM —       
127. new girl   
Goodnight Checkme, thanks for the responses!
Jun 28, 10:58 PM —       
128. scaredshitless   
Oh, so Ally and Checkme are both hispanic! So they can write things in Spanish to one another !
Jun 28, 10:57 PM —       
129. Checkme   
LOL, Lucy, you crack me up… aiaiai, manana no puedo salir de mi casa porque ai mucho basura…
Jun 28, 10:56 PM —       
130. Ally   
I will see u tomorrow, checkme—sleep with the angels…
Jun 28, 10:56 PM —       
131. Ally   
Scaredshitless— I dont know about romance…and not that I need to explain this to you…but I have nothing to hide…check me calms me—his words enlighten me, and I quite frankly will stop there as I do not feel I have to validate a special bond that I have with someone to u or anyone, with all due respect….checkme, isn’t it comical when two people adore one another it opens an area of speculation…what a sad world this has become?
Jun 28, 10:54 PM —       
132. Checkme   
Ally, I promise you tomorrow afternoon around 17:00 I will get on the post so we can talk OK?
Jun 28, 10:54 PM —       
133. Lucy   
Checkme,The Monkey people demand you. Next time use disposable.
Ref. Hanks, did you notice that in three posts his written accent was gone.
Jun 28, 10:52 PM —       
134. Checkme   
His mom is totally out of it.
Jun 28, 10:52 PM —       
135. new girl   
Also checkme, if you don’t mind, what does LvR look like? Does he have any distinctive marks on his face?
Jun 28, 10:51 PM —       
136. dcburgh   
checkme - what inside scoop does arlene have - what does she think happened?
Jun 28, 10:51 PM —       
137. new girl   
Wow, checkme. The guy sounds like trouble. Where’s LvR’s mother? Is she out of the picture?
Jun 28, 10:50 PM —       
138. dcburgh   
new girl - my bad, meant for checkme
Jun 28, 10:50 PM —       
139. Checkme   
new girl, you know, small society, extended families, no secrets, family knows everything. this guy has a bad profile, father into drugs, himself dealing, driving expensive cars, crashing them, not working, father killing himself because of a drug/alcohol induced depression. in short, no solid upbringing, wrong connections, careless, living above the law. somehow not getting caught. Bad boy waiting on the wall to hit him?
That’s what I meant.
Jun 28, 10:48 PM —       
140. scaredshitless   
Do I detect 2 romances? One between Ally and Checkme and the other between I YELL CHRIS IN HALLWAYS with “blue water” intoxicated Dana?????
Jun 28, 10:47 PM —       
101. Kris   
Did you get the message from Ally?
Jun 29, 3:22 PM —       
102. Kris   
Thanks. I hope that you are careful, would hate to see anything happen to you

Jun 29, 3:21 PM —       
103. Checkme   
PM was saying that “Arubans who have the country at heart sould be careful about what they say to the American Media”, or something to that effect. The word “Patriotic” was used numerous times. My hairs stood up straight when I heard him actually say that. Who is going to decide “what is good for the country”? Sounds to me that certain people will be hung to dry when they say the “wrong” thing… Island politics are now getting actively involved. Bad news.
Jun 29, 3:19 PM —       
104. crs   
Checkme, I think everyone is going home next Tuesday.
Jun 29, 3:19 PM —       
105. Kris   
What was the PM saying?
Jun 29, 3:16 PM —       
106. Checkme   
CRS, it is awfully quiet here, except for the PM blabbering something dangerous on the radio today.
Jun 29, 3:15 PM —       
107. Checkme   
CRS, I think that info about Kalpoes by now is too late to be verified. About mr vdS and the highway he stopped, sounds like a Bronkovich think to me.
Jun 29, 3:14 PM —       
108. crs   
Checkme - have heard rumours of more arrests coming today - have you heard anything?
Jun 29, 3:13 PM —       
109. Checkme   
Bon tardi everybody! I got 15 in between to read up on everything…
Jun 29, 3:12 PM —       
110. Concerned   
Mornin’ bloggers. You will not hear from me for a while; I am headed to the Carribbean and may not have access to Internet where I am staying. You know my demeanor so don’t believe any posts that are not typical for me. Kristen-inSC, Checkme, Subdude, AnnaMaria, New Girl??? Try not to get sidetracked by negativism or small-mindedness. They will go away if ignored. Ciao!
Jun 29, 11:05 AM —       
111. pktbk   
no, i’m not in love with him. the couple of monkey land is checkme and lucy. lol
trisher-you don’t think he was lying? if greta is really big on mannerisms, then she will love this one after she watches it.
Jun 29, 9:20 AM —       
112. Kris   
Ally–Don’t go. I am sure that everyone who knows you is quite certain that those are not your posts…
Checkme will understand that.
Jun 29, 8:58 AM —       
KRIS, PKTBK PLEASE, pass my two above posts 8:45am and 8:31am to others especially CHECKME and everyone else named above…thank u…take care
Jun 29, 8:51 AM —       
PKTBK, please pass my above post about someone impersonating me to all—especially CRS, SUBDUDE, LUCY, SCAREDSH–LESS AND EWELL ANd ESPECIALLY CHECKME, I am offended that i was impersonated…i can’t believe they thought that was me…..I am very hurt…and this will be my last post. Tell checkme that I thank him for everything and for looking out for me, but most of all for making me smile….Goodbye all, takecare
Jun 29, 8:45 AM —       
my last e-mail last night was at 11:23pm….i am offended that u all would think that I would write the last messages on this post, u all , i thought, knew that i never would write like that especially u, LUCY….and u subdude…I AM PISSED that someone would violate me in that manner…and u all believed him/her……c’mon…I would never ever take any drugs…I am incredibly angry…pass news to all….Any post after 11:23 was not me….I never write with so many grammatical errors…u all should have known that…..I would never be offensive…..I am incredibly angry!!! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO CRS, CHECKME, LUCY.SUBDUDE, AND concerned…u all were quick to find all other imposters that were out of character , but not me……AGAIN, my last post was at 11:23 PM….
Jun 29, 8:31 AM —       
116. AnnaMaria   
new girl: when I asked what kind of car lorenzo drove it was because of this post I’d found. Per checkme, he drives cool cars and crashes them, correct? Here’s the link, scroll down to GinoX’s post about a guy in Seroe Alejandro that has a Celica . It looks like we may have a way to get more info, at least see if it’s him. At the end, search the Gino X’s posts — he has a contact email. What do you think — could be something. Could be nothing….
Jun 29, 2:47 AM —       
117. new girl   
Yeah, I’ve gotta go to sleep too. Eastern time zone here. I hope others will get as intrigued by the possible Lorenzo van Rijn / rave scenario as we have been tonight!
I think we are going to have to pray for media to investigate this angle, ‘cuz I’m thinkin’ law enforcement ain’t gonna…
Where did Geraldo get his source about the purported gang-bang of 14-year-old video? That person may hold the key, because the latest word is that the tape featured Lorenzo van Rijn attacking the girl - NOT Joran.
And if the checkme’s statements (and those of AmericaninAruba) earlier were accurate, and I have no reason to doubt that they are, then LORENZO, not Joran, has the backgound that forms the better profile of a killer.
In my opinion.
Jun 29, 1:35 AM —       
Jun 29, 12:49 AM —       
119. Ally   
okay beautiful people, I am out..i miss check me and he is long gone. I have more new info all see check me tomorrow, tell him he is my hero and to NOT allowheir ignorance to violate our special bond. checkme -otherwise I will be a crazybat moving my …booty out of that area,,,kisses tu u…abrazos/please look for me tomorrow..i know it is u, if u can telln me what heemingway thought about fitzegrald…which book…I miss u too much—yes other posters, get a grip…celebrate that i have found someone i trust and adore…can u handle that Lucy—subduide, trisher, scares–u ri n my prayers…love u all ;love u subdude—u arfe a trip
Jun 29, 12:35 AM —       
120. new girl   
Re: does anyone know what Lorenzo does for a living?
Checkme wrote above: new girl, you know, small society, extended families, no secrets, family knows everything. this guy has a bad profile, father into drugs, himself dealing, driving expensive cars, crashing them, not working, father killing himself because of a drug/alcohol induced depression. in short, no solid upbringing, wrong connections, careless, living above the law. somehow not getting caught. Bad boy waiting on the wall to hit him?
Jun 28, 11:44 PM —       
81. Checkme   
I understand how this looks on from the US, I beg to differ, solely because we are dealing with human beings here. Let the one who hurt NH hang, if I get the chance I will hurt that person more than he/she can handle. However, we have a judicial system here in which I strongly believe. Justice based on the law, nothing else. Including politics, media, positions family etc. It’s very easy to scream “corruption” but much harder to stay the course and work the agreed upon system.
Jun 29, 10:21 PM —       
82. Lucy   
Ref. crisis management, I don’t think it is too late, because this will not go away that fast, and they will be longlasting effects, both internally and from abroad.
Jun 29, 10:17 PM —       
83. Checkme   
Moose, in short, NH, located on beach, is expected by party of people, prepared for her, take her to Colombia, (maybe Venezuela). The connection between AUA and Colombia is obviously what is the “missing link” here. I believe they know about this link but expsing it will ping them and all hope for NH being alive will be lost.
Jun 29, 10:16 PM —       
84. Checkme   
I believe they have hired a media consultant at one point in time, from the ATA (tourism authority), to manage toe info-flow to the media. But I think after their first invoice they stopped this.
You think a crisis management team can still do some work here? Isn’t it too late for that?
Jun 29, 10:13 PM —       
85. moosetracks   
Checkme, what’s your theory?
Jun 29, 10:11 PM —       
86. Checkme   
Don’t read much gossip Lucy, try to keep cool and see the truth as much as possible. Gossip blurs vision.
The only thing that stands out today is the fact that the procecutions is going back to the drawing board, back to the beginning, open all options. I think I have said that a couple of times. Hopefully our “theory” will also be looked at with an open mind.
Jun 29, 10:10 PM —       
87. Checkme   
You have reached the limits of my vocabulary… POING!
Jun 29, 10:05 PM —       
88. Checkme   
Sounds like this case is becoming a brawl. This is going to become much more damaging than the factual dissapearance of NH.
Jun 29, 10:03 PM —       
89. Checkme   
What would you like me to tell you?
Jun 29, 9:59 PM —       
90. Checkme   
Kitchen reasonably clean…lol You OK? Yday youseemed a little upset.. tell me… Did you get my yahooreply today?
Jun 29, 9:57 PM —       
91. Checkme   
It’s tough communicating on this board…
Jun 29, 9:56 PM —       
92. Lucy   
Are you still around or did you houdini??
Jun 29, 9:55 PM —       
93. Lucy   
Checkme, Kitchen clean by now?
Jun 29, 9:51 PM —       
94. Checkme   
you mean it’s just us now on the board?
Jun 29, 9:48 PM —       
95. Checkme   
Lucy, good to see you!
Jun 29, 9:47 PM —       
96. Kris   
Crs–why am I funny? Sorry I’ve missed something somewhere, perhaps to much to drink…
Cya checkme
Jun 29, 3:30 PM —       
97. Checkme   
15 minutes are over… gttg, I’ll be back later tonite. Be there.
Jun 29, 3:27 PM —       
98. Checkme   
Welcome Nurse!!!
Kris, why should I be careful?
Kris, I understand Ally had some fuzzy feelings last nite, prolly induced by the valium… I talk with her and ensure she stands on her 2 feet again. LOL
Jun 29, 3:25 PM —       
99. crs   
I agree checkme, people thought it was crazy when sr. sloot was let go, wait till the three boys are let go. It does not look good.
Jun 29, 3:24 PM —       
100. Checkme   
I am quite sure they will be ordered to be released on Monday. Then the circus will start. Speculation, emotions, blame, possible repricussions… Attachment is the root of all evil.
Jun 29, 3:22 PM —       
61. Checkme   
moosetracks, terrible how wondeful souls get destroyed in this world.
“Infinite complacency”, a sentence I heard in War of the Worlds. Awesome movie, must see people.
Jun 29, 10:51 PM —       
62. Lucy   
I have started to believe what? I lost track really. If you mean getting the true criminals, whomever they are, yes I do believe that now. The initial rush rush and punish feeling is gone now.
Jun 29, 10:50 PM —       
63. Checkme   
Ally, listen to Lucy. say; “I am a beautiful person!”
Jun 29, 10:49 PM —       
64. Checkme   
funny how sometimes things happen so that the good guys get rhown in jail and the bad ones are untouched.
Jun 29, 10:48 PM —       
65. Lucy   
This thing is getting to be really funny. To discribe it, I would have to fill the whole page with LOLO’s (you know, the chat language thing).
Once again, Checkme comes to your rescue with his lessons. Tonight’s is on self-assertiveness.
Ya chica, disfruta este asunto y ya
Jun 29, 10:47 PM —       
66. Checkme   
Ally, you are a beautiful person.
Jun 29, 10:45 PM —       
67. Checkme   
Kris, you got it!!!
Lucy, you see, they are starting to believe it now… I heard somebody on Holland on the phone today talking about this theory and the the prosecuters should explore this angle more agressively. International drug related crime is just way over the head of our local authorities. The true criminals seem untouchable.
Jun 29, 10:44 PM —       
68. Lucy   
But because you are dealing with people is precisely why crisis management experts could help. I am sure the governmental structures and their personnel have definetly suffered from enduring the stress of the events that have evolved since the crisis began. Crisis management is not about public relation imaging, but more about how to prepare those handling the situation to adequately address pertinent issues and events, from the stand point of what’s happening in the present, and forseeing what could come, to better plan, develop and execute a plan of action that will help obtain desired results, or prevent unwanted events.
Jun 29, 10:40 PM —       
69. Checkme   
The tragedies that happen daily in Colombia should be in the media, maybe then the US would open their eyes a little more about what’s happening in their backyard.
Jun 29, 10:38 PM —       
Lucy—i am not sure—they just say it is somone that knows Joran—hold on—i will rewind it..checkme–i care what u think, b/c i care abt u…why, i dont know b/c i dont know u, but u comfort me in a way that i have not been able to discover in a while=lucy, te adoro, southernbelle–u are such a sweetheart..
Jun 29, 10:37 PM —       
Check me, i am astonished that u would even think that was me, i am so disappointed in u…southernbelle–thank you—that was very nice of u—i wish checkme was a loyal as u..lucy, i did not recieve your reply; however, i have returned because of your kindness and LOYALTy…..please educate the dear checkme—
Jun 29, 10:33 PM —       
72. Checkme   
Ally, What do you care what I think of you? What matters is what you know is True. If I don’t believe you that would be my problem.
If you accept that from me, then also receive this virtual hug. You are going through some rocky days. We are all here, happy to see you within our little circle. Me for one has been thinking about you during the day and looking forward to sharing some words with you.
Lucy, you are good.
Jun 29, 10:31 PM —       
73. Lucy   
You crack me up. You are now supposed to be serious about this thing …
Jun 29, 10:30 PM —       
74. Checkme   
Ally, oh, it wasn’t you? hmmm… You sure?
Jun 29, 10:26 PM —       
75. Lucy   
Will you please let your best pupil know that you didn’t imply that she was the impostor that made the coment about the medication.
Yes, I read your mail. Did you read my reply??? If not, read it and stop it.
Jun 29, 10:26 PM —       
76. Checkme   
Oh, now the program on TV is over and now we are good enough to join?
lol, just kiddin’, lol…
Ally, Kris, so good to hear you. Ally, how are you?
Jun 29, 10:25 PM —       
77. moosetracks   
Checkme, If this is human trafficking, don’t worry about how it looks from the U.S.
I heard there’s something going on in Wisconsin too.
Jun 29, 10:24 PM —       
i am sorry, i was just very hurt that checkme believed that vulgar imposter was me…Lucy, mi tia, recibiste my e-mail?
Jun 29, 10:23 PM —       
79. Lucy   
I know, I am just trying to encourage her to come back.
See Ally, Southern wants you here too, and your blog behavioralist and Miss Damita mentor is here too waiting for you to come back also. Right Checkme??
Jun 29, 10:23 PM —       
80. moosetracks   
Checkme, am I reading you right? Is this for prostitution?
Jun 29, 10:21 PM —       
41. Lucy   
Are you ignoring me????? Just joking.
Jun 30, 9:52 PM —       
42. Lucy   
Good night, Scared, Kristy, Jerry, Dana and everyone else. Where are Subdude and Ally?
Shelly, What was the cntent of the phone call they listened to, Do you Know?
Checkme, Hi there to you too. Read your messages.
Jun 30, 9:48 PM —       
43. Checkme   
Jeezzz, thanks Tom for the new servers, makes a big difference, maybe they can install one here in the aruban justice department so that their efficiency can be improved a little… Joking Karin, just keep at it, keep reading the Monkeys and follow up on them, maybe you will get the break you guys and dolls deserve.
Hi everybody, let me read the blog and see what inspiring words we have her tonite…
Jun 30, 9:16 PM —       
44. scaredshitless   
Where is everyone else - like Ally, Checkme, CRS, MomfromMO, CountryMoon, etc.?
Jun 30, 9:03 PM —       
45. scaredshitless   
Hi everyone. Where is checkme, Ally, MomFromMo, and Country Moon?
Jun 30, 6:31 PM —       
46. ydave   
If Joran and the Kalpoes were cooperating, the investigation could have led to the location where Natalee is.
But with a father who knows the law of the island, and constantly sends people (simian, checkme, Steve Croes, the Kalpoes,…) to make up new stories that distract and waste police resources on false leads, the investigation will go nowhere.
At the end, the Natalee case will be a mysterious disappearance with many theories.
Jun 30, 2:59 PM —       
47. ivy | sfj | **
just found this–what does everyone think? Hi Rachael I have been off for a few days — son had surgery–where is kris, crs, checkme etc.
Jun 30, 12:08 PM —       
48. Kris   
Simian,  ¿Por quà © es usted se ofendià ³ tan fà ¡cilmente por los que no le piense a ser verdadero? Sà © que usted es, y su elocuencia, en mi opion todavà ­a està ¡ allà ­. Por favor sepamos quà © està ¡ entrando encendido en Arbua hoy. Creo que usted es una de nuestras conexiones mà ¡s grandes allà ­, junto con checkme.
Jun 30, 11:30 AM —       
49. *******   
Has the VDS family paid Checkme and some other loyalists on here?
Jun 30, 2:16 AM —       
50. ydave   
New girl and Checkme are afraid of the truth, because it involves Paulus and Joran VDS.
They are part of the team sent to distract readers and true Monkeys.
Jun 30, 2:14 AM —       
51. new girl   
Here are the responses to my inquiries that Checkme was nice enough to offer (here, posted on these boards):
There are few people who fall outside a family-social-control circle here in
Aruba. LvR is one of them. I have mentioned this on multiple posts from the
new girl, you know, small society, extended families, no secrets, family
knows everything. this guy has a bad profile, father into drugs, himself
dealing, driving expensive cars, crashing them, not working, father killing
himself because of a drug/alcohol induced depression. in short, no solid
upbringing, wrong connections, careless, living above the law. somehow not
getting caught. Bad boy waiting on the wall to hit him?
That’s what I meant.
Jun 30, 12:46 AM —       
52. richandfamous   
You all keep talking about this simian that talks in codes and others that were trying to understand all of it….I copied these posts a couple of nights ago to try and bring it together in my mind…then I went to bed because I obviously was deranged for even trying to de-code anything on a message board….lol
anyway, here is what picked out and copied.
There are 3 vehicles.
The phone call made in the small hours.
The boy is biting his tongue. It is all chewed up, bloody and sore.
The father is trapped in a legal check mate.
The boy is mutilating his own tongue. He doesn’t want to let the old man down.
In the other car.
Checkme Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 6:55 pm
1. Karpoes car
2. vdS Jeep
3. vdS family car
Kalpoes went home. Joran stayed behind. Somebody had to come get him.
Not even a confession will help.
One witness is not a witness.
The body is needed.
The phone call made in the small hours.
The boy is biting his tongue. It is all chewed up, bloody and sore.
Only one piece is missing.
Around the pool the Hindus were told what to say.
They did not know why. They were asked to protect the boy.
The father was not there, but he knew what to do.
The Hindus thought the girl would reappear.
…unless the package from The Hague says that he is implicated.
The evidence has him in a legal checkmate. He cannot deny.
they boys met around the pool in Montaà ±a.
Just got info the plane has arrived they are going to the courts
The fires burned high and bright.
Even Saint John denied he knew.
The smoke will clear soon.
The elder can’t deny.
The son can’t talk. He is biting off his tongue.
His sore and bloody tongue.
The hope rests on the cowboys finding their own.
The Simian is leaving. There’s a doppelganger.
The Simian knows the Babylonians. They need to plan the legal checkmate perfectly. They know that the elder knows his way around the palace. All gates need to be shut.
The Hindus don’t know that the elder knows what happened. The though they did the boy a favor by protecting him. The Hindus don’t know what happened.
The cowboys gave themselves 10 days. One down.
Montaà ±a. Noord. Aruba.
What does the music man know? He was seen. He was mentioned by the boy.
The boy is biting off his own tongue. The Babylonians are stunned. What possesses such a boy?
Most federales have left. The puzzle is nearly done. The one piece is missing. They need the cowboys help.
The Babylonians might release the Hindus.
The boy knows his father knows the way. He’s been inside the palace for many years. It has worked before. This time too much is at stake. This time there was someone there to hear the tree fall.
The music man is singing. The Simian can’t understand the words.
A bloody tongue is a bloody tongue. Swollen and thick. This boy is lost.
ShocktheMonkey Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 9:08 pm
To my faithful believers:
This may be my last post. But I’ll tell you what’s going on. The younger VDS did it. No admission of guilt yet, but witnesses to prove. Awaiting DNA results to confirm will be soon. Two more possible arrests. DJ was the “Vessel”. Sorry for cryptic message, but my job is on the line. Still I remain true to you bloggers and the truth shall set us free. A mystery is only as mysterious as the mind allows it to be. Sometimes the truth is right in front of your face …
The new hammer and block could not island hop. The Babylonians can’t keep the gates shut forever. The days are 116 and they each have a number.
The Babylonians can’t use the whip on the boy. A elder is playing mute. If he doesn’t know, why did he heed the call?
The music man is singing. His song is not on the bill. One witness is not a witness.
kristin Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 9:23 pm
i just heard a police cheif and friend of PVDS is involved and will be arrested? simian? shock?
The Babylonians gave free reign to the cowboys for a reason.
ShocktheMonkey Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 9:27 pm
The one with the longest legs begs …
The Babylonians hands are not dirty.
ShocktheMonkey Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 9:40 pm
Yes, something bad did happened. But it was an accident, it wasn’t meant to happen … as it did not happen on the beach as assumed, rather, it was in a house.
The Hindus are not completely clean, but the Babylonians need them.
The are only so many halls in the palace. The gates are shutting down, but they need to be kept shut.
Checkmate is in place, but the game is not over yet.
Some alibis need to be broken.
There is whisperer on the line. The sword of Damocles will soon fall. I can’t say whose on the throne.
Did he think he could rule forever from his hideaway?
All along the gamblers knew who he was.
chimes Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 10:11 pm
Damocles: Greek courtier to Dionysius the Elder, tyrant of Syracuse, who according to legend was forced to sit at a banquet table under a sword suspended by a single hair to demonstrate the precariousness of a king’s fortunes.
The Babylonians cared only for their gold and did not hear the Sumerians plot their demise. In the morning, at the point it was realized, it was too late.
Again, the Simian has a doppelganger.
Can’t compromise the whisperer on the line.
Signing off.
Kristin-in-SC Says:
June 25th, 2005 at 10:20 pm
Meaning “double walker” a doppelganger is a shadow-self that accompanies every human. Only the owner of a doppelganger can see it, otherwise it is invisible to human eyes. Dogs and cats have been known to see doppelgangers. Providing sympathetic company, a doppelganger almost always stands behind a person, and they cast no reflection in a mirror. They are prepared to listen and give advice to humans, either implanting ideas in their heads, or a sort of osmosis. It is said to be bad luck if it is seen, and rarely a doppelganger will make itself visible to friends or family, often causing great confusion. Doppelgangers can be mischievous and malicious.
The Simian is sorry, but as long as there are impersonators there will be no more clues.
the end…nothing happened and we are all still sitting here in the dark. hummmmmm
Jun 29, 11:38 PM —       
subdude–u are late tonight, i am off to bed, I am ehxausted…if anyone posts under my name after this message it is the stupid imposter—send him/her to hell from me—have fun tonight sub—we missed u….if u see checkme–tell him- still adore him—no matter what—BTW—i think Joran and Papa were vehicles to a much bigger crime-
Good night Lucy, southernbelle, and others check me—te adoro, siempre…
subdude—get on during the day, man—lucy–thank u for being the mediator—cuz..i am in awe of checkme’s words…
Jun 29, 11:35 PM —       
54. Lucy   
Hi darling. Good to see you. Pequeà ±o Ricky practicing his trumpet lessons. Mambo 101.
Shango flew up to Cuba to recharge his batteries and to buy some candles. They are having a sale in Havana.
Ally came and went.
Checkme, you know how he’s been lately. Comes, touches base, and flies off.
Jun 29, 11:28 PM —       
55. subdude   
Hey everyone.
Newgirl and chimes: Feels like you are onto another piece in puzzle. newgirl: what’s your theory on how Mansur fits in?
Hey Luw, Que pasa con piquito Ricky?
Hey Ally and Checkme.
Where is Shango: So far I haven’t seen anything to discredit his information and investigation seems to be broadening to include this possibility.
Jun 29, 11:21 PM —       
Thsnk you chimes, good night,,sweet dreams, Lucy sleep with the angels…Checkme–u are always in my thoughts…i wish i could hug u—you’r kindeness towards me ignites me—Good night all, may God watch all over u tonight…and bring Natalalee home—Lucy, bendicion..Checkme—next time stay on line longer don’t tease, hon—Good night
Jun 29, 11:16 PM —       
57. chimes   
Ally, we know how you write - from your heart. Plus, the kinship with Checkme will always sparkle. Most of us have been lingering about long here enough to figure out the inconsistencies of an an imposter.
Jun 29, 11:05 PM —       
58. Lucy   
Is Jossy Arends related to Maxito???
Jun 29, 11:04 PM —       
59. Checkme   
Lucy, remember 2 or 3 weeks ago, when you, crs and kris were the only ones who believed me. Now we see that belief not being so crzy anymore. yes, you are right, the rush is out of this. That is what justice is about. Not just hang, hang the right one.
people I must leave you. Sweet dreams my angel Ally, think of me Lucy, keep at it Kris. Bless All,
Love and Light
Jun 29, 10:58 PM —       
Checkme–I know u are a beautiful person ask Lucy what I e-mailed her today—others,please be kind i wil post it here, I realize that this does not pertain to the case, and i emphatically apolgize…but check me here it goes, again others, don’t blof angry e-mails —-i have nothing but love for u all
No, tia..I do not mind your writing me, am quite happy that you have. I just read an earlier post that checkme left at around 3 or so, and he believed that the impostor was me and that was hurtful. It has been wonderful conversing with you all; it was quite a surprise for me, as this is the first time I had blogged. I know it seems silly; however, I really felt bonds forming and it really was wonderful for me..I was always eager to blog on and talk to you all. I live with my boyfriend and he works late; therefore, I am alone a lot..My girlfriends are incessant happy hour queens and I am tired of the scene so I choose to stay home. I have always been known to be a bit impetuous and a tad hot headed (yes…the Latin temper has gotten the best of me at times), but something about checkme always made me more peaceful. I can’t explain it, he calms me and makes me smile..and builds my confidence in myself, as do u. But now that I have read that he commented on the imposters words stating “ally” was a bit fuzzy last night, it supports the theory that he believed that impostor was me…and that was really disheartening. I do not like being implicated as a drug user, and it disturbs me that I even have to defend myself to this. I read people responding to me angrily, as they should have as those remarks were disrespectful and classless..BUT I did not write them…Thank u so much for caring amiga, I will miss you guys…Checkme believing that was me kind of in a weird way tainted the bond that I so held highly…You can write me anytime–Come see me when u visit Miami. Tell him thank you for making me smile the times that he did…Keep in touch.
Jun 29, 10:57 PM —       
checkme—i didnt get it—I would remember if I did, check
Jun 30, 10:43 PM —       
22. Checkme   
But, JvdS has the whole world against him, should he?
In my mind, it would be OK if the time would be used to ACTIVELY investigate other scenarios. At this point, with Chavez declaring (oil) war to the US we are in for a ride that may turn much uglier than this case. The allies better get their ducks in a row before true guerilla warfare starts.
Jun 30, 10:42 PM —       
23. Lucy   
Ally, I just sent you a message to that same address and you got it …
Jun 30, 10:39 PM —       
24. Checkme   
Hi new girl, you have been active!
Jun 30, 10:38 PM —       
25. Checkme   
Ally, to the address you poseted last Saturday
Jun 30, 10:36 PM —       
26. Checkme   
I think they will let all go beginning next week. No evidence, only suspicions. Last minute kneejerks of prosecution are showing but I have no hope on this trail.
Jun 30, 10:35 PM —       
No, i didn’t get my mail…to where did u send this checkme?
Jun 30, 10:34 PM —       
28. subdude   
AnnaMaria be down to get ya’ in a taxi, honey:)
Glad to hear it. I am going to go look in the discussion fora for Shango. Eventually, I think we will all end up over there. It’s a little difficult at first, but the group just needs to agree on a forum and topic and meet there. Then it works pretty much the same way with postings.
I’ll be bahk:)
Hey Ally, Lucy, Lil Ricky, Checkme, Elaine, Chimes, and everyone else
Jun 30, 10:34 PM —       
29. new girl   
Hi Anna, hi checkme, and subdude, and Ally, and Lucy and Elaine!
Subdude, you are wonderful for contacting the media. You truly are.
Jun 30, 10:33 PM —       
Hi, annamaria!!!! checkme—why do u ignore me…? Smile—Lucy, i am feeling a pang of rejection
Jun 30, 10:32 PM —       
31. Checkme   
Dude, morning…
Ally, so good to hear you. We should try and talk a little earlier. Did you check your mail today?
Jun 30, 10:32 PM —       
32. Lucy   
So what is your feeling about what will happen?????
Jun 30, 10:30 PM —       
33. Checkme   
it’s 60 days at KIA next.
Jun 30, 10:29 PM —       
34. Lucy   
Where are you?
Jun 30, 10:28 PM —       
Lucy—tell me about this phone call, I dont know what u are all are referring to?
Subdude—hello, I am gald u came on earlier tonight
checkme—please hang out for a little bit——–how are u; I have missed u…and I hate when u leave so soon
Lucy—u are such a sweetheart
Jun 30, 10:27 PM —       
36. Lucy   
I think they are going to let go Satish, but the’ll keep Deepak and Joran at least for another week, or is it a month this time around??
Jun 30, 10:23 PM —       
37. Checkme   
You think it’s frustrating for us? How do you think those in this are feeling. This is how corruption starts… “just for this case, let’s circumvent the system and deal with it ‘our’ way”. The smaller the communities the tougher it becomes to maintain some sort of system.
Jun 30, 10:22 PM —       
38. Lucy   
Hey everyone. Did you hear the latest that Checkme may be an impostor. He really is HARRY HOUDINI. Comes and disappears.
Jun 30, 10:21 PM —       
39. Checkme   
Lucy, I think more people are going back to the drawing board. They should. What could it be that is keeping the authorities holding on to Joran and Kalpoes?
Jun 30, 10:19 PM —       
40. Checkme   
Mi Lucy, just got back online…
Jun 30, 10:06 PM —       
1. scaredshitless   
Good night Checkme
Jun 30, 11:20 PM —       
2. Hopefloats   
night Checkme
Jun 30, 11:18 PM —       
3. Checkme   
dear people, too late for me… gttgo, keep at it dude, hug for Lucy, Yliana, continue the trail.
Jun 30, 11:17 PM —       
4. Checkme   
lucy, don’t get too tangled up in Shangoian’s web… LOL
Jun 30, 11:13 PM —       
5. Checkme   
dude, yeah, PM is doing a good job, he can stay. his group is not perfect of course, but at least they are not ripping off the islanders so criminally as the previous regime.
Jun 30, 11:12 PM —       
6. Checkme   
new girl, the only way the Dutch benefit is keeping the Arubans happy in their own land. They would emigrate by the thousands to Holland in one month if things go sour here. But the true beneficiaries here are the American travel corporations/hotels here, none of which are owned by Arubans. Only the secondary industry are for Arubans. The major political players are of course backed by some families here, who have total control over what goes. Small island, so thi is quicly apparent. it happens all over the world but here it’s just very apparent.
Jun 30, 11:10 PM —       
7. Hopefloats   
Checkme the worst thing I see about it is it brings a person in that hasn’t been on the case and hes the lead investigator, but hell we could hope it might be a good thing.
Jun 30, 11:09 PM —       
8. subdude   
Prime Minister is up for election?
Jun 30, 11:05 PM —       
9. Checkme   
Hope you are absolutely correct. But on TV he was mentioning his pension… So I guess his contrac t was up to his pension age. But I will double check this tomorrow. The only difference this factor makes is that now this case will become an even larger political game. Bad for the investigation, exactly the same pattern as in many things here…
Jun 30, 11:05 PM —       
10. Checkme   
but min of justice would have to ask.
Jun 30, 11:02 PM —       
11. Checkme   
Dude, if they ask him. But since he is of the wrong color and was an appointee of the previous (different) party he is gone. With elections coming soon, they want their guys in asap.
Jun 30, 11:01 PM —       
12. Checkme   
Ally, try again…
Jun 30, 10:59 PM —       
13. subdude   
Hope: It is the Polis Chief retiring unless asked to stay on, per Checkme.
Checkme: Who asks Chief to stay on? Prime Minister? Minister of Justice?
Jun 30, 10:59 PM —       
14. Checkme   
Lucy… don’t be.
Did anybody pick up Chavez’ message to the States? About his “Oil-federation” where he want to give oil for a very low proice to poor caribbean countries, directly undermining US dominance in the area?
Jun 30, 10:57 PM —       
Grtea interviewd the Kalpoes stepfather, and my gut instict is that he doesn’t know anything. checkme, please try to e-mail me again..I would love to maintain more contact with you…All others, goodnight, sleep well. May the angels look over u
Lucy–you are a true amiga
checkme-I adore u, u are in my thoughts…always
subdude–c-ya tomorrow, chico
Jun 30, 10:54 PM —       
16. Checkme   
vStraten is simply going to retire. He is extending his duty to stay on this case, if so requested. A puppet of the current political leadership will be put into place quickly. His replacement has a law degree. Could help.
Jun 30, 10:53 PM —       
17. Lucy   
Sorry …
Jun 30, 10:53 PM —       
18. Checkme   
Ally, I made a mistake, try again…
Jun 30, 10:49 PM —       
19. new girl   
Hi Checkme! I was up late the last 2 nights trying to figure things out. My contact lenses are drying up and hurting me, and my coworkers are starting to make fun of my bloodshot eyes!
What, if anything, can I do to help keep the media involved or bolster the theories of others who have contacted the media?
Jun 30, 10:47 PM —       
20. Lucy   
Check your in box. Maybe it came back or something.
Jun 30, 10:45 PM —       
Monkey All Star Jr.
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« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2008, 10:28:02 AM »

2NJs, Nut or Klaas ... would it be possible to put these Checkme posts in the checkme thread? These are from RWV...still looking for more. TIA


The cops are now searching Joran's house...
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:36 PM

The house is close to a elementary school and right now the kids need to be picked up by their parents... nobody can get close to area of the school/house.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:52 PM

The house is surrounded, school children are being picked up by their parents...
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:07 PM

Mrs Karin Jansen is leaving the house right now...
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:08 PM

They have the FBI agents and the dogs in the house
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:14 PM

There is one German shepherd used. Search is over.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:20 PM

But the dog is Dutch, not FBI.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:20 PM

they are digging in concrete at the house
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:21 PM

At this moment the police is searching the house of Joran
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:33 PM

I agree with Julia Renfro, editor in chief for Aruba today newpaper, Dutch are a minority in Aruba who are looked at very critically. Their presence is tolorated and respected up to a certain point. If any member of them misbehaves he/she will be hung out to dry, together with many other Dutch. Meddling of Holland in this case (as in other cases) will not be tolerated. Aruba is on it's own here. They are getting support, but on their call. Most Dutch here know each other, especially if they work in the same branch of society. But this will never influence any judicial process. There is too much at stake here. We do have a split between the government and the judicial system. Thank God.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:46 PM

Could there be a family link between Bush and the parents? That is a rumor I have heard.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:24 PM

Bon dia Dan,
No you did not thank me for the helicopter spot Saturday but there is so much flying over your head these days I am surprised at all you catched my words. But now I know what the strange protrusion from the right bottom part of the cockpit was. I hit myself on the forehead because I used to make models and knew a lot about military aircraft and their toys. Oh well, age... The ship at Malmok was it's platform.
Joran's family is extremely distraught as you can imagine. I have always loved Aruba for it's multi cultural society. Even to see how under extreme stress we can still see each others humanity gives me hope. On this island the distances are very short so you cannot remain distant and judge coldly. I think even all the reporters from the US here are experiencing this. Maybe that's whay CNN switched reporters? Was he getting to closely involved with the island and not reporting "coldly" anymore? His last report on the home coming queen must have done it.
Posted by: Checkme | Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 08:26 AM

Btw, a Dutch Marine suggested to me, during a search on the 6th, that "better technology" may be used to find her. I felt he knew IR was going to be used soon. 3 days later the ship with heli was spotted in aruba waters. That means it was sent to AUA 3 to 5 days after NH went missing. Just for the timeline.
Posted by: Checkme | Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 08:35 AM

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« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2008, 11:40:34 AM »

More for the Mods...

More Checkme from RWV


Lorenzo is the son of the deceased VW car dealer, seems to be very much related to drug use and possibly dealing. SGC, probably family name "Croes" (half of the island has that family name) is said to be "friends" with with JVDS. The 4th man is related to the Kalpoes.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 01:09 PM

That must have been the Royal Marines then. They were the only ones trained for riot control at that time.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 01:37 PM

I cannot believe how CNN gets these names so fast. Steve Croes... The high rise area is like the strip of hotels on the palm beach, one of the hotels is the Holiday Inn.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 01:45 PM

Which newspaper?
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 01:59 PM

There is no "Cruze" on the island. It can only be Cruz, Croeze ot Croes. I think it's Steve Croes.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 02:03 PM

Very funny Larl...
The think nobody understands about Aruba is that there are no secrets here. Everybody knows everything.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 02:10 PM

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« Reply #6 on: October 15, 2008, 09:24:26 PM »

More from RWV…


Natalee went to a soul festival the same evening she dissapeared. There were many visitors of that festival on the island at that time. The festival even brought their own "security personnel", whom were staying at the Holiday Inn hotel the entire week. I read about this somewhere but after that never heard anything about this anymore. Could it be that that is why the FBI is in Aruba? Because this case could involve US citizens?
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 08:01 AM

That's why the FBI came here one day after Natalee was reported missing? And nobody is saying anything about this? And why the media is allowed to chase it's own tail to keep us away from the real news? And why they picked up the boys to protect them from the frenzy? If the truth comes out it may cause a much bigger racial storm?
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 08:53 AM


You are right sus. Thank God for the Aruba Judicial system, protecting us all from this media induced hype. But then we are to blame ourselves for feeding this same media our attention... Good thing for Blogs. Joran may have behaved like many other adolescents, maybe more so because of the protectiveness of his parents. But criminal behavior by him is not logical. The 2 Surinam brothers may have used him as a cover, dealing drugs behind his back, since he is Dutch, white, son of judge etc, they may have be using him to control the risk of exposure by the local authorities. But criminal bahavior for them seems more logical. The Aruban authorities probably know of risky behavior (driving, drinking) of many teenagers, but also know that these are to move off the island in a month or so to further their studies in the States or the Netherlands. So they let them roam. Up to now, nobody really got hurt. Natalee has changed that perspective. Aruba has been lucky something like this did not happen sooner. This could be a blessing and prevent many accidents frm happening un the future.
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 08:36 AM

Good questions regarding the FBI's presence. This presence was NOT on the request of the Aruba authorities. These are "allowing" them here and letting them do what they need to do. Personally I think the Aruba authorities are now just the interface with the world so that they can workout what really happened. There seems to be a very strong connection with the US, through a senator or even the White house. There is something about Natalee's history (which her family knows about) that nobody is supposed to know. What is that?
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 10:05 AM

There was a strange US naval cutter anchored off the Aruba coast, grey color, did not get any id numbers on it, with a smaller landing craft next to it and a heavy lift helicopter (6 blade boeing) flying over the island to and fro the ship. Very strange sighting since navy ship only come here on official business and moor at the harbor. This one seemed to be here for unofficial business. Maybe an intelligence platform, maybe even forensic research facitily? Could it be that it picked up Natalee's remains?
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 08:13 AM

The ship left yesterday before daybreak. It has been there a couple of days and left as mysteriously as it came. It moored of the Malmok coast, very close to the arashi beach and light house. Yes, I saw the ship AND the helicopter, on Saturday afternoon.
Posted by: Checkme | Monday, June 13, 2005 at 08:46 AM


While searching (during the island wide civilian effort) I was thinking... if somebody wanted to "dispose" (apolagies for using this cruel word for a fine person as NH is) of a body they would do so most easily by throwing it in the ocean. At Westpunt the current would take away a body in no time and the sharks will clean up in a matter of minutes. Letting the body in the water would take more than one person. For sure getting it there would require a car for transportation.
After that it would require steel nerves to keep quiet to authorities. The latter Joran most probably does not have. He is too externally oriented ("tough image") which makes me think he is the opposite inside.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 09:07 AM

At this moment the police is searching the house of Joran
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:33 PM

I agree with Julia Renfro, editor in chief for Aruba today newpaper, Dutch are a minority in Aruba who are looked at very critically. Their presence is tolorated and respected up to a certain point. If any member of them misbehaves he/she will be hung out to dry, together with many other Dutch. Meddling of Holland in this case (as in other cases) will not be tolerated. Aruba is on it's own here. They are getting support, but on their call. Most Dutch here know each other, especially if they work in the same branch of society. But this will never influence any judicial process. There is too much at stake here. We do have a split between the government and the judicial system. Thank God.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:46 PM

Could there be a family link between Bush and the parents? That is a rumor I have heard.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 01:24 PM


While searching (during the island wide civilian effort) I was thinking... if somebody wanted to "dispose" (apolagies for using this cruel word for a fine person as NH is) of a body they would do so most easily by throwing it in the ocean. At Westpunt the current would take away a body in no time and the sharks will clean up in a matter of minutes. Letting the body in the water would take more than one person. For sure getting it there would require a car for transportation.
After that it would require steel nerves to keep quiet to authorities. The latter Joran most probably does not have. He is too externally oriented ("tough image") which makes me think he is the opposite inside.
Posted by: Checkme | Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 09:22 AM


Thank you for shedding some thruth on the vdS family. I know this information is right on the money. The world reflects the soul so we have a lot of monsters blogging... We have to wait for the Aruba authorities to provide us with the truth. Probability is high that truth of NH is to be found in the kalpoe's corner or some party outside the 3 currently detained.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 07:34 AM

As mentioned before, a local newspaper published that a person from Savaneta was taken away by the police... We need confirmation from authorities whether this person is related to the NH case.
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 08:36 AM


I'll be checking you on the airwaves Dan. Thank God for the Truth.
Good luck from Aruba
Posted by: Checkme | Friday, June 17, 2005 at 10:50 PM

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