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Author Topic: ANDRE DOS SANTOS - 06/20/2005 STATEMENT  (Read 12025 times)
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« on: September 02, 2006, 03:38:23 PM »


We, Dennis Dominico JACOBS and Luigi Angelo Giovanni CROES, head agent and agent first class at the Korps Police force Aruba, former classified at the (Atraco team) and last mentioned district 2, explain the following at the section to multi-crime classified.

On June 20 2005, around 17:15,  we interrogated, took a statement, as a witness of this man called:

Andre Montival AOKI Dos SANTOS,

Also known as "Dre", born at Sao Paolo in Brazil, on October 15, 1986, a student at (Mon Plaisier college) and living in Palm Beach number XXX on Aruba.

I, JACOBS, put on record and sounds as follows, statement given in papiamento.

On your question if I know the men " Joran Van Der SLOOT "," Deepak KALPOE and Satish KALPOE”:
I answer you yes.

I’ve known Joran longer than Deepak and Satish. I know Joran already approximately six (6) years. I know Satish already approximately two (2) years and I know Deepak already approximately (1) a year.

On your question if I on Sunday, May 29 2005, met Joran, Deepak and Satish, I answer you the following:

On Sunday, May 29, 2005, around 16:30, I met Joran in the Excelsior casino of the Holiday Inn hotel. The moment I met Joran I was in the company of my father called "Montival SANTOS". Joran was in the company of father named “Paul” that is when my father and I met them in the “Excelsior Casino”. On that day we played in a "Texas Hold'm poker Tournament". Joran was first to be eliminated from the tournament. I no longer remember at what time Joran lost. I saw that Joran then played "black-Jack" and I continued play poker. After I was eliminated from the poker game I went over to Joran who was still sitting at the black-jack table. I no longer remember what time I left the poker table. When I stood beside Joran, I saw that there was a group of American students who were on holiday in Aruba talking. I saw that Joran helped one of the girls play black-jack. Joran told me that he was busy helping the girl with black-jack because according to Joran she had lost much money. After Joran helped the girl, Joran and I walked around in the Excelsior casino. I saw the group girls who were playing black-Jack with Joran walk by and I heard the girls say he should go to Carlos & Charlies later in the evening hours because they would like to meet him there. Joran answered for them not to worry, he would go. On Sunday, May 29, 2005 in the evening hours, after the Texas Hold'm poker Tournament at the Excelsior casino I ran into “Elvis KELLY ", and his wife "Gladys” and we all got into my fathers pick up and drove away. My father acted as a driver for our two passengers in his green pick-up of the make Ford Ranger, license plate number "A-23793". We drove first to Wendy's Palm Beach to buy food and after we had eaten, my father dropped off Elvis and Gladys at their home. Elvis and Gladys live in the hamlet Noord. I don’t know their address but I can designate to you their house. After we dropped Elvis and wife at their home my father and I went home. I no longer remember what time we got home. I studied first and afterwards slept because I had a "physics" examination to take on Monday, May 30, 2005, from 07.30 till 10.00. I do recall that Joran asked me if I wanted to accompany him to Carlos & Charlies but I answered him that I could not go because I had an examination the next day.

On your question if I on Monday, May 30, 2005, in the night hours, after I went to sleep if anyone woke me or called me:
I will answer you no.

On Monday, May 30 2005, in the morning hours, my mother wakened me because I had to leave to take my examination. I must say that my sister "Alessandra" and my younger brother "Arthur" went with me in my father’s pick-up to school.

On your question if I met Joran, Deepak or Satish on Monday, May 30, 2005, I answer you the following:
According to me, on Monday, May 30, 2005, in the afternoon hours, Joran sent me a message from his cell phone. Setar GSM provided with the number "5xxxxxx" me reported on my mobile telephone. Setar GSM provide with the number "5xxxxxx". According to me Joran me sent me a message with the question if I wanted to go to the Casa Blanco casino at the Wyndham that night. I did not answer Joran because when the message came I was sleeping.

On Monday, May 30, 2005, around 20.00, my father and I went to the casino at the Wyndham hotel to play Texas Hold’m poker. When I arrived I met Elvis KELLY and his spouse there "Gladys" and I greeted them. When we arrived I called Joran from the mobile telephone of my father “Montival”.  My father has the mobile telephone number  "5xxxxxx". I asked Joran if he was on his way to the Wyndham hotel casino to play in the Texas Hold’m tournament.  Joran told me he was on his way there. Around 20.30, Joran walked in to the Casa Blanca casino of the Wyndham hotel. I can no longer remember how Joran was dressed when he walked into the casino. I do remember that Joran walked in by himself.  I walked up to Joran and I greeted him. I saw that Joran then registered to play Texas Hold’m poker. I must say that it lasted very long before the Tournament stared. I saw that Joran played black-jack during this time. Three Card but I now no longer remember which of the two. When I started Tournament I saw that Joran sat at another table to play poker. Joran did not play long because he was eliminated very early from this poker tournament. I no longer remember what time Joran was eliminated. I saw that Joran walking around in the casino. I saw then that "Guido WEAVER" came into the Casa Blanca casino of the Wyndham hotel and walked up to Joran. I no longer remember what time Guido WEAVER arrives at the casino. Because Joran and Guido wanted to play a “live game”, they told me they went to Joran’s house to pick up money to gamble with. I no longer remember how Guido was dressed. I saw that Joran and Guido then went outside. When Joran and Guido left I was still in the Texas Hold'm poker Tournament. I estimate that it was approximately 30 or 40 minutes after Joran and Guido left the Casa Blanca casino that I was eliminated from the poker tournament. After I was eliminated, I called Guido and/or Joran on their mobile telephone. Guido has the mobile telephone with the number "5xxxxxx". I asked to Joran and/or Guido where they were they told me they were at the casino at the Radisson hotel and would wait for me there. I told them that I would be there later. Approximately 30 minutes after I had spoken with Joran and/or Guido I left the casino at the Wyndham hotel and walked to the casino at the Radisson hotel. I estimate that the complete route lasted (10) minutes. I found Joran and Guido in the casino of the Radisson hotel and they were in a Texas Hold'm poker "Live-Game". I remained watching them gamble for a very long time. At some time I saw that "Deepak" walk into the casino and came up to us. At some time, I no longer remember the exact time, Guido, Joran and Deepak left the casino and I stayed behind. Approximately (1) one hour later, Guido returned because he had silver-plate US $100 =, chip. I no longer remember if Guido continued to gamble but I am certain that Joran did. After Joran was done at the poker table he had won approximately US $400 = and cashed in the chips immediately. I walked to the bathroom and afterwards Joran also came into the bathroom but we spoke of nothing in particular. Then Joran and Deepak left because they wanted to play black-jack at a casino in Oranjestad.

They did not tell me to which casino they would go. After Deepak and Joran were gone "Guido WEAVER" and I went home (left). On your question if Joran and Deepak spoke of picking up shoes while in the casino of the Radisson hotel, I answer you no. At absolutely no moment did I hear this. I must, however, say that Joran and Deepak did not speak in my presence with each other than when Joran cashed in his chips but I was standing at a distance when they spoke with each other. I no longer remember if Guido was with them at that time.

On your question if I had Tuesday, May 31, 2005 and on Wednesday, June 01, 2005, contact with Joran, Deepak and Satish, I answer you the following:
According to me I had called Joran on of these two days to ask him what he would be doing. You can in my phone records look at when I called Joran or he called me because I no longer remember when. I had no telephone contact with Deepak and Satish.

A day before Joran was apprehended by you, I met Joran around 19.00, at the Aruba Raquet club. I asked Joran how he felt and he told me that he felt calm because the 2 security guards had been apprehended by the police force. Joran me asked what I would do the next day because he wanted to practice basketball and further that I was invited the next evening to his Graduation Night. This was the last time that I spoke with Joran.

On your question if I have an e-mail has address, answer I you yes. My e-mail address is xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com. Sometimes I use chat name or "A.S." or "Andre" if I am to the chat.

On your question if I know Joran’s friends and if I have contact with them, answer I you the following:

The friends of Joran are Koen GOTTENBOS, Sander GOTTENBOS, Guido WEAVER, "Jaime" and "Freddy". I don’t know the surnames of Jaime and Freddy.

On your question if I know the e-mail chat name of these persons, answer you the following:
I have the e-mail addresses of Koen and Sander in my computer at home. I don’t have the e-mail addresses of Joran, Guido, Jaime and Freddy.

This is my true statement. If you have more questions, I will prepare to answer them.


After the witness A.M. AOKI dos SANTOS read his declaration, explained he thereby persist and signed them.

Of what our, statement, on oath of office made up this warrant, has been closed and has been signed at Oranjestad on June 20, 2005.


DD JACOBS                                  L.A.G. CROES


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« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2006, 04:41:35 PM »

Thanks, Klaasend!
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